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.:Kola Cell FAQ/Walkthrough :.

    By ShadowTech

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 Table of Contents

I.      Copyright
II.     Inroduction
III.    Version History
IV.     Story
V.      Characters
VI.     Controls
VII.    Walkthrough
XIII.   Secrets
IX.     FAQs
X.      Credits

 I. Copyright

This FAQ is Copyright 2003 "ShadowTech". All rights reserved.
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you know of any form of media who is hosting this guide illegally, please
contact me with the information. Note that all credits to the creation of the
guide can be found at the end of this FAQ, Section X.

 II. Introduction

Kola Cell is an extra level for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, only available via
Xbox Live. You can download this level by selecting "Download Levels" from the
main menu. To load the game, select "Start Game", choose your "Profile", then
load the level "Kola Cell".

Most will find this level harder than the average mission Splinter Cell. The
purpose of this guide is to help you when you get stuck, by providing you with
a stradegy to beat the part you just can't complete.

The following Character descriptions and level introductions come from the
game's instruction manual and text from the game itself.

 III. Version History

FAQ Version   | 1.2
Date Released | May 9th, 2003
Date Started  | May 7th, 2003
New Content   | Some spelling fixed, updated FAQs, plus a new FAQ host.

FAQ Version   | 1.1
Date Released | March 23th, 2003
Date Started  | April 22nd, 2003
New Content   | Some formatting issues fixed, plus the FAQs have been updated.

FAQ Version   | 1.0
Date Released | March 20th, 2003
Date Started  | March 16th, 2003
New Content   | Everything!

 IV. Story

Abandoned Factory
Kola Peninsula, Russia
January 19th 2005
17:11 Hours

Third Echelon monitoring has pinpointed one of Nikoladze's remaining cells in
an Abandoned factory on the Kola Peninsula in Northern Russia. Among those
suspected to be present is Phillip Masse, the computer programmer whose
algorithms empowered Nikoladze's information attacks. A sample of his code must
be collected and Phillip Masse must be neutralised.

 V. Characters

SAM FISHER - This is your character.

IRVING LAMBERT - This man epresents Fisher's main source of information via
communicator, debriefing Fisher on the objectives.

PHILIP MASSE - Philip Masse is the programmer responsible for the Georgian
information crisis.

COLONEL - He is the leader of the Kola Cell.

RUSSIAN GUARDS - These guards are scattered throughout the Kola Cell.

 VI. Controls

A Button           Interact
B Button           Crouch
X Button           Target
Y Button           Jump / Split Jump (Double Tap)

Right Thumbstick   Free Camera Control / Quick Turn (Press)
Left Thumbstick    Move/Rate of Fire (Press)
D-Pad              Night Vision (left) / Thermal Vision (right)

Right Trigger      Primary Fire
Left Trigger       Secondary Fire / Holding Breath in Sniper Mode

White Button       Back to Wall / Reload in Shooting Mode
Black Button       Quick Inventory

Start Button       OPSAT
Back Button        Controls Display

 VII. Walkthrough

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NOTE: There are many different ways to accomplish tasks in this game. The way I
tell you to do it is the way that worked the best for me. If my way dosen't
work, then try something else that seems logical to you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You'll find yourself facing a running truck behind a fence. You will see some
glass on the ground near a uncovered passageway. Turn on the night-vision
goggles and continue through until you get to the exit. You should now hear an
enemy guard talking on his communicator. You can either take him out by
grabbing him from behind, or should take him out with your pistol or your
SC-20K. Use the pistol to conserve SC-20K ammo for later. Move the body if you
wish into a dark area.

Continue up the steps and walk through the corridor, until you see the first
doorway with a burlap covering on it. Turn on your night-vision goggles so you
can see the motion sensor infront of you. Jump over it. If you trip then
sensor, the door up ahead of you will automatically lock you out. You are
forced to reload your game. Navigate through the walkway until you come to the
glass doorway frame. Turn on your night-vision so you can see the many motion
sensors. Run straight forward and jump on the platform. You will see a
computer. Use the -A Button- to access the computer. Next, climb up the pole
and grab on to the upper beam of wood. Use the -B Button- to swing your legs up
on the beam. Make your way across until you can go no further. Hit the -B
Button- again to let your legs down. Hit the -Y Button- to drop down on the
platform below you. Run a bit forward, jump back on to the platform to your
right. Now all you need to do is jump over the final horizontal censor, and
continue down the ramp. Take a left and travel up the stairs.

You will need to pick the lock on this door. After you have done that, turn off
the lights using the switch to your right (It will help you later). You can
wait until the guards walk around the corner of the hallway to shoot them, or
you can use a gadget! Equip the Diversion Camera, and shoot it right down the
hallway onto the wall. Make the whistle noise, then gas the guards when they
come near. Shoot any of the surviving guards. Make sure to move the bodies into
the dark storage room. Go down the stairs and take out the lone guard. Either
sneak down and shoot him, or make a noise to make him come up the stairs. Go
over the boxes, through the door.

In this room, there will be two guards to stop you. The easiest way is to
silently take out the first guard with your pistol, then take out the second as
quickly as you can, cause he will fire at you. Hide the bodies in the dark
corner north of the doorway. Make your way out into the next hallway, but be
careful, there is a camera watching you! Crouch behind the boxes by the doorway
(so the Camera dosen't see you) and use the Camera Jammer to jam the camera. As
soon as you start to jam the camera, walk forward, but don't take the
cross-hair off the camera. Once you get all the way, duck into the stairwell
just a tiny bit. There is another motion sensor that will close the Server
Chamber's main door. Jump over it. If you tripped the censor, then you are
going to have to get in the passageway located in the left corner of the
overall Server Room. Either way you will find yourself inside the flooded
Server Chamber. Once you access the computer in the back, you will be prompted
to Save.

You will hear a announcement by the Colonel, and suddenly all the lights will
go out. The door will also close. Turn on those Night Vision goggles. You will
see three armed guards coming down the stairs, into the Server chamber.
Firstly, you can use a Smoke Grenade at the floor of the doorway, which will
choke most of the three guards to death. Shoot the remaining guards. Secondly
you can get up on top of a sever, and use a Sticky Shocker to electrocute your
enemies. Now make your way back up the ramp. There will be a Wall Mine planted
just north of the Camera. Don't worry about either one, just run quickly down
the hallway, and immediately open the door.

You will view a cutscene of the Colonel talking to his private guard. Crouch
behind the lowest boxes, but if you are detected, move behind the high stack of
boxes. When the guard comes down the stairs, let him walk into the corner. When
he comes back and starts to approach up the stairs, get ready to use the scope
on the SC-20K to make a headshot. Quickly take his body and put it in the
passageway, whether or not the Colonel was alerted. Move through the passageway
and upwards until you get to the hole in the roof, right above the Colonel's
patrol zone. Drop down behind him when you are facing his back. Quickly (but
quietly!) catch up to him, and hit the -A Button- to take him hostage.

The Colonel is now in your control! Move him through the door (you picked the
lock here earlier) and hit the -X Button-, this will pull out your pistol, and
also make the Colonel a human shield. There are two guards right down the
stairs, they will stop at nothing, and will take headshots, considering that
you have their Colonel hostage. Remember I told you to turn off the lights in
this room a while back? Well this can make the game a bit easier here. If you
shoot the stairway, the sound will alert the guards. The guards will come up
one at a time. But since its now dark, and they have their guns in hand, they
can see you as well as they normally could. What you want to do is crouch down
in the corner and land headshots on both guards as they walk up the stairs. You
can walk all the way down the stairs at a snails pace and have both guards fire
at you at once (if you get detected, which is probable), but its much harder!

Once the two guards are taken care of, continue down the stairs and out of the
maze area. Once you are out the door, you will see a Retinal Scanner on the
wall. Force the Colonel to use the scanner, then walk through the door (with
him still in your control). Once you are in, you can use the -R Trigger- to
knock him out. You can finish him off by shooting him in the head. Move is body
beside the broken toilet in the dark. Climb up the ladder, and you will be
prompted to Save.

Once you're at the top of the ladder, you will be in a church-like attic
complete with stained glass. Open the doors to view a quick cutscene with
Philip Masse, the evil programmer. Masse will yell at his guard, telling him to
leave him alone. When the guard walks away, he will travel up the left
staircase. Try to find a good position about 5-10 feet away from the top of the
staircase (crouch). Take out your SC-20K, and go into the Sniper mode. Control
your breathing with the -L Trigger- and take out the guard with a headshot as
soon as he appears from the stairs. Alternatively, lean over the railing and
take out the guard by sniping him as he walks up the left stairway. Philip
Masse should be huddled in the bottom right corner, but leave him alone for
now. Pick up the Wall Mines (X2) on the box just below the Main Server. Run
back up to the doorway at the top. Plant a Wall Mine on either side of the
double-doors. Go back downstairs, and grab Masse. Force him to use the computer
with the red screen. Use the -R Trigger- to knock him out. Now look up where
you put the Wall Mines, and look what you just did! Make sure you kill Masse (a
headshot on will do fine).

Make your way back up the stairs and out the double doors. To your left there
will be a door that was previously jammed. Go through the door to end up in a
room with a passageway. Travel through until you reach a room with a computer
on a desk, as well as two small basketballs and a hoop. Refer to section VIII.
For more information on this basketball mini-game.

Sneak out the doorway and shoot the guard (infront of the mesh screen) in the
back of the head. Be sure to be quiet, and do not alert him. Otherwise, two
more guards will come and attack you. After you eliminate him, move his body
back into the dark corner by the door just to be safe. In the corridor to your
left there will be two more guards. The easiest way to take these two out is by
sniping them by pressing the -Y Button- when you have the SC-20K equipped. Just
use the -L Trigger- to control your breathing; shoot away. If you did not
conserve your ammo, and you are forced to use the pistol, you will either have
to take the first guard out, move the body, then take out the second. This can
be much harder, considering there are two guards in a narrow corridor. But it
should still work.

Continue down the corridor until you get to the room where you saw a Russian
guard talking on his communicator. Take the narrow passageway back to the area
with the fenced off truck. Now all you have to do is go and open the grate
behind the wooden crate.

Mission Complete.

 VIII. Secrets

- Play Basketball -
When you finish up with Philip Masse, take the single door, right outside of
the double door. Continue through until you get the room that the passageway
leads to. Here you will see to small balls.

Pick one up the same way you would pick up any other object (bottle, can etc).
Hit the -X Button- to aim your through. Take a shot at the net just right of
the flashlight marking on the wall. There is no real point to this, but it's
fun for a while.

You know you have made the shot if the ball lands on the bed. Otherwise, it
will bounce back at you. To get the ball in the hoop, stand back beside the
desk, hit the -X Button- to aim. Try to aim with your little aiming-circle at
the bottom line of the square. See diagram below:

|   _____   |
|  |     |  |
|  |     |  |
|  |_(_)_|  |

If this was the backboard, aim at the bottom of the square where the circle is.


Q) Do I need to finish the game before playing Kola Cell?
A) No. You can play it as soon as you download it.

Q) How do I get the Kola Cell Level?
A) You can download this level by selecting "Download Levels" from the main
menu of the game.

Q) Is it free?
A) Yes and No. You must have an Xbox Live subsription to download this level
($49.99 MSRP).    There is no extra fees to download Kola Cell.

Q) Is there any way at all for people without Xbox Live to get Kola Cell?
A) Apparently, in the August issue of OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) it will be available for download.

Q) What is the Official Splinter Cell web site?
A) http://www.xbox.com/LIVE/Downloads/ContentDL-SplinterCell-Kola.htm

Q) Will Kola Cell be available for download in the PC version of Splinter Cell?
A) Probably not. Nothing has been announced, but for now it's Xbox Exclusive.

Q) Will Kola Cell be available in the PlayStation 2/Gamecube version of Splinter Cell?
A) No.

Q) Will there be downloadable levels for Splinter Cell 2?
A) Not much is known at this time, the most likely answer is yes.

Q) Can I email you my questions, comments, and suggestions?
A) Yes! Please email me at psxprogamer@hotmail.com

 X. Credits

The following have Permission to host this FAQ:


You MUST contact me to ask my permission before you host/publish/alter this
FAQ. Refer to section I. for further details.