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Dynasty Warriors 3 for Sony PlayStation 2

Character FAQ for Yuan Shao

0.0  Introduction

Welcome to what is my 6th FAQ now. I am Bjan Mara, and I go by the on-line
name of psxfreak101, in case you hadn't noticed :-P

This Character FAQ is for the character Yuan Shao of the Dynasty Warriors 3
game. Looking under the list of Character FAQs for this game, it was noted that
Yuan Shao has still yet to have an FAQ for him, so I figured I may as well
write one up. Really, just any old excuse to write about my favourite game in
all of existance :-P


1.0  Version History
2.0  Why play as Yuan Shao?
3.0  Encyclopaedia Entry
4.0  Unlocking Him
5.0  Moveset
6.0  Using Yuan Shao
7.0  Weapons
8.0  Stage Walkthrough
    8.1  The Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    8.2  The Battle at Guan Du
9.0  Is This The End?

1.0  Version History

Version 1.0  Submitted 27/01/2006
             For all intents and purposes, is complete, unless an error or 100
             are spotted.

2.0  Why play as Yuan Shao?

Well, he's another sword user. But you say to me "So what? There's another ten
or so sword users in this game. Why should we care about this particular guy?"
I respond "Because he's a playable character in this game that reeks of
awesomeness! And he uses a sword!"

Yep, that's a pretty weak reason as to why you should play as this guy. Just
use him. He's very effective in his attacking ability, much like every other
sword user in the game. Plus, he gets an interesting stage against Cao Cao and
the Wei forces.

3.0  Encyclopaedia Entry

This is direct from his Officer Bio in the DW3 game:

"A member of the distinguished Yuan clan, he became the leader of the Allied
forces in the movement against Dong Zhuo. Following Dong Zhuo's death, he
fought with Cao Cao, who was trying to take control of the central plains.
However, despite his large army at the Battle of Guan Du, internal strife and
various other troubles such as the attack of his supply depot led to a major

Now, normally I'd add some stupid comment at this point, but I've got nothing
for Yuan Shao here. Maybe something about losing with a huge army. Sucks to be

4.0  Unlocking Him

This must be done in musou mode. If you're looking to unlock Yuan Shao as quick
as possible, then Zhang He is a good choice considering that his first stage is
indeed Guan Du, Wei forces.

While playing The Battle at Guan Du, Wei forces side, defeat Yan Liang and Wen
Chou, and then finish the stage. Yuan Shao will become playable, as will Yuan
Shao's forces' side at Guan Du.

5.0  Moveset

A basic description of his moves. Then, it'll be followed by a preferred way
of playing. I'll also add the preferred name for the moves in brackets 

T - Triangle, S - Square. C<number> - xth Charge, which is just the proper

SSSSSS (S-String) - 6 180 horizontal slashes in a row (4th strike heads
                    slightly vertical). Great in crowds.
Running Attack - Dashes forward with a 180 slash. Good crowd clearer.
T (C1) - A 360 attack. Like all C1s, this works well as a guard break on
ST (C2) - A typical short-launcher, except that it lags a bit more than others.
SST (C3) - Another 180 slash, stunning all who are hit by it.
SSST (C4) - Practically a vertical slash. Sends all that are hit by it flying.
SSSST(T) (C5) - Typical high-launcher with the single aerial attack.
SSSSST (C6) - Sends a shockwave along the ground that covers approximately 210
              degrees (probably more). Clears crowds well.
Musou - Slashes his sword back and forth horizontally, and ends in his C4. It
        also leaves his targets grounded, so it will dish out optimal damage.
True Musou - Obligatory fire element is added to his musou. Also added is a few
             360 slashes before the final hit. This also juggles, but the fire
             element makes up for the slight decrease in damage dished out from
             the attacks themselves.
S on Horse - Typical alternating slashes, starting from the right.
T on Horse - More powerful version of the S on horse, attacking the right, then
             left-hand side.
Musou on Horse - More powerful version of the T on horse. Acts as a reasonable
                 crowd clearer.

6.0  Using Yuan Shao

Well, you only need to know about 3 moves: his S-String, his C6, and his normal

In a crowd situation, it doesn't matter which move you use really. Just use the
S-String into the crowd, and if you're being attacked/interrupted from behind
then use your musou straight away. If you feel like really clearing the crowd
in front of you, then use the C6. 

In a one-on-one situation against officers, one effective combo is to use the
first 5 strikes of his S-String, and then cancel into his musou. If it's a
playable character, they will counter with their own musou after the first hit
of yours (producing the weapon lock), but otherwise it'll take a huge chunk of
health off your target's life.

Yeah, that's really all there is to the Yuan Shao character. If you're still on
your 1st or 2nd weapon, then obviously you can't use his C6. Just alternate
between his S-String (which is still effective regardless of your weapon) and
his musou.

The following is an example item set-up that I like to use with him:

Peacock Urn
Tiger Amulet
Tortoise Amulet
Wind Scroll/Speed Scroll

Of course, item set-ups are always relative to what stat items you have. If
your Elixir is only a +2, then it absolutely isn't worth equipping.

The first 4 items are fairly stock standard as far as I'm concerned. Added
attack, defense and life are always good additions, while the Elixir serves
well in getting you to use your musou quickly in battle.

As for the 5th slot there, this is more of a personal choice thing. The Wind
Scroll is always great on a sword user (in fact, it's arguably great on all
characters anyway) and is what I'd normally pick as the 5th slot. The option of
the Speed Scroll is really more for if you think his walking speed leaves a lot
to be desired. I think his walking speed is just fine.

7.0  Weapons List

The following is the 4 weapons that Yuan Shao can equip himself with. Of
important note is that his 1st, 2nd and 3rd weapons can be found either in
crates throughout the stages, or from an officer upon their defeat. His 4th
weapon is obtained through a specific objective on a specific stage (explained
under its stats). The 1st, 2nd and 3rd weapons will also have different
assortments of stats on them.

1st - Broad Sword
      Attack +17
      Max Hits: 4

2nd - Long Sword
      Attack  +32
      Max Hits: 5

3rd - Master Sword
      Attacks +44
      Max Hits: 6

4th - Grand Master
      Attacks +44
      Max Hits: 6

      No Element

      Jump +20 (why?)
      Musou Max +78
      Defense +54
      Bow Attack +51
      Mounted Attack +46

Where to obtain it - Guan Du, Yuan Shao's forces
Requirements to get it - Keep Wen Chou alive for 10 minutes.
Where to locate weapon - A supply unit will appear outside the south-east
                         depot and head north. Defeat the Supply Captain for
                         the weapon.
Strategies - Firstly, it is advised that you try this after playing a couple of
             stages with Yuan Shao. Yes, you can obtain this weapon on base
             stats (as I did), but given that the difficulty of this stage is 3
             flags (according to DW3:XL, DW3 doesn't have difficulty ratings on
             the stages), it is best to have played a couple of stages first. I
             can tell you that getting this 4th weapon is painful if you are on
             base stats, but is well worth the challenge if that's what you're
             looking for.

             Here it's probably best to equip Red Hare as well. Considering
             your current position, and what you have to do to succeed in
             getting the weapon, you'd want to get into the action as quick as
             possible. You can probably replace the Wind Scroll for Red Hare.

             Your first (and probably only) obstacle in your way is Guan Yu. If
             he (or his soldiers) gets anywhere near Yan Liang or Wen Chou,
             you'll see a short cut-scene and then the message "<officer>'s
             forces have been obliterated." I'm sure you can work out the
             problem with this. So, head straight to Guan Yu inside the castle
             and try to kill him as soon as possible. It's not the easiest
             thing in the world due to Guan Yu's stats (his on this stage rival
             that of the commanders on either sides). The other problem you'll
             probably come across is the fact that he'll be surrounded by other
             officers in the area, whether he's next to the entrance aided by
             Cao Ren, or closer to the north-east corner, next to Cao Hong and
             Xu Zhu. So, you'll have problems, for sure.

             Once he's defeated, head straight back outside and fight off the
             officers outside the castle. If any Wei soldiers approach Wen Chou
             go and fight alongside him. If you manage to defeat Xiahou Dun and
             Xu Huang, then you're definitely in the clear (and doing a pretty
             good job of cleaning up the stage in the process).

             The moment you see the "A supply unit has appeared!", rush
             straight to it, defeat the Supply Captain, collect the weapon,
             SAVE, and then finish the stage as you see fit. This probably
             means systematically working your way through to Cao Cao, killing
             all other officers prior to reaching him.

8.0  Stage Walkthrough

Well, unfortunately for Yuan Shao, he doesn't have a musou mode in this game
(yes, one was added for the Xtreme Legends expansion game, but this is all
about DW3 and not DW3:XL). So, instead you'll get to put up with two stage
walkthroughs of the two stages that he does appear in here.

Of note, I won't really be mentioning where to pick up items or weapons, and
where to get health. Items and weapons you can find locations for elsewhere,
while health pick-ups are generally obtained from any of the following:
- Any pot next to a gate will have health
- Any guard captains will drop at least a +100 meat bun
- Any soldier comboed for at least 16 hits upon death can drop at least a +50
  meat bun

This walkthrough will only be concerned with just getting through the stages. I
will also mention where the Life+10 & Musou+10 are for each of the stages to
allow for easy maxing of the character.

Without further ado, let us start with the first of his two appearances:

8.1  The Battle at Hu Lao Gate

Starting Position: North-western corner.

Yuan Shao has the worst starting position in terms of how much effort is 
required to get into the thick of battle. Head south towards Sun Jian's
position and aid them in defeating Hu Zhen and Zhao Cen stationed in front of
the Fan Shui Gate. This will open up Fan Shui Gate for you, allowing you access
to the rest of the stage essentially. Defeat Hua Xiong just past the gate.

Head back onto the Fan Shui Gate. On top of the gate on the southern side there
is a Musou+10 waiting. Collect it, then head through the northern pathway,
passing Fan Chou, and stopping at Niou Fu. Defeat him, then head back through
to Fan Chou and defeat him as well.

Now work your way east, through the crowd, to Wang Fang. He is situated just
north of the East Gate. Usually the gate would be closed unless Wang Fang has
been defeated, but by now Lu Bu's forces should be nearby, opening the East
Gate up. Defeat Wang Fang, then head back through to Xu Rong and defeat him as

Lu Bu and his sub-generals are optional in this stage. In fact, you could
probably argue that for any officers in any stage :-P If you choose to defeat
them, get Zhang Liao and Gao Shun first, then work your way through Lu Bu. At
this point in time your character will have little to no chance of beating
Lu Bu, so you'll probably want to use a "hit and run" tactic using your musou.

If you are going to ignore Lu Bu completely, then just whittle down his morale.
The soldiers that come from the gate to the south are all Lu Bu's soldiers, so
defeating them will eventually bring down his morale, and thus prevent any
generals from falling by Lu Bu's spear while he's off-screen.

In any case, Li Jue and Guo Si will have more than likely made their ambush in
the north. Cao Cao may still be sitting in the north, depending on how well he
was managing the soldiers from that northern gate. If that's the case, you'll
probably want to hurry to his side because he can fall very quickly. If Cao Cao
isn't there (or has been defeated), then Li Jue and Guo Si will head through to
the back of Yuan Shao's forces (should be waiting outside Fan Shui Gate).
Either way just head through to the 2 generals and defeat them.

Now, just head back through the southern path, meeting and defeating Li Meng if
he's still alive, and working your way through to the front of Hu Lao Gate. In
the little passage south of Li Meng's position, an archer ambush will appear.
Ignore the archers and continue towards the front of Hu Lao Gate.

At this point, an ally Assault Unit will appear infront of the gate. Protect
the Assault Captain and kill all the soldiers in the area. One of two things
can happen here:

- If you successfully defeat all the soldiers in the area, then the gate will
  open and Li Ru will ambush infront of the gates.

- If the Assault Captain falls before the gate is opened, then there will be a
  mass morale drop amongst the ally forces, and Li Ru will ambush in front of
  the gates. His defeat will trigger the opening of the gates.

Once Li Ru has been defeated, defeat Diao Chan waiting inside the gate. Then,
head on top of Hu Lao Gate, and collect the Life+10 on the northern end of the
gate. Finally, just close the 3 gates in the back, and defeat Dong Zhuo for the

8.2  The Battle at Guan Du

Starting Position: North-western corner.

Firstly, I realise that I had made a mini-walkthrough for his 4th weapon
regarding this very stage. I'm still going to do a separate walkthrough because
of the fact that I wouldn't use the same route that was used for the 4th
weapon. Seriously, who would want to head straight for Guan Yu at the start?

Secondly, as the commander of this stage you are once again in the worst
position as far as getting into the thick of action is concerned.

Head towards Xu Huang's position. As you cross the bridge to the east, you'll
see a section just south of the bridge that points into the river intersection.
Go there, and you'll find a Life+10 for the taking. Continue on to Xu Huang's

As you reach the first bridge that heads back west, you'll see Yue Jin fighting
there. Defeat him, then cross the bridge. You'll probably come across Yu Jin as
well in the process, so defeat him too. Then head past Xu Huang towards Xiahou
Dun and defeat him.

Head south (away from Xu Huang) and find his two sub-officers: Wei Xu and Shi
Huan. Defeat them, then head back towards Xu Huang and defeat him. Then head
west towards Xiahou Yuan's position and defeat Li Dian, Liu Yan, and then
Xiahou Yuan himself. Xiahou Yuan's defeat will prompt the northern castle walls
to collapse. Then you get a congratulatory message from Cao Cao. What a great

By now you probably would've seen a couple of cut-scenes involving Guan Yu
defeating first Yan Liang, then Wen Chou. He's likely to be outside the castle
at this point, so it would be in your best interest to take him out now. If he
meets up with Liu Bei, then Liu Bei will retreat.

Also, if you're just left with Zhang He, Liu Bei and Chun Yuqiong at this point
then the Wei forces will move out from the castle and start an all-out attack.
This means you'll have to do a bit of personal guess and check work to find all
the remaining officers. The good news is that you'll know where they're coming
from. Zhang Liao and his sub-officers Xun You, Song Xian and Cheng Yu will have
moved through the gap in the northern wall of their castle. Xu Zhu, Cao Hong,
Cao Ren and Jia Xu will have all moved from the eastern entrance of the castle.
In any case, find them all and defeat them all. Then head inside the castle and
cross the eastern-most bridge. Right there next to the archer's tower is a
Musou+10 item. Collect it, head to Cao Cao in the south-west corner, and defeat

Congratulations, you've just squashed the Wei forces! Now go get DW3:XL so you
can experience a musou mode with Yuan Shao. Go on, you know you want to...

9.0  Is This The End?

Yay for random DW3 quote :-D

Anywho, that's it for this FAQ. Not much else to add except thanks for reading
my character FAQ to do with my all-time favourite game!

If you're wanting to contact me for whatever reason, whether it be pointing out
a mistake in the FAQ, or just wanting to tell me that the game sucks, use this 
psxfreak101 at hotmail dot com

Or better yet, just post something on the DW3 board, because I'll be there
ready to answer anything you've got on your mind.

Thanks for reading!