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           |    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance(Reptile Character FAQ)   |
           |           Author: The Spelunker                            |
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Disclaimer: This guide is intended to familiarize players with the hidden
character: Reptile from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This file is intended
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Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Version Info
III. Control Translations(important if you're not using PS2)
IV. Background
V. Extras
VI. Acquiring Reptile
VII. Moves
  a) Controls
  b) Basic Moves
  c) Combos
  d) Special Moves
  e) Fatality
VIII. Hard mode strategy
  -  Controls
  a) vs Scorpion
  b) vs Sonya
  c) vs Shang Tsung
  d) vs Sub Zero
  e) vs Kano
  f) vs Mavado
  g) vs Kung Lao
  h) vs Li Mei
  i) vs Johnny Cage
  j) vs Moloch
  k) vs Quan Chi
IX. Credits
X. Reptile's Ending *spoilers*


Reptile has always been my favorite character throughout the whole Mortal
Kombat series. I'm writing this guide not only to help others, but also to put
together a nice compilation of info about this character. I'm aware that my
methods may not be the best, but here they are. If you have a different method
that you think is better then let me know.

I enjoy helping others, but I also don't claim to be the number one Mortal
Kombat champ. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then
please send them to:


v. 1.3
- corrected e-mail address
- rewrote some parts of guide

V. 1.2
- Added the exact Reptile ending, opposed to my former depiction of it. A big
thanks to Joe for the help with this.

V. 1.1
- Fixed numerous spelling errors
- New control translations section
- Reptile's ending now shown at the end of the FAQ
- New ASCII art

V. 1.0
- Everything is 'complete', but of course subject to change.


Playstation 2:    Game Cube:    Xbox:
Square          -     B      -    X
Triangle        -     Y      -    Y
X               -     A      -    A
O               -     X      -    B
R2              -     R      -    R
R1              -     Z      -    Black
L1              -     L      -    L


Name: Reptile
Status: Warrior
Alignment: Evil
Weight: 189
Height: 6'0"
Fighting Styles: Hun Gar, Crab, Kirehashi

(The text below was taken directly from the game)

----Reptile's distraction----

Reptile had discovered the plot devised by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to
assassinate Shao Kahn. But on his way to inform his master, he was distracted
by a vampire woman named Nitara. She led him to the hidden base camp of
Kitana's forces. Knowing the location of the base would be a great help to the
Emperor in the war against Edenia and the Shokan. Eager to relay all that
he had learned, Reptile raced back to Shao Kahn's fortress, only to discover
him lying dead on the throne room floor.

----The death of Shao Kahn----

Reptile's detour to Kitana's base camp had delayed him just long enough for
Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to spring their attack on Shao Kahn. Reptile was
devastated that he had failed his master and wandered the Outworld wastelands
aimlessly until he once again crossed paths with Nitara. Desperately in need of
a master,he offered his loyalty to her. Her first command to him was to attack
the invader from Earthrealm, Cyrax. She explained that he must first destroy
his arm panel in order to weaken the outsider.

----The Hun Gar fighting style---
Hun Gar, or 'Tiger Fist', is the merging of Southern Shaolin fighting styles
and Chinese kung fu. It is based on the movements of animals, such as the tiger
and the crane. The style Reptile attacked Kitana with while trying to
assassinate her was Hun Gar.

(end game information)


To use an alternate costume: highlight the character and press the start

Reptile's White Armor: Tomb XO - 1736 Sapphire Coins
Reptile Artwork: TOMB EH - 253 Onyx Coins
Reptile's Lair Concept: TOMB OV - 96 Onyx Coins
Reptile's De-evolution photograph: TOMB PF - 343 Ruby Coins
Reptile's Past: TOMB QV - 318 Gold Coins
Reptile's Sword: TOMB SE - 308 Platinum Coins


To acquire Reptile, you must earn 3822 gold coins. The best way to do this is
by Konquest mode. To enter Konquest mode, you must create a character profile.
Pick your name, pick an icon and finally pick a code(password) for your
profile. After doing this, go to Konquest and complete the training missions.
After completing the first 8 training missions, you'll be given the option to
select any character you want. In the process you will learn each character's
moves. I started with Scorpion first, and by the time I had beaten him I had
around 1000 gold coins.

After you beat it with your first person, go to the Krypt and and cash open
tombs: OP, QN and ZR. You should have nearly 2000 gold coins now. Return to the
Konquest mode, and keep working towards the 3822 mark. After beating it with
about three or four more characters you should have enough. Access the Krypt
from the main menu and open the LL tomb. Congratulations! Reptile is now a
playable character.



Moves with a comma in between them are supposed to be tapped in sequence.
Moves with a + mean both buttons are supposed to be pressed at once.
Square is the square button.
Triangle is the triangle button.
O is the circle button.
X is the X button.
L1 is the style switch button.
R1 is the throw/technique button.
R2 is the block button.
Back is the back arrow.
Forward is the forward arrow.
Up is the up arrow.
Down is the down arrow.

Basic Moves

    ****HUN GAR STYLE****

Scratching Claw ---   Square
Chameleon Palm ---   Triangle
Dual Claw Strike ---   X
Lizard Smash ---   Back + X
Low Snap Kick ---   O
Spinning Roundhouse Kick ---   Back + O
Low Paw Attack ---   Down + Square
Double Claw Strike ---  Back + Square
Low Claw Strike ---   Down + Triangle
Forward STrike ---   Down + X
Mid Roundhouse Kick ---  Down + O
Hook Sweep Kick ---   Forward + O
Throw ---   Forward + R1
Shove ---   R1

      ****CRAB STYLE****

Upward Elbow Strike ---   Square
Spinning Elbow Strike ---   Back + Square
Low Punch ---    Down + Square
Ridge Hand Swipe ---   Triangle
Dual Uppercut ---   Back + Triangle
Low Dual Uppercut ---   Down + Triangle
Spinning Back Kick ---   X
Hooking Sweep ---   Back + X
Low Snap Punch ---    Down + X
Mid Hook Kick ---    O
Low Hook Kick ---    Down + O
Throw ---    Forward + R1
Reversal ---   R1


Downward Slash ---   Square
Circular Swing ---   Back + Square
The Cutter ---   Up + Square
Low Lunge ---   Down + Square
Side Slash ---   Triangle
Spinning Slash ---   Back + Triangle
Blade Chop ---    Down + Triangle
Upward Slash ---   X
Low Swipe ---   Back + X
Low Poke ---    Down + X
Mid Lunge ---   O
Blade Smash ---   Back + O
Spinning Blade ---    Down + Circle
Impale ---    R1


    ****HUN GAR STYLE****

Lazy Lizard ---   Square, Triangle
Internal Strikes ---   X, Triangle
Wise Tiger ---   Square, X, Triangle
Iron Thread ---   Square, X, O, Back + Square
Matriarch ---    Square, X, O, L1, Square, X
Evolution ---   Square, X, O, L1, Square, Square
Zaterrorize ---  Square, X, O, L1, Square, Back + Triangle, L1

     ****CRAB STYLE****

Boiling Water ---   Back + Square, X
Crab Crawls On Sand ---    Square, Square, X
Claws of Fury ---   Square, Square, Square
Reptilian Rage ---   Square, Square, Back + Triangle, L1


Dead End ---   Triangle, Triangle
Reptilian Slice ---   X, X
Shredder ---   Back + Triangle, Back + Triangle
Rip Tore ---   Square, Back + Triangle, Back + Triangle

Special Moves

Lizard Ball ---   Forward, Down, O
Acid Spit ---   Back, Forward, Square


(Press L1 first to switch your style to fatality)

Acid Shower ---  Up, Up, Up, Forward, X

Reptile pukes acid drool on the enemy and then takes the enemy's now skeletal
head off with his tongue. Reptile swallows the skull and the decapitated enemy
drops to the ground bleeding profusely.



A lot of people say Reptile isn't that great in MK:DA, but what better bragging
rights are there than being able to win with the underdog? This is why I offer
you my personal Reptile strategy. Before we start, you should practice his
combos in the Practice mode. Just take it easy while practicing combos. A
common mistake of new players is to rapidly press the buttons, but this will
often lead to the combo failing. Just keep a nice steady, but not too slow,

-Hun Gar Style-

Hun Gar is your main style and also the most solid one. There are many
different combos for this style, but I only recommend you learn a few.
Matriarch and Evolution are very similar and easy to use once you master them.
Learn both of these because they will be the cream of your offensive crop. Lazy
Lizard and Internal Strike are decent so learn these as well. I like to mix in
the basic Lizard Smash with Lazy Lizard and Internal Strike.

It's a nice solid hit plus it repels the enemy. Zaterrorize is the most complex
combo Reptile has, but it only does slightly more damage than Matriarch. I
personally don't use Zaterrorize due to the complexity of its pattern and
also  Reptile doesn't have a stun move like Scorpion and Sub Zero;
thus you may spend more time trying to hit than actually

-Crab Style-

Crab is the style you will end up in after you've performed Matriarch or
Evolution. It's a very quick, weak style. Claws of Fury is by far the easiest
move. It's executed by tapping square three times in succession. I find that
most of the Crab Style moves are best complemented by low attacks. The heart of
the Crab Style is Reptilian Rage, an extremely easy style-switch combo that
puts you in Kirehashi style. Follow up this combo with the X, X sword move for
major damage. Crab style should only be used when you're in close proximity of
your enemy.


This is Reptile's sword stance. It's a good idea to learn all of these moves,
except Shredder. Bypass Shredder and learn Rip Tore instead. Basically,
Shredder is just a simplified version of it. Reptilian Slice is capable of
doing a miniature juggle so follow it up with an Mid Lunge(O). Impale is always
a good move, but it often leaves you incredibly vulnerable if the enemy blocks
or you miss.

-Special Moves-

Lizard Ball is a very good move, but don't overuse it. It's an extremely
surprising attack to most players when used once a battle, but if you
constantly use it then you're just going to get blocked and destroyed. A
blocked Lizard Ball means a recovery time, which means you get nailed. I like
to follow a successful Lizard Ball up with a few Acid Spits. This will
enfuriate the enemy, and also do a sizeable chunk of damage.

Reptile vs Scorpion

Scorpion is a pretty average fighter. He has good long range and short range
capabilities. Whatever you do, don't let him back you into a corner. He has
some very devastating juggles. Most of them involve his sword, as well. Start
off in the Hun Gar style, warm him up with some basic one hitters. Don't do
anything that will cause you to have to recover if he blocks, at least not yet.
Eventually execute a Matriarch or Evolution.

Once you're in Crab Style you should have dealt a good deal of damage so mix up
a few low attacks and the Square, Square, Square combo. I like to evade by
pressing up and then execute combos. Lizard Balls will work too, though. Just
wait until Scorpion does a high kick and then go into a roll. Launch a few Acid
spits and then go back into the battle. Never get too far from Scorpion because
his harpoon is deadly.

Reptile vs Sonya

Sonya has some devastating combos, but doesn't have much to offer in the terms
of long range attacks. This is where you come in. Play the distance game with
her. Use Acid Spits religously and mix in a Lizard Ball every now and then.
It's inevitable that she will eventually close in, though. When she gets too
close for comfort use your Lizard Smash or pull out the Kirehashi. Pull off a
few Rip Tores or do an X, X - O juggle combination. Ease your way back and
repeat the process until she's dead.

Reptile vs Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung can execute potentially devastating combos out of thin air. He is a
force to be reckoned with. You should primarily play a defensive battle in this
fight. Keep your guard up at all times and only attack after you've blocked one
of his combos. I like the Rip Tore and X, X - O juggle combo with the Kirehashi
and the Reptilian Rage/Reptilian Slice juggle with Crab style. You can also try
and win this battle with mostly special moves, but it can be quite a bit harder
that way. To beat Shang Tsung with only special moves you have to keep a very
good distance and Acid Spit like crazy. One he gets near you either Lizard
Smash or sidestep and Lizard Ball. Impale will work against Shang Tsung if he
doesn't block it.

Reptile vs Sub Zero

Kirehashi is your best friend when it comes to Sub Zero. Stay at a medium
distance, far enough away to avoid the ice shake, but close enough not to
provoke a freeze ball. Fight a defensive battle during this fight because Sub
Zero can be very deadly if you don't block. Avoiding the Freeze Balls are
crucial while doing battle with Sub Zero, however, sometimes they just can't be
blocked. If you can, try to score an impale on Sub Zero early. But if not, just
mix up your Kirehashi combos and eventually Sub Zero will fall. If you do
impale him, revert to Hun Gar and perform an Evolution or Martriarch to finish

Reptile vs Kano

Kano, much like Scorpion, is strong in both long range and short range. Kano
seems to basically be Scorpion with less juggles and more power. As with
Scorpion, don't let Kano get you into a corner. Kano will punish you severely
if you do. It's best to move in and execute a combo then pull back. After
pulling back, mix up the usual Lizard Ball and Acid Spit. If Kano does get you
into a corner you should try and throw him, or at the very least, block. Kano
has a mid-air roll long range attack, but it's pretty easy to block. After
blocking it you should execute a quick and easy combo like the Reptilian
Rage/Reptilian Slice juggle combo. Just try and mix up your moves some. If Kano
gets a reversal you can kiss a good chunk of your health goodbye.

Reptile vs Mavado

Mavado likes to get up close and personal with you. Throws are your friend as
well as sweeps. I prefer to use a mix of all three styles against Mavado. You
could also play the long range game and just Lizard Smash him when he gets
close to you. Impaling can be a lifesaver, but don't rely on it. Mavado's
special attack is a vault towards you. He puts two ropes in the ground around
you and launches forward. However, this is a pretty weak move that can be
countered easilly. Just tap any button when he is executing the move to counter

Reptile vs Kung Lao

Kung Lao loves to use his weapon, but that also gives him a significant
weakness. Start the battle off with a Martiarch or Evolution and then follow up
with a Reptilian Rage/Reptilian Slice. By this time Kung Lao will probably have
his weapon out, so you should do the same. He likes to do a low spinning slash,
so when you defend with your weapon out, always defend low. He'll often follow
this spinning slash up with a higher attack. When he does this you should do an
X, X - O juggle combo with your sword.

Kung Lao also has a long range attack which involves him tossing his hat at
you. This is rather easy to block, but don't be afraid to trade hat for Acid
Spits. Kung Lao shouldn't pose too much of a problem as long as you block or
avoid his sword swings.

Reptile vs Li Mei

Li Mei seems to be the female version of the deceased Liu Kang. She is quick
and uses her feet a lot. She has about as many fast hitting combos as Sonya,
but her real weakness is her weapon, unlike Sonya. Li Mei tends to use her Sais
pretty often, however, they aren't that useful. She performs the same low stab
attack over and over. Block this and then counter with the Kirehashi. As
always, stay away from corners. I like to start off the fight with Hun Gar;
using two or three hits combo seem to work best. Feel free to use a bigger
combo, but only if you're sure it will land.

Otherwise you might as well throw in the towel because Li Mei easily pulls off
8 hitters. Since you'll be using your sword a good bit throughout this match,
you might as well try and impale her. A successful impale will seal a victory
pretty much. I like to use the X, X - X, X - O juggle combo against her; or if
she is getting up quick, the X, X - O will do.

Reptile vs Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage is sickeningly fast, but is only truly powerful at close range. He
rarely uses his long range attack and it's not that great to begin with. Lizard
Balls and Acid Spits work wonders, but don't use Lizard Balls too much. Crab
Style works fairly well against Johnny Cage, but don't attempt Hun Gar. Hun Gar
is way too slow to keep up with him. The Reptilian Rage/Reptilian Slice juggle
is a great way to go with Johnny. Just make sure to be ready to block a lot; if
you don't, you're in for a world of hurt.

Reptile vs Moloch

Moloch is one tough cookie on hard mode. I've only found one viable and
extremely effective way to beat him. Go into the Crab Style at the start of the
fight. The Square, Square, Square combo is the only one you should use. Block
his ball and chain swing when he does it and counter with the combo. After
connecting with the combo, sidestep downwards or just duck and use a low square
attack. Occasionally Moloch will raise his arms in the air, during this time
you can probably do two of the combos on him. After a little bit of trial and
error you should be able to beat him. I had a *very* difficult time with Moloch
so don't feel bad if you run into a bit of trouble.

Reptile vs Quan Chi

Quan Chi is like a beefed up Shang Tsung, but not as reckless. His one powerful
combo is 9 hits and takes away over half of your health. Start the battle off
in Hun Gar. Execute an Evolution or Matriarch(whichever is more comfortable for
you). Once in Crab, you should pull off a Reptilian Rage/Reptilian Slice
juggle. If Quan Chi is still alive, pull out your sword and use the various
Kirehashi combos. Quan Chi is very tough and will take a few trys, but if
you're careful and block his powerful combos you should be alright. Impaling
can be helpful too, but don't get cocky because with one combo Quan Chi can
turn the tide of the whole battle.


- SiN $tealer:  Without his Krypt FAQ, I never would have known how to obtain
Reptile or get the any of his related extras(at least not until I underwent a
hideous amount of trial and error)

- Joe( GameFAQs user: Thanks for supplying me with the
exact Reptile ending.

- GameFAQs: Thanks for hosting this site and providing a place for so many
people to post their hard work. I hope this site lasts many, many more years to

- Midway: Thanks for making a great game!

X. REPTILE'S ENDING *spoiler alert!!*:

Despite the strong sulphurous stench that filled the chamber.  Reptile could
smell that Nitara and Cyrax had been there recently.  There was no sign of them
now, except for some scattered glass shards and a residual trace of strong
magical energies.  His revenge would have to wait.  Suddenly an expectant hush
filled the chamber as energy cascaded around what appeared to be a dragon
embryo. The tiny dragon streched and the egg cracked.  A beam of energy ripped
out from inside and lanced into Reptile.  His would was filled with a roaring
power as his squamous body had been twisted and transformed.  The ancient
prophecy had been fulfilled: The Dragon King had returned.