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My gladiator was killed by a centurion using the Death ability. How can I defend against it or get it myself?

My school's level was at 17 and it happened in Pirgos arena. The centurion killed one of my centurions who was at full health. If they can kill me in one hit, how can i beat them?


King_Mob answered:

consistently use characters that can petrify, freeze or stun them every other turn. If far as I know there's only one weapon in the game that one can get that can cause instant death and that's the Death's head staff which is used by the undead summoner that offers to join at one point in the game if you defeat a certain series of battles
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angrykeithj answered:

The sword that he was using was called the executioner's blade, it does less damage than other heavy weapons, and has no affinity build-up. It does have the death ability just like the death's head for the undead summoner. They will only begin to equip these later in the game levels in high teens to low twenties. the only defense is not to get hit. you can use light class chrs like bandits and hope for misses, or you can use status attacks like King Mob 5 said. Another thing to watch out for is the ogres area attacks like fearsome funk affects surrounding spaces, if they have the executioners blade there is a chance for death from any attack by that chr. except affinity attacks.
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FReaKSHoW52 answered:

Eventually they will stop using the blade as you level up. Somewhere around level 19ish they will all switch to another big blade without the Death ability. Another thing you can try is just back out of the fight and go back in and see if their weapon changed.
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