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Dynasty Warriors 3 - Character Guide
Fu Xi : Bigger Is Better

...okay, maybe not.

FAQ Guide by OneWinged-Dragon

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1) Who is Fu Xi?

2) Why Should I Use Him?

3) Moves and Weapons

4) Overview

5) Stage Strategy

6) Questions and Answers

1) Who is Fu Xi?
   Fu Xi is a Chinese deity associated with the destruction of life; he is
   also the first Emperor of China.

2) Why Should I Use Him?

   Fu Xi has tremendous attack strength, an awesome Musou, and his sword is
   huge. It puts the Bastard in Bastard Sword!

3) Moves and Weapons

   Regular Attack: Fu Xi's regular attack is your standard hack and slash
                   sword action.

   T             : Broad-ranged sword slash.

   ST            : Uppercut with the sword. Standard juggler.

   SST           : A sword thrust with stun effect.

   SSST          : A mighty swing of the sword that clears out everyone in
                   the front.

   SSSST(T)      : Uppercut with the sword. Standard juggler. Press T for a
                   followup attack.

   SSSSST(T)     : Multiple sword thrusts into the gut, followed by throwing
                   anyone still caught on the blade into the back of Fu Xi,
                   with knockback effect.

   Mounted Attack: Like every other mounted attack in the game(save for those
                   few good ones). Standard right-to-left swinging.

   Dash Attack   : A sweeping sword attack.

   Jump Attack   : Vertical sword strike.

   Musou Attack  : Fu Xi spins in a circle with his Bastard Sword outstretched
                   repeatedly. Speeds up considerably in the end.

   True Musou    : Fire element added, plus extra spinning strikes with
                   maximum range added at the end.

   Bastard Sword
   Attack +19  4 Hits
   (Varying Stats)

   Great Sword
   Attack +34  5 Hits
   (Varying Stats)

   Holy Avenger
   Attack +46  6 Hits
   (Varying Stats)

   Fu Xi's Sword
   Attack +42  6 Hits + Fire 

   Attack +26
   Defense +52
   Reach +23
   Musou Charge +24

   Weapons are obtained randomly in each stage. The later the stage, and harder
   the difficulty, the better the weapon you will receive. However, 4th weapons
   must be obtained in a precise manner.

   Stage: Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
   Requirements: Defeat Huang Gai.

   A simple stage, and the archers are at Level 1 annoyance, so it shouldn't be
   too tough if Fu Xi is moderately built up. Defeat Huang Gai, and a Precious
   Item report will occur in the isolated section in the West.

4) Overview

   Fu Xi is terribly slow, his attacks focus mainly on his front side, and his
   6th S leaves him slaughtered on higher difficulties. His 6th Charge is bad
   compensation for the 6th S, since it's more of a dueling attack.

   Fu Xi's weak points aren't too bad if you know how to abuse him. With a
   decent Elixir or his 4th Weapon, Fu Xi becomes a Musou monster on the levels
   of Guan Yu and Xu Huang. His Musou will shred crowds rather effectively.
   As for his moveset, Fu Xi's SSST and 5S combo is the only thing to rave
   about. SSST is a decent crowd clearer, and Fu Xi's 5S combo ensures that he
   doesn't stay an open target since he won't follow through with his 6th S.
   Nevertheless, give Fu Xi a good Musou Charge, and he's definitely one of the
   better characters in the game. Without it, Fu Xi just becomes a slow bum.

   When fighting officers, abuse Fu Xi's SSSST and SSSSST(T). Not only are they
   impressive, and result in high combos, but with his 4th, they pack the nice
   Fire element. The 6th Charge might be a bit awkward for some people, so
   avoid it, unless you're the god of multi-hit impalement attacks. If you can
   nail it, good.

   Recommended Equipment:
   Speed Scroll/Red Hare Saddle
   Peacock Urn
   Dragon Amulet/Way of Musou
   Tortoise Amulet

5) Stage Strategy

   What stages? :PpPpPp

   1. Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
      Start out by going after Sun Ce. Shut off his Gate Captains to ease things
      up, and kill Da Qiao to make Sun Ce easier. Once he's gone, go attack Huang
      Gai's Gate Captain. With Huang Gai's flow of men gone, whittle his forces
      down until you can take out Huang Gai with little interference. Kill off the
      remaining 2 Gate Captains, then kill any archers loitering around. Around
      this time, Sun Jian should be getting close to Liu Biao, so finish the job.


6) Questions and Answers

   Q: Fu Xi is a class C ripoff of Cloud Strife.
   A: Go away you Sephiroth clone. You're the kind of person that screws up
      wonderful FF message boards. :(
   Q: I fufilled the requirements for Fu Xi's 4th weapon, but no Precious Item?
   A: You sure you're playing on Hard?
   Q: Are you asking me a question? You're supposed to answer.
   A: It's, uh, rhetorical.

   Q: I grabbed the Precious Item, but all I got was this cruddy 1st/2nd/3rd weapon.
   A: :PpP, you used Gameshark/Sharkport save that has basic 4th Weapons. Start a
      brand new game file, or use EvilR's Weapon Customizable FAQ on GameFAQ.com to
      fix the problem.

   Q: My Fu Xi does no damage!
   A: 3rd time you didn't ask a question. :p Refer to above and get yourself a +20
      Tiger Amulet somehow. 

   Q: Where do I get 2nd/3rd weapons and good items?
   A: I shop at You Ting Wei side for weapons, Wu side for items. Hard mode for best

   Q: This FAQ is horrible.
   A: Make a better one then.
   Q: I just did.
   A: >_<

7) Super Duper Secret Stuff
   There's a reason this wasn't on the contents. 

   Because Fu Xi's sword is a Bastard Sword, I can say bastard all I want. Ba...

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