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Dynasty Warriors 3 Character Guide
Huang Gai: The Pounder

Version: 0.1
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FAQ (Copyright 2002) Written by TheKamikazeWarrior

This Character faq was written through the hard work of 
TheKamikazeWarrior (A.K.A. "Me") and may NOT be altered, changed, 
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will be cursed FOREVER! Oh, yes.  You will also be sued.

Faq Updates:

Version 0.1:
The earliest version of this Faq, this has the basics and everything you 
would normally need in a Character Faq.


What's inside:

1)   Who the heck is Huang Gai?

2)   Why the heck should I use him?

3)   Moves

4)   Weapons

5)   Review of Huang Gai

6)   Unlocking Huang Gai

7)   Musou Mode Strategy

8)   Using Huang Gai

9)   Tips and Tricks on using Huang Gai

10)  Q&A

11)  Credits


1)   Who the heck is Huang Gai?

      An officer with Wu since the days of Sun Jian. A master of the 
iron staff. At the Battle of Chi Bi, together with Zhou Yu, he hatched 
the "Last Resort" plan. After being "attacked" by Zhou Yu, Huang Gai 
surrendered to Cao Cao, where he then set fire to the Wei fleet, leading 
to a great victory for Wu.

This info was shamelessly copied from the Dynasty Warriors 3 Game 


2)   Why the heck should I use him?

The word "smashing" comes to mind. If you like pounding enemy officers 
into the ground, you'll love Huang Gai! He's all about POUNDING! He also 
has a great mix of power and speed (unlike others coughXuZhucough).


3)   Moves

Regular Attacks: Huang Gai whacks his bonk rod from side to side, with a 
few single-smashes just for good measure.

S: A standard right-to-left swing of his rod. Will hit everyone in front 
of him.
SS: He swings his rod back to his right. 
SSS: He does a two-handed forward pound with his rod. Ends at about 
SSSS: He does the same thing as in SSS.
SSSSS: He does the same thing again (geez, I REALLY wouldn't want to be 
on the end of that thing), except this time his rod goes almost the way 
to the ground.
SSSSSS: He takes his rod and swings it from his bottom-left all the way 
over to his right. Has knockback power.

Charge Attacks: Most of these involve Huang Gai smacking enemies with 
his rod HARD. Most of them also don't have good crowd control, except 

T: A great swing of his club. Knocks everyone in front of you away, and 
is pretty fast. 
ST: A big uppercut punch with his left arm. Knocks enemies quite high, 
and you can perform up to a 10 combo by repeatedly doing ST. 
SST: A quick upward kick. Can stun people. May hit three or four people 
in a crowd, don't do it unless you're up against a small group. 
SSST: A powerful forward swing that is not unlike is SSSSS. This attack 
knocks enemies back very far, but his poor coverage. Don't expect to 
take out an entire group with a go of this attack.
SSSST: He knocks enemies up with his rod. Standard High Juggle.
SSSSTT: He knocks them up and jumps into the air following with three 
repeated strikes of his rod, the third knocking the unfortunate enemy to 
the ground.  
SSSSST: BAM! A huge stomp knocks everyone around you down, doing big 
damage! Most of Huang Gai's attacks have bad crowd control, but this one 
is GODLY! This is your staple move! Use it a lot! 

Dash Attack: He does a shoulder charge at the enemy, knocking them away.

Mounted Attack: He swings his rod from side to side. Regular mounted 
attack. It should be noted that Huang Gai's mounted triangle attack has 
him smashing his rod toward one side repeatedly.

Jump Attack: He brings his rod down on any loser standing under him. 

Musou Attack: He swings his big rod from side to side, ending with a big 
swing. This attack juggles.

True Musou Attack: This is the same move as the Musou Attack, except 
with fire and a few repeated rod pounds at the end. Classic Huang Gai 


4)   Weapons

Iron Rod:
Attack +16   4 Hits
(Variable stats)
Description: A solid multi-jointed silver stick, attached to a leather 

Steel Rod:
Attack +31   5 Hits
(Variable Stats)
Description: This weapon is a just like his first weapon, except that it 
has a gold stick, instead of silver, and that the end of the handle is a 
little more elaborate than before.

Shadow Rod
Attack +44   6 Hits
(Variable Stats)
Description: YES! Now this is what I'm talking about! A solid black 
club-thing, except for a little red at the top of the handle. The end of 
the rod (it SERIOUSLY looks like a club) is a sort of 4-sided crown 
thing, with a little point sticking out of the top (I wound NOT want to 
get smacked with one of those). Its handle is pure black (personally, 
the weapon looks like a 14th century torture device).

Black Shadow
Attack +44   6 Hits
HP Max +82
Defense +57
Mounted Attack +52
Reach +23
Musou Charge +27
Description: This weapon looks EXACTLY the same as the Shadow Rod, 
except it has the word +UNIQUE in yellow in the bottom right corner of 
the weapon picture.

The first, second, and third weapons are found randomly in Weapon boxes. 
The later the stage and the higher the difficulty, the better the weapon 
and Variable stats. Fourth weapons, however, must be gotten on hard and 
in a exact manner.

Method for getting the Black Shadow:

Stage: The Battle at Chi Bi

Side: Sun Quan's Forces

Game Difficulty: Hard

Requirements: Defeat Zhang Liao. The weapon will appear near Zhuge 
Liang's Place of Prayer. Go grab it and kill Cao Cao.

Strategy: This weapon is a pain to get. Since YOU are Huang Gai, you 
have to start the fire attack, which means sitting on Xiahou Dun's 
position for a loooooong time until the fire kicks in. On hard, most of 
your generals will be dead by then. I suggest you go and clear out most 
of the people on the left side of the map (Zhang Liao included), then go 
and start the fire attack. Once it starts, go grab the weapon and finish 
off Cao Cao. The two player trick, described, below, is extremely 
helpful. Huang Gai, the first player, sits and waits for the second 
player to kill off Xiahou Dun, who's sitting where the fire attack 
position is. Then leave Huang Gai there while the second player goes and 
kills Xiahou Yuan and Cao Pi. You MUST kill them, because they will 
charge Huang Gai's position. Then, once the fire attack has started and 
Zhang Liao has been killed, send Huang Gai to fetch the weapon while 
second player mops up Cao Cao's forces. 

The Two Player Trick:

This trick involves the fact that the difficulty of the levels depends 
on the first player. All you need is a weak character whose fourth 
weapon you really, really, really, want (you also need two controllers). 
Then use a maxed out (or just a powerful) player as your second player. 
Stick your weakling somewhere safe while your strong character does all 
the work and gets the weapon. Easy? Yup.   


5)   Review of Huang Gai

Huang Gai's attacks have bad crowd control (with the exception of 
SSSSST). His fourth weapon Mounted Attack +52 is useless. His musou is 
very average and the +27 Musou Charge is pretty deadweight. He also gets 
interrupted a lot when attacking.  

Huang Gai is a very direct attacker. His attacks (especially his SSS, 
SSSS, and SSSSS) tend to be aimed at one person, rather than a group. 
That's where his SSSSST comes in. The usefulness of this attack will be 
described later on. His fourth weapon bonuses (besides Mounted Attack 
and Musou Charge) his fourth weapon bonuses are all very useful. He has 
great power and okay speed in attacking. His SSSSTT is an eight-hit 
combo if every hit connects. This is very useful against generals. Huang 
Gai's strongest suit is one-on-one. All in all, Huang Gai's an 
intermediate character that's very fun to use when mastered.

Suggestion for Items: 
Red Hare Saddle/Hex Mark Saddle
Tortoise Amulet
Peacock Urn
Wind Scroll/Tiger Amulet
The Way of the Musou/Shell Armor


6)   Unlocking Huang Gai

Note: This section should have come a lot earlier in the faq, but don't 
blame me. I just need to get my priorities straight.

He's one of the nine starting characters. He's on the Wu (red) team. If 
you can't find him, you have SERIOUS problems.  


Musou Mode Strategy

For those dull people out there (no offense, dull people) who don't know 
how to get to Huang Gai's Musou Mode, I've written a walkthrough on how 
to get to his Musou Mode. Select Musou Mode. Select New Game. Tap L1 
twice. Scroll left until you find a fierce-looking, semi-bald guy with a 
freaky-looking rod/club. Tap X. His Musou Mode will start. How to do the 
levels with be written below. If this doesn't help you get to his Musou 
Mode, prepare to settle in for a LOOOOOONG stay at your local friendly 
Mental Institution.

Stage 1: The Yellow Turban Rebellion

Kamikaze's word of advice: Zhang Jiao is quite...disturbing...isn't he?

        This is a pretty easy stage. You start with your leader, Sun 
Jian, and his forces guarding the west gate of the castle. Cao Cao and 
his forces are guarding the south, while Liu Bei and his brothers are 
guarding the east. The Yellow Turbans are attacking from all sides. Each 
of the Zhang brothers (Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Jiao) have an 
evil surprise they use to try to tip the battle in their favor (it's 
magic, those filthy cheaters). Zhang Bao, in the east, will drop 
boulders around the east gate. They will stop once he's dead. In 
addition, when Han (that's your side) troops (most likely Liu Bei's) 
move up the slope, Zhang Bao rolls huge boulders down that will stop 
once an allied general reaches the top of the slope. In the south, Cao 
Cao is contending with Sun Zhong and Zhang Jiao (GASP!). In the west is 
Zhang Liang and his HUGE force. If you let him live too long, he will 
freeze the river north of the castle, letting the Turbans gathered north 
of the river charge into the castle. This also lets you walk on it. 
Killing Zhang Liang will cause him to freeze the river too, so it's not 
preventable. Just go kill him. Also, when you approach him, Zhang Jiao 
(if he's still alive in the south) will teleport near Sun Jian's force. 
If, however, he is killed before then, he will appear in the castle, 
near He Jin, your leader. You may have to go save him if this happens. 
Once Zhang Jiao is killed twice, he will appear on the north shore 
(geez, he just doesn't seem to die!) at reinforcements (big ones) will 
appear for the Yellow Turbans. You can also make this happen by going 
across the frozen river onto the north shore, if you don't want to kill 
him a second time. Anyways, you can then mop up the remaining forces and 
then kill Zhang Jiao, or just march across the frozen river and kill 
him. Either way, killing him on the north shore will kill him for good.

Stage 2: The Battle at Hu Lao Gate

Kamikaze's word of advice: I...I...It...It's LU BU!

      This battle is also quite easy. It's Yuan Shao, the leader of the 
allies, against Dong Zhuo, who commands Lu Bu, Diao Chan, a bunch of no-
name generals, and a very large belly (Dong Zhuo sounds like a sick 
toad, doesn't he?). Your side has an advantage, since Sun Jian, Cao Cao, 
and Liu Bei and all their respective troops are fighting with you. Huang 
Gai starts on the west side, with Sun Jian, as they try to get past the 
Fan Shui Gate. Cao Cao starts in the north, moving south toward the top 
of Fan Shui (whose top is connected to a passageway going north). Liu 
Bei starts in the Northeast, where he moves south and eventually west, 
toward Hu Lao Gate. The fool Yuan Shu has put himself in the southwest, 
surrounded by enemy forces, and because of a certain figure, he'll be 
gone is minutes. And, of course, no battle at Hu Lao is complete without 
LU BU! He's on the enemy side, and unless Huang Gai is powered up a good 
deal, or you have a LOT of skill, he'll wipe the table with your face on 
levels normal and hard. If you let him be, he'll wreck havoc with Yuan 
Shu's forces. Then he'll move north and contend with Liu Bei, who in 
turn will surround him with Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu all at once, 
eventually causing Lu Bu to retreat. Of course, if this never happens 
(if one or more of the three sworn brothers die) you'll need to go and 
kill Lu Bu, cause he'll cut his way to Yuan Shao one general at a time. 
Anyways, once you kill the few generals guarding Fan Shui, the gate will 
open and you can cross to the other side. Cut (or pound) your way 
through to Hu Lao. On the way, in a canyon, an enemy general will call 
an ambush and fifteen archers will appear on the ledges on the sides of 
the canyon. You can't reach them with your rod, so snipe em with your 
bow. If you need arrows, there's a twenty-pack in a box nearby. Anyways, 
once you get to Hu Lao, an Assault Captain and his team will appear, 
give them a clear path and they'll open the gate, let them die, and 
you'll be delayed. Li Ru's unit appears either way, but if the Assault 
team survived, you don't have to fight Li Ru. Diao Chan pops through the 
gate when it's down. She's horribly weak (horribly) and should die in a 
few hits. Behind the gate is Dong Zhuo, his troops, and three gate 
captains. Kill those gate captains, or you're gonna get swarmed with 
troops! Once you're ready, go kill Dong Zhuo. That toad is nowhere as 
strong as Lu Bu. Kill him! And get him to fix is voice!

Stage 3: Surprise Attack on Liu Biao

Kamikaze's word of advice: This isn't really a sneak attack, is it, 
since the enemy already has traps and everything set.

You start on one of the boats. Go forth and eliminate the gate captain 
on your side of the map and clear out the archers on shore. The castle 
is in the back and there are two paths to it. The eastern mountain path 
and the western forest path. The eastern mountain path has Lu Gong and 
his force to contend with. The western path has Huang Zu, and Zhang Hu, 
with their respective troops. You can go either way. It makes no real 
difference, since hey both go to the castle. On top of that, once Sun 
Jian makes his way far enough north (he goes up the eastern path), he'll 
get squished with boulders (owww...Sun Jian is now officially flatter 
than a pancake) and you'll get the classic Star Wars sequence (you know, 
FATHER! NOOOOOOOOOOO!) from Sun Ce. From now on, Sun Ce becomes your 
leader (until he gets killed with arrows a few battles later). You can 
prevent Sun Jian's death by killing Kuai Liang, one of Liu Biao's 
officers, but since he's all the way in the fort, the only way you can 
kill him in time is to rush over their with a horse and disregard all 
the enemies. Eventually, once you're done having your killing fun, go 
and decapitate Liu Biao, the slimeball.

Stage 4: The Battle at Chi Bi

Kamikaze's word of advice: FIRE! FIRE! EVERYONE LIKES FIRE!

        This battle is a lot different from the Chi Bi that anyone and 
everyone else play. Why? You are Huang Gai. You are 100% responsible for 
the fire attack (well, maybe Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang thought of it, but 
because of Zhou Yu's incredibly high and annoying voice and Zhuge's 
freaky pajama-robes, those two are disqualified). You have to go to 
Xiahou Dun's position, kill him, and then sit there for, like ten 
minutes until the fire attack starts. This can make the battle either 
considerably easier or quite harder. If you couldn't get the fire attack 
started when you played as someone else, you'll be better off starting 
the fire attack yourself. But, if you're like me, and the fire attack 
always gets set off, having to do it yourself makes this level quite 
hard, since while you're sitting there waiting for the fire attack, the 
Wei forces are taking out your generals like last week's stinky garbage 
(bad example, sorry. You feel really worn-out after a caffeine burst). 
Anyways, if you're playing on easy or normal, you may be able to kill 
Cao Pi and the Xiahou Brothers and then rush over there and initiate the 
fire attack. Then you can clear out the rest of the opposition and go 
smack Cao Cao around for having the misfortune of having the nurse 
accidentally print his first name on his birth certificate twice. Or, if 
you're on hard, or are just really confident of your skill, you can just 
go kill everyone on the left side of the map (Cao Pi, the two Xiahous, 
and Zhang Liao). Also kill a lot of troops, so that your army's morale 
is boosted high enough so that when you go absent for ten minutes or so, 
your army has enough morale to survive. Then go and smack Cao Cao for 
the reasons listed above. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Stage 5: The Battle at Yi Ling

Kamikaze's word of advice: No need to guard Sun Quan's base. When I say 
no need, I mean NO NEED! Sun Quan is conveniently using something I call 
Super-Delta-Alpha-Omega-Gamma-Archer System. This is basically about a 
gazillion archers surrounding Sun Quan, guarding him. No need to protect 
Sun Quan!

        You are lucky you are playing this stage on the Wu side. Quite 
lucky. This means two things. One, the super-powered generals Gan Ning 
(or Zhou Yu), Lu Meng, Lu Xun, and the Gate Captain from Hell (the one 
guarding SSX, she herself was quite weak compared to the Gate Captain) 
are all on your side. If you ever play Yi Ling on the Shu side on hard, 
these four people are absolute nightmares (I should know, I had them for 
weeks after trying to get Liu Bei's fourth weapon). Two, the fire attack 
is one YOUR side, so have fun helping Zhu Ran burn the Shu Camp to the 
Sorry about that. It seems my caffeine has returned. Anyways, it is 
harder to pull off the fire attack (it seems that we are a bunch of 
pyros, not that there's anything wrong with that) than it was when you 
played on the Shu side. On the Shu side, Zhu Ran made it to the end of 
the canyon without any help from his fellow Wu generals. In this battle, 
Zhang Bao is sitting in the middle of the canyon, waiting for Zhu Ran to 
appear. In addition, if a certain time passes and the fire attack has 
still not happened, Zhu Ran will give up hope and the fire attack will 
fail. You should try to help Zhu Ran by killing Zhang Bao ASAP. However, 
triggering the fire attack is not as important as stopping it when you 
were on the Shu side. This will knock down morale, and now you should 
help your generals sweep the area clean of Shu. Since you're so close, 
go and kill Huang Zhong, who is a joke compared to certain generals of 
Wu. Go east, taking out Zhao Yun and Wei Yan (if they're still alive). 
Ma Chao (or Guan Yu) should have been killed ages ago, but if he's still 
here, by all means kill him. None of the Shu generals are worth anything 
when matched up with certain Wu ones, so you'll have no trouble sweeping 
the area of Shu. When you're ready, go and find Liu Bei, who's sitting 
in the southwest corner, picnicking with Zhuge Liang, who should have 
arrived by now. Liu Bei will discover that his entire army has been 
destroyed, and probably get very angry. He will vent his anger toward Ma 
An Gate, which is where SSX is. Because she has so many troops, you can 
have some fun since she won't die easily. You can attack from the side! 
The nine by nine square just east of the Shu camp is called the STONE 
WARRIOR FORMATION! Sounds quite dramatic, doesn't it? It's basically a 
nine x nine square and you have to get from one side to the other. Some 
exits are blocked off and you don't have your map in here. Did I mention 
there's enemy troops inside? Yes, an enemy ambush party will appear when 
you (or any Wu soldier) wanders into the Stone Warrior Formation. Each 
square has a troop of soldiers (a sergeant and four privates) and a 
squad of crossbowmen. In addition, two squares have officers in them! 
Can you catch 'em all? If you get lost, just refer to your start map. Oh 
yes. Zhuge Liang didn't design his Formation too well, and it has a 
weakness. You can get to the other end by hugging the left wall. You 
only have to go through seven spaces and you make it to the end. And 
that's not all! You get two character exclusive quotes when your 
character enters and exits the maze. However you do it, you should end 
up just east of what's left of Liu Bei's army. Go south, past Liu Bei, 
and kill his loyal and stupid prime minister, Zhuge Liang. Then prepare 
to go pound Liu Bei, who is quite strong compared to his generals. But 
then again, considering how weak they were, Liu Bei shouldn't be much of 
a problem. Say goodbye to Shu!

Stage 6: The Battle at You Ting

Kamikaze's word of advice: A double agent eh? That's nice. I mean that's 
NICE! If you've ever played Jie Ting on the Shu side, you'll see what I 
mean, that idiot Ma Su... 

        Hohoho! Double Agent! Double Agent! And that's exactly what 
you've got. Zhou Fang has pretended to defect to the Wei side. This is a 
trap they plan to spring on the idiot, Cao Xiu. There are three forts. 
The east, west, and middle forts. Zhang Pu is guarding the west, Zhang 
He the east, and Cao Xiu, Zhen Ji, and Xu Huang are guarding the center 
fort. Xiao Qiao is assaulting the west, Da Qiao the east, and SSX the 
center. Go forth and eliminate Xu Huang and Zhen Ji. DO NOT ATTACK CAO 
XIU! Instead, go to the west fort and smash Zhang Pu's head in. You can 
go east from here and whack Zhang He. Once both the forts have fallen, 
your double agent, Zhou Fang, will return to the Wu side and completely 
surround Cao Xiu. If both forts do not fall within ten minutes or Cao 
Xiu is killed before they both fall, Zhou Fang will remain on the Wei 
side. Either way, kill Cao Xiu and go assault Sima Yi's base now. He has 
a ridiculous amount of troops guarding him, so prepare for a good fight 
to Sima Yi. You may have to go through Xu Zhu as well. Either way, smack 
the crap outta Sima Yi when you find him, and show Wei what Huang Gai is 
made of! Well...maybe not...

Stage 7: The Siege of He Fei Castle

Kamikaze's word of advice: Hmmm...the Wei reinforcements are a lot 
bigger this time...

        Kill Wei! Kill Wei! Hehehe! Er...please disregard the last few 
sentences. This level seems to be messing with my brain. Anyways...Wu 
starts with eight units (you (Huang Gai) are not one of them, you are an 
officer of Sun Quan. Besides Sun Quan, all eight units have decent 
amounts of troops. Sun Quan has a lot. On the Wei side, besides Sima Yi 
and Xu Zhu, their forces (numbering six units) all have decent amounts 
of troops too. Xu Zhu has quite a large amount of troops (more than Sun 
Quan, this is probably due to the fact that most of the troops on shore 
Boy, does he really need that much of a guard? I mean...he's 
three times as many troops as Sun Quan! All officer morale starts at 
four stars (every single officer on both sides. No generals have any 
officers with them (except Sun Quan, with you). You start with Zhen Ji 
(AHHH! The double Zhen Ji's! This time, you're on the no-name's side, 
not the chick's side. Dang.) and Lu Xun, facing the front gate. SSX is 
behind you, as backup. Gan Ning and Zhuge Jin are on the west side, 
while Lu Meng and Sun Shao are on the east side. Sun Quan is sitting 
nice and safe on his boat (until later...). Besides the two units on the 
east side, everyone (besides Sun Quan) will move for the west gate (even 
though the east gate is open too...Lu Meng and Sun Shao are the only 
ones smart enough to realize this). The main gate is also open, but the 
moment a Wu soldier walks through, a Wei ambush party will appear (hey, 
Sima Yi's a skilled guy) in the gate courtyard and the gates to the main 
courtyard will be closed. Even though the east gate is open, your 
foolish troops go west! Sima Yi has anticipated this flaw in the Wu 
generals' brainwaves (hey, I needed some excuse) and turned the west 
castle corridor into an amusement (if taking damage is your idea of 
amusement) park. Going through there is a two-part thing. First of all, 
there's a good deal of enemy troops along the corridor. First up, 
is...THE HALL OF ARROWS! In here, the arrows shoot from the walls. They 
will not harm Wei troops, but will hurt you and the Wu people. Rush 
through and once you get to the other side, you can take care of the 
enemy troops chasing you. Continue on to the...WIND CORRIDOR! In here, 
giant pillars of wind rush up and hurt any enemy soldier foolish enough 
to walk into them. SO DO NOT RUN INTO THE PILLARS OF WIND! If you are  
brave, carefully walk between the wind pillars and grab the Weapon Box 
inside. Keep going until you get to the courtyard. Of course, there is a 
MUCH easier way to get into the courtyard. Go by the east gate instead. 
On a suspended bridge, is none other than...XU ZHU! Ahhhhhh! He's gonna 
eat us! You get a real cool sequence when you meet Xu 
Zhu. Kill him anyways. A real fun thing to do is to repeatedly knock Xu 
Zhu off the bridge with your SSST and watch him climb all the way back 
up. Rinse and repeat. When you're done having your fun, kill him and 
keep going north. Go around the closed gate and go all the way around to 
GET PEGGED WITH ABOUT FOURTY ARROWS! There are a TON of Wei archers in 
that corner! However you do it, you should end up in the main courtyard. 
If you went by the east gate, you're probably the only Wu general here. 
Without your help, the Wu forces are still fighting along the West 
corridor. Lu Meng and Sun Shao stop at the closed East Gate and never 
think to go around it. Even with a great strategist like Lu Xun, Wu is 
still just a big group of idiots... In the courtyard is Xu Huang and 
Zhang He, who are ready to fight to the death! Seriously. These two are 
quite vicious on the higher difficulties. Also, do NOT go across the 
bridge in the center of the courtyard. I know you're thinking, "But why? 
I thought the archers were on the Wu side!" They are when you cross the 
bridge on the Wei side, but on the Wu side, the archers will be from 
Wei. Not good, especially if you're the only Wu officer in the 
courtyard. Either way, eliminate Xu Huang and Zhang He. Around this 
time, HUGE Wei reinforcements under Cao Rui and Man Chong will arrive. 
HUGE. They are now more troops outside the castle than inside. (If 
you've killed Zhang He and Xu Huang) Since most of the Wu army is still 
in the castle, this leaves Sun Quan VERY vulnerable, since the 
reinforcements appear right next to Sun Quan. Go back and help him. If 
the Wu army has gotten to the courtyard, the main gates should be open. 
But, if not, you'll have to go back the way you came. Go and eliminate 
these buggers. Now go to the Wei HQ. It is only accessible from the 
sides, so pick a side and go for it. Zhen Ji is guarding the left side 
and Zhang Liao is on the right. Eliminate one, and if you're evil and 
bloodthirsty (like me), you can go kill the other too. When you're done 
killing one (or two) of the generals find the stairs to the inner castle 
walls. Kill all evil Wei soldiers and fight your way to Sima Yi (or Cao 
Cao). Pound the crap outta of them and make Wei fear the name HUANG GAI!


8)   Using Huang Gai

If you don't admit Huang Gai is a direct attacker, you have serious 
issues. Huang Gai has powerful attacks but they tend to be aimed toward 
one person rather than groups. Use his SSSSST a lot. It clears crowds 
great. You can use SSSSTT on generals and small groups. Because of the 
three-hit follow-up, this attack can do lots of damage to single people. 
Huang Gai's weakness is the fact that his SSS, SSSS, and SSSSS are aimed 
toward one person, rather than a group. This gives enemies a chance to 
interrupt Huang Gai when he tries to do his SSSSST. When you see a crowd 
a while away, start smacking so you press T (of the SSSSST combo) right 
in the middle of the crowd, smacking the crowd to the ground. Of course, 
there is still a chance of being interrupted, but the chance is much 
lower. His Musou is best used against big groups. His swings are very 
wide and will hit a lot of people. Use it a lot. Huang Gai is quite the 
average character until he gets his third or fourth weapon. Then he 
becomes quite amazing. 


9)   Tips and Tricks on using Huang Gai

The Punt:

Huang Gai's SST can be used to have some fun in Vs. mode or against 
single enemies. It's not a good fighting tactic, but is fun to use. Use 
SST to stun the enemy. Then use it again while they're still stunned. 
Huang Gai will punt them a good distance with his kick. This works with 
all characters, but Huang Gai hits them a good distance and it actually 
looks believe able with his kick. Most spear wielders have a downward 
slash as their SST, so it's not quite right that the enemy flies back.

The Infinite Combo:
This is used when you want to do a lot of damage to a single enemy, or 
to combo an enemy enough to increase their power-up. The power-ups work 
like this:

If the enemy drops a +1 Sword or Shield, do a eight combo or more on 
them to force them to drop a +2. It can not be increased past that. 
Note: The combo must KILL the enemy, or they will just drop their 
default power-up.

If the enemy drops a +2 Sword or Shield, do a sixteen combo or more on 
them to force them to drop a +4. It can not be increased past that. 
Note: The combo must KILL the enemy, or they will just drop their 
default power-up.

If the enemy drops a +4 Sword or Shield, do a twenty-four combo or more 
on them to force them to drop a +8. It can not be increased past that. 
Note: The combo must KILL the enemy, or they will just drop their 
default power-up.

If the enemy drops a +8 Sword or Shield, doing combo of any number on 
them will not increase or decrease their power-up. It's as high as it 
can go. 

To perform the combo:
Simply perform the SSSST combo over and over. Do not press T a second 
time. You can keep comboing them even after they die. Their bodies 
disappear and the death or retreat sequence happens (if they have one) 
when they touch the ground. If you keep whacking them into the air, they 
can't disappear since they are always airborne. Once the enemy is dead 
and you have the combo number you want, just press T the second time to 
smack them outta the sky with a stylish three-hit combo. Some people can 
also perform this infinite combo with their ST, mainly those who have a 
jumping uppercut with a sword as their ST (ex. Sun Jian). It's a lot 
harder, but yields the same results if effective. Huang Gai can get up 
to a ten combo doing his ST (that's the highest I've ever gone), so he's 
better off using SSSST.

10)   Q&A

1q.   Huang Gai has attitude problems!
1a.   Where are you getting this info?

2q.   My Huang Gai doesn't hurt anyone!
2a.   If you get yourself a Tiger Amulet over +20 or a weapon over +80   
      (Total attack) with Gameshark, the bar will reset to zero.

3q.   Huang Gai is bald!
3a.   So? You may be too!

4q.   That was mean!
4a.   Calling Huang Gai bald was mean too!

5q.   I don't like you!
5a.   Frankly, I don't care.

6q.   Stop insulting me already!
6a.   Leave me alone and you won't get insulted!

7q.   Huang Gai is bald and so are you!
7a.   Dammit, LEAVE ME ALONE!

8q.   I don't like this faq!
8a.   That's your problem. Make a better one.

9q.   I just did!
9a.   Where is it? Post it!

10q.  Why?
10a.  To prove you wrote one.

11q.  What if I don't want to?
11a.  Too bad, loser!

12q.  I'm not a loser!  :(
12a.  Yes you are! :)

13q.  No I'm not!
13a.  Yes you are!

14q.  NO I'M NOT!
14a.  YES YOU ARE!

15q.  I'm LEAVING!


11)   Credits

Koei & Omega Force- For making this great game.

One Winged-Dragon- For inspiring me into making this faq with his great 
17+ faqs.

Gassnake5342- For also inspiring me into making this Faq with his 
excellent Gan Ning and Taishi Ci faqs.

You-For reading this guide.

Me, A.K.A TheKamikazeWarrior- For writing this guide.

Bob- I have no idea why he is here.