Ninja Gaiden 
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In-depth FAQ for mini/Boss fights
v 1.00 <Aug 30 2004>

By: Lip at

v1.00 No revisions


This FAQ is for the AI on very hard mode. I have read many excellent
walkthrus/boss fights on gamefaq but as I am having extreme difficulty even 
in normal mode, I have decided to solely study boss fights as to find their
pattern of attack and perhaps the easiest and safest way to defeat them. I
have used many strategies from gamers from and have
incorporated them into this faq. Hopefully, it will provide help to all who 
find this mode difficult.

So whats the benefits of playing VH mode.... to unlock Fiend Ryu of course.
Other than that there is no real benefits of successive play unless you
like the challenge. It would have been great if you can use successive play 
from normal -> VH mode. At least you will have all the armlets. But I have
learnt quite a number skills from playing VH mode. Couldn't have do so
without its "assistance".

Basically in VH mode, the dmg taken increases. So a MSAT commander can
easily slit your throat and you will loss 65% of your're health. That
equivalent to most boss attack on normal mode. Costs of supplies are also
up, therefore the time taken to farm essence is even longer. Sorry but
you're dmg on enemies is still sadly the same in normal mode.

Do email me should you find any mistakes in this faq. I will appreciate it.

"I just love team ninja". Let begin shall we?



[2.1 Chapter 1 ]
Murai is perhaps the easiest boss to deal with. 

Boss moves
a-	swings his nunchaku
b-	charged nunchaku dash
c-	counter move	
d-	grab

Simply lure him to the corner, and perform "diving Cicada slash" on him. Be
careful not to jump when he's very near or he will knock you out when he
performs (a). Look out for his (b), as there is enough window of
opportunity for you to deliver 2 more hits, eg x,x (Crimson slash without
the finisher).

[2.2 Chapter 2 ]

Samurai Horseman Archer/Pikeman
There are 2 types of horseman here, typically the archer and pikeman. The
rate of fire on the archer have increased, so be weary.

Samurai Pike horseman moves (mini boss)
a-	swings spear in air
b-	dashed up and spears you, then drag you half across town and hurls
c-	horse reigns up and perform cycling attack on fore hooves.
d-	swings spears from rear

Samurai Archer horseman moves (mini boss)
e-	shoots arrows

When you first enter this area at I, head for point (J). I find this corner
extremely ideal. You will find a stone at this corner. You will see 2
cartwheels at (K) and (L) is the fallen ninja with free arrows. (M) is the
fiery exit.

          -I		-		
	  -		-
	  -		-
	---		-
	-J->		-		
	-		-
	-		-		
	-		-
	-	     L	-	
	- K		-
	----		-		
	   -		-
	   -M		-		

I recommend taking out the pikeman first. Station yourself at (J), facing
the corner. Wait for Pikehorseman to performs (b). This is usually 
followed by (c). You will notice at this corner, the pikehorse man does
not do (d) as oppose to anywhere in that area. Why ? Probably because its
a corner. Wait for him to complete (c) then perform x,x,y <tiger roar> or
charged Y. The trick is to wait for animation of the horse reining its
hooves. The horse need not turn and ride away.

Do not perform this if you see the archer horseman charging at I.

Once you've dispatch the horse and samurai. Wait for the next opponent.

If the next is still a pikeman, repeat as above.

If the next is archer horseman, go to (->). The 2 horseman will be circling
you, so it actually depends on close or far apart they are. If they are far
apart, it ok. Just wait for one to ride past you and perform x,x,y.

However,if they are very close together,I would suggest slashing the
horseman who ride past you last!

Red Devil horse Pikeman Boss moves
f-	swings spear in air
g-	dashed up and spears you, then drag you half across town and hurls
h-	horse reigns up and perform cycling attack on fore hooves.
i-	swings spears from rear

The logic is same as pikehorseman. Just go the corner at the exit (left or
right) and wait for (g) then (h) animation of the horse reining its fore
hooves and do x,x,y. I personally use this to charge Y as it is more
damaging plus you can easily kill him without elixers this way.
You must however take out the Samurai mages first etc with arrows. Prepare
to dodge blue fire ball, upon hearing wooooowho... Thats the key.

I understand you can also do charge Y as he approaches, but he tend to
perform his spear swirling attack, resulting in enormous amount of dmg on
myself even though I have done 2nd lvl charge Y.Strange ??

[2.3 Chapter 3 ]

Vigoor Empire Sumo cyborg moves
a-	plasma blast
b-	cannon swipe
c-	grab + electrify choke + point blank blast
d-	cannon swipe + plasma blast (rarely)
e-	electric forcefield (rarely but huge radius)
f-	hyper plasma blast (increase rate of firing)

He has 2 weaknesses. One is charging his cannon, and the other is laughing.

However, my method doesn't rely on this 2. The following is my tactic.

Run in circles around him. He will perform (a) 4 times, sometimes 5. The
main thing to take note is the firing rate of (a). Once he completes 4
shots, do violet gale towards him (with running, x, x). You should end
up at his flank or rear. Block as most likely he will do (b).
You will be momentary stunned but take no dmg. His next move will most
likely be (c). The main thing to note here is the animation of him reaching
out to grab you. There should be a pause here. Next, roll back. Not side
roll as you will be caught. Once he has missed his (c),do violent gale
again and repeat roll back. Surprisingly He will do (b) then (c) again.

Please note he will blast you at point range sometimes.

When Sumo cyborg health falls to about 25%. He will do (f). It is very
difficult to dodge at this stage. This is the part when I used 1 or more
elixirs. The best bet is to engage close attack. In this case Flying
swallow attack followed by block, then roll back and do violent gale
attack. His close proximity attack is fortunately still the same.

[2.4 Chapter 4 ]

There is no boss

[2.5 Chapter 5 ]

Lesser dragon fiend moves
a- Charging attack (head butt u in the air)
b- Claw attack x2
c- Lunging attack
d- Tail whip
e- Biting grab

Go to a wall away from them and wait for the fiends to do (a). They will be
stunned on either the left/ right side of you. I roll to the side and 
immediately perform x,x,y,y (fang of wolf). By rolling, I will not get
stunned, so there is no delay in pulling off the combo. Block or retreat
to another wall and repeat. Do not however, have 2 fiends near each other.
Its very time consuming, but safest.

tentacle Blob moves
a- Swirling arms attack
b- Spits out fire bombs

The main thing here is to take out the 2 tentacles first.

1- press A,X (blade of empty air)
2- press A,Y (flying swallow) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Stay close to the blob if it performs (b) and jump over his tentacle when
it does (a). To stay close I just press forward all the time. Don't worry
if the tentacle is not in front of you as Flying swallow is target

Once his tentacles drop, red/blue essence will be given out, so use your
ultimate technique for maximum damage. You may have time right after this,
so it is possible to still squeeze in a x,x,y or x,x,x.

This is way better than casting firewheel upclose !!

[2.6 Chapter 6 ]

Dinosaur Dragon moves
*Warning ! You will not be able to visit Murasama once you have taken the
Holy Grail. Its best to max your inventory before attempting to get it.

a- bone projectile
b- legs swipe (across screen, melee)
c- legs stomp (from above, melee)
d- Dragon chomp (grab, rears back and charges head upfront for a bite)
e- Tail whip (back and froth)

I cast nippon fire wheel and slash its legs while taking dmg from (a).
Try to look out for (d) as it could mean the end!! You can retreat back
if it does (b)/(c) as they are mainly melee attacks. But (e) tends to hit
you any where, so try jumping over it, side to side...twice.

[2.7 Chapter 7 ]

Greater Fiend Alma (Rachael's sister)
Perhaps one of the hardest bosses in the game. During my first attempt,
I didn't even scratch it. She is so good, she even dodges Flying Swallow
while hovering 100% of the time.

a- heat seeking purple fire balls
b- heat seeking hurling pillars (extremely heavy dmg, especially if you get
hit 1 after another)
c- diving leg attack (she screams when she's about to do this, so listen
d- tractor beam slam kick (mid air grab, there is an area effect to this +
she will do it when the u hear the beam sound)
e- Melee combo (on land, i think its unblockable)
f- On land grab (this grab range is huge, probably due to the sheer size
of Alma)
g- low ground flying charge

This is a 95% Nippon battle, so max all your devil's elixirs. I had lvl 2
Inferno before I actually beat her.

There are basically 3 opportunities; When she is about to do (a)/(b)/(c)/
(d). For (a) is easy, as you can clearly see the purple fire balls
circling her before she blasts them at you. (b) is ok, but the animation
is still pretty fast, "as she arches her back, rises her right hand and
hurls" seemingly pillars of destruction towards you. (c)/(d) are both
sounds, so you have to listen up real well.

The trick is to keep a fairly close distance as she is hovering and not
on ground. Difficult ? yes I must say. Once the opportunity arises, jump
forward and press Y+B immediately. You should be somewhat directly under
or near her. She MUST take dmg from your inferno casting animation and be
on flames to be grounded and stunned. Your inferno fireball next will hit
her 100%. Try adding in "flying Swallow" now for added dmg. I try not to
run up and slash as its too slow.

[2.8 Chapter 8 ]

No boss again. Whew..

[2.9 Chapter 9 ]

I honestly hate this chapter as I was never good at FPS games. I suffer
from mild disorientation when ever I switch to arrow mode. There is no
cross eye, or X for aiming. So the best bet is the central point of your
TV screen.

I don't have very good strategies for this chapter. This is what I did.

2 Tanks (mini boss) attacks
a- Rapid turret gunner
b- Tank cannon blast

Its extremely hard to avoid either of those without getting hit 80% of the
time. For me at least, so I actually stayed close and cast nippon "inferno"
so the tank takes animation dmg and fire ball dmg.

This method also took out the gunner. After which I emptied my APFSDS
arrows at the side of the tank. Try running along side the tank to avoid
being run over by the tracks. Repeat for tank #2.

Apache (Helicopter) attacks
a- Rapid gun fire
b- Wide spread sidewinders (heat seeking)
c- drop string of bombs.

Some observations for patterns of its attacks. Where (L) is the center of
the bridge.

	H	I	J

K	-	L	-	M
	N	O	P

Opportunities for attack
1- Beginning of the fight. Press B immediately, zoom in, and fire away.
You get 3-4 hits right at the start!!
2- After the helicopter fires (b), it perform (a) and may move from (I)->
(L)->(O). I took dmg from the rapid gun though. But you get free shots
here without the risk of being hit by rockets.
3- As the helicopter moves from (M)->(L)->(K) and performs (c). You will
need to stay at the edge of the bridge to avoid bombardment in the centre.
Should to be able to get a few shots here. Remember to switch out of arrow
mode, switch back to arrow mode when it flies pass you.
4- It will fly under the bridge sometimes from (O)->(L)->(I). You get free
shots before and after it flies under. WARNING! Upon ascending, it will do
(b) twice at very close range. Try dodging or using Nippon when this
happens. It will then fly back up slowly. You get free shots here again.

[2.10 Chapter 10]
I actually enjoyed playing NG after this stage. 

Electric eel (mini boss) moves
a- Electric bolt
b- Body slam
c- worm bite
d- head dive

Fairly easy boss as there is only 1. Just dodges when it shoots (a), there
is a slight pause before the bolt actually flies off, so pay attention
to the timing. Its best to jump/dodge at the last minute.

Whenever it does (b), just do a wall jump + diving cicada slash. or just
jump to avoid and quickly X.x.x.x.x (azure dragon) with the Dabilahro.
Azure dragon also works when it does (d).A quick death for the worm.

2 Electric eels (mini boss) moves
a- Electric bolt
b- Body slam
c- worm bite

Ok, now it gets difficult, as it is now harder to anticipate their moves.
I managed by taking 1 worm out first by equipping incendiary/windmill
shurikens. I died many times here as the electric bolts are a pain;you
have both worms firing at separate intervals or doing either (b)+(a)

No easy strategies here.

Skeletal Winged Dragon moves
a- Columns of fire - laser trail is shot first to mark path of destruction.
b- Across hall dash
c- Wing Attack
d- Platform sanctuary
e- Leg stomp/ Jump attack
f- Dragon bite

Fortunately a fairly easy boss, what I do is run on the side of the walls
.. either left or right to avoid (a). The aim is to go behind it and cast
Nippon Ice storm. This keeps you invulnerable to all his attack. You can
risk by performing Azure Dragon on him with the Dabilahro x,x,x,x,x. Once
you have stunned him, he will drop his head to the ground, so Azure Dragon

Take a few shots at him with the bow when it does (d), but remember to
avoid his (a) attacks. Much easier than the worms.

[2.11 Chapter 11]

Lord Doku moves
a- 5 combos slash.. unblockable
b- Ryu's charged attack (horizontal slash)
c- Ice breath
d- sonic blade (huge radius; full screen)
e- Flying Kitetsu
f- Usual grab.

You get this blade once you kill him. I have only 1 word. Patience.

Opportunities for attack
1- When he's about to do (b). roll sideway or backwards and immediately do
X,x,y. Remember not to roll backwards when he's a short distance from the
wall behind you.
2- When he does (c), run behind him and do x,x,y or while running x,x.
3- You can jump towards him while Doko does the ring of sonic blade and
perform a quick x,x,x but I hardly use it.
4- When I see him do (e), I usually jump forward and Flying Swallow him.

Easy boss, but takes a while.

[2.12 Chapter 12]

Ice Bear - Mini boss moves
a- 3 combos bash.. unblockable
b- ground shards
c- ice breath
d- air somersault
e- grab, bite and toss

A relatively slow boss but has very high damage ratio. 

Unlike most people who equip the Dabilahro, I use mainly dragon sword
because I find violent gale to be most effective against him, besides
you're running around him anyway. Same tactic as normal mode, try to get
to his side or attack from beside him and don't stay too close. You can do
x,x.y,y or any combos when he missed his (a) or (e) attack as the recovery
delay is pretty long.

Do not run pass him when he does (d) or you will be hit when it lands. His
(c) attack is fairly easy to dodge. The main thing to look out for his (b)
attack is that it will be stomping the ground with his fist.. pretty much
like an angry kid who doesn't get to watch TV. You will notice the white
circles glowing on the ground before the shards comes up, so just roll/jump

Fire worm - mini boss attacks
Same strategy as the electric worms. I find it hard to dodge his ring of
fire projectiles though.

Fire Dragon moves
a- Full screen heat wave
b- fire balls
c- flame thrower
d- bite

(a) attack is blockable so not to worry, you will see it coming when it
flaps its wings. His (b)/(c) attacks is not easily anticipated but can be
easily dodged with jumps. His bite attack however seems faster than in
normal mode. I got bitten almost 3 times in a row at 1 instance. OUCH!!

I just waited for him to rest his head on the ledge and pounded him with
the Azure Dragon ! Any other combos will do.

Phuc Tram from Chris FAQ on game faq suggested going into the firepit,
get REAL CLOSE, cast nippon firewheel and slash away. The best thing about
this strategy is it can't hit you. Haven't tried this method yet, but it
sure looks cool!!

[2.13 Chapter 13]

Alma, scorpion form attacks
Surprising Alma is relatively easy at this stage.

a- Purple fireballs
b- tomb stone hurl
c- Melee slash (scorpion pincers)
d- tail crusher (grab)

Again I relied on previous Alma strategy to take her out. Except that it is
easier to anticipate her grab (d) as she will curl back body (like a
scorpion) and lunges forward to grab you. Once you see this animation,
just cast Inferno. She will be hit by the flames, stunned for fire ball to
hit her.
If there is still time, Flying Swallow immediately or violent gale.

[2.14 Chapter 14]

Doko, vengeful spirit forms
This guy is perhaps the hardest enemy in the game! He just cannot be
anticipated. I just hate this guy.

a- melee slash
b- Ryu's charged horizontal slash
c- Melee slash combo; unblockable
d- Life drain (grab)
e- Spirit fist (long distance grab) followed by slash

How I won? Luck I guess, I just cornered him to a wall and cast inferno
repeatedly. So keep casting to keep the wall behind him. But he tends to
block maybe 50% of the time. So MAX all your devil elixirs before going up
to meet him. Save your game as it'll take a few tries.

Thanks to Chris to the above tip!!

[2.15 Chapter 15]

Lesser fiends 7x (mini boss)
I think there is about 7 to kill. Simple Izuno drop will take care of them.

Revived Tentacle fiend (mini boss)
Ok, same fairly easy. Just follow as above. You will noticed that his 
vulnerability period is shorten slightly. But at this stage use the lvl 3
True Dragon sword on it. The ultimate yields tremendous damage!!

Lesser fiends 9x (mini boss)
Just block the lesser fiends attack and dodge when you hear the overfiend
laugh/grin. The overfiend fireball to take care of the minions for you.
Equip with amulet of tranq if you're low on health.

Revived Ice Beast
Same strategy as above. Except its damage seems to be higher.

Overfiend attacks
Again luck played a small part here. This guy floats around most of the
time, making it difficult to hit him.

a- Summon lesser fiends (3 max)
b- fire balls ( volley of 5)
c- low ground flying charge (same as alma)
d- spinning diving attack

I've noticed that he will choose to summon his minions instead of shooting
fireballs if they are dead, so cast Inzuma Nippon to get rid of them.

Opportunities of inflicting dmg on him
1- When he's floating aimlessly around, just jump and perform "blade of
empty air". A,X. Equipping the amulet of sun helps a bit. Be careful when
he's shooting his fire balls as you will get hit multiple times if you're
that close.
2- When he does his (d), you can do x,x,y if you're close. However most of
the time in the battle, the camera doesn't help as you can't focus on him
while blocking. So I usually run around and do the violent gale on him.

Vigorian Emperor I

This boss has a couple of moves.
a- laser beam (5x)
b- hand swipe

Fairly easy boss, I don't avoid any of his attacks or try to dodge them, I
just cast inferno repeatedly to take him down fast. Just remember to move
to his left shoulder once you have blown his right shoulder off. In the
meantime, upfront should be ok. At the start I usually hack him first and
switch to Nippon once his laser beams comes on.

Vigorian Emperor II

The second form of the emperor. A four legged skull demon.
a- skull attacks (approx 20> attacks)
b- Skull crusher (bite) x2

Opportunities to dmg him
1- Cast Inferno when he performs (a), he will get dmg when his skulls die
from your inferno flames. Towards the end of his (a) attack, prepare to
time your next inferno as the finishing animation from casting this nippon
can either make you invulnerable to his bite attack or you could well end
up in his jaws. Remember he will attempt to bite you twice at 1 go, so his
grab animation is longer than most boss in NG.
2- When he is moving around, use your bow to take him out. Empty your
arrows on him as you would not be using it ever!! If you're low on ammo,
switch to windmill, just have to get a little closer for this shuriken to
hit him.
3- When he's on solid ground, you can perform any combos on his feet to
dmg him. Just watch out for his leg stomps.

[2.16 Chapter 16]

Finally, you have made it. I was really glad to have made it this far. 
Wouldn't be able to do it without the help from the boards and gamefaq. 
I sincerely like to thank them.

Murai, Dark Dragon form

a- teleportation + variable attack moves
b- Shuriken Wheel
c- Dark Dragon moves
d- Other melee attacks

I didn't care for any of his moves but the Dark Dragon move is very
impressive. I didn't see this move in normal mode though. He jumps to
the backdrop, raises his hands to the sky and from beyond descends the
Black Dragon. I just jump to avoid it. Simple.

I combined inferno + flying swallow technique. Go upfront, cast inferno
to inflict some dmg, shoot out fire ball and immediately perform flying
swallow. It will get him all the time, as he doesn't seem to block right
after the fireball. Repeat and you will emerge victories. If you're low on
Nippon, just use flying swallow once he does any of his moves.


Chris Zawada/Mike Maag  - for writting extensive walkthrus.

TLC - for the advance combat list and move list.

Morph - for his one and only FAQ on hardmode at

Avery Williams for this tank strategies.

Floflues for his skeletal dinosaur strategies. for the best forums,codes,contributors.

Tecmo/Team Ninja for making this game equally challenging.

karate kitty,Adair,The_Kills (gs), Dagny (gs), hanstick 
for helping me with "ghost fish on hard mode".

TheHawaiianStallion,Vidd,aaxe, Renamon, cjh87
for helping me with "Fast switch between Arrows and Melee"