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|Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic             
|                  XBOX                             
|Version 1.11                                       
|Author: Weston Meeth                               
|General Walkthrough                                
|*Work In Progress*                                 
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|Last Update: 07/24/03              

- Added ?ALL? Dantooine information.                   
- Made it not suck so bad (Again).                     
- Cleared up some more typos? (I need to work on that) 
- Added information on Tatooine                        
- Changed the taris section to be more 'user friendly'.
- Added a tad on tatooine              

- Obviously, it's easy to see that my first version was
very flawed, and, on top of that, it had many spelling 
mistakes, which I hope to get rid of. Thank you for your
patience with these updates.

- Party Members unique quests.                         
- Genoharadan Quests                                   
- Manaan Information.                                  
- Guide to help in the Battle Arena.                   

INTERESTING: As I?ll be going through this game in the order of, Tatooine, 
Manaan, Kashyyk, then Korriban, I won?t have the chance to do this, but anybody 
who would have ANY knowledge on this, please email me.

I believe if you choose to go to Kashyyk and Korriban first, you may be eligible 
for another quest. As in Kashyyk and Korriban are the 3 journals from those 
jedi?s sent to exterminate the remaining terantetek?s after the great hunt. 
Their journals can be found.
1) In the Cave in which the renegade students are hiding, on a dead corpse after 
you kill the terantetek. 
2) In the room prior to fighting 2 terantetek?s in your final ?sith? training.
3) Located, ONLY after you defeat the terantetek on Kashyyk, I ?believe?, a 
corpse will appear with the journal on him, only a wee?s bit away. OR, it 
appears on the tarentetek?s body, I?m still not quite sure. 


| General Walkthrough |       

Note: I played through the game as a light side scoundrel on the 'Difficult'; 
Difficulty. Some battles in which I may have had a hard time in, or those 
which I may have had an 'easier' time with, might be perceived differently do 
to character class and difficulty. This Walkthrough will focus primarily on 
light side quests.

| Table of Content |

1. Information 
	1.1 Contact Information
	1.2 Thanks to
	1.3 Endar Spire
2. Taris
	2.1 Miscellaneous Quests
	2.2 Bounties
	2.3 Battle Arena
	2.4 Sith Suit
	2.5 Sewers/Underworks (Rancor) 
	2.6 Vulkars Base
	2.7 The Escape
		2.7a Sith Base
		2.7b Davik's Estate
3. Dantooine
	3.1 Jedi Training
	3.2 Cave
	3.3 Mandalorian Raiders
	3.4 Run-away Droid
	3.5 The Murder
	3.6 The Temple
4. Tatooine
	4.1 Miscellaneous Quests	
	4.2 Hunters License
	4.3 Tusken Raiders
	4.4 Krayt/Calo

	| 1.1 Contact Information |     

All contributions are greatly appreciated; however, I have a crazed junk mail 
filter, so threats, sexual oriented messages, or, DESTRUCTIVE criticism, will 
most likely not be paid much attention to, especially if specified in the 
email title.


If anything is simply 'not clear enough' and you have access to aim, give me a 
message at ChinoWannabeD.

       | 1.2 Thanks to |

Bioware for making the first good Star Wars game! (Yay)
*Cough*, I mean. (Shifts eyes)
	| 1.3 Endar Spire |

I don't feel the need to go in detail with the Endar Spire, by 
the gods; with a 6 health scoundrel I never had any troubles, and, you guys seem
pretty self-sufficient, I'm hoping you can read the text boxes and watch the 
conversations without my help. 

| 2. Taris |

The wonderful, bounty capital, Taris! What a damn a nice place. 

Within most areas there are various med kits, credits, possibly some 
weak blasters, and repair kits which I won't mention, unless I feel they're 
necessary to use for some aspect of the area.

Helpful Advice:
Teleporting back to your base is VERY helpful, as being 
with low life, it's better to resort to using the 'transit system' back to 
your base instead of constantly gulfing down med kits. 

Save often, I cannot stress this enough. Some battles may not be as easy a 
second time through.

If you're having difficulty in a certain area, utilize your party members! A 
simple change in party members can make a battle 20x easier, or 20x harder. 

	| 2.1 Miscellaneous Quests |

Quests: Rhakgoul Serum, Promised Land, Medical Facility, Bullied Merchant


Bullied Merchant

This should be one of the first things you do in the entire game. As you walk to 
west from your apartments, you'll encounter two bounty hunters harassing a 
merchant for money. This is where you step in. The fight is EXTREMELY easy, and 
afterwards, all you have to do is give the poor merchant 100 credits which you 
can later pick off the bodies of the dead bounty hunters. 


Medical Facility

Once you enter the medical facility on the 'south side' (I believe), you may 
notice there's a door in the back of the room. You may then use Carth to unlock 
it, and Gordon, the owner of the building, will hastily confront you. To gain 
LIGHT SIDE POINTS, 'persuade' him into believing you're part of the republic 
yourself, and then give pitty for the soldiers. 

Rhakgoul Serum

To find the Rhakgoul Serum you must pick it off the corpse of a dead sith near 
the farthest entrance to the sewers. There will be quite a lot of rhakgoul's 
nearby to provide resistance. Once you've obtained the Rhakgoul Serum,
1) Give it to the guy stranded near a broken ship/speeder.
2) Give it to the infected persons at the village.

NEITHER of these will give you LIGHT SIDE POINTS, or any type of consolation.

In order to gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS, you must give the serum to Gordon at the 
Medical Facility; then, and ONLY then will you gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS.

The Promised Land

In order to help the old man find the Promised Land, you must first locate his 
apprentice, who's found to the east outside of the undercity encampment. To know 
you're in the right place, you should encounter Cendarious in a mini 

Once you return, and tell the old man his apprentice is dead, he'll then send 
you on another crazed mission to retrieve 3 journals: His father's, his 
grandfather's, his apprentices.

These are located as follows:

 	1st. Found up on the apprentices corpse.
	2nd. Found near the left side entrance. After you enter, and clear the 
	first circular room, turn to the corridor to your right. The 
	first door you can open within the hallway will contain the 'outcast' 
	corpse with the journal on him.
	3rd. Found near the right side entrance, it's the first room you can 
	enter in the very first corridor you enter.

CAUTION: The whole village will leave once informed, so buy your stuff and talk 
to all the necessary people before returning to the old man with the journals.


	| 2.2 Bounties    |

Dia, Selven, Bendak Starkiller, Metrik, Largos

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


Dia can be found in the South Apartments, fairly close to where yours is. In 
order to gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS, you must listen to her story, and persuade her 
to trust you. After her stories finished, you must then find 'holdaan', who can 
be located in an off room in Jayours cantina where the twi'lek dancers are. 
After you've persuaded holdaan, return to Dia to finish the quest.


Largo can be found in the North Apartments, in, what I believe is a locked room. 
In order to help Largo, all you have to do is offer a mere 200 credits so he can 
pay off his bounty. You will then receive LIGHT SIDE POINTS. 



Metrik can be found in the Lower City apartments, located directly adjacent to 
the elevator leading to the Upper City. Metrik's locked himself in an abandoned 
apartment to the right of the entrance. Being polite as always, Matrik will 
explain himself, and propose a way help rid him of his bounty. For this, all you 
must do is go to Zelka Farn at the equipment emporium on the South side and buy 
the explosive Matrik asked for, for a mere 50 credits. Once returned, you will 
gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS. You may then go and retrieve the bounty.



Selven's quite the bad ass assassin. There's no way to gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS 
with her, however, you can kill her without gaining dark side points. She's 
located in the lower apartments towards the undercity elevator. I believe she's 
to the right of the entrance, not too far away. When you first encounter her, 
say something like 'I was just exploring'. Now, the next time you confront her, 
she'll automatically jump into battle. To make this battle easier, I suggest you 
stay up close with melee weapons, since her blaster is just as deadly as her 
blade. Once completed, you can collect her bounty.


Bendak Starkiller

Further Information in the Battle Arena Guide.


	| 2.3 Battle Arena |



	| 2.4 Sith Suit |

There are two possible ways to get a sith suit.

1st) - This only happens if you go very early to the upper cantina (Possibly, 
only if male) -

You'll encounter Sarna just past the first room occupied with the pazaak 
players. By sympathizing for her, she'll invite you to a 'sith party', located 
in the north side apartments. The door will be open and there will be an 
automatic conversation

Once AT the Sith Party, the sith get carried away with their fancy alien 
tequilas and what not - and fall unconscious. This is where you grab the sith 
suit from the sith backpack.

2nd) - This happens in any other circumstance -

After you've entered the north side apartments, look for the open room with a 
sith guard standing near the door (It's the exact same room as described in the 
sith party). You'll engage into a conversation with a sith guard about their 
interrogation techniques, and you'll of course, intervene. Once completed, the 
bullied selkrath will tell you about the sith suits he once sold. Unfortunately, 
he's out of stock, but offers a suggestion to check the sith corpses. Once you 
search the sith bodies, you'll obtain the Sith Suit, which is absolutely 
necessary to enter the Lower City. 


	| 2.5 Sewers/Underworks |

In this part of the game, you're forced to help mission rescue big Z from his 
slave captors.

The fastest way to find Big Z is to enter the Sewers on the left, 
instead of near the sith corpse. After you pass by the first room room, if you 
turn to your right, Big Z will be very close by. I'm sure you can figure it out. 
(This is near one of the Promised Land journals). 

The Blue blockade is then placed near the center of the map, it's not hard to 
find, so I'll leave it to you. You'll then proceed farther into the sewers with 
the assistance of Mission.

After ascending to the upper sewers, you'll encounter a few battles, 
none that are very hard. As you proceed along you'll find - on a bek's severed 
arm - I believe - a synthesized odor. In order to kill the Rancor ahead, you 
have to place the synthesized odor in the body of corpses with a single grenade 
with 'switch item'. You'll then watch the rancor fall to the ground in a mini 
cutscene in which he devours the grenade. 


	| 2.6 Vulkars Base |

=.I will only give the most important information on this area.=

As you'll find out rather quickly, the elevator used to proceed further into the 
vulkar base is heavily guarded by some very bad ass turrets that will kill you 

In order to pass these turrets, you must obtain a 'pass card', from the vulkar 
lieutenants found in a locked room across from the broken droid/pool. To obtain 
access to this room (with the lieutenants), you must use the security terminal 
to unlock the doors.

If you have troubles with this battle, I recommend activating the droid to 
explode, so the vulkars will all bunch up together. This is the perfect place 
for a grenade to greatly weaken them. 

There's also a locked items garage which is worth checking out near the security 

The second part of the Vulkars base has nothing to it. If you have problems with 
ANY of these battles, I recommend switching party members as mission just sucks 

There's a locked door to the left of the main room, which leads to a carbonite 
crazy droid. He's a pretty simple battle, but afterwards, make sure to check the 
chests and pick up the 2000 credits lying around. Melee weapons seem most 

	| 2.7 The Escape |

The Escape consists of 2 different parts. 
	1. Iniltrating the Sith Base.
	2. Fleeing from Davik's estate into his ebon hawk.

Both which are pretty self explanatory once in these locations. I will only give 
a quick cover of what I feel is important to know and be aware about.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ 

| 2.7a Sith Base  |

If you're having a hard time FINDING the sith base, it's located by the lower 
city elevator tucked away in the same way the upper cantina is.

Be wary of the sith grenaders, they can be quite bad ass. I'd recommend trying 
to take them out first.


	| Duros |

In order to free Duros without the fear of killing him, all you have to do are 
hit the 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th switch in order. You will then gain LIGHT SIDE 

	| Suped up Droid |

In order to make this battle easier, you can either, a) disable the turrets 
behind him, or b) disable his shield. Either makes this battle quite easy. 
	| Sith Governor |

This battle is IMPOSSIBLE on hard difficulty, with a scoundrel at least. You 
can't rely on 'droid stun', as I normally do playing on ?normal difficulty? with 
stronger characters. When you first enter, I highly recommend making ALL your 
characters throw a concussion grenade. After you do so, have all your characters 
attack with melee weapons since they?ll neglect his shield and almost ALWAYS 

He's easy bait once stunned.


| 2.7b Davik's Estate|

Party Members: Bastilla and Default. (Her healing is VERY helpful, however with 
decent medkits the area should be relatively easy with ANYONE)

You must use the computer terminal near the hangar door bay to proceed in the 


	| Rescue |

In order to NOT use any spikes to open the hangar door, you must rescue the 
former ebon hawk pilot from his ?torture chamber?. He?ll then give you computer 
codes. He?s located in the upper mid-right of the map in an ordinary room. If I 
remember correctly, he's by the tarnisian nobles room.

	| Pass Card |

The Pass Card will make it so you don't have to 'spike in' on the terminal to 
open the hangar door bay. It's located off the corpse of the bounty hunter 
roaming the halls near the tarnisian noble. 

	| Battle of Calo |

On difficult, this battle's a real pain in the ass, as I died twice before I 
figured it out. I 'believe' the key is to survive as long as possible, as davik 
was killed by falling debris, instead of me (then resulting in calo's cutscene), 
and I hadn't even taken off half of calo's life. 

Use bastilla's cure to all of it's potential, and focus your fire on calo. Once  
Calo gets low on life, the battle will then end. OR, as I previously stated, I 
believe, if you just take a long time, the battle will end automatically.


A 'last, you're off Taris, to leave it to its horrible fate... so sad.

| 3. Dantooine |

As an attempt to escape the brutal rule of the sith, and a horrible fate, you 
skip off to the planet of Dantooine to hide out in a Jedi enclave with one of 
those yoda look alikes. 

Items of Interest: Cassius Fett's Battle Armor. (The thing you really wanna save 
all your pennies for). Sold by the rodian merchant by his speeder

Pazaak: If you beat the pazaak player in the jedi enclave, 5 times in a row, 
he'll 'run out of money', and offer his cards as the bet. I'm not sure if you 
have to beat him 5 times... or 5 times in a row, but I beat him 5 times in a row 
by coincidence for this occurrence to happen.

	| 3.1 Jedi Training |

In your jedi training there are 3 steps. The first, to recite the Oath of a 

There is no emotion... peace
There is no ignorance... knowledge
There is no passion... serenity
There is no chaos... harmony
There is no death... the force.

In choosing your classification of Jedi, think carefully as to what you'd really 
like to focus your skills and powers for. 

Construct your lightsaber.
Easy stuff.

Clean the Grove of its evil.

To do this, you'll have to go to the far left side of the 'Grove', to find 
Juhanni who'll engage in combat. Once close to dead, she'll surrender, and you 
can use your miraculous personality to bring her back to the light side! Yay! 
Light side points are then gained. The battle's fairly simple as it's a basic 1 
on 1 duel, however, if you get some unlucky hits, and she gets some... lucky 
hits, you could be screwed. LIGHT SIDE POINTS are then gained.

The Grove is located above the Mandrel estate. 

	| 3.2 Cave 	  |

As you've heard from the Jedi Council, there's a Cave in which gives lightsaber 
crystals. To locate this Cave, go to the far east of the sandral grounds and the 
opening should be as clear as daylight. 
Once inside the cave, you'll have to fight off some pretty weak spider like 
aliens, nothing to be concerned about, but one thing you should know: When you 
get to the end of the cave, you can break open the kinrath egg's which will give 
you more crystals (however, they all happen to be red). Regardless, I think you 
can sell these for some decent dough as you receive 10 of them. 10 x 200... it's 
not bad. 

?Sigh,? but to my dismay, they only sell for 50 :(. Sorry for misinformation.

	| 3.3 Mandalorian Raiders |

As you've heard from 'Jon', in the courtyard, beastly raiders have slaughtered 
his daughter. However, you must discourage him from revenge in order to not gain 
dark side points. 

In order to face the big bad Mandalorian leader, you must first dispose of the 3 
groups of mandalorian's scattered around the Dantooine fields.

	1st) Near the Matale Grounds in the middle of a field next to a speeder. 
	They threaten to kill a man, who in an act of cowardice tells them to take 
	his family.
	2nd) At the East (Close to Middle) exit from the grove which would enter 
	into the 'Sandral Estate'.
	3rd) Somewhat near the middle of the Sandral grounds tucked away near a 
	few speeders.

You may have to pick up their datapads in order for the leader to spawn, but you 
should've done that anyways.

The Mandalorian leader will then appear where the 2nd group of mandalorian's 
were slain right next to the exit towards the sandral estate. He's a tough sob, 

and it'll take some time to get the battle down. Advice, try to focus all your 
attacks on the main Mandalorian; he's quite a pain to stun though, so I wouldn't 
rely on cheap tactics. He'll drop 2 lightsaber's and some other goodies. 

You will then gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS once you return to Jon. 

	| 3.4 Run-away Droid |

This is a rather simple task. He'll be found right past the entrance to the 
Sandral Estate to which the Mandalorian's should've been guarding.

Either choose - 
'I'll destroy you, and explain to Elise why.'
'You should go back to her'

All you have to do then is talk to Elise.
	| 3.5 Murder Trial |	

This trial can be very tedious and boring. I?ll try to make it easy and simple? 

The way this is set up, is for you to know who you must talk to, and what 
information you need to gain.

TALK TO: Holdaan -> Rickard -> Bolook
Rickard?s lying: ?It was cloudy, there was no sun glare.?

TALK TO: Rickard -> Droid about Rickard/Calder -> Rickard, 
	   Handon -> Droid about Handon/Calder -> Handon -> Bolook
Handon?s lying: ?He knew he was cheating on his wife.?

TALK TO: Handon -> Droid about blaster -> Droid about Handon?s lost blaster 
	   -> Bolook
Handon?s lying: ?The blaster is Handon?s; he lied about it being stolen?

TALK TO: Droid
Rickard?s lying: ?He?s been limping? 
Then Bolook will ask you ?why? Rickard would have a motive, and throughout all 
these conversations you should have picked up the information that Calder had 
been cheating Rickard in their business. This then concludes the trial! Phew?
	| 3.6 The Temple |

The temple is VERY straight forward. Go in two rooms, answer the problems right. 
In order for the computers to work, ?Talk to the computer? -> ?Insert Datapad 
-> ?Talk to computer?.

Left Room -> 	Right Room ->
1) Grasslands	1) Volcanic
2) Oceanic		2) Desert
3) Arboreal		3) Barren

The droids can be a bitch, but I?ve yet to find ANY easy way around them. 
They?re also very resistant to any force powers. Conventional blades seem to do 
the most damage.

*THE ESTATE QUEST* is VERY SELF EXPLANATORY, and therefore is NOT included. To 
gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS try to ?reason? with the parents, and explain the 
situation. If you'd like to be on the dark side, try to provoke the parents into 
fighting, once done, they'll all kill one another.  

| 4. Tatooine  |

Of all the planets in the star wars universe, I'm sure everybody's most well 
acquainted with tatooine. 

Tips: Elite and Holy Sand People can be a total bitch, so watch for 
them at higher levels. 

Also, on your way to through Anchorhead, you'll encounter 3 dark Jedi's, this 
battle, if unknown may cause major problems, but if you're characters are 
decently quipped and have fair health, they should be no problem.  

	| 4.1 Miscellaneous Quests |

Quests: Sasha, Wraid Plate, Iziz's Jawa's, Nico's contract, Disfunct Droids, 
Angry Gammoreans. 



As you found out on Dantooine, a local noble has lost his daughter, 'Sasha', 
to mandalorian raiders many years ago. 

Once you leave Dantooine for your first time, after landing, Big Z will tell you 
about a shortage in food. After you play a little game of hide and go seek with 
this invisible food snatcher, you'll come to find it's a little girl. Once 
caught, it's pretty self explanatory, but, it takes a hell of a long time for 
you to actually conclude the conversation and get on track. The top option is 
almost always the right one; for the light side at least. Just remember to 
'learn her language' every time the option comes up.

Once finished with this, return to dantooine and talk to the twi'lek who 
informed you of sasha. You may then gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS. 

Wraid Plate

To gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS on this quest, you must first get your hunters license 
so you can sell the woman's wraid plate (located outside of the Hunters lodge ) 
instead of buying it from her. Once you've discussed the hunters license 
situation with the protocol officer in the czerka store, return to the woman 
with the wraid plate, and offer to sell it. Once sold in the hunters lodge, *500 
credits, cannot be negotiated*, you may return to the woman and 'lie' by saying 
whomever the buyer was, paid 700 for it instead of 500, and then give her the 
extra 200 credits.

Nico's Contract 

The hutt in charge of the swoop races will inform you of a racer who refuses to 
sign a contract with him. To get this done, you must first win all three tiers 
of the swoop races. Once completed, speak to the hutt and discuss the matter a 
bit further, then persuade the hutt into giving Nico a better deal. Once 
completed, speak to Nico and tell him the situation, he will then give thanks 
and take off to the higher level of swoop competition. Nico's the twi'lek at the 
swoop registration.

Disfunct Droids

Once in the dune sea, you'll encounter a woman who's rigged her husbands' droids 
in order to teach him a lesson. He's pretty easy to see, and there's no reason 
why you should've past this up. Using HK-47, to repair each droid requires only 
3 parts. 'or is it spikes?'

Before you deactivate the droids around him, you may negotiate your reward. I 
'believe' that to gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS, you must negotiate your reward prior 
to saving him, and force him to give up hunting with battle droids. 

Angry Gamorreans

While in the hunters lodge you may come across 3 grotesque gamorrean hunters. 
You'll most likely end the conversation on a negative note, and the gammorean's 
will scamper off to somewhere. This isn't the last you'll see of them.

To the south of the battered sandcrawler you'll find a small wreckage, and a 
little girl yelling for help. As you walk towards the debris, SURPRISE, an 
explosion occurs. Now you can go about this in many ways. The nice way however, 
is to persuade the Gamorreans into believing you'll spread the news of how 
smart they really are. OR, you can kick their asses. 

Iziz's Jawas

Described below in the Sand People section.
	| 4.2 Hunters License |

In order to get your hunters license, you must speak with the protocol officer 
within the czerka store and agree to deal with their sand people problem.

IMPORTANT: You may not exit to the Dune Sea until you have a Hunters License.

	| 4.3 Sand People    |

In order to pass into the sand peoples enclave, you must equip all your non-
droid members with sand people outfits, and you also need HK-47 in your group. 
Once in the costumes, remember not to talk to the sand people unless you're 
looking for a fight, as they'll notice you up close. 

There is NO possible way to get into the sand people enclave without a sand 
person outfit on. You can, however, blast your way through the south entrance to 
the sand people enclave instead of being discrete.

Note: If you don't pick up all the remains from dead sand people, as the 
chieftain will confiscate your sand people outfits, you may go back 
and pick 'em up for later use.

In order to gain LIGHT SIDE POINTS, you'll have to agree to do the chieftain's 
task. It's really not hard to run to the czerka shop and back, it's quite easy. 
He'll then give you his gaffi stick which you can return to the protocol 
officer. Once done, you can find out about 'The Storyteller' by asking about 
their clan.

| Jawas |

You may now free the Jawa's by asking the chieftain; he'll respond with 
something like, 'they've lived out their usefulness.' 

You may then get a map of the East dune sea from the jawa leader (Iziz) near the 
exit of Anchorhead once returned. 

	The jawas are being held captive in one of the few center rooms, so just 
	look around 

| The Storyteller |

After slaying the krayt dragon, you have choice to either keep the krayt pearl, 
or you can give it to the chieftain to speak to their storyteller. In my current 
game, I spoke to the storyteller, but I haven't found anything very useful about 
it yet. (It's still pretty nifty).

If anyone can give me any information on how this quest would be useful later 
on, please email me. 

	| 4.5 Krayt/Calo |

You'll find the krayt dragon on the far side opposing the entrance from the sand 
people territory in the 'east dune sea'. Don't try to go in its cave, or your 
party will automatically be killed. 

PUZZLING: I'm still trying to figure out what significance the 'trinket' has, 
which you win from the rodian in the hunters lodge over numerous games. The 
trinket 'appears' to update your journal with something about, 'Komad' being 
dead, and his search for the krayt dragon (Komad's the person you assist in 
killing the krayt dragon, and he's obviously STILL ALIVE).

It's all pretty simple. After talking with Komad, you need tolead the 3 bantha's 
in the open dune sea over to the cave via bantha fodder; however, during your 
walk you'll encounter 4 sand people elites. I really can't offer much advice, 
just try not to get owned too savagely. Try not to engage all of the elites into 
melee combat or it'll make battle 10x harder.

Once complete, and you've witnessed the fall of the krayt dragon, Komad will 
thank you and be on his way. IF EVIL, you may decide you want more of the prized 
dragon and kill Komad. You'll then receive another Krayt pearl. The Krayt pearl 
is one of the better lightsaber upgrades until later game. 

(+2 Damage, +3 Attack)


Calo Nord (Assuming you go to tatooine first)
This battle has been hard for me everytime through the game. I'm not saying it's 
'impossible', but it usually takes me 1-2 deaths to get a good perspective 
on the battle.

Grenades are EXTREMELY helpful as the lackeys don't have much health. Energy 
shields are also key as both calo, and the lackeys will use pistols the majority 
of the time, rarely will they resort to melee combat.