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Bastila conversation glitch? 0
(How can I get more dark jedi powers)? 3
2009: Can I still get the DLC for the Xbox? 2
Attributes? 2
Bastilla??? 2
Can you download the DLC onto a xbox 360? 1
Converting party members? 1
Does choosing a Light Side Power affect your character's alignment? 1
Galaxy Droid Glitch? 4
Galaxy droid glitch? Real bad!!!!!! 1
How can I get inside the Matale Estate? 1
How did they do voice acting for the aliens in this game? 2
How do I get into the locked compartment in the Ebon Hawk? 1
Mission jedi? 3
What is free roam camera? 1
Where can I find the matalle compound key? 1
Where do i find the DLC for this game or any originals game? 2
Who can I turn into a jedi? 2
(How can I get this to run on my X-Box 360?) 4
Any good grinding spots? 2
Bastilla On Korriban? 1
Bastilla, yes? 1
Can a new game be started with stats from the beaten game? 1
Can I be a alien ? 2
Can i play KOTOR on my 360? 2
Can you use juhani for the star forge level if you go for the Dark side ending? 1
does the DLC for Kotor bring any update that allows the use of cheats like getting malaks lightsaber ? 3
Does weapon focus melee weapons apply to lightsabers? 1
How can i become a jedi with ouyt going to dantiween? 1
How can you permanately increase your attributes without levelling up? 1
How do i get to the training annex in the manaan sith base? 1
How do you increase your Skill and Feat Points? 1
I crave? 2
I have escaped the levithan, then actually went back to taris so how do i get off it? 1
I killed Juhani, do i get another Gaurdian? 2
I was just wondering How long is this game is for your first playthourgh? 1
If you increase an attribute modification by equipping items, do those mods count during level up? 2
Is it possible to get revan robe before star forge? 4
Is it still available in stores? 2
Is there a way to get sSwoop bike upgrades? 1
Is there any connection with the regular star wars stories? 3
Jagi's challenge error? 1
Lv.7 Character leaving Taris? 9
Military base? 1
Play as Reven and Malak? 1
Should I get HK?? 7
Start Class to Jedi Class? 2
Super Weird Glitch? 3
What is the minimum charisma/persuasion needed to persuade Ajuur ? 2
Which planets, once completed, can you never return to? 1

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