Arcade Awards FAQ by TS2Master

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  TimeSplitters 2 Arcade Awards FAQ (GCN)
 Written by GCN Duster, TS2Master and Vaul
 4/17/2003 3:22:45PM - 6/4/2003 6:40:11AM

---i. Introduction
--ii. Version Updates
-iii. Award Checklist
--iv. Award Guide
---v. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
--vi. Closing
-vii. Credits and Thanks
viii. Contact

================================i. Introduction===============================

    We had been waiting for someone to write an FAQ about the Arcade Awards 
for ages. In the end we got bored of waiting and wrote one ourselves. 
    This FAQ has a list of all the confirmed awards (57), and how to get them.
It has been written with the help of many people from the GameFAQs 
TimeSplitters 2 Message board, especially those who have posted strategies on 
the famous "Multiplayer" topic started by DarkDeity82 back some
time in 2002. Our very own GCN Duster continued this topic but as the majority
of the awards were found, and more top-class games were released, the topic 
started to die. But not for long! Now we are back and playing TimeSplitters 2 
as much as ever, so we have decided to write this: The First Ever Arcade Award
FAQ! Woo hoo!

==================================ii. Updates=================================

  Version 1.
     -Contents written
     -Introduction written
     -Updates written
     -Award Checklist written
     -Award Guide written
     -Legal Mumbo Jumbo written
     -Closing written
     -Credits and Thanks written
     -Contacts written

==============================iii. Award Checklist============================

    Here is the list of all the confirmed awards in the order they appear on 
the Arcade Awards screen:

 1. Most Lethal.................[ ]
 2. Most Losses.................[ ]
 3. Lemming Award...............[ ]
 4. Most Professional...........[ ]
 5. Multi Kill..................[ ]
 6. Longest Spree...............[ ]
 7. Most Effective..............[ ]
 8. Pathetic Shot...............[ ]
 9. Maniac......................[ ]
 10.Brain Surgeon...............[ ]
 11.Fists of Fury...............[ ]
 12.Glass Jaw...................[ ]
 13.Decapitator.................[ ]
 14.Fists of steel..............[ ]
 15.Betrayer....................[ ]
 16.Vandal......................[ ]
 17.Hypochondriac...............[ ]
 18.AC -10 Award................[ ]
 19.Where's the Health?.........[ ]
 20.Where's the Armor?*.........[ ]
 21.Hoarder.....................[ ]
 22.Sloth.......................[ ]
 23.Most Frantic................[ ]
 24.Backpeddler.................[ ]
 25.Sidestepper.................[ ]
 26.Ledgehopper.................[ ]
 27.Most Sneaky.................[ ]
 28.Most Cowardly...............[ ]
 29.Dodger......................[ ]
 30.Most Outgunned..............[ ]
 31.Best Equipped...............[ ]
 32.Weapons Expert..............[ ]
 33.Porter......................[ ]
 34.Bag Man.....................[ ]
 35.Most Useless................[ ]
 36.Ricochet King...............[ ]
 37.Underequipped...............[ ]
 38.Victim......................[ ]
 39.Bully.......................[ ]
 40.Most Peaceful...............[ ]
 41.Most Dishonorable*..........[ ]
 42.Most Manic..................[ ]
 43.Cartographer?...............[ ]
 44.Shortest Innings............[ ]
 45.Longest Innings.............[ ]
 46.Survivor....................[ ]
 47.Marksmanship................[ ]
 48.Sniper......................[ ]
 49.Most Flammable..............[ ]
 50.Persistence Award...........[ ]
 51.Traveller Award.............[ ]
 52.Trigger Happy Award.........[ ]
 53.Insomniac Award.............[ ]
 54.Beheader Award..............[ ]
 55.Smasher Award...............[ ]
 56.Brutality Award.............[ ]
 57.Golden Oldie Award..........[ ]

    *These are spelt differently depending on the format you have. In the PAL 
version they are spelt "dishonourable" and "armour" whereas the NTSC version 
spells them "dishonorable" and "armor". 

================================iv. Award Guide===============================

This is the strategies section, and more likely than not, if you are here, 
then it is because you are trying to get a cerain award. First of all, we 
should let you know that the strategies for getting the awards, will not 
guarantee you the award you are attempting to get, every time. However, they 
are intended to be as close to perfect strategies as we could create for 
acquiring each of the awards. Basically what we are sayin is that don't expect
to get every award, first time of trying. Give the strategy a few trys before 
saying that it is not very good.

--1.Most Lethal--
-Difficulty to gain: **2
-Description: Having the most kills in a deathmatch.
-Strategy: Play a match by yourself against as many 1-star bots as you want. 
Have it set to 100 kills. You can choose any weapons. If you finish in first, 
you should be granted the award.

--2.Most Losses-- 
-Difficulty to gain: **2
-Description: Having the most deaths in a deathmatch.
-Strategy: Just the opposite of Most lethal. Play a match against ten 5-star 
bots and set the kill limit to 100. Again, you can choose whatever weapons you
want. As long as you come in second, you should receive the award.

--3.Lemming Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain: ****4
-Description: Committed suicide often.
-Strategy: Play a 5 minute deathmatch against one 1-star bot, and set all the 
weapons to Rocket Launchers. Make sure you have "Always start with gun" set to
'on'. When you spawn, run up to the wall and shoot it, making sure that you 
kill yourself. Repeat this method until the end of the match.

--4.Most Professional-- 
-Difficulty to gain: *****5
-Strategy: Start a Deathmatch against a single 1 star bot, with 5 different
weapon types avalible (example: Luger, Shotgun, Crossbow, Soviet, Minigun)
and a kill limit of 10.  Then find one of the weapons, and kill the bot with
it twice.  Repeat with the other 5 weapons (make sure you use them all) to
get the award.  Note: You can also use the method to get Weapons Expert.

--5.Multi Kill-- 
-Difficulty to gain: ****4
-Description: Killed multiple people at once. 
-Strategy: For this award, it's best to set all weapons to Remote Mines, and 
then start an Arcade Deathmatch, on one of the levels that has a lot of 
confined spaces, such as the Hospital or Nightclub.

Have as many bots on as you can (10), and try to find a room in the level that
only has one entrance (such as the balcony in Hospital). Lay some Mines on the
only enterance, and wait. Because there are so many bots, and only one door, 
they should enter in groups. When the bots come in, detonate the Mines. 

Try to take out as many of them as you can each time, and if you repeat this 
for the duration of a 5 minute game, the award should be yours.

--6.Longest Spree-- 
-Difficulty to gain: *****5
-Description: Killing a large amount of people in a short period of time.
-Strategy: Play a Capture the Bag match on Training Ground with a 5 minute 
time limit. Select ten 1-star Dinosaurs for the bots, and again, use Remote 
Mines. Make your way through the level and you should meet them somewhere by 
the waterfall. Run along side of the Dinosaurs, and throw Mines on a few of 
them as you pass. For the rest of the match, keep running around killing the 
Dinosaurs until the game is over.

--7.Most Effective-- 
-Difficulty to gain: *******7
-Description: Having the most kills with very high accuracy.
-Strategy: Start a four player deathmatch, using only weapons that fire a 
single shot at a time (e.g. Lugers or Garrett Revolvers), and set the kills 
to 20. Now, just find one of the other "players", and use the aim function to 
kill them, making sure you don't miss at all. Repeat. If you win 20, 0, 0, 0, 
and didn't miss a single shot, you should get Most Effective.

--8.Pathetic Shot-- 
-Difficulty to gain: *1
-Description: Having bad accuracy, and making crazy shots not near anyone.
-Strategy: Set the weapons to SBP90 x2 for all the weapon slots, and play 
an Arcade Deathmatch against one bot for a 2 minute match. Just keep on firing
and never stop, you can kill your opponent if you want, but I would suggest 
only doing this a few times. In general, you just need to have very bad 
accuracy during the game.

-Difficulty to gain: ****4
-Description: Making awkward moves and crazy actions.
-Strategy: Play a timed match with whatever settings you want, but have no 
bots playing. I would suggest using Hangar because it has the large open 
hangar area. Just run around and never stop. Make quick turns and moves every 
so often. Doing this should get you the award.

--10.Brain Surgeon-- 
-Difficulty to gain: ***3
-Description: Killed people by headshots in a deathmatch.
-Strategy: Play an Arcade Deathmatch with a 10 kill limit, against one other 
human player. Use a pistol and aim right for his head and shoot. Do not hit 
any other part of their body.

--11.Fists of Fury-- 
-Difficulty to gain: ****4
-Description: Punch for a large proportion of the match.
-Strategy: Simply punching a lot will get you this award, however, it can be
very random. You can punch for an entire 10 minute match and not get it, or 
you can throw a single punch and get the award (I have before). Either way, 
it should be no problem.

--12.Glass Jaw-- 
-Difficulty to gain: *****5
-Description: Get punched in the face the most.
-Strategy: On a Team Deathmatch, play as R109 against ten, 1 star Monkeys. 
Have no weapons on and let them kill you. At some point, punch a few of them, 
and then go back to being killed. This will stop you from getting Most 
Peaceful. When you die, run to find them and stop in an open area nearby so 
they can surround you. 

-Difficulty to gain: *****5
-Description: Knock off lots of zombie heads.
-Strategy: Play against lots of zombies and aim for the head every time. My 
favorite way to get it is on hangar with 10 Sewer Zombies, and Silenced 
Pistols x 2. I turn on the aim mode and go head hunting.

--14.Fists of steel-- 
-Difficulty to gain: ********8
-Description: Knock off lots of zombie heads as a robot.
-Strategy: Use this setup then follow the advice in the strategy below it.

 Arcade Pace: Chilled 
 Game Mode: Deathmatch
 Level: Ice Station
 Score limit: 10 points
 Score method: Kills
 One shot kill: No
 Time limit: None
 Always start with gun: No
 Display Radar: Yes
 Handicaps: Yes
 Character abilities: No
 Powerups: Yes
 Music: Recommended
 Weapon Set: Custom
  1. No Weapon Selected
  2. No Weapon Selected
  3. No Weapon Selected
  4. No Weapon Selected
  5. No Weapon Selected
 Bot Set: Custom
  1. Sewer Zombie *1
  2. No Character Selected
  3. No Character Selected
  4. No Character Selected
  5. No Character Selected
  6. No Character Selected
  7. No Character Selected
  8. No Character Selected
  9. No Character Selected
  10.No Character Selected
 Your Character: R109
 Your handicap: +10 Rookie

The strategy during the match is to punch off the Sewer Zombie's head every 
time you kill it. It should take two hits to die and you should win 10-0.

-Difficulty to gain: ***3
-Description: Killed, or attempted to kill a teammate.
-Strategy: Play an Assault and with 9 bots on your team and one on the other 
team. Play normally but shoot your teammates and steal their weapons. I do 
this all the time if I want their weapon. Assault works well because they all 
start in the same place.

-Difficulty to gain: ******6
-Description: Break a lot of breakable objects in a level.
-Strategy: Choose a level with a lot of breakble objects (windows, pots, etc)
such as Ice Station, or Streets, and start a game with you, and a single 
1-star bot, and a 10 minute time limit. When the game starts, ignore the bot, 
and start breaking glass, and any other destructurble objects that
you can. At the end of the game, win or lose, you should have Vandal.

-Difficulty to gain: ****4
-Description: Collected health when you already had full health. 
-Strategy: Keep running over health pickups when you have full health. If you 
do lose health, go and get some health. It is not too difficult to acquire 
this award.

--18.AC -10 Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain: ****4
-Description: Collected armor when you already had full armor.
-Strategy: During any match, collect lots of armor all the way throughout the 
game. If you have full armor already, run over the pickup as though you are 
picking it up.

--19.Where's the Health?-- 
-Difficulty to gain: *********9
-Description: Run over the places where the health should be.
-Strategy: When someone else has taken the health on a level, run over the 
place where it would normally be. One way of doing this, is to start a two 
player game and slightly injure both players, so they could pick up some 
health. Run the second player over the health, then make your player follow. 
The player two should take the health and your player will not get any. 
Repeat this for the whole match and with a bit of luck you should get the 

--20.Where's the Armor?--
-Difficulty to gain: ********8
-Description: Run over the places where the armor should be.
-Strategy: Use the same strategy as was explained for "Where's the Health?", 
but run over the places where the armor should be, instead of where the health
should be.

-Difficulty to gain: *1
-Description: Picked up lots of guns and ammo, and didn't use them.
-Strategy: Play any match and make sure you pick up as many weapons, armor, 
health and powerups as you can. 

-Difficulty to gain: **2
-Description: Moving very slowly or not at all.
-Strategy: You can get this award by starting an Arcade Deathmatch, and then 
walking away from your console, and doing nothing. All it requires you to do 
is stand still, for the duration of a game. Allow yourself to be shot, and 
then remain rooted to the spot you respawn in. Easy.

--23.Most Frantic-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4 
-Description: Running at full speed for almost all of the match.
-Strategy: You will get this award a lot, whilst trying to get Ledgehopper, 
as you do pretty much the same thing. Just run around a level of you choice
jumping from ledges, running backwards, shooting on the move, etc. Don't
stop for the entire match, and you should get the award.

-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Walked backwards a lot.
-Strategy: As the name suggest, you can get this award simply by walking 
backwards. As everyone does this anyway, during the course of the average 
game, it's very likely that you will get this award without trying, but if you
do have to, a nice open level, like the Training Ground or Ice Station gives 
you plenty of room to walk backwards.

-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Strafed a lot. 
-Strategy: As for Backpeddler, you simply need to walk or 'strafe' to the 
side, during a game. Try to do so whilst also moving forwards, and not whilst 
standing still.

-Difficulty to gain:********8
-Description: Jump off ledges in chasm a lot.
-Strategy: Keep trying with this one, as it seems very random. Your best bet 
is a 10 minute Deathmatch, on the Chasm level; as the name of the award 
suggests, the idea is to find one of the many ledges in the Chasm, and throw 
yourself off them. From the higher ledge, you can jump down to the ledge 
below, and then throw yourself into the black depths, which seems to help.

--27.Most Sneaky-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Use a wall as cover whilst attacking someone.
-Strategy: Hide round corners and when someone is coming, leave the cover of 
come out from the safety of the corner and shoot them, quickly returning to 
you hiding place. This is easiest done with the Sniper Rifle. When zoomed in 
and looking down a corridor, strafe behind a piece of wall to use as cover 
whilst you reload. 

--28.Most Cowardly-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Run from people after they shoot you.
-Strategy: When you shoot at bots or human players, I'm sure you will have 
noticed that they shoot back at you. Well, shoot at someone as you would 
normally, but rather than continuing to fight them after the first few shots, 
run away like the little girl that you are. Hopefully, by doing this, you 
should recieve the award.  

-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Crouched to avoid bullets.
-Strategy: Easy to get on the Ice Station. Start a Deathmatch, and make your 
way to the large, flat metal structure, with several power-ups on it.  From 
here, go to the center of the structure, and duck.  Bots will now be able to 
see you from a long way away, and will start taking pot shots. Move left and 
right, dodging these shots as the bots close in. The majority of the shots 
will miss and you should end up with Dodger.

--30.Most Outgunned--
-Difficulty to gain:******6
-Description: When attacking an opponent, your weapon was inferior.
-Strategy: Play a match with "Weapon Change" turned to never. Fight with your 
fists only. It is easier to obtain this award with pistols as the weapons, so 
that you won't get killed as quickly.

--31.Best Equipped-- 
-Difficulty to gain:*******7
-Description: Always have the best weapons.
-Strategy: To get this award, you should always have several weapons avalible 
to you, and should avoid running out of ammo, and therefore, losing a weapon. 
Collect at least one of every weapon avalible and keep them. It's eaiser to 
get in a multiplayer game, where one player can purposely collect few weapons,
which seems to make the award a safer bet.

--32.Weapons Expert-- 
-Difficulty to gain:*******7
-Description: Killed a person with each of the 5 weapons available.
-Strategy: Start a Deathmatch against a single 1 star bot, with 5 different
weapon types avalible (Luger, Shotgun, Crossbow, Soviet, Minigun) and a kill 
limit of 10. Then find one of the weapons, and kill the bot with it twice. 
Repeat with the other 5 weapons (make sure you use them all) to get the award.
Note: You can also use the method to get Most Professional.

-Difficulty to gain:*******7
-Description: Secured the bag in CTB the most.
-Strategy: Play a 5 minute Capture The Bag game against one 1-star bot on 
Training Ground. Set all the weapons as Remote Mines and turn Always Start 
With Gun, to Yes. When the game starts plant one Remote Mine on the small 
raised thing that your bag is sat on. Then, go up the ramp to the grid like 
floor overlooking your bag. Stand in the corner so you can see down the 
corridor that leads to the front of your building. Now wait, and as soon as 
the bot picks up your bag, detonate the Remote Mine. Secure the bag, plant 
another Remote mine, and repeat. 

--34.Bag Man-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Held the bag the longest in CTB.
-Strategy: Set up a Capture the Bag game, against 1-Star bots, collect the
bag, but don't score, and try not to get shot or lose the bag. Keep it, and
stay alive for the duration of the game, and you should get the award.

--35.Most Useless--
-Difficulty to gain:*********9
-Description: Do very little to contribute to a game.
-Strategy: Very tricky to get regulary.  The best bet is to start a capture
the bag game, on the Ice Station, with you and a single bot on one team, and 
a single bot on the other. When the game starts, run into one of the side 
buildings, crouch down, facing the wall, and wait for one team to win.

By doing nothing, shooting nothing, seeing nothing and not scoring, you
have a good chance to get this award. "Good chance" meaning not much of a 

--36.Ricochet King-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Kill someone by bouncing a bullet off a wall.
-Strategy: Normal bullets do bounce off walls sometimes, but the easiest way 
to get this is to use a Scifi Handgun on a level like Nightclub, where it is 
very confined.

-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Used only the weakest weapons.
-Strategy: Play a Deathmatch on any level, set the kills to 20, and have 
everyone start with a gun. Set the weapons to all fire extinguishers, and when
the match starts, switch to fists and kill everyone. As long as you don't do 
things that would get you other awards, like Most Frantic or any other awards 
that would replace it, then you should get Underequipped almost every time.

-Difficulty to gain:*******7
-Description: Be killed by the same person over and over.
-Strategy: This tricky award is easiest to get during a game of Capture the 
Bag, with the following setup (Note: This strategy requires 2 control pads).

Firstly, you want a team comprising of a bot (any star rating) and a character
of your choice, who you will control with the second control pad; the second 
team will be a character of your choice, on the first control pad (this 
character is the 'victim'). Set the game at the Ice Station, and first to 10 
points wins. 

When the game starts, the computer controlled bot will go about his business, 
capturing and scoring with the bag. While he/she is doing this, you make your 
way to the character on the other team, and kill them. The character will 
re-spawn nearby, and can be killed over and over again very quickly. Keep 
doing so, until the bot has scored 10 times, and the character you are killing
should get Victim.

Note: When the bot has scored 8-9 times, you may want to run the 'victim' 
around a bit, and shoot a few shots, to avoid awards such as Sloth and Most 

-Difficulty to gain:******6
-Description: Kill one person over and over again.
-Strategy: Set up a Team Deathmatch, with one team consisting of your 
character, and the other team consisting of a set of characters that are all 
the same, i.e 10 Crispins. Then, go on a killing spree, and the award will be 

--40.Most Peaceful-- 
-Difficulty to gain:**2
-Description: Be the most peaceful player.
-Strategy: Nice and easy this one. Start an Arcade Deathmatch, with whatever 
setup you like. Then, during the game, move around, collect weapons, and 
everything else that you would normally do, but don't fire. As everyone else 
will fire, you will end up being the most peaceful player, and recieve the

--41.Most Dishonorable--
-Difficulty to gain:**2
-Description: Shoot people in the back.
-Strategy: For the entirity of the match try to make the majority of your 
shots hit people in the back. Other than that, play as normally as possible, 
to avoid getting other common awards.

--42.Most Manic-- 
-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Making awkward and crazy movements.
-Strategy: Start an Aracde Deathmatch, preferably on a level like the Chasm, 
so you can fall to your death, as well as run around. Then, when the game 
starts, do exactly that. Run around, and jump off the ledges every so often.
Collect some weapons, and fire a few shots, to avoid other awards.

-Difficulty to gain:*********9
-Description: Walking around a level, looking everywhere.
-Strategy: I got this award on the Streets level, with no bots, simply by 
walking around the level, for the durarion of a 5 minute death match, looking 
around the level. Don't shoot anything, and don't have any bots on the 
level. You can get it by making a simple square map, in map maker, without 
items, and then walking around it. Again, this award can be very random.

--44.Shortest Innings-- 
-Difficulty to gain:***3
-Description: Stayed alive for a short period of time.
-Strategy: Do everything you can to make sure you don't survive for too long.
Autoguns, explosives and automatics will help you in your quest to die. 
Putting all the bots on 5-stars, avoiding armor and health will help you 
succeed too.

--45.Longest Innings-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Stayed alive for a long period of time.
-Strategy: Do everything you can to avoid dying. If this means not attacking 
someone, then leave then alone to avoid damage. Pick up armor and health when 
it is needed, but be careful not to recieve AC-10 Award, or Hypochondriac. Not
too difficult.

-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Survived for a long period of time with a small amount of 
-Strategy: You will probably get it whilst going for Longest Innings, so use 
the same strategy as above, but don't pick up any health.

-Difficulty to gain:**********10
-Description:Supposedly Very high accuracy, but no confirmed method due being 
so rare
-Strategy: Ah, Marksmanship... by far the hardest award to get, of the 57, and
the only confirmed award the no-one has been able to come up with a strat for.
Judging from the name of the award, it should be awarded when you finish a 
game with very high accuracy, perhaps when you do not miss a single shot, or 
kill everyone with head shots. However, no actual method for obtaining this 
award has been found.

Playing a 4-player game may help though, as may setting up your own map, with 
a single coridoor, so that you can fire many shots, without missing. Don't 
expect to get this award without a lot of effort though.

-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Killed a lot of people using a scope. 
-Strategy: Try to play an entire match whilst zoomed in with the Sniper Rilfe,
as this will almost certainly guarantee you the award. I prefer to do this on 
Training Ground Assault, taking out all the cameras as you go, because you are
generally moving forward for the entirity of the match, thus reducing slow 
turning times.

--49.Most Flammable-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Be on fire for more time than your opponents.
-Strategy: Play a flame tag match and stay on fire for as long as you can. If 
someone walks into you, just try and get the fire back and you should get it. 

--50.Persistence Award--
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Get the gold award for "Played for". Get this by playing the 
game for over 50 hours.
-Strategy: No real strategy here unless you just leave your game on overnight,
to boost your time. The best way is to play the game though as that way you'll
improve as well. You know what they say; practice makes perfect.

--51.Traveller Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain:*******7
-Description: Get the gold award for "Distance traveled". Get it by traveling 
over 500 miles. "View Statistics" screen award.
-Strategy: Make a level in mapmaker with loads of speed power-ups on, and run 
around the level with a fast character, like the Monkey or Viola, picking up 
the power-ups to consistently run fast.

--52.Trigger Happy Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Get the gold award for "Total bullets fired". To get this, you 
need to fire over 500,000 bullets. "View Statistics" screen award.
-Strategy: To do this quickly, make your own map with lots of ammo crates for 
the ElectroTool. It fires bullets the fastest and doesn't need to reload. When
the map is done, just pick up the ElectroTool ammo as you fire it.

--53.Insomniac Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain:***3
-Description: Get the gold award for "Insomnia". To get this award you need to
have two hours game time, after midnight. "View Statistics" screen award.
-Strategy: If you don't want to stay up and wait, just switch the clock on 
your Gamecube to about 12:05 am. Then play for two hours. To change the time, 
switch off the Gamecube then switch it back on again. As the Gamecube logo is 
on the screen, hold down the A button. The logo will spin around and go into a
menu. Move the control stick left to go to the "Time and Date" section.

--54.Beheader Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain:****4
-Description: Get the gold award for "Heads knocked off" by knocking 200 
zombies heads off.
-Strategy: Play the "Behead The Undead" challenges, as they will increase your
total quickly.

--55.Smasher Award-- 
-Difficulty to gain:*****5
-Description: Get the gold award for "Glass smashed". Do this by smashing 500 
panes of glass.
-Strategy: Play "Bricking It". You may think that "Pane in the Neck" would be 
quicker, but you actually have to put a projectile (bullet, grenade, fist) 
through each window for it to count. An explosion taking out several windows 
will only count for the number of windows the rocket/grenade/mine went 

--56.Brutality Award--
-Difficulty to gain:******6
-Description: Get a gold award on "Civilian casualties". Get this by killing 
100 civilians in Story mode. "View Statistics" screen award.
-Strategy: Play on NeoTokyo single player level and kill the civilians. This 
is the quickest way to do it, as there are fewer civilians on Chicago, so it 
takes you longer. Once you have over 100 civilian casualties, play an Arcade 
match and the award will appear in the list.

--57.Golden Oldie Award--
-Difficulty to gain:******6
-Description: Played as an original TS1 character 20-30 times.
-Strategy: The original characters are:
  Captain Ash 
  Lady Jane 
  Harry Tipper
  Insect Mutant 
  Chinese Chef 
  Shock Trooper 
  Badass Cyborg 
  Duckman Drake 
  The Impersonator 
  Gingerbread Man

=============================v. Legal Mumbo Jumbo=============================

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=================================vi. Closing==================================

Well folks, thats the end of this great FAQ and the point where you come in.
If you have a reliable strategy for an award, let us know about it and you 
could have your name in this FAQ. If you want to let us know of any 
mistakes or changes we could make, or just tell us what you think of it. I 
know that lots of people have been waitng for someone to make this FAQ for a 
long time now, so we are happy to say that its here. Hope you enjoyed it.

===========================vii. Credits and Thanks============================

This section is to thank all the people, places and companies who we want to!
Here goes:
TS2Master thanks:
1. GameFAQs - The best website in the world evar!!!1!1!!!1
2. My school - For giving having study leave which I have spent writing this.
3. Metallica, Symphony X, Weird Al Yankovich, Pink Floyd, Koji Kondo, The 
Black Mages, Korn, Control and FallOut - For making the music I listen to when
I write this FAQ.
4. Free Radical - For making this game.
5. Eidos - For Publishing this game.
6. Nintendo - For being the best video game company in the world and for 
making the GameCube.
7. NGC Magazine - For running leagues that keep me playing.
8. - For running leagues that keep me playing.
9. Duster and Vaul - For writing this with me.
10. Mike - For helping me with some strats.
11. Scott - Because he is "special and likes miniguns@ (apparently)!
12. - Because its the only other 
reliable place to get any information on these awards.
13. These people for being part of "The New Multiplayer" since 
28th February 2003, and some of them who were around during "The Multiplayer 
-The UnLucky Cat
-Hyper Kool Dood
-solid sean --------- Submitted several good strategies.
-Your Eliteness
-Y2J Chris Jericho
-Chimi Changa
-stumpy robofish
-drunky kong
-snooozer --------- Supplied very good strategies for numerous awards.
14. The following people are just others I would like to thank who are not on 
the list above:
-Elite Gamer
-t b o n e
-Everyone else on the board that the above 8 people are on. you know who you 
Anyone who wants to be added to this stupid list, just email me.

GCN Duster thanks:
1) GameFAQs the best gaming site (in my opinion), and allowing us to write 
FAQs and post them on their site. Thanks CJayC!
2) TS2Master and Vaul for writing this thing with me, because I was too afraid
to do it on my own!
3) DarkDeity87 the creator or the original "MultiPlayer Awards... So...". If 
not for him, I would not have become interested in the awards. 
4) Fishbulb290, because he has been posting on the topic as long as I can 
remember. He was one of the main reasons that i got the 56 awards that I have 
5) PhoenixDDD for his diligent work he spent on his website and tips he gave me and everyone 
on the boards.
6) Last but certianly not least snooozer and solid sean who have really been 
the only people to give us some strats.

I know that my "Thank you's" may have not been as extravagant or legnthy as 
TS2Master's but i would really like to end in thanking everyone who posted on 
"The New Multiplayer Awards...So..." you all helped in making this FAQ 

Vaul thanks:
Nobody because he hates you all.

================================viii. Contact=================================

If you want to get in touch for any of the reasons outlined in the closing 
section then contact one of us, using any of these:

email:                     AIM: Dusterjb

email:   AIM: TS2Master


Thanks for reading.

.The End.