FAQ/Walkthrough by TehSpecialVet0rz

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Ninja Gaiden FAQ/Walkthrough
Created by: Chris Coleman
Created on: March 25th, 2004
Version 0.35

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= 1) Table of Contents       =
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1) Table of Contents
2) Introduction to FAQ
   --> a. Author's Note
   --> b. Version History
   --> c. Contact Info
   --> d. Game Info
   --> e. FAQ Copyright
   --> f. Credits
3) Ninja Basics
   --> a. New Game
   --> b. Load Game
   --> c. Controls (Menu + In-Game)
   --> d. Movements/Commands
4) Brief Background
   --> a. The Hayabusa Clan
   --> b. The Fiends
   --> c. The Vigoorians
   --> d. Characters
5) Master List of Enemies
   --> a. Monsters
   --> b. Bosses
6) Weapon Review
   --> a. Melee Weapons
   --> b. Projectile (Ranged) Weapons
   --> c. Armlets
7) The Art of Ninpo
   --> a. The Art of the Fire Wheels
   --> b. The Art of the Inferno
   --> c. The Art of the Ice Storm
   --> d. The Art of the Inazuma
8) The Walkthrough
   --> a. Chapter 1: The Way of the Ninja
   --> b. Chapter 2: The Hayabusa Ninja Village
   --> c. Chapter 3: Skies of Vengeance
   --> d. Chapter 4: Imperial City Infiltration
          - Figure 4.1
          - Figure 4.2
   --> e. Chapter 5: The City of Fiends
          - Figure 5.1
   --> f. Chapter 6: The Monastery
          - Figure 6.1
   --> g. Chapter 7: Hidden Underground
   --> h. Chapter 8: Tairon Under Alert
   --> i. Chapter 9: The Military Supply Base
   --> j. Chapter 10: The Aquaduct
   --> k. Chapter 11: The Path to Zarkhan
   --> l. Chapter 12: The Caverns
   --> m. Chapter 13: The Fiendish Awakening
   --> n. Chapter 14: Vengeful Spirit
   --> o. Chapter 15: The Core
   --> p. Chapter 16:The Dark Dragon Blade
9) Frequently Asked Questions

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= 2) Introduction to FAQ     =
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--> [a. Author's Note] <--

No author's note.

--> [b. Version History] <--

. February 16, 2005 - ver0.50
  * Completely rebuilt entire FAQ.
  + Added data to section "Master List of Enemies".
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 8: Tairon Under Alert".
  ! Still in need of any strategies or tips.

. March 30, 2004 - ver0.45
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 7: Hidden Underground".
  + Added data to section "Master List of Enemies".

. March 29, 2004 - ver0.35
  - No data added to any sections.
  - Fixed problems with FAQ when hosted on GameFAQs.

. March 28, 2004 - ver0.35
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 6: The Monastery".
  + Added data to section "Master List of Enemies".

. March 27, 2004 - ver0.30
  + Added data to section "Master List of Enemies".
  + Added section "Weapon Review".
  + Added section "The Art of Ninpo".
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 5: The City of Fiends".
  - Remade section headings.
  - Tweaked information in section "Introduction to FAQ".

. March 26, 2004 - ver0.25
  * FAQ/Walkthrough is started and structure is built. 
  + Added table of contents.
  + Added section "Introduction to FAQ".
  + Added section "The Ninja Basics".
  + Added section "Brief Background".
  + Added data to section "Master List of Enemies".
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 1: The Way of the Ninja".
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 2: The Hayabusa Ninja Village".
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 3: Skies of Vengeance".
  + Added walkthrough for "Chapter 4: Imperial City Infiltration".
  ! Looking for contributions on Boss Strategies.

--> [c. Contact Info] <--

My current contact information. Watch for updates or changes.

GameFAQs ID: TehSpecialVet0rz & Kristophar
AOL Instant Message: Ltl Dvl 7o7
Email: Kristophar@hotmail.com

Please feel free to contact me anytime about my FAQ. If you have
some great tips, strategies, or just looking for help, email me
and I will deal with it appropriately. Thank you.

--> [d. Game Info] <--

Game System: XBOX
Developer:   Team Ninja
Publisher:   Tecmo
Genre:       Action
Players:     1
Memory:      8 Blocks
ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) Blood and Gore, Violence
Released:    March 2nd, 2004
Online:      Content Download & Scoreboards

--> [e. FAQ Copyright] <--

Please *READ* the following information before using my FAQ/Walkthrough.

(c) Copyright 2004-2005 Chris Coleman.

The following FAQ is strictly forbidden to any reproduction or 
modification with out the author's written consent. If you wish to add
my FAQ to your website, contact me by email, which can be found above.
The following site(s) are the only one(s) that have my permission to 
host my FAQ/Walkthrough:


--> [f. Credits] <--

GameFAQs - Thanks for having such an awesome site that was made to help
people with games. The ultimate nerds paradise! Good job!

(Looking for FAQ contributions)

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= 3) Ninja Basics            =
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---> [a. New Game] <--

To start new games click on "New Game" in the main menu. After clicking
it, you will get the following options for difficulties in your game:

1) Normal - Easiest

2) Hard - Semi-Difficult

3) Very Hard - Extremely Difficult (Must unlock this dificulty)

I suggest starting with Normal until you have a feel of the game. Go
where ever you'd like from there.

--> [b. Load Game] <--

The load game option is obviously to load a saved game. This should be
pretty simple to figure out, so I shouldn't have to explain it.

--> [c. Controls (Menu + In-Game)] <--

. In-Game Menu Controls

Start - Opens and closes in-game menu.
Left Thumbstick - Selects menu items.
Control Pad - Selects menu items.
Left Trigger - Changes page to the left.
Right Trigger - Changes page to the right.
Back Button - Returns/Backs up.
B Button - Returns/Backs up.
A or X Button - Confirms selected action.

. In-Game Action Controls

A - Jumps, propels you forward in water.
B - Throws projectile weapons.
Y - Special Attack, strong attack.
X - Attacks or, when needed, interacts with an object.
Left Thumbstick - Moves Ryu, enters manual view when using a bow.
Right Thumbstick - Enters first person camera view.
Left Trigger - Puts Ryu in blocking stance.
Right Trigger - Center camera view in front of Ryu.
Start - Pauses game, enters in-game menu.
White Button - Displays Karma, Combos, and Kills.
Black Button - Displays map of current area.

--> [d. Movements/Commands] <--

As you venture deeper into the world of Ninja Gaiden you will learn all
of the various movements that Ryu can perform. Some of these movements
will be more difficult than others whilst some movements will be very basic.
They might seem unimportant for you to learn, but they will play key
roles in your tale of vengeance.

. Running and Walking

Description: Moves Ryu in which ever direction you wish.
How to: Tilt left analog stick

. Jumping

Description: Allows Ryu to jump up and down.
How to: A

. Melee Weapon Attacks

Description: Performs attacks with the selected melee weapon.
How to: X - normal attacks
        Y - power attacks

. Projectile (Ranged) Weapon Attacks

Description: Performs ranged attacks with the selected ranged weapon.
How to: B

. Interacting

Description: Ryu interacts with his environment.
How to: X when given option

. Blocking

Description: Blocks enemy attacks with melee weapon.
How to: Left trigger

. Centering the Camera

Description: Centers the camera in front of the direction Ryu is looking.
How to: Right trigger

. 1st Person Camera View

Description: Enters first person view so you see from Ryu's eyes.
How to: Tilt right analog stick

. Ninpo Magic

Description: Performs selected Ninpo attack on an enemy.
How to: (Y + B)

. Swimming

Description: Allows Ryu to swim in any given direction.
How to: Same as Running/Walking, but in water.

. Swinging

How to: 

. Rolling

Description: Allows Ryu to roll out of danger and avoid attacks.
How to: (Left Trigger + Tilt Left analog stick)

. Running on Water

Description: Allows Ryu to run on the water's surface without falling in.
How to: Rapidly tapping A

. Wind Run

How to: 

. Flying Bird Flip

How to: (Run up wall + Jump)

. Wall Running

How to: (Run + Jump diagonally) at any wall

. Wall Clinging

How to:

. Wall Hanging

How to:

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= 4) Brief Background        =
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Information found in Ninja Gaiden Game Manual.

--> [a. The Hayabusa Clan] <--

The Dragon Lineage is an ancient race of beings that was said to have
defeated the sinister Evil Deities in the age of ancient myth; the
descendents of this bloodline came to be know as the Dragon Clan, the
modern-day Hayabusa Ninja Clan. The leader of these people has
throughout history always carried the legendary Dragon Sword, used to
defeat evil wherever it may surface. It is the fate of the Dragon
Lineage to be inexorably linked to their nemeses, the Evil Deities.

--> [b. The Fiends] <--

The Fiends are a race of monsters that are only seen rarely in the
Vigoor Empire, they are the result of a transformation in certain
humans and other animals that carry a susceptible genetic code; it is
speculated that certain unique factors in the Vigoorian environment
also facilitate this phenomenon. As a result, epidemiologists believe
it to be endemic to the Vigoor Empire. The Fiends have long been
subjects of fear and awe, and a culture of Fiend worship is still very
prevalent in Vigoor. Fiends of a special rank and ability are known as
Greater Fiends.

--> [c. The Vigoorians] <--

The Vigoor Empire is an imperialistic nation located in a land-locked
area in western Asia. The country remains shrouded in mystery due to
its long-standing policy of national seclusion. Vigoor maintains a
unique belief system as its state religion. Its leader, the Holy Vigoor
Emperor, holds supreme power in both the political and religious
worlds; however, details surrounding him are slight.

--> [d. Characters] <--

. Ryu Hayabusa

A descendant of the Dragon Lineage, he is a young member of the
Hayabusa Ninja Clan. His father Joe Hayabusa, the head of the clan has
left the village to train in the mountains and has entrusted Ryu with
the Dragon Sword, an ancient sword that has been passed down through
generations of clan leaders.

. Murai

A Master Ninja possessing unsurpassed skill in all of the Ninja Arts,
Murai also has a deep connection with Ryu. Although he was a member of
the Hayabusa Ninja Clan, events that occurred in the past caused Murai
to leave and form his own rogue Ninja organization, the Shadow Clan.

. Ayane

A kunoichi, or female Ninja, in the Hajin-Mon sect of the Mugen Tenshin
Ninja Clan. Although she was born into the ruling family of the clan,
certain circumstances forced her to be raised in partial secrecy.
Highly skilled in all of the Ninja arts, she has become an important
asset for Murai at the young age of 14.

. Kureha

One of the protectors of the Hayabusa Village shrine; she has known Ryu
since childhood.

. Alma, Greater Fiend

One of the Greater Fiends, a powerful group within the Vigoor Empire,
she became a Fiend after lured in by Doku. Alma is also the sister of
Fiend Hunter, Rachel.

. Doku, Lord of the Greater Fiends

One of the Greater Fiends, he is a heavily armored dark knight. He
lured Alma into the fold and turned her into a Fiend.

. Rachel
A Vigoorian Fiend Hunter, she is continually searching for a relative
of her who was turned into a Fiend. She possesses genes that give her
abnormal strength at the expense of making her susceptible to turning
to a Fiend like her relative. She can sense where Fiends are.

. Muramasa

A wizened old man, he appears to be over 100 years old. He runs a
weapon and tool shop, but is also a renowned blacksmith. He has erected
bronze statues of himself at various locations throughout the world.

. The Dark Disciple

A mysterious figure who disguises his rue identity with a mask and
black hood; his natural voice is undetectable through his machine-
enhanced vocalization. He remains behind scenes during the events that
occur in the Vigoor Empire, observing the actions of Ryu and the
movements of the Dark Dragon Blade.

. Gamov

A Special Agent of the Vigoor Empire Internal Affairs Bureau; he
observes the movements of the infiltrator Ryu Hayabusa. It would seem
that his interest as an intelligence officer lies beyond Ryu, however...

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= 5) Master List of Enemies  =
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--> [b. Monsters] <--

. Bats

. Brown Ninja

. White Ninja

. Samurai Swordsmen

. Samurai Mage

. Vigoorian Guard

. Vigoorian Captain
. Vigoorian Grenadier

. Black Ninja

. Yellow Zombies

. Floating Fiends

. Flying Bee Zombies

. Skeletal Zombies

. Vigoorian Soldier

. Surveillance Helicopters

. Sewer Zombies

. Scorpion Beetles

. Crunch Fish

. Ninja Fiends

. Soldier Fiends

. Ghost Fish

. Clipper Fiend

--> [b. Bosses] <--

. Murai
  - Chapter 1

. Samurai Horseman
  - Chapter 2

. Fat Electrical Man
  - Chapter 3

. Tentacle Fiend
  - Chapter 5

. Skeleton Dinosaur
  - Chapter 6

. Alma, First Form
  - Chapter 7

. Helicopter
  - Chapter 8

. Skeletal Dino Bird
  - Chapter 9

. Lord Doku, Human Form
  - Chapter 10

. Fire Dragon|
  - Chapter 11

. Alma, Second Form
  - Chapter 12

. Lord Doku, Spirit Form
  - Chapter 13

. Underworld Fiend
  - Chapter 14

. Vigoor Emperor
  - Chapter 15

. Evil Murai
  - Chapter 16

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= 6) Weapon Review           =
/                            \

--> [a. Melee Weapons] <--

. Dragon Sword

A Japanese sword passed down through the generations in the Hayabusa
Ninja Clan. It is said to have been carved out of the fang of a dragon.

. True Dragon Sword

The legendary ultimate form of the Dragon Sword, achieved by fitting
the Dragon's Eye into it.

. Nunchaku

An Eastern weapon made by joining two sticks together with a chain. It
is very suited for free-form combo attacks.

. Vigoorian Flail

A weapon used by Medieval Vigoorians; it can be swung like Nunchaku in

. War Hammer

A War Hammer said to have been made by Medieval Vigoorians. It was
primarily made for exterminating Fiends, but can destroy many other
things as well...

. Dabilahro

A two-handed sword used by ancient Vigoorian Beserkers. Due to its 100-
pound heft it is very powerful.

. Spear Gun

An auto-reloading spear gun. It is not of much use outside water.

. Wooden Sword

A sword made from wood. It is used mainly to practice sword fighting
and is incapable of cutting attacks.

. Unlabored Flawlessness

The true form of the Wooden Sword. Containing an ethereal sense of
weight, its impacts are incredibly powerful.

. Kitetsu

The weapon used by Doku, it is a cursed Japanese sword that feeds on
the souls of those it slays.

--> [b. Projectile (Ranged) Weapons] <--

. Shuriken

A simple, cross-shaped throwing star; they are an indispensable part of
every Ninja's arsenal.

. Incendiary Shuriken

A shuriken with a small timer-detonated explosive at the tip.

. Windmill Shuriken

A giant shuriken with four folding blades. When thrown, it returns to
the thrower like a boomerang.

. Bow and Arrow

As a projectile weapon that makes no sounds, it is of great use to the
Ninja during their covert activities.

. Strong Bow and Arrow

A composite bow made in Vigoor in medieval times. It cannot be pulled
by people of average strength.

. APFSDS Cores

The core section of tank shells. Made from a heavy tungsten material,
they have superb penetration capability.

. Explosive Arrows

Arrows with explosive tips. Very destructive.

--> [c. Armlets] <--

. The Armlet of the Sun

An armlet engraved with a picture of the sun. When equipped, Ryu's
attack power will increase.

. The Armlet of the Moon

An armlet engraved with a picture of the move. When equipped, Ryu's
defensive power will increase.

. The Armlet of Benediction

An armlet emblazoned with the figure of a goddess. When equipped, it
increases Yellow Essence absorption.

. The Armlet of Fortune

An armlet emblazoned with the figures of two elephants. When equipped,
it increases Ki power build-up.

. The Armlet of Tranquility

An armlet engraved with the picture of an angel. When equipped, it
gradually replenishes Ryu's health.

\                            /
= 7) The Art of Ninpo        =
/                            \

"Ninpo is one of the most destructive attacks that Ninja have at their
disposal. The techniques for using them are written on old scrolls."

--> [a. The Art of the Fire Wheels] <--

- Fire

A technique that allows Ryu to control the spiritual waveforms around
him self and create fire wheels that circle him.

--> [b. The Art of the Inferno] <--

- Fire

A technique that allows you to control fire at will, first enveloping
yourself in flame and then shooting a fireball out in front of you.
This technique is particularly effective when attacking enemies in
front of you.

--> [c. The Art of the Ice Storm] <--

- Ice

A technique that allows you to quickly change the atmosphere around
yourself, creating a whirlwind containing sharp shards of ide; it traps
surrounding enemies in an ice storm.

--> [d. The Art of the Inazuma] <--

- Lightning

A technique that allows Ryu to amplify his internal bioelectric current
and blast it out to the surrounding area; this technique allows you to
attack all surrounding enemies within a certain distance.

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= 8) Walkthrough             =
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/a. Chapter 1 - "The Way of the Ninja"/

"In the mountains of Autumn, there is one who walks the path of the

You are all alone, in the middle of a ridge type of area. Start up the
left side on the path that is leading up the mountain. Hop up the two
stone stairs and then jump the gap. A kunai note will pop down into the
wall. Turn to it and read it. It says:

"A Ninja must be able to find his way even when his path is blocked.
When facing an obstacle, jump towards it and run vertically up its side
until you can grab its upper edge. Move to the left or right and climb
up or down."

Turn back away from the note. There is a large cliff in front of you,
so its time to apply what the kunai note told you. Run forward and jump
up, you will run vertically and grab onto the edge of the cliff. Shimmy
to your left and pull yourself up. Another kunai note will hit to your
left in the wall. Read it and it will tell you:

"You must learn to be aware of your surroundings. The key to this
ability lies with the Right Thumb stick and Right Trigger. Acute Powers
of observation are one of the basic traits of a Ninja. Use them now and
you should realize that you are able to climb over the rock wall that
now stands in front of you."

After you have read that useful information, turn to your left and open
the chest. You will receive your first Elixir of Spiritual Life. These
elixirs restore Ryu's health. They are very helpful throughout the
game. Now turn back to the wall where the kunai note was and do the
same thing you did previously. Run at it and jump. You will grab onto
it and then you can pull yourself up. No shimmy-ing this time. Once up,
run up the tree to get to the ledge above the one you are on. As you
start walking, a cut scene will show 2 brown ninjas jump down. These
are the first enemies you will encounter. They are very basic enemies.
Remember to block with left trigger when they attack you and then
charge them with a barrage of X-attacks. Once you have disposed of
them, grab their yellow essence. (This essence is the currency in Ninja
Gaiden, so grab all you can.) Another kunai note will show up, turn to
it and interact to read it. It says:

"Do not underestimate the agility that your training has given you.
Feats such as running along walls should be simple for you to perform.
If you cannot reach your destination with a single leap, make use of
the surrounding walls."

This is your first chance to wall run. Wall running can sometimes be
fun and sometimes be irritating. To perform a wall run, run at the
right wall at a diagonal and jump. You will catch the wall and start
running along it. To get off you can either jump or just wait until you
fall off automatically. Don't worry if you mess up on your first try.
There is a small clearing below you that will catch you. Just jump back
up to where you were attempting the wall run and try again. Once you
successfully managed it, open the chest on your left. You will receive
another Elixir of Spiritual Life. The next part is sort of fun. Run and
jump at the branch hanging out and Ryu will grab on and swing. Hit A to
jump off of it. Then continue forward and read the kunai note. It says:

"One of your most useful techniques is the Flying Bird Flip. Jump
towards a wall and run up it, then jump off again. This allows you to
travel to areas that may first seem unreachable. Repeat the Flying Bird
Flip to climb certain shafts and passages."

Now look at the wall with the wood planks on it. Scoot back a little
then run and perform the Flying Bird Flip. This will put you on the
ledge above. Once up here, prepare to fight 3 brown ninjas. Usefully
the first 2 and then the third one comes after. Don't forget to block.
After you have killed all 3, grab their essence and then smash the pots
for more essence. Head to the little shaft and perform multiple Flying
Bird Flips back to back until you have shot all the way out of the top
of the shaft. You are now in the Ninja Fortess. 2 brown ninjas will
jump out of the doorway and attack you. Do the same as the others and
grab their essence. Then head in the door they came out. Around the
corner is a door that leads to a room with 3 brown ninjas. Beat them
and grab their essence. Smash the pots for some more then turn to right
corner of the door you entered in and open the chest. Another Elixir of
Spiritual Life is your reward. Head through the door opposite the one
you entered and be prepared for more fighting. There are 9 ninjas in
this room. Don't worry though, they only come in pairs of 3, so no more
than 3 will be fighting you at a time. Collect the essence and head
through the door opposite the room. In this room, head left and grab
the Elixir of Spiritual Life on the table. Turn right and you will see
another Elixir of Spiritual Life on the floor. Once you've collected
those 2, look at the Samurai and interact with it. It tells you:

"A suit of armor of the type that is often used for ceremonies, it is
not something that a Ninja would wear. A part of its faceplate is missing."

It will then show you its hand and say:

"It appears to be holding something..."

Head down the hall and turn left and you will face some more ninjas,
three in total. Go through the door and head to the left to fight a lot
of ninjas. Ten in total, but like before, they will only 3 will come
down at a time. Open the chest in front of you and grab the Lives of
the Thousand Gods. This item increases Ryu's total life when used. Back
up a couple steps and look to the right wall where a small poster like
thing is on the wall. Walk up to it and slash it to reveal a narrow,
secret door. In the next room, the enemies respawn non-stop, so
fighting them is a waste of time unless you want some practice. Walk
through the room and go onto the trap door in the back on the room.
This will drop you down into the Underground Storage. The only enemies
down here are a couple bats, which can be taken care of easily by your
shurikens. Turn around and break the jars. Behind them is another chest
with a Great Spirit Elixir. These elixirs will restore Ryu's whole life
bar. They are very useful when fighting hardcore bosses. Now go down
either path on either side. They both lead to the same place. As you're
walking you will see a little nitch on the left side of the paths. In
here you will find a chest containing the Fangs of the Samurai. Collect
them and break the two torches in front of you with a slash. Go
straight and turn right and hop up the two, small rock walls. On top of
the second one, you will receive a kunai note that says:

"Some ledges or platforms above you can be reached simply by jumping
towards them and running straight up. A Ninja must know the appropriate
technique to use in every situation. Remember that unnecessary
acrobatic may backfire on you."

That last part is oh so true.

After you have read the note jump up the wooden wall in front of you
using the technique. Follow the wooden balcony and turn the corner to
find two brown ninjas standing in your way. The only way to get by is
to dispose of them, which is very fun. Take care of them and continue
on the balcony until you reach the doorway that takes you into a small,
upper-level building. In the room there is a big hole in the floor.
Before you go down though, look to your left and run to the chest. Open
it to receive a Talisman of Rebirth. This item will revive Ryu when his
life has been fully depleted. If you missed it the first time and
jumped down, make sure to go back and get it before finishing the
level. Now jump down into the hole and you find yourself back in the
room where you found the Lives of the Thousand Gods. Head back to the
Samurai that was in the other room. Don't worry, none of the enemies
will respawn. When you reach the Samurai, interact with him to give him
the Fangs. His hand will then open and you will receive the Key of
Courage, which is necessary to get to the boss. Turn around and head to
back to the room where you found the Lives of the Thousand Gods. Go
through the narrow doorway again and run to the far end, avoid the trap
door this time. On the wall will be another carpet looking thing, like
the one you slashed to open the door you came in. Slash it and head on
through. Next to the stairs you see a big dragon looking statue. He
will become your best friend. This is the save point. Interact with it
to get the message:

"There is a message engraved on the tablet in the dragon's mouth:

'The sacred underground paths of the Dragons record all that occurs in
the world of men. We have not forgotten those who live on the surface
of the Earth...'"

Now you can save your game. There are 10 empty slots. You probably will
only need one or two. Save your game and continue up the stairs. As you
start up the walkway you will encounter a new enemy. You might have
seen them in the room with the non-stop enemies. These are the white
ninjas. A little more advanced then the brown ninjas and a little
faster. They also have a new attack where they throw shurikens like
you. They usually only do this technique when they are at a long
distance. The white ninjas also give off a new kind of essence, the
blue. This essence heals Ryu's health. So try to get it when its
dropped. Take care of them and head up to the Inner Sanctum. Insert the
Key of Courage and you will enter the door. Inside the room will be 6-7
white ninjas. They can be very dangerous to you when they are in great
number. So remember to use block and be careful.

When dealing with these ninjas, trying running up a wall and then
jumping off and hitting X. This attack will slash the ninjas and do
good damage, while keeping you pretty much out of harm's way.

Now the big door opens up and the locks go away. Beyond that door is
the first boss of the game, Murai. If you would like, you can go back
to the save point and save your progress. That way if you die on Murai,
you won't have to deal with all the white ninjas again. If you don't
care just continue on through the door.

| Chapter 1 Boss: Murai
| Difficulty: Easy
| Murai will be the first boss you fight in this game. He is pretty easy,
| but can cause you trouble since this is your first time through. After
| you enter his dojo, a cut scene opens up and he gives you quite the
| little demonstration. If you haven't noticed, his weapon is the
| Nunchucks. He is quite dangerous with these. His main attacks are
| charges and big combos. These can usually be blocked, but don't get too
| comfortable blocking, because he will use his other attack that
| involves grabbing you and taking a good part of your life. A strategy
| that I found to work a lot is to stay near the walls. Once he comes
| near, run up the wall, do the Flying Bird Flip. While you're over him
| hit X and do the Divine Cicada Slash. Repeat this and then get away
| from him, so he can't combo you. If you're lucky, your attack will stun
| him and you can get in a couple slashes before being forced to retreat.
| No matter how much damage you do, try not to get hit. Its better to
| take a long time with the boss and lose little life, then to use all of
| your Elixirs and doing a bunch of damage. Good luck.

After getting Murai down to minimal life, it turns out that you guys
are friends and he was just testing you. You talk to Murai for a while
and sort of catch up on things. Then you will see a woman running
through a door and up to where you are. She is Ayane. She tells you
that the Hayabusa Village is under attack and then notices you and sort
of fumbles with her words. This is the end of the chapter.

/b. Chapter 2 - "The Hayabusa Ninja Village"/

"The village is burning. Before long, Ryu hears the screams of his

Chapter two starts you off in the dojo room that you just had a battle
in. Walk over to Murai and talk to him. He says:

"I shall teach you one thing before you go. It is especially important
now that evildoers are in our midst..."

"You must use your Ultimate Techniques!"

You will start off facing the wall and you will get the message.

"These techniques are secret arts that use the souls of vanquished
enemies, called Essence, to boost the strength of your attacks. The
Ultimate Techniques are the one of the innermost secrets of the Ninja."

"Shall we try one?"

Of course we will, what else will we do? Say no? Then he tells you:

"Press and hold Y to absorb the surrounding Essence. Once you have
charged enough and feel as though you are about to explode, release Y."

"Press and hold Y to absorb the surrounding Essence. Once you have
charged enough and feel as though you are about to explode, release Y."

It is a fairly simple task. But if you take too long, he will tell you
and have you restart. After you complete the first Ultimate, he will
congratulate you and tell you to try it again, but with 2 Essences.
After doing it with the two Essences he will explain that this is the
most powerful Ultimate you have and that once it is unleashed you will
witness its true power. When using two Essences, you also will extract
more Essence from the enemy than usual. This Ultimate is a very good
method of racking up your money later on in the game.

Go back to Murai and he will show you how to use the Reverse Wind.

"I will teach you another useful technique. The Reverse Wind is a Ninja
rolling technique that allows you to avoid even the most intense enemy

He is right. This technique is extremely useful when dodging attacks
from bosses. To do the Reverse Wind, move the left thumb stick while
blocking. He leaves you with some last words:

"Do not die on me!"

I think that's some a promise I want to keep, don't you? Now head back down
through the Ninja Fortress. Basically you are going to backtrack all the way
back to where you started. This time though, instead of going up the
path, stay in the lower riverbed and continue all the way around the
corner. You will encounter an altar. Interact with it to receive your
first Ninpo, Art of the Fire Wheels. This Ninpo is very useful early
on, but since it cannot be upgraded, it loses its value later on. Once
the altar retreats into the ground jump into the little elevator thing.
Interact with it and it will lower you down. Jump out of the elevator
and walk forward. Before long, you will see a huge ravine that you must
cross. In order to cross, wall run the left stonewall and you jump off
on the opposite side. Grab the chest to your right for an Elixir of the
Devil Way. Turn around and start heading down the hill where you will
encounter the first enemies on this chapter. They are a new type,
Samurais; these guys are a little tougher than the brown ninjas so be
careful. There are 3 of them, once they are dealt with walk down the
narrow path to the hill. Go forward and you will start to slide down
the hill, when you're almost at the bottom, jump and grab onto the
branches above you. Swing across them to the area with the enemies. And
don't worry if you fall into the water, you can just swim over and pull
yourself up where they are. There are five enemies here, 4 Samurais and
a new one, the mage. The mage has 2 different attacks. One is a little
power ball that he shoots at you. You can tell when he does this
because he makes a little pose. And the other is just a big combo of
attacks with his little daggers. The mage can also disappear and
reappear when and where ever, so be careful. After finishing them up,
look to the big tower and climb it using the ladder. At the top you
will find a chest, concealing the Map of the Hayabusa Village. Jump
down and continue on down the path. You now find yourself at a river
crossing. Obviously the bridge has been blown out. Walk to the right
side of your half and jump into the water. Swim over to the little
wooden stairs on your right. When you get up onto the first stair turn
around 180 degrees. Ahead of you, you will see a little cave type
place. Run straight into the water and tap A continuously to do one of
your ninja tactics. Once across, turn to your left and open the chest.
This gives you your first Life of the Gods. Feel free to use it. Now
turn around and head back to the stairs. Jump up them and save your
game via the Dragon Statue. Turn around and open the chest that is
behind you which has an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Head up the stairs
and go through the doorway. As soon you pass the doorway, turn to your
left and continue on down this narrow path. At the end you will find a
ninja's body. Interact with it and get the Elixir of Spiritual Life he
is holding. As you are heading back to the main part of the village,
take notice to the three statues in front of you, and remember the one
missing its head. Now go straight and head into the village where some
Samurais will challenge you. There are six Samurais to be exact. Now if
you head on through you will see another dead companions body. If you
interact, it will just give you a message, no Elixir this time. But, to
the left of it is a little prize. A little reddish brown object is on
the ground, which happens to be the Statue Head that belongs to the
headless one back at the entrance of the Hayabusa Village. Go to the
statues and put the head on. This will give you the second Life of the
Gods in this chapter. Now head forward about two houses and look to
your left. You will notice a sort of wooden shack that looks
suspicious. Jump up it and the next one and then in to the window. Drop
down the hole and ignore the Ninja's body. Look by the door in front of
you and grab the bow. On the left wall, in the shelves there is an
Elixir of Spiritual Life and an Elixir of the Devil Way. Grab them
both, and turn around so that you are facing the statue. This is
Muramasa's shop. He sells useful items and upgrades your weapons. He
also pays you off for all the Scarabs you collect and turn in. Right
now you can only buy items because he is "out of materials" that are
needed to upgrade your sword. By now you should have somewhere between
2,500-3,000 Essence if you have been collecting it thoroughly. I
suggest buy 2-4 Elixirs of Spiritual Life, depending on how many you
currently have. Don't worry about arrows or any other Elixirs.

Some people also like to buy the wooden sword here. The sword is more
of a luxury item that they like to upgrade, rather then a useful item.
I used my fully upgraded Wooden Sword once in the whole game. And I
spent 100,000+ in Essence on it. So its not a necessity, but feel free
to buy it.

Once you're all prepared, head through the wooden door at the far end.
Prepare for a difficult end of the level. The first battle isn't truly
hard, but it might catch you off your guard for such an early fight in
the game. Try to conserve your Elixirs also. After fighting them, you
have a Mini-Boss and then the main Boss. Out in the yard you will find
3 Mages and 4 Samurais. Once they are finished grab some arrows out of
the nearby dead Ninja and continue on.

After the battle go to the little wooden plank on the ground. Stand
behind it and look at the 3 targets with big circles on them. Pull out
your bow and shoot at them. If you get an arrow in the target you will
be rewarded with Essence. Each target has its own Essence. The one
alone on the left gives off blue Sssence. The top right one gives off
yellow Essence. And the bottom right one gives of red Essence. Don't go
back and buy arrows either, the dead Ninja body gives you an unlimited

Use the target with the blue Essence to revive your health after the
fight. You need all the health you can get for the last part of this
level, and there is enough Essence to almost always refill your life to

Once you turn the corner of the path you will see a medium sized yard.
As you walk into it, a cut scene will show the building behind you
collapse on your only escape route and two Samurais on horses come in.
This leaves you with the only option to fight.

| Chapter 2 Mini-Boss: 4 Horsemen
| Difficulty: Easy
| Though they are generally very easy, they can become annoying. The
| first two to jump over will be one Archer and one Spearman. There are 2
| Archers and 2 Spearman total. You will only fight two at a time. When
| one dies, the next one comes out. This boss generally has two different
| strategies that can take them down.
| The first strategy is to just whack at their horses until the rider
| falls off. Then finish off the fallen Samurai. This usually works but
| can be dangerous, due to the other rider riding along hitting you and
| the rider's horse killing you when you get in its path. Though the
| easier of the ways, it can cost you a lot of life.
| The second strategy, quicker but easier in my opinion, is based around
| your bow. When the both riders are away from you, pull out your bow and
| go into the manual aiming. One or two good shots at the rider's body
| will knock him off. Allowing you to finish him quickly. This can, if
| done right, be way more effective than the first strategy. Be sure to
| check the nearby dead Ninja's body for arrows if you deplete yours.
| But either way, you need to beat these horsemen. Watch out for their
| attacks, and try to always know where they both are. It can be very
| frustrating to keep being attacked by the one when aiming at the other.
| Good luck!

Once you have rid your self of these horsemen, hop the fence they came
over. Go straight and save at the Dragon Statue. Don't both going to
the left up to the graveyard. You don't need anything up there until
later in the game. Check the dead Ninja corpse for a Great Spirit
Elixir and head on over the bridge. About half way through, you will
get a cut scene. It will show the archway you came through fall down.
And the Chapter 2 Boss will show himself. He is also a Horseman, though
he is more difficult than the others. Mainly because of his little
companions he brought along to play with. 2 Mages will pop up near the
door he came out of.

| Chapter 2 Boss: Samurai Horseman 
| Difficulty: Medium
| The Samurai Horseman is no real threat at all. His little friends are
| the main problem in this battle. The Horseman will always have two
| mages with him, until you have killed them all off. When one dies,
| another spawns. There are about 10-12 Mages in this fight. Once you
| take out all of them, the boss becomes almost pathetic.
| In this fight, the easy way to win it is to take out the mages until
| they stop respawning. I recently developed this tactic of taking on the
| mages. Run over to where they spawn and run up the wall. Perform a
| Flying Bird Flip and hit X to initiate the Divine Cicada Slash. Using
| this move will kill the Mages in one hit. This makes the fight so much
| easier. When no mages are around just keep running up the wall until
| they come by. You will take a couple hits in the process of doing this,
| but you shouldn't lose more than 3/4 of your life throughout the whole
| fight. And since you have Elixirs, 3/4 is a small amount to lose. Repeat
| the attack/process until all of the mages are dead. Then feel free to
| take on the Boss himself. Using arrows on him is a good method. Enter
| the manual shooting mode and fire off a couple rounds when he isn't
| near you. Then roll away and get into a new firing position. If you run
| out of arrows, start attacking him with your sword. Hit him or the
| horse and it will damage him. Remember to avoid jumping around him at
| all costs. He has a strong attack that will damage you up pretty good.
| Use the Reverse Wind technique Murai showed you in the start of the
| chapter. Another thing, grab all the blue Essence dropped by the mages
| whenever you can. They will heal a good portion of your life.

The boss is dead, and blue, glowing light is in the middle of the
bridge. Walk over to it and interact with it. You will get the
Technique Scroll: Counter Attack. These attacks can be very useful. Now
head to the door the boss entered at. Once you are through, a cinematic
will play. Thus, ending chapter 2.

/c. Chapter 3 - "Skies of Vengeance"/

"The Hayabusa Village has burned, and the Dark Dragon Blade is gone.
Rue has stowed aboard an Airship headed for the Vigoor Empire. His
goal: vengeance..."

Chapter 3 will begin with a cool cinematic of the airship being boarded
by the enemies. You will also get a good look at the Chapter 3 boss.
Yup, the big fat guy.

Ryu is now inside his compartment in the Living Quarters. Save your
game via the Dragon Statue on your right and then grab the Elixir of
the Devil Way sitting on the table. Head out the door and into the room
opposite yours. In here, there is an Elixir of Spiritual Life on the
table. Snag it and head out back into the Living Quarters. Now you can
either walk in to the room that is down the hall and on the right or
down the hall and on the left. The door on the right leads to an empty
room, however, the room on the left leads to a chest containing the Map
of the Airship and some enemies. Once you have opened the chest, a
couple of your little buddies will swing in through the window. You
will experience your first fight with the new enemies, the Vigoorian
Guard and Vigoorian Captain. Finish them up and head outside and to the
end of the long hallway. There are more enemies to fight here, be
careful. Pick up the glowing blue object in the middle of the floor,
the Wing Key, and open up the big door in front of you. This leads you
onto the main deck. Ignore the stairs on the right for now, but go down
the ones on the left. At the bottom will be a Muramasa Statue for you
to purchase items. The Dragon Sword can also be upgraded here at this
Statue, but it will cost 3,000 Essence. Go back up the stairs and
continue down the left path that leads to a door. Inside the door is
the galley, which holds a Life of the Gods. Head over to the right side
of the Main Deck and enter that door. In the room with the messy papers
all over the floor, enter the new door on your right. This door will
put you in the Crew's Compartment, be ready for some fighting. If the
Dragon Sword was upgraded, the fight will be easier. Enter through the
new door that will lead you into a hallway somewhat like where you
started. Enter the door opposite the one you came from. You are now in
the Captain's Cabin. Go past the deck and pick up the shiny object.
This is your first Scarab. Read the note on his desk that says:

"A report from a junior officer lies on the captain's desk:

'This is regarding the incident of February 22nd in which all of the
locks were deactivated. The source of the problem was found to be a
malfunction of the primary power supply unit in the aft cabin. Voltage
irregularities caused by the aging of the unit caused the failsafes to
kick in, activating emergency power. In this type of situation, all
locks aboard ship were deactivated as a safety measure. I recommend
that we upgrade our electrical system as soon as possible.'"

The note is basically telling you what your mission will be to get all
the locked doors open.

Grab the Map of Tairon on the right of the desk and head down in the
elevator. You will arrive in the Fore Cabin, nothing here to see so
continue all the way through to the other elevator. Deal with the 5
Vigoorian Guards and then one the 1 Vigoorian Captain that will arrive
in the elevator. Grab the item in the middle of the ground that turns
out to be an I.D. Card. Turn around and enter the door that is on the
right of the elevator. Go to the chest and open it to receive a Life of
the Gods. Leave this room and go back up through the elevator. Open the
door on your almost immediate left. Inside the door will be two
Vigoorian Guards, waiting to greet you. Head through the narrow shaft
and open the door. Save your game via the Dragon Statue and then
continue through the door in front of you. Go through the next door to
the Middle Cabin. Smash the five wooden crates for some Essence and
then head towards the lowering tool on the right of the big drawbridge
looking door. Keep interacting with it until some enemies jump in
through the windows. Go back and continue lowering the door. Walk out
on to the lowered door and pull the bow out. Aim it at the right side
of the Aft Cabin. 2 Guards will come running towards you. Kill them
both. Now look up at the cord hanging above you. Jump onto it and
shimmy across to the Aft Cabin. Walk down the side of the Aft Cabin and
take out the Vigoorian Captain at the end. The door into the Cabin is
locked, so go around to right side and look at the window. It will tell

"What a careless repair job! Are they trying to make fun of Ninjas?"

Jump up and slash the window, breaking it open. Jump through. See all
the fancy equipment? Enjoy yourself. 3 good slashes to each piece and
that will do it. The captain will make an announcement over the intercom.

"An announcement can be heard over the intercom system:

'There has been a malfunction in the electrical system. Switching to
emergency power. The locks on all doors have been opened as a safety

Walk out the door and shimmy back to the Middle Cabin. Before leaving
the Middle Cabin, interact with the box on the right side of the door,
which will replenish your arrows. Keep on going until you arrive back
at the Fore Cabin. Save your game on the Dragon Statue then head up the
stairs. You are now on the Main Deck. To get the 2nd Scarab on this
Chapter head back through the door you first came in from that lead
from the Living Quarters. Once in the Living Quarters run all the way
down the hall into the room at the far end. Inside are a bunch of metal
crates. Walk forward into a little area that has crates on all sides of
you. Hop on the single crate. Turn to the left and jump on the double
crates. Look straight in front of you at some red, triple crates. Jump
over to them. Walk forward and jump off. In this chest will be an
Elixir of the Devil Way. Jump down to the floor and there will be the
2nd Scarab. Look over to the left and go up those crates where a chest
with a Talisman of Rebirth will be. Now back track a little and leave
the room. Walk back to the Main Deck. Walk the same path on the right
that you did when you were trying to get to the Crew's Compartment. Go
in to that compartment and head out into the hallway with the door that
lead to the Captain's Quarters. Only this time don't go into them. Go
into the little metal door on the right. At the top of the stairs are
two Vigoorian Guards. Run up the stairs and jump a little to avoid
their pistol fire. When you are close, take them out with ease. Go to
the right side and run and jump at the chain-linked fence/wall. Up here
are 2 Vigoorian Guards and 1 Captain. Now before continuing on through
the narrow walk way. Go to the big Metal Crates on the right side. Run
and jump to get up them. Now perform a Flying Bird Flip off the wall.
You are now on a narrow walkway. Go straight and get the 3rd Scarab.
Jump back down and walk across the narrow, little path. The chest on
the right contains a Great Spirit Elixir. Go through the little doorway
and go to the right side. Hop onto the metal ledge, then run and hop to
another metal ledge located on the left side. From here, run and jump
to where your enemies are waiting. Perform a Flying Bird Flip off the
wall opposite the double crates. Perform another Flying Bird Flip that
will put you on the final level of enemies. Run over to the ladder and
interact. The hatch at the top seems to be locked shut though. So you
must perform a series of Flying Bird Flips of the two walls around the
ladder. Go around the corner and flip the switch to open the hatch.
Jump down and interact with the ladder again. At the top you will be
introduced the Chapter 3 Boss.

| Chapter 3 Boss: Fat Electrical Man
| Difficulty: Easy
| This boss will probably be one of the easiest bosses you fight. He has
| an electrical blaster gun that will shoot off 5 shots then stop. He
| will have to recharge, this is when you hit him. Run up and get a
| couple hits on him. Be sure not to get greedy, or he will grab you and
| do his little special technique. When he is almost dead he will start
| firing more than 5 shots out of his cannon so pay attention. Otherwise,
| you should be just fine.

A cut scene will now be show. Basically the fat man blows up and causes
the whole ship to explode. And that's the end of Chapter 3.

/d. Chapter 4 - "Imperial City Infiltration"/

"Ryu has escaped from the crash of the Airship. Spread out before him
is the city of Tairon, capital of the Vigoor Empire..."

The chapter starts with an awesome cut scene. Then switches into play
mode. Save your game using the Dragon Statue near you and then jump
down into the streets.

Walk down the narrow path and you will encounter 3 Vigoorian guards looking
for a fight. Take care of them quickly using what ever is necessary.
Continue your journey down the narrow path where it will soon become a
street with buildings around it. As the street starts to open up, a
kunai note will hit the right wall in front of you. The note says:

"In this city there is a club called Han's Bar that is a well-known
watering hole, as well as the center of Vigoor's underground intelligence.
There you will find clues about Doku's whereabouts. Go there now. 
You should be able to find it easily by its garish neon sign."

As you enter the plaza, look to the left wall and follow it to a small,
gated nook. Inside the nook is a chest with a Great Spirit Elixir. Head
back to the center of the plaza and walk under the arched door. As you
walk down the street, there will be 3 more Vigoorian Guards with pistols
shooting at you. Run, jump, and wall run down one side of the street
in attempt to dodge their bullets until you can get close enough for
hand to hand combat with them. Kill the 3 of them and open up the large
wooden door they were guarding.

Walk through the wooden door and you are now in front of the Military
Gate. Before you do anything, hug the left wall and follow it until you
reach the dead Ninja's corpse. Interact with it to gain the Guillotine
Throw technique. Stay next to the wall and follow it until you reach the
second dead Ninja's corpse. The corpse contains infinite amounts of arrows
for your bow. Ignore the chain link gate for now, it will be locked. Start
towards the large wooden door with the yellow jewel on it opposite of
your current position. As you near it, a small cutscene will show you
the door becoming locked and then several Vigoorian Guards will hop out of
a hole along with a Vigoorian Grenadier. This is a chance to practice your
new technique, the Guillotine Throw. Run at the Grenadier, avoiding the
grenades being shot at you and Guillotine Throw him. This will get rid of
his grenade launcher. Now feel free to take care of them as you normally
would. After all three are dead, the door will unlock, and you must open it.

As soon as you walk through the door, you will encounter three Vigoorian
Guards with pistols. Deal with them however you prefer, but I reccommend
using the Guillotine Throw. To the right is a fence with a Skull engraving
on the lock, remember this. Inside the fence is a Golden Scarab and a
chest, you will get these later. Ahead of you is a street. Follow the
street, ignoring the stairs that are to the left. The street starts to
narrow and weave back and forth. At the end, you will encounter a small,
glowing blue object on the floor. Pick up this piece of tablet and head
back through the narrow path. Around the corner are three more guards,
you'll get very good at dealing with these enemies. Once they have been
killed, go down the set of stairs you passed up the first time. At the
bottom, turn right and walk down the street. When the street comes to an
end, read the kunai note that gets thrown down in front of you. The note
will read:

"When in doubt, look to the color blue for the path."

After you finish reading this, you will notice two Vigoorian Guards
shooting at you with their pistols from 2 different balconies. Block
their bullets until they reload and then use your bow to kill them.
Once they have died, go back to where the kunai note had landed, and
you will notice a small blue ledge below. Run off the edge and Ryu
should grab on and flip over it. Shimmy over to your right until you
come to a nook in the wall. Hop up and grab the Life of the Gods in the
chest. Shimmy back to the left side and pull yourself back up. Head
over by the stairs and you will notice a blue pole on the side of the
wall. Walk down a couple of steps and then wall run up the wall straight.
When Ryu gets to the top, he will grab onto the pole. Shimmy over to
the left and jump off onto the balcony. Look back to where you came
from and 2 Vigoorian Guards will be there shooting pistols at you.
Snipe them with your bow and jump onto the blue wire that leads to the
other balcony. Shimmy this wire and jump off on the opposite balcony.
Open the chest to receive a Life of the Thousands Gods. Now jump all
the way down to the ground. On the left wall, there will be a door with
a Lily emblem on it. Remember where this door is for future reference
in the level. Now head down the path and enter the door with the 2
Yellow Jewels.

--> [Figure 4.1] <--                        [Key]

   _____________               ========     1 = Yellow Jeweled Door
  =             |             |    7   |    2 = Red Jeweled Door
  =             |             |       8|    3 = Dead Ninja with Nunchaku
  = 2         3 |             |        |    4 = Multi-color Jeweled Door
  =             |             |        |    5 = Narrow doorway to rooftop
  =__        ___|             |        |    6 = Marumasa's Shop
     |      |   =======      /         |    7 = Green Jeweled Door
     |      |  |   4   |    / 6       /     8 = Lever to open Green Door
     |      |  |       |___/         /
      \      \/                     /
       \               5           /
        \          ___===_________/
         \        /
          |      |
          |      |
          |      |
          |   1  |

Ryu is now inside the Clock Tower Plaza. Walk forward and take the left
path at the fork in the roads. At the next fork, turn right inside of
going by the door with the 3 red jewels on it. Check the dead Ninja corpse
and you will find your first new melee weapon, nunchaku. Walk back to the
where the first fork in the road was and take the right path this time.
Walk past the multi-colored jeweled door and follow the street. Near the
end of the street, you will get a cutscene showing you Muramasa's shop.
Go inside his shop and purchase anything you might need, such as potions,
arrows, etc. Resupplied and ready to go, head out of the shop and walk
left towards the large door with 5 green jewels on it. A cutscene will
play showing a small door becoming locked. Run back the way you came and
you will encounter 2 Vigoorian Guards and 2 Vigoorian Grenadiers. Kill them
all and enter into the door way that was shown becoming locked. 

Run up the first flight of stairs and round the corner. Take off and wall
run up the second flight of stairs to get within melee range of the three
Vigoorian Guards waiting here. Kill them and continue moving up the third
flight of stairs leading to the roof top. Walk across the roof top until
you get a cutscene of three Black Ninjas. These are very dangerous compared
to the enemies you've been fighting previously. The Black Ninjas have
fast attacks, deadly combos, and incendiary shurikens that explode in a
matter of seconds. Use your block as much as you can and try to pick them
off one at a time. After you've killed them, walk into the little nook
with the chest and open it. The chest contains a Spirit of the Devils,
it will provide you with one more Ninpo slot.

Run back down the stairs and over to the wooden door that had the 5 green
jewels on it. Interact with the switch to the right of it and open the
door up. Make your way into the new area and read the kunai note that is
thrown off to your left. Go around the corner where the kunai note landed
and walk up the fountain on the wall. Grab the Golden Scarab sitting inside

Go back out to the street and follow it straight. Walk up onto the raised
path using the stairs to the left. Around the corner you will get another
chance to fight some more Black Ninjas. After killing them, proceed into
nook they came out of on the left. Using your wall jump, move up the wall
until you reach the platform on the top. Run and jump over the first pit,
and perform a wall run near the blue paint on the wall to make it over the
second pit. Enter the doorway and move forward until you come upon the dead
corpse of Suke. Recover his journal. Grab the second Golden Scarab and move
around the corner until you come to the chest. Open the chest and pick up
the Great Devil Elixir. To the right is another switch that will open up the
multi-colored jeweled door below it.

*Optional Task*

Before jumping off the platform, there is another little thing you can do to
earn some extra essence, say 5,000 essence. Run back along the catwalk you
used to get to the switch and hop down back into the street. Walk down the
path that goes off to the right and follow it to the end. Use the wall run
to wall run to read the ledge above you. Hop down into this little arena and
you will face four Black Ninjas. Kill them off, and open the chest in the
corner containing 5,000 essence. Walk back to the multi-colored jeweled door.

A good strategy: After you jump into the arena, activate your Fire Wheels
Ninpo. Since the fighting quarters are rather small, this will allow you to
knock the enemies away so you can focus on one or two of them at a time. This
will kill the Black Ninjas off very fast with almost no loss of health on your

Go over to the multi-colored jeweled door and open the door up. Proceed inside
and Ryu will be walking on what is called Pleasure Street. Run down the street
to the very end until you reach Han's Bar. You will have a brief cutscene
between you and the bouncer, basically telling you that you won't be getting in
without a ticket. Walk around to the right side of the building and read the 
flyer posted up on the bulletin board. An advertisement from Muramasa saying he
will give free tickets to customers. Save your game at the Dragon Statue next
to you and walk back down to where the street forks. Read the kunai note that
lands right next to the small alley between the two buildings. The note tells
you of a legendary weapon placed in Tairon.

--> [Figure 4.2] <--                     [Key]
|  P   | 5  \                            > = Direction Ryu should be running
|  l   |__   |___           /   A    /   1 = Wall Run 1
|  e   |  \      |         /   n    /    2 = Wall Run 2
|  a   | >/    4 |        /   o    /     3 = Wall Run 3
|  s   |>/3    __|       /   t    /      4 = Location of "Legendary" Weapon
|  u   | \     \<       /   h    /       5 = Location of Golden Scarab
|  r   |  \    2\<     /   e    /
|  e   |   \     \<   /   r    /
|      |  >/     /   /        /
|  S   | >/1    /   /   S    /
|  t   |>/     /.../   t    /


Wall run off the three walls located inside the alley way. Use the blue lines
painted on the walls as a guide. At the end of the third wall, jump and hit X
to land on the ledge. The legendary weapon, the Windmill Shuriken, is sitting
on the stand to your left. You can use the Xbox looking statue to refill life
and Ninpo. Don't forget to grab the third Golden Scarab in the corner of the

Run back to Muramasa, buy something, get a ticket, and return to Pleasure 
Street. On your way back, you must face three Black Ninjas. Kill them as you
have before and return to Han's bar. But before you can get close enough, you
will be interrupted with a cinematic and a cutscene. This is where Ryu will
finally meet Rachel. She will be a very important aspect later on in your

No boss for this chapter.

/e. Chapter 5 - "The City of Fiends"/

"Tairon is full of mysteries: strange creatures called Fiends and Rachel the
Fiend Hunter. However, Ryu still has no clues to the whereabouts of Doku..."

The level begins with Ryu standing on top of the roof where the conversation
between Rachel and yourself just took place. Walk over to the wall where the
Kunai Note hit and read it. The note tells you that you need to investigate
the Dworku Monastery which is located in Dworku District. Walk over to the
chest that is sitting there and open it up to receive the Lily Key. Don't
forget to save your game at the nearby Dragon Statue as well. Once you are
ready, jump over the same ledge that Gamov went over. Down here will be another
chest, this time with an Elixir of Spiritual Life.

Walk inside the door way where you will find yourself in a little hallway. Go
left and run down the stairs. There will be two Vigoorian Guards and one
Vigoorian Captain on this first flight of stairs. Kill them swiftly and proceed
down the next flight of stairs. As the stairs come to an end, Ryu is now in a
second hallway. On your left will be a chest containing another Elixir of
Spiritual Life. Move straight down this hallway and you will encounter three
more guards as you round the corner. After those three you will run down two
more flights of stairs without any resistance. As it opens up into the bar,
walk past the arcade machine and grab the Elixir of the Devil Way and the Map
of Dworku of the bar's counter top. Now head out the door and back out to
Pleasure Street.

Out here you will encounter three Vigoorian Guards patrolling the area. Kill
them and then prepare for two more Guards and one Captain to come to their aid.
Run back to the Clock Tower Plaza by following Pleasure Street out. Make a
stop at Muramasa's shop if you're low on supplies. Then move back out to the
large door that has the two yellow jewels on it. Follow the road along the
corner until you reach the Lily Door you passed up on the first trip to the
Clock Tower Plaza. Open the door up with the Lily Key you found and move on

As soon as you enter the Lily Door, you will have to fight three more Vigoorian
Guards. Keep walking down the windy road until you come to a dead end. Be sure
to read the Kunai Note on the left wall of the road. Up and to your left is a 
balcony you need to get to. Simply wall run twice and jump off to reach the 
gated balcony.

--> [Figure 5.1] <--                    [Key]
 _____V_V_V_                            < & V = Direction Ryu should be running
|3      2   |<                          1 = Wall Run 1
|          1|<                          2 = Wall Run 2
 \____      |<                          3 = Balcony
      |     |
      |     |
      |     |

Once you've made it onto the balcony, open up the red chest there and receive
an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Run down the street until you come to an
intersection. As soon as you round the corner to go right, you will be ambushed
by three more Black Ninjas. Kill them all and move down the path until you come
into an underground tunnel of some sort. Follow the tunnel and make note of
the location of the Pegasus Door you will walk past. When the tunnel finally
opens up, you will see a door with three Red Jewels, a lever, a Dragon Statue
(be sure to save here) and a stair case to your right.

Push the lever down to unlock the Red Jeweled door and then move up the stair
case to your right. At the top, walk out into Drawbridge Square and kill the
three Vigoorian Guards. To the right of the door you came from should be a
large wooden door with a single Blue Jewel on it. Open the door and move in.

Straight ahead of you will be more Vigoorian Guards. Use wall runs to make it
up the path while avoiding their pistol fire. Get within melee range and take
them all out. There are two Captains and one Guard. About midway to the top,
there is an opening on the left and one on the right. Walk to the chest there
and open it up to receive the Pegasus Key. Turn around and walk to the break
in the railing. You will have to run and wall run off of the wall of the right,
to the wall next to it, and jump into the nook with the Golden Scarab. Reverse
the process to return to the street. Then move back down the street and back to
Drawbridge Square. Don't worry about the glowing door at the top, you can't 
open that until you have some Incendiary Shurikens.

Run through the door, kill the three Guards in Drawbridge Square again, run
back down the stair case, and through the tunnel to the spot with the Pegasus
door. Unlock the Pegasus door and push the lever down to lower the Drawbridge.

Go to the Dragon Statue and save your game, you might want to take the Red
Jeweled door back to Muramasa's to restock some of your supplies. After you're
ready, move back up the staircase once again and kill those three Guards for
the last time. Run over the lowered drawbridge and turn left up Drawbridge
Hill. Near the top three more Black Ninjas will jump down and attack you. You
should be getting pretty good at killing them, so do so. After they're dealt
with, save your game with the Dragon Statue in front of you and grab the Golden
Scarab to the right of it.

Move out and run down the path on the right. After you walk down the second
set of stairs, turn left and look for another Golden Scarab sitting on some
grass in a little spacing. Grab the Scarab and continue down the path until you
come to another, but larger spacing on your left. This will have a chest
holding an Elixir of Spirit Life. Continue making your way down this road until
you reach the Monastery Plaza. When you enter the Plaza, the gate behind you
will rise up and you must fight to leave.

Inside the Monastery Plaza, two Vigoorian Guards will drop down to your left.
Kill them and then two Vigoorian Captains will join the fight. Once all four
are dead, the gates will lower back down. Exit through the gate opposite of the
gate you entered the Plaza from.

As you move down this narrow road, you will run into 4 Black Ninjas. Kill them
and grab the chest in the alley to the left to get a Great Spirit Elixir. Walk
out of the alley and keep walking down the road. Around the corner you get to
fight three more Black Ninjas. Keep walking on this road until you reach the
Monastery Inner Clearing. Explore the area a bit until four Vigoorian Guards
will drop down. After you've killed them, a cinematic will begin.

The cinematic reveals your next battle, not the boss yet. Two Vigoorian Guards
will be eaten by what looks like a dinosaur. These are fiends, you must defeat
three of them to get to the next cinematic.

| Chapter 5 Mini-Boss: 3 Fiends
| Difficulty: Easy
| These Fiends can prove to be some nasty buggers if you have trouble
| with using your wall attacks. The best strategy for killing these guys
| is to depend on your wall attacking skills.
| Simply find the nearest wall and run up it, Flying Bird Flip off of the wall,
| and perform a Divine Cicada Slash. Repeat the process through out the whole
| fight. Even when none of the Fiends are within striking distance. The Fiends
| will eventually move closer and you can hit them. Make your moves fast as
| well. Make sure you get back up the wall before they can react. Otherwise,
| they might be inclined to show you how hard they really hit. You should be
| able to do this boss with ease. I managed to get through like this without
| using one Elixir for life.

After all three Fiends were killed, you get to see another cinematic. Here,
Rachel will tell you about her cursed blood that gives her the strength she
has. As well as her reasons for becoming a Hunter. I'll let you watch the rest
on your own...

| Chapter 5: Tentacle Fiend
| Difficulty: Easy
| This boss is probably one of the easiest ones you will encounter in this
| game. The Fiend is very slow and has really no damaging moves to speak of.
| When the fight starts, run forward at the Fiend and perform a Flying Swallow.
| Repeat this attack until you have successfully cut off both of the Fiend's
| tentacle's. Should take about 3 attacks for each tentacle.
| Once the Fiend is tentacle-less, lay in with your attacks. Walk up next to
| the helpless thing and just cut it to pieces. You should be able to get a
| decent amount of damage on him. If you'd like, you can absorb the essence
| released by killing the tentacles and perform an Ultimate on the body. Either
| way will work.
| If you have any Ninpo left, try some of those attacks on the Fiend. Repeat
| the process of chopping off the tentacles and slashing the body until the
| Fiend is dead. Very simple.

After your fight, you get a final cinematic of the Chapter. Ryu dodges some
tentacles, jumps up and grabs Rachel from the clutches of the dying Fiend.
Ayane will also show herself here to explain the boldness of the Fiends as of
late. Ryu leaves Rachel with Ayane and takes off to find the Hidden Path
below the Monastery.

Shortly after you will be shown the Vigoor Emperor speaking to Gamov. However,
his identity is kept a secret...

/f. Chapter 6 - "The Monastery"/

"It is said that there is a secret path leading to the Palace of Zarkhan
underneath the Dworku Monastery..."

You will begin the level in the court yard of the Monastery. Turn around and
open up the two chests in the grass. Make sure to save your game at the Dragon
Statue before moving on. Walk inside.

Run up the stairs into the Monastery Annex until you reach the top, where you
will find a chest. Open it and take the Elixir of Spiritual Life inside. Keep
walking and go through the doorway onto the walkway. Run through and lure the
bats down to you, just kill them and get their essence. On the other side of
the walkway, jump down to the floor level. In here is a Muramasa's statue, you
can resupply yourself if you are low on anything. Then proceed out the door
into the courtyard again.

Outside, quickly grab the chest on your right with an Elixir of Devil Way.
Quickly turn to your left and be ready for a fight. You will be introduced to
a new type of enemy, six yellow Zombies (three at a time). These guys don't hit
too hard, but their combos and ability to dodge your attacks will get you in
the end. Be careful and use your block wisely. Once they are all dead, move
around to the front of the monastery. Go up to the door and unlock it, when you
walk through you can either fight the yellow Zombies in here or just turn back
and go back into the courtyard. Save your game at the Dragon Statue and grab
the Map of the Monastery from the dead Ninja corpse, and then head inside the

--> [Figure 6.1] <--                    [Key]

   ______________________________       x = Pillar
  /                              \      1 = Chest with Elixir of Spiritual Life
 /             Altar              \     2 = Chest with Elixir of Devils Way
| x        .------------.        x |    3 = Wooden door to next room.
|         /              \         |
| x      |                |      x |
|        |  "Altar Hall"  |        |
| x      |                |      x |
 \        \              /        /
  \        `------------`        /
  |                             |
  | x                         x |
  |2                            |
  | x                         x |
  |                            3|
  | x                         x |
  \                            /
   \             1            /
    \        ________        /
     |      |        |      |
     |      |        |      |
     |      |        |      |

          Monastery Door

Inside the monastery, walk forward and take either path up to the upper floor.
At the top of the path, look for the chest in between the two paths and open it
for the Elixir of Spiritual Life. Now continue towards the altar and you will
be inside the Altar Hall. As you get close to the altar, two Floating Fiends
will pop up next to it. These guys can be menacing, but they aren't that hard.
Use a couple Flying Swans on both of them and they will be finished. You will
also have to kill 5 yellow Zombies before you can move on. They come in groups,
so don't worry about getting ganged up on. After the fight, search behind the
pillars on the left side of the hall for a chest which has an Elixir of Devil
Way. Then move up to the altar and interact with it.

The altar has a message written on it saying:

"Those without faith shall be doomed to wander these depths forever."

Now search the right side of the room for a wooden door behind the pillars. It
will be directly across from where the chest with the Devil Way was. Go through
the door and through the door on the other side of the hallway. The second door
will take you into the Archive. Be ready for some bloodshed.

In the Archive there will be 2 more Floating Fiends and bunch of little yellow
zombies crusing around. Take out the Floating Fiends first and avoid that slash
from their scythe. It can be devastating. The good thing about fighting these
guys is they drop lots of blue essence, which will heal you up. After you kill
them all, walk around the downstairs and pick up all of the blue books that are
partially sticking out of the book shelf. You'll know which ones. These books
aren't important for any of your missions, just give you some good background
reading if you want to learn more about the storyline.

Walk up the stairs now and into the globe room. Smash open the glass displays
with your sword and grab the items inside. There is one Golden Scarab, your
new Incendiary Shurikens, another piece of the Stone Tablet, and one Elixir of
Spiritual Life. Follow the narrow path along the bookshelves and check the
walls again for the two remaining books you can grab. Look for the orange and
white checkered piece of the wall in between the walls of book cases. Run at
the checkered wall and perform a Flying Bird Flip to reach the upper level of
the Archive. Pick up the Golden Scarab laying at your feet after the flip.

Follow the railing along until you come to the checkered wall full of cracks
and holes. Equip your Incendiary Shurikens and throw one into this part of the
wall (Don't waste these shurikens. Even though Muramasa will sell them to you,
they are sold at a hefty price. 100 essence a piece). Stand back and watch the
wall blows to pieces. Remember to switch back to your prior Ranged weapon, so
you don't forget you have Incendiary Shurikens equipped and try to throw them
at your enemies.

Walk through the blasted door and you will get to fight two more Flying Fiends
and a couple yellow Zombies. Walk through the door that is in front of you and
you will be found on the upper level of the Altar Hall.

Turn to your right and carefully jump onto the cement beam that connects the
platform you're on the the far one. Walk across the beam slowly, if you fall
you have to run all the way back up to here, to the chest on the other side.
Inside is a Great Spirit Elixir. Now, to your right is another platform with
another chest. This platform also has a railing so you can't just jump from
the beam across. At both ends of the platform are two small holes in the
railing, jump across here. In the chest is another Elixir of Spiritual Life.
Jump back onto the beam and back up the ledge you were on when you first came
into this area. Move around to the left side now and there will be another
beam. Same situation, so do the same thing. After you've gotten the Golden
Scarab and the Great Devil Elixir, exit out the door next to the second beam.

This is the Monk's room. Walk into the main room and read the monk's diary on
the table. The diary says:

"It is the 27th day of the 12th month. I have received the Book of the Eons as
a birthday gift from His Majest the Emperor. It is a great honor. I shall place
it in the safe so that no one will take it."

With some notes saying, "left, right, right, left". At first, this might make
no sense to you, but turn around and move to the safe he mentioned. Interact
with it. Starting to making sense now? The combination is 2-7-1-2, the 27th day
of the 12th month. Now turn it the way that the notes said to.

Turn it left to the number 2. Then turn it right to the number 7. Next turn it
right to the number 1. And finally, turn it left to the number 2 again. Bingo!
Inside you will find the prized Book of the Eons.

After you grab the book, some Fiends show up looking for a fight. There are
three Flying Fiends and about six yellow Zombies. Like usual, they will come in
groups, so don't worry. After they are dead, go to the altar on the right of
the Monk's table and pick up the statue, "Raptor, Deity of Sentiment". Run out
of this room and jump back to the floor level of the Altar Hall. Kill the
Fiends that pop out and then walk up to the Altar and interact with it. Ryu
will place the Book of the Eons into the Altar and the coffin in front of you
will open up. Walk over to it and choose "yes" to jump into the coffin. You are
now in the Underground Cemetery.

Kill the bats that come alive when you walk through the room. Pick up some
Incendiary Shurikens from the dead Ninja corpse and grab the Golden Scarab in
the corner. There is also a chest to the right of the Dragon Statue with a Map
of the Underground Cemetery. Save your game with the Dragon Statue and then
open up the barred door and walk through.

Inside, you are now in the Corridor of Doom. Throw an Incendiary Shuriken at
the cracked wall and let it explode, clearing a path. Walk through the wall and
put on your Indiana Jones' hat. Behind you a huge boulder will become loose
and start rolling behind you, not a good thing. Run from it and you will be
presented with four spike pits you must jump over. The first one you can clear
with a normal jump. The second one, use a wall run on the cavern wall to get
enough distance to make it over. The third and fourth ones can also be cleared
with a simple jump. After the four pits, hug the left wall because a pillar on
the right will fall down. You can run underneath it and move over to the right
wall because another pillar will fall at you from the left. And one last time,
move to the left wall to avoid the last pillar. Now will come four last pits of
spikes you need to avoid. The first one stay to the left and you can run by it.
The second and third you can jump over normally and you will need to wall run
again to clear over the fourth one. After you've gotten past these, keep
running and Ryu will jump to a rope, allowing the boulder to fall to the bottom
of the hole.

Jump to the second rope and then to the walkway in front of you. Open the chest
and get a Great Spirit Elixir. Save your game at the Dragon Statue and keep
walking down the walkway. Kill the bats and just jump down the gap in the path.
Keep walking until you reach the bottom where there are some doors with a
shrine in the middle of them. You will get to fight some yellow Zombies here.
After they're dead, open the door on the left and walk through into the Bee
Zombie room.

Jump down the three large stairs and equip your Windmill Shuriken if you don't
have it on already. When you do, just start throwing it at these Bee Zombies,
about two hits should take care of each one. Move across the left wall with a
wall run onto the second platform and jump from here to the platform with the
red chest sitting there. Open the chest and grab the Life of the Gods inside.
Jump your way around the platforms to the little nook in the wall with the
Golden Scarab sitting in it. Don't worry if you fall down, you can still reach
the Golden Scarab by finding the nook and using the two walls to do back to
back Flying Bird Flips. On the floor level there will also be more Bee Zombies,
so be prepared to kill them. After you've cleared the room, head out through
the doorway on the right and down the stairs. Save your game at this Dragon
Statue and then run down the path.

When you reach the bottom of the path, you will be at the base of the cavern.
Kill the yellow Zombies patrolling this area and then walk into the catacomb
across the bottom. Near the entrance, along the right wall is another Golden
Scarab sitting in the bottom hole. Follow the inner catacomb and jump down
the hole with the ladder to the lower level of the catacomb.

Walk through the path and open the chest at the end to get an Elixir of
Spiritual Life. Then move into the open room that acts as an elevator shaft.
Walk to the middle of the floor and smash the emblem on the floor with your
sword (jump up and then tap Y). As the elevator starts to move, you will have
to kill some yellow Zombies for the ride up. At the bottom, go through the metal
door into the bottom floor of the catacombs.

On the floor of the catacombs walk in and to the right. There is a chest with
the funnest weapon in the game, Vigoorian Flail. The weapon is basically a pair
of Nunchakus, but with big metal blades on the end. Continue straight on the
path where you will take open another large, metal door leading into the Ritual
Room. Fun awaits you inside...

Ok, inside the Ritual Room your first fight will be 20 or so of those Bee
Zombies. Be sure to try out your new Vigoorian Flail on them. The combos you
can amass are very awesome. Don't worry, once they're dead you're not done.
You will get a cool little cutscene showing a centimede getting munched up
by your next set of enemies. I suggest not playing this part at night, it can
get scary.

This will be your first encounter with Skeletal Zombies. These Zombies carry
large weapons. For this reason, they will attack slow and not very often. But,
the downside is their attacks will do heaps of damage compared to a normal
enemy. Skeletal Zombies also have an attack where they will grab you and throw
themselves on top of you. They will start biting you and taking off your life.
To counter this little special attack of theirs, decapitate them. Use your
Flying Swan move with the Dragon Sword (Jump forward + Y) and cut off their
heads in one strike. Now they are blind and have no mouth to bite you with.
Now you can just tear them apart as you would any other enemy. Before leaving
the Ritual Room, grab the Holy Grail sitting in the altar in the middle of the

Back in the catacombs hallway will be four more Skeletal Zombies and one
Skeletal Archer waiting for you. You can fight them or just run by them to the
door in the back. Once you are back in the elevator room, start the elevator up
again the same way as before. As you start moving, you will be ambushed again.
This time there will be Skeletal Zombies instead of yellow Zombies. Don't try
to just avoid them until you reach the top because they will step on the switch
and stop the elevator. So keep them busy or just kill them off until you reach
the top. At the top, exit via the large opening.

Run through the catacombs corridor and climb up the ladder. Follow this
corridor to the base chamber again. More Skeletal Zombies. Kill them or ignore
them and head back up the walkway you came down (you're running back to the
altar you passed earlier). As you climb the walkway, there will be three
Skeletal Archers sitting on three different platforms shooting arrows at you.
This can become very frustrating trying to cross if they keep knocking you
down. The easiest method to getting past these guys is to roll as the first one
shoots his arrow at you and then just from platform to platform as fast as you
can while avoiding their arrows. This is possible and easily the best way to do
this part of the level. If it takes a couple tries, that is okay. If you are
having trouble with it, try killing them off as you go from platform to
platform. But remember, they will respawn if you are knocked off.

At the top of the path is the same Dragon Statue as before, be sure to save
your game here. Unless you feel like doing all of that stuff over again, which
I doubt you do. Head up the large stairs into the Bee Zombie room that is now
filled with little bats to kill instead of Bee Zombies. Now you get to prove
how good of a Ninja you really are. Head back over to the spot in the wall
where you Flying Bird flipped to get the Golden Scarab. Get back in the nook
again. From there, run straight and jump up onto the cliff in front of you.
Look in front of you and jump to the ledge hanging off the wall. From here,
wall run on the wall on your right to reach the next ledge above you where the
chest you opened the first time is sitting. From here, turn around and look for
the next ledge sitting across from you. Run at it and jump and hit X about
halfway to it to provide yourself with an extra bit of height needed to reach
the ledge. From this ledge, wall run to the big sets of stairs you jumped down
when you came into here the first time. At the top, walk through the barred
gate and over to the altar to your left. Place the Holy Grail into the altar
and prepare for the boss fight. You will get a nice little cutscene showing the
boss come to life and then the fight will start.

| Chapter 6: Skeleton Dinosaur
| Difficulty: Medium

\                            /
= 9) Frequently Asked ?'s    =
/                            \

Due to the FAQ being completely rebuilt, some information is in the process
of being rewritten. Please be patient, it should be up in a few days.