Normal Story Mode Walkthrough by Mallys

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Normal Story Mode Walkthrough (GCN)
Timesplitters 2
by: Cayene of Doma

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Legal Jargon
IV. 1990- Siberia
V. 1932- Chicago
VI. 1895- Notre Dame
VII. 2280- Return to Planet X
VIII. 2019- Neo Tokyo
IX. 1853- Wild West
X. 1972- Atomsmasher
XI. 1920- Aztec Ruins
XII. 2315- Robot Factory
XIII. 2401- Space Station
XIV. Frequently Asked Questions
XV. Closing and Thanks

I. Introduction
This is probably my last FAQ for Timesplitters 2. I've basically covered
everything there is to cover now. There was an Easy Mode Walkthrough, and a
Hard Mode Walkthrough, and now there is a Normal Mode Walkthrough. Enjoy.

II. Version History
Version 1.0
-Siberia completed.
-Chicago completed.
-Notre Dame completed.
-Return to Planet X completed.
-Neo Tokyo completed.
-Wild West completed.

Version 1.1
-Added the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Verison 1.2
-Atomsmasher completed.

Version 1.3
-Aztec Ruins completed.

Version 2.0 Part II
-Changed my email address. Go GMail!
-Removed defunct sites from the allowed list.

III. Legal Jargon
Copyright 2002 Joel Barnett

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IV. 1990- Siberia
*Main Objectives*
-Deactivate the communications dish.
-Investigate the secret digging site.
 -Restore power.
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Destroy the bio-hazard container at the digging site.
-Access the top of the dam.
 -Eliminate the gunship.
 -Escape through the time portal.

*Secondary Objectives*
-Burn all evidence in the filing cabinets. (5)
 -Don't allow any mutants to survive. (5)

As the level begins, run forward and grab the Silenced Pistol and Sniper Rifle.
Arm the rifle, then zoom in on the guard standing on the second floor railing a
short distance in front of you. Take him out with a single headshot, then turn
to the camera to the right of him. Wait for it to turn toward you, then shoot
it right in the viewfinder to disable it with a single shot.

Slide along the left wall, and look between the two small buildings there. Wait
for the guard to come around the corner, and allow him to come at least halfway
between the buildings before eliminating him. Avoid shooting too early, or the
female guard will take notice. Slide left and get up against the fence. Take
aim at the female guard, eliminate her, and hope that the Capt didn't take

Go through the fence opening, turn left, and run along the fence under the
outer railing and stairs. Look between the stairs, and kill the captain when
his back is to you. Go back a bit, and look where the female soldier was. Shoot
that camera in the view finder, then go to the stairs. Run up the stairs and
into the door on your left. Throw the switch by the window, then head back out
and left.

As you go across the board, look up toward the dam, just beside the
communications dish. Look at that far window way up near the top far corner,
and take out the sniper taking shots at you. Run across the next board and drop
into the building through the hole in the roof. Grab the timed mines, open the
door, and go left. Go to that building's door, and look through the window. Use
the Silenced Pistol to eliminate him. Go out of the building, right, and over
to the small buuiling nearest the dam entrance. Grab the sniper rounds inside,
then head back to the econd floor railing. Throw a mine onto the communications
dish, then head into the dam.

Walk down the hallway and try activating the elevator. The power is off, and
now you have a new objective. Head up the next two sets of stairs. Crouch and
crawl under the gas jet so you don't lose any health. Go up another two sets of
stairs and peer around the corner. Take out Capt Snow, then slowly go up the
next set of stairs. Stay along the right side, then run to the corner. Take out
the camera with your pistol, and continue up the stairs. Take out the next
guard you see, then go up two more sets of stairs.

Head down the hall, up another couple of small sets of stairs until you reach a
door with a window on it. Look through the glass, and take out the guard
closest to you. Turn right and take out that guard as well. This will cause
four other guards to come investigate, so eliminate them as you see them. Go
through the door, and duck into the left passageway. Grab the Soviet S47, ammo,
and the body armor. Turn the valve, and head back out. Head down the hall,
grabbing ammo as you go, and drop into the two other passageways to get the
other two valves to shut off the steam jet barring the door. Head to the newly
available door.

Go through the door and down the stairs. When you see a '4' on the wall, go
slowly down the next stair set. Peer aroud the corner near the bottom, ad take
out the guard. If he sees you, another guard will help him. If the second
comes, shoot him, too, other wise, take him out on the next level down. Go down
past '3' until you reach a shelf. Grab the ammo and armor if you need it, then
continue down. Just past '2' will be the support guard if she wasn't alerted,
and on '1' is another trooper. Get by them, then work your way down to the
bottom floor.

Head down, and flip the switch to open the door. Stay to the left wall, and hit
the camera to the right. When you step into the open, turn 90 degrees left and
look toward the top corner of the dam. It's another sniper that needs to be
taken care of. Eliminate him and move on. Go up on the stairs just enough to
see toward the far end of the building. Take out the patrolling guard, then
turn around and go around that corner. Be wary of another patrol around there.
Go around that corner, and look for a third patrol behind the building. Don't
run out into the open just yet.

Look up at the corner of the building. Shoot the camera there so you don't get
swarmed by several guards. Go down to the corner just past the door. Peek
around and take out the camera there, then head inside. Go down to the
corner,then peer around. Look through the shelves to see the guard standing
near the alarm. Take him out, then shoot his buddy who makes a break for the
alarm. Grab the Anaconda Cart on the left shelf if you need it, then head down
the stairs.

Go past the double doors, and look around the corner. Kill the captain standing
in the far corner, then slowly follow the left wall until you see the camera in
the far corner. Take it out, then peek around the right corner, and shoot the
guard through the shelf. Grab the ammo, then head down the large set of stairs
you see.


Go down the second half of the stairs, and go slowly down until you can see a
guard on the far end over the wooden wall. Take him out, then head to the
bottom of the stairs, turn left and hit the Capt Snow if he's there. If not,
look around the corner to hit him. Also, be wary of the other two guards in
this room who will attack if they sense something's wrong. Go up on the metal
railings, and throw a mine onto each of the drone guns. Drop down, then head up
into the control room. Throw the switch near the window, then head into the now
open door.

Go into the first door on your right, and grab the armor and ammo if you need
it. Go back out and head into the second door. Go into the door on your left
once inside. Activate the red switch on your left, and shoot the guard in the
room. Throw the other two switches, then head through those doors. Head down
the hall into the large windowed room. Watch for the guard behind the charts
and take his ammo, and the Computer Disk. When the alarm goes off, arm your
Soviet, and use the crosshairs to hit the zombies in the head, killing them in
one shot. Once all four are dead, head back to the main digging corridor.

Head back up to the control room, and use the disk to reboot the systems. Head
back down to the bottom of the digging site. On your way down, use your Soviet
to take the zombies out with a single headshot or two each. Head to the bottom
and grab the Time Crystal. Once the zombies are gone, throw a few mines on the
container to destroy it. Yet another alarm starts going off. Run back upand get
into door 1 before you get shot at. You should hear some people fighting. When
you get the "Don't allow any mutants to survive." secondary objective, grab the
Flamethrower and head out into the large room. The zombie and mutant that took
out the special forces unit, should be attacking you now. Take each out with a
head shot, and keep moving.

Go to the corner just past the wooden wall. Approach the stairs, and back away
when you hear the mutant grunt. Wait for the flaming mutant to cone down the
stairs, then take a nice, easy head shot. Let him disappear, then head up the
stairs. At the top of the stairs, two special forces units and three or four
zombies are fihgting. Unless the zombies are close, aim for the special forces
first. Once their dead, head farther.

Watch the guy from around this corner, and don't get shot. Around the next
corner, another soldier jumps out, trying to catch you off guard. Show him
who's boss. Go up the next set of stairs for another mutant and two special
forces units. Watch out for the one armed with a Flamethrower, and don't get
set on fire. If you do, run down the stairs and into the double doors. Get
under the running water to extinguish yourself. Go past these guys and around
the corner to get back outside.

Once outside, turn right for a special forces unit and a mutant, then left for
a special forces unit and a zombie. After all four are ead, head back into the
dam. Head into the door, then wait for the zombies to come to you. After the
four of them are dead, get into the elevator, and press the up button. Keep
going up past level 5 to the top.

Man the first turret you see, and shoot the guard to your right, then the one
approaching from the left. Fire your missiles at the gunship, then let loose
with the machinegun. If your aim is even half-decent, you shouldn't have to use
another turret. Once the gunship is no more, run to the newly open time portal
and make your escape.

Reward: Character- Hybrid Mutant

V. 1932- Chicago
*Main Objectives*
-Drain the whisky barrels. (4)
-Rendezvous with your informant.
 -Protect Marco as he returns to his hideout.
-Obtain the Nightclub pass card.
-Eliminate Big Tony.
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Escape through the time portal.

*Secondary Objectives*
 -Prevent Tony's brother from escaping.
-Minimize civilian casualties. (5)

Immediately, turn right and get out onto the railing. Peer down and look for
the ammo box. Drop down to it, then get behind the guard on the left. Kill him
with a pistol shot to the head, then walk over and kill the guy walking beside
the ship. Go up the stairs, then arm your temporal uplink. Wait for the guard
to walk into the back recess, then run up behind him and take him out. Find the
small O'Leary's barrel, and shoot it close to the bottom. Turn around and head
up the stairs.

Stay to the right as you climb up. Look through the right side of the window.
Make sure the guard down on the right isn't there, then take out the guard on
the left. Go down the path, peek around the corner, and take out the guard
standing there. Wait for the third guard to walk toward the exit door, then run
down and shoot him from behind. Before you head outside, be sure to get the
whisky barrel in the corner.

Walk out, turn right, and go answer the ringing phone. It's for you. After you
talk with Marco, go across the street, and run down the right side. Shoot the
guard in the recess, and take his Tommy Gun. Look down the next street, and be
ready to shoot. As soon as the car nears, unload with your Tommy Gun. Try to
stay in front of the car so you don't get shot. Walk down toward O'Leary's and
go in the garage on the right. Grab the armor and ammo, and shoot the whisky

Conitnue down the street and go talk to Marco behind the newspaper stand. After
you talk, it's time to fight. Two goons come from where you came from, and
three come from the opposite direction, and another one is in the bar area. Now
head back out and go talk to Marco again.

You'll have goons from both sides as Marco makes his way along, taking his
sweet time. The enemies come in the following order. The first two are in
front, then one from behind. As you turn the corner, look up and left for a
sniper. There's also one in the highrise with Tony's safe in one of the upper
windows. Then another two guards come, one from each the front and back. Follow
Marco into his hideout, grab the TNT, then head into the building on your right.

Go up the stairs and right. Look for the far guard to approach the stairs on
the left, then peek around the corner and get the guard there. Then run over to
the other guy and kill him. A third guard should run down, right into your
waiting cross-hairs. While you're down there, shoot the last whisky barrel,
then head up the stairs. You should now be in a large stairwell.

Get onto the stairs, and look left on the next floor. Aim up and hit the guard
you see. Go up to the third floor. There is a guard at the bottom of this
floors stairs, so shoot him before he shoots you. Another guard will usually
run down, so shoot him, too. Go into this floor's room, and grab the body armor
at the foot of the bed. The next floor has a Vintage Rifle and some rifle ammo.
Kill Braces on your way up to the top floor. Go into this room, put the TNT on
the safe's door, and back off. Grab the member's card, then answer the phone.

Head back down a floor to the windows. In the right window, look down and right
for a sniper. Look straight across the street in a window for another. Look
below him on the ground for a third. Head back to the bottom floor, then back
into the sub-level. As you leave the building look for a guard on the right,
and another on the left, both coming from staircases on either side. Look down
the next street. Ignore the civilian to the left, but shoot the Tommy
Gun-toting guard on the right.

Slide down the left side of the street, looking down the right fork. As soon as
you see the sniper, shoot him. Wait for the guard carrying a Shotgun to stroll
across the fork and kill him. Go forward and look down the left fork. Take out
the sniper in the back window, then the guard with the Tommy Gun that goes to
investigate. Open the gates to the Sunrise Club and make your way in.


Shoot the two guards by the door, then head up the stairs and inside. Turn left
when you enter, and follow the path. Head down the stairs and open the door.
Shoot the guard on the right, then go forward, and get the one on the lower
level. Grab the body armor, and head on in. Walk on in and watch the left side.
When the guard jumps out, kill him. Go behind the window on your left for a
Tommy Gun x2. Keep heading on. Shoot the guy at the corner, then kill Braces in
the room with the large pillar.

Approach the grand hall unti you hear Big Tony yelling at you. Immediately back
away to the pillar room. As soon as he comes around the corner, let him have it
with both barrels. When he's finished, grab the Time Crystal and jump in the

Reward: Character- Big Tony

VI. 1895- Notre Dame
*Main Objectives*
-Rescue the maidens. (4)
 -Fight off the Portal Demon.
-Make your way to the roof to escape Notre Dame.
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Escape through the time portal.
-Eliminate Jacque de la Morte.

*Secondary Objectives*
 -Help the hunchback escape with the maiden.

Follow the path until you find the zombies. Use your scope to decapitate them
as you find them. Get the first one, then walk forward until the next two wake
up. Back up, and blast them both. Head past the sewer water, and into the first
path to your left. Go to the far end of this passageway. When the zombies get
up, hit the left one first so it doesn't spit at you, then take care of the
right one. Flip the switch, then head back and left.

Grab the Shotgun to your left, then kill the zombie that aproaches. Kill the
next zombie, then head into the pipe. When you get to the gate, hit the switch
on the left wall, then go up the stairs and get the armor. Shoot the new
zombie, then head through the arch. Shoot the zombie around the corner, then
head up the stairs. When you approach, a new zombie appears up the stairs.
Behead him and keep going. Go up the spiral staircase into the wine cellar.

Go forward until the boarded wall explodes, then run back close to where you
came in at. Shoot the zombies as they approach. Prioritize your targets, and
shoot the flaming zombies first, then the basic ones. Do not get set on fire.
There's no way to extinguish yourself. Head through the broken wall, where
you'll now see a maiden. As you approach, a zombie appears. Take it out without
harming the maiden. Free her, and watch for the zombie on your left. Run over
and get the armor, then fight off the two zombies that appear.

Run forward, and go all the way to the maiden in the back. Guard her from the
several zombies that appear, then free her. Head back to the two cells, and
shoot the lock off the one with the maiden. When you walk in, turn around for
the zombie, then free her. Ignore the Changeling, which looks like a maiden,
but she doesn't move. Head up the stairwell.


Look up the stairs and blast the zombie. Head up, through the path, and into
the cathedral. Head out, and get behind the pews. Shoot the closest Undead
Priest to your left, then get the right one before he can react. Run over and
blast the third, then turn around and get the one behind you. Grab the Time
Crystal, then head to the back of the hall. Run over to the armor, then arm
your Luger Pistol. Look down the hallway and shoot the Priest as he jumps
around the corner.

Head up the spiral staircase, and blast the zombie a little ways up. At the
top, shoot the Priest, then ring the bell. Run back down and to the maiden.
Begin blasting zombies with the help of the hunchback. Let him do most of the
work to conserve ammo. When you're done, head to the other side of the
cathedral and through the hallway.

Grab the armor and head up. Duck in the first recess for a Shotgun. Watch for
the zombie as you climb, then head through the room with the cross. Go through
the next hallway onto the balcony. Switch to the Luger Pistol x2, and look up
and left as you emerge. Unload your Lugers at the massive beast. If he fires
his homing blasts, duck behind a pillar. If you're fast, the zombies won't even
be a bother. Work your way over to the other door, and through the hallway to
the last body armor. Grab it and head outside.

Once outside, take your time as you move forward. Blast the Undead Priests as
soon as you see them. A Shotgun is preferable for the Priests. Blast the
Scourge Splitter and Priests when they appear, and keep pressing onward.
Another three Priests appear, then Jacque makes his entrance. Switch to your
Luger Pistol x2 and let him have it. If you're quick, he should only be able to
get a couple of shots in. Once he's dead, get into the time portal to make your

Reward: Character- Jacque de la Morte

VII. 2280- Return to Planet X
*Main Objectives*
 -Repel the beach attack.
-Locate the crashed UFO.
 -Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO.
 -Shoot the escaping UFO's. (15)
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Escape through the time portal.

Immediately turn left, grab the Scifi Handgun, and drop down into the hole.
Head through the tunnel and take a right at the fork. Watch the right wall,
then turn toward the opening. Shoot the alien that appears, and keep moving.
When you get into the open, turn right. Shoot the alien on ground level, then
look up and hit the one on the bridge. Head along the path until you see part
of the Homing Launcher on the ground. As you approach the corner, an alien
armed with a LaserGun will attack. Kill him, grab the part, and move on.

Turn the corner, and kill the alien up on the bridge. When you reach the
underside of the bridge, anothe alien comes running, so kill him, too. Go
around the next corner, and drop down in the hole. Grab the body armor, then go
out into the open and to the right. Follow the wall until you find homing
rockets and a new objective. Turn around and get up to the center turret. Watch
the large pillar in front of you, and alternate aiming at bothe sides. Shoot
the aliens as they appear, and don't worry oo much about taing damage, as the
turret will block most of the fire. Grab their ammo, then head through the now
open security gates.

Head on and turn the corner. As you approach the next corner, shoot the panicky
alien ,and grab the Plasma Autorifle and ammo to your right. Run to either side
of the circular roo, and get into the opening quickly. Don't bother staying to
shoot bugs. Shoot the next alien, then go the end of the tunnel. Grab the body
armor to your right if you need it and keep moving. Grab the wepaon part and
head toward the UFO.

run back toward the far wall, then follow the wall to the right. Stay away from
the UFO's turrets and blast the aliens as they appear. When the blue aliens
appear, let the fight with the red ones as they please, then just finish off
the survivors. Head over to the blue teleport by the UFO. Once inside, head up
the incline, and to the outer part of the UFO interior. Work your way around to
the left until you reach a hole, shooting aliens along the way that appear.
Jump down the hole.


Turn right and head down the path. Around a corner stands a lone alien. Take
him out as you will. When you approach the large open area, shoot the alien on
the high area, grab the armor, and head back. Continue on. Shoot the alien
around the corner, and the one that appears a little ways farther. Go up
through the tunnel until you see some homing rockets. Stay back and shoot the
few aliens you see. Go forward until the red aliens appear. After that, all
hell breaks loose.

Back up toward the tunnel, and let the aliens kill each other. Only bother with
the ones that come after you. After the majority are dead, follow the left
wall, and look up on the balcony for another alien. Go across the metal floor
toward the mounted camera, and go in the small tunnel on the right wall. Shoot
the alien on your way up, go across the bridge, shoot the second alien, then go
across another bridge. Shoot the two aliens here, grab the body armor, then get
into the tunnel just past the circular metal room on the left.

Go across the bridge and shoot the alien. Stay along the right wall, and go
into the tunnel on your right, where another alien awaits. Follow the path, and
go in the metal door. Head straight forward, and go past the circular room.
Take a right, and man the large gun. Just wait for UFO's to appear, and shoot
them down. Once the UFO's are toast, head out the door. When you see the vid
screen, get back in the gun. Look down and right, and shoot the two aliens. Now
exit the gun, take a left, and go to the circular room. Go down, turn left, and
go into the newly opened door.

Head down the ramp, and shoot the alien that waits for you. Follow the path
until you reach a catwalk like area. Shoot the two aliens here, and keep
moving. Go into the cross-shaped path and go forward until you see a UFO and
the ceiling open. Back up and hit the aliens one by one. This is a great place
to use that Homing Launcher you should have. Once those three are toast, take a
left and go in the teleporter. Shoot the splitter in front of you, and go
right. Go in the opening andd turn right. Grab the time crystal, then work your
way back to the central ring and escape through the time portal.

Reward: Character- Ozor Mox

VIII. 2019- Neo Tokyo
*Main Objectives*
-Follow the hacker to the research area.
 -Obtain the hacker's password.
-Gather evidence of TimeSplitter research. (2)
-Upload the evidence to the local police server.
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Deactivate the TimeSplitter machine.
 -Escape through the time portal.

*Secondary Objectives*
-Minimize civilian casualties.

Don't allow Krayola, police, or any cameras to spot you. Use your Temporal
Uplink to monitor the latter two.

From the start, drop off the right side, and strafe right onto the sidewalk. Go
forward across the street, and turn right. Head down the street and take a left
into the lerge opening. Punch out the glass and grab the guns and ammo, but
re-arm your Temporal Uplink. Go across the street, and head right, but make
sure you're not too fast, or Krayola will spot you. Go around the corner. Go
past the first camera on this street, then cross the street to avoid the
second. Continue down the right side until ou reach the third camera.

Wait for Krayola to pass you here, while you wait in the corner behind and to
the right of the last camera. Once she gets a little ways ahead of you, cross
the street, staying to the right side. When the camera at the far end of this
street swings left, run under it, then run down into the sewers. Run to the end
of the tunnel, but stay back from Krayola so she doesn't see you. Let her get
into the right tunnel, but stay back a bit. When she rounds the corner, use
your Uplink, and wait for her and the Barby Gimp to start down the hallway.
Then run around the fence and into the research area.

Once you pass the seurity gate, get into the first romm on your left. Use the
camera switch, and switch to the third, which shows a red/orange terminal. Get
the password, then allow her to walk away. Get out in the hall, and snipe Barby
Gimp from there. Then make your way down the hallway to the terminal.


Activate it, then run up the stairs to the door. When it opens, wait for the
patrolling Milkbaby, and shoot her before going any farther. Go into the far
door and shoot the guard there, as well as the one that attacks from the right

Go into the far door, and get the body armor and camera by the table. Open the
lockers and get the AstroLander cart and the SBP90 Machinegun. Go back down the
hall, and use about 10 rounds to disable the mounted turret. Turn around and go
into the right door. Go into the right door from there, and take a picture of
the bulletin board on the left wall. Go out of the room, and disable the other
mounted turret. Head back down to the two doors, and look into the farthest
window. Take a picture of the timesplitter, and head back to the locker room.

Activate the terminal, and wait out the alarm. Go back out and to the door on
your left, then take the right hallway to the far door. Go in the room, and run
toward the splitter, avoiding the lightning as you approach. Throw the power
switch on the right side and back away. Make your way back to the terminal
room, killing the three guards that attack as you go. Head down the stairs for
a guard, and through the hole in the wall for another. Another comes from the
camera room, and another around the fence.

Head around the fence and down the hall. Two more guards should file down the
ramp, so take them out, too. A third should walk down into the sewer area as
you near the exit. Edge along the left side and look up and right. You should
just be able to see a guard's head, making for an easy kill. Go up the ramp
slowly, and look to the right for a guard behind a blue box. Head forward, then
follow the street right. Make short work of Riot Officers and hackers as you
move along. When you get a reading on the crystal, look for Sadako. Kill her
and take the crystal.

Grab the crystal, and go back in the direction you came from. Head down the
street and left around the corner. Head to the end of this street, and take a
right. Follow the path, and kill a couple of Riot Officers for easy access to
the time portal.

Reward: Character- Sadako

IX. 1853- Wild West
*Main Objectives*
-Rescue Ramona from jail.
 -Put out the fire in the barn and rescue the girl.
-Eliminate the Colonel.
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Escape through the time portal.

*Secondary Objectives*
-Destroy the wanted posters to clear Ramona's name. (5)

Watch out for the first shooter to your right as soon as the level begins. Step
right, arm your Garret, and drop him. Stay to the left and peek around the
corner. Shoot the enemy in the distance. Turn right and head between the
buildings, then left up the stairs at the end. Look through the windows to the
left a bit and take out the guy on the building's corner. Leap to the ground
and go forward. Go around the corner towards the Sheriff's office.

Look to the left building as you advance. Look up to the corner for the enemy
standing there. Shoot him undetected. Continue forward and watch the Sheriff's
office entrance, and shoot the enemy that jumps out. Head into the Sheriff's
office and go to the wall. Turn right and go to the end, then open the chest to
your right for the Gun Powder. Head back out and left. Go into the alleyway on
your left and follow it.

When you approach the light, slow down. Crouch and strafe right to see the
sniper in the bell tower. Kill him, and step out into the open. Head left
through the arcg toward the wagon. Get behind it and push it toward the jail
window where Ramona is. Look for the U.S. flag in the corner with two crates on
the ground beneath it. Make a trail of gun powder from the crates to the wagon,
then destroy the crate. This should light the powder, then blow up the wagon,
freeing Ramona.

Head back thorugh the archway, and look into the door you originally emerged
from. When Ramona goes around the inside corner, follow behind and shoot the
three new gunmen that have appeared. Turn right, then head down the street to
the now open door. Peek around the corner of the building to your right after
you pass through the tunnel.

There is one enemy around the corner of the second building to the left.
There's another on the second floor of the building at the end of the street.
There's a third behind the corner of the building past the barn. After he's
gone, turn left anmd hit the new enemy that has made himself visible. Head
forward until you hear the woman screaming. Aim up past her to the barrels on
the ceiling, and take a shot at each. One enemy runs out of the barn while
you're shooting, so kill him first.

Across the road from the barn before the building is an alley. Go inside for
some armor. Look at the first window of the General Store as you pass. After
he's dead, back up so that you can see the guy in the second floor of Old El
Jays through the first window. Take the easy shot, and continue down the road.
Watch the far window of the bank for a shooter, but be wary of the other enemy
that comes around the right corner as you pass approach. Ease around the corner
at Old El Jay's to hit the sniper on top of the stable, and move on.


As you head into the left path, watch for the Garret Revolver x2-wielding enemy
that jumps from the corner. Take him out, as well as his late backup. As you
begin to go between the uildings, look right. In the first window is a shooter,
as well as another around the small extension on the building. Look around the
corner of the left building for another gunman trying to surprise you, and take
him out, too. Head into the mine tunnel.

Grab the armor in the second niche, and ignore the minecart for now. As you
near the opening, two shooters will attack, then a third as well as you get
farther, all of which shouldn't pose too much of a threat. Run out and left,
chasing the Colonel into the building. Don't bother shooting yet. When you come
around the corner, and his health is displayed, let him have it with the double
Garrets you should have gotten. Get into the building for some cover.

Once he's dead, run into the building and throw the rail-change switch. Four
enemies should attack you about now. Kill them, then make a run back to the
minecart from earlier. Three more should attack as you run back, as well as
another two that will come from under the building. Once you reach the cart,
get behind it and give it a good push. This should push some of the enemies

Follow the track outside. Run across the bridge, being careful not to fall. Run
into the new shaft and get the Time Crystal. Run past the Reapers, back out
onto the bridge. Run until you're over the time portal, then jump off and
finish the level.

Reward: Character- The Colonel

X. 1972- Atomsmasher
*Main Objectives*
-Activate the reactor.
-Defuse the bombs. (5)
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
-Eliminate Khallos.

*Secondary Objectives*
-Minimize scientist casualties. (3)

From the start, run over to the door, avoiding the laser. Run over to the door
switch, grabbing the Temporal Uplink as you do. while the door's opening, go
back to the control panel. Activate the switch, and shut off the three cameras.
Run out the door and around the corner. If you're quick you can catch up to the
guard while his back is to you. Knock him out and take his gun. Then take a
head shot on the other guard in the room. Go over to the scientist, have him
defuse the bomb, and head back to the fork in the road.

If you missed a shot, the guard will be attacking, so take him out. If he
hasn't attacked, just eliminate him with a head shot. Open up the door. Go in
and strafe left. Shoot the guard past the boxes, then go past where he was and
around the corner. Go forward and stay left until you reach a stack of boxes
with two guards just beyond. Peek around the edge and take out the one on the
left, then the one on your right. As you go farther down, another Henchman and
a Dark Henchman will round the corner, so don't be caught off guard. Head
through the heavy door, and through the shutter.

Go into the room, and immediately left. Look down the hall and take out all of
the guards before they kill the scientist. When they're all dead, he'll defuse
the second bomb. Use your Temporal Uplink to see where the autogun at the end
of the hall is facing. When it looks left run up to it, then run right by it
without being seen. As you approach, two Henchmen leap from around the corner,
so use the boxes for cover if you need to. When you pass the gun, look up and
left for a sniper. Turn the valve handle, and grab the remote mines under the
stairs. Head up the stairs.


Halfway up the stairs, another Henchman attacks. Take him out and keep moving.
Watch out for the Dark Henchman at the top of the stairs. Grab their rifles and
the fire extinguisher from the wall. Use the extinguisher to put out the large
fire atop the stairs. As the door opens, look on top of the crate for a sniper.
Walk forward, and point at the crate. When the door falls off, shoot the Dark
Henchman before he can react. Grab the armor in the crate and start heading
down the hall. A Henchman starts to run at you, but watch for the crate on your
left that houses a guard. There's also a Dark Henchman around on the backside
of the crate.

As you continue, another two Henchman appear, so eliminate them. Watchfor the
sniper and guard around the next corner, and switch over to your Soviet. Shoot
the Henchman and Dark Henchman, then the next Henchman from around the crate.
As you get just beyond the crate, two more Henchman appear. Switch to your
Sniper Rifle and aim at the autogun. Shoot a single bullet at the small square
extension on top of it. That will effectively disable it. Head into the door on
your right.

Inside, turn the valve handle and get a fire extinguisher refill if you need
it. When you exit the room, put a remote mine on the side of the crate on your
left on the near side. Walk toward the next door, keeping your eye on the
crate. When it opens, detonate the mine, then take care of the Henchman from
around the crate with the mounted gun. Activate the terminal. Using the Primary
fire button to activate the magnet, and the Left and Right Strafe (The ones you
use while in aiming mode) follow along the bomb and lift it up. Then move it to
the far right, and drop it in the bin. Head out and go left around the crate.

Fire a grenade at the autogun, or use your Sniper Rifle to disable it. As you
pass it, watch for the sniper on the top of the next crate. There's a Henchman
right behind the fire extinguisher on the left, and another runs from between
the crates. Head down between the crates. Put a mine on the side of each crate
near the end farthest from where you approached from. Walk past them, keeping
an eye on the crates. When the crates open, blast them. Head down toward the

Put out the fires to open the door. As you enter, look up and left for a
sniper. Once inside, turn left for another sniper. Head down the left hallway.
Turn the cdorner and head down toward the crate. Duck to the right, then look
around the crate up at the railing. Shot the guard, then go under where he was.
Sta along the wall, and ducj in the first crate for armor. Around the side of
the crate across from the armor, a Dark Henchman and a Henchman are patrolling,
and a Henchman is patrolling between the other crate and the large shutter, so
kill them both. Talk to one of the two scientists in the last crate and have
one defuse the bomb. Open the large shutter and continue.

Head into the new room, turn left, then head right around the corner. Kill the
guard on the ground level, then snipe the Dark Henchman on the railing. Go down
the hall, turn right, and go up the ramp. Shoot the guard n the back, and keep
moving along. As you approach the top, you'll see the last bomb. Just beyond
that is the scientist, so have him defuse the bomb. Throw the switch he was
standing by, and take a breather.

Head through the now open door. Look across the pipes, and snipe the two guards
minding their own business. Hop onto the small left pipe and walk across.
You'll have to wait for steam to die down before passing, so be patient as you
cross. Once acorss, shoot the red panel next to the door, then head in. Turn
right around the corner and disable the autogun at the end of the hall. Turn
right into the control room and throw the switch on the panel near the window.
Head out the left door, grab the armor and ammo, and drop down.

Head straight forward back through the large shutter, and turn right. When you
near the corner, three Dark Henchman come around it to confront you, so kill
them. Grab the armor if you need it, and head into the reactor room. Ignore the
splitters in this room for now. Immediately run to the left switch and throw
it. Then turn around and run to the center switch. Then run over to the final

Khallos's accuracy isn't exactly great, so don't worry too much until he gets
closer. Once all three switches have been thrown, center Khallos on your
screen, and let him have it with your Soviet. Grab the Time Crystal, and use
your Soviet x2 to clear splitters out of the way as you head to the time portal.

Reward: Character- Khallos

XI. 1920- Aztec Ruins
*Main Objectives*
-Find the lost temple.
 -Defeat the golems. (7)
-Retrieve the Time Crystal.
 -Escape through the time portal.

From the beginning, follow the monkey up into the cave. Head around the corner
until you are about to get out into the open again. Turn left and slide to the
right until you see a perched monkey. Kill it. Turn the corner and scare away
the group of monkeys. Turn left, then follow the cave until you reach a brick
wall. Go around the left corner, then turn right. Kill the native that appears
directly in front of you, grab his Crossbow, then go around the corner and
right. Go past the beehive and then right to the torch.

Push against the fire pit to light your arrows on fire. They'll stay like this
until you reload. Backtrack a bit, burn the beehive, then reload and relight
your arrows. Go past the other side of the hive down into the depression. Turn
right and torch the Wood Golem with your arrows. Around the corner past is a
native, so don't get caught off guard. Go forward and right throug hthe tunnel
for another native. Make sure you have flaming arrows before advancing. You can
use the torch on the wall where the last native was if you want. Before running
out into the clearing, peek to the right and torch the beehive.

Run out into the opening. Look for the Wood Golem from the left. Go to the far
side, and take a left onto the path. Kill the native there, then go to the far
end and hang a right up the stairs. Go straight down the path, then left. At
the bottom of the hill, turn left around the next two corners. Slide out
between the rows of pillars and shott the approaching native. Be sure to watch
your back, as a native will attempt to suprise you.

Ignore the monkeys atop the pillars for now. Go back, light your arrows, then
run through the pillars and torch the beehive. Grab the armor under the far
ramp, then turn around and go up the stairs. Look through the window and pick
off the monkeys with your pistol. Go back into the pillar room. While moving
the pillars, be wary of any sneaky natives that may arrive. The pillar puzzle
works  like this (The numbers indicate how many times to rotate each pillar):

_  1  1 |
 |      |
 | 3  3 |
 |      |
 | 1  2 |
 +--+ +-+
    | |

Now that that's over with, head through the now open path. You'll be attacked
by a few natves after opening the door, so don't get caught unaware. Head down
through the tunnel until you get to the bridge. Head across, follow the tunnel,
and throw the switch. Pick off that melon-throwing monkey and head back around
to the bridge. When you near the other side, two natives will attack. Kill
them, then turn right at the fork. At the corner, kill the native, then kill
the one around the corner. Take the first right, then turn immediately right
and kill the native, then the one behind him. Go forward, then hang a right and
go down the tunnel. Kill the native when you near the fork. Turn right, and
drop into the hole.


Head forward through the tunnel. Try and snipe out the monkeys along the edges
of the path without getting blasted by a melon. Head towards the temple. When
you get close to the door stop. Wait for the two natives to run out, and kill
them. Go in, take either turn, and go around the corner until you're looking at
stairs on one side. Wait for the native to run out before advancing. Pick off
the two natives at the bottom of the stairs. then stroll down. You should see
the time crystal going down somewhere. For now, turn around and go behind the
staircase. There's a small opening under the stairs. Throw the switch, then
head back to the altar.

Grab the armor to the right, then slowly head down the stairs. A High Priest
attacks as you approach corner two. A native awaits past corner five. When you
get to the bottom, watch out for the monkeys with melons. Try to keep moving to
avoid being killed. There are two  ways to take out the golems in this room.
Either use the switches and trap doors to kill them, or hope the monkeys are
inaccurate enough often enough to kill them. The former method is preferred.
Thw switches are the brighter panels, and the trap doors are the wooden panels.
Avoid falling in, or all your hard work will be for naught.

There are two golems in the first large room. From where you entered, head
right after the first two are gone. You can either go through the debris strewn
path to the right, or the small hallway against the wall. On the other side are
two more golems and more monkeys. Once the golems are gone, head to the far end
of the second side, and take a right into the small hallway. Head right and
down a bit for some armor. Go back out, turn right, and go into the hallway,
following the path to the right.

Go left around the corner and proceed slowly. Watch the walls as you advance
for spearheads. When you approach, stop. When the spears are being pulled back
in, run by safely. There's a set at the end of the first straight path, one set
at the corner, and another set shortly after the corner. Head down until you
get to the bridge. Now for some fun.

Look around and locate the small heads on the wall. When you hear a grinding
noise start looking around. When you find a head that is moving, shoot it with
the Vintage Rifle or your Crossbow. If you don't see it, keep moving around so
you don't get shot. The current head will have red eyes. When you've hit all
seven, the path will open. Turn around and kill the native behind you, then the
High Priest down the path. Follow the path until you reach a long stairwell
looking area. Peek in and left to kill the High Priest. Run in, turn right, and
sprint down the stairs, shooting the two natives as you go. Don't waste time,
or you'll be crushed under the boulder behind you. Head down the stairs, around
the large block and through the door.

Time to get the crystal and the last three golems. Run to the crystal, grab it,
then run backwards away from the golems. When you have a chance run around
behind them. Go to the left for a grenade launcher, and right for some ammo.
Use your new toy to blast the lastt hree golems. As soon as they've been dealt
with, run to the time portal and finish the level.

Reward: Character- Stone Golem

XII. 2315- Robot Factory (Coming Soon!)
*Main Objectives*

XIII. 2401- Space Station (Coming Soon!)
*Main Objectives*

XIV. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the Temporal Uplink games? Where are they? How do I play
A: They're just nifty little diversions that you can waste time with.
   Anaconda is in Siberia on Easy mode, inside the dam on the bottom
   row of a shelf. Astrolander is in one of the lockers inside the
   hacker center in Neo Tokyo on normal. Retro Racer is in the final
   large room in Robot Factory on Hard, under one of the ramps on the
   side nearest to the Machinist's room. When you have at least one,
   arm the Temporal Uplink, then press Reload.

Q: Hard is too hard! It's Impossible!
A: No it isn't. I know it's hard, but it's still beatable. crate3333's
   walkthrough at GameFAQs is quite excellent.

Q: I don't understand the story. What's happening? Why does Cortez
   change forms?
A: Cortez nad Hart are saving the past, present, and future from the
   timesplitters. They have to travel through various eras to retrieve
   the pieces of the Time Crystal. Why he changes forms? I dunno.
   Perhaps to blend in.

XV. Closing and Thanks
Thanks go to the sites hosting this that have permission to. If you'd like to
contact me with input, suggestions, or fan-mail, drop me a line at
mallys[at]gmail[dot]com. The guide will be finished in the next week or so, so
until then, be patient.