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"Raw is War is proved here"

This game is absolutely awesome. It makes perfect use of the XBOX harddrive and it's space. The graphics are awesome.

This is a major step up from the Original Raw for the XBOX. There is only one major glitch and that is that the opponent will keep on pinning you at least 10 times in a row but if you are good enough, you will not ever be pinned.

While this does not have as much moves as The Smackdown series, it has some more unique moves such as dives from the cell and more diving moves. It also has all the moves unlocked from the start which is a very good idea for the game.

This game has one of the best rosters in the history of wrestling games. With 64 playable characters and 64 spaces for Caw's, you are never going to be without someone to play with. Each of the in game people have authentic models, entrances and moves. Triple H's awesome has so much colours in it, all at the correct times.

You are also able to modify the attires and moves of the in game wrestlers which is a nice feature because you can keep the wrestlers in the game up to date completely.

This game also makes use of the fact that you can rip songs to your XBOX hard drive. If the track is on the XBOX, you can use it in the game. This means that the wrestlers who do not have authentic themes can have them just by editing the entrance.

Create a entrance is really indepth. It has the aforementioned music but you can also make your own titantron, select 2 pyros and set the times, select moves and set the lights. This is the most indepth entrance creator ever in the history of wrestling games. Every single thing is customisable.

This game is missing some people, people like Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli who are the FBI and Chuck Palumbo (Fellow FBI member) is in the game so it does not make sense that Nunzio and Stambolli are not in the game.

The Create a wrestler mode is awesome but you do not get that much options. It is very basic but it does look good when it is done. You can then set the moves from a choice of about 900+ moves. Then, you can set attributes such as Strength, Speed, Recovery speed, Finisher Build up, charisma and select what personality you have. Then you can select a Call name and hometown for the wrestler and assign weight and voice.

Some big names in the game are Hulk Hogan, The Rock, The Undertaker and Kane. Despite The back of the cover showing that Kane was unmasked, Kane is masked in this game. This game also has loads of divas, about 13 or so which is about how much Diva's were in the WWE at the time.

The season mode is very good. Before each week starts, we can select what we do at each one. We can steal stuff from other wrestlers which can unlock movies in theatre mode as well as other costumes, we can attack wrestlers, respect them, call out wrestlers, make friends with them and so much more. But there is not that much variety to it, no backstage cutscenes unless you cause them before the week starts and title shots are random.

There is a theater mode in this. We can unlock wrestlers titantrons and watch them in their entirety here. This is great because you can watch them and listen to music you wish to hear fully.

There is not very many match types though. You get the basic Hell in a cell, tag, single, cage etc but no big ones. Also, there is no 6 person tag which is confusing given that you can have 6 people in the ringside area and the ref. And speaking of the ref, you get to pick from 4 refs, all with different count styles and speeds. But most of the time, they do not even notice when you are pinning.

To get a special in this game, you have to do loads of moves which are not repeats of the move you just done. When it gets red and flashing, grapple and press A+X to unleash a special. This game is unique in the fact that you can do a finisher from any situation. Front grapple, back grapple, front turnbuckle, back turnbuckle and ropes. So you can have up to 5 finishers and you can do 2 before the finisher meter goes back to the start.

This game allows you to do moves off of the cell breaking a table which results in a automatic knockout. You can only do 3 moves though. The Chokeslam, the shove and the punch. And you can do any of your moves to break the top of the cell. All 4 top panels can be broken. To get out of the cell, just irish whip your opponent into the walls a couple of times to make them break.

You can also interfere in entrances which is unique. Just press X and you will do one of 3 things if they are first and one of 3 things if they come out last. But it does not affect how they fight in the game which is a major letdown but I see why because people would just abuse it all the time and get easy wins which is not good.

All the wrestlers look amazing in this game. They are pretty much exact replicas of their real life counterpart. They have similar fighting styles and everything. Only exception is Shawn Michaels who does not have a nip up in the game and he looks like he has been through a waxing machine. But apart from that, they look great.

It has 1 or 2 glitches but if you look past those, this is a really great game to play and I recommend it to anyone. Mainly because of the amazing Create an Entrance feature but also because of the gameplay. This gets a well deserved 10/10 from me.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 10/07/05

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