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                    /*/True Crime: Streets of LA Walkthrough\*\
                                Version 0.50
                          Adam Eley (Hydra Gundam)
                      E-mail: adam_eley88@hotmail.com

                              /*/Legal Info\*\
This walkthough has been created for personal use and cannot be sold or
altered in anyway. This walkthrough has been created by me so it's mine. I
own it. It is Copyright Adam Eley 2003. If you wish to use this guide then
e-mail me and I'll probably let you. If you use it without my permission
just bear in mind there are strict laws about copyright and plagiarism.
You have been warned.

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                           /*/Table of Contents\*\
1. Introduction/E-mailing me
2. Version History
3. About True Crime
4. Walkthrough
5. Shooting Tips/Upgrades
6. Fighting Tips/Upgrades
7. Driving Tips/Upgrades
8. Random Crimes
9. Good Cop/Bad Cop Hints

                            /*/1. Introduction\*\
This is Adam and I'll be your captain for the duration of the walkthough.
Please fasten safety belts and be prepared to dive into the underworld of
the city of Los Angeles (Cheesy air hostess voice). BTW this is my first 
guide so bear with me.
In True Crime, you play as Nick Chang (Wilson). He's an ex-cop who got
suspended. He now works for the E.O.D, the Elite Operations Division.
However Nick's not a normal, by-the-book cop. He does things the way HE
wants, which is how he got suspended. True Crime (TC from now on) follows
Nick's path as he tries to find out what happened to his father.
NOTE: This game is chock full of spoilers so if you don't want to know what
happens and stuff like that then don't read this guide, ask on the message
If you want to contribute to this guide in any way then don't hesitate to
e-mail me and I'll post whatever it is you've given and give you full credit
for it. When e-mailing me make sure the title has something with True Crime
in it so I don't delete it as spam. Will people stop e-mailing me about the
bike in TC. It does not exist. I know there are several screenshots of Nick 
riding a motorbike but it was removed for 'physics' reasons. You can't even 
get it with Gameshark I don't think. Anyway the '01 Roadster is THE best 

This guide is primarily for the PS2 but it might be useful for X-Box and
GameCube if they are all the same.

                           /*/2. Version History\*\
25/11/03 - The guide has just been born! Done the first 2 episodes and
           started Random Crimes and Good/Bad cop section.

26/11/03 - Done up to Episode 4 and nearly finished Shooting chapter.

28/11/03 - Done another episode.

29/11/03 - Checked the site.... my guide has been posted! Yay! Done another
           episode. Added a few more things to Random Crimes section.

01/12/03 - Completed another Episode and finished Shooting section.

03/12/03 - Added contributions. BTW I've had a massive response to my
           Walkthrough so thank you to everyone who e-mailed in. Done
           another episode.

04/12/03 - Ill. Haven't done anything today.

05/12/03 - Still ill. Damn my crap immune system.

06/12/03 - Hurrah I'm better (Well, about 90 percent). Started the
           fighting section.

18/07/04 - OMG where have I been? There is no excuse for my lack of 
           dedication to my work. Added one more episode on Walkthrough. 
           Added Shotguns on weapons. Started and finshed Good Cop/Bad Cop 
           section. Made some minor changes to several sections. Added 
           Grenade Launcher to Dropped Weapons part. 

                          /*/3. About True Crime\*\
TC is a violent-ish game. There is a Hell of a lot of shooting and fighting
with the odd pair of breasts here and there. It's like an enhanced version
of Vice City but everything has been toned down a lot. Although don't
compare it with VC as they are really different.
Also, this game is third-person. This means the camera is behind the person
so you can see their back.
The missions in TC are split up into 12 different episodes. There are about
7-8 missions per episode but there are more in later ones.
Another great thing about TC is that you can constantly upgrade your guns,
shooting skills, martial arts prowess, driving abilities and more! Also,
you can go about the streets of LA busting random crimes that appear and
search anyone!
There are 3 different endings in TC, all of which can be found by which path
you take. When you complete episodes 3 and 5, alternate routes appear and
you can take them to find the different endings. However, I would recommend
just ploughing through the first ending first.
Plus, if you fail a mission you don't have to do it again, you can go straight
onto the next one. But I would suggest replaying missions if you fail them.

                            /*/4. Walkthrough\*\
This here is the main body of this guide - the walkthrough. I've divided
each episode up so you can easily find what you're looking for. Enjoy.
I have made a little 'info. box' thing that briefly tells you what sort of
mission you'll be doing and what-not.

Objective: This is what you must do to complete the mission.
Enemies: How many enemies and what sort they are.
Items: What items you can find.
Mission Type: What sort of mission it is i.e shooting, race-to etc.

Episode I - Triad Violence
Mission 1. Shooting Practice
Objective: Destroy 10 Targets
Enemies: 10 - Targets
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

This is the very first mission. I starts with a cut-scene in which Nick
arrives at the local LAPD shooting range to 'brush up'. You start with two
.38 revolvers. These are your main weapons. You can't drop them or
anything. But you can upgrade them. They have unlimited ammo as well. This
is an easy mission. When a target drops down and the yellow reticule
appears, tap R1 six times. This is how many shots it take to destroy a
target. Notice the face of Nick in the top left hand corner of the screen?
The gauge to the left of that is you health. When this goes all red, your
dead. The bar on the right of Nick's face is your ammo counter. When carrying
two weapons, there are two bars. However, with the dual pistols/revolvers,
there is only one bar which goes down a notch when two bullets are fired.
Don't shoot all your ammo and reload as this takes longer than manually
reloading. Pressing R2 reloads so use this when ammo is low. You cannot
reload weapons you pick up as you don't have any ammo for them, so pressig
R2 will cause Nick to drop both enemy weapons.
So destroy 10 targets and you'll be on your way to misison 2.

Mission 2. Rushing to EOD
Objective: Drive to E.O.D Headquarters
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: 1:28
Mission Type: Race-to

In the opening cut-scene you see the Chief - the leader of E.O.D. She
convinces Nick to join E.O.D and leaves. All you have to do on this
mission is drive to the green dot. However you only have 1:28 in which to do
so. Jump into your '66 Classic car and do a U-turn. Now drive at a fair
speed down the road and turn left at the third junction. Continue on this
road and turn right at the second junction. You should now see a large green
area in the distance. Drive into it and there you go.

Mission 3. Driving For Chow
Objectives: Drive to Restaurant
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

Now you meet your partner. You don't really get along well and she tells you
that have to drive your own way to a China Bistro for a bite to eat. The
Chief also gives you your E.O.D badge. This is a Drive-to mission which means
you don't have to get anywhere in a certain time limit. In these missions you
can upgrade skills, solve street crimes or go for a peaceful drive. The
Chinese restaurant you need to get to is not that far away. Just follow the
green dot until you see the big green light. Get out your car and walk to the
doors of the bistro and the next mission will automatically start.

Mission 4. Triad Muscle
Objectives: Fight Triad Thug
Enemies: 1 Triad thug
         No weapon/s
         Stamina bar: 4
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

After a brief conversation about Rosie the 'ex-gang member', Nick starts a
fight with a Triad thug who is threatening to burn the bistro down if he
doesn't get his protection money. Throwing a chopstick in the Triad's ear,
sparks an easy fight. Hitting X will make Nick perform a Low Kick, [] and
he will do a punch and finally /_\ is a jump kick.To stun an opponent, you
have to deplete his Stamina bar by punching and kicking him. When this is
gone, the enemy is stunned, allowing you to pull off a finishing move to do
even more damage. When this thug is stunned, hit Triangle and then Square to
pull off a Jumping Monkey - Nick's most powerful base finisher. The goon
shouldn't take long.

Mission 5. FINALE Rosie Trouble
Objectives: Shoot Triad Thug
Enemies: 1 Triad thug
         Uzi 9mm Fully Automatic
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

When you beat the thug, Rosie walks out on you only to be held hostage by the
Triad. She tries to break free but gets shot. (She's OK though). The thug
then is about to get in a car driven by Feng (you'll see him in a bit). But
Nick shoots the window, causing the getaway car to erm... get away without
the thug. He then runs off while shooting at you. Run in front of a nearby
parked car for cover and blow his head off. Be careful as his Uzi is quite
damaging if hit in long bursts. This is the finale so by completing this
mission finishes the episode. Slo-mo dives to the side will be useful.

Episode II - Mean Streets
Mission 1. Cruising for Leads
Objectives: Drive to Destination (Fighting Dojo)
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

After finding that Rosie is OK and a brief discussion about the bistro and
the Triads, Nick goes to find some leads. All you have to do is drive to the
green dot on the mini-map which happens to be Nick's brothers Dojo. It would
be advisable to go and bust a few criminals and go to the shooting range.

Mission 2. Dojo Attacker
Objectives: Fight Attacker
Enemies: 1 Karate Guy
         Stamina bar: 5
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

You enter the dojo and a guy clad in a karate suit crashes through some
wooden screens. There is a little chit-chat before you fight him. What you
don't know is that this guy is called Cary - Nick's baby brother. You'll be
seeing a bit more of him on later missions. Cary isn't that hard to beat,
just block his occasional move with L2. Then counter-attack with low kicks
and punches. Use the Jumping Monkey as your finisher again and you'll soon

Mission 3. Red Lantern Rush
Objectives: Race to Bar
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: 58 seconds
Mission Type: Race-to

This is a kind of tricky mission. You have to race to the Red Lantern bar in
under a minute. It's nearly impossible if you have a head-on collision, so
drive fast but very carefully. When you get to the grey-ish park place, don't
bother going round - go straight through it as there isn't usually anyone
walking about. When you get there you will see a cut-scene followed by a fight
with Feng....

Mission 4. Bar Brawl
Objectives: Fight Feng
Enemies: Feng
         Stamina bar: 5
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This is a different sort of fight as Feng is quite skilled and he has a
knife, which gives him the advantage. Play defensivly until you stun him and
then he will drop the knife. Stand over it and press O. Nick will pick it up
and the tables will be turned. If you have them, use Running Attacks on Feng.
You might have to replay this mission as Feng is sometimes tricky but not that
hard. Knock Feng into walls and tables so he recieves extra damage.

Mission 5. Chasing Triad Thug
Objectives: Chase Feng
Enemies: Feng
         9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

There are two ways of doing this mission. The bad and the worse. You can
either jack a car and run the bitch down or chase him on foot and shoot him
when you're close enough. Either way its up to you.

PLEASE HELP! I need to know what pistol Feng has so I can write it, as there
are many different pistols. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mission 6. Driving to Jimmy's
Objectives: Drive to Warehouse
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

The warehouse is quite far away so if you want to get to the next
(A LOT MORE) exciting mission put the pedal to the metal and fly along. If
not, solve a few street crimes, go to one of the 24/7 facilities or just
chill out.

Mission 7. Sneaking In
Objectives: Sneak into Warehouse
Enemies: 5 Thugs
         Pistols (Don't use them though)
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Stealth

This is the first stealth mission in the game. (Yes you can be Solid Chang
or Nick Snake). The object is to sneak to the destination, without alerting
any guards. If you want to be a good cop then press [] to do a stun-attack
when in close proximity to a bad guy. Press O to do a lethal, killing move
if you fell that way out. Anyway, there is a 'cheat' for a stealth missions:
Run through the missions smacking everyone thats there. No need to be sneaky.
BTW you have a tranquilizer pistol as well, but it isn't very accurate, has
a short range and only has three rounds of ammo. You shouldn't really be
troubled on this mission as its quite linear and the enemies are highly
visible. Whatch out at the end near the exit as a thug walks out. Its a bit
shocking but just run up to him and [] him.

NOTE: Stealth missions are a good way to get your Good Cop rating up and get
Shields, but only if you use the [] attack. The tranquilizer pistol doesn't
have an effect on your Good/Bad Cop status.

Mission 7. Jimmy's Ambush
Objectives: Shoot Jimmy's Crew
Enemies: 15 thugs
         Uzi's, AK-47's, 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistols
Items: Medikit
Mission Type: Shooting

This is the first real situation you will have been in. Jimmy obviously
knows you're here as he's set up an ambush. There are some really nasty
people and weapons here so take cover whenever possible. Start off by
shooting off a few rounds and then go into cover behind the wardrobe. Now
do a slo-mo dive to the right shooting. This will kill anyone near you.
When you're sure everyone is dead jump down from where you started. A thug
with an Uzi will pop out. Drop him before he has time to shoot. As you slowly
move forward pick up the Uzi. A goon with an AK will now appear form the
balcony to the left. Shooting him will make him fall off so pick up his AK.
To the right is another balcony. Under it is a bunch of antiques. Hiding
behind them is a goon weilding an Uzi. As you approach the Uzi to pick it up
an AK-armed thug will run from the balcony. Now as you go to where the
Medikit is a shit-load of thugs with a variety of weapons will appear from
every nook and cranny. Be on your guard. Also, note the balcony that spans
the far wall. Several guards with high-power weapons appear from the doors
around here so take cover and dive out shooting. After a while the shooting
will stop and Nick will come out with a really cheesy phrase.

Mission 8. FINALE Sniper Assassin
Objectives: Shoot Sniper
Enemies: Sniper
         High Power Sniper Rifle
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

Nick finnaly catches up with Jimmy but before anything important is said a
sniper starts shooting, narrowly missing Jimmy thanks to Nick. Now you have
to shoot the sniper. Start off by running at the wall and hide behind a
wall, not a window. The sniper is on the opposite rooftop and changes
position every now and again. One hit from the sniper takes away about 1/3 of
your health so don't take any unneccisary risks. I'd recommend getting a head
shot while in Precision Aim mode. Its cheap but effective.

Episode III - International Ties
Mission 1. Off to Chong's
Objectives: Drive To Chong's Residence
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

This is another simple Drive-To mission. Go and upgrade Nick a bit more and
solve some more Street Crimes. The journey should take about 5 minutes if

Mission 2. Tailing Chong's Limo
Objectives: Tail Chong's Limo
Enemies: Chong's Limo
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Tailing

This is your first Tailing mission. In these sorts of missions you have to
follow someone but they mustn't know they're being folowed. The bar on the
right shows how close or far you are away from the target. The red zone is bad
and the bottom zone is bad too. If you are in the red zone then the target
quickly becomes aware that they're beig tailed. See them greyed out question
marks that have appeared next to the icon of Chong's limo? When they all go
full white then the target knows whats happened and speeds away. Mission over.
So the trick is to stay in the middle area of the the bar. This tailing
mission isn't that hard as you can't really lose a big white limo.

Mission 3. A Stakeout Gone Bad
Objectives: Escape Attackers
Enemies: 2 Cars w/ men with Uzi's
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Race-away

On this mission you have to get away from two cars that are pursueing you. If
you have got a better car by now then speed away at your own pace. If you're
in a crappy beaten-up car then things will be a bit harder. You can also,
just blow the enemy cars to bits if you want by shooting the gas tanks. Or
if you like car chases you can take all manner of twists and turns to lose

Mission 4. Driving to Spa
Objectives: Drive to Russian Spa
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

Another easy mission. I would definately recommend getting all the weapon
upgrades you can get because there is a nasty shoot-out soon. Also, it would
be a good idea if you got some new wheels as you'll probably be quite shot-up
from the last mission.

Mission 5. Spa Infiltration
Objectives: Sneak Into Russian Spa
Enemies: 6 men, 1 woman
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Stealth

Again you don't have to be sneaky in this mission, for the main part anyway.
You can breeze through, chopping anyone that is in your way until you reach
the large archway. Now, there are several buckets on the floor. If you knock
just one its game over as there are loads of Russain men sleeping on the
benches. Hide behind the huge furnace in the middle of the room and then run
out and atatck the last guy. The exit is now right in front of you. Remember
to use the Stun Attack ([]) to get more Good Cop points.

Mission 6. Shower Room Antics
Objectives: Fight Bathers
Enemies: 3 Bathers
         Stamina Bar: 4
         1 Strong Bather
         Stamina Bar: 6!
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

Ignore the funny title as this could be a tough fight because of the guy at
the end. Try not to take any damage from the fatties as you'll need your
health against the strong swimming-trucnk clad Russian who is surprisingly
strong. The Russins actually look more like Sumo Wrestlers than Russian

Mission 7. The Accomplice
Objectives: Shoot Spa Crew
Enemies: 20 Thugs
         Automatic Shotguns, Uzi's, Ak's, 9mm Pistols
         1 Chong
         High Power Revolver
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

After a quick cutscene featuring Rocky, who you'll find out more about him
later you are sent into an all-out shootout. All the thugs come out of the
entrances in the four corners of the Spa. It is very useful to use slo-mo
dives a lot here as you could get caught in heavy gunfire. after all the
thugs have been eliminated the fat guy in purple suit with the eyepatch
called Chong comes out with a very nasty revolver. Roll a lot to dodge his
shots as you probably won't have much health left.

Episode IV - Russian Face-Off
Mission 1. En Route To Autoshop
Objectives: Drive to Autoshop
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

In this cut-scene you meet Agent Masterson - a real SOB. He does things by
the book and is a pain in the ass. But the mission is easy as all you have
to is drive to the Autoshop where this arms dealer works. As usual, you can
upgrade Nick's abilites or bust random crimes. Its up to you really. But I
really would suggest getting a better car if you haven't already done so.
More info about cars in the driving section.

Mission 2. Grease Monkeys
Objectives: Fight Bikers
Enemies: 2 Bikers
         Stamina Bar: 4
         1 Till-man
         Small Metal Pole
         Stamina Bar: 5

Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This mission is a push-over. The two bikers are easy. Avoid the guy with the
wrench though as it hurts. Try 'Jumping Monkey' the bikers into the yellow
barrels as they explode, killing the biker outright. You won't need to block
much either. Punches and low kicks should be the only attacks used as /_\ is
However try and be a bit more cautious when the till-man comes in as he is
quite nifty, but shouldn't cause too much of a problem. Its extra useful
here to kick the till-man into an explosive barrel. Good luck.

Mission 3. Chasing Francis
Objectives: Chase Francis
Enemies: Francis
         9mm Pistol, car
Time Limit: N/A
Misison Type: Chase-after

This mission is simple. First off, Francis is in a purple car so is easy to
find. Secondly he drives about 30k per hour so is easy to catch up to. His
most stupid thing is the fact that he nearly always goes onto the Freeway.
Now remember when Morpheus said not to go onto the Freeway? Well he meant
only if your Francis. Just hold R1 and hit his fuel tank. Don't worry about
him being burnt up as he can move his fat ass quick enough when he wants to.
Mission over.

Mission 4. Off to the Gulag
Objectives: Drive to Dance Club
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

Another boring Drive-to. After Nick reminds Francis about what sort of nasty
hairy people there are in jail, Francis reveals a small bit of information
about Rocky. (He's the guy who was swimming in the Spa before you wrecked
it!) So now you have to drive to Rocky's dance club - the Gulag. Solve a few
more LA crimes and then be on your way.

Mission 5. Another Way In
Objectives: Sneak Into Dance Club
Enemies: 6 Thugs
         9mm Pistols (Don't use them)
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Stealth

As with most of the Stealth missions you can run about chopping people. But
on this one you have to be careful. If you make a noise then the enemy will
turn around straight away and you might not have enough time to get up to
them and render them unconcious. Also, you come to an old basket-ball court
with two thugs talking to each other. Run in quickly and use the element of
surprise otherwise one will get you. Then run to the light in the corner and
chop the other guard down. As you approach the door another thug walks out
of it so be careful.

Mission 6. Disco Inferno
Objectives: Shoot Bouncers
Enemies: 17 Bouncers
         Uzi's, AK-47's, 9mm Pistols
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

This is quite a hectic mission. As soon as it begins your auto-targeting
will lock-on to two bouncers right below you. Its a good idea to stay where
you are as the waist-high screen provides good cover. The enemies come from
everywhere and in twos mostly. They come from the balcony to your left and
the bars on the other side of the room and to your left. The last bouncer
appears from a small balcony on the far side of the room from where you
start. Watch out for automatic weapons as these are lethal in this
close-encounter. And don't be distracted by the woman on the screen dancing.

Mission 7. Cary In Trouble
Objectives: Race to Cary's Dojo
Enemies: TIME!!! N/A
Time Limit: 2:54
Mission Type: Race-to

This is where you wish you got that faster car. It really seems impossible
to get to Chinatown from where you start in the given time space. But if you
have the 01 Roadster you'll easily do it. Just drive fast but carefully.
Drive pararell to the icon so ytou don't waste much time turning. It took me
about 5 goes to do this mission. (But I had the '66 Classic Car!)

Mission 7. FINALE Vandal Wrath
Objectives: Fight Vandals
Enemies: 3 Vandals
         Katana, knife w/ 3 prongs?
         Stamina Bar: 5
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This fight is quite straightforward. You arrived late, vandals nick
brothers gear, you get pi$$ed, fight starts. Two out of the three
vandals have weapons. One is a lethal Katana and the other is a
????? but it has three sharp prongs. Its one of those things that
Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has. Anyway, fight Katana-guy
last. The others aren't reallymuch of a problem. Just use finishers that
you KNOW will work and the fightwill be over shortly one way or the
other. Pick the 3-prong weapon up before you fight the black dude w/
Katana. It WILL help.

Episode V - The Rescue
Mission 1. Tailing Suspect Cop
Objectives: Tail Suspicious Cop
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Tailing

This can be quite a difficult mission as on some roads Rafferty (the cop
you're tailing) speeds up with no signs what-so-ever. He also gets stuck in
several traffic jams so the brakes will be screeching several times in this
mission. Don't worry if you fail this mission on your first go as it can be

Mission 2. Bum Encounter
Objectives: Fight Winos
Enemies: 2 Winos
         Knife, Broken Bottle
         Stamina Bars: 4
         Stamina Bar: 6
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

Yes you get to deck a few old tramps. The first two aren't really much of
a problem, just block when they swipe at you with a weapon. Try and stay in
the area you start in and don't kick them through the weak walls. You'll see
why in a minute. When the two winos have been beaten a granny will come out.
She is a real problem. Firstly, 6 in her stamina bar! Second of all, she is
really good at blocking AND perfoming life-threatening combos. Play against
her defensively and get a few hits in when you can.

Mission 3. Meeting Rafferty
Objectives: Drive to Meeting
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

This is yet ANOTHER Drive-to mission. This game would take about five
minutes if it wasn't for these missions. Solve a few more crimes and get to
the diner. It would be a good idea to upgrade a few more skills for Nick.

Mission 4. Butcher Shop Rush
Objectives: Race to Butcher Shop
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: 2:14
Mission Type: Race-to

Something lively! This mission is quite easy and you should be looking to
finish it with about 30-40 seconds remaining. Just try not to have any or
many head-on collisions.

Mission 5. On the Chopping Block
Objectives: Fight Triad Butchers
Enemies: 5 Butchers
         Knife, axe, machete,
         Stamina Bar: 4
         Trained Thug
         Stamina Bar: 6
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This can be an annoying mission if you get hit by the butchers' weapons too
much. Try kicking one of the butchers into the big freezer-type thing and it
will explode killing him and damaging the other. They aren't too hard but
try to get them in to a one-on-one fight as they will double-team you. After
you cream the first two, three more butchers come out. They are easy too.
Then a nast thug will emerge. He is the hardest of the lot but shouldn't
cause too much hassle. If you're having trouble then pick up on of the
weapons lying on the floor.

Mission 6. Slaughterhouse
Objectives: Shoot Triad Butchers
Enemies: 11 Triads
        Pistols, Shotguns, AK's
Items: 1 Medikit
Mission Type: Shooting

After hearing Cary shout for help, Nick goes on the rampage. Watch out for
Traid shooters swinging by on the meat hooks. Be cautious as you go through
EVERY doorway as a Traid or two will probably walk thorugh it. If you can
kill a Triad before he sees you then you won't need the Medikit thats about
halfway through the level. Pick up the brown Chinese rifles. They are
probably the best weapons in this level as they are quite damaging and are
fully automatic. As you approach the door with the green arrow get ready as
several goons with shotguns and AK's will run through shooting. Just slo-mo
jump to the side blasting away. Then get ready for the Finale...

Mission 7. FINALE The Great Escape
Objectives: Escape from Triad Goons
Enemies: 2 Triad cars
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Race-away

No we are not digging tunnels and escaping from Nazi POW camps. We are in LA
speeding away in a crappy van from shot-up crazed Triads. This can be quite
hard so just keep taking dodgy corners and shoot a lot. If a Triad car comes
in front of you then Precision Shoot from in the car and blow the gas tank.

Episode - VI House of Wu
Mission 1. Off to Wu's Place
Objectives: Drive to Destination
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

This is another Drive-to mission. Bust a few more perps and if there are any
left, upgrades. The drive should take about five minutes if that.

Mission 2. Up the Food Chain
Objectives: Sneak into Restaurant
Enemies: 6 Triads
         Pistols (Don't use them)
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Stealth

This is another Stealth mission in which you can run about chopping whoever you
see. Watch out at the end though as the waiter throws his tray in the air,
alerting a thug so you have to deal with two people before they can react.

Mission 3. Kitchen Inspection
Objectives: Fight Cooks
Enemies: 5 Triad Chefs
         Knives, axes, Katana's
         Stamina Bar: 4
         1 'Skullman'
         Stamina Bar: 4
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This is a nasty mission. After easily dealing with the initial three cooks,
two more arrive with Katana's. Hmmm. They attack like snakes and are quite
hard to rid yourself of. Then mr. Skullman makes his entrance. He is covered
in what seems to be blood and is literally invulnrable. When you deplete his
stamina bar and perform a finisher he just gets thrown about the room a bit.
No damage taken. At. All. What you have to do is somehow kick him into one
of the ovens, so it explodes setting him on fire. Like I said, nasty....
Use the Jumping Monkey or Dragon Drop Kick to knock him across the room.

Mission 4. Seeking Ancient Wu
Objectives: Locate Ancient Wu
Enemies: Lots of Thugs
         Uzi's, AK's, Shotgun's, Pistols
Items: Medikit x4
Mission Type: Shooting

This is my second most hated level in the entire game. Period. (I don't know
why I said that as I'm not American....) Anyway, you have to navigate your
way through a seemingly endless labyrinth of caves. I haven't been able to
work out how many of each foe there are as I haven't been around all the
caves. There could also be more Medikits. Thanks to MIKE MERRITT for his
info. on the Flashlight (See Weps. secton) as it is quite dark in this

Mission 5. Inner Demons
Enemies: 13 Demons
         1 frickin' goat-Demon
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

Sorry about the swearing but this level is taking the mick. DEMONS in a
crime game. It's not like John Woo directed it is it? (His films are
ace BTW). You start off in a large, circular 'arena' with a moat of lava
surrounding it. Wu is ancient. You find out that he is 'only' 342 years
old. Yep. Anyway, three of these bloody Demons start flying around you.
You can shoot them but it takes about a minute to destroy one. When
they stop they will face you and then fly at you one at a time. When
they stop Precision Aim at the lead Demon and as he flies at you, shoot
him in the eye. One shot kill. The others will go their seperate ways
and then meet up again and the same will happen again. After you destroy
the first three, four more will come. Then six more. After that its
all over. Nearly. A bigger Demon with three eyes and large horns
appears. It somewhat looks like a goat. Now I would suggest shooting at
this normally as when it stops to attack you it doesn't stop for long.
When it does fly at you just roll to the side and it will miss you. It
doesn't take long if you have the Desert Eagles and Hollow Point ammo.

Mission 6. Die, Die my Concubine
Objectives: Fight Wu's Concubines
Enemies: 2 Concubines
         Stamina Bar: 6
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This is a nice, fight some teleporting women that are on fire mission.
Try and stay in the middle as when they are near the edges they
teleport back somewhere. However if you can break one of the chains
that stop you from falling into the lava, then jumping kick them and
they will fall off and burn in the fires of Hell. Anyway,this can be hard as 
the Concubine like blocking. And if you get hit by one of their special 
attacks then you will set on fire.

Mission 7. FINALE Nightmare
Objectives: Shoot Wu's Dragon.
Enemies: 1 friggin DRAGON
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Shooting

Now this mission really is a joke. A Dragon is circling you in a magical pit
of lava. When it pops it head up go into Precision Aim and blow its f***ing
head off. Then, when it starts swimming, shoot it every time its body
appears for extra damage. If you don't shoot it when it pops it's head up
prepare to become roasted. If you do manage to put a few rounds in it's gob
then roll to the side as it lashes out with it tail. Not much else really...

Episode VII - Finding Rocky
Mission 1. In The Driver's Seat
Objectives: Drive To Destination
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Drive-to

Yet another driving mission. Just drive........

Mission 2 - Pressing Raferty
Objectives: Fight Barkeep
Enemies: (Biker) Barkeep
         Stamina Bar: 6
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Fighting

This fighting mission is done without the lights on. There are some 
electricity cables overhead and they can cause nasty health problems if you 
touch them. That doesn't stop you knocking biker dude into them though. The 
barkeep tends to block a lot and then come at you with punches and the odd 
kick. He shouldn't pose that much of a threat.

Mission 3 - On Rafferty's Tail
Objectives: Tail Rafferty
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Tail

Again your tailing Rafferty. This time the cop is racing along like a boy 
racer. Just don't floor it or he'll notice ya. After what seems like ages 
you'll arrive at ye destination.

Mission 4 - Escaping the Feds
Objectives: Escape from Feds
Enemies: 3 FBI cars
         9mm Pistols
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Race-away

This mission is simple. Run. My advice is to take the first right you come 
to as its a straight road. If you go fast enough the FBI boys will go away 
and you'll have finished the mission. You could just blow them away though 
which isnt't exactly hard. Although I suggest you race off into the 
distance - the FBI don't take kindly to Nick's running down one of their 

Mission 5 - Rafferty's Date
Objectives: Tail Rafferty (Again)
Enemies: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
Mission Type: Tail

See the Mission 3 help.

Mission 5 - Eavesdropping
Objectives: Sneak Into Warehouse
Enemies: 9 Grunts
         9mm Pistols (Don't use them)
Items: N/A
Mission Type: Stealth

This stealth mission is a little tricky. The first major obstacle is the two 
barrels. If you do knock into them then just quickly run and attack the 
grunt. The seond bad thing is right near the end there are two guards. They 
can, and probably will see you early so take them out very quickly or with 
the tranquiliser gun.

Mission 6 - FINALE Father's Killer
Objectives: Shoot Rockey's Posse
Enemies: Lots of Grunts
         Shotguns, 9mm Pistols
Items: Medikit x1
Mission Type: Shooting

This is an extremely intense mission. I haven't bene able to count all of 
Rocky's posse yet because there are quite a few. Chang is on a platform 
looking down onto the central area. Lots of goons come from round here so
all you need to do is shoot the barrels to take a bunch out at once. Every
now and again a crane comes past from the left with a grunt on so watch out.
There is another platform directly opposite Nick's where enemies emerge 
from. Also towards the end of the mission a guy comes onto Chang's platform
via the door to the far left. Weapons are severly limited on this mission 
because of the movement  restrictions although the goon that comes through 
the door has a shotgun.

                       /*/5.Shooting Tips/Upgrades\*\
In TC, there is shooting. A lot of shooting. But what makes TC stand out from
the crowd is that you can have two different weapons in each hand and fire
them at the same time, at two different targets! It's great. For example, I
could have an Uzi in one hand and an AK-47 in the other! Plus there are
several slo-mo moves Nick can do like diving forward shooting. In this section
I will list all the weapons I have found and give some info on them, all the
upgrades Nick can get and tactics on how to get them. 

Shooting Tips

When shooting at groups of enemies, especially on the missions, dive around 
a lot. This helps loads because not only are you in bullet time (therefore 
enemy bullets can't hit you) Nick's accuracy raises ten-fold. It also looks
Targeting single opponents should be done in Precision Mode. This also 
initiates bullet time for about 10 seconds. However you can move the 
crosshairs about as if time was normal. Nick fires his gun in bullet time 
though so they will take a second or two to reach the target depending on 
your range. 
Whilst in Precision Mode, if you have the upgrade Nick can hit the enemy in
two areas to incapacitate them in one shot. Aim at the head for an instant 
kill or the arms or legs for a Neutralising shot. Be warned that head shots
are bad for you good cop status whilst Neutrailisng shots are good.
As said before diving is a very useful ability. Nick can dive in four 
different directions. Diving forward, leaping backwards and throwing himself 
to each side. 

First of all though, Nick starts off with two .38 revolvers. There aren't
especially powerful but they will get you through the first two episodes
OK. All of the main weapons Nick can obtain have unlimited ammo which is
quite good. Here is a list of all the main weapons with some info:

.38 Revolvers (Astra Model 960)
Calibre: .38 cartridge
Modes: Semi-Automatic only
Ammo capacity: 6 round cylinder
Stopping Power: Below Average
Type: Revolver

.41 Revolvers (Smith and Wesson 'N' Frame Model 657)
Calibre: .41 cartridge
Modes: Semi-Automatic only
Ammo Capacity: 6 round cylinder
Stopping Power: Average
Type: Revolver

.45 Pistols (Colt .45 Model 1911)
Calibre: .45
Modes: Semi-Automatic only
Ammo Capacity:
Stopping Power: Good
Type: Pistol

.50 Pistols (Desert Eagle)
Calibre: .50 Action Express
Modes: Semi-Automatic only
Ammo Capacity: 12 round magazine/clip
Stopping Power: Great
Type: Pistol

The Desert Eagles are THE best weapons to have. In my opinion the best weapon
combo is a Desert Eagle and an Uzi. Automatic firing and great stopping power
rolled into one. Beauties. Below is a list of all the upgrades that Nick can
get for his base guns.

Weapons Upgrades

To get an upgrade you must have at least 1 Shield. Now on the mini-map look
for a cyan coloured target reticule. These places are usually LAPD's. Hop
inside and start shooting.

1. Dual-Target Aim
This is the first upgrade you can 'purchase' with your shields. It allows Nick
to fire at two different target at once. All you have to do is destroy 10
targets. It's not that hard but the crappy .38 revolvers are a pain. When in
combat if Nick can see two enemies and you are firing, he will try to shoot
both of them. Not bad.

2. Aim Assistance
The second upgrade. Aim Assistance allows Nick to get one-shot kill moves by
either obtaining a Head Shot or a Neutralising Shot. Head shots can be aquired
by going into Precision Mode and when the target turns red, hit R1. However
you will lose a Good Cop point.
Neutralising Shots are hits that end up on the legs and arms. When in PM when
the target turns green and you'll get a Neutralising shot. Only fire at someone
if they are firing at you or you will lose points. I'll explain more about
this in the Good/Bad Cop section. To get this upgrade you have to get 7
Neutralising shots and are only allowed to kill 1 civilian.

3. Fast Reload
This is a god-send when using the .38's. Faster reloading can mean the
difference between life or death if you're not in cover. It erm... makes Nick
reload faster and especially fast when reloading manually.
To get this then you have to detroy 12 Targets while only getting 1 civvie.
Not that much of a challenge.

4. Fast Aim Speed
This allows the target reticule to line up on the enemy faster. This is very
helpful when against multiple foes as you can shoot them faster which means
you have a less chance of being hit and/or killed. It has NO effect
what-so-ever on Precision Mode shots as they are aimed by YOU, the player.

5. Laser Sight
By attaching a Laser Sight to his current main weapons, Nick has a lot more
accuracy then before when using Auto-Aim. When his guns are drawn, the laser
sight automatically appears, even in daylight. When in Precision Mode, you
can see the laser on the target so it can help you out a bit.

6. Flashlight
I have no idea why they put this in. It can blind enemies when they are REALLY
close in Precison Mode and it lights up dark areas. I can't really think of a
dark area in the game where you are allowed to use guns that is in a mission.
If you go someplace dark and get mugged then thats your fault.

I've found out that even when streetlights are on it can be tricky to pull
off Precision Shots and that when you go to meet Ancient Wu it is helpful.
Thanks to MIKE MERRITT for that information.

7. Scope
Used in Precision Mode, the scope gives you a 2x view. Good for getting Head
and Neutralising Shots. It kind of looks good too. When on foot if you're
trying to blow a gas tank then the scope is helpful here too.

8. Top Accuracy
This upgrade gives Nick outstanding accuracy. If someone is holding a hostage
then there is less chance of hitting the hostage etc. etc. Plus if you are
within about 15 metres of someone and start shooting, your bound to hit them
on the first or second shot.

9. Hollow Point Ammunition
This is the last upgrade. Nick must be really storng if he can carry two
Desert Eagles, each laden with enough equipment to make a Swiss Army Knife
obsolete. Anyway HPA is very useful as it expands and contracts and warps
inside a soft target (flesh) so does more damage. Also, if someone you
don't want to shoot is standing right behind the target (cops for example)
then the fragments from the exit wound are less likely to cause death or

Below is a list of weapons that Nick can pick up from dead enemies. To pick
up a weapon, stand over it and press O.

Dropped Weapons

9mm Pistols (USP's, SIG's)
Calibre: 9mm Parabellum
Modes: Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Ammo Capacity: 14 round magazine
Stopping Power: Average

This is a normal 9mm handgun. I'm not sure what model it is as there are so
many pistols like it around. I think it could be a Browning High Power.

This weapon can be found pretty much anywhere. It shows its face on pretty much
every shooting mission and is the most common weapon in street crimes.

.357 Magnum
Calibre: .357 Cartridge
Modes: Semi-Automatic only
Ammo Capacity: 8 round cylinder
Stopping Power: Good

This is pretty powerful weapon and can drop enemies in one shot if hit squarely
in the chest at close rnage. The ammo capacity isn't that good though.

This is a rare weapon, usually found when searching old people. It shows up in a
few missions.

Sub-Machine Guns
Calibre: 9mm Parabellum
Modes: Semi-Full Automatic
Ammo Capacity: 30 round box magazine
Stopping Power: Average-Great

This...weapon...is...the...best! It's only downfall is the power of individual
bullets. But when you hold down R1 their's no stopping you. Most enemies will
die almost right away after you hold R1. The mag has quite 30 rounds in but if
you hold down fire then you'll be empty in seconds! A great combo is an Uzi
and a Desert Eagle. Or double Uzi's. The only problem with Uzi's is when the
bad guys have them. Whenever you see this PICK IT UP!

In most shooting missions you'll find this. Its pretty common actually.

Heckler and Koch MP5K
Calibre: 9mm Parabellum
Modes: Semi-Full Automatic
Ammo Capacity: 30 round box magazine
Stopping Power: Good

This weapon is better than the Uzi in some ways but not as good in others.
The individual bullets are quite a lot damaging but it doesn't fire as fast
as the Uzi. Dual MP5's are quite a nice thought but the ammo doesrun out
pretty fast.

This weapon is only carried by SWAT team. To get the SWAT you must totally
raise the civil unrest meter. But be warned as they won't give up easily.

Assault Rifles
M4 (Carbine version of M16)
Calibre: 5.56mm (Standard NATO rounds)
Modes: Semi/Fully Automatic
Ammo Capacity: 30 round box magazine
Stopping Power: Great

The M4 is a very powerful assault rifle. Unfortunately it's quite a rare
weapon but don't worry as there are other weapons that are more powerful or
better. You will only utilise the M4 a few times in the game so cherish the
moment when Nick kicks it up. You only really have to tap R1 and the enemy
is down.

Calibre: 7.62mm
Modes: Fully Automatic only
Ammo Capacity: 30 round box magazine
Stopping Power: Excellent

Definately the best weapon in the game. It appears in most major firefights
so be on the lookout. It has great stopping power and is fully-automatic so
the bad guys will drop like flys. However you'll run out of ammo before you
can say "Hell hath no fury like Nick Chang pi$$ed off!".

Heckler and Koch G3
Calibre: 7.62mm
Modes: Semi/Automatic
Ammo Capacity: 30 round box magazine
Stopping Power: Excellent

This is a cross between the AK and the M4. Combining ace stopping power with
great accuracy and semi-automatic fire mode the HK G3 is a good weapon. I have
only found this on Random Crimes when you get the mercenary's driving about. 

There are many shotguns in TC and although they look different they are all
virtually the same. There is no way I can differentiate whether one shotgung
is a 10 or 12 bore. So:

Calibre: ?????
Modes: Some are semi whilst others (like the Spas-12) are automatic
Ammo Capacity: Average is about 7
Stopping Power: Excellent (close range), below average (long range)

Grenade Launcher
Calibre: 40mm
Modes: Semi-automatic only
Ammo Capacity: 7
Stopping Power: Excellent

Holy shit! A grenade launcher you say? Yes, a grenade launcher. I have only
found this beast once whilst frisking someone. 7 shots of Hell. There is a
small time delay before the 'nade explodes though. Plus its an indirect-fire
weapon which means you have to aim higher than your target for it to hit.
The explosion is a little small but it can take out groups of enemies. Have 
fun. Precision aiming. Have fun.

                        /*/6.Fighting Tips/Upgrades\*\
Whilst wandering the streets of LA, or sneaking around a psycho's lair, you
may have use your Kung Fu magic to beat the bad guys. The controls are a bit
like wrestling. Triangle does this and square does that etc. There are three
main attacks - the low kick, punch and jump kick. All of these are good if
used in the right situation. Also, you can block with L2. I hate grappling.
I've tried mastering it but to no avail. I am OK at it though. Anyway, you
can grapple with opponents and use a grapple move to inflict pain like
they've never seen before. No this is True Crime not WWE!

                        /*/7.Driving Tips/Upgrades\*\
Not Started

                            /*/8.Random Crimes\*\
Whilst on a Drive-to mission or Bonus Cruisin', crimes will appear on your
scanner with a brief message on whats happening. They range from Illegal
Street Races, to Armed Muggings, to Depressed Postmen! If you go to a crime
scene then its up to you how to go about solving it.
If you want to you can ignore random crimes and get on with missions but
they are quite fun.

Here is a list of all crimes I've seen (in alphabetical order):

Diseased Hooker (Thx Paolo)
Disgruntled postman/nurse etc.
Drink Driver
Drug Dealers
Gang Firefights
Girlfriend Brawl!
Hooker Turf Wars
Husband and wife fights
Illegal street racing
Mafia hitmen
Murder Suspects
Mugging (Armed)
Pimps working
Policemen in need of assistance
Prostitutes working
Reported Disturbance
'Rocky's Goons are Back' - Mission only I think. (Thx RadeskRat)
Rooster Fighting (Thx Paolo)
Street Fights
Stolen Ambulance/Car/Coach etc.

If there are any more then please let me know and I will add them here.
By successfully closing a random crime you will get either Good Cop points
or Bad Cop ones depending on how you did it. You will always get Shield

                         /*/9.Good Cop/Bad Cop Hints\*\
In True Crime, Nick can be whatever he wants. He can go in guns blazing, 
killing the bad guys and causing casulties for civilians too. Or he can go 
for the more orthadox approach and disamr evil-doers by hand. 
On the bottom left of the screen there are two gauges. The one on the left 
(with the Yin-Yang symbol) is your Good/Bad cop status. If the numbers are 
in green then Nick is currently a good cop. If they are in red then he's a 
bad boy. The one on the right (with the [police badge) represents how many 
badges Nick has. The badges are used to try and obtain all the skills in 
shooting, driving and fighting. 

Being a Good Cop
To be a good cop Nick has to do several things. First when on stealth 
missions, only use the [] attack. This will raise your Good Cop rating by 1.
Lethal attacks will decrease it.
When disarming a thug on the street, don't shoot him unless he is shooting 
at you and make sure you get a Neutralising shot (limbs, when crosshairs go 
If a bad boy doesn't have a gun then go into Tekken mode and beat ten bells 
of crap out of him/her. 
When chasing goons in a car, don't blow the gas tank. Shoot up the vehicle 
until they get out and then beat them to the ground.
Always remember to not get headshots, drive carefully and always 'cuff 
unconsious perpertrators - this nets you an extra 10 badge points.*

*When doing good deeds Nick gets points. When he gets 100 points then he 
gets a badge/shield. These shields can be used to enter the training areas 
located all over LA.

Being a Bad Cop
To be a bad cop, Nick has to do things very messy. Stealth missions 
always hurt for the bad guy when Nick breaks their neck with 'O'. This 
will decrease your good cop rating.
When disarming a thug, always shoot him, preferably a head shot regardless 
of whether he/she has a handbag or a chaingun.
Shoot predestrians for fun.
When chasing cars always blow the gas tank. If this doesn't kill the 
occupant then shoot them between the lights.
Never fight. If you go into fight mode then back off and pull ye guns out.
Always remember to get headshots, drive dangerously, and kill and main 

BE WARNED HOWEVER! As for every bad deed you do, the civil unrest meter 
(the bar in the middle of the Good/Bad cop gauges rises. And when it gets 
to the halfway mark, either: a) SWAT team will get you, b) ruthless gang 
members will get you or finally c) predestrians will get you. (Yes I meant 
to put the 'R' in). Either way, someone will get you. Big time.

Well thats it. We'ce come to the end. I will constantly add more to this FAQ
until I feel its finished and then I will still add new stuff here and there.
Remember if you have any questions or comments then e-mail me. If you do,
please state the name of the game in message title.

I would like to thank GameFAQs for having an ace site that I go on every day.
It's brill.

I would like to thank Activision for doing the game.

I would like to thank Sony for making a great console.

I would like to thank the following bands for their music while I worked on
this: Linkin Park, The Darkness, Avril Lavigne, Motorhead, D12, 

And I would like to thank my mum for having me :)

Mike Merritt for some infomation about the Flashlight and times when its

Paolo Smithini for some Random Crimes information.

"RadeksRat" for some information on Random Crimes.

I would like to thank the following people for information on what the .45
gun is:

Christopher Lin
Paolo Smithini
Garry Hutton

                                     The End