FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrewfreak1

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                 Spider-Man: The Movie 
                     Playstation 2
Copyright 2003, Andrewfreak1 all rights reserved! 

          Version 2.1

1. Spidey is back...In a new adventure! 
2. Version History 
3. Training 
4. The Story
5. Classic/Enhanced Controls/Combo List
6. Items 
7. Gallery
8. Specials
9. Walkthrough/FAQ 
 A) Search For Justice 
 B) Warehouse Hunt 
 C) Birth of a Hero 
 D) OsCorp's Gambit 
 E) The Subway Station 
 F) Chase through the sewer 
 G) Showdown With Shocker 
 H) Vulture's Lair
 I) Vulture Escapes 
 J) Air Duel With Vulture 
 K) Corralled 
 L) Scorpion's Rampage
 M) Coup D' Etat 
 N) The Offer 
 O) Rage Against Time 
 P) The Razor's Edge
 Q) Breaking and Entering 
 R) Chemical Chaos 
 S) OsCorp's Ultimate Weapon
 T) Escape From OsCorp 
 U) Mary Jane Kidnapped 
 V) Face-off at the bridge 
10. Costumes/Secrets
11. Glitches/Cool Stuff
12. Cheats/FAQ
13. Secret Character
 a. Goblin Controls
14. Review
15. Special Thanks/Game Credits
16. Goodbye!

Alright, Let's move on...

 ------------------Spidey's Back, In a new adventure!----------------

Alright, this is my first spidey guide, I'm 
ready to tell you some Green Goblin kickin' 
tips! This game is so awesome, That I wanted 
to write this guide. You can E-mail me at 

rubes2@earthlink.net If you have any questions. 
I promise I will answer any of you questions!!
Do not advertise, either, I don't care what your 
selling! Also, make your subject: Spider-Man: The Movie 
to help me know what your talking about.

Some people HATE this game, I don't know why, But I guess
they DON'T like spidey or something. I think Treyarch and
Activision did a very good job on this game, because you 
play as Stan Lee's misunderstood wall-crawler. Why? Because

Spidey is one of the most famous super-heros around. Too bad
you couldn't see any of your alleys (Fantastic Four, etc.) 
and some other stuff. There are some very funny things in the
game, that will make you laugh so hard you will fly up into the

air and end up smashing into the ground, laughing! Like when your
in the tutorial, and Bruce Campbell says he'll grab a ham sandwich, 
and also he says some pretty funny stuff. Also, Spidey's the main
star of the game, so he says some funny quotes.

This game is the best Spider-Man game, 

       ---- Andrew   

-------------------- Version History ------------------------------

3-7-03 10:15 A.M. 
Finally Started The Guide!
3-7-03 8:38 P.M. 
Finished 'Introduction' Section! 
3-8-03 9:19 A.M. 
Finished 'Training' Section!
3-8-03 9:47 A.M. 
Finished 'The Story' Section!
3-8-03 9:57 A.M. 
Started 'Classic/Enhanced Controls' Section! 
3-8-03 11:43 A.M. 
Finished 'Classic/Enhanced Controls' Section. 
3-8-03 11:44 A.M. 
Started 'Walkthrough/FAQ' Section.
3-10-03 7:55 A.M. 
Finished 'Search For Justice' 'Warehouse Hunt' 'Birth Of A Hero' 'Oscorp's 
and 'the subway station' walkthroughs.
3-10-03 7:57 A.M. 
I'm going to do a spelling-check, before I go on with the guide! 
3-10-03 8:03 A.M. 
Finished the spelling-check, I'm going to write up more of the guide.  
3-10-03 8:50 A.M. 
I'm going to take a break from writing in a little while... My fingers are 
getting sore.
3-10-03 9:04 A.M. 
Going to start my break... I have to do my schoolwork also!  
3-10-03 10:09 A.M. 
Done with my break...Finished some homework also! 
3-10-03 1:21 P.M. 
I already wrote up half of the 'Walkthrough/FAQ' Section. 
3-10-03 1:39 P.M. 
Doing nothing... Going to take a break of writing... Might do some more 
homework and/or rent a game.
3-11-03 2:21 P.M. 
My birthday is in 4 days! Yay! I also wrote more of the guide! 
3-13-03 8:54 A.M. 
I added some stuff to the table of contents! 
3-14-03 8:46 A.M.
My birthday is tomorrow! Yay! I'm going to also write more of the guide!
3-14-03 9:08 A.M. 
Finished the Walkthrough/FAQ section! 
3-14-03 9:38 A.M.
Ate some breakfast, and also added a lot more to the guide!
3-14-03 9:46 A.M.
Finished the entire guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3-28-03 9:33 A.M.
Even though I've finished the entire guide, I've made some changes: 
- Made some blurbs about the costumes in the secret store section. 
- Going to make a combo list of all of Spidey's Combos 
- Going to add 'Goblin Controls' to the secret character section.
- Going to add 'FAQ' section (Frequently Asked Questions) 
- Added 'Goblin Tips' To the secret character section
- Edited the whole thing 
- Edited my review
- Made some descriptions about the controls, after it tells the controls (in 
Basic Controls section) 

* NEW VERSION: 2.1  *

*Started: 4-9-03
*Completed: 4-22-03


-Added 1 cool thing in the glitches/cool stuff section.
-Made the 'Spidey's Back, In an new adventure' Section longer. 
-Added one question to the 'FAQ' section.

---------------- Training -----------------------------------

(Note: This is took from the manual!

Follow the question marks throughout this 
level to get an overview of many of Spider-Man's abilites.

Go mano-a-mano with thugs in Bone Saw McGraw's 
wrestling ring. This level will teach you the basics of 
ground-based combat.

It's one thing to swing around the city at your leisure. 
How about fighting villians such as the Green Goblin from those 
dizzying heights? This level will teach you the basic skills 
necessary to do just that. Follow your compass from target 
to target, attacking stationary objects along the way. How 
fast can you take out all the targets?
When in Camera Lock mode, the right analog 
stick allows Spider-Man to cycle through nearby 
targets. When a target pops forward, use the right 
analog stick to cycle that target. Shoot impact 
webbing to knock out the target. How many targets can you hit?

Swing through this maze avoiding walls, floors and 
ceiling. Hold down the swing button in straight-aways 
to gain extra speed. Landing on red areas costs a five 
second penalty. How fast can you swing through the course?
How fast can you traverse this complex
maze? Remember, Landing on red areas costs a five second penalty.
Follow the green laser and green arrows to make it through this 
roller coaster ride of a maze. Remember to steer Spidey higher and 
lower using the analog controller.
Use your zip-lining skills to make it through this maze.

Mastered the basics of zip training? Try to navigate your way
through a more complicated course in this advanced training level.
The ultimate zip-line training course. See if you can go against 
the clock and rise to the top of the leader board in this fiendish maze.
Large red rings are hovering all over the city. Follow your 
spidey compass and swing through each ring turning it green. 
How fast can you swing through all the rings?
Follow the Spidey compass and jump on the platforms placed 
throughout the city.
Wage battle against various enemies in this vast virtual 
environment. Use your webs, fists, feet and cunning to stay alive.
Can you make it through an obstacle course without landing 
on any of the red areas? You'll need all of Spidey's web swinging 
and zip-lining abilites to do it. 

----------------- The Story ---------------------------

Orphaned at a young age, Peter Parker lives in Queens, New 
York with his beloved Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter leads the 
life of a good-hearted, yet solitary, teenager making his way
through high school. 

On a school trip to a research institute, Peter Parker's class ic 
given a demonstration of genetic research conducted on spiders.
Peter is bitten by one of the genetically altered spiders. The next 
morning, Peter discovers that suddenly his vision is perfect and 
his previously scrawny body has become muscular- he now has  
incredible strength, and his hands mysteriously adhere like glue 
to everything.

Peter gradually teaches himself to gain better control of his powers. 
Initially, He uses his ESP-like "Spider-Sense" and 
superhuman strength, speed and agility to make money in order to  
impress the lovely Mary Jane. However it is only through the 
tragic death of his uncle that Peter learns that "with great power 
comes great responsibility." It is these words that transform 
Peter Parker from a teenager with extraordinary powers into the 
amazing Spider-Man, a super-hero out to protect the city from a 
never-ending supply of perils. 

Meanwhile, in a lab at OsCorp, Spider-Man's ultimate nemesis is 
about to be born... 

Are you up to the challenge?

---------------Classic/Enhanced Controls------------------------


Square: Punch/Action - Will pick up an object - or perform a punch

Circle: Kick - Will launch an object - or perform a kick

Triangle: Web - Will shoot a single shot of web

X: Jump - Jump, you can tap X twice to do a front flip/double jump

Triangle + Left: Web Gloves - Will wrap your hands in webbing, this comes 
very useful
Triangle + Right: Web Dome - Will wrap a whole sheild over you - Is very useful 

Triangle + Up: Impact Web  - Will fire a ball of webbing at baddies
Triangle + Down: Web Yank  - Will yank a baddie that's from a long distance
R2: Web Swing - You will start swinging web

R1: Zip-Line  - You will zip onto the ceiling
R3: Look-Around mode - A little spider-target will appear. Look around and 
target where you want it, then zip toward that place.
L1: Camera Lock - Will make two arrows go on baddies - so you can see where 
they are.
Triangle + R1: Yo Yo Spidey! - Very, very stealthy! Spidey will shoot a web 
to the ceiling, and hang onto it upside-down!

X: Ride Enemies - This will make you jump onto an enemies head and you will 
start beating him 

L3: Force Spider-Man to crawl on ground - Will make Spidey crawl on ground, 
now he kinda looks like a baby!

START: Pause - Pause the game 


Square: Punch/Action - Will pick up an object - or perform a punch 
Circle: Kick - Will launch an object - or perform a kick 
Triangle: Web - Will shoot a tiny shot of webbing 

X: Jump - Make Spidey Jump. Tap X twice if you want to do a front flip/double 
jump height
L2 + Square: Web Gloves - Will wrap your hands in webbing - very useful 
L2 + Circle: Web Dome - Will wrap a whole dome of web around your body! This 
comes very useful if thugs gang up on you. 

L2 + Triangle: Impact Web - Will fire a ball of webbing at baddies. 

L2 + X: Web yank - Will yank an enemie from a long distance 

R2: Web Swing - You will start swinging web 
R1: Zip-Line - You will zip up to the ceiling

R3: Look-Around Mode - A little Spider-Target will appear, target what you 
want, then press R1 to zip to that point. 
L1: Camera Lock - Two arrows will go on an enemie so you can see where he's 
L2 + R1: Yo Yo Spidey! - Spidey will hang upside down on a web line!
X: Ride Enemies - You will jump on an enemies head and start beating it. 
L3: Force to crawl on ground - Spidey will crawl on the ground - He looks 
like a baby!
START: Pause - Pause the game.

L2 + X: Instant Swing Turns - Turn super-fast if your on sharp turns or 

/ C O M B O S / 

Note: This is a list of all the combos.

Dual Fists 
Mule Kick
Elbow Slam 
Feild Goal
Web Hit
Backflip Kick
Scissor Kick
High Web Hit
Adv. Web Gloves
Adv. Impact Web (Must be on enhanced mode)
Gravity Slam
Adv. Web Dome
Low Web Hit
Flip Mule
High Stomp 
Head Hammer

I perfer enhanced mode. Even though I got used to the 
controls from the old games, I just wanted to test t-
he new scheme out. I perfer this mode because it has 
Adv. Impact webbing that can easily subdue foes, and
it has twirl yank to make some thugs dizzy (hehe)!


These are the different items in the game. Not much though...

RED SPIDER ICON: Will increase half of your health

RED AND BLUE SPIDER ICON: Will increase all of your health

BLUE SPIDER ICON: Will increse half web fluid

BLUE AND SILVER SPIDER ICON: Will increase all web fluid

GOLDEn SPIDER ICON: Will unlock attack combos ~~ COLLECT IT FAST IF YOU SEE 

Those are all the items in the game. For some reason, I haven't ever
found the red and blue spider-icon, so If you found it, please E-ma-
il me at: rubes2@csiway.com


Ok, I didn't copy this out of the manual or anything, so yeah.

You can view some cool art and some pics from the movie, 
and you can also view some awesome art that some people
drew. I usually check this section out all the time!

You can view mini-movies that you've viewed during gameplay. ~
If you've gotten 20 000 bonus points, you will get a cool Vul-
ture FMV sequence. If you get 30 000 points, you will get Sho-
cker FMV sequence.



Perfect: Don't Loose any health!
Combat: Defeat all 18 thugs. 
Secret: Find the woman and get her purse. 
Style: Showoff some of your combos 

Golden Spider #1: Under the eagle statue you start on!
Golden Spider #2: On a building with a lot of vents and stuff. 

Level Hints:
Alright, Uncle Ben has just been murdered. 
Your ready to kick some bootay! Uncle Ben's 
killer is going...Down! Alright, finish watching 
the video and follow your compass and height meter 
to the building with the two thugs, beat them up. 
Follow your compass and beat up the thugs until 
you reach a scared Skull Member. He'll say Uncle Ben's
killer is at the warehouse. Follow your compass
over to the warehouse to finish the level!


Stealth: Use stealth in the room with the two cars. 
Secret: After the first big room, look for crates clanged up together. Inside 
is the secret! 
Style: Use some of your fancy combos 

Golden Spider #1: In the first hallway, you can't miss it. 

Level Hints:

Alright, Drop off the ceiling and go through that door. 
go through the hallway and go into the big room. You will 
see some thugs waiting to ambush you. Web yank them all 
over to you. As soon as they all get up, tie them up with
webbing, then beat them up! Then go through the door over 
near the grey car. Some thugs will get surprised and turn 
around and start to go after you. Kill them, then some more 
thugs will come out of a roller door and come to attack you. 
The one with the red shirt has a gun, though so watch out! 
Tie up the guy with the red shirt, then take care of the two 
normal ones. Then start beating up the one with the gun, as 
soon as your done beating him up, go through the roller door 
and watch the cut scene. Drop down from the wall and kill the 
skulls. (Incase you've lost health, there is a health spider 
on top of the crates!) Then, go behind the blue truck and your
Spider-Sense will go off. GET AWAY FROM THERE! One of the skulls 
will try to run you over with his truck! As soon as the truck 
blows up, beat up the skull and go past the fire, Zip-Line into 
the ventilation duct and crawl through. Then when you see the 
electricity, go into the other room to activate the switch. 
That will shut off the electricity. Then just get the fuse 
and open the door to finish up the level! 

#3 Birth of a Hero

Time: Finish the level fast 
Style: Do some fancy combos (Backflip Kick, Field Goal) 
Secret: In the room before the big area, use stealth and before the thugs
        come out of that door, go inside it to get the secret (Don't get 
spotted, though!) 

Golden Spider #1: In the hallway with the steam vents. 
Golden Spider #2: In the secret area. 

Level Hints:

Alright, go over and zip and crawl through 
the ventilation duct. Then drop into the room
and beat up the thugs! Once your done, go into
the big hallway and zip past the steam vents. 
Then go into the big room. Once your there, 
quickly zip up onto the ceiling and Camera Lock 
the thugs. Impact web them. Then drop down from the 
ceiling and tie the thugs up with webbing. Then 
make web gloves. Pound the heck out of the thugs 
you find, then sooner or later you will recover a 
key. Finish off the thugs (If you didn't get them all). 
Then go through the red flashing door. Then go up the 
stairs. Up! up! up! once you enter the tiny room, you will 
begin a boss battle with Uncle Ben's killer. 
Alright, Dodge all of his giant 
shotgun blasts. Zip up to the ceiling and 
you might find some health spiders. 
Be careful, the murderer has weapons like: 
A powerful shotgun, Flash grenades.


Secrets: Defeat the HK's 
Perfect: Don't loose health 
Style: Beat up the Light Mech(s) using combos. 

Level Hints:

Follow Peter's Instructions and start swinging. 
Then jump off your web-line and then start swinging 
again. The camera should take some pictures! After 
that, swing past the floating baloon. It should take 
more pictures. After that, Camera Lock the floating 
balloon and Impact web it. Then follow your compass 
to the building. After the cut scene. An army of 
light mechs will be after you. Just web them up and 
they'll blow!


Time: Sorry, Didn't get this bonus 
Perfect: Don't loose any health 

Golden Spider #1: In a place near the stairs, go 
      right, then jump over the wall to grab the combo 

Golden Spider #2: Go to the stairs in front of you. 
                  it's far, so webswing there. then
                  go under the stairs and zip up, then
                 look around the ceiling to find the combo. 

Level Hints: 

Alright, go forward and go towards the security 
guard that's getting beaten. Tie all the guys up, 
then start beating them one by one! After the 
security guard runs away, watch the cutscene. Once 
the cutscene is done, go over inside that place 
and rescue both of them! After that, you will see 
another cutscene where a cop is getting pounded. 
(Ugh, isn't one rescue a day enough?!) Alright, 
go over to the poor cop and beat up the baddies! 
Then, ANOTHER CUTSCENE will happen (gosh!) then 
there is two coppers getting beaten. go over there 
and rescue them. Then the level is complete. 


Combat: Defeat all 20 thugs. 
Style: Mix up some good combos.
Time: Finish the level fast. 
Secret: After the cutscene where Vick turns the vaulve, recover it and go 
inside the sewer place. Then zip up, you will see a secret area. Inside there 
is a switch. Shoot it, then go 
out where Vick was, and then go down near the electricity. Inside the place 
is the secret. 

Golden Spider #1: On top of the sewer place that Shocker ran through. 
Golden Spider #2: In the secret area. 
Golden Spider #3: In the last room of the level, the left door on the lower 
floor is the combo. 
                  (NOTE: you have to be on enhanced mode or you won't get 

Level Hints: 

Darn, our first LONG and HARD level... If only Shocker gave up! 
Ok, once you begin the level two thugs will be running toward you. 
Luckily, there is a gas container right aside you. Throw the gasoline 
container at the two guys. (They'll still be alive) So then do the 
handspring on them and they'll die. Keep on moving and you'll find 
one of the really tough thugs. WATCH OUT! (this thug has an uzi!) and 
also, the guns and really damage your health. Beat up the thug, grab
the key, then go over to the locked sewer door to unlock it. Once you've
gone through it, you'll see a tough current in the sewer water. Turn left
and webswing to the other place and beat up the thugs. If you want, you 
could Web yank them into the water! Hahaha! Keep up the good work. Then 
go into the HUGE room and shoot the two red switches to make them green. 
Then go to the VERY bottom and go through that door. Some thugs will attack 
you but 
don't worry, Just do your awesome combat. Then, webswing past the water 
and you will see the cutscene with Vick and Shocker. After the cutscene is 
beat up the two thugs and go through the next room across from you, Vick is 
hiding in there. Once you spot him, Web him up and get your web gloves out 
POW! BAM! SMACK! SMASH! He's dead. Grab the vaulve and put it back in it's 
to stop the crazy sewer water. Go through that place, then beat up the thugs 
Then hop over the metal fence and a baddie should spot you. Web yank him, 
start pounding him for good! Then, climb up the other tiny metal fence and 
over to the two baddies. Beat them,then enter the last room of the level. 
After you've beaten up enough thugs, another giant squad of thugs will 
be after you. Once you've beaten up the entire crew, one of the thugs 
on the higher ledges will have a key. Beat him up, recover the key. Go to 
the REALLY low floor of the room and open up the right door, shoot the switch, 
go back up to the locked door (which you just unlocked, it's not locked 
and once you've gotten inside there, watch the cutscene and level complete. 


Perfect: Don't loose any health 
Secret: Get the golden spider 
Style: Use the web dome to block the blasts in the tunnel, when you fight 
after he does a tornado grab out your web gloves to pound him. 

Golden Spider #1: In the fast river.  

Spidey's going to have a final showdown with the Shocker, so 
get ready to be blasted (or not) by giant shockwaves. Ok, once
you start the level hide behind the pillar so Shocker cannot 
blast you. Then, the way I did this level is do block the shockwaves
with the web dome. There are two ways to do this level when you 
first start: 1: Block the shockwaves with the web dome 2: Webswing through 
the tunnel quickly. 
Pick your choice and this is the stragety when you fight: 

 S H O C K E R

Ok, dodge all of Shocker's blasts (when you fight) and when 
he does tornados, get as far as you can away from him... He can 
suck you into the tornado and you can loose health... Just do 
all of Spidey's special moves to defeat him! 


Perfect: This one is horrible to try to get...NEVER GET HURT IN THIS LEVEL!!!
Time: Finish the level quickly! 

Golden Spider #1: Some place near a blocked entrance.  

This is the ultimate challenge, especially if your on the harder
difficulties. OK, head forward and then go up the stairs Vulture 
should throw a couple bombs down the walkway, so watch for that. 
Keep on going up, when spidey stops, watch the cutscene and head 
forward. You see the crazy log that swings left and right. Make 
sure you be on the lookout, because some robot-spiders will start
chasing you, and they'll blow up once they're close enough to you. 
Right when you get to the broken off part of the stairs, zip up 
above the log. Make sure you don't press X, because then you'll
detach and get wacked by the log. Go and crawl over the short fence
and then begin the next floor, you aren't in danger anymore, so 
don't fret. Once you've got to a blocked entrance, some of Vulture's
bombs will blow up the block-off. Go backward, then go forward and
jump high onto the walkway and then walk through the big hole in the
wall. Once your inside, zip-up and then crawl forward and drop down. 
You've made it past that part. Sooner or later, you should reach a
part where Vulture get's mad and throws A LOT of bombs. Be sure to
do all of your webswinging and zip-lining abilites to get past this
tough area, as well as the bombs and robot-spiders can kill you pretty
fast. Once Spidey comes to a complete stop, LEVEL COMPLETE.


Vulture Proxitimity: Get close enough to Vulture to attack him. 
Time: Beat the level 
Perfect: Don't Get hurt 

Golden Spider #1: NONE 

Alright, just stay as close as you can to Vulture, 
and once you get to the part where he blows the billboard, 
web both of the damaged parts up quickly!! Later, he should
blow up a water tank and claims that the citizens below are
"thirsty". Web up the water tank and follow him to finish the level! 


Time: Beat the level fast. 
Perfect: Stay away from Vulture and Impact web him. 
Style: Get him with Impact Web in the air, then on the ground use special 
combos to defeat him. 

Golden Spider #1: On the lowest portion of the building. 
Golden Spider #2: On the very top of the pointy part of the building.  

Ok, the way I did this level is to 
always get Vulture when he's up close and to stay away from him 
when he's dangerous. When he's hurt and 
down on the building, get out your advanced web gloves and 
pound him. Rinse, Repeat... Omigosh Patrick no andrew ha ha


Secrets: Get the golden spider. 
Protected Scorpion: Just beat the level. 
Style: Mix up some pretty good combos. 

Golden Spider #1: On the 2nd floor going to the 3rd. 

First defeat the spider in front of you, 
and go over to the car near the Web Icon, 
and throw it...KA-BOOM! That will blow up 
some more HK's (hunter killers). Then just 
stay by Scorpion. If your trying to beat the game 
on Hero, this level is going to be pretty tough. 

Easy: 10 HKs 
Normal: 20 HKs 
Hero: 30 HKs
Super Hero: 40 HKs  


No Pickups: Don't collect any pickups in this level (except the golden 
Style: Use some good attacks on Scorpion. 

Golden Spider #1: Floating above a stack of crates. 

Scorpion has just gone major insane!!! We're facing 
him in the Subway Station, So just get ready to kick
his butt all over the streets of New York! Ok, here's 
a tip: Whenever Scorpion is on the walls, use the web-yank
to yank him off. Ok, when he's off the walls get your
advanced web gloves out and start beating him for good! 
Scorpion is one of the hardest bosses (If your a beginner!) 
and he's a expert hand-to-hand combat fighter..So beware!!


Time: Finish the level fast. 
Perfect: Don't let Goblin hurt you AT ALL. 
Style: Jump onto Goblin's Glider, then start beating him. 

Golden Spider #1: On top of the building you start on. IF YOU ARE ON ENHANCED 
                  It's on top of the helipad from the left of the building 
where the spider-warp is. 

The first appearence of Green Goblin! Oh Boy! Ok... Swing over
to Mary Jane on the float and pick her up. Then go over to the 
giant Spider-Warp and start battling Goblin. Beat him. Sooner or
later, after he's lost a Quarter of his life, Green Goblin should
fly away with his glider. Follow him, then he should bomb a tower. 
Go up onto the tower and web up the four broken parts. Then, battle
him some more, and he should run away again. Follow him, then he 
should bomb a bridge. Go webswing onto the building and Web up the 
two broken pillars. Then you should fight some more, he should run 
away, then just beat him to finish up the level. 


Time: Beat him really fast. 
Style: Try to jump onto his glider twice, and when he is on the ground use 
the tackle move. 

Golden Spider #1: After Goblin bails off his glider, inside the
                  place is the spider.

 Oh, great. Just great. Another big battle with the Green menace! 
 Ok, you see a blue part of green goblin's life meter, right? Well, 
 that doesn't really count as pounding his life. But hey, it gets
 him out of the air! Ok, keep on beating him until there is a cutscene
 where Goblin bails off his glider. Go inside the building he's in, 
 then start doing some hand-to-hand combat! (NOTE: there is health
 icons on the windows near the roof, there is also web too!) Ok,
 once Gobby go's out a window and hops onto his glider again, repeat
 the same thing. He will bail off it again and go into a different 
 building. Now all you have to do is beat him to finish up the level. 

Time: Get to the last bomb by 5 seconds and you should get it 
Perfect: AHHH!!! no, this one really bugs me! (because of those light mechs!) 
Don't loose health. 

Golden Spider #1: None 

Ok, the main key in this level is to jam through the level without letting 
any of the bombs go off. Use turbo swing if your about to run out of time. 
Press square to disarm the bombs. Thats it! 


R-Bats Destroyed: Destroy all the razor bats. (After you've killed the 50!) 
Style: Use an adv. web dome to blow away some bats. 
Pickups: Use one or two pickups in this level! 

Alright, in this level, Ignore Goblin as much as you can 
and just concentrate on the robotic bats. Land on a building
and make a ADV. WEB DOME, then when all the robots catch
up to you release it and... SMAASH!! it will at least blow 
away 30, 20 or 16!!! Keep on repeating this. Once all the 
robots are gone, follow your compass to the construction site
to finish the level! 

#17 Breaking And Entering 

Stealth: Don't let the guards raise the alarm 
Perfect: Don't let the guards raise the alarm 
Time: Finish the level fast
Secret: After the first room go straight, you will find elevators. go inside 
them and you'll
        get the secret (Note: It doesn't say: 'You've found a secret area!' 

Golden Spider #1: Near the first computer.  

Ok, on this level use stealth as much as possible, because
if ANY guards spot you, they'll raise an alarm that will bring
the super soilders to take you out!!! BE REALLY CAREFUL! There
are also security cameras too, in this level. Once you've downloaded
the five computers, follow your compass to the big blast door, 
and once you've completed the puzzle with the door, Level Complete!

#18 Chemical Chaos

Time: Finish the level really fast.
Perfect: Don't loose health 

Golden Spider #1: On the ceiling in a place  
Golden Spider #2: In the room near D and C.  

Ok, once the doctor gives you the keycard, go to the 
room B and A and download those two, then go into the 
big room and activate the control terminal that says
'BA'. Then go into the big room with lots of lazers 
and then go and download C. Dr. Rue has the key for
room D. There will be a cutscene where he'll walk in.
Kick him, he should fall down and be knocked out. 
Collect the keycard then go into room D, download, then
go into the big room and activate the control terminal 
'DC' then you've completed the level!

#19 OsCorp's Ultimate Weapon 

Sorry, I kind of forgot the bonuses in this level... 

Golden Spider #1: NONE

Alright, in this level just destroy the twelve generators 
and if you get far from the giant robot, it'll fire it's 
cannon at you. Once the generators are destroyed, hop onto
the robot and beat the heck out of it!

#20 Escape from OsCorp 

SuperSoldiers Killed: Kill at least 10 super soilders
Time: Finish the level fast
Perfect: don't loose any health
Style: Mix up all the combos you can think of!

Golden Spider #1: In front of you when you start the level. 

Ok, you see the big machine guns and the giant lazer wall? 
Well, go to the far right and go inside the security room. 
Activate the panel and that should shut down the lazers or
guns, I kind of forgot. Then go to the OTHER security room
and activate the switch. Then solve the puzzle to finish up the level! 

#21 Mary Jane Kidnapped!

Perfect: Dodge all of Goblin's Bombs, so you won't get hurt. 

Ok, your target is Mary Jane! If you loose Goblin, you'll never
see her again! This is just like Vulture escapes, except Goblin
never slows down by breaking a water tank or a billboard. Just
keep at it! 

#22 Face-Off at the bridge

Sorry, no bonuses in this level 

Alright, this is the final level in the game! It will probalby 
take a couple re-trys, because it took me fifteen minutes to complete
this level! First rescue Mary Jane, then put her down on the 
Spider-Warp. Then battle goblin and beat him down until he is dead. 
Remember, if goblin is NOT on his glider, it will go after you 

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|                  ONGRATULATIONS! 
 \_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
You've just beaten Spider-Man: The Movie. Now that you've
beaten the game, there are some prizes for you!

------------- Costumes/Secrets ----------------

10,000           Pinhead Bowling
20,000           Vulture FMV Sequence
30,000           Shocker FMV Sequence 
50,000           Unlimited Web Fluid        
Beat Game on Easy: Peter Parker
                   Wrestling Costume
Beat Game on Normal: Alex Ross Costume
Beat Game on Hero: Green Goblin

You've unlocked to play as Peter Parker!
You've unlocked to play as wrestling costume!
You've unlocked to play as Alex Ross!

It's the amazing Spider-Man without his famous 
red-and-blue suit! Webswing around, but beware, 
now super-villians know your secret identity!

Spidey's wrestling costume when he was fighting
Bone Saw McGraw, And also when he was battling Uncle Ben's

Alex Ross's Spidey in a new cool suit! grey sparkling eyes, 
and cool colors!!

Oh no!! Who let the super-villian out? Who? Who? Who? Who? 

Just a little minature game thats pretty fun!! You can
play up to four players, and it's pretty awesome. You
have to smack thugs using a webswing kick!!

Just a short little FMV that Treyarch decided
to leave out. It shows Vulture inside a train, 
doing some stuff. Pretty Cool.

Same as the Vulture movie. It's cool, but
Shocker is in a sewer doing some stuff. The
only cool part in this FMV is shocker blasting the 

Ohh.. This is cool! You have unlimited webbing, 
which is very useful. I usually run out of webbing 
when I'm playing on hero (Why don't I just use the cheat
code?!) like in birth of a hero or something when I'm in
the big room.

-----------Glitches/Cool Stuff------------

1. Balloon! 

On Coup D' Etat, when your playing as Green Goblin, 
try to shoot Mary Jane on the balloon. You will go 
right inside the balloon! Try to free yourself out 
by flying around! 

2. Stuck Thug
While playing on an outside level, punch a thug off a building.
He should freeze for a second, move over to the edge, and fall

3. Rich-Person
This is not a glitch, it's just a quick-laugh you will enjoy 
while your playing the game. Ok, change your options to the 
left analog stick and then push it just a little when your in
an inside/outside level. When spider-man walks, he looks like
a rich person!

4. Getaway Train!
In the 'Showdown With Shocker' Level, after he runs into the back room, 
when you have to shoot the switch to make the train roll out of your way, 
Quickly jump ontop of it, then shoot the switch. You will be riding until 
end! Just pretend when Spidey is ontop of a subway like in the comics or 

Those are all the Glitches i've found, if you've found some, or a cool thing, 
please send them in at: rubes@csiway.com 

---------- Cheats ----------

ARACHNID: Unlock Everything 
IMIARMAS: Level Select 
SERUM: Play as a scientist 
CAPTAINSTACEY: Play as a Helicopter Copper 
FREAKOUT: Play as Matrix
DODGETHIS: Matrix Attacks! 
HERMANSCHULTZ: Play as the Shocker
GIRLNEXTDOOR: Play as Mary Jane
REALHERO: Play as Cop 
KOALA: All Combo Attacks 
ORGANICWEBBING: Unlimited Webbing
UNDERTHEMASK: First Person View (Awesome!) 
KNUCKLES: Play as Thug 1 
STICKYRICE: Play as Thug 2
THUGSRUS: Play as Thug 3
SPIDERBYTE: Mini-Spider Man 
ROMITAS: Unlock 'Next Level' option in in-game menu
JOELSPEANUTS: Big Head Enemies
GOESTOYOURHEAD: Big head and feet Spider-Man
CHILLOUT: Make Goblin's Glider never overheat (when you play as him) 


Those are all the codes I've found! If I missed
one, please correct me!!!


Q: What does 'HK' stand for? 
A: Hunter Killers, the robot spiders that chase you and Scorpion. 

Q: Where's the secret Golden Spider on level 3? (birth of a hero??) 
A: It's in a little secret room. I didn't really mention this in the
walkthrough/faq, but here's my way of doing this: 

Once you get into the ventilation duct drop that you have to
jump down to go into the first little room, be careful and climb
down, web up the thugs and then crawl over to the room that the 
heap of thugs usually come out. If one breaks out of the spider-silk, 

Quickly turn back and web him up. Then go into the little room, 
and there is the golden spider! (Note: You get the secret bonus
for doing this, and you get the golden icon) (Another note: If
you miss this icon on this level, there's another chance to get

it on level 11, Corralled) 

Q: How do i get past the burning log on vulture's lair? 
A: If my whole description wasn't enough of getting through the tower,
which it shouldn't be, well, I guess I'll tell you how to get past the
burning log part. After Vulture throws his grenade to blow up the wall, 
quickly dodge all of the explosions from the robot-spiders, then go to
the swinging-log part. Right when you see the log, quickly zip up and
make sure your on the ceiling on the next floor so you don't get wacked
by it. There is a health spider on a broken walkway, which you should 
be able to get. Crawl on the second floor and hop over the fence. You
just pasted the swinging log part. 

Q: When playing as green goblin on the warehouse hunt level, is
there any way to get the stealth bonus?
A: Yes, Actually there is. When you go past the hallway in the
beginning of the level, When you enter the first big room, Just
use Goblin's glider and head up to the shadows on the ceiling.
I think that's the only stealth with Gobiln in the level.

------------ Secret Character -------------

The Secret character is: 


You have to beat the game on hero to unlock him!

Once you start playing as him, you have his glider and his 
weapons and all his controls! That's pretty cool, eh? 
Also, Goblin majorly kicks in combat, but for some reason I
like Spidey better. 



R2: Activate glider, or put it away. 
L2+Circle: Pumpkin Rockets
Triangle: Turbo Run 
R1: Razor Bats (You can only release five at once) 
L1+R1: Destroy Razor Bats 
L2+X: Multi Bomb 
L2+Triangle: Multi Homing 


Square: Machine Guns 
Circle: Homing Blades
Triangle: Inferno Bombs
R2+X: Turbo Fly (This your heat gauge go up) 
X: Jump off glider
R2: Move Glider (Most hold button) 

Also, Azraelswrd told me that in my Introduction I said 'Green Goblin tips', 
here I made this little section about tips about Goblin. 

1) His glider can't move in reverse, if that's what your thinking. 

2) Goblin cannot stick to walls like Spidey. You have to use your glider to 
go toward ceilings or walls. 

3) Use your Razor Bats to repair damaged objects. 

Well, I've totally beaten the game with Green Goblin, and Spidey, 
so If your trying to beat the game as Goblin or Spidey please E-Mail
me and I'll put your question in the FAQ section.


This Spider-Man game is the best, so I'd thought I'd
create this review. From fighting Uncle Ben's Killer, 
to wackin' the green goblin. Oh, Spidey Rules! 

SOUND 10/10: The Sound is great! Tobey Maguire and 
             Willem Dafoe are good at the voice acting,
             and shooting web makes a cool sound, It's 
            Awesome! When you punch a thug, it sounds 
             like your really punching someone! Alright!

STORY 9/10: The story is awesome! Alright, Alright...
            I won't spoil it for you... All I can
            say is it's really cool! 

GRAPHICS 8/10: These graphics are just like
               the other PS2 games, except the
            animation is like, real! Especially in 
         mini-movies, the graphics are awesome!

That's my review for Spider-Man: The Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---------------- Special Thanks! -------------------

Thanks to my dog, Willie, because he's cool!

Thanks to my best friend JC! 

Thanks to Stan Lee for creating Spidey!

Thanks to Spider-Man for saving the world!

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for buying me the game for christmas!

Thanks to YOU, for reading this guide!
Thanks to me, for writing this guide!

Thanks to Azraelswrd, because he made me fix my mistakes!

Thanks to everybody else I know, as well as they helped me write this in 

------------- Goodbye -----------------------

Thanks for reading my spider-man: the movie guide, 
we've made it to the end, people! This is my third
spidey guide, once again, thanks for reading it!

  / \
/     \

Thanks for reading my spider-man: the movie guide once again!
   / \
 /     \ 

         "Good Luck True Beilevers!" - Stan "the man" Lee 


               Goodbye! There will be another
          spider-man game coming, sooner or later...
            just be patient! Bye!


      This guide is copyright 2003, Andrewfreak1 all rights reserved.