WTO/ApostleCorp Walkthrough by TheProphet161

Version: Final | Updated: 11/13/05 | Printable Version


a/s/l - 17/M/Oxford (England)


Version History
v1.01 - Started Guide. Added introduction, basic controls, Game Set and Hazard
v1.02 - Added Combat, HUD and biomod sections
v1.03 - Done weapons and started Walkthrough, nearly finished all of seattle.
v1.04 - Finished Settle and started Mako.
v1.05 - Finished Mako and Cairo.
v1.06 - Done Trier.
v1.07 - Antarctica and Cairo done.
v1.08 - Liberty Island done.
v1.09 - Finished Guide

1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Factions
3.0 - Basic Controls
4.0 - Game Set
5.0 - Hazard Icons
6.0 - Combat
	5.1 - Aiming
	5.2 - Damage and Healing
	5.3 - EMP Damage
	5.4 - Ammo
	5.5 - Stealth
	5.6 - Non-Lethal options
	5.7 - Weapon Modifications
7.0 - HUD (heads-up display)
8.0 - List of Biomods
9.0 - Weapons
	9.1 - Melee 
	9.2 - Thrown
	9.3 - Pistol
	9.4 - Two Handed
	9.5 - Heavy
	9.6 - Weapon Mods
10.0 - Walkthrough
	10.1 - Tarsus Acadamy (Seattle) 
	10.2 - Seattle (Both Upper and Lower)
		10.2.1 - Investigate Culture Minister	
		10.2.2 - Eliminate Lawyer
		10.2.3 - investigate VIP area
		10.2.4 - kill Gob-zilla
		10.2.5 - Get a pilot
	10.3 - Mako Ballistics
	10.4 - Cairo
		10.4.1 - Destroy Nassif Greenhouse
		10.4.2 - Investigate Nassif uncle
		10.4.3 - Eavesdrop on Templars
		10.4.4 - Armour Spec in Hanger 24
		10.4.5 - Investigate Tarsus Academy Cairo
		10.4.6 - Interrogate Dr. Nassif
	10.5 - Trier
		10.5.1 - Find Her Holiness
		10.5.2 - Talk to Chairman Dumier
		10.5.3 - Access the ApostleCorp Black Gate Lab
		10.5.4 - Investigate Templar Compound
		10.5.5 - Repair and go through the Black Gate
	10.6 - Antarctica
	10.7 - Cairo Revisited
	10.8 - Liberty Island
11.0 - Characters
12.0 - Hints
13.0 - Credits

1.0 - Introduction
Welcome to this guide for Deus Ex: Invisible War, one of the best games ever
made. It is also one of the hardest due to the constant lack of ammo and
information. This guide was written using the normal difficulty setting, so on 
levels higher than that i have no idea what will happen. you should note that 
I try to play the game as sneakily as possible and try to kill no-one if it can
be helped, so there are alternative ways to each of the routes that I try.

This guide is not to be copied by anyone without my express permission. If you 
want that, simply e-mail me and i will give it to you if you ask nicely. 

2.0 - Factions
WTO - World Trade Organisation, aims to unite humanity in enclaves that are run
by its military.

Order - A religious group preaching a return to nature as it should be, have 
some splinter factions that are connected to the Templars.

Templars - A group of fanatics who are completely opposed to any sort of 

Omar - A group of cyborgs all connected by a single entity that runs through 
them, excellent traders and make common use of the black market.

Illuminati - An age of society that aims to bring the world under the control 
of a group of high powered personnel. Made up by the WTO and the Order.

ApostleCorp - Set up after the Collapse to continue the work that had been 
started by JC Denton, aiming to connect the whole world to the Aquinas AI.

3.0 - Basic Controls
A button - Use/Select/Speak
B button - Cycle Weapon
X button - Inventory Screen
Y button - Jump/Mantle

D-Pad - Cycle Inventory/Mods

Left Thumbstick - Move/Strafe (Click to crouch)
Right Thumbstick - Look/Turn

Left Trigger - Alt-Fire
Right Trigger - Fire/Throw

Black Button - Biomods screen
White Button - Data Vault Screen

(There are several other configurations available, to access these go to the 
control area in the options section from the main menu)

To go up a ladder, simply face it and look up whilst moving forward. Then when 
you reach the top, look ahead and move ahead as normal.

To mantle onto an object, press and hold Y by the object that you wish to climb 

4.0 - Game Set
-Select Game Difficulty

This choice determines how deadly enemies are in-game. the difficulty affects 4 
things, ammo per clip, damage taken by enemies, damage taken by your character 
and ememy accuracy. there are 4 levels of difficulty;

* Easy - Increased damage taken by enemies, decreased enemy accuracy.

* Normal - Base Level.

* Hard - Decreased damage taken by enemies, increased enemy accuracy, decreased 
         ammo recieved from ammo clips.

*Realistic - Increased damage taken by enemies, significantly increased damage
             taken by your character, increased enemy accuracy and decreased
             ammo recieved from clips. 

-Select Interface Colour Scheme

You may select the colour of the HUD for maximum visability. You can change this
at any time during the game from the options list. 

- Select portrait

Select one photo from the six available. This affets both your appearance and 
gender in game. 

5.0 - Hazard Signs

Lightning Bolt - Electrical
4-pointed star - EMP
Skull          - Falling
Flame          - Fire
8-pointed star - Health Leech
Radiation Sign - Radiation
6-pointed star - Biotox

These appear in the centre of the screen when harmful environmental hazards are 

6.0 - Combat
Combat is never the only option at your disposal throughout the game, there are 
nearly always other options. However, if you choose to resort to combat, there 
are several options at your disposal. 

6.1 - Aiming
Before firing at a distant target, take your time to aim properly as you 
increase your chance to hit your enemies. Some weapons, namely the sniper rifle 
and rocket launcher, need more time to hit. 

6.2 - Damage and Healing
When you hit an enemy, the damage done depends on the location - head shots are 
far more effective than body shots, but the head is harder to hit. The damage 
you sustain can be recovered by eating or drinking, or by using a med kit, a 
medbot or the regeneration biomod. Food and drink heal only small amounts of 
health. Medkits can be caried with you and several may be required to heal 
severe wounds. Medbots are able to heal all of your wounds and can be used 
multiple times. The regeneration biomod provides quick healing, but requires 
bioenergy to work.

6.3 - EMP Damage
EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons are much more effective than regular 
weapons against bots and other mechanical targets. In general, EMP doesn't 
affect organic targets.

Due to your nanosystems, you aren't entirely organic and so can be harmed by 
EMP attacks. If you are hit by an EMP attack, you bioenergy is severally 

6.4 - Ammo
All weapons use the sam ammunition, heavier weapons take up more ammo per shot 
than pistols. You can carry up to 10 clips of ammo at any time. Your current 
ammo state is displayted on the HUD. 

Every ranged weapon in the game has a secondary fire mode, activated by the 
left-trigger. These secondary modes range from targeting aids to different 
modes of fire. While some alternative fire modes require no ammo to work, 
others require significantly more ammo than a normal attack. 

6.5 - Stealth
Stealth can be an important tactical consideration. Depending on your style of 
play, it can be as important as or more important than offensive prowess. Sneaky
characters will find that they can avoid combat entirely, while even the most 
trigger happy commandos will find that their survivability is greatly increased
by using stealth to position themselves before an assault. To increase your 
chances of being unnoticed, stick to dimly lit areas and try to avoid line of 
sight with enemies. Several biomods, such as Cloak and Move Silently can be 
used to increase your stealth potential. 

6.6 - Non-Lethal options
There are numerous non-lethal combat options throughout the game/ Sometimes the 
best way to avoid combat is to sneak past altogther, but even if you are engaged
by the enemy you can do so with a non-lethal weapon. Deadly force is always an 
option in this game, never a requirement. 

6.7 - Weapon Modifications
Ranged weapons can be customised with modifications. These devices enhance the 
performance of your weapons in various ways. Once you have acquired a weapon 
mod, go to the inventory screen, selct the weapon you wish to install it on and 
press Y. Then just select the mod and install it. Each weapon can have 2 mods 
installed, but once installed they canot be removed. 

7.0 - HUD (heads-up display)
The HUD is a collection of readouts containing useful information that is 
overlaid on your field of vision. On the top left of the HUD is the Health 
Meter,this curved red bar displays how much health you currently have left. If 
this is emptied, you die. The compass indicates the direction that you are 
currently facing and it can help you find your way around. The lower left 
display shows how much ammo you have left. The bar shows how much ammo is left 
in the current clip, whilst the signs down the left hand side show how many 
clips you have in reserve, upto a maximum of 10. The right hand side of the HUD 
shows the biomods that you have currently installed in each of the slots. To 
activate a biomod, select it with the d-pad and press A. Some biomods are 
passive and require no energy to work. The purple bar in the top right shows 
how much bioenergy that you have left, if that is depleted then no biomods that 
require energy can be used. The toolbelt, on the left handside of the screen 
that had 6 slots, and these slots can be cycled by pressing B and cycling 
through them. Alternatively, use the d-pad to select the item and press A to 
equip it. 

8.0 - List of Biomods 
* Arm

Strength Enhancement - Adds damage to melee attacks. Allows you to lift heavier 
(passive)              objects and carry more items in your inventory. 

Biotox Attack Drone  - Launches a drone armed with a non-lethal biotox weapon. 
(active)               Hovers near you and attacks when you do. Will only    
                       attack organic targets.

Bot Domination       - Allows you to transfer your view to a nearby bot, camera 
(passive)              or turret.

* Cranial

Cloak		     - Renders you invisible to humans and animals. Not 
(active)               effective against cameras, turrets or bots.

Hazard Drone         - Protects you from environmental hazards such as poison 
(active)               and radiation.

Neural Interface     - You can enter computer systems without a password. 
(passive)              important e-mail, key phrases and codes found in a  
                       computer system found in a computer vault get added to 
                       your info bank.

* Eye

Vision Enhancement   - Improves your vision. Provodes low-light enhancement and 
(active)               increased targeting accuracy.

Regeneration         - Rapidly restores lost health. Automatically deactivates 
(active)               when full health is reached.

Spy Drone            - A remote camera and EMP weapon. This drone can be 
(active)               piloted - you can see through the drone's eye and
                       manoeuvre it. the drone can fly vertically, but it has a 
                       fairly low maximum flight altitude. It can launch an EMP 
                       attack, which destroys the drone, over a small area. 

* Leg

Speed Enhancement    - Increases speed and jumping distances. Decreases damage 
(active)               from falls. 

Move Silent          - Reduces the noise made by walking, running or jumping.

Health Leech Drone   - Allows you to heal yourself when in close proximity to a 
(active)               corpse or unconscious body, by breaking down the body's 
                       organic material nanotechnologically.

* Skeletal

Aggressive Defence Drone - Forces incoming missile projectiles to detonate 
(active)                   prematurely. Detonates hurled grenades and 

Thermal Masking          - Renders you less visible to bots and electronic 
(active)                   devices, including cameras and turrets.
Electrostatic Discharge  - Enhances your hand-to-hand attacks with EMP damage.

9.0 - Weapons
9.1 - Melee
Name 	    - Combat Knife
Damage Type - Physical
Description - Heavy, military-style knife useful for slashing.

Name 	    - Crowbar
Damage Type - Physical
Description - Standard warehouse implement, which can be useful as a cudgel.

Name 	    - Energy Blade
Damage Type - Energy
Description - This weapon is the high end of the melee weapon curve. When 
	      inactive, it is a hilt and a dark inert rod. When activated, the 
              rod glows with energy.

Name 	    - Riot Control Baton
Damage Type - Physical
Description - A police baton, use as a cudgel.

Name 	    - Stun Prod
Damage Type - Electrical
Description - Administers an electrical stun attack. The stun prod uses ammo as 
              an energy source.

9.2 - Thrown
Name 	    - Concussion Grenade
Damage Type - Explosive
Description - A basic anti-personnel explosive. Very noisy.

Name 	    - EMP Grenade
Damage Type - EMP
Description - Attacks the control system of robotic units. Temporarily disrupts 
              electronic devices like cameras and temporarily reduces energy 
              weapons to half effect.     

Name 	    - Gas Grenade
Damage Type - Biotox
Description - Emits a cloud of incapacitating gas. Relatively quiet.

Name 	    - Scrambler Grenade
Damage Type - None
Description - Emits a viral electronic transmission that temporarily causes  
              bots to attack their allies and regard enemies as neutrals. Does 
              no physical damage. 

Name 	    - Flash bomb
Damage Type - EMP/Stun
Description - Emits a brilliant flash followed by a temporary illuminating     
              effect. blinds organic units and can cause bots with thermal 
              targeting to lose target lock.

Name 	    - Spiderbomb
Damage Type - EMP/Stun
Description - This 'bomb' will deploy a spiderbot that will attack any nearby   
              enemies with an EMP/Stun blast.

Name 	    - Phosphorous Flare
Damage Type - None
Description - Radiates bright light. Can cause bots with thermal vision to lose
              target locks. Does no physical damage.

Name 	    - Noisemaker
Damage Type - None
Description - When thrown, it emits noise, which can be usd to distract   

9.3 - Pistols
Name 	    - Ballistic Pistol
Damage Type - Ballistic
Alternate Fire - Flashlight
Description - The basic hand-held slug-thrower.

Name 	    - Boltcaster 
Damage Type - Biotox
Alternate Fire - Smart Scope
Description - Rather than a traditional tension-based crossbow, the boltcaster
              accelarates a bolt electromagnetically. the bolt injects a toxin 
              that inflicts a non-lethal poison damage over time.

9.4 - Two Handed
Name 	    - Shotgun
Damage Type - Ballistic
Alternate Fire - Smoke Canister Launcher
Description - Fires an anti-personel blast. 

Name 	    - SMG
Damage Type - Ballistic
Alternate Fire - Flashbang Grenade Launcher
Description - A compact, fully automatic weapon. 

Name 	    - Sniper Rifle
Damage Type - Ballistic
Alternate Fire - Smart Scope
Description - A powerful, extremely accurate distance weapon with a slow refire 

Name 	    - Rail Gun
Damage Type - Ballistc & Energy
Alternate Fire - Fires through Walls
Description - The rail-gun produces a powerful energy beam. In alt-fire mode,  
              it can be fired throguh walls and other solid objects, striking  
              the target without damaging the intervening objects.

9.5 - Heavy
Name 	    - Flame Thrower 
Damage Type - Fire
Alternate Fire - Napalm Globe
Description - Spews liquid fire that sticks to a surface and burns brightly for 

Name 	    - Rocket Launcher 
Damage Type - Explosive
Alternate Fire - Guided Fire
Description - Fires a self-propelling tracking rocket. 

9.6 - Weapon Mods
A variety of weapons mods can be installed on the ballistic pistol, boltcaster,
shotgun, SMG, sniper rifle and rail gun. Not all mods can be installed on all 

Ammo Scavenger - The weapon uses less energy. 

EMP Converter - Adds EMP damage to shots.

Fragmentary Round - Creates a small-radius explosion on impact that inflicts  
                    extra damage.

Glass Destabilizer - Dissolves glass without setting off alarms. note that the  
                     glass destabilizer does not affect unbreakable glass.

Increased damage - Adds more damage per shot.

Increased range - increases shot range.

Refire rate - Weapon fires faster.

Silencer - Weapon sound is dampened.

10.0 - Walkthrough
This walkthrough is based on the fact that I followed the WTO to start with, 
and then follow JC Denton and ApostleCorp once you have revived him. Therefore, 
this walkthrough won't contain any missions that the Order, Templars or the 
Illuminati will give you. There will be missions from the Omar, but these are 
included because they get you a price reduction on their items. I am also 
trying to be as sneaky as possible, so there are always other ways of doing 

10.1 - Tarsus Acadamy (Seattle)
This is where you were moved to after the terroist attack hit Chicago, you and 
all of the other trainees are now based here. you will start in your room. Open 
the box on the floor and read the datacube. Now walk over to the table and 
initiate the conversation with Leila Nassif, the Dirctor of the Tarsus facility 
in Seattle. When that has finished, grab the energy bar off the shelf and go 
out into the kitchen. Open the fridge and get the Soy before leaving the 
apartment. Straight after leaving the apartment, turn left and walk froward. A 
guard will be killed before your eyes, go to the end and talk to the Janitor. 
Then use the nearby intercom to enter Billie's apartment. go in and talk to 
Billie. She gives you the elevator code. Search Billie's fridge for 2 more soy 
and the work top has a loaf of bread, grab them all. Head out of the apartment 
and turn left. Then take the next left and go to the elevator. Use the elevator 
to go to the reception. 

Walk forward and talk to Dr. Nassif who is behind a glass window. Now move down 
the hall and stay on the upper area. First talk to Klara Sparks, and then talk 
to Leo Jankowski who is running around an indoor track. The facility will then 
come under attack, now go out and go down the stairs to the basketball court.  
Move to the area off the back of the court and go to your locker in the back. 
Open your locker to get the equipment and then open the locker on the left for 
the clips and extras. I also used a multitool on the locker to the right of 
yours and get the extra clip and energy cell, you will be needing them. Head 
back to the entrance and you will be told about the Order Seeker outside. You 
then have several options, choose whichever one you want. Then either kill the 
seeker or let the guard do it. If you choose to let the guard do it, hide 
behind the first pillar in the court and wait until the seeker runs into the 
changing area. If you want to do it, wait behind the pillar until the seeker 
is close and then fire multiple head shots. Then move back to where you met the 
other trainees. Where you first met Dr. Nassif, you will now meet Billie, who 
tells you to go back to the apartments. 

Upon exiting the elevator, pick the dead guard up and get the ammo clip from 
underneath him. Then move forwards and talk to the guard. I then entered the 
apartment on the left and gathered all of the items from there. go into the 
bedroom and open the locker. Get those items to and then crawl through the 
passageway to Leo's apartment. Be quiet in here because there is a seeker in 
the corridor outside and the door constantly opens and shuts itself. Get all 
of the items and then leave the apartment, trying to avoid the seeker if 
possible. Then enter your apartment and go through the hole in the wall in your 
bathroom. Get the multitool from the ledge and then go down the ladder. Climb 
up the wall and enter the Biolab.

Upon entering the lab, cross the room and install your implants. I chose these 
for my first set;

1. Regeneration Lv1
2. Cloak Lv1
3. Thermal Masking Lv1 

These are good implants that will help you stay hidden and also enable you to 
heal yourself without needing medpacs. Once you have installed your implants, 
head out of the lab and talk to the scientist. Then get the multitool off the 
shelf along with the soy and open the door. Watch out for the camera and the 
turret, but using the thermal masking, you can walk under it with no problems. 
Head up the stairs and talk to the scientist. Then move to the back of the lab,
grab the multitool, the medkit and the black market biomod canister.

4. Bot Domination Lv1

A useful biomod that allows you to take over certain bots. now leave through 
the grate in the wall behind a barrel by the locker that contained the biomod 
canister. Go through the door and follow the corridor round, use the medbot if 
you need to. Open the door and use Cloak to get through the area un-noticed. Be
sure to get the ammo clip and the multitool. kill the members if your bio-energy
runs out. Then head up the stairs and to the elevator. Talk with Lin-May Chen 
and then leave the Tarsus Academy.  

10.2 - Seattle (Both Upper and Lower)
The first thing you should do once out of the academy is head to the WTO 
Enclave, to get there follow the signs that are on the walls until you come to 
the ticket booth. Now climb into the shaft and follow it round and then wait 
until the guard is walking away from you beore you open the grate and go 
straight into the door on the right. Open the beams with the switch on the 
right and then exit by the way that you entered. Now just walk to the metro and 
off to the WTO terminal. 

Once inside the terminal, talk to the WTO captain and then head up the stairs. 
Go right and talk to Klara Sparks who is behind some glass on the right hand 
side of the corridor. Then cross the corridor and enter the offices. Wait until 
the man in the once on the right has finished talking and has opened the door 
before going in. Get everything and then leave and go to the other office. Talk 
to Chief Morgan to get an assignment.

Mission - Investigate the Culture Minister [10.2.1]

Go back out of the terminal and return to Upper Seattle. Now follow the signs 
to the nightclub and enter Club Vox. The minister is on the ground floor and is 
at the bar. Talk to him and fix him up with the other guy nearby. Then offer to 
become his chamber boy and then go to his apartment to get started. Go in the 
backway through Emerald Suites and then enter the apartment. There is a 
multitool on the shelf behind two paper bags, so get that and then enter the 
apartment proper. Go round to the left, but be careful of the spiderbots that 
lurk in the apartment. Using Thermal Cloaking might be a good idea due to the 
camera that is also in operation. Move around to the far wall and then jump 
over the first line of beams to the central reservation. Then jump over the 
next beams to the stairs. Go up the stairs and hide behind the corner, then 
cross to behind the sofa when the camera is looking away from you. Then finally 
run to the door and open it, close it behind you. Then use a multitool to open 
the secret compartment and read the datacube. Then head out the way that you 
came and go back to the WTO for a new assignment.     

Secondary Mission - Eliminate Lawyer [10.2.2]
You get this mission from the Owner of Club Vox who will let you into the VIP 
area if you do this mission. All it requires is for you to go to the Emerald 
Suites and to kill the Lawyer in Apartment 2226. then report back for the 

Secondary Mission - Investigate VIP area [10.2.3]
You get his mission from NG Resonance in the Club Vox. All you have to do is 
go and do business with the Omar and then report back for the reward, simple.

Secondary Mission - Get Tissue Scan [10.2.4]
To do this, head down to the ground floor and find the door that is hidden from 
plain view in a small inlet. Use a multitool on it and go in. Grab one of the 
boxes on the left and go through the door. Put the box up against the shelves 
on the right hand side and then climb over them to avoid the beams. Get the 
scan, ammo clips and the credits from the room before heading back to the Omar 
for your reward. Buy both the biomod canister and the silencer if you can afford

4. Bot Domination Lv2
4. Bot Domination Lv3

Now with these maximised, you can control most bots. Now head to the WTO air 
terminal for the next assignment, go see Donna Morgan again.

Mission - Get a pilot [10.2.5]
Firstly, you need to head back to Seattle and go to the Inclinator factory. 
Deal with the 3 thugs by using the 50 credit option, it is the best way to keep 
ammo. Now enter the facility and talk to the manager. Now you need to clear out 
the Inclinator. Move the large crate blocking the tunnel in the right hand wall 
and go down. Activate thermal masking for a short while and run past the nearby 
bot and then go into the main area. De-activate the biomod. Go down the stairs 
on the far side of the spill and talk to the man there. Now go back up and 
enter the compartment on the right hand side and talk to the Repair bot. Let 
that go out of the room and it will quickly fix the main bot and it will clear 
the spill up so you can go down the inclinator. Go back to the manager for the 
reward and then go down the Inclinator. Then go across the area and jump into 
the bin and get the multitool. Now head into the slums proper. Head down the 
ramp and enter the Greasel pit. Allow the guard to deactivate your weapons and 
then enter. Heaed through and talk to Sid Black and offer to free his jet for 
him. While you are here, head down to the pit itself and place a bet on the 
fight about to start. Then, when the fight is finished, go and talk to Eddy on 
the far side of the pit. He will tell you to kill another Gob, which is a good 
way to earn some cash.

Secondary Mission - Kill Gobzilla [10.2.6]
To do this, head to the Heron loft apartments in the slums, the entrance is by 
the ramp to the Greasel Pit. From there, follow the path round and then climb 
the ladder when you come to it. Through the first window you should be able to 
see Gob-zilla, so get out your shotgun and a couple of good blasts will kill it.
Now head back to Eddie for the reward. Also, put 500 credits on Snake-eyes for 
some easy credits (1800). 

Mission - Get a pilot [10.2.5]
Returning to your main mission, head back to the Heron Loft apartments and go 
to the top floor and enter Sophia Sax's office. Talk to her and pay off Sid 
Black's debts and then go back to the Greasel Pit to tell him that his jet has 
been freed. Once that is done, you can head back to the landing pad so that you 
can fly with him. Go and talk to him in his jet and he will take you to the 
Mako Ballistics Facility.

10.3 - Mako Ballistics
You begin on the rooftop of Mako Ballistics, so go through the door and down 
the stairs. Open the next door and get everything off the shelves in the room 
and then go down the ladder. As you are going down, activate Cloak and head to 
the right at the bottom. Ignore the gas beams as they won't harm you going down.
Run and jump over the bannister and use 2 multitools to open the door and go in 
and shut the door. You can eliminate the guard now if you want, it will stop 
having to do so later on. Now heaad down the stairs and into Mako Ballistics 

Be careful when you first get inside because there is a guard patrolling nearby.
Peep round the first corner and when the guard has walked away and to the right,
you can go into the gap on the left. Go up the ladder and collect the ammo clip 
and the sniper rifle. then head down and go into the next room on the right when
the guard isn't looking. Now finally when he is walking to where you were 
originally, you can go to the right and go into the underground passage by the 
explosive crate. Grab the multitool and then get out at the far end. Get the 
ammo clip, medpac and multitool from the shelf. Also read the datacube to give 
you the access code to the weapons lab. Now go up the stairs and out the door 
at the top. go into the door on the right and use a multitool on the powerbox. 
This will cut power to the facility and prevent guards from seeing you. However 
cameras can still see you, so be very careful at the top of the stairs and use 
Thermal Masking to prevent the cameras seeing you. Use the keypad and go into 
the corridor, shutting the door behind you. Go along and up the stairs, go into 
the lab at the end. Talk to the scientist and agre to open the case. Get the 
Mag Rail and get out of the lab, the guards won't attack you. Head back to the 
coridor, but there are two guards patrolling below. Instead, jump to the ledge 
opposite which has a pasageway in the wall and go through there. You will need 
to defeat a spiderbot, and the silencer you acquired earlier should help you 
avoid any alarms. Make sure that your bioenergy is full and then activate both 
Cloak and Thermal Masking and drop into the corridor. Run to the right and use 
a multitool to get into the room. Get the datacube which gives you the access 
code for the biolab. Now fill your energy again and activate just Thermal 
Masking this time. Open the door and go to the right and follow the corridor 
round. Grab the multitool off the crtae if you can, but keep going and get to 
the elevator before your energy runs out. Go to the Biolab.

Although I normally try to play the game safe and sneaky, here you need to be 
quick and violent. Activate Cloak and walk upto the first guard and shoot him 
with your shotgun, and then deal with the second one upstairs. Then eliminate 
any scientists who try to run into the second area. If some do succeed, then 
kill everyone so that you can walk in freedom, but be careful of the turret in 
the second area. Head back to the first area and go through the downstairs area 
first. Get the multitool and let the Gray out of its cage. Then search the room 
upstairs, get the ammo clip and anything else that is there. now move into the 
second area and use a concussion mine (secondary function) to blow open the 
container with the biomod canister in it.

1. Regeneration Lv2

Now move into the director's office. Get the energy cell on the floor and the 
medpac on the table. Listen to the message and then head out of the biolab by 
the elevator where you came in.

Activate Thermal Masking for a short time and go through the door opposite the 
elevator. Close the door and deactivate the biomod. Go down the stairs and head 
to Mako Ballistics Exterior. 

Go up the stairs and kill the guard at the top. Go up the ladder quickly 
because the gas will affect you this time and go out of the door at the top. Be 
careful of the final guard, so kill him as well and then talk to Sid. Head for 

10.4 - Cairo

Mission - Destroy Nassif Greenhouse [10.4.1]

Firstly, head out of the hangers and into the arcology. Now go up the ramp to 
the upper level of 110. use the elevator there to go to levels 107-108.

From the elevator head down to level 107 and then use the ramp near the Templar 
recruiting station to get to the elevator to the Medina. Go left at the bottom 
of the second ramp and you will come to the elevator to the Medina. Take it.

Once in the Medina, get your pass scanned and go out of the big gates. Head 
right and you will be confronted by some of the Medina citizens demanding 
breathers. Pay fornthem so as to avoid trouble and head to the greenhouse.

Activate Thermal Masking as soon as you enter and head out into the greenhouse.
Go right immediately and continue through the rooms. In the storeroom (has a 
bot patrolling), go up a ladder on the far side and listen to the recorded 
message. Now you just have to destroy the greenhouse. Head out the door on the 
far side and go up the stairs, use 2 multitools on the gold beams and go 
through the door. The door ahead can be opened so go through, and open the 
locker to get the ammo clips, also by the bed on the left is a datacube. Read 
it to get the codes to shut down the green house. Go along and activate 
Thermal Masking to avoid the camera and use the codes on the terminal at the 
end. Destroy the greenhouse and get out where you came in. Outside, there will 
be a couple of Order seekers who will try to kill you, so eliminate them.

Mission - Investigate Nassif uncle [10.4.2]
To do this, head to the apartments which are in the Northern Medina. On your 
way there, go and talk to Leo who is with some of the Omar. From where you 
start, follow the road round until you come to some stairs. Go up these and you 
will find a trader and Leo. Talk to the trader and Leo for two mission that I 
will cover next. Firstly, head to the apartments. The Nassif apartment is on
the second floor, just follow the signs on the walls. First talk to Nassif and 
then get the ammo clips of the bottom shelf of the shelves by him. then head 
into the back room. Use a multitool on the locker and get the parental code for
Tarsus Academy Cairo. Now head back to the main arcology, via the elevator in 
the Southern Medina.

Secondary Mission - Eavesdrop on Templars [10.4.3]
To do this is very simple, when you exit the elevator and go up the ramp, go to 
the academy behind you. But instead of going in, go to the left and see a 
passageway in the wall. Go through and deactivate the beams, then crawl to the 
end of the tunnel and listen to the Templars' conversation. Mission complete, 
you can now tell Leo when you go back to the Medina. 

Secondary Mission - Armour Spec in Hanger 24 [10.4.4]
To do this missions, you will have to break into the Templar facility on level 
110. Before you enter, go to hanger 23 and use the repair bot to maximise your 
bioenergy. Now head for hanger 24. Open the door and activate both Cloak and 
Thermal Masking. Head to the far side of the compound first and open the 
container to get the power armour spec. Now you can head back to the Medina 
when you have finished everything else. 

Mission - Investigate Tarsus Academy Cairo [10.4.5]
Go to the parental entrance on level 107 and enter through there and use the 
elevator. Talk to the receptionist and then enter the academy proper. Once in, 
go left and then go round the central reservation to where a guard is standing 
outside a room. Talk to her and enter the lab. Kill all of the greasels and get 
the reward from her, then go back into the lab. Get the biomod canister and 
use it.

3. Thermal Masking Lv2

Now head into the shaft at the back of the lab. Go down and you will come out 
in a room with two little girls in it. Talk to Eeva Nassif. Now jump onto the 
cage that is by the left hand wall and get into the wall shaft. Destroy the 2 
spiderbots and go along to the end. Use Bot Domination on the turret and 
destroy the camera on the far wall. Now pick up all of the soad cans and then 
jump down to the ground level. Read the datacube and listen to the message. 
Now  head out of the room by the passage on the right hand side of the room. It 
leads to a common room, where Silas Archer, the Headmaster is. Confront him and 
kill him. Now run down the passageway where you just came from and activate 
Cloak. Now run to the entrance and leave the Academy.

Mission - interrogate Dr. Nassif [10.4.6]
To do this, you will have to fight your way through the Templar infested 
corporate suites. When you first enter, you are met by Klara Sparks who will 
give you a biomod canister.

2. Cloak Lv2

Enter the suites and kill the 3 templars that are waiting. get the ammo clip of 
the reception desk. Now head through into the next area. Attract the attention 
of the guards and toss a couple of concussion grenades in to elin=minate them. 
Kill any stragglers with your Mag Rail or shotgun. Also take out the turret 
with the Mag Rail. Now walk down the corridor and you will come to some green 
gas beams. Walk through them and then go back to the corridor until the gas has 
cleared. That will eliminate any guards in the area along the corridor. Now run 
though the beams and hide in the far corner until the gas has cleared. Once it 
has cleared, collect the ammo from the dead templars and then head back to the 
main corridor. Go down the stairs and eliminate the 2 guards at the bottom. Now 
go into the final area, the lab.

Inside the lab, there are 2 patrolling bots, and it is best to take them out, 
so that Klara isn't hurt by them. Once they are eliminated, go and get the 
biomod canister.  
1. Regeneration Lv3

Now go and talk Dr Nassif, who is at the lower end of the compound. Once she 
has opened the door, interrogate her. Once you have talked to her twice more, 
you can leave and head back to the Medina to tell Leo about the Templar attack. 
You can also see how the info on the power armour has helped them. Once you 
have told Leo about the attack, leave the North Medina and re-enter. They you 
will be able to see how he handled the assault. then you can go to Pequods on 
level 107 and arrange to leave for Trier with Sid. Go to hanger 23 and use the 
pilot beacon. Then go to Trier.

10.5 - Trier
You begin in a square outside the Nine Worlds Tavern, go inside and agree to 
deactivate your weapons. Once inside, go to the right and down the stairs. 
Through the door, turn right and take the door directly ahead of you. Follow 
the passage round and you will come to a room with Tracer Tong in it. However, 
first, Ava Johnson will contact you. Then go and talk to Tracer Tong, he will 
give you a biomod infusion.

2. Cloak Lv3

Then go out of the other door to the room and turn right and go through the 
door on the right. You will come into a bathroom with a multitool on the floor 
to your left. Get it and head out. Use the multitool on the door on the other 
side of the corridor and go in. Get all of the credits and the medpac from the 
desk and then leave the tavern by the way that you came in. Back in the 
streets, head out and then go left down the alleyway. Then head left again at 
the next opportunity and go into the coffeeshop. Then walk to the back of the 
shop and talk to David Kurczec. Now head back to the Tavern, but when you enter
go up the stairs to a small room, rather than going down to the main tavern. In 
there are some of the Omar. Talk to them and buy what you need, but definitely 
get the multitools, always come in handy. Then head out of the Tavern. 

Secondary Mission - Talk to Chairman Dumier [10.5.1]
To get to the WTO station from the tavern, go out and right down another 
alleyway. Follow the alleyway round and then head left by the 2 panzerworks 
workers who are threatening the Order seeker. Go down the next pasageway and 
the WTO station is on the left. Once inside, talk with Vera Maxwell and then go 
through the door behind her. Go forward and through the door on the left, then 
duck to the right and go behind the stairs to get the multitool and some 
credits. Now return to the bottom of the stairs and go up then, going right at 
the top. Go to the room marked 'Observation' and listen to the Chairman and 
Luminon Saman talking. Then once the conversation has finished, go to the room 
marked 'Visitation' and talk with him. He will give you a biomod canister.

3. Thermal Masking Lv3

Now head back out to the Trier Streets. 

Mission - Access the ApostleCorp Black Gate Lab [10.5.2]
Firstly, walk across from the WTO station and enter the Black Gate, this will 
take you to the main area. Talk with the guard and then activate Thermal 
Masking and Cloak. Run around the corner and stick to the left, going to the 
left whenever possible. You will come to a door. Go through and go left and up 
the ladder. There are two guards at the top, kill them and move into the next 
room. Move the boxes and enter the Black Gate facility.

Mission - Find her Holiness [10.5.3]
Out in the corridor ahead is a patrolling gaurd, who you can get by by 
activating Cloak and walking to the left and using a multitool on the door and 
going through. Now get all of the items from the room and go through the grate 
on the wall. Go down and then follow it round to come out in a room with no 
guards. Get all of the items that you need and then climb into the vent shaft 
on the far side of the room, do not go up the ladder as the guard will get you. 
Follow the shaft through and you will come out by a corridor on one of the 
upper levels. Activate Cloak and go left, deactivate the gold beams and go 
through the door. Free her Holiness and leave the Black Gate facility by the 
way that you came in. you will probably still need to activate Cloak and 
Thermal Masking to get through all of the Templars. 

Mission - Investigate Templar Compound [10.5.4]
Head back to the WTO station and talk to Chairman Dumier again, he will give 
you a map of the Templar compound. Now you will need to head to the Tavern and 
talk to Sid Black and he will take you to the Templar Compound area. Meet him 
on the helipad just outside the Tavern, then you are off to the Templar-held 

Go round the corner cautiously and eliminate the guard. the go down the first 
passageway on the right. Jump on the bin and then get onto the ledge. Equip the 
Mag Rail and take out the flame turret around the next corner. Jump onto the 
boxes and activate Cloak. Then jump onto the ledge and kill the 2 guards, then 
take out the guard in the area below you as well. Now jump down and open the 
grate in the floor. Go down and go along quietly. Be careful of the security 
bot that will attack you if it sees you. On the right hand side, there is a 
tunnel that has red beams criss-crossing the entrance. Fortunately, there is a 
gap that you can sneak through in the middle at the bottom. Go through and 
eliminate all of the guards (there are 3). Then search the lockers and get in 
the elevator to go to the compound.

Work your way forward, avoiding the camera, unti you can get directly 
underneath it, then disable it. Now, wait at the door until a guard comes near 
and toss a concussion grenade at them. A couple should get rid of most of the 
guards, leaving either one or killing them all. Now activate Thermal Masking 
and go to the turret in the middle of the church, disable it and go to the 
table at the head of the church. Luminon Saman will talk to you and get the 
datacube by him for the password to his private computer. Use a multitool on 
the door on the right-hand side of the church and go through. Get any items 
that you need and then use the computer to get the module. Now head out by the 
way you came. 

Back in the underground complex, leave via the gap in the beams and go back up 
the ladder, from there go through the gap in the wall behind you and follow the 
path round. Disable the turret and keep going. Go through the beams and kill the
guard. Turn left and go down the passageway. Follow the pathway round and you 
will come to Klara Sparks. Speak to her and then talk to Sid Black and he wil 
drop you off back in the downtown area. When you get back, go speak to Tracer 
Tong again and then head for the bLack Gate once more.

Mission - Repair and go through the Black Gate [10.5.5]
Once back inside the gate, activate Cloak and Thermal Masking and run for the 
secret entrance as before. Once inside, follow the routine as before, but when 
you exit the tunnel, go right instead of left. Find the office to Tracer Tong 
and go inside. Use 3 multitools to open up the cabinet and to get the biomods.

5. Move Silent Lv1
5. Move Silent Lv2
5. Move Silent Lv3

You should now have every slot filled, so there is no need to get anymore 
biomod canisters from anywhere else. Now go through the grate in the wall and 
go up the ladder at the top. Once at the top, take the passageway in the wall 
on the left and follow it to the end. Open the power box and remove the power, 
then go through then rooms to the power box at the back, activate the power and 
return to the bottom of the ladder. Make your way up the stairs and through the
door at the top (using the code from Tong's room). Go to the computer and 
install the module and begin the gate sequence. Go down to the lower level and 
jump into the teleporter. Off to Antarctica. 

10.6 - Antarctica
Get out of the teleporter and talk to the Gray, then get all of the items from 
the room and go down the passageway to the end. At the end of the corridor, go 
out but be careful, there is a large bot patrolling. Activate both Cloak and 
Thermal Masking and run to tent 04, go inside and shut the doors, then 
deactivate the camera and kill all of the guards. Then go into the other room 
and talk to Billie. Activate both Cloak and Thermal Masking again and go out of 
the tent, go left and around the tent to some security cells. release the Gray 
and tell him to go home, then kill the patrolling guards. Now head down the 
passageway near the front of the tent and follow it down, destroying the 
missile bot. At the end, there is a power armoured templar, so be careful. 
Get the Mag Rail and shoot him multiple times, then deal with the rocket turret 
in a similar way further down the slope. Get rid of the other 3 templars, 
because they will be a nuisance when you leave. Enter the santuary of JC Denton.
Once inside, go to the left and talk to the holocomm of Ava johnson, then go 
and activate the 1st beacon. Walk through the next areas and activate the 2nd, 
3rd and 4th Beacons. After repairing the 4th beacon, you will appear in a large 
room and Billie will appear next to you. kill her and then activate the final 
beacon. Go talk to JC Denton.  

Once you have finished talking to him, return to the outside and go to the 
abandoned Versalife facility which is down the other passageway out of the main 
area by tent 04. On your way up from JC's sanctuary, you will be confronted by 
several Templars in power armour, kill them or sneak by them. Make your way to 
the facility.

On the other side of the door, there is a guard patrolling there, but a 
spiderbot should be able to take care of him. Go through the gap in the wall, 
activate Cloak and Thermal Masking and go left out of the tunnel. Follow the 
buildings round until you come to an entrance. Go in and folow the passageway 
round. Deactivate the red beams and go into the B-wing. Now go left through the 
first doo that you come to and kill the guard inside. Get all of the items and 
go down to the lower level.

Go down the stairs and eliminate both of the creatures at the bottom. go 
through the door opposite the stairs and kill the hippo like creature that is 
wandering around. Now folow the corridor round to the right, throught the door 
and past the cage with the templar in it. Go left at the next intersection and 
you will come to a door at the far end on the right. Get the stuff and go back 
out of the door. Go up the ladder by the door to the top. Then go through the 
grate and go left along the pipes to another entrance. Follow this down and 
then kill both the creatures at the bottom. Reactivate power and exit the 
facility. go back the way you came to avoid the turrets and leave the interior 
of the facility back in A-wing. There are a couple of neew templars floating 
around, but they shouldn't be too much bother. From the entrance, head back to 
where you came through the tunnel the first time, go up the stairs and activate 
th pilot beacon. Now just find the helipad (other side of the complex) and 
leave for Cairo.

10.7 - Cairo Revisited
Get down from the rooftops and meet the Illuminati elite in the streets below, 
agree to work with him. You will have to kill him later, but he is useful 
against the templars. Don't go to the arcology elevator as it has been 
destroyed and is guarded by templars with rocket launchers, instead go to the 
North Medina. Go speak with the Omar and get the ammo clip if you need it, the 
go speak with Leo in front of the mosque. Give him the money for a pilot and 
then enter the mosque which is held by the templars. Go forward and go through 
the door. Activate Cloak and Thermal Masking and go right. Open the large doors 
and run up to the bot. Dominate it and then release it immediately, that will 
destroy it. Now make your way down to the lower level and talk to the head 
doctor. He will give you a medpac as a reward and the woman with him will give 
you the code to the SSC kiosk. Now head back to where you destroyed the bot and 
go through the entrance marked 'Arcology'. Take the elevator to the main levels.

Once inside, kill the guard patrolling around and then go down the stairs. 
Sneak through with Cloak to the top level and take the elevator to the hangers. 
Saman will contact you and ask you to join the templars, go to hanger 23 and 
getr ready for the assault. Get the ammo clips off the shelves to the left of 
the door, then go back to the corridor. Head to hanger 24, getting the ammo 
clip on the floor on the way. Open the door and tell the scientist to go to 
hell. Kill him and run back to hanger 23. Then proceed to kill every templar in 
the area. One novel way of doing it is by using both Cloak and Thermal masking, 
going up and dominating the big bot and destroying everyone else with it. Once 
everyone is dead, revive Paul and head into the corridor. Activate Cloak and go 
into the gap on the left hand side to avoid the illuminati elite. Go through 
the tunnel and up the stairs, finally activate the pilot beacon to leave for 
Liberty Island.

10.8 - Liberty Island
Firstly get the 2 ammo clips by the box on your right and then kill the 
wandering templar in front of you. now go and talk to Paul and JC at the base 
of the statue. Get all of the items from the rooms and then leave the base 
again. Head out of the base with both Cloak and Thermal Masking activated, try 
to keep these on for as long as is possible with your remaining energy cells. 
Go left and follow the road, then go right to the UNACTO base. Go in and go 
down and through the door, avoiding the patrolling bot.

Follow the path round and go left when you get to the rubbled entrance. Go down 
the stairs, avoid everyone if at all possible. Work your way down, avoid Billie 
if you didn't kill her earlier, and go as far down as is possible. When you 
reach a corridor with a patrolling templar, take the entrance on the far right 
and follow it to the bottom. Saman will contact you, but then go to the hub 
below and upload the Aquinas Node to JC Denton. Then exit the base.

Return to JC Denton and step into the machine to create his world of a perfect 
democracy. Congratulations, you have finished Deus Ex: Invisible War.

11.0 - Characters
Alex D - Your character, a clone of JC Denton with several genetic 

Billie Adams - Another trainee, once a friend, loyal to the Templars. 
Will try to kill you near the end of the game.

Leo Jankowski - Model trainee, achieved perfect scores in training. Loyal to 
the Omar.

Klara Sparks - Trainee, exceptionally loyal. Works for the WTO and can be 
killed by Chairman Dumier if you don't follow the Illuminati.

Leila Nassif - Your supervisor at Tarsus, also is on the ApostleCorp program. 
Her family lives in cairo and her niece goes to the academy there.

Chairman Dumier - Leader of the WTO and joint head of the Illuminati.

Her Holiness - Leader of the Order and joint head of the Illuminati.

Luminon Saman - Order Traitor and is now the head of the fanatical group, the 
Knights Templar. 

Donna Morgan - WTO Chief in Seattle, will try to ally you to the WTO.

Lin-May Chen - High Augur of the Order, second only to her Holiness. Will try 
to convert you to the Order.

JC Denton - Head of ApostleCorp and causer of the Collapse twenty years ago. Is 
revived by you so he can continue his work.

Paul Denton - Brother of JC, cryogenically frozen when his body refused to 
accept the modifications made by Tracer Tong.

Tracer Tong - Head scientist on the ApostleCorp program, has now perfected the 
biomod architecture for humans.  

NG Resonance - An AI construct that you can talk with a get rewards from. Also 
a pop-star who you can meet in CAiro on your return visit. 

12.0 - Hints
- There will be times when you will run out of ammo, probably when you least 
want to and are fighting either power armoured templars or fellow trainees. 
When this happens, look to your biomods, they are there to help you an can be 
extremely useful. The ones that i have used in this guide are the ones that i 
found the be most useful, but almost every biomd has some use and will come in 
handy at some stage.

- If you get lost in a level, just look around. There are commonly signs on the 
walls telling you where areas are or there can be hidden places that you can 
only find by exploring. Don't be afraid to leave the guide for a while and go 
exploring, you wil find alot of good stuff. 

- Use your weapon mods properly as well, don't put an ammo scavenger on a 
pistol because it will do almost nothing. Instead put it on the Mag Rail as 
that will save you far more ammo.

- Use grenades as well, they can be as effective, if not more effective that 
bullets against many opponents. Spiderbots can be useful against many other 
bots with their EMP stun attacks. 

13.0 - Thanks
Just time to give thanks to Ion Storm for creating a game of epic proportions, 
the amount of scale that it gives you is huge so they deserve a huge pat on the