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Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ
Huang Zhong
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Version 1.0
FAQ by: Rustysolo


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  1) Copyright Stuff (Above)
  2) Contents (Right here.)
  3) Version History
  4) Historical Facts about Huang Zhong 
  5) Reasons to use Huang Zhong
  6) Moves and Weapons
  7) Stages
  8) Questions
  9) Closing stuff.
    -Version History-
1.0(July 28, 2002) First Version submitted to GameFAQs
1.2(August 6, 2002) Few additions, nothing major.
    -Historical Facts about Huang Zhong-

Styled name Huang Hanshen. A great warrior, who only gained this reputation late 
in life. He could, at age 60, bend a 300 catty bow and was a master of archery. 
He could hit target one-hundred of one hundred times, and could shoot a falling 
willow leaf at a distance of 100 paces. He originally served Liu Biao and later 
Han Yuan, but he joined Liu Bei, after fighting Guan Yu, and was appointed to 
the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. He attacked Zhang He and Xiahou Yuan with his 
friend of sixty Yan Yan. Despite comments by Zhao Yun that they were too old and 
feeble, they brought a great victory on Mt. Ding Jun. He was injured at Yi Ling, 
and died from the wounds at the age of 75.
  -Reasons to use Huang Zhong-

His archery is great, and his sword moves are good in many combat situations. He 
uses moves in a way no one else does, and this helps his to be one of the 
characters that are so unique, it makes them among the best.
    -Moves and Weapons-

Here are Huang Zhong's sets of Square attacks.

  S- Strikes diagonally
  SS- Strikes straight across, in the opposite direction
  SSS- Stabs forward
  SSSS- Strikes diagonally again, but lower radius with more power behind it
  SSSSS- Another slash across
  SSSSSS- A slightly diagonal swipe, more stopping power than others

And his T-Charge Attack combos...

  T          : Spins around once, with a broad slash
  ST         : Strikes upward, sending the enemies it hits upward
  SST        : Does a flip with his blade out, paralyzes enemies
  SSST       : Brings sword forward from behind back, low radius, high power
  SSSST (T)  : Throws enemy up in the air, higher, follow up, or can juggle
  SSSSST     : Strikes downward, releasing two forward moving waves
His Musou Attack is a long spin, where he strikes all all enemies around him

As with all True Musou Attacks, it has a fire element add-in, but with his there 
is no other difference.

His Jump Attack is a downward slice, no time for two of them.

His Dash has him stick out his sword and slides for a nice long distance

Iron Sword
Attack +16
Max Hits 4

Steel Sword
Attack +32
Max Hits 5

Sage Sword
Attack +44
Max Hits 6

Oracle Sword (Unique)
Attack +44
Max Hits 6
Attack +23
Defense +45
Bow Attack +60
Bow Defense +58
Reach +26

Your first three weapons are obtained randomly in the stages, later the stage 
better the weapons. Harder difficulty makes for better weapons as well.

Huang Zhong's fourth weapon, the Oracle Sword, is obtained at Mount Ding Jun on 
hard. Head down the center path and kill Xiahou Shang. After a while, it will 
appear west of where Cao Cao arrives.


Huang Zhong's Fourth Weapon upgrades are good, even without a Musou or Life 
upgrade. His already good bow attack is improved, (try it with the 4th weapon 
and a Max Huang's Bow item.) His moves are cool, but some fall into the realm of 
not useful. His Musou and SST SSST and SSSST are great, and you can even pull of 
a good juggle with his ST. 

Yellow Turban Rebellion 184 A.D. (Hans VS Yellow Turbans)

A former government official, Zhang Jiao, while walking in the woods, finds an 
old man who tells him to read the contents of a book, which the old man wrote. 
He also told him to spread the lessons of the book across the land, and then 
disappeared. He followed the man's instructions, and gained many followers, 
founding the religious sect called the Way of Peace. The group gains power, 
spreading through the plains of central China, and when large enough, rebelled 
against the decadent Han Dynasty. The 'Yellow Turbans' as they came to be known, 
(for the yellow cloths on their heads) had the Han Dynasty beleaguered and 
battered. They sent out a call, and brave heroes step forth to help...

Go to the East side and head up the path toward Zhang Bao. Watch the boulders 
and head for the top, which will stop the boulders. Eliminate the gate, and take 
out Zhang Bao.  If Zhang Man Chang has appeared, take him out as you cross the 
lower southern plain. Head for the West gate, secure it and take Zhang Liang 
down. If Zhang Jiao is still in the castle, take him out and send him to the 
North Coast. Head Northeast and take the three gates, and He Yi. Only thing left 
should be Zhang Jiao. Take him out, and the level is over.
The Battle at Hu Lao Gate 191 A.D. (Allies VS Dong Zhuo)

After the Yellow Turban Campaign, Dong Zhuo lays claim to the Imperial Throne, 
pretending to do so in the best interests of the child Emperor. Cao Cao gathered 
the best leaders and warriors not serving Dong, and forms an alliance against 
Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao is chosen to be their leader, and the brave warriors step 
forth to halt his plans, despite Lu Bu and the imperial army at his side. In the 
lands outside of Luo Yang, with the Hu Lao and Fan Shui gates as a backdrop, the 
battle to end the tyranny begins...

Huang Zhong starts in the upper right hand corner, so just keep going south, 
eliminating the forces as you go, you should find Lu Bu, but avoid him for now. 
Go take out Xu Rong, Hua Xiong, and now make a choice.

Now, IF you fight Lu Bu, make sure you have plenty of other officers and men 
around him as well. Free up those forces north of you, and destroy as many of Lu 
Bu's men as possible before fighting him. His morale will drop, and the fight 
against him will be easier. Defending won't do much good on him, as he'll 
overpower you. (Unless you have the Buckler) Before you charge him, fill your 
Musou. Then, see if you can get behind him while the forces you brought along 
occupy him. Bust out the Musou, (You can repeat the process a few times.) If you 
can keep catching him off guard, (shifting behind him, triangle attack his 
defense, etc.) He is quick to recover, so don't let up. Huang Zhong's moves 
aren't of a specific advantage to you. (If you kill Lu Bu, a supply team appears 
with the Red Hare saddle, near Fan Chao's original position)

If you avoid Lu Bu, you'll have fewer forces to back you up at Hu Lao Gate. But 
either way, halfway through the curved canyon to the gate, large numbers of 
archers appear, break the nearby crate, and grab the arrows. Aim at the center 
archer in each set, and use triangle charge arrows. Destroy the First Bow and 
the others will attempt to run away, but are stuck in their spot, and don't pose 
much of a threat. Huang Zhong's Bow Attack is excellent, so this should be 

Break through the ambush near the gate and protect to Assault Team Captain. The 
gate will fall. Deal with Diao Chan, then nab the Life Up atop Hu Lao Gate. If 
you can, take out the three gates behind Dong Zhuo, then take him on. He 
shouldn't be too difficult, but if he gets to be a problem, back off and look 
for health. He doesn't heal all that often, but he will eventually, so attack on 
every opportunity presented.
The Battle at Chang Ban 208 A.D. (Liu Bei VS Cao Cao)

Cao Cao's army strikes southward, and Liu Bei and his army are forced to 
retreat. Liu Bei Attempts to bring the peasants along with him, slowing his 
progress to Han Shui considerably. Cao Cao pursues, and at Chang Ban, the armies 
collide again, Liu Bei ready to stop at nothing to save his people...

This is relatively easy. Go north and defeat Zhang Liao and Xiahou Dun. If Cao 
Cao's force arrives, avoid it and run through into the path where Xu Huang (and 
sometimes Dian Wei) is. Clear it out, and reach the bridge near Zhang He. 
Eliminate him and all the forces and officers blocking the line of retreat. If 
Xu Zhu is still alive (in the southeast corner), kill him, and go north, to deal 
with Cao Cao. If he starts getting too tough, kill off his troops, and his 
morale lowers, making him easier.
Assault on Cheng Du 214 AD (Liu Bei vs Liu Zhang)

Liu Bei, having escaped Cao Cao, is asked by Liu Zhang to help him fend off 
potential rebels. The people are dissatisfied with Liu Zhang, and Pang Tong, as 
well as Zhuge Liang, advise him to take this time to take the Shu lands, so he 
can place a fight against Wu and Wei. Liu Bei reluctantly heads off, to attack 
his own family...

This is a short level. Find your way out of the forest by using PAUSE, but if 
you want to save Pang Tong, take the most southern route, help Pang Tong 
advance, and when the ambush happens, save him and his men. Clear out all the 
paths, eliminating all the other officers along them, and then go after Liu 
Zhang. He shouldn't be hard if you take out the archers around him.
The Battle of Mt Ding Jun 219 AD (Shu vs Wei)

Huang Zhong, with Yan Yan, attack some of Zhang He's men in an ambush, 
infuriated, Xiahou Yuan insists Cao Cao should attack Liu Bei in retaliation. 
Cao Cao agrees and forces are sent to aid them. Liu Bei, wishing to recapture 
Han Zhong, prepares his forces for a battle on the mountain...

Head down the center, eliminating the advancing men. Archery on the decent is 
easy, so string your bow often when not in immediate danger. Xiahou Yuan may 
come up the path, so take him out if he does. After reaching the edge of the Wei 
camp, turn around and aide Zhang Fei against Zhang He.  Go into the inner Wei 
encampment, and eliminate as many forces as you can. Then, all that's left is 
Cao Cao himself, and this is relatively easy.
The Battle at Yi Ling 222 AD (Shu vs Wu)

Liu Bei, seeking revenge for the deaths of his sworn brothers Zhang Fei and Guan 
Yu, launches an assault on Wu. Lu Xun, having a counter-strike planned, prepares 
to launch a surprise strategy on Shu's men, suspecting Zhuge Liang to be behind 
the attack, with a strategy. Can Liu Bei halt Lu Xun, and remove Wu from the 
struggle for rule of China...

At the beginning here, take things quickly. Kill Sun Shang Xiang, and rush east, 
until you are about halfway into the canyon. Lu Xun will order the fire attack, 
but you will be waiting for Zhu Ran, Mwuhahaha! Now when Zhu Ran appears, KILL, 
KILL, KILL! Okay, with the fire attack prevented, you can sweep through the 
upper plains, eliminating Cheng Pu, Lu Meng, and any other officers there. Go 
into the southern valley and defeat Gan Ning. Head north and take out Lu Xun. 
Kill as many units as you can, and then attack the Wu Commander.
The Battle of Wu Zhang Plains 234 A.D. (Shu VS Wei) 

Zhuge Liang, in a bold attempt to hold back the surging Wei attack, builds a 
stronghold on the Wu Zhang Plains. Sima Yi brings his army, with plans to end 
the war in a final battle on the plains. With many more forces to arrive from 
Wei, Zhuge Liang keeps holding, hiding a strategy of his own...

Go southwest, and fight Cao Ren. Sweep through the area, taking down Xu Huang, 
Zhen Ji (Dian Wei), and the other sub-officers, etc. Go north, and eliminate Xu 
Zhu. If the catapults begin their setup, stop them immediately. All the western 
Shu forces should be advancing now. Go to the southeast and help Wei Yan's men. 
If the reinforcements arrive, take care of them, and advance on Wei 
headquarters. Kill the sub-officers for the Wei leader, and then secure all the 
gates. The Wei morale should be very low, now, so attack the leader, but don't 
think this will be an easy task either, be careful, block, and wait for them to 
leave an open moment. 
I tried on my other FAQs to take sent in questions, but turns out people aren't 
very inquisitive. So I guess I'll make some up.

Q: Why does Huang Zhong's Fourth Weapon have more stats than most others?
A: Because Huang Zhong is so old.

(Hey I never said the questions were going to be good.)

Q: Why Huang Zhong?
A: Good moves, good weapons, and the age to call anyone in the game 'A little 

Q: What's with your North, East, West, and South system?
A: North=Up East=Right West=Left South=Down, Understand?

Q: Will you do another DW3 Character FAQs?
A: If the scourge of DW3 Character FAQs, OneWinged-Dragon, leaves some 
Characters for the people who want to write a FAQs. I wish he/she quit pumping 
them out like he does.

Q: Gonna get the next DW?
A: Think on that REAL hard, genius.
*Thanks to Koei and Omega Force, for a cool game.
*Thanks to the other FAQs Writers at GameFAQs, for giving me some examples to 
compare to.
E-mail me with any questions.
Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQs/Guide for Huang Zhong
By: Rustysolo
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