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by Mike Kimball 
Version 1.30, February 11, 2005 
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About This Guide 
Notes on This Revision 
Brief Street Guide 
The Landmarks 
 Section 1: Downtown 
 Section 2: Hancock Park and Central Hollywood 
 Section 3: Hollywood 
 Section 4: West Hollywood 
 Section 5: Beverly Hills 
 Section 6: Bel Air and Westwood 
 Section 7: Century City and Culver City 
 Section 8: Beach Areas 
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I don't plan to revise this guide further since it's a bit out of date, however
if a future game version has similar map accuracy of LA then maybe I'll revisit
and make a current release of this material.

I've decided to remove my email since all it gets anymore is junk.  For those
who are actually still reading this, please accept my humble thanks and warm
About This Guide 
After playing True Crime for a day or two, I came to view it as a wonderful 
simulation of LA in which you can drive around looking at the astoundingly vast 
240 square miles of scenery, steal from an impressive array of cars, and wreck 
stuff.  You have to hand it to Activision in this aspect because let's face it: 
True Crime's story and playability are not its most spellbinding attributes. 
I visit for game FAQs and maps, and I particularly enjoy the 
ones by Scott MacDowall and Dark52 on GTA III & Vice City.  The one True Crime 
FAQ I hoped for above all was a sightseeing guide (preferably written by 
someone who lived there), but no such guide was available at the time. 
So here is my little project after a few dozen hours of driving around, 
examining maps, searching the internet, and destroying countless stolen cars.  
I visit the LA area at least once a year and I had a great time creating this.  
I hope you will find it enjoyable and useful. 
Notes on This Revision 
Many people have sent me kind messages with suggestions and tips to include 
(for which I am very grateful).  I wish I had the time to add them all to this 
version - alas, I do not, but hope to in the next revision. 
Since writing the first version I have been back to Hollywood and Beverly 
Hills, which was a tremendous experience unlike any previous visits (stayed at 
Le Meridien, met Vince Neil, got endorsed by ESP guitars, played a sold-out 
show with GWAR and All That Remains at Key Club - altogether a pretty good 
day).  I'm sure it helped inspire and motivate me to revise this guide. 
This revision primarily addresses the Hollywood Sign, LAX, and the two 
"unidentified" churches, plus a few new locations and tweaks I've been adding 
here and there.  Also, I have reordered the first section of landmarks to have 
a more logical path and starting point. 
Two things generally occupy my time playing this game.  One is playing in Bad 
Cop mode: Deliberately running over pedestrians and driving the civil unrest 
thermometer to critical, causing the excitement of fleeing and eluding (or even 
attacking and defeating) angry pimps 'n' hoes, vengeful mobsters, or the 
S.W.A.T. ("you're screwed!"), until numerous collisions and gunshots send me to 
the hospital.  When I'm not doing that, I'm busy driving around at high speed, 
looking at landmarks throughout True Crime's gigantic map area (come to think 
of it, this also usually results in a Bad Cop rating). 
This is not an exhaustive listing of every landmark in the game (I definitely 
skipped a few out of boredom, the game's generic treatment, or the limitations 
of the camera).  This is more like a journal of places with which I have some 
familiarity.  I encourage you to search the internet for more information on 
places that interest you, or visit in person if you are able. 
True Crime's approximate map corners are PCH at Sunset Blvd in Pacific 
Palisades, Ocean Front at Via Marina in Marina del Rey, Alameda at 41st St 
Downtown, and Lambeth at Griffith Park in Los Feliz.  Naturally some addresses 
are outside the limits of the map (including the LA Coliseum and Mulholland 
Drive), while some are right on the edge (e.g. the Hollywood Bowl) - you can 
get there briefly before being ejected, but instead of the landmark you 
expected you find a lot of flickering empty grass (The Thirteenth Floor, 
You may notice a selectiveness about the coverage of some other landmarks.  
I'll venture a guess that legal issues are the reason for generic tenement in 
place of many famous landmarks (the Coca Cola building, Tower Records, the Riot 
House, the Playboy Mansion, etc).  Some places even appear to have been 
initially programmed into the game but later barracaded off, as they still show 
traces (like planes flying in and out of LAX).   
Brief Street Guide 
These are some main roads that are helpful for determining position on the city 
map.  Most of these are represented by the thickest bright white lines.  Keep 
in mind that while most of these remain in the order they are shown, some do 
not (consider the change in latitude between Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire 
Blvd as they move west, crossing each other in Beverly Hills, then remaining 
almost parallel in Santa Monica; or the pair of arcs of San Vicente - one in 
Santa Monica and one in West Hollywood). 
Major East-West streets (sorted from north to south): 
Hollywood Blvd - above Sunset in Hollywood 
Sunset Blvd - Chinatown to Los Feliz to Pacific Palisades 
San Vicente - west of 405, arc off Wilshire to Ocean 
Santa Monica Blvd - line above "Hollywood", Los Feliz to Santa Monica 
Melrose Ave - mainly in Hollywood (not visible on city map) 
Beverly Blvd - rough equal of 1st, I-110 to Beverly Hills 
Wilshire Blvd - rough equal of 7th, I-110 to Santa Monica 
Olympic Blvd - rough equal of 10th, Downtown to Santa Monica 
Pico Blvd - rough equal of 13th, Downtown to Santa Monica 
Ocean Park - above the "V" in "Venice", I-10 to Ocean Front 
Palms - Culver City to Venice (runs south of the airport) 
Venice Blvd - rough equal to 16th, Downtown to Ocean Front 
Washington Blvd - north of I-10 Downtown, to Ocean Front 
Adams Blvd - rough equal to 26th, Downtown to Culver City 
Jefferson Blvd - rough equal to 31st, Downtown to Culver City 
Exposition Blvd - Downtown to Jefferson Park 
Culver - from Culver City to Marina del Rey 
Major North-South streets (sorted from east to west): 
Los Angeles - Downtown 
Broadway - Downtown 
Figueroa - Downtown inside I-10/110/US-101 
Glendale - at Chinatown heading north 
Rampart - useful from Sunset to Beverly (Chinatown to Korea Town) 
New Hampshire - below the "US-101" sign on the map 
Hobart - Los Feliz to Jefferson Park 
Western - west of Hobart, useful alternative route 
Crenshaw - west of Korea Town, Wilshire to Exposition 
Cahuenga - west of Vine in Hollywood, goes south and becomes Rimpau 
Highland - at the "y" in "Hollywood", Hollywood to Wilshire 
La Brea - western edge of "I-10" sign on map, Hollywood to Jefferson 
Fairfax - at the "H" in "Hancock Park", Hollywood to Jefferson Park 
La Cienega - western edge of Hollywood, Sunset to Jefferson 
San Vicente - arc from Sunset (west of La Cienega) to Venice (west of Crenshaw) 
Robertson - where San Vicente meets Santa Monica, goes south to I-10 
Beverly Glen - between Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Sunset to Pico 
Westwood - east of I-405, Westwood to I-10 
Sepulveda - parallel to I-405 (obscured on city map), Bel Air to 90 
Bundy - at last "a" in "Santa Monica", becomes Centinella at Ocean Park 
Lincoln - from the "S" in Santa Monica (at San Vicente) down to 90 
Ocean - parallel to PCH (thus not visible on city map), ends at Bicknell 
Pacific - equivalent to Ocean, from Ocean Park to Via Marina 
The Landmarks 
Follow the list in order if you like; I tried to design a path that seemed 
logical.  My routing advice follows the correct flow of traffic (though I 
disregard that when I play...)  I will give city map locations occasionally for 
If you begin sightseeing with "Driving for Chow" (Episode I - Mission 3), which 
puts you at EOD headquarters on the corner of Broadway and 7th facing south, 
turn right (west) on 7th, then turn left (south) on Flower, then right on 11th 
to Figueroa. 
I wrote this guide using "Driving to Jimmy's" (Episode II - Mission 6), which 
puts you on Figueroa near Venice Blvd, heading north toward the first location 
below (continue for several blocks until you pass Pico). 
Section 1: Downtown 
Staples Center 
1111 S Figueroa St 
Look for the huge sports arena between Venice Blvd and 11th.  I was shocked to 
see this illustrated by name, as few landmarks are in True Crime.  Home of the 
Theaters on Broadway 
Go north on Figueroa from the Staples Center.  Turn right on Olympic and head 
six blocks east.  Turn left on Broadway and keep your eyes open for several 
theaters between 8th and Olympic: 
United Artists Theater, 933 S Broadway.  Broadway between 9th and Olympic, west 
side.  Look for an aqua-blue marquee and three black doors underneath. 
Orpheum Theater, 842 S Broadway. It's the building with the yellow and black 
striped pillars at street level, with a green, white, and red marquee. 
Tower Theater, 802 S Broadway.  Look for the building on the southeast corner 
of 8th and Broadway. 
Millennium Biltmore Hotel 
5th and Olive 
From 8th and Broadway, go west on 8th for two blocks and turn right.  Three 
blocks up on the left is this hotel (across the street from Pershing Square, 
see below).  LA's answer to the Waldorf Astoria.  Look for the big archway 
entrance with pillars on either side. 
Pershing Square 
5th - 6th, Olive - Hill 
Across the street from the Biltmore.  Look for the Purple tower and a lot of 
other artsy structures. 
Westin Bonaventure Hotel 
404 S Figueroa St 
Travel west on 5th from Olive, back to Figueroa, then turn right.  The large 
building on your right (with the flagpoles you can barely see high on the 
walls) is it, a tall building with glass cylindrical towers.  I first saw this 
in the movie Gotcha!, probably Midnight Madness too. 
City Hall 
200 N Spring St 
From Bonaventure continue north on Figueroa then turn right on 4th.  Go east to 
Broadway, then turn left (north) and go to the corner of 1st.  From here you 
should see it diagonally to the right.  The city map will show you just south 
of 101, centered and half-way between "Chinatown" and "Downtown" (and not far 
left of the big green dot for the mission objective).  City Hall is in plenty 
of Los Angeles-based movies, but L.A. Confidential has some of the best second 
unit shots.  Due to the limited camera features of True Crime, you may need to 
find a different location to get a good view of this tall, phallic structure.  
Two blocks west, on Hill St, works for me. 
Union Station 
800 N Alameda St 
From City Hall, go north and turn right on Temple, go east a few blocks, turn 
left on Los Angeles (you should see the flashing green glow for the mission 
here), go north a couple blocks.  Just after you cross US-101, make a right on 
Arcadia.  Look just north of where Arcadia runs into Alameda.  Spanish-styled 
building with a clock tower to one side of the entrance. 
From Union Station, go north on Alameda until it runs into College, go left two 
blocks, go right on Broadway.  Most noticeable are the red arches along the 
west side of Broadway between College and Bernard, and continuing west along 
Pagoda Restaurant 
Look at the NW corner of Broadway and Bernard, north of the previous location.  
I just thought it looked cool.  Couldn't verify if it really exists. 
Section 2: Hancock Park and Central Hollywood 
Next we go to Wilshire and Western, so head south from the Pagoda on Broadway, 
just past Cesar E Chavez there is a US-101 N ramp on your left.  Take 101 north 
to the Vermont St exit, turn left, go south to Wilshire, turn right. 
If you'd rather skip ahead to Section 3: Hollywood, simply continue on US-101 N 
and take the Franklin exit, turn left (west) at Franklin.  Vine is about four 
blocks down, turn left. 
Wiltern Theater 
3790 Wilshire Blvd 
Look for a theater marquee on the SE corner of Wilshire and Western.  The city 
map will show you just above and to the right of the first "o" in "Korea Town". 
Wilshire Country Club 
5900 block of Beverly Blvd 
From the Wiltern, continue west on Wilshire about 14 blocks to Rossmore, turn 
right, go north to Beverly, turn left.  You'll see a very large grassy and 
tree-filled area on both sides of the street.  There are entrances all around 
this thing but that doesn't matter, you can always crash your car through the 
wrought iron anywhere you like. 
La Brea Tarpits 
5801 Wilshire Blvd 
Take Highland south from Beverly back to Wilshire, turn right, go past La Brea. 
Basically it's a big "park" (read: iron fence surrounding grass and trees) on 
Wilshire between Curson and Ogden (east of Fairfax).  "You know, tar actually 
sticks to *some* people." 
Pan Pacific Park 
7600 Beverly Blvd 
From the tarpits, head west a block to Fairfax, then north to 3rd, then east. 
Another trees-and-grass block surrounded by iron fencing, but this one has a 
single house sitting in the middle of the grass, kind of curious.  Bordered by 
Beverly, 3rd, Stanley, and Gardner. 
Melrose Avenue 
From Pan Pacific, head back to Fairfax and go north to Melrose (the city map 
will show you just below the "H" in "Hollywood").  The "shopping strip" is 
roughly between Highland and La Cienega, but don't expect anything accurate 
here - same generic buildings for hand models and t-shirts as elsewhere in the 
game.  Apparently the businesses here are somewhat high-turnover. 
Paramount Pictures 
5555 Melrose Ave 
This is actually a ways east from the shopping strip.  On the city map the 
entry at Bronson is about where the bottom of the "d" is in "Hollywood".  This 
old yet current picture studio is between Van Ness and Gower.  Look for iron 
gates, spanish-styled buildings, and plenty of spacious lot area. 
Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery 
6000 Santa Monica Blvd 
Back-to-back with Paramount Pictures.  Huge area of grass and trees with a 
marble-styled entrance at Bronson.  Along Gower you can actually see headstones 
through the iron fence; the ones along Van Ness are hedged off from the street. 
Section 3: Hollywood 
Head north from the cemetery on Gower, past Sunset, and turn left on Hollywood, 
go about three blocks west to Vine, turn right.  As you go north, the next 
location should pop out from behind the trees. 
Capitol Records 
1750 N Vine St 
The city map will show you just south of 101, centered on the "oo" in 
"Hollywood".  Possibly the most recognizable landmark in Hollywood apart from 
the sign on the hill.  They grabbed the Hollywood and Vine dot-com but it's 
actually nearer the corner of Vine and Yucca.  Ford Fairlane has a hilarious 
sequence that happens here. 
Walk of Fame 
From Capitol Records, go south on Vine and turn right at Hollywood.  This 
twelve-block sidewalk of stars stretches along both sides of Hollywood Blvd 
from Vine to Sycamore.  Not up-to-date, so I have read (currently it also 
occupies a stretch along Vine, and more stars are added each year). 
Warner Theater 
6423 Hollywood Blvd 
From Hollywood and Vine, go west a couple of blocks and look right at the NW 
corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga.  Said to be haunted by the spirit of Sam 
Warner who died just before it was officially opened. 
Hollywood & Highland 
From the Warner, head west on Hollywood about seven blocks.  As the name 
suggests, this massive complex is located at the (NW) corner of Hollywood Blvd 
and Highland Blvd.  Location of the Kodak Theater, home of the Academy Awards. 
Highland First National Building 
This is the curious-looking building with the tower on the NE corner of 
Hollywood and Highland.  Formerly the Southwest Trust & Savings Bank. 
Mann's Chinese Theatre 
6925 Hollywood Blvd 
Look between Highland and La Brea.  This classic landmark is surrounded by the 
Hollywood & Highland project.  "Look, I'm in Hedey Lamar's shoes!" "That's 
El Capitan Theatre 
6838 Hollywood Blvd 
Look across the street from the Hollywood & Highland project. 
Hollywood sign 
From Hollywood and Highland, head west until the boulevard ends (past Fairfax, 
bear right at Laurel), turning right onto Laurel Canyon.  Turn right on Mount 
Olympus, then take your first left to continue on Mount Olympus.  This famous 
landmark will pop up a few blocks north, behind some trees on your right.  The 
city map will show you near the northern edge of the map, in the light grey 
loop above Crescent Heights and Fairfax (the two thick streets on the western 
edge of Hollywood). It's easier to see at night because of searchlights.   
Section 4: West Hollywood 
From the sign, come back down to Hollywood Blvd, turn left (east), then turn 
right (south) on Fairfax, then turn left on Sunset Blvd and head east a few 
Nightmare on Elm Street 
The actual house is off Sunset on Genesee.  I thought this would have been 
extremely clever to show or at least hint at, but alas, the whole area between 
Gardner and Fairfax is pretty generic.  Very cool to see in person, but please 
be respectful and considerate and do not disturb this real private residence. 
Sunset Strip 
This stretch of Sunset Blvd lies between Crescent Heights and Doheny.  The spot 
you head to depends on whether you want dancing, comedy, or live music.  In the 
game you won't see any of these venues, unfortunately. 
Sunset Plaza 
This section of the Sunset Strip is between La Cienega and San Vicente.  Great 
people-watching place if you enjoy spotting actors, or wannabe supermodels.  In 
the game the main recognizable section is from Alta Loma to Palm. 
Pacific Design Center 
8687 Melrose Ave 
From Sunset Plaza, head south on Palm to Santa Monica, turn right and go one 
block west, turn left on San Vicente.  Aka "The Blue Whale", look for a large, 
blue, glass building on the corner of Melrose and San Vicente. 
Flynt Publications 
A bit of a drive out of the way but interesting; head south along San Vicente 
from the Blue Whale.  Watch out for the tricky interchange crossing onto La 
Cienega where you want to continue south to the southeast corner of La Cienega 
and Wilshire.  Look for the little cylindrical aquablue glass towers surrounded 
in palm trees.  Formerly Great Western Savings building, the actual location 
has a statue of John Wayne on a horse in front. 
Wilshire Theater 
8440 Wilshire Blvd 
This theater is on the corner of Wilshire and Hamilton, just one block east of 
Flynt Publications. 
Section 5: Beverly Hills 
Head back up San Vicente to Santa Monica and turn left.  Go west past Doheny to 
see the next location. 
Beverly Gardens Park 
This area extends quite a ways along the north side of Santa Monica Blvd 
roughly between Doheny and Wilshire.  In the game you will first notice 
something at Foothill Rd, which is just on top of the "H" in "Beverly Hills" on 
the city map.   
Beverly Hills City Hall 
455 N. Rexford Dr 
Find the southern corner of Santa Monica and Rexford, just inside Beverly 
Hills, between Palm and Beverly.  City Hall is actually nicer to look at from 
Crescent (one block west, below the "y" in "Beverly Hills" on the city map).  
Seen in Beverly Hills Cop.  "This is NICE." 
Will Rogers Park  
From BH City Hall, head two blocks west on Santa Monica, turn right on Beverly 
Dr, go north to Sunset (the game will actually list Crescent as the cross 
street here).  The park stretches a short ways west to Benedict Canyon, by 
Rodeo.  It's not much more than trees and grass, with a few planters in front 
(missing the fountain).  Home of the bathroom where George Michael got busted. 
Beverly Hills Hotel 
9641 Sunset Blvd 
It's on the corner of Sunset & Rodeo, across the street from Will Rogers Park.  
Look for big spanish building with an iron gateway (trying not to be 
disappointed that the same kind of building repeats itself a few times further 
west along Sunset). 
Rodeo Drive 
From BH Hotel, head south on Rodeo.  The section you're looking for is between 
Santa Monica and Wilshire.  Again, you won't see any of the real restaurants or 
shops in this area (and Via Rodeo was omitted) but the street itself is 
recognizable at least in the median.  "You work on commission, right?  Big 
mistake.  HUGE." 
Los Angeles Country Club 
10101 Wilshire Blvd 
Head west on Wilshire from Rodeo (notice that Wilshire and Santa Monica cross 
each other - west of BH they continue reversed in latitude).  As you pass 
Whittier you'll see the hedge on both sides of the street.  Look for an opening 
to your right (on the city map this is just below and to the right of the "B" 
in "Beverly Hills").  Turn in here and head north - you'll see some 
cool-looking buildings to accent a lot of grass, trees, and a huge parking lot. 
Section 6: Bel Air and Westwood 
From the country club, head west on Wilshire past Beverly Glen. 
Westwood Memorial Park 
1218 Glendon Ave 
Glendon is three blocks west of Overland, one block east of Westwood, but isn't 
a continuous street.  Go west on Wilshire, turn left (south) on Westwood, then 
left at Wellworth.  Go a block east, and look where Glendon runs into 
Wellworth.  The big (you guessed it) lawn and trees surrounded by an iron 
fence, this is it.  Resting place of Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Stratten, and 
Frank Zappa to name a few. 
Westwood Dome building 
Corner of Westwood and Kincross 
Go back up to Wilshire, turn left (west) and go one block to Westwood, turn 
right, go north a few blocks and as you approach Kincross, you should see this 
building in front of you.  Another street that meets here is Broxton.  Cool 
little building on a triangle corner. 
405 Hilgard Ave 
From the Dome, continue north on Westwood until you run into the barracade (you 
should be covering the "W" in "Westwood" on the city map).  Hilgard is about 
two blocks east of there, if you want to explore.  The campus is roughly 
bounded by Sunset, Gayley, Wilshire, and Hilgard.  This gigantic location is 
barracaded off.  I didn't try the trick of using a car as a step ladder - the 
area is too large for my patience with foot travel.  The view along Veteran off 
Sunset is pretty cool. 
Holiday Inn Brentwood 
170 N Church Ln 
If you find yourself driving around UCLA, try looking for a big building (the 
size of capital records, similar shape) north of Sunset just west of 405.  This 
hotel is located near the Santa Monica mountains - considered the gateway to 
Brentwood and Bel Air. 
Geffen Playhouse 
10886 Le Conte Ave 
From the barracaded dead end on Westwood at UCLA, go back south to Le Conte and 
head east half a block.  They snuck this in between a supermarket and a nudie 
Westwood Hills Christian Church 
10808 Le Conte Ave 
Continue east on Le Conte and look for the church at Leconte and Tiverton (also 
Fox Village Theatre 
945 Broxton Ave 
Go west again on Le Conte, left on Westwood, then right on Weyburn.  Look for 
the tall spire at Weyburn and Broxton (NW), with the theater marquee (reads 
"True Crime").  Many films are still premiered here. 
Mann's Bruin 
948 Broxton Ave 
Clever pun.  Look for another cool-looking marquee (reads "The Panda Crisis") 
at Weyburn and Broxton (NE) across from Fox Theatre. 
Los Angeles National Cemetery 
950 S Sepulveda Blvd 
Go west on Weyburn from Mann's Bruin and you'll run into this huge cemetery.  
You can see row after row of headstones in this one.  Bordered by Veteran, 
Levering, Sepulveda, and Wilshire. 
Section 7: Century City and Culver City 
Head back east to Wilshire and Westwood, then turn south. 
Los Angeles Mormon Temple 
10777 Santa Monica Blvd 
Technically this place is in Westwood but it's easier to include here.  Going 
south on Westwood from Wilshire, turn left on Santa Monica.  You should see the 
temple about four blocks down on your left.  This large landmark is just north 
of where Overland dead-ends into Santa Monica.  Look for the greyish-white 
symmetrical building with two domes and two pointy towers. 
Westside Pavilion 
Go west on Santa Monica to Westwood again and turn left.  Drive south along 
Westwood to Pico and you'll see this huge thing.  Stretches several blocks east 
(to Overland).  I know nothing about it but it caught my attention while 
driving past; looks really interesting. 
Hillcrest Country Club 
Continue east along Pico into Cheviot Hills.  Look south as you pass Patricia, 
you should see spanish buildings and your typical grass, trees, and iron fence 
kind of area.  There is a big fountain in front at Avenue of the Stars and 
20th Century Fox Studios 
10201 W Pico Blvd 
Look across the street from Hillcrest CC, west of Avenue of the Stars on Pico.  
Could be the big empty parking lot behind the trees... 
MGM Studios 
10202 Washington Blvd 
From 20th Century Fox, head west on Pico, past Beverly Glen about four blocks, 
turn left on Overland, go south to Washington.  Look from Overland east to 
Madison.  You should be able to see some studio hangar-shaped buildings.  My 
accuracy meter isn't going woo-woo-woo but there is something recognizable at 
the address. 
St. Augustine Catholic Church 
3850 Jasmine Ave 
Look for this across the street from MGM, on the northeast corner of Washington 
and Jasmine (one block west of Madison).  The city map will show you just above 
the "v" in "Culver City". 
Los Angeles River 
From MGM head east on Washington, turn right (south) on Duquesne, and you will 
cross the river just after you pass Farragut (the street on the south side is 
Jefferson).  The game map will show you nearly covering the "r" in "Culver 
City".  This actually starts near Venice Blvd at Cochrane, continues along 
Venice Blvd until turning south near La Cienega, goes along Jefferson, then 
eventually goes along 90, finally dumping into the water at Marina del Rey. 
Section 8: Beach Areas 
Go back north on Duquesne a few blocks, turn left at Culver, go southwest past 
Sepulveda and turn left on Sawtelle.  Just past Barman is a small street called 
Braddock, turn right and go under 405 to the stop sign.  The ramp is to your 
left.  Take 405 south to 90 (Marina Fwy) west, take 90 until it ends at 
Lincoln.  Turn left, go south to Fiji, turn right. 
Fisherman's Village 
At the end of Fiji Way 
Fiji will head west for a ways, passing two sections of colorful sails before 
bending south.  Continue to the end (circle) of Fiji and look for the 
collection of glass buildings.  Good restaurants here. 
Marina del Rey 
The largest man-made marina is a must-see.  Head back up Fiji from Fisherman's 
Village, check out the sails if you haven't already.  Continue east on Fiji to 
Admiralty and turn left.  Admiralty kind of bends west as it goes north and the 
dead-end streets along the way (Mindanao, Bali, Promenade) are interesting to 
explore.  There are tons of sailboats along Palowan.  Continue to Via Marina, 
and turn left again.  Go south on Via Marina and keep looking left for the 
marina and sailboats (Panay, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora).  Via Marina takes a 
sharp right at Channel (if you keep going you'll land in the water and be 
recovered to the street) and ends a block west at Via Dolce. 
Ocean Front Walk 
This is the one spot where I'm going to tell you to do something naughty 
(traffic-wise) in the game, because otherwise it would be a real PITA to get to 
the beach from here (since Pacific is basically separated from where you are 
now and Washington is ten lifeguard stations away).  Continue west along Via 
Marina straight toward the beach, going against traffic, until you reach Ocean 
Front.  Turn right and head north.  This is the path that runs along the beach, 
it is the most western pavement running north-south.  It goes all the way up to 
Pacific Palisades. 
Canals in Marina del Rey 
Take your route of choice (Ocean Front or Pacific) north to Washington and turn 
right (east).  Just east of Pacific, you can see the bottom of the canal.  Go 
back to Pacific and continue north to Venice and make a right.  Here you should 
see the top of the canal and have access to the series of canals in place of 
many east-west streets between Washington and Venice.  Try going really fast 
down Dell (the humps in the road over the canal tracks give you some good air 
time).  The end of the channel can be seen from the diagonal sidewalk off Via 
Dolce just north of Roma Ct. 
Venice Beach 
Take Venice Blvd west back to the beach and head north.  This is one of my 
favorite starting places to go rollerblading (although Newport is nice as 
well).  I was kind of disappointed that Muscle Beach wasn't there.  The 
pavement is pretty accurate but there were a lot of missing landmarks, with 
rows of generic buildings in their place. 
Santa Monica Airport 
This municipal airfield lies west of Centinella and National (roughly bounded 
by Centinella, Airport, 23rd, and Ocean Park).  From Venice beach, take Ocean 
Park east (make a right at 28th and go to the dead end to see the tower).  The 
airport is all barracaded off.  The "Airport" sign is visible on a building 
along Airport just west of Centinella (first right to the south from Centinella 
and National). 
Santa Monica Pier 
Colorado & Ocean 
From the airport, head west on Ocean Park to Main, turn right and head north to 
Pico, turn left, go a block west and make a right on Ocean, the pier is a few 
blocks north on your left.  Very cool that this is actually there and named.  
However, it's double road-blocked, so you can't really interact with anything 
on the pier itself.  There is a nice view of the pier from the beach at Ocean 
Front Walk and Seaside Terrace (one block south of the pier sign), or north of 
the sign at Ocean and Broadway.  You can also reach the beach from the parking 
lots off PCH (Route 1). 
3rd Street Promenade 
From Santa Monica Pier, go north on Ocean, make a right on Broadway, go past 
2nd and look to your left.  Runs between Wilshire and Broadway, with "The Mall" 
across the street (Broadway to Colorado, 2nd to 4th).  Cool place to go 
shopping but once again the game doesn't name names here. 
Pacific Coast Highway (CA Route 1) 
Head back to Ocean and go north - at the corner of California, turn left onto 
California Incline, this goes straight down to PCH.  In True Crime this scenic 
byway stretches along the coast from the end of Sunset Blvd in Pacific 
Palisades down to where it joins I-10 in Santa Monica near the pier.   
Locations Not Found 
Unless otherwise noted, these are all reachable by address but the landmark 
isn't there.  "Edge of map" means that you can bust in but you will find a big 
empty green field, which will recover your car to the nearest street if you 
don't keep moving (and sometimes even if you do). 
Griffith Park and Observatory (off the map) 
Universal Studios (off the map) 
Stimson House, 2421 S. Figueroa St, Downtown 
Any of the churches on Adams St, Downtown 
Olvera Street, Downtown (or anything else in the Plaza area) 
First Presbyterian Church, 1760 N Gower, Hollywood 
Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood 
Wilshire United Methodist Church, 4350 Wilshire Blvd (it's Low Pan Lasik) 
El Rey Theater - 5515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 
Formosa Cafe / Warner Studio, 7156/7160 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood 
Melrose Place (North off Melrose and La Cienega) 
Ebell Theater, 4401 W 8th Street, Los Angeles 
Getty House, 605 S Irving Blvd, Los Angeles 
Greystone Park, 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills (edge of map) 
Beverly Hills Sign (Santa Monica Blvd at Moreno Dr, Beverly Hills) 
Coldwater Canyon Park / Franklin Canyon Reservoir, Beverly Hills (edge of map) 
Bel Air Country Club, 10768 Bellagio Rd, Bel Air (edge of map) 
Villa Aurora, 520 Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades 
Manhattan Beach State Pier (off the map) 
Additional acknowledgements with version 1.3: Simon, who was the first person 
to email me with the location of the Hollywood Sign, and Paul Rudoff 
( who made many helpful suggestions (some of which I was able 
to work into this update). 
Tremendous thanks to these web sites for helpful info about locations, 
interesting stories, or pretty pictures:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
Monumental thanks to, for giving me useful results even to my 
queries about places whose names I didn't know; and, for 
continually helping me to notice and pinpoint even locations I've never seen in 
Thanks also to my pal Carlos Moreno Jr., who originally showed me around many 
parts of LA and continues to do so whenever I visit. 
Thanks for reading!