Method of Assault FAQ by BDawg82688

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 07/30/04 | Printable Version

                    Counter-Strike Method of Assault FAQ                 

Table of Contents

1) Intro

2) Basics

3) Weapons...

4) Weapon combos

5) Levels
      (a) Airstrip
      (b) Aztec
      (c) Chateau
      (d) Cobble
      (e) Corruption
      (f) Dust
      (g) Dust 2
      (h) Fastline
      (i) Havana
      (j) Italy
      (k) Miami
      (l) Militia
      (m) Piranesi
      (n) Prodigy
      (o) Stadium
      (p) Tides
      (q) Truth
      (r) Vostok

6) Sick strategies

7) Acknowledgements

8) Legal stuff

Revision History

2.5 – Added Corruption and Vostok, changed the CT hostage rescue strategy, and 
added a new section for advanced strategies.  I also added Neoseeker as 
allowed to host my FAQ, and I added to the credits.

2.0 – Added Cobble, and made it look a bit neater.

1.0 - Started this FAQ.  Added my basics, weapon combos, and some of the 
levels.  All of the hostage rescues are covered.

1) Intro

Welcome to my Xbox Counter-Strike Method of Assault FAQ.  This is my 
first FAQ, and I made it because I wanted to feel important :P .  This 
covers basic strategy, weapon combos, and in-depth strategies for the 
different levels.  I refuse to give detailed descriptions on all the weapons.
Either look at the manual or look at the Weapons FAQ.  To skip to the level 
you want to see, press Ctrl+F and type in the name of the level.

Just because you know the level inside out doesn’t mean you will win.  
Just because you read my FAQ and did what I told you doesn't mean you 
will win.  This is merely to give you a bit of insight - a push, if you will.  
Also keep in mind it’s been ages since I played against an actual human, but I 
know what I’m doing.  Feel free to alter my strategy as you see fit.  If you 
find a good strategy, send it to me and I’ll include you in the credits.  Send 
it to or, titled as ’Your counter-
strike MOA FAQ’, or something.  I'll delete it if I don’t know you.  Send it 
in the format that everything else is in.  I appreciate your feedback.

Anyway, I hope that every time you shatter some poor kid’s hopes of 
winning, you think of me :D .

2) Basics

No matter how foolproof a plan is, there's always a way through it.  
Knowing this, a strategy is not enough.  You need the skill to apply it. 
This will give you a few tips before I throw you into my silly 

Be familiar with your weapon.  Not knowing how your weapon works leaves 
you at a big disadvantage.  Make sure you know how big the clip is, and 
how fast it will be depleted.  Also make sure you can use your pistol 
well and that you know everything about it.  Being able to use your 
pistol as well as your primary weapon will make you an excellent player.  
Make sure you check every square inch of the room you enter.  I can’t 
tell you how many times I’ve seen some poor sap run right into a room and 
got caught from behind.  When you are running and not firing, or you just 
started the level, take out your knife until you think danger is 
approaching, because it makes you run faster.  Make sure you watch your 
back, lest ye die :D . 

Know the map if you can and know how you weapon will fare in different 
parts.  For example, don’t use the Schmidt in Fastline because it packs 
no real power and Fastline is not a long range level.  Buy what you think you 
will use, but watch your figures.  Always buy a K&H first, then ammo for 
the pistol you want to use, then a primary weapon, then any grenades you 
think you can use.  Remember to crouch if you are taking a target at long 
range for better accuracy.

Well, I think that covers it for now.

3) Weapons...

My Predominant Weapon Choices...

Magnum – Superior power and accuracy.  Deadly in the hands of a skilled

Defender/M4A1 – Great power and accuracy, can kill close groups of enemies 

ES C90 – Great fire rate and decent accuracy

Krieg – Deadly at any range when in the hands of a skilled player

K&M .45 – With a quick finger this gun has a decent fire rate and can take down
quite a few enemies

Night Hawk – Power and accuracy makes this a good secondary weapon


Weapons I usually don’t bother with...
Shotguns – They don’t operate like real shotguns in the sense that the 
bullets don’t split up (as they would in halo).  This makes it more accurate 
at long range, but it means it loses its close range punch, which is essential 
to a shotgun.  It’s basically a primary weapon-set Nighthawk.  The only 
advantage is that you can shoot it one after another with the speed of a 
normal shotgun, when the clip is done (because the shotgun is reloaded bullet 
by bullet).

Dual Elites – They have a long clip, but accuracy and power leave a lot to be 
desired.  It also takes a long time to reload.

ES M249 – Although it has a big clip, accuracy and fire rate suffers.  I don’t 
think its worth the money.  However, it is good for large groups if you can 
manage to surprise someone.  If you are in a close range level with closed-in 
corridors, or the probability of the whole team attacking as one unit is high, 
you could use this effectively, but I wouldn’t use it until the last round of 
the match, again, because of money.

4) Weapon combos

Sniping combo
SW:K&M .45
Description - I prefer the magnum, since a body shot almost guarantees a 
kill.  The Schmidt is okay if you can snipe and if you are short on cash.  
The K&M is good if you can fire it quickly, and it has a decent clip.  Use it 
if someone moves in on you to keep them off your back.

Short range combo
SW:Night Hawk
Description - The ES C90 has a good clip, about a third of it can kill 
someone if you hit the body with ALL the shots.  The Night Hawk has power and 
accuracy, although it has a short clip.  Three body shots or one head shot 
spells death.  If you crouch you can hit targets pretty far away.

Mixed Range combo
SW:K&M .45
Description - Any rifle can be used at medium range if you crouch and 
fire a few shots at a time.  The Krieg can kill targets at any range, 
whether you shoot rapid fire at close range or fire a shot at a time at long
range.  Approximately 5 body shots will kill a target.  I suggest you only 
use the scope for long range targets.  Any pistol you want will do, but a 
decent clip is suggested.

5) Levels

This is the fun part.  This is where I give a description of each level, what 
weapons seem to do well in each, and a couple ways to attack it, no matter 
what side you are on.  I’ll also cover manhunt strategies just in case you 
don’t want to plant bombs and whatnot.  Manhunt strategies are more geared 
toward playing in a team.  When using a manhunt strategy, you need to watch 
your radar, and if blips start dieing out in a certain area, you need to get 
there and eliminate the threat.  The objective-oriented ones can work with or 
without a team, unless stated otherwise.  

(a) Airstrip

The name is misleading.  It’s more of a base/jungle.  Anyway, the first 
bombsite is behind some warehouses.  It can be accessed by going through a 
maze of warehouses from the terrorist side or from the CT side.  The second 
can be reached on the other side of the sewer or through a path leading to 
it, both of which begin at the bridge.

This is more of a close range level, but a long range weapon is good when in 
the bridge area.


Terrorist long range - Take a right as you leave your hangout.  Keep 
going until you get to the bridge, and then look for enemies.  Proceed 
carefully.  If you kill someone, stealing their weapon would be a good idea, 
unless you can use your weapon at close range.  Pick a route, plant 
and guard.

Terrorist close range - Take a left, then proceed to the bombsite.  Try
to keep the nighthawk handy just in case you need to take a semi-distant 

Terrorist Manhunt – divide your group evenly and split up, one takes the left 
path to the bombsite, and one takes the right path to the bridge.  Eliminate 
enemies in those areas, then meet at the top of the bridge.  Then one group 
proceeds through the path and the other goes through the sewers.  This will 
have the remaining enemies trapped.  Meet at that bombsite and kill them all.


CT Long range - Take the left path.  Snipe any terrorists you can from the 
bridge, then look under the bridge, then go to the bombsite you didn’t start

CT close range - Go through the sewers and shoot any terrorists that you 
see, then proceed to the other bombsite.

CT Manhunt – Everyone goes to the bridge.  Then split up.  One goes through 
the path under the bridge, one goes through the warehouse.  Meet up at the 
bombsite and trap the terrorists.

(b) Aztec


This level is situated in ancient ruins.  The lower level is swamp area, and 
the upper level is the actual ruins.  One bombsite is in the big open area, 
which branches out to the CT hideout, the next bombsite, the swamps, and the 
path to the terrorist hideout.  The second bombsite is on the other side of 
the bridge from the terrorist side, or up the stairs from the CT side.

The Magnum is a good choice because of the long passageways.  You
might want to steal a dead man’s weapon once you get into position.


Terrorist long range - This is a good level to use the magnum.  You could go 
through the swamps if you want, but I think you should go to the 
bridge and snipe anyone that comes by, then go back and proceed to the open 
area and snipe any guys in the archway and toward the other bombsite.

Terrorist close range - You are gonna need some sort of long range tactics 
for this level.  Go across the bridge and check every corner on the other 
side.  Then plant the bomb right there, or go down the stairs and try to get 
the CTs from behind.

Terrorist Manhunt – The CTs are probably going to stay out of the swamp, so 
proceed until you get to the archway to the big open area.  One group should 
go across the bridge, and the other should go into the big area.  You should 
have a Magnum, so snipe across the bridge/across the big area.  Big area group 
should go through the multiple archways and bridge group should cross the 
bridge, clear the area, and then secure the bombsite.  By now any remaining 
CTs should be be trapped in the area they started.  If not, they probably made 
it to the swamps and you’ll need to hunt them down.  If all else fails, plant 
the bomb.


CT long range - Go through the archways and snipe terrorists from their 
archway.  Stay there and protect the bombsite.  If the other bomb is planted, 
backtrack and get them there.

CT close range - Go up the stair that don’t lead to the archway.  Go to 
the bridge and get ready to kill some terrorists.  Again long range is all 
but inevitable.  Try to get the terrorists from behind.

CT Manhunt – One group should go and clear the big area, and one should clear 
the bridge.  The group clearing the bridge should go through the swamps and 
the group covering the open area should hold that position and wait in case 
terrorists come up from the swamps.

(c) Chateau

It’s a big house where you can enter through the windows or through the 
basement.  The first bombsite is in the front of the house where you enter 
through the windows, and the second bombsite is inside where you enter through 
the basement.

A close range weapon is the weapon of choice in this level.


Terrorist Long range – take the left and go to the front where all the 
windows are.  Quickly look through the windows to make sure you are not being 
targeted, then go through one.  Plant the bomb and prepare to guard it.

Terrorist Close range – Take a right instead and enter through the basement.  
Clear the area, plant the bomb, and protect the site.

Terrorist Manhunt – It’s easy to get lost, so try this:  Plant the bomb in 
the second bombsite.  Then wait for the CTs to come to you.  Have half stay 
on the second level of the area, half minus one stay on the bottom level, and
one look for CTs.


CT Long range – go to the top floor and snipe any terrorists that try to plant 
the bomb outside.  If the bomb is planted, make sure it wasn’t planted outside 
and proceed to the next one.

CT short range – Head to the bombsite inside.  Clear the basement entrance and 
guard the bombsite unless it’s planted outside.

CT Manhunt – Have half of your men go to the basement and toward the terrorist 
hangout, half minus one go to the front of the house at the first bombsite, 
and one watching the first bombsite with a Magnum from the windows on the top 

(d) Cobble

This level is sort of like a fortress.  There are towers in this level that 
can be used as sniper spots if you have the patience to sit and wait.  The 
bombsites are connected by a small room with a bunch of boxes in the middle.

It’s mostly big open areas, so the Magnum or even a Schmidt would work here.  
The Krieg/Bullpup is a good choice if you want to stay in close range combat, 
since long range combat is more or less unavoidable.


Terrorist Long Range – Go straight to the next area and then head for the big 
doors that are down the slope.  Snipe any enemies you see and proceed down.  
When on the other side of the doors, you will go back up a slope.  Watch 
yourself going up, because you are now a bit more vulnerable.  Once you get up 
the slope, check around to make sure no one has their sights on you.  Then go 
straight to where the bomb is and plant it.  Stay there and watch all the 
entrances to this area.

Terrorist close range – Take the first left as opposed to going straight.  
Proceed until you get to the open area where the bombsite is.  You most likely 
have to take targets at long range now.  If you have a rifle, lightly tap your 
fire button.  This will fire off one shot very accurately.  Do it again over 
and over, in a way that all your shots are as accurate as you make them.  If 
you don’t have a rifle, use your pistol in the same fashion, or fire your 
weapon in a controlled fashion.  Once the area is cleared, plant the bomb 
behind the box, take out your pistol, and guard the site.

Terrorist Manhunt – Send half the group one way and half the other and follow 
the above strategies, and surround the CTs.  On the long range path, send one 
person through the doorway on the right side, and have the rest go through the 
big doors.


CT Long Range – Go through the door on the left from where you begin.  It 
should take you to the doorway mentioned in the terrorist guide.  Snipe any 
guys you can, or use your pistol if they are too close.  If all the terrorists 
aren’t dead after you clear the area, go down the slope, back to where you 
started, then take a left to the doorway, which lead you to another bombsite, 
which is 
where they will most likely be.

CT close range – Take the same path, except once the area with the slope is 
cleared, do not go down.  Instead, go to the doorway that doesn’t lead to the 
terrorist hangout.  Go through it until you get to the bombsite where you did 

not start, and clear the area.

CT Manhunt – send half your team to the other bombsite, send half minus one 
down the slope, and send one through the door on the left in the long range 
strategy.  Meet at the path mentioned in the close range strategy.

(e) Corruption

It’s somewhat like a house, but it’s really a villa.  It has two courtyards as 
bombsites.  In this level, I’ll refer to bombsite A or B because it is easy to 
find one or the other by following the arrows.

Not much sniping possibility in this level.  Use a weapon you can use in 
varied ranges.


Terrorist Long range – Go up the stairs from your hangout.  Run to the open 
area, where a set of stairs leads to a hallway that leads to bombsite A, and 
where going straight will also lead to bombsite A.  If the CTs come out the 
lower path, snipe them.  If not, retreat and watch the upper path, because 
that is where they will probably come out.  Snipe them as they come out. After 
sniping either spot take out your pistol and proceed.  When you get to the 

room with three different paths, take the left one.  You should come across a 
round hallway that overlooks the bombsite.  Look out the windows and snipe 
anyone you can.  Once the area is clear, plant the bomb and guard.

Terrorist short range – go the opposite direction you did last time, and go 
the path to bombsite B.  Once you get to the bombsite, clear the area and 
plant the bomb, and hold the position.

Terrorist Manhunt – Half should take the path to the open area, and half 
should go to bombsite B.  The half in the open area should split up, holding 
the position and going to bombsite A.  The bombsite B group should clear the 
bombsite and go straight, which should lead to the stairs that lead to 
bombsite A.  The CTs should be dead, if not, plant the bomb.


CT Long Range – Take 

a left (as if you were looking at the A on the ground 
right-side up).  The path should lead you to the room with three different 
paths.  Take a left and follow the path until you get to the big open area.  
Snipe any terrorists in the area, then run through the terrorist hangout and 
proceed to bombsite B, eliminating any terrorists around.

CT Close Range – This somewhat depends on your team’s ability to fight against 
terrorists.  If your team doesn’t fare too well, take the long range path and 
do what you can.  If your team is fairly good, then go up the stairs, go 
through the hallways to bombsite B, go past the bombsite and continue to the 
terrorist hangout.  Continue, and you should get the terrorists from behind.

CT Manhunt – Half should take the close range route to get the terrorists from 
behind.  Some of the other half should go through the Long range path, and the 
rest should go straight (again, as if you were looking at the A on the ground).
They should end up on the lower level and should see a circular pathway 
leading to the upper level.  Surround the terrorists and destroy.

(h) Fastline

It’s a subway terminal with a train as a bombsite and an escalator area as 
another.  There is also a network of vents that lead to the terrorist hangout, 
as well as an office and the escalator bombsite.

The Krieg/Bullpup is good in this level because of the mix of 
long open areas and close-range oriented areas.


Terrorist Long range – Go to the big door that is right in front of you that 
leads to the big open area.  Snipe any enemies that come out, then move on, 
stealing a weapon if you need a normal-range weapon.  Go to a bombsite and 
plant the bomb.  I suggest the train bombsite

Terrorist Close range – Turn around and go through the smaller door.  Follow 
that path until you get to the elevator.  Check the area that it leads to, 
then go back up and continue a little bit down the path to clear that area, 
then go back past the elevator.  Shoot the grate in the previous room and go 
onward to the bombsite.

Terrorist Manhunt – At least one person in your crew should have a magnum.  
Have that guy and two others go to the open area that leads to the train.  It 
has an elevator in it that leads to this area.  They need to snipe the CTs and 
cover the sniper.  The rest of the people should go the opposite direction and 
get to the escalator bombsite and clear that area out.


CT Long range – Go to the big area mentioned above in the terrorist strategy.
Snipe any terrorists that come out.  Then go back to where you started and 
guard it.  If the bomb is planted in the other place, take the back way – go 
through the train to the other side, then follow that path to the bombsite.

CT short range – Run through the open area, keeping in mind that you are out 
in the open.  Go to the elevator and go up and kill any terrorists you can.  
Look at the vent, and if it is open proceed into it and hunt down the 
terrorists.  Otherwise backtrack and try to catch up to any terrorists that 
Went on.

CT Manhunt – Half the team, including someone with a Magnum, should go to the 
big area with the elevator.  The other half should go to the escalator 
bombsite and guard it.

(i) Havana 

This is a fun little house where hostages are kept.  Both sets of hostages are 
not far away from each other or the exit.  The terrorist hangout is actually 
in the same room as the hostages.  It’s pretty easy to get lost in here.

Close range weapon or Krieg/Bullpup suggested


Terrorist Babysitting – Take a corner of one of the rooms and wait for a CT 
to come in.  Let him have it.

Terrorist Pursuit – keep an eye on the big open area.  It’s hard to get to 
the hostages without going through it.


CT hostage rescue – Take the left path and proceed until you get to the tall 
window/door thing.  Go through, but watch your back.  Go up the stairs, and 
at the top take a left.  Go through, taking out anyone you see, and rescue 
the hostages.  Then, there should be a window right near one of the hostage 
rooms.  There should be a dumpster outside.  Jump out, and try to land on the 
dumpster to avoid taking a lot of damage.  The hostages will follow, and the 
rescue zone is right there.  Alternately, you can drop through the hole in the 
floor near the hostage room, and that will also lead to the bombsite, and you 
won’t usually suffer health loss.

CT Manhunt – Split up and search for the terrorists.  They will either be 
looking for you or guarding the hostages.  If you can’t find them, they are 
probably guarding the rescue zone.

(j) Italy

This is a little old town where hostages are held.  They are all in a house in 
the corner of the map, on two different levels.  There is a little roof thing 
jutting out from the house, which is a good way out from the second floor for 
CTs and a good sniper hideout for terrorists.  The terrorist hangout is right 
outside of the house, and one terrorist usually spawns on the roof thing.

The Krieg/Bullpup or the Magnum are your best bet.


Terrorist Babysitting – This is where you radar comes into use.  Go to the 
roof of the hostage building.  Now watch where your comrades go.  If one of 
the blips dies off, then that’s where the enemy is coming from.  If they are 
coming from the long corridor, jump down and get ready to snipe them from 
there.  If it’s coming from across the bridge, Stay put and wait for them.

Terrorist Pursuit – Go across the bridge and through the house.  Go to the CT 
hangout, and wait for them to come back.  Kill any you see.


CT hostage rescue – Take the right path and go through the house by jumping 
on the boxes.  Keep going and kill anyone you see.  Get the hostages and go 
down the long corridor and back to the rescue zone

CT Manhunt – Half minus one should take the left path to the hostages, half 
should take the right path, and one should jump in the window of the house on 
the right path by jumping on the boxes.  You should kill all the terrorists 
before you all make it to the hostages.

(k) Miami

This is a bank.  Hostages are kept in a vault and in an office.  Terrorists 
start a bit further away from the hostages than normal, but they can still set 
up a defense.  It just takes a bit longer.  There are a handful of vents that 
lead to different areas.  One leads directly to the vault, a short ground 
level vent leads you to the room before the vault, and one leads you to an 
office right outside of the terrorist hangout.

This is a close range level.  The M4A1/Defender is good here, and 
so is the ES C90.  For the long hallway long range skill is needed.  Using a 
Magnum and stealing an enemy’s weapon isn’t a bad idea.


Terrorist babysitting – this is the easiest level to babysit.  Go past both 
entrances to the hostages.  The CTs have to pass this point some time because 
it’s the only way the hostages can go.  Sit there with either a defender or a 
Magnum.  Kill them as they go by.

Terrorist Pursuit – Go to the vault, but don’t enter it.  Instead, go through 
the vent in the previous room.  Keep going and try to get the CTs from behind.


CT hostage rescue – take a left and go on to the vent mentioned above.  Go 
through and kill some terrorists.  Rescue the hostages and get them out, 
taking cover when you need to.

CT Manhunt – Half the team should take the first right and clear that half of 
the hallway, the other half should take the left, jump over the counter,
proceed to the next room, and go through the ground vent.  Then they should 
clear out that area and the second half of the hallway.  Then clear out the 
hostage rooms.

(l) Militia

It’s a house (shock shock) with a line of sewer that runs under it.  These 
sewers can be used to get to any part of the level.  The terrorist hangout is 
directly above the hostages.  There are a few different ways of collecting the 

A Magnum, followed by stealing someone’s weapon, is a good way to go.


Terrorist babysitting – There are lots of places to stay hidden until a 
stupid CT comes along without checking his back.  The best places are in the 
back of the garage and on a crate behind the wall in the other room.

Terrorist pursuit – proceed to the two big windows facing the CT hangout.  
Snipe them as they come through.


CT hostage rescue – pick either route to the front of the house and snipe 
terrorists coming out.  Make sure you check the windows and roof.  Take a 
weapon if you need to and go after the hostages.  Go back the way you came.  
Don’t go into the sewers because the hostages can’t climb up and down.  If 
this happens, lure a terrorist down there and use the hostage(s) as a human 

CT Manhunt – Half should go to the front of the house and kill them.  The 
other half should go through the sewers and come out in terrorist territory.  
Then surround the terrorists and have your entire force invade the house.

(n) Prodigy

It says it’s a pumping station, but I say it’s more of a base.  The CTs start 
right at the first bombsite.  The second is a bit out of the way and is a pain 
to guard, so I wouldn’t plant it in the second site.  There is a network of 
vents that lead to both bombsites as well as a few other places.

I suggest the Krieg/Bullpup or ES C90.  The Magnum swipe technique can be used 
(yes, it has a name now :P )


Terrorist long range – go down the path behind the box.  Continue to the long 
corridor and snipe some CTs.  If you want to be a jerk, look up, and you 
should see a vent grid.  Sometimes CTs will try to sneak up on you, so 
shooting this out will make the drop a bit painful for them.  Go to the 
bombsite in the little room, plant, and guard.

Terrorist close range – Go to the other path.  Find your way to the same 
bombsite, plant, and guard.

Terrorist Manhunt – Go in opposite directions.  Half go the route in the long 
range strategy, and the other half go the close range route, and meet at that 
bombsite.  All CTs should be dead, and if not you can always plant the bomb.


CT long range – go to the long corridor mentioned above.  Snipe any 
terrorists coming through.  If the bomb is planted in the other site, take a 
shortcut through the vent and defuse it.

CT close range – go the opposite path and cut the terrorists off.  If the 
bomb is planted, go back to your hangout and defuse it

CT Manhunt – one half goes the close range route, the other half the long 
range route.  Surround the terrorists and destroy.

(r) Vostok

Well, if you like old snowy towns you’ll love this level.  There are many 
passages inside houses, and only a few outdoor paths, so it’s not much of a 
long range level.  The bombsites are both outdoors, however, so those places 
can be useful to a sniper, if that person is a good sniper.

This is really a close range level, mixed range at best.  Therefore, I decided 
to eighty-six the long range strategies for this level.  This is a level where 
I might use the auto shotgun, but only use it if you’re good with headshots, 
one kills, three body shots kill also.


Terrorist Close range – Take the left pathway from the hideout.  Continue, and 
you should go through a doorway.  By now you should see the enemy, so 
eliminate him, and then go through the doorway on the right that leads to the 
balcony.  Take enemies down from the balcony with your pistol, or your weapon 
if you think it’s accurate enough.  Go through the big doors and plant the 

Terrorist Manhunt – 1/3 of your group should take the left, and 2/3 should 
take the right path.  The 1/3 should check the balcony, and then move on 
toward the CT hangout, and then the second bombsite.  Half of the 2/3 should 
go to the first bombsite, and the other half of the 2/3 should meet up with 
the 1/3 at the second bombsite.


CT Close range - Take the straight path and get through the doorway mentioned 
above before the terrorists do.  Mow them down, run through their hangout, and 
try to surround them.  If the team can hold them down, you can get them from 
behind.  If not, then you have to take them at the bombsite.

CT Manhunt – Half should take the route above, and the other half should run 
through the second bombsite and hit the terrorists at the front.  As long as 
both groups hold down the terrorists, and the first group doesn’t let them 
through the balcony passageway, the terrorists will be boxed in.

These will come soon, just be patient...

(f) Dust
(g) Dust 2
(m) Piranesi
(o) Stadium
(p) Tides
(q) Truth

6) Sick Strategies

Covert Ops

Accessories – The M4A1 and K&M .45, because of their silencer attachment, if 
you can.  Any other weapon is okay, but pick one you are good with.

Description - This is basically sneaking around trying to pick off people 
while staying undetected.  This can be done by hiding in an overlooked spot, 
such as atop a pile of boxes, on the roof, or in a corner.  This strategy is 
better if you are good with headshots, and you can even follow someone if you 
need to.

Effectiveness – 4/5 against bots, 3/5 against humans.  Most people are stupid 
enough not to check every corner of the room, so this works really well.  It’s 
hard to stay hidden in cases of large groups, but you can still take a lot of 
people out if needed.

Smoky Slaughter

Accessories – The smoke grenade and your favorite gun.

Description – If you see an enemy in a long corridor, throw a smoke grenade in 
front of the enemy, further away from you than him if you can.  Run through 
the smoke to the other side.  If he is there, let him have it.  If not, go 
back through the smoke.  He probably went through the smoke to find you, which 
means you can kill him.  Alternately, you can continue on to your destination.

Effectiveness – 3/5 against bots, 3/5 against humans.  You’re enemy, bot or 
human, is most likely stupid enough to run through the smoke without thinking.
For the ones who aren’t, you should still be able to take them down.

Ahhh! My eyes!

Accessories – a couple of flashbangs and your weapon of choice.

Description – When you are about to go into a room you feel unsure about, toss
a flashbang into it (without looking at it when it goes off).  Once it goes 
off, the enemy should be blind, and you should be able to get where you need 
to, or even kill them.  If they are not there, move on, and you can still have
a flashbang to use in another area (you have two).  If they are in the room and
were not affected, use it and turn around.  You’ll be deaf, but you can still 
see and shoot the blind guy.

Effectiveness – 2/5 against bots, 3/5 against humans.  Usually your opponent 
won’t be able to defend in time if you placed it just right.  I’d give it more,
but you have no say in where your opponents are at any given time, and you 
might not hit a room with enemies.

Broken doors...split heads...

Accessories – A rifle (preferably not a sniper rifle),the night hawk, or the 
ES M249

Description - These guns have the ability to shoot through certain walls or 
doors.  If you have the feeling that an enemy is right on the other side of a 
door, shoot at the door with one of these guns.  If he is, you should hurt or 
even kill him.  Another good idea would to be to stay near a door when an 
enemy is approaching, which will prevent him from opening it

Effectiveness – 5/5 against bots, 3/5 against humans.  Bots are stubborn 
enough to try to open the same door over and over, and they won’t think to 
shoot through the door.  Humans will probably either take another route or 
shoot at the door, which gives you trouble if not prepared.

7) Acknowledgements

Grammar school - They learned me good :D
Bungie - For making great games
My friend Joe - For owning counter-strike and letting me use it, and also for 
pointing out that you can jump out the window in Havana and end up right near 
a rescue zone.
The Bots – for being the test dummies :D - for hosting my FAQ
You - for reading it
You - for sending me comments on my FAQ (hint hint ;)  )

8) Legal stuff

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sure you ask me first.  These sites are permitted to host my FAQ:

You cannot copy this and call it your work.  If you 
use parts of it, or if my FAQ helped you make your FAQ, include my name in 
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just means you’re not good enough to think of your own :P.

Legal stuff is a two way street.  If you send me anything, it is my 
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