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STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic Version 0.3
Submitted 8/7/03

A Walkthrough by
Admin@Digitalserver.org & trekman84@aol.com


Never mind RPGs or Star Wars games; Knights of the Old Republic is one
of the best games to come down the pipe in a good while, period.
Bioware's fantastic effort includes an unforgettable story, an
innovative, exciting, and yet traditional combat system, and some
stunning, imaginative visuals. It is a must-own title for any
self-respecting xbox owner, and a system seller in its own right, but
enough raving. It is our intention, with this walkthrough, to allow any
gamer to easily navigate this masterpiece, while still allowing the
freedom of choice between good and evil that the game has become famous
for. To that end, we will include all of the side-quests present in the
game, and tell you the implications of all of them. Having played both
sides, I can say that there are people and places you will never see
while holding true to one of the ethical ideals offered to you.
Therefore, we will present alternative paths wherever they are required.

Our walkthrough was made using characters whom are the scout/sentinel
class. Scout/sentinels are the most well rounded characters in the game.
This is a useful trait to have when you might need a good persuade skill
to access a certain quest, but at the same time wish to have the combat
prowess to succeed in the Taris dueling ring. It’s possible to succeed
in this game using any combination of classes, but different characters
will handle different situations with different solution. Following the
design of our character will allow you employ effective, proven combat
strategies, while minimizing the difficulty of the other challenges you
will face. Our set of feats, skills, and powers will insure that you are
never hung out to dry by a quest because your character wasn’t prepared
to face an unforeseen difficulty. Our suggested character development
is listed in the leveling guide.

The characters in this guide were played on the “normal” difficulty, but
the combat strategies are written with power to spare, so they should
almost always work on “difficult” mode. Powers are selected differently
for light or dark side users. Here are some of the key features of our
suggested leveling:

-	We only select developments that are useful for the rest of the
        game- your character won’t use blasters after the first planet,
        so there is no need to select blaster specialization.
-	We ignore the security skill because the ability to “Bash” open
        doors and boxes makes it largely irrelevant. After playing the
        game through, we know what skills can afford to be neglected.
-	We institute the vaunted Master 2-Weapon/Master Flurry/Master Speed
        combo that tears even boss fights to pieces later in the game.
-	We emphasize perfecting force powers by climbing up their trees,
        rather than scattering our powers among many low-powered options.
-	We give your character the ability to function without party
        members, since you will be alone several times in the game.

Table of Contents

I.	Leveling Guide
II.	Walkthrough
A.	Endar Spire
B.	Taris
C.	Dantooine
D.	Tatooine

I. Leveling Guide

LEVEL 1: Starting Class, Attributes, Feats and Skills.

Class: Scout


Strength: 14
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10


Computer Use: 2
Demolitions: 2
Stealth: 0
Awarness: 2
Persuade: 2
Repair: 2
Security: 0
Treat Injury: 4


Two-Weapon Fighting


Computer Use: 1
Repair: 1
Treat Injury: 1

Feat: Empathy


Treat Injury: 1
Repair: 1
Computer Use: 1

Feat: Toughness


Computer Use: 1
Treat Injury: 1
Repair: 1


Computer Use: 1
Awareness: 1
Treat Injury: 1

Feat: Improved 2-weapon fighting


Computer Use: 1
Demolitions: 1
Treat Injury: 1

Wait until becoming a jedi to accept level 7


Persuade: 2

Feat: Improved Flurry

Powers: Burst of speed and Affect Mind


Attributes: Strength +!

Persuade: 2

Power: Dominate Mind


Persuade: 1
Treat Injury: 1
Feat: Master 2-Weapon Fighting

DARK: Drain Life


Treat Injury: 1
Repair: 1

Power: Knight Speed

Treat Injury: 1
Persuade: 1

LIGHT: Stun Droid
DARK: Wound

Attribute: Dexterity +1
Repair: 2

Feat: Master Flurry

LIGHT: Disable droid
DARK: Choke


Repair: 1
Treat Injury: 1
DARK: Kill

Repair: 1
Persuade: 1

DARK: Fear
LIGHT: Destroy Droid

II.	Walkthrough


This is a tutorial with a splash of plot development. It’s almost
impossible to mess this up. The most important thing will be to loot
everything- bodies, boxes, lockers, anything. Otherwise, for the most
part, the game will tell you what to do. You start out in a room.
Talk to the other guy in this room.
After talking to Trask:
When asked to put on your equipment you will need to equip the clothing
as your armor and the cardio package as your implant. Also, you will
have to choose between a blaster and short sword for a weapon; choose
the blaster. It has more range and will keep you at a safe
(or safer, at any rate) distance from the battle, which is very important
when you only have 9 HP. Trask is well equipped as-is. Go through
the first two doors, turn left, and kill the two sith in the hall.
I would suggest using the rapid shot skill you start out with to kill
them. Keep going straight after killing the two sith, open the door,
and kill the 2 sith in that room. In one of the lockers in this room
is a Combat Suit and two swords. Equip the Combat Suit. Put the long
sword in Trask’s right hand and the short sword in his left. He will
now fight melee-style while you stay back with your blaster. Now, go
strait through the bend and kill the sith using Trask flurry or power
attack, and your rapid shot. Go right at "T" intersection. You will
now be at the bridge. Proceed to kill the sith in this room and take
a right around the corner.

You will now have to level before opening this door. Consult the
leveling guide for our suggestions. Equip Trask’s swords in your own hands.

Now open the door. You will then need to take a left and open the
next door in order to proceed to the starboard section. Continue down
the hall and kill the sith trooper. Then take a left and proceed through
the door and kill the two sith troops. Be sure to loot the containers
in this room. Go over to the droid in this room and hit A to select it.
Read the repair droid tutorial, choose Re-activate Droid, choose Engage
Droid In Patrol, and then choose Leave It Alone. Now hang back and let
the droid open the door and take point, as he will kill everything in
the room for you. Make sure you loot the prototype vibroblade off of
the read soldier’s corpse. Then go through the second door and talk
to Carth. Be sure that you have looted everything in this level.
Then enter the escape pod to conclude the level.


This is the first real planet of the game, and it’s a meaty one at that.
After some obligatory explanation and plot development, you’ll find that
it’s time to leave your hide-out and explore. In case you don’t have a
feel for how your conversations affect you light/dark alignment, we will
provide the LIGHT, DARK, and NEUTRAL responses for early conversations
and quest options. 

Leaving the apartment:
Recommended Party and equipment: You have to bring Carth with you, so
there isn’t a choice of party. Equip the long sword in Carth’s right
hand and the prototype vibroblade in his left. On your character use 
Carth’s blaster and a blaster pistol.

The fight immediately outside the apartment is not much of a threat.
Rapid shot and power attack the officer in the center and then dispatch
the flunkies. No grenades or adrenaline necessary. 

Appartment Complex:

This is a ring with five rooms, counting your apartment. Carth can be
used to break into the low security doors, so be sure to raid all of
them for supplies, since there are no consequences for doing so
(i.e. no dark points gained). The merchant here sells nothing of
immediate value; by the time you need the energy shields he’s pushing,
you have looted a few off of dead enemies. When you’re done collecting
items, go to the southernmost part of the ring to descend to the city

Leveling Carth: Emphasize melee combat- two weapon fighting, melee
weapon proficiency, toughness, and the like make excellent choices.
Focus on treat injury with your skills. Strength and dexterity are
the best attribute point choices.

Upper City South

Without any apparent direction to head in, your best bet for making
some quick money is to hit the Cantina. Go strait across the platform,
through the U-shaped room, and across another platform to reach it. 


Now’s a good time to talk to the bar patrons and get a feel for the
back story, If you’re so inclined. Also, you have the option of
buying pazaak deck and learning to play- see Garouk in the room by
the cantina entrance and spend 50 credits if that’s your fancy. One
person you should definitely talk to is Sarna, who is standing close
to where you first enter the main room. When you speak to her. keep
selecting the topmost conversation options (the friendly ones), until
you get to a persuade attempt. With your persuade skill, you should
go for it- try to schmooze her. If it works, keep picking the topmost
conversation options. If it fails, you can try to keep talking to
her- be nice, and you’ll get another shot at persuasion. When you do
pull it off, you’ll eventually get invited to a party. This will save
you some trouble later. 
In the west room you’ll find a woman named Gana Lavin. If you’d like
to kill some weak thugs for EXP later, do your best to piss her off
(The words “spoiled brat” work well). 

The last point of interest is the dueling ring. Enter the southern
room and watch what happens. Save your game and speak to Ajuur at
the end of the room. Tell him you are “interested” in dueling. You
can attempt to get more money out of him for fighting, but it’s
probably a lost cause. When you agree to fight, your first match is
against Deadeye Duncan, who happens to be a total joke. You’ll start
the match with full health, so don’t waste a medpack preparing.
When the duel starts, just shoot him with normal 2X blaster attacks.
You’ll have to try in order to mess this up. When you win, save and
collect your earnings from Ajuur, and make sure unequip Carth’s swords
if he’s still using them. Ask for another duel. This time you’ll face
Gerlon Two-Fingers. Using two swords (longsword/prototype vibroblade),
run up to Gerlon and start hacking at him. Normal attacks will work.
He should go down fairly quietly. Save and collect your cash, and then
go for another fight. This time you’ll be facing someone who actually
presents a threat. If you want an easy victory, start the duel by
throwing that poison you get earlier. Given enough time, that alone
will kill here, but you can feel free to accelerate the process with
swords or blasters. Just watch you health. When you win the fight,
you’ll get 300 credits, for a total of 600 earned with dueling so far.
The next guy in line to fight you is a bit challenging for a
level 3 scout, so get moving- It’s time to leave the Cantina.

During the course of dueling you will probably level up.

LEVEL 3 Recommendations: 

Skills: Treat Injury, Repair, and Computer Use +1 each

Feat: Toughness

Upper City South

When you cross the platform and re-enter the U-shaped room, two thugs
and Gana will be waiting, presuming that you decided to insult her.
They’re nothing special- you’ll dispatch them with ease. You’ll see
a door on your left. It’s an equipment store. Go in and see what your
hard-earned cash is good for: A safe bet would be “Light Battle Armor”
for Carth, since you’ll be sticking him at the front lines, and a
Military Suit or Heavy Combat Suit for yourself. Take a left out of the
store and then move down the long expanse of platform to your right (east). 

At the end of the platform you’ll happen upon 2 bounty hunters seeking a
loan payment. How you want to handle this depends on what you want to be.
Assuming you like to fight, do the following:

LIGHT: “Leave this man alone….”
DARK or NEUTRAL: “I don’t like you attitude…”

This will start a not-to-difficult fight. When you kill them, you have
the following options:

LIGHT: “Maybe I can help you” ? give him credits
DARK: “Hand over all your…”
NEUTRAL: “I’m just glad I could help”

Make your choice and move on. South of here is a “Medical Facility”.
Enter and talk to Zelka Forn. Ask him about the rakghoul disease.
Then ask if there is a cure. Make a suggestion that you might help him.
Tell him you’ll find the Serum. This initiates the Rakghoul quest.
Then talk to Gurney. No matter what you say, you’ll be informed of a
an alternative person to give the serum to for more money, and dark points.
Now go the the “Lab Personnel Only” Door. Use Carth to open it.
Zelka will warn you away. Ask him about the republic soldiers using
your persuade skill. You will come to a point in the conversation where
you determine which way your alignment shifts:

LIGHT: “Is there anything I can do to help?”
DARK: “It’s going to cost you if you want to keep this information secret”
?“I don’t take orders from you…” (+100 credits)
NEUTRAL: “Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me”

With that done, exit the facility and head strait across the platform to
Upper City North.

Upper City North

Move strait across the platform and through the doors to the
North Apartments. This is another ring-shaped complex with 5 Rooms.
Walk into or break into the SW, NE and NW rooms to get free items
without consequence. At the west room you’ll find the party you’ve
been invited to by Sarna is in full swing. Watch what happens, and
then loot the place to obtain, among other things, Sith Armor.

There is a man named Largo in the SE apartment. Speak to him.
Choose the following responses:

“What are you babbling…”

LIGHT: “Maybe I could help you…” ? Give 200 credits
DARK: “Maybe I should just kill you…”
NEUTRAL: “I’m just looking around”

If you choose the dark option, you will be able to collect a
bounty later in addition to looting the corpse and apartment.

This concludes your business in the North Apartments.

Upper City North

Go north along the platform. You will be accosted by some drunks. 

LIGHT: “Hey guys, we can all be friends…”
DARK “If you’re trying to pick a fight…”
NEUTRAL “You’d better think twice…”

Go right at the end of the platform- the other doors will only
apply later. Put on your Sith Uniform and head towards the elevator
to Lower City. The guard will let you pass.

Lower City

Switch your armor back to whatever it was. This is a combat area,
so you should be ready. Put 2 blasters on your character and a good
set of swords on Carth. You’ll encounter a fight at the intersection.
It wont be hard- use rapid shot and have Carth use some power attacks.
Move strait across the intersection and enter the lower city apartments.

Lower City Apartments

In the SE apartments you’ll meet someone named Matrik. There is a
bounty on his head. Talk to him. Talk about how the apartment is
abandoned. Use Persuade to find out why he’s there. At this point
you can kill him for a bounty (no dark points), or for a light side
shift, ask about faking his death. Ask him what his plan is. Then
tell him you’ll be back with permacrete detonators, which can be
found at the upper city equipment store. 

In the NE apartments you’ll find 6 hologram projectors surrounding
a box. Turn them on in this order: Elinda, Ujaa, Ujie, Loopa, Fodo,
Ashana. Collect and wear the armor in the box.

The NW, West, and SW apartments have black vulkars for you to kill.
They also wander the halls. The one in the northwest apartment
carries a heavy blaster- equip in on your character.

Leave the apartments.

Lower City

Go east to find the entrance to the Black Vulkar base. You wont
be able to get in yet, but the two guards make for a hefty fight.
Use some strong attacks and possibly grenades to finish them off.
Then head west past the intersection and down a curving corridor.
Enter the cantina on your left.

Javyar’s Cantina

Have a look about. This almost goes without saying, but if you
speak to Calo Nord, don’t pick a fight and don’t let him count
to three. While you’re here, make sure to speak to Zax in the
south room and collect on any outstanding bounties. Try persuading
him up to 400 per head, it has a chance of working. Ask Zax about
the bounties- specifically Dia’s. 

DARK: Dia is hiding in an apartment next you hers.
Kill her for the Bounty. 

LIGHT: Speak to Holdan in the north room and ask him about
the bounty. You will have the option of paying him 200 to lift
the bounty. Do it if you want some light side points. Then see
Dia in the Upper City South Apartments
(the one next to your hideout). Tell her what you have done.
You can accept her reward of 2 energy projectors or refuse it
for even more light side points. 

Also in the south room is a dancer auditioning for a troupe.
Ask what’s going on and keep trying to persuade her, and she’ll
let you help her. There are no good or evil points to be gained here,
but if you help her you get EXP points. The best way to dance is
to be close, but not too close. Just don’t do anything silly.

You’ll happen upon another cinematic here. Talk to Mission if you
like, and gain a whopping 60 additional EXP. This concludes your
business in Javyar’s Cantina for the time being.

Lower City

Go north and around the next bend. Eventually there will be a
door leading to more apartments on your left. Enter.

Lower City Apartments

You’ll happen upon another cinematic in this ring-shaped apartment.
There are regular Vulkar patrols here. Keep running around the
ring to keep killing them. There are also Vulkars in the West,
SE and SW rooms. In the northwest room there is a strongbox with
a mine. Defuse the mine and enter the following 3 passwords:
Hyperdrive, my uncle, Alderaan. Collect the assorted goodies within.
The armor is upgradeable, and will come in handy. 

The Northeast apartment contains a woman named Selven. There’s
a bounty on her head. Killing her doesn’t add to light or
dark points. Do it for the money. It won’t be hard to start
the fight. Anything along the lines of “I’m here to rob the
place” or “I’m collecting your bounty” will be fine.  She’s tough,
so using a grenade or two isn’t out of the question whenyou fight her.

With Selven dead, that’s all for these apartments.
Return to Javyars Cantina to collect the Selven bounty.
Then enter the Hidden Bek base you passed on the way to the apartments;
it’s right next to the Cantina.

Hidden Bek Base

To get into the Hidden Bek Base, talk to the guard.
Keep picking the first response choice until you reach a persuade
option- there’s no need to bribe her. Say “Maybe I could be an ally…”
and you’ll get in. Head strait across the room to speak with Gadon Thek.
Handle this conversation however you like. The outcome is always the same.
Just don’t use the line “Forget it- I’m not interested.”, and when
offered to trade your Sith uniforms for authorization papers,
make the deal. With that, it’s time to leave.

Lower City

Head north from outside the base and go all the way down the path
until you get to a sith soldier standing guard in front of a door.
Your new authorization papers will allow you to pass to the Undercity.


When you first arrive, some bums will accost you. Ask them what
they are doing here and then give them 20 credits for some easy
light points. If you don’t care for being compassionate, tell them
to scram. Then talk to Shaleena however you like. There are a few
points of note hete. Firstly, the village gate is east of the elevator.
There you will see a man being chased by a rakghoul. If you choose
to stay within the gates, nothing happens. If you save him and speak
to him later, you’ll get light points. In the southwest corner of
the village there is a pen you may enter that contains infected outcasts.
Tell the woman that you want to enter the cage. When you initially
arrive, you will have to kill 3 rakghouls. Swords are your best bet
here. Then you can speak with the 2 other infecteds in the corner.

DARK: “I think I’ll kill you…”

LIGHT: Ask them what you can do to help them and tell them you’ll
be back later with the cure.  

You should also speak to Rukil and Gendar in the south-central part
of the village. Rukil will speak of an apprentice who has gone
missing- another side quest. 

When you are ready, stock up on cheap medpacks and antidotes
at Igear’s bazaar near the middle of town, and then head to
the gate in the northeast.

If you let Hendar die, there will be a rakghoul right outside
the gate for you to kill. Swords get the job done. When it’s
dead, head north and you’ll find Mission. When you’re done
talking to her she’ll be in your party. Give her the heaviest
armor she can wear (republic mod armor is a good bet) and a
blaster rifle. The sewers are just a little bit north of here.
There’s more to do here, however. Head east from the sewers
entrance to meet Canderous & Co again. Chat him up and help
his folks kill the rakghouls. Start by chucking a frag grenade
at the farthest one. Then run in with yourself and Carth to
melee them. Have Mission use her sniper shot from the perimeter.
It shouldn’t be too hard to kill them with 7 people fighting.
Exchange parting words with Canderous and head southwest.
You’ll soon see a bunch of rakghouls from a distance.
Rather than charge into the fight, start it by having Mission
get one’s attention with sniper shot. This will give you some
time to deal with the first few rakghouls one at a time rather
than all at once. When they’re all dead move south to find Rukil’s
apprentice. Loot the body and the rubble, and head back
where you came from. 

Leveling Mission: For skills, she gets a ton of points.
Get the most bang for your bug by hitting up her class skills,
and be sure to keep treat injury maxed as well. Security,
demolitions, and stealth are all good bets, and give awareness
a little attention as well. You’ll generally want to fight
Mission with a blaster rifle to keep her distanced from the action.
For feats, get gear head and whatever else you like.
You’ll get one attribute point when you first get her.
Put it in wisdom, as it’s her only odd numbered attribute-
bonuses come on even numbered stats only.

Periodically you will see the glowing red sphere of a mine.
Use Mission to recover them- they can be used or sold later.
If you want, go to the far northeast corner of the map to
find a bunch of mines and a Republic soldier who will turn
in to a rakghoul to kill for EXP. Then move southeast of the gate.
\You’ll see a Sith trooper. When you talk to him, tell him
you’ll kill him. His guys have good stuff. When they’re dead,
give Mission the motion detector goggles. Go due south from here,
and kill the rakghouls using the method described earlier.
Here you’ll find a Sith corpse with *hooray* the rakghoul serum.
Also loot the other 2 corpses in the vicinity for their stuff.
All that’s left here are 3 rakghouls to the northeast; kill
them at your leisure. Otherwise, there’s an entrance to the
sewers here, right by the sith corpse, and now you’re
ready to go in.

Lower Sewers

Go through the first door and you’ll find 3 gamorrean raiders.
These guys are substantially tougher that what you’re used to
dealing with. Concentrate your character and Carth
(using 2 swords each) on the leader with normal attacks
and have Mission keep using sniper shot on them. When they’re
dead, loot the corpse in the corner and turn right to open the
next door. Open the door to the immediate left, and the one
behind it. Then you’ll see four rakghouls. Not a threat.
When they’re dead, collect the items off the corpses-
particularly the promised land journal. Exit the room and go
up the ramp to open the next door, but before you do equip
blasters on everyone. You’ll see 4 or 5 raiders in here.
Have everyone focus their fire on one raider at a time- that
way they’ll be dead before they get to you. Have Carth use power
blasts and Mission use sniper shot. They’ll go down pretty easy.
Reequip swords on yourself and Carth. You are now in a large
circular room. Take the southwest door. It will lead you to
another circular room, this one with 5 rakghouls waiting to die.
Take the north door from here, then the first door on your left.
Four raiders, 2 of them elite, will be waiting. Use the same
strategy- you and Carth hacking away and Mission blasting from
the back- and bring them down. Now you have found Zalbaar.

Head out of this room the way you came in, take a left, and
enter the first door on your right. Sanitize the room and
loot the corpse to claim the last outcast journal.
At this point, you’ve done everything pertaining to quests
in the sewers. Feel free to seek out the other rooms- there
is some good EXP and supplies to be found. You are ready to
enter the Vulkar Base, but there is some unfinished business.
Leave the sewers and return to the village.

Speak to Rukil. Tell him you have found his apprentice and
know of her fate. Ask him the story of his people.
Now you have a choice to make:

LIGHT: Give Rukil the Journals
DARK: Go Speak to Igear. Sell him the journals for 100 credits.

Now you are ready to reenter the sewers. The closest entrance
is immediately north of the sewers. Enter the sewers.
Once you arrive, head due west until you reach the force
field touch the security console and Mission will lower the field.
Now, replace Mission with Zalbaar and give the big wookie some swords.
Enter the upper sewers. Past the first door you’ll find-
guess what- another ring shaped room. Here there will be 2 gamorreans
fighting 4 rakghouls. Let them duke it out and then kill the
surviving rakghouls.

The southeast door contains 2 corpses to loot, but they’re guarded
by a mine you should diffuse. Go to the northeast door to move on.
Continue through this hall to reach the next ring shaped room,
this one with a malfunctioning droid to be killed. The northeast
door leads to 3 raiders protecting a corpse with shoddy treasure.
The southwest door leads onward. Go down to the end of the ramp and
collect the contents of the severed arm. Switch Mission into your
party and Zaalbar out. Select Mission as the character you control
and activate solo mode. Open the door to find a large rancor of
“Return of the Jedi” lore. Turn Mission’s stealth generator on and
make your way to the bone pile. Remove its contents and replace with
an odor vial you got from the severed arm and a frag grenade.
Watch the Rancor die.

Black Vulkar Base

After killing the two vulkar guards and taking the elevator, you
should be in the Vulkar base. There are many rooms in this base
with an assortment of items. For your own safety, don’t approach
any stationary gun turrets. In a room in the southeast quarter of
the base you’ll find a waitress who is a prisoner. Release her or
try to kill her to earn light or dark points respectively. Similarly,
there is a man in a room in the southwest corner
(labeled the control room on your map) of the base who will plead for
his life halfway through a fight. At this point you should have a good
idea of whether you want light or dark points, and act accordingly.
You can either talk the “Pass Card” for entering the garage out of him,
or pry it from his cold dead hands. Your choice. In the south-central
part of the base you will find the armory; Mission can break into it and
earn you a load of goodies to sell later. Just north of the armory is
a security panel. Hack into it with your character and cause some havoc.
At this point you should have a fistful of spikes handy. Access the
barracks camera and overload the nearby power conduit for about six
easy kills. The location of the barracks will be labeled for you
on the map following your work with the power conduit. Go there to
kill the last guy left standing in the room and to loot the bodies.
The pool is north of the barracks. Enter and use some parts to
reprogram the droid to self-destruct in the center of the pool.
You’ll see why. Proceed to collect loot from the pool. When all
this is done, go to the north central area of the base and activate
the security panel. Insert your pass card and proceed to the elevator.

Garage Level

NOTE: If you should level up your main character at this time,
do not accept the skills etc. The reason for this will be explained
in the leveling guide.

The first thing you’ll notice here is a patrol droid at the east
end of the room. By the till you destroy it there should be Vulkars
from the other rooms on their way to kill you. When they are all
dead, head down the west corridor. At the end of it you will
find 2 rooms. Kill the 2 Vulkars in the closer one and proceed to loot.
The security console here isn’t really worth hacking into. Now go
back to the garage and this time head to the south corridor. There
are mines to collect at the T intersection. Go right for a couple of
minor fights and access to a workbench. Go left to proceed with
the level. You will eventually come upon a sinister Twi’lek in the
far room. You can either kill him or listen to him. He will offer
you the chance to change your loyalties from the Beks to the Vulkars
by assassinating Gadon Thek. Either kill him or kill Gadon- the
choice is yours. You will, of course, get light or dark points
depending on what you choose. Either way, you’ll race a swoop
in order to free Bastila.

LIGHT: Killing the Twi’lek isn’t terribly difficult.
First concentrate on slashing his bodyguard to pieces
(using standard attacks). Then kill him and standard flunkies.
Use adrenaline boosts to accelerate the fight,
but don’t throw grnades, as the proximity makes them dangerous to you.
Keep Carth and yourself in front and Mission in the back.
Promptly collect the swoop accelerator and other
loot and be on your way. You can leave the Vulkar Base
from the southern end of the main level. Return to Gadon
Thek at the Hidden Bek base and be ready to race.

DARK: You will be automatically escorted from the base.
Replace Mission with Zalbaar in your party. Return to the
Hidden Bek Base. As soon as you access a security door with
your newfound codes, you will trigger an alarm and the Bek
guards and sentry droids will become hostile. Make sure the
first security door you open is isolated (i.e. not in the main room).
Kill however many hapless guards you like; the eventual goal is an
elevator in the north-central part of the base. Make sure everyone
in your party is at full health- You’ll fight Gadon & Company almost
immediately upon entering the elevator
(the [Persuade] to get out of this fight is pretty tough).
He fights surprisingly well for a blind guy. He’ll be too close
for you to use grenades, so try adrenaline if you have difficulty
in this fight. Just give everyone swords and let em hack it out.
After the killing and the looting, start making your way out of
the base. You’ll have to kill Zaerdra on your way out if you haven’t
dealt with her already. Don’t underestimate her by going into the
fight with less that full health, and concentrate on killing
her first. Leave the Hidden Bek base. Since you’re evil, it probably
suits your character to deliver the Rakghoul serum to Zax
(he’s in the cantina, south room) on you way back to the
Black Vulkar base. Its time to race

The Race

This is pretty self explanatory. Go to the guy in the middle of
the room. The game explains pretty well how to race. Anyone with
a shred of manual dexterity should pull this off. It will take
at least 2 runs to finish the job because someone will beat your
first time. Concentrate more on avoiding debris than on hitting
boost pads, and remember to shift. Victory.

When you win, whether you be racing for the Beks or the Vulkars,
you will discover that Brejik has decided to withhold his prize
for one reason or another. That means he has to die. The fight
will start when Bastila breaks free of her cage and begins killing
people. The name of the game with Brejik is simple. Stay alive and
let Bastila do the dirty, messy, bloody work for you. Once everyone
is dead, loot the remains and become acquainted with Bastila’s
tremendous ego.

Upper City South

Eventually it will be time to leave your apartment again. Bring just
Bastila with you. You will, upon leaving, get a not-so-subtle hint
that it’s time to go to the cantina. Do just that.

LIGHT: Now would be a good time to drop off that rakghoul serum at
the Medical Facility. Remember, as a general rule in this game,
refusing rewards translates into additional light points;
it applies here.

Levelling Up Bastila: You will have to level Bastila 3 times
when you get her. Get the force powers Stun Droid, Cure, and
Burst of Speed. Keep your skill points concentrated on Awareness
and Treat Injury. Improved flurry is a good bet for your first feat,
so you can start setting up the Master Speed/Master Flurry combo.
When Bastila reaches level 8, give her the disable droid power.

Upper City Cantina

Here Canderous will tell you his plan for leaving Taris.
For simplicity’s sake, tell him it’s a good idea and you agree
with him and he’s a super person. Your next stop is the
Droid Store, and after that, you have to deal with the Sith Base.
However, you happen to be in the cantina at the moment, so why
not pick up where you left off in the dueling ring?

The next fight is against Marl. Equip your newly acquired
Brejik’s Band and a set of your best pistols to start. 
Marl fights strictly with a double bladed sword. Let him come
to you and shoot at him as he approaches, or set a mine quickly
and try to back away so he runs through it. Once he reaches you
it’s time to pull out your 2 best swords (make sure the off hand
one is balanced!). There’s no shame in using stims to beat Marl;
he’s tough, but hang in there, and use medkits, and you should
be able to pull out a victory.

Collect your money. Save. Fight Twitch. Twitch likes to use
blasters primarily, which means that he’ll be standing still
at the beginning of the fight. This means you should hit him
with a volley of frag grenades- say, 3. Then hit yourself
with adrenal strength and close to melee range. Keep an eye
on your health and watch your character win with 2x swords.
The only thing to really watch out for is the occasional
grenades from Twitch. 

So ends the dueling ring, or does it? You can now attempt
to pick up the bounty of Bendak Starkiller. Be warned, you
will get DARK points for participating in this duel. First,
speak to Bendak. He will now offer to duel you in a death match.
Then speak to Ajuur to confirm the match. Leave the cantina
and return to Ajuur. Save (!) and start the duel. There is one
reliable way to beat Bendak.at level 6. Show him your marvelous
grenade collection. That’s right, grenades. Plasma if you
have any to start out, and then frag. Keep going. That’s right,
grenades until he dies. Bye, Bendak.

Speak to Ajuur to receive 700 credits and Bendak’s pistol.
Then go to Zax in Javyar’s Cantina and pick up his bounty.

Upper City North

Head to the droid shop- it’s on your map- and speak to Janice Nall
about T3-M4. You can pay for the droid if you’re a
nice guy, or threaten to have Davik close
down her shop to get it for free if you aren’t
(you will, of course, get dark side points for that).
Now you are ready to tackle the Sith Base. Put T3 and Bastila
in your party and get rolling.

When you approach the base (It’s across from the elevator to lower city)
T3 will crack the door automatically. Move in. When you arrive at
the base, just bribe the receptionist to avoid an alarm. Now,
hack the reception terminal with T3. View the camera for the
seconday barracks and overload the conduit. For additional fun,
go to security commands and mess with the “target filering”
on the sentry droids. Also be sure to turn off the blaster turrets.
That should just about do it. Now, wait for the ensuing battle
between sentry droids and soldiers to resolve itself. The
base is fairly strait forward; you will only have to kill the
occasional sentry droid, and the troops in the control center
and primary barracks. Make sure you visit the armory in the
southwest corner of the base. There is a puzzle involving
releasing a prisoner in the northernmost room. Only alignment
points are at stake.

LIGHT: Hit the two side most buttons, then the center one.
DARK: Hit the mid-left, the mid-right, then the center.

The only fight of note is the large combat droid in the
southeast corner of the map. He’s big, but you can take
him down with Bastila’s disable droid skill. Use it like
it’s going out of style, while you hit him with T3’s shield
disrupter and melee attacks from your character. Or, send
your character into his little room and destroy the transformer
to see what happens. When the fight is over and you are
satisfied that you’re done with this place, get to the elevator.
In the next area, open the door to find Mr. Sith Governor. 

You’ll get the chance to say something to him before combat
begins- your choice will have alignment consequences You 
should be able to guess what does what. Start the fight out
with T3’s shield disruptor to eliminate his personal shielding.
Get Bastila to start Improved Flurrying. Use Cure as necessary.
Your guy should use normal attacks. Adrenaline will
not be necessary. The only annoying aspect of the governor
is his drain life skill, but you can overcome it. When he’s
dead, loot his body and the 2 strongboxes in his room.
Leave the base and head to Javyar’s Cantina in the Lower City.

It’s time to talk to Canderous. Before you do this,
make sure you are DONE with Taris. If you’ve followed this
walkthrough to the letter, you will have accomplished that by now.
Canderous will offer to take you to Davik’s estate. Put him
and Bastila into your party, and away you go.

Davik’s Estate

Leveling up Canderous: For skills, keep this guy’s treat injury up.
Conditioning and Toughness are good bets for feats.
You’ll want to take advantage of that big, fancy cannon of his.

As soon as you’re done taking to Davik, it will be time to
leave your room.  The three rooms near your contain 2 other
guests and some supplies. You don’t have anyone with
security skill, so just bash them open. The same goes for
the locked boxes inside. Pick a fight with the people in
the rooms, and you could get dark points. Attempt to avoid
the fight and you wont. In any case, neither the guests nor
the guards present much of a threat. When you’re done with
the quarters here, head west to the throne room, and then
through the door in the west wall. The hall here contains a
bounty hunter, whose smoking corpse will contain a pass card
for you to retrieve. You’ll fine yourself inform of another
set of doors. The two southernmost ones contain a handful of
guards each. The northernmost room and the west wall contains
a “Tarisian Noble”. It’s a priority that you inspect this room.
There are no light or dark points at stake in the conversation,
but his chests contain some nice goodies, as well as 500 credits.
The door on the north wall contains two torture droids and Davik’s
disgruntled pilot. The droids are best handled with Bastila’s
destroy droid skill and improved power shots from Canderous.
Open the cage and talk to the pilot. He will give you the codes
to steal the Ebon Hawk. At this point, you can threaten to kill
him for some dark points. You light-siders will want to release
him with no questions asked. Now, go back to the hallway and
enter the southernmost door on the west wall- the spice lab-
and kill the guards here if you haven’t already. Follow the
corridor to the end, and go through the door to a T shaped room.
Head into the north door. When the guards are dead, access the
security panel with the guard’s pass card and find the
“Disable Hangar Security System” command in the system menu.
Now SAVE and return to the T shaped room. Enter the only
remaining closed door, (east) it’s labeled the hangar bay door,
with everyone in the party at full health. 

If the cinematic didn’t make it clear, it’s time to fight Calo Nord.
Davik with also be in the fight, but he’s much less of a
priority- the fight ends when Calo reaches roughly 40% health.
Have Canderous throw a frag grenade or 2, and your character
do the same. Make Bastila stun Calo with her first move, and
then move in for melee. Have Canderous start using power shots
after he’s done grenading. It won’t last very long. Davik will
die automatically in the ensuing bombing. Loot him and enter
the Ebon Hawk. You are done with Taris.


Dantooine is your local, convenient Jedi training center.
When you get off the ship Bastila will lead you directly
to the Jedi Council. Follow her so you know how to get there.
Ignore the woman who accosts you along the way.

After you have become a Jedi you must memorize a Jedi code as
the first of the three tests. Go to master Vandar and ask him
about the Jedi code; he will tell it to you. You may memorize it,
write it down, or just read it off this page without asking.

The Jedi Code is:
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

Now return to Zhar and he will ask you the code; recite it to him.

Now you have to pass your second test which is choosing which Jedi
you will be. Go over to Dorak and answer his questions how ever
you like. At the end he will tell you which Jedi he thinks you
should be. We recommend you be a sentinel, so pick that class.

Now that you’re a Jedi Sentinel you will have to choose more stats.
Check the leveling guide for recommendations. 

Now that you have your yellow crystal go back to Zhar AGAIN and
he will help you make your saber of light. We know, you’ve been
itching for this moment for many hours now. Hit the assemble
button and you’ll whip out your nice new instrument of searing,
shimmering death. Now go back to Zhar and you will find that he
is very happy that you constructed your lightsaber perfectly
on your first try.


Before we get to the tainted grove I would suggest roaming
around the enclave and talking to people. When you are satisfied,
go back out of the Council chamber the way you came and continue
straight around the large tree till you get to a droid and a door;
talk to the droid and the door will open. Enter the courtyard.

Party Selection and Recommended Equipment: You will be fighting
kath hounds, which attack exclusively at melee range. Put Carth
and Zalbaar in your party and equip your best sets of
swords (2 each) on them, making sure all off hand weapons are
balanced. Put a balanced vibroblade of some sort in your own
character’s off hand.

You can speak to all of the named NPC’s to get information
on quests and back-story. At the minimum, make your way to
the left until you get to Jon. Ask him if he wants anything;
he will want you to slay some local Mandalorians. Agree to do
so, but be aware that how you say “yes” will affect your alignment.
Saying “I’ll kill those animals for what they did to your daughter"
will net you DARK points. Take a right into the grass. Continue
past the speeders after speaking to Elise, who is standing by
the left speeder. Move on down the plains until kath hounds
attack you. Show them how you deal with mad animals. Standard
attacks, flurry, and power attack: it’s all good. The standard
Kath hounds are a joke. The horned ones pose more of a threat,
but still go down fairly easily. The “Albino Kath Hound”,
however, should be respected. Make sure you only fight him
when everyone starts will full health. Should you face him,
a shot of adrenaline to your main character isn’t a bad idea
either. Take a left at the fork in the road and kill any kath
hounds you may encounter. These give no items and "Okey"
experience but you can’t really avoid them anyways. Keep going,
you will encounter a MASS amount of kath hounds to mow down
like pesky blades of grass. Continue east, go right at the “T”,
and continue to the “Matale Grounds”

Upon entering you will encounter kath hounds. Slay them and go
straight (south) to the Grove. A kath hound should get your
attention on the left, kill all the hounds. SAVE, make sure
your at full health and continue east till you get to some ruins.
Before you close to within, say, 30 feet of the pillars,
give yourself a shot of adrenal strength and battle stimulant
and cast any “speed” spell you have on yourself.
Meet Juhani. Whoop her with strait improved flurries for your
attacks. If you have drain life or cure, use it occasionally
to keep your health up. Once she stops fighting you
(when she reached 40% or so health) and decides to talk to you,
you have two choices: you can kill her for minimum EXP or you
can save her and gain her as a party member. Even if you are
DARK, we STRONGLY suggest you do NOT kill her, as there is no
"Light Side Shift" for saving her and she will be a powerful
member of your party if you save her. This should seem like the
honorable choice for light siders, so there is not much debate
for them. For you dark people, don’t worry if this doesn’t seem
blatantly evil. Remember, by saving Juhani you are ultimately
looking out for your own best interest, and that is what
evil is all about.

This is how the dialog with Juhani should go if you plan to save her:
Initially, keep selecting the first response. Be encouraging and
supportive. You will eventually come to a [Persuade] option,
which you should attempt. If it fails, do not worry, simply talk
to her again. Stay persistent, as you have enough persuade skill
to pull this off, and remember that any of the persuade choices
is valid. You will need several successes before she decides to
run off. The top response is usually the best bet.

And this is how it will go if you plan on killing her:
“And I'll finish you now”

If you do kill her you’ll gain get her lightsaber. The extra
lightsaber may sound cool but it is very unwise to kill her,
as stated before she will be VERY helpful later in the game.

After dealing with Juhani pick the corpses around her ruins and
move on West you will encounter some kath hounds and a Mandalorian
hunting party. Kill them ALL. You will generally see the
Mandalorians one or two at a time, with about 3 or 4 duros
mercenaries accompanying them. Have everyone in your party
attack the Mandalorian with any sort of melee attack until
he dies. Then split them up to each handle a Duros. Loot the
corpses and turn south to the Sandral grounds.

Head East from here and you will see some kath hounds attacking
a droid, this is Elise's missing droid. Kill the kath hounds
and talk to the droid.
You will come to a point in the conversation where you have a
choice of destroying the droid and telling her why you did,
tell the droid to go back to its owner, or destroying the droid
and telling her it’s still out there.
For light side points select one of these two dialog responses:
destroy the droid and tell her why you did it, for some dark side
points destroy the droid and tell her its still out there.

Now to the Crystal Cave which is a short ways east from the droid.
Once inside kill the Kiraths. They are poisonous melee fighters,
so take your time. You don’t need to attack them all at once;
just handle them like the kath hounds.
Once at the end of the cave by all the crystals and eggs you will
see you can select the eggs and crystals, hit the USE button on
the crystals and BASH all the eggs (Select USE with the D-Pad
and hit up or down on the pad, then Bash them.) There are MANY
crystals and eggs in this cave, along with a few bodies. Make sure
you pick up everything before you exit the cave the way you came in.

Once you’re out of the cave continue northwest between the two
cliff until you get to a field where you can go South. Here there
are some Mandalorians. Eliminate them as before. When you’re
done with the Mandalorians, continue west. In the distance you
will see the aforementioned Albino Kath Hound. Make sure he is
dead before attack the lesser minions. After having dealt with
the albino kath hound continue your journey west across
the bridge. Here you will see a house. Make your way around
the U shaped bend and head north and enter the grove. After
facing some kath hounds continue north to the Matale Grounds.
Once on the Matale grounds head east until you find the third
group of Mandalorians. Kill them, turn around, and go back
the way you came: north to the grove. When you reach the grove
go east until you reach a bridge with a man standing on it.

The Twi’lek will brief you on the situation. As it turns out,
you’re going to solve a murder case. After listening to Bolook,
speak to Rickard. He will tell you his story. Ask him everything
you can. After speaking with him go over to Handon. He will
tell you his side of the story. As with Rickard, you should
ask him EVERYTHING you possibly can. Go over to the droid and
do the same. Now return to Bolook and tell him that you want
to discuss the murder; Rickard is lying because it was cloudy;
there was no sun glare!
Now you will have to repeat the process all over again, Ask
everything you can of Rickard and Handon. Then speak to the
droid, as he has a lot of new information for you.
Go back to Holdan and ask him about the affair. Now you
have motive. Then talk to Rickard about Halder cheating him,
and you’ll have motive for Rickard too.
Speak to Bolook again. It doesn’t matter who you think is
lying because both have established motives, so you can
select the motive for either one. Ask Handon about the
murder weapon. When he says it was stolen, ask the droid
if there was a theft reported.
Head over to Bolook and talk to him about the murder. Tell
him that the murder weapon was Handon’s and that he was
lying about it being stolen. Go over to the droid and ask
it about the blood sample. Now go back to Handon and ask
him everything you can, as you will find he has much to
tell you. Speak with Bolook and tell him that the blood
didn’t belong to the victim. It is Handon’s blood, he is
clutching his side.
Here is the twist if you haven’t figured it out by now:
they are BOTH guilty, so you should select the
"No, they are both guilty." response. Now you will have to
explain why Rickard wanted Calder dead. This is very simple,
because Calder was cheating him at their business.

Enjoy the easy EXP. Note: There is no light or dark shift
for being right or wrong here.

Now head east across the bridge and kill the kath hounds
that await you. Continue east and you will see the final
group of Mandalorians, including their leader. SAVE and make
sure you’re at full health; this will be a difficult battle.
For starters, I would suggest throwing grenades at them.
A plasma grenade or 4-5 frag grenades will work well.
Then have everyone hammer away first at the leader, then the
other Mandalorian and finally the Duros lackeys. After
killing the last of the Mandalorians, loot everyone. The
leader’s body had that second lightsaber you have been look
forward to; put it in your off hand. There are just a few
things left to do in Dantooine.  Use the transit function
to return to the Ebon Hawk.

Return to Jon in the courtyard and tell him you killed the
Mandalorian leader. For some 

LIGHT: Refuse the reward, you will receive it anyways.
DARK: Claim that the reward is insufficient. You won’t get
more money, but you will get some free DARK points.

Go east to Elise and speak with her. She will thank you if
you convinced the droid to return. If you destroyed it, you
can either tell her to move on and see real people, or tell
her that the droid is still out there for DARK points.
Go back into the enclave speak to Juhani  (If you did not kill her),
who resides in the circular room with the tree. 

If you destroyed Elise’s droid and told her about it, take a
right. You will come upon a hallway. Go down it and take a left.
Open the second door on your right and you will find Elise
with a man named Samnt. Speak to her.

DARK:  Ask her for a reward. Keep selecting the last dialog
option and you will get dark points at the end of the conversation. 
LIGHT: Keep selecting the first response and you will get her thanks.

Return to the Jedi Council and speak with them. Talk with
the Council and head over to Zhar once you’re done. Talk to
him and you will become an official padawan. Now would be
a good time to equip the new armor you receive (Jedi robes).
Talk to Vandar to initiate a new quest.  When you form a
new party I would suggest selecting Bastila and Canderous. 

Head out to the courtyard and into the grass lands. At the
“T” take a right and go straight into the matale grounds.
Continue east until you reach the matale estate. Speak to
the droid here and inform it of your Jedi business. When
you are finished interrogating him he will offer you’re a
bribe. Tell him it is too small for some dark side points
or be a noble Jedi and refuse his "donation" for light points.
Your next stop, of course, is the Sandral estate. Head east
until you get to a big open clearing. Then go south to the grove.
Once in the grove go south once again and to enter the Sandral
grounds. You will now have to make your way very far west
till towards the Sandral mansion, which will be hard to miss.
This should be familiar. Tell the droid you are on a mission
from the Jedi Council. The droid will allow you into the
estate. Nurik will blow you off no matter what you say.
When he leaves his daughter will tell you the other side of
the story. Eventually Rahasia will give you a key to the back
door. Exit the mansion the way you came in and head around
back to the unguarded door. Save and go in. You will have a
first encounter with the Sandral War Droids. They are a
joke- you can easily kill every last one of them with only
your character. Enter the door on the far left of the
first hallway. Kill the three droids in the room any way
you please. You could slice into the security console and
either overload some conduits or mess with the droids
targeting systems, but it waste of spike considering how
easily the droids are destroyed. Proceed through the door
out of the security room. Your objective is a holding cell
in the northern part of the estate. Bash open the door and
speak to Shen Ask him what it would take for him to leave.
Then make your way to Rahasia’s room in the northwest
part of the estate. Speak with her and she will leave.
Return to Shen and tell him what is going on. You will
both automatically leave the estate. Be sure to watch
what happens. Then, manipulate the situation however you see fit.

-Why don’t you just shoot it out and get it over with.
-The only way either of you will end this is with blood.
-[Lie] You know, Nurkik, Ahlan actually did kill Casus.
-Kill them! Kill them all!

-You two just need to calm down.
-Both of you calm down now!
-[Persuade] Shen is capable of making decisions on his own.
-Do not try to force them to return.
-Both of you calm down.

Now return to the Ebon Hawk using the quick transit system.
Speak to the Council and tell them the conclusion of the
Sandral/Matale feud. You can lie about what happened to
Vrook and Vandar for dark side points.

Head out to the courtyard and go into the grass. At the
"T" go left and go around the bend. Head east all the way
down past the stone pillars and enter the temple. Go down
the hall and through the second door, walk up to the droid
you see, and interact with it. You will get to the point
where you have to go through two doors to prove yourself
worthy. Loot Nemo’s corpse and equip his Jedi knight robe.
Now go through the West door and destroy the droid. Have
Bastila and yourself (if applicable) hit him with whatever
droid killing powers you have. He has a large chunk of
health, but he doesn’t do too much damage. Just keep
everyone in relatively good shape with Cure. There will
be a panel behind the droid. Speak to it. Then put your
datapad into it. Speak to it and answer the quiz. The
answers are Desert, Volcanic, and Barren. Exit the room
and head across to the east door. Kill the next droid as
you did the last one. Behind a fallen part of the temple
there will be a wrecked droid to loot for parts. Go over
to the console and perform the same language-learning procedure.
For the next quiz, choose Oceanic, Grassland, and Arboreal.
Now the south door will have opened. Enter it via the lobby
with the talking droid and head down the hallway to observe
the “Star Map”.

Speak to Bastila, exit the temple, and return to the Jedi Council.

Act nastily and lie to the Jedi Council about your upcoming
quest to get some dark side points. By now you should know
how to accomplish that. Otherwise, be a good Jedi and answer
their questions respectfully and truthfully. Return to
the Ebon Hawk. Talk to your crew members if you like;
Canderous will give you adrenaline, T3-M4 can make computer
spikes, and Zalbaar can build you grenades. Most of them
have stories to tell, as well. There will be a map in the
cockpit for you to access. You can visit the planets of
Tatooine, Manaan, Kashyyyk, and Korriban in any order, but
we recommend you go to Tatooine first. With that, it’s
time to leave Dantooine.


A note on being evil: You’ll notice at this point in the
game that most characters in your party will have something
to say about your actions. They may even stop you from doing
bad things, like killing out of spite. You can bypass this
interference by keeping the light-aligned people out of your
party while you do your evil deeds. If you like reassurance
that your cruelty is warranted, take Canderous around for the
occasional words of encouragement or pat on the back.
Sometimes, even evil needs a support network.

Welcome to Tatooine. Such as this planet has been a Star Wars
standby for such a long time, it’s no surprise that it’s a
destination in this game. After all, it is featured in four
of the five movies made so far.

Leave the Ebon Hawk with Bastila and Juhani in your party.
When you land you will be confronted to pay a docking fee.
Force Persuade (you should have dominate mind by now) will
get you out of it for no alignment shift. Now, your first
order of business will be to whack some Dark Jedi. Find them
by leaving the docking port and continuing down the main
street until you see 3 men in dark robes. Don’t be afraid of
your first fight with the Dark Jedi; they’re not so bad.
Knight Speed and Improved Flurry get the job done, no adrenaline
necessary. Your next task will be to obtain a hunting license.
Backtrack down the main road towards the docking area;
the “Czerka Office” will be on your right. Enter and speak to
the Protocol Officer. Inquire about Hunting Licenses; she will
offer one in advance in exchange for a bounty. Tell her
you’re the man (or woman) for the job and proceed to browse
the selection of the merchant in the office. He has a good
selection of substantial equipment, including the Mandalorian
Heavy Blaster- you’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger
pistol in the game. Stock up on some medkits and be on your way. 

Just north of the office, you’ll find one Sharina Fizark who
is trying to sell a Wraid Plate for 500 credits.

LIGHT: Buy the plate and sell it at the nearby hunting lodge
(speak to Fazza) for some easy good-guy points
DARK: Tell her you’ll take the plate and sell it for her.
Use Force Persuade to gain her trust. Sell the plate, don’t
give here the money. Also, while you’re in the lodge, do
threaten the Gammoreans in the corner for extra evil status.
Then talk to Dorak. Demand respect. Then tell him to pay you.

Now, with your first quasi-quest out of the way, you should
explore. Talk to the jawas. Get the lay of the land.
Play pazaak. Particularly, you should race your swoop.
You’ll do this in the southwest part of town. Swoop racing
is a great way to earn big money, and its damned near vital
if you’re playing the light side, since threatening people
for money and jacking up rewards isn’t in the good-guy
repertoire, and credits, therefore, are in much shorter
supply. When you talk to the Hutt in the office he will
let you race for “racing bonds”. What this means is that
you can make over 6000 credits racing here. You must beat
three times to do so. When you have at least 3000 credits
it’s time to move on.

Go to the droid shop in the northeast part of town. Talk to
the HK-47 droid in the corner for some background and amusement.
Then speak to Yuka Laka and proceed to ask about the droid
and negotiate for it. You can cut the price to 4000 without
even persuading him. Force Persuade will piss off Bastila
and other good guys, but it won’t cost you dark points and
it will bring the price to 3000. If you’re a disciple of the
Dark Side, you can threaten him down to 2500. Buy the droid
and be on your way.

HK-47: This guy is as good as whatever weapon you give him.
An excellent bet, if you have the cash (4500 cr.) is
“Jurgan Kalta’s Carbine”, to be found in the Hunting Lodge.
You will need him in your party to more easily negotiate the
sand people quest, so outfitting him appropriately is a
good idea. Stock him up with a good rifle or heavy weapon
and the best of your droid upgrades. As for leveling up,
keep putting skill points into repair and demolitions.
Blaster-related feats, such as rapid shot and rifle
proficiency, are a good bet. Dexterity is the most important
stat for a ranged fighter, which HK seems built to be.
Your next stop is the cantina. Make sure Bastila is in your
party, then speak to Helena, and you will learn why Bastila
is… well, Bastila. Next, you can bully some credits out of
the Czerka officer, buy some Gizka poison from the barkeep
(if you seek blunt solutions to annoying problems), and be
on your way. Go to the gate in the northeast part of town,
and speak to Iziz the jawa on your way out. 

The Dune Sea

You’ll have a quaint conversation with a woman outside the gates.
When its done, start moving south. You will need to commandeer
some Sand people clothing for the next phase of your mission.
When you approach any of the junk piles, you’ll likely be ambushed
by three of the sand people. They aren’t much a threat, just
make sure to take out the “Elite Warriors” first. These carry
the “Sand People Clothing” you need. Get two sets of it by killing
the ambush parties. You will eventually come across a man
surrounded by 4 droids. This is, of course, the woman’s husband.
Speak to him to discover his plight, and listen to the always
hilarious commentary by HK-47. Asking for a reward off the bat
won’t give you dark points, if you’re curious. What will give
you evil-credits is telling how fun it will be to watch him die.
Something about drinking ice-water to mock him…ah, good times.
Don’t worry, the explosion wont hurt you much.

Good guys will want to fix the droids, I suppose. You can use
parts or solve the puzzles. Just be warned, there’s no way to
squeeze light side points out of this one- even if you convince
him to stop using droids to hunt.

Here are the answers to the manual repair puzzles
K-X12a: Node 2 is reporting accurately
K-X12b: The missing value is 7
K-X12c:  Allocate 120 large pulses
K-X12d: 31-13-12-14 * 23-41-12-14

Note: I have no idea why droid d’s puzzle is wildly more
difficult than the other 3.

Alternate Dark Side solution: Fix the droids. Then make him
give you an additional reward with force persuade.

Now make your way down to the Sand Crawler. Speak to the
Mining Team Captain. A sand person attack will ensue.
These guys can’t take much damage, but they can dish out
a decent amount, so it’s a good idea to kill them quickly.
Have HK-47 use power shot and Bastila use saber throw on
the groups before they can get close to you. Have Bastila
and you character cast knight speed, and then get to work
with improved flurry.  12 or so Sand Person corpses later,
talk to the mining captain and then head northwest to the
debris pile to provoke another ambush. 

You should be able to make out something in the southern
part of the dune sea- some wrecked speeders. It’s actually
a Gammorean ambush. Investigate the debris piles, and there
will be an explosion. The raiders will try to con you out of
some money. Naturally, you wont be doing that. Of course,
varying levels of aggression with have alignment consequences,
but the likelihood is that you are about to end up in a fight.
Don’t be scared- just use an advanced medpack to heal the
damage from the trap. Then kill the ugly guys.  When they
are dead, you will probably want to return to ship to heal,
then return back, and save, before moving on. 

Note: After reaching level 12 (If you follow our suggested
leveling, you will then have adequate repair skill), try to
repair HK-47’s memory some. His stories are extremely funny,
and the first time you do it, you will grant him a
substantial +2 bonus to dexterity.

When you are ready to continue, dress yourself and Bastila in
sand people clothing, and head south. You will see a few
sand people guarding a path. Go past them- they will not
attack- and enter sand people territory. Head south to the
settlement, and watch out for mines by stopping every now
and then to increase awareness. You might consider controlling
Bastila because she has the best awareness in your party.
You will eventually enter the settlement and be stopped by a
surprised warrior. For now, tell him you are not a threat. Tell
him you want peace. You will now speak to the chief. There are
two ways to handle this. If you seek blood, however, you will
not get dark points. 

EASY: Be polite to the chieftain. Ask for peace. Ask him what
he wants. It turns out he wants vaporators. Return to the
Czerka office and speak to the merchant (not the protocol officer).
He will sell them to you for a modest price. Bring them to the
chieftain and he will give you his Gaffi and a map of the dune sea.
Return the Gaffi to the Czerka officer.

HARD (but fun): Maybe it’s the fact that hearing the Sandpeople
talk hurts your ears. Maybe HK-47’s calls for bloodshed have you
wanting to turn him loose. Or perhaps you just don’t see the fun
of a peaceful solution: regardless of your reasons, its time to
fight. Tell off the Sand People Chieftain the first chance you
get, and prepare to fight. Be advised: this won’t be simple.
Actually, it will be simple. You just have to kill stuff.
But it won’t be easy. 

It’s possible to do this without adrenaline but it will be
much easier with it. Focus on the chieftain first. After
reequipping your armor, turn on force speed for yourself
and Bastila and flurry him to pieces. He’s very resistant
to force attacks, so don’t bother with them. Use medpacks
and repair kits frequently. When the chief is gone, split
your party up and have each person kill one of the other 4
bad guys. When you’re done, heal and loot. When you’re ready,
bust out from behind that wood slat door. It’s time to
slaughter a Sand People village, Anakin-style.
The scattered remainder of the local Sand People
population will not be so tricky as the chieftain.
As a special bonus, they each have gaffi sticks you
can sell to the Czerka corporation. Happy hunting.
When you clean up the Sand People village, free the
Jawas in one of the holding rooms there. When done,
exit to sand people territory. Here you’ll find more
uglies to kill. It won’t be hard, just watch out for
the mines. When you exit Sand People Territory, you’re
in for another big fight, however. You will probably have
to deal with about 12-15 of the ugly dudes. Medpack often
to keep everyone in the party’s health high and you should
be able to scrape a win out. Now return to the Czerka corp.
office. The Chief stick will fetch 500 credits, and you can
get about 2000 more for trading in a bunch of normal Gaffi sticks. 

When you return to the dune sea, be wary: You will be ambushed
by beefed up Sand People, specifically Holy and Elite Warriors.
Take them seriously; use knight speed, flurry, and status changing
force spells on them, and you should be fine.

Bastila level 10: stasis

Continuing onwards: Either way you chose to proceed earlier,
it’s time to move on. Get a good party together
(Bastila, Juhani, and yourself) and move to the eastern dune sea-
the entrance is close to sand people territory. Speak to Komad
Fortuna, who is standing in front of a cave in the northeast
part of the map. He will brief you on a plan to kill the Krayt
Dragon guarding the star map in the cave. You will need Bantha
Fodder. You probably have some already just from killing sand
people ambushes, but if you happen to need it, go to the Sand
People enclave and raid some wicker baskets. Then go to the Banthas,
which shouldn’t be too far away (don’t confuse them for dewbacks,
the lizardy creatures). Four elite sand people warriors will ambush
you. Use the usual anti-sand people tactics, detailed above,
to defeat them. Return to the cave and speak to Komad. When the
resulting cinematic is done, you will receive a Krayt Dargon Pearl.

DARK: Tell Komad you want a greater reward or else. You will, of
course, have to kill him for it. Now you have 2 pearls.

Enter the cave. Look the corpses as you go, and be sure to
peek into the tattered equipment sack near the Star Map.
Then open the Star Map for your obligatory quest completion EXP.
When you leave the fight, you’ll find out that Tatooine has
one more good fight left in it. 

It’s time for a rematch with Calo Nord. The final battle,
if you will. After exchanging pleasantries, hit the guy
with a thermal detonator, if you have one. It will knock
out up to half of his goons and do substantial damage to
the bounty hunter himself. Sick everybody on Calo. Don’t
bother with force attacks; just use the Speed/Flurry combo
which you should be developing. Clean up the little guys
when the main man is out cold. His corpse carries a hefty
reward of 2000 credits, plus some slick armor and a nice
blaster or two. With Calo out of the way, you’ve done all
you must do on Tatooine. Return to Anchorhead.

Unfinished Business: 
1)	Visit the Cantina and speak to Helena
        (make sure Bastila is in your party)
        Play it out however you wish; alignment
        is not at stake. Have Bastila make amends
        with her mother or turn her back on her.
        With this conversation done, you can go
        back to hitting on Bastila, if that’s your thing.
2)	Go to the swoop tack. If you won all three races,
        you can convince Nilo (the young racer) to sign
        the contract, or get Motta the Hutt to make the
        contract better with force persuasion.
3)	Talk to Iziz by the gate for your reward for
        freeing the Jawas. You can [persuade] him to
        give you more of a reward without gaining dark points. 
4)	If you opted to spare the Sand People via
        a peaceful solution, you may trade your
        krayt dragon pearl to the Chieftain
        in order to learn the history of their tribe.
        Basically, this is giving up nice lightsaber
        boost to get a heap of back-story. Your choice.
        Just don’t offend the Sand people by telling them
        their history is wrong.