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                            Dynasty Warriors 3 (Xbox)
                               Maxed Out Items FAQ
                    by shoecream - shoecreamll at
                              Version 1.1 - 8/18/04

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                                 Table of Contents
I.   Introduction
II.  Starting Out
    A. Maxed out Characters
    B. Fourth Weapons
      1. Lu Bu's Fourth Weapon
      2. Lu Xun's Fourth Weapon
    C. Items
      1. Buckler
      2. Power Scroll
III. Actually Maxing Out Items
    A. The Beginning: Taking Care of Business
    B. The Middle: Surrounding Cao Xiu
    C. The End: Battering Sima Yi's Morale
IV. Applying These Strategies Elsewhere

                                  I. Introduction

Welcome to my lovely FAQ for the excellent Xbox and PS2 game, Dynasty Warriors
3 (Shin Sangoku Musou 2 in some circles). This "Maxed Out Items FAQ" will tell
you how to get items quickly, but don't expect it to be an easy trip. You'll
need a lot of hard work before you can start trying to max out your items.


This guide is designed mainly for Xbox, so if you're playing the PS2 version
and wonder, "That feature isn't there." Or "My PS2 slows down every time I do
X", then I say to you: too bad.

BTW, it's not really as hard as it sounds. Doing all of this will take less
than a few hours, at most, if you've already unlocked this level for both sides
and know how to play well.

| Is this guide worth it? |

   For those of you that are wondering if this is all really worth it, here's
   an overview of what I'm telling you in this guide.
   1) Max out Lu Bu, Lu Xun and get their fourth weapons
   2) Play You Ting, Wu Side, on Hard or Very Hard in a set pattern until you
      get the items you want.
   3) Show your friends the l337 stats your items have.

                                 II. Starting Out

Here is the list of materials required for getting items efficiently:
A Maxed out Lu Xun
Lu Xun's Fourth Weapon
A Maxed out Lu Bu (or close to it)**
Lu Bu's Fourth Weapon**
Power Scroll
Peacock Urn
Turtle Amulet
Shell Armor
You Ting, Wu Side unlocked
Very Hard Difficulty Unlocked (Xbox only)*

Note that you don't need ALL of these materials, or any of them in fact, to get
items efficiently. But it sure will help.

* NOTE: On Xbox, beat Musou mode on hard to unlock Very Hard Difficulty.
** Don't get these if you're not playing Xbox.

                             A. Maxed Out Characters

The characters that you need to max out are Lu Xun and Lu Bu. To unlock
them...beat the game once with a Wu general (for Lu Xun) and kill 1000 people
in Hu Lao gate, Allied Forces side. Getting 1000 kills is NOT hard. Just play
someone like Guan Yu. Ok? Unlocked both of them? Good. Now we can move on to
the next part: maxing them out.

To max out characters, I recommend playing on the Siege of He Fei castle, Wei
side. The reason for this is because it's quite an easy level if you play it
right, on Wei side everyone is bunched together, and almost everyone drops at
least +4.

To max out life and musou bars, I recommend either the Yellow Turban rebellion,
or Mountain Bandit Campaign (for you Xbox people). The life and musou powerups
are located in jugs. If you can't find them yourself, I suggest using

for all your mapping needs. Please note that all material on that site is
neither owned nor endorsed by me, so if you have any complaints about it direct
it to THEM, not me.

So, now that you've maxed out both Lu Bu and Lu Xun, it's time to get their
fourth weapons. On to...

                               B. Fourth Weapons
You'll need Fourth weapons to survive in You Ting on Very Hard. So, here's how
to get them...

| 1. Lu Xun's Fourth Weapon |

Base Attack +42
Death Element
Speed +22
Musou +75
Defense +43
Reach +29

Ouch! This is the bad-ass that you'll be using to plow your way through You
Ting. Death Element + Reach = DEATH. Plus he's really fast, almost as fast as
Red Hare, (faster if you have a maxed speed scroll, but we'll get to that
later) with this weapon equipped, so you won't have to waste an item slot for
your "Red Hare Saddle."

To obtain this weapon, you must play Yi Ling on Hard (a feat in and out of
itself), while keeping Lu Meng AND Gan Ning alive while you traipse through the
Stone Warrior Formation. Then, while still keeping Lu Meng and Gan Ning alive
on the other side of the map, you must KILL ZHUGE LIANG! This feat is best
attempted with two players.

| 2. Lu Bu's Fourth Weapon |

Base Attack +50
Lightning Element
Jump +24
Musou +90
Life +90
Attack +30
Defense +60

THIS dude, on the other hand, is gonna be the guy that takes all of your hits
for you. Any other bodyguard is going to be killed within the first 5 minutes.

To get Lu Bu's fourth weapon, play Hu Lao Gate on Hard mode. Play Dong Zhuo's
side. Kill Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei. (kill Liu Bei last because Guan Yu
and Zhang Fei retreat when you kill him). Then, run over to Cao Cao's attack
route and slaughter the supply team that's running away from you like a scared
little rabbit.

                                    C. Items

You'll need some red equipment before you can max out your blue equipment. The
things required are:
Power Scroll

Buckler first.

| 1. Buckler |

This item allows you to always hold your block, no matter if the enemy is a
lowly private or Lu Bu himself. In Very Hard mode, when even a private can
break your guard, you know you're gonna need this.

He Fei, Wu side. Let Taishi Ci get killed in Zhang Liao's assassination
attempt. Follow Sun Quan when he retreats, then jump over the broken bridge
with him. Zhang Liao will then attack Sun Quan. Kill Zhang Liao, and he will
drop the Buckler.

| 2. Power Scroll |

He Fei, Wei side. Wait for Gan Ning to appear. Kill him.

Congratulations! You have all the items you need!

NOTE: Of course you don't *really* need these items, but they're helpful,
because with these items, you have less of a chance of getting your ass kicked

                         III. Actually Maxing Out Items

Wasn't that fun? So now that you've got everything prepped up, you can begin to
max out your items.

First, turn off cutscenes in the options menu. You don't need them, and they
can get bothersome when you're in a combo and a random cutscene pops out. While
you're there, bump it up to Hard or Very Hard mode if you haven't already.

Second, go into Free mode, and select You Ting, Wu side. Then select Lu Xun.

Third: Go into the equipment menu. Equip your fourth weapon, a peacock urn,
tortoise necklace, shell armor, buckler, and power scroll. For your bodyguard,
use an officer and select Lu Bu. IF YOU ARE PLAYING PS2, SKIP THIS PART. DON'T

Now...start the level!

                      A. The Beginning: Taking Care of Business

As you start the level, run directly forward. You should see a large group of
people gathering in front of you. Kill ALL enemies in this group, using Charge
4 attack (XXXY, or SSST for you PS2 folks). After killing all enemies, there
should be a bend in the road ahead of you. Start killing enemies left and
right. You should be double-teamed by both Zhen Ji and Xu Huang. Run back a
bit, and take out each SEPERATELY.

Officer tactics: (this applies for all officers in this level).
Always hold L (or L1, for you PS2 folks).
Let your bodyguard, or other soldiers, distract the enemy's bodyguards.
Use XXXY (SSST), until it does little damage, then do XXXXXXY (SSSSSST)
Always keep moving, especially if there are archers nearby.
Save musou attacks for until they are almost dead, or to counter another musou.
Repeat until dead.

After killing Zhen Ji and Xu Huang (and clearing out the area with liberal
amounts of XXXY), collect any meat buns they've dropped, and go to the place
where you originally encountered the two of them. It should be a T intersection
there (as well as a crate full of arrows).
This is what it should look like:

(to Cao Xiu)

|         |
|         |
|          \_______
|           x        (to bend & life up near tree)
|           _______
|         C/
|       T |
|   |     |
|   |     |
|  _|_    |
    V  go this way!

x - you
C - crate of arrows
T - tree

While facing the top part of the T (the part where you can't go forward, you
can only go left or right), turn left, and you should see in the distance (or
if you're using PS2, run a bit until you see it) a crate and a few jugs. Break
the crate and jugs for a +FULL HP recover and an item. Good work, soldier.

At this point, you should be in the bottom left quadrant of the map. Run over
to the other side of the map (bottom right side) (you'll have to cut through
your base to get to it), where Da Qiao is probably being molested by some guy
or something. Go and save her (if she's not dead already) kill the officer
that's attacking her. He should be called Hu Zhi. Kill him for another item.

If you get woefully battered from this fight, run back to your base for a +100
life up.

Please quit and save your game.

                        B. The Middle: Surrounding Cao Xiu
After beating up on Zhang He's subordinate officer, Zhang He should have little
people left. Go up to the east fortress, and start beaning on his guys. Again,
use XXXY liberally. Now, start attacking Zhang He. If you're playing Xbox
version, Lu Bu should aid in the battle very well. After he dies, he drops a
Defense +8 - who cares? You're maxed out anyway!

If you get bloodied and bruised from this fight, there is a +200 life up in the
east fortress.

Run DIRECTLY ACROSS to the West fortress - don't care about any little
munchkins that get in your way. Check the time - if you're good, you should
have at least 22 minutes left. That'll give you a whole minute and a half to
take down the West Fortress.

The reason for the time limit is that, at 10 minutes, Sima Yi will discover
that Zhou Fang is a traitor, and Wei morale goes up while Wu morale suffers.
You don't want that. In fact, you don't want Wei's morale to go above 5 stars.
You want to keep them as downtrodden as possible.

So, after running to the west fortress, ELIMINATE the officer there: he should
be called Zhang Pu. He should be really easy to defeat, and Xiao Qiao should
help, because unlike her useless sister, she can actually take a few hits.

So, now that both the east and west fortresses have fallen, Cao Xiu should be
surrounded, Zhou Fang returned to Wu ranks, free beer and cigars for everyone,

Run over to the central fortress. Go to the south part of it, to retrieve an
item of yours.

|      (Cao Xiu's fortress interior)       |
|                  /   \                   |
|A_______  _______|__A__|______  _________A|


A - OMGWTF archers
I - item box

Now run around the fortress and locate Man Chong. ELIMINATE him. But never stay
in one spot, because of two words: Arrow. Shower. After eliminating him, he
ought to drop an item bag. Pick it up.

Now go to the middle of the Central fortress to destroy Cao Xiu. Don't worry
about Jia Xu (his reinforcements). Just kill Cao Xiu. You should have quite a
handful of people helping you. After destroying him, he should drop an item bag

This brings our total count of items up to 5! Yay!

Don't forget to save your game.

                    C. The End: Battering Sima Yi's Morale

Now comes the fun part - with every general on the map eliminated, except for
Sima Yi and friends, you can have the entire Wu army at your side. Run up to
the top part of the map, near Wei fortress. There should be a constant stream
of people running out of the bottleneck. Please don't hesitate to use Death
Attack. After killing a good number of them and battering morale, run in when
there is an opening across the bottleneck. Jumping works well.

If you get hurt severely during this part, there is a life up to the right of
the bridge after you cross it.

GATE               GATE                     GATE

            |              | O <------- +LIFE crate
------------|              |-----------
  (water)   |              |
              (more bridge)

            to fortress wall


(not drawn to scale)

After you run across the bottleneck bridge, ignore Sima Yi. Run directly to the
right, and run up to the gate captain. Dispose of him with a quick XXXY (SSST).
Now run back and start killing everyone in site. Don't kill Sima Yi yet (you
can kill Xu Zhu if you meet him). Go to the central gate at the top of the map:
there should be two archer towers. Right next to one of the archer towers is a
crate with your sixth and final Item bag:

 _______________________       __________________________
| A |                      G                         | A |
|___|                                                |___|


A = archers
G = gate captain and large mob of people
I = item box

Close the gate, that way you can trample Sima Yi's morale to only 1 star, or

At this point, almost everyone (SSX, Xiao Qiao, and other nameless generals)
should be helping you. The most annoying part is when their horses get into the
mix. The horses push you around all over the place, and it gets quite annoying
when you're beating the crap out of Sima Yi, and suddenly a horse pushes you
out of the way and he replies with a devastating and far-reaching musou attack,
which nearly kills you.

So do the same with every other general, except this time, generals on foot
will help. (Not the ones on horse.) XXXY until it does a negligible amount of
damage, then do XXXXXXY.

After you're done, congrats! You've just got 6 high quality items in a matter
of 15 minutes or so. Just repeat this many times and you'll have maxed out
items in no time.

                               IV. Moving On

These strategies can be applied almost anywhere: Any Character + Any Map could
potentially equal maxed out items. A harder level, that is, Wu Zhang Plains
(since no items are dropped on Siege of He Fei), would be preferable. This
guide is meant as a starter, since you can potentially get six good items in 15
or 20 minutes. For more information on what officers drop, please see the
"Enemy General Drop List." Alternatively, see the "Hard Mode Dropped Item
List." For more information on where item bags are on the maps, please visit:

You could also use a two player method to gain items more easily: though the
split-screen bothers me. Whatever floats your boat.

                               V. Conclusion

I appreciate all questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns. Please direct
them to shoecreamll at


    Version 1.1 - 8/18/04
      Added pretty ASCII art maps in places that I thought needed them.

    Version 1.0 - 9/15/03
      First version. Added You Ting item strategy, as well as the basics.