Question from netsua5

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i get past the rancor?

I can get passed the rancor but the vulkar guards always kill me on the other side

Accepted Answer

From: Mr_Zim4 6 years ago

get Mission to collect as many mines as you can find in the sewer, then when your at the rancor switch to Mission, go into stealth mode, set about three or four mines in between the tunnel you come out of and the rancor, then turn off stelth, throw a grnade so it chases you, then make it step on the mines and ittl die and you get 800xp.

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Submitted Answers


Fight them the same was as all the other Vulkars you have come across. There is nothing special about them. As for the Rancor itself, don't fight it, simply put the scent into the pile of bones with a frag grenade to kill him.

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