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                      -: F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H :-

               |   Version: FINAL                           |
               |   Percentage Complete: 100%                |
               |   Last Updated: September 10 2004          |
               |   Written By: Swiftshark (Oliver Ferrier)  |
               |   Email: Swiftshark@Gmail.com              |
               |   Game Title: DRIV3R                       |
               |   Platform: PS2                            |
               |   Creators: Reflections Interactive, Atari |

                          >-=TABLE OF CONTENTS=-<

                           I.Copyright Information
                          II.Update Information
                          VI.Gameplay Overview
                             1.Modes of Play
                             2.HUD (On Screen Display)
                             3.Weapons and Items
                         VII.Strategies and Tips
                          IX.Timmy Vermicelli Locations
                           X.Secret Car Locations
                          XI.Places of Interest

TIP: To quickly find a particular section that you are having trouble
     with simply press "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard to bring up the
     "Find" box. Now just type in the Mission from the table below of simply
     enter a Section Title from the Table of Contents above. Hit ENTER and
     Presto, you're there!

      |     MIAMI      | |       NICE        | |    ISTANBUL     |
      | Police HQ      | | Welcome To Nice   | | Surveillance    |
      | Lead On Baccus | | Smash And Run     | | Tanner Escapes  |
      | The Siege      | | 18 Wheeler        | | Another Lead    |
      | Rooftops       | | Hijack            | | Alleyway        |
      | Impress Lomaz  | | Arms Deal         | | The Chase       |
      | Gator's Yacht  | | Booby Trap        | | Bomb The Truck  |
      | Trapped        | | Calita In Trouble | | Chase The Train |
      | Dodge Island   | | Rescue Dubois     | |                 |
      | Retribution    | | Hunted            | |                 |

                         >-=I.COPYRIGHT INFORMATION=-<
This FAQ is the property of Oliver Ferrier (a.k.a. Swiftshark) and is subject
to all applicable copyright laws. Anyone wanting to post this FAQ on any
websites or other form of publication must request permission in writing by
emailing me at the address found at the top of this document. In all likelihood
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                          >-=II.UPDATE INFORMATION=-<
July 26 2004: Added several contributions.

July 23 2004: Added several of the cutscene depictions. Also added a major
              glitch discovery including diagrams. There will probably only be
              one more update after this one.

July 21 2004: Added all of the "Places of Interest" and fixed up several
              sections here and there. Also added several Glitches and
              implemented a few diagrams for finding the secret cars. Added all
              of the Timmy locations as well.

July 15 2004: Finished all of Undercover missions and added a heap of other
              information to the other sections. There will be one more update
              containing all of the cutscene depictions, Timmy locations as well
              as a listing of all enterable buildings in the game.

July 07 2004: Added tons of information, tables and gameplay information.
              Created the Walkthrough outline and began filling in certain

July 06 2004: Began work on the document. Created the Sections and began
              inputting much of the information. Estimated time until 100%
              completion: 3 weeks

Welcome to my DRIV3R "FAQ/Walkthrough". In this FAQ you will be able to find a
completely detailed mission walkthrough that will help you conquer UNDERCOVER
MODE as well as thorough information on every other aspect of the game including
Characters, Tactics, Tips, Secrets as well as everything else in between. Be
aware that THERE ARE SPOILERS in this document but to please everybody I have
clearly marked all Cutscene Depictions clearly so that you can avoid reading
them. In the Walkthrough Introductory paragraph I have included a Spoiler

If you absolutely need to contact me then you should first look for me on the
DRIV3R(PS2) Message Boards over at both GameFAQS.com and Neoseekr.com.
Alternately you can send me an email but make sure you type "DRIV3R" in the
subject line of your email or it will most likely become a midnight snack for my
always hungry Recycle bin. If you don't receive a response please don't take it
personal, it may just take a while as I often work on various projects
simultaneously. NOTE: I am no longer accepting contributions for this file.

With that said enjoy the FAQ and the game! ^_~

In this section you can find out about both driving and on-foot controls. Below
each diagram is a detailed breakdown of each action.

                            | DRIVING CONTROLS |

 L2: Look Left     |                                   _______________
 _______________   |                   Brake/Reverse  | R2: Look Right
 L1: Exit       |  |                              |   |  _______________
      Vehicle   |  |  Toggles View                |   | |R1: Sound Horn/
               _=====_       |     Pause Game/    | _=====_   Bail/Shoot**
              / _____ \      |       View Map     |/ _____ \
           /   |     |  `.   |  S O N Y  |      .'| |  |-----------E-Brake
          / ___| /|\ |___ \  |           |     / _|_| /_\ |___ \
         / |      |      | ; |__         |__  ; | |         _ | ;
  See L3---| |<--- --->  | | |__|        |__| | ||_|       (_)-----Burn Out
         | |___      |___| ; SELECT     START ; |___       ___| ;
         |\    | \|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \    |  X-----------Gas
         | \   |_____|  .','" "', |___|  ,'" "',`.  |_____|  .' |
         |   `-._____.-' /       \ANALOG/       \ `-._____.-'   |
         |               |  L3   |______|  R3   |               |
         |              /\       /      \       /\              |
         |             /  `.___.'        `.___.'  \             |
         |            /      |              |      \            |
          \          /       |              |       \          /
           \________/    Steer Vehicle  Gas/Brake    \________/
                          Sirens*        Reverse

L3(Up/Down)...................Weight Transfer (Bikes Only)
L3(Press).....................Activates/Deactivates Siren*
TRIANGLE......................Emergency Brake
L1............................Exit/Dismount Vehicle
R1............................Sound Horn/Bail from Vehicle/Shoot**
L2............................Look Left (Pressure Sensitive)
R2............................Look Right (Pressure Sensitive)
L2+R2.........................Look Behind
SELECT........................Toggle View (FPV+TPV)
START.........................Pause Game/View Map

*Must be driving a Police Car
**Only available when driving with a passenger or in a Boat

                          | ON-FOOT CONTROLS |

  _________________                                     ___________
  L2: Crouch/Roll**|                  Scroll Through  | R2: No Use
 _______________   |                         Weapons  |  ____________________
 L1: Enter/Mount|  |   Toggles View               |   | |R1: Draw/Fire Weapon
      Vehicle/ _=====_       |     Pause Game/    | _=====_
       Action / _____ \      |       View Map     |/ _____ \
           /   |     |  `.   |  S O N Y  |      .'| |  |-----------Draw/Put Away
          / ___| /|\ |___ \  |           |     / _|_| /_\ |___ \    Weapon
         / |      |      | ; |__         |__  ; | |         _ | ;
Walk-----| |<--- --->  | | | |__|        |__| | ||_|       (_)-----Reload Weapon
         | |___      |___| ; SELECT     START ; |___       ___| ;
         |\    | \|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \    |  X-----------Jump
         | \   |_____|  .','" "', |___|  ,'" "',`.  |_____|  .' |
         |   `-._____.-' /       \ANALOG/       \ `-._____.-'   |
         |               |  L3   |______|  R3   |               |
         |              /\       /      \       /\              |
         |             /  `.___.'        `.___.'  \             |
         |            /      |              |      \            |
          \          /       |              |       \          /
           \________/    Walk/Swim        Turn/Aim   \________/

CIRCLE........................Reload Weapon
SQUARE........................Cycle through Available Weapons
TRIANGLE......................Holster/draw Weapon
L1............................Enter/Mount Vehicle/Special Actions*
R1............................Draw/Fire Weapon
R2............................No Use
L2+R2.........................No Use
SELECT........................Toggle View (FPV+TPV)
START.........................Pause Game/View Map

*Special Actions include Activating Switches and Climbing Ladders.
**You must be moving in order to Roll. While standing still you will Crouch.

In this section you can find out information on the various characters found
in this game. Some of the Character info especially biographies taken directly
from the Prima Strategy Guide.

                    ||||||---PLAYABLE CHARACTERS ---||||||

Description: The main star of the game and series. This is who you will spend
             99% of the time playing as.
Bio: An undercover cop, also known as "The Driver". An obsessive risk taker with
     brutal methods, accustomed to highly dangerous undercover work. He has a
     tendency to ignore authority and override orders. His motto is said to be:
     "Being undercover is only dangerous when you try to get out."

Notes: Voice over done by Michael Madsen.

Description: Tanner's partner and long time friend. You get to play as Jones for
             all of one mission but nonetheless you get to use him. Pity that he
             wasn't available in Take-A-Ride mode.
Bio: Tanner's partner, a detective with the Miami Police Department, Jones has
     familiarized himself with Tanner's "individualistic" practices, and is, in
     equal measure, admiring of and repulsed by Tanner's methods. Though more
     restrained than Tanner, Jones is no less dedicated. He tells his trainees:
     "Being on the street is one thing, understanding it is my thing."

Notes: Ving Rhames does the voice over for Jones.

                  ||||||--- NON PLAYABLE CHARACTERS ---||||||

Bio: Young, and as sexy as she is psychotic, Calita is the head of South Beach,
     a notorious Miami-based car theft outfit. She is cold, efficient, and
     ambitious. They say she once killed her own crewmembers in a hostage
     standoff; no one has crossed her since. She does not negotiate. "I came
     from nothing and I'm not going back," she once told a confidant.

Notes: Michelle Rodriguez does the voice over for Calita.

Bio: Seen by some as an unthinking brute, Jericho's cold visage hides an always-
     calculating mind. A former Lieutenant to the recently deceased crime lord
     Soloman Caine (A gangster whose empire stretched from Chicago to Vegas),
     Jericho is unpredictable and unflappable. His ruthlessness is matched only
     by that of Tanner, the man who's trying to stop him. His motto: "Crime
     doesn't just pay, it pays well."

Notes: Mickey Rourke does the voice over for Jericho.

Bio: Also known as South Beach Baccus because of his connections with Calita's
     homeboys, Baccus is a known driver for the Miami car theft gang.
     Confidential police documents and records of previous jailings show Baccus
     to be both delusional and violent. Tanner doesn't trust him, but neither do
     his south Beach collegues anymore. "Any car you see here can be yours,"
     he's been known to crow.

Bio: Those who know him, or speak about him in hushed tones, refer to him as
     "The gun freak with pimp chic." Lomaz works for south Beach. He's Calita's
     right-hand goon, and does double duty as the gang's hardware specialist.
     Part of a global network of gun runners and arms dealers, he can call upon
     his many compadres to secure the latest in killing ordinance.

Bio: A member of the Nice, France police force special branch, Vauban is a
     department head and liason for International Crime, also based in Nice.
     He's driven, focused, and experienced. Vauban lost two fingers working
     undercover in his 30's. No one knows exactly how.

Bio: A field officer for the Nice police, Dubois is Vauban's protege and a
     credit to the force. He's secured a highly impressive success rate in all
     the cases he's been involved with, but with an average of three deaths per
     case - and that average is on the rise. Dubois's practices would have been
     investigated were it not for his competence.

Bio: Tough talking, with the air of a somebody, Gator is a Miami gangster
     getting seriously out of his depth. His current scheme is to control the
     movement of contraband through the many small dotted islands around Miami's
     shores. Calita's South Beach gangsters use him when they must, but she
     doesn't trust him, and that fact isn't about to change.

Bio: A Frenchman with a professional gangster bent, the Bagman runs money for
     Russian gangsters. His real name is unknown, and his pseudonym doesn't come
     from the money he launders. According to the few eyewitnesses to his method
     of foe disposal, the nickname refers to the bags in which he places the
     bodies of those who cross his path.

Bio: Fabienne has a clear plan in her head: To dominate the repo circuit in
     Nice. She heads an organized crime outfit, and one of her main moneymaking
     schemes is dealing with small cars. If Calita's south Beach gangsters and
     Tanner start encroaching on Fabienne's turf, they'll be met with violent

Bio: Trusted member of the South Beach gang and known associate of Calita and
     Lomaz. A mangled arm after an attempted gangland slaying has left Bad Hand
     with a nickname to match his temper.

Bio: Head of a major crime syndicate with operations from Chicago to Las Vegas.
     Caine, who is too trusting of his lieutenants at the game's beginning,
     employs an underworld figure named Jericho as his bodyguard.

| TICO |
Bio: Tico is a young upstart gang leader attempting to muscle in on Calita's
     turf. His expertise is as lacking as his amateurish thug henchmen are
     plentiful. He doesn't have the thinking power or savagery of the South
     Beach crew.

Bio: When you arrive at Nice International Airport, devoid of any automatic
     weaponry but flush with euros and gangland connections, you call Zeego.
     He's the only arms dealer to back up his outrageous ordnance prices with
     quality and guarantees.

                          >-=VI.GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW=-<


UNDERCOVER MODE: Undercover Mode is where the story based missions take place.
                 It consists of 25 missions spread out over three cities. Most
                 missions contain multiple parts and if you die during the
                 second portion you can typically restart at the previous

TAKE-A-RIDE MODE: Take-A-Ride mode is where you can freely roam the streets of
                  Miami and Nice. Istanbul will also become available once you
                  have gotten to it in UNDERCOVER MODE. While in Take-A-Ride
                  mode you can search for the secret cars, hunt down the Timmy's
                  and just cause havoc and explore to your heart's content. You
                  can also modify several settings here including the time of
                  day (Dawn, Dusk, Noon, Night), the weather (Dry, Overcast,
                  Raining) as well as switching cops off altogether so no one
                  bothers you while you terrorize the environments.

DRIVING GAMES: There are several quick driving games that you can play in
               Driv3r. There are 6 different types to choose from and a total of
               39 when you count all of the starting points in each city.

               Quick Chase: As the name suggests, you chase an enemy car and
                            have to destroy it within two minutes. You can shoot
                            at the vehicle in this game.

               Quick Getaway: Try to escape and lose the police tail as quickly
                              as possible.

               Trail Blazer: In this game you need to knock down 100 cones
                             before time expires. Each cone adds one second to
                             your time and I presume your goal is to have as
                             much time as possible left. You do not need to
                             knock down every cone to win.

               Survival: My favorite. You need to survive an immediate wave of 4
                         police cars trying their best to destroy you. Race,
                         outmaneuver, outsmart and do whatever it takes to stay
                         alive. What is your record?

               Checkpoint Race: This is your basic checkpoint type of race where
                                you need to make it to the next checkpoint
                                before time runs out. A fun and challenging game
                                to kill some time.

               Gate Race: In Gate Race your objective is to drive between 200
                          cones in sets of two within the shortest amount of
                          time. Each set you pass adds another second to your
                          time. Note: Although you cannot successfully pass a
                          set by hitting the cone with the front of your car,
                          you can hit it with the rear of your car without

FILM DIRECTOR: Film Director Mode allows you to make up to 3 minute movies by
               setting up all sorts of camera angles and blur/slow motion
               effects while staging your own elaborate chases, stunts and
               carnage. Experiment with the various camera angles and placements
               to stage truly elaborate and cinematic crashes, chases and
               gunfights. There are so many different things that you can try to
               accomplish in film director that listing them all would be
               grounds for a whole new FAQ. One thing to keep in mind though is
               how to avoid the replay glitch. Often times after an exciting
               chase or mission when you watch the replay you'll notice little
               things here and there that never happened. To avoid being plagued
               by this repetitive problem simply stop the replay and the start
               it again. Now it should work fine until you power off the console

|2.HUD | (On Screen Display)
There are three bars displayed on screen as follows:

The top bar represents your Health. It is Green in color until it drops below
25% at which point it becomes red. It is symbolized by a Heart Rate Icon.

The middle Bar represents your FELONY meter or wanted level. Cops will leave you
alone until you have even a sliver of felony. Once the meter fills past the
dividing line there is no turning back. Prior to that however it will decrease
if you obey the laws and lay low for a while. The bar is symbolized by a police

The lowest bar represents your Car Damage. The more your abuse your vehicle, the
more the meter fills. Once it is full and flashing your vehicle will simply stop

WEAPON ICON: Found in the upper right corner of the screen the weapon icon
             represents the current selected weapon. The numbers below it
             represent "Rounds Per Clip/Total Rounds Remaining".

RADAR: Located in the lower right portion of the screen it shows your immediate
       surroundings as well as cops (White blips) and enemies (Red Blips). To
       view the entire map press start.

RETICULE(Targeting mechanism): The targeting scope appears whenever you have a
                               weapon drawn. The key thing to remember is that
                               enemies turn your reticule red and
                               innocents/police turn it blue. A cool little
                               trick when approaching an enemy stronghold is to
                               simple scan with your reticule from a safe
                               distance and pick them off with long range
                               capable weapons without ever needing to worry
                               about return fire.

RED ARROWS(Undercover Mode only): Red Arrows signify enemies you need to kill or
                                  chase as well as finishing spots for missions.
                                  Pretty simple stuff really.

SPECIAL PROMPTS: There are several prompts that will appear onscreen during
                 Undercover missions that will tell you what to do next. There
                 are also a few missions that will show enemy health bars
                 depending on the mission or chase.
                 Special prompts include: -Proximity Meter
                                          -NPC Health Meter
                                          -Vehicle Damage Meter
                                          -Timers/Distance Meter

There are quite a few weapons that you will acquire as you progress through
UNDERCOVER mode. Here is a listing of each weapon along with a brief overview of

| *---------------*   |            *-------------------------*                 |
|  USEABLE WEAPONS    |             BRIEF OVERVIEW / COMMENTS                  |
| *---------------*   |            *-------------------------*                 |
|     9mm Auto        | Your standard issue gun available right from the start.|
|  (High Powered)     | Silver in appearance, it fires 17 rounds before        |
|                     | reloading and never runs out of ammo.                  |
|     9mm Auto        | A black version to your standard 9mm, this one is      |
| (Service Issue)     | slightly more powerful and only holds 10 rounds.       |
|     9mm Auto        | Same as the Service Issue 9mm with the silencer added. |
|    (Silencer)       | Perfect for stealthily infiltrating enemy camps.       |
|        MP           | Firing 800 rounds per minute this little toy holds 30  |
|  (Med. Machine Gun) | the clip. A great and powerful long distance weapon.   |
|  12 Gauge Shotgun   | Perfect for close range damage. Enemies don't stand a  |
|                     | chance against it and neither do cars. 8 shot capacity.|
|     Small Uzi       | 32 shots in the clip and fires 600 rounds per minute.  |
|                     | Highly effective as a medium to short range weapon.    |
|    Larger Uzi       | 60 shots per clip and a fires 1100 rounds per minute.  |
|                     | Much more powerful and great for spraying enemies.     |
|   Assault Rifle     | This behemoth of a machine gun fires about 600 rounds  |
|                     | per minute and holds 60 in the clip. Perfect for long  |
|                     | range sniping and for taking down hoards of enemies.   |
|                     | This is the granddaddy of the machine guns in the game.|
|  Grenade Launcher   | This master of destruction has a maximum range of 400  |
|                     | feet and must be reloaded after every shot. Nothing    |
|                     | survives a blast from this. Use it on cars for tons of |
|                     | carnage and teach Timmy Vermicelli a lesson or 10. :)  |

So when do you get them you ask?

|      WEAPON         |      UNLOCKING MISSION         |
| 9mm (High Powered)  | Unlocked from the start.       |
| 9mm (Service Issue) | Mission 2 "Lead on Baccus"     |
|    Small Uzi        | Mission 4 "Rooftops"           |
|   9mm (Silencer)    | Mission 5 "Impress Lomaz"      |
|       MP            | Mission 8 "Dodge Island"       |
| 12 Gauge Shotgun    | Mission 9 "Retribution"        |
|     Large Uzi       | Mission 10 "Welcome to Nice"   |
|    Assault Rifle    | Mission 12 "18 Wheeler"        |
|  Grenade Launcher   | Mission 16 "Calita in trouble" |

|   *-------------*   |            *-------------------------*                 |
|    USEABLE ITEMS    |             BRIEF OVERVIEW / COMMENTS                  |
|   *-------------*   |            *-------------------------*                 |
|    Health Packs     | Health Packs are found at all safehouses and during    |
|                     | dangerous shootouts during Undercover mode. They are   |
|                     | little green first aid kits with a white cross on them |
|                     | and are acquired by simply walking over them. If your  |
|                     | health is full you cannot take it.                     |
|    Switches         | Though not really an item switches can be found        |
|                     | throughout the various cities. They are typically found|
|                     | with a flashing yellow rectangle around them but others|
|                     | are completely bland in appearance like the fence      |
|                     | switch at your Nice safehouse.                         |

NOTE: Some Weapon information taken from the Prima Strategy Guide.

                         >-=VII.STRATEGIES AND TIPS=-<
Here are several pointers and tips that will make you a professional
wheelman(and on-footman) in no time.


-During Chase missions, get acquainted with the route that the enemy uses.
 Typically he or she will follow the same path over and over and you will be
 able to anticipate the next turns and obstacles.

-Learn to powerslide through corners by swinging your car around and then
 counter steering. Since each car handles differently you will simply have to
 practice as you go.

-If you are having a tough time passing a particular Chase mission (Calita
 especially) then go into Take-A-Ride mode and take a few trial runs to get the
 corners and obstacles down.

-Burnouts are a good way to start but quickly transfer to regular gas (X) to
 avoid losing control and spinning out.

-When evading cops use any and all obstacles to your advantage. Weaving in and
 out of traffic and light poles is a very effective counter measure and doing a
 180 E-Brake around a car can really jam them up. Ramps and Jumps are also
 highly effective escape tools.

-When bad guys are chasing you and you need to lose them before being able to
 complete a mission, try getting out and shooting them. This'll save you
 precious time and will keep you from driving around needlessly with them on
 your tail.

-Getting on and off highways seems to confuse the cops and bad guys unless they
 are right on you so use that to your advantage.

-The bigger the vehicle, the more damage you inflict. Bikes are not good getaway
 vehicles unless you really know how to handle them.


-Get familiarized with using both L3 and R3 in conjunction with one another.
 Controls can be sloppy but with enough practice you can become really

-When shooting at enemies, try to target their heads to kill them quicker. This
 becomes a highly useful skill during later stages of the game.

-If you are having difficulties aiming well, go to the OPTIONS MENU and adjust
 the Sensitivity controls and or Toggle the INVERTED feature to your preference.
 Additionally, aiming while in First Person Mode can prove to be somewhat more

-When facing multiple enemies you can pick them off from afar without them even
 firing back at you. Often times you can wipe out entire squads without being in
 any danger whatsoever. Try approaching any such trouble spot as slowly as you
 can and use your long range weapons to scan up ahead. As long as the reticule
 is red you can kill them.

-There's nothing wrong with running back if the firefight becomes too heated.
 Plot, regroup and then go back again.

-Always keep on the lookout for HEALTH PACKS (Green boxes with a white cross on
 it) when going through fire fights. There are usually several around.
 Alternately, safe houses all have a few lying around.

-It is wise to line up your reticule before stepping in to fire from around a
 corner. This way you don't need to aim while eating enemy lead. Look around
 corners by exploiting the camera angles and then take those goons down with
 swift determination.

-If you are going to swim, make sure there is a way out of the water. There is
 nothing worse than dying halfway through a mission because you swam for too

This is the heart and soul of the document. In this section you will find a
complete walkthrough for all 25 missions contained within the game. One thing to
note is that there are multiple ways to complete the majority of the missions.
Often times, if you are clever enough to devise an alternate strategy, it will
most likely work. For the sake of this walkthrough I have simply done it my way.
Here and there I have indicated alternate strategies but I urge you to be
creative on your own as well. I have also indicated the degree of difficulty for
each mission on a scale from 1(Easy) - 5(Frustratingly difficult)

PLEASE NOTE that THERE ARE SPOILERS contained herein. However, in an attempt to
please both kinds of gamers simultaneously, I have indicated all CUTSCENE
DEPICTIONS and NARRATION spoilers according to the following Legend.

      |   (((CUTSCENE)))   - Beginning of Cutscene depiction    |
      |   (((/CUTSCENE)))  - End of Cutscene depiction          |
      |   (((NARRATION)))  - Beginning of Narration             |
      |   (((/NARRATION))) - End of Narration                   |

So in short, TO AVOID PLOT SPOILERS simply do not read the paragraphs between
the above captions. Additionally, spaced out cutscene headers are simply on
screen messages shown during cutscenes.

NOTE: This version does not yet contain the full cutscene depictions

Here we go!

ooo        ooooo ooooo       .o.       ooo        ooooo ooooo
`88.       .888' `888'      .888.      `88.       .888' `888'
 888b     d'888   888      .8"888.      888b     d'888   888
 8 Y88. .P  888   888     .8' `888.     8 Y88. .P  888   888
 8  `888'   888   888    .88ooo8888.    8  `888'   888   888
 8    Y     888   888   .8'     `888.   8    Y     888   888
o8o        o888o o888o o88o     o8888o o8o        o888o o888o

| Mission Title: POLICE HQ                           |
| Mission Type: Introduction to Driving and Shooting |
| Degree of Difficulty: 1                            |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: 9mm (High Powered)          |

The camera pans in to the dirty looking Istanbul harbor way and slowly makes its
way through some boats. The camera then cuts to the interior of a car driving
slowly through the traffic filled streets. It looks like sunset. Another cut
shows several men playing cards inside of a restaurant as a cop car is seen
slowly driving by outside. The camera them cuts to the interior of the cop car
briefly before showing the cop car slowly turning down a side street.

The legs of a man are seen walking with a shotgun in one hand. Suddenly several
cop cars converge and we see that it is Jericho walking casually and without
fear as the cops start taking cover. Tanner also is shown taking cover by a
corner as he takes aim. Jericho then calmly starts blasting cops with his
shotgun. The cops shoot back as does Tanner but nothing seems to faze Jericho.
As several cops die Tanner runs towards an opened car door while reloading and
kicks it shut.

Tanner is shown being wheeled in on a gurney into an Istanbul operating room as
several of the surgeons babble frantically in their native language. They seem
quite distressed about his condition as the heart rate monitor is shown. The
heart rate does not look good. Fade To Black.

M I A M I  6  M O N T H S  E A R L I E R
The camera travels over the beautifully rendered ocean as it slowly pans up to
reveal the majestic Miami skyline at dusk. It slowly flies over and in between
several buildings as the opening credits are run. The camera then cuts to a
muscle car driving at night. We then see the interior as Tanner is shown behind
the wheel. A quick shot is shown of the exterior of Tanner's art deco apartment
and then Tanner is shown entering the interior. He walks towards the fridge,
opens it and grabs a can of Sobe before putting his metallic 9mm down next to
his cell phone on a side table. He then walks over to the huge windows and leans
up as he gazes out at the ocean and his pool out back. The camera then pans out
from his backyard revealing his sweet pad.

T A N N E R :  F B I  A T T A C H E D  T O  M I A M I  P D
The phone rings in the morning as the interior of the apartment is shown. The
answering machine picks up as Tanner walks towards the phone. "Please leave your
message after the tone." *Beep* A cop's voice is heard leaving a message: "Sir,
your cleared for the range. You said to let you know."

When the mission begins you should run out of the front door and head to your
garage to hop in your first ride. Now press START to bring up the In-Game Map
and look at the destination, which is represented at the tip of the cone. Once
you have decided your route simply CONTINUE and drive to the police station.
When you arrive simply exit your vehicle and walk in through the front door to
trigger a short cutscene.

Tanner walks into the Police station and approaches the cop at the front desk
who points and says: "The Firing Range is all yours sir."

Once you regain control go on in to the Firing range. The goal here is to
navigate your way through the rooms while shooting the RED targets that pop out.
Every time you shoot a BLUE target it will cost you. The targets are somewhat
randomized but it is a really easy portion of the mission and I have yet to fail
at it. Once you get to the final door the mission is complete.

NOTE: If you are having difficulties adjusting to the aiming mechanism try going
      into FPS mode and/or adjusting the sensitivity meter from the OPTIONS
      MENU. You can also toggle the Inverted controls as preferred.


| Mission Title: LEAD ON BACCUS              |
| Mission Type: Driving (Pursuit)            |
| Degree of Difficulty: 2                    |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: 9mm (Service Issue) |

Tobias Jones narrates: "Then it all began. Shoulda been routine. A lead came
through on South Beach Baccus, a major player on the repo circuit. We went in."
Several cops are seen scrambling around in the police parking lot as they get
ready to roll. A police radio is overheard saying: "We got a situation in Little
Havana. Requesting all units, all units. White mail, mid 30's, presumed armed.
We got a positive ID on south Beach Baccus. Call for backup." Jones's cop car is
seen speeding away.

As soon as you gain control run and enter the parked cop car from the passenger
side. Now quickly catch up to Tobias Jones will lead the way to the siege.
Another cop car joins the group a short while later. Stay behind Jones the whole
way and use your sirens if you want by pressing L3. Once you get to the siege a
cutscene will kick in.

Three cop cars pull up to the motel and park in the middle of the street. Then
your cop car is seen coming around the corner and driving in towards them.


| Mission Title: THE SIEGE                   |
| Mission Type: Shooting followed by a Chase |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3                    |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None                |

The interior of a dingy motel room is shown. The naked silhouette of a girl
showering is seen in the brightly lit bathroom. As the camera pans into the rest
of the darkened room Baccus is shown flicking through the channels on tv.
Suddenly he gets alarmed at the sound of approaching police sirens outside and
peeks out the window. Once he realizes that the cops are there for him he jumps
to his feet and takes cover at the side of the window to get a better look. The
girl then says as she's getting dressed: "Baby, it was fun, but honey...Times up
and I've gotta make some moves. Sugar stayin' needs payin'. With that Baccus
walks towards her while saying: "Baby, now your gonna squeal for real." The
camera then pans away from the motel as Tobias Narrates: "It got messy. Baccus
took a hostage. So there's me waiting on backup, keeping Tanner from going in
and dragging Baccus out on his own. So the situation comes to a head."

As soon as you regain control run around the left side of the wall and draw your
gun. Two goons will come out of the parking lot and start firing at the cops on
the other side of the street. Waste them both and then look into the yard from a
distance to spot the two remaining thugs inside. Shoot them from afar and duck
if you need to (L2) and then run inside to trigger the next cutscene.

Baccus is seen sprinting towards his car from the motel and then peeling out. He
smashes through to the street and takes off.

Hop in the car and quickly pursue Baccus by turning left and also jumping out
onto the street. Go straight across and turn left by powersliding through the
grass and chase him. You will see a red arrow above his car. He typically takes
the same route and drives like a madman. Avoid crashing into lampposts and other
traffic and remember that when making sharp turns at high speeds it is wiser to
turn sooner rather than later. After a lengthy chase the cutscene will take

Baccus crashes his car into a corner. Baccus is then shown running down an
alley. He stops and turns around just in time to get shot in the shoulder by
Tanner. He drops and clutches his arm as Tanner stands over him. Jones narrates:
"Baccus. Known driver for South Beach, the most notorious repo gang in Miami.
He's tagged as delusional, violent - Your regular lovable psychopath." Tanner
says to baccus: "The word is out that South Beach lost one of their V-8's and
every known hitman in Miami's asking for you. Three hours later you're walking
right down the middle of Collins Ave tight with Tico's gang." As Baccus inspects
his wound tanner continues: "You cut a deal Baccus, but you're not gonna give
them back their V-8...I am." Baccus then responds: "They'll smell a cop and come
looking for me." To this Tanner replies: "But I'm getting you a haircut and a
new life up north." Baccus then relents and says: "the car's in the gold Coast
Hotel. I gotta take it to a warehouse called Nastro's. They're waiting for me."
Tanner then turns to walk away as we see Baccus reaching into his vest. Tanner
quickly turns back and shoots Baccus dead. Baccus' hand then falls out of his
vest exposing nothing more than the car keys. Tanner simply looks at him without


| Mission Title: ROOFTOPS                   |
| Mission Type: Driving, Shootout, Escape   |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5                 |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: Corvette/Small Uzi |

Tanner and Jones are having some drinks at Tanner's pool that night. Tanner
says: "C'mon Jones, it's not like we're tracking the human genome here. It's
simple stuff. I get the car from Tico's and take it back to South Beach. You
know they're gonna bite. Jones then responds: They got no driver now, that's
true...because you shot him. How many times you gotta shoot someone? We had
suits flying in from all over wanting time with Baccus." He pauses momentarily
and then goes on: "Look, Tico's ok. That's a regular crew. But South Beach and
Calita, that's different. You remember the Mexicans who owed her money? They
took a bunch of her guys and said they'd shoot one an hour until she cancelled
the debt." Tanner acknowledges: "I remember." Jones then proceeds: "Hour one,
Bam, the Mexicans shoot the first guy. Hour two...Tanner interrupts: "Things go
boom." Jones then replies: "No, no, nooo. Things didn't just go boom. Calita
went Waco on her own crew. Set the explosives herself. Told them they had four
minutes to get out. Lomaz is the only one who escaped. The rest...she sent them
all to hell." Tanner then says: "And sent a message all through South Beach too.
It's why they're so tight. They know Calita's capable of anything." Jones then
asks Tanner: "So why d'you think she's gonna take you in?" Tanner simply
replies: "Got anything constructive to say?" Jones pauses for a bit and then
concedes: "No."

When you begin check your in-game map to see where the Gold Coast Hotel is
located and then head on over there. Once you arrive simply park on the side
where you see the blue fire escapes climbing the side of the building. Climb the
fire escape to the second floor and enter the building into the interior
stairwell. There are several thugs on the various floors and a small uzi on the
second floor in an openable room. You can kill the thugs if you wish or you can
simply head right to the top and enter the Plant Room. Now open the door that
leads to the roof and you'll see a few thugs congregating outside. Shoot them
from the safety of the Plant room and make sure they are all dead before take
the stairs down to the lower roof with two big propane tanks on it. Go halfway
down the steps until the thugs appear from behind the tanks and then back pedal
up onto the roof again and take them out from afar. Once they have been killed
go down and then kill the third thug who is on the staircase ahead. Then head up
the stairs and onto the final roof area. If you need health grab the green pack
right next to the hut in front of you and then slowly make your way around the
roof while killing thugs as they appear. Remember there is nothing wrong with
backing up and regrouping. Once you have killed them all enter the hut on the
far side into the elevator.

As the elevator doors open you'll see two more thugs congregating. Line up a
headshot on the first and then unload the rest of the clip into his buddy. There
are quite a few enemies in this garage but if you take your time you can easily
kill them all without taking too much damage. Use your R3 stick to manipulate
the camera views sop that you can line up your shot on the enemy just off to
your left outside the door and after nailing him with lead, retreat. Now from
the safety of the elevator you can target the goon at the far left corner behind
the car. Blow up the car if you can't target him and he will die. When the coast
is relatively clear, high tail it across to the glass booth and now shoot the
remaining thugs while using the booth as cover. Crouching is highly effective to
minimize damage. The elevator next to the booth will chime and two more thugs
appear to eat your lead. Once everyone is dead, flick the flashing yellow switch
to open the garage door and go grab the vehicle in the far corner with the red
arrow over it.

As you enter the car the words "Don't wreck it" are displayed onscreen. The
hardest part of this mission is to now deliver the car without destroying the
ride along the way. Reason being, Tico's gang (Shown as red blips on your radar)
are out to kill you. Go to the entrance and immediately exit your car and run
slightly away from it. A car with Tico's goons will come at you. Simply shoot
and strafe out of the way until you've killed them and then hop back in your
ride. Now look at your in-game map and plan your route to the drop off point. If
you see a red blip again simply repeat the above process of getting out and
dispatching them without ruining your car. Alternately you can just try to
outrace them but chances are you will wreck your car and be forced to restart.
(NOTE: The little line in your DAMAGE METER is the threshold for damage before
the car is considered wrecked) Once you get to the warehouse the cutscene will
take over.

Tanner walks into the dimly lit warehouse and notices a prisoner suspended by
his feet from the rafters as Calita, Lomaz and Bad Hand stand around him. They
look at him as he slowly walks over to them and stops suddenly as Lomaz pulls a
gun on him. Tanner coolly says: "I brought your V8 back." Lomaz looks over at
Calita and Jones begins a brief narration: "Calita. South Beach lead, she moves
80 million a year in stolen guns and cars." Lomaz then says to Calita: "He ain't
working for Tico." Jones then continues his narration: "Lomaz. Hardware
specialist. Gun freak with pimp chic." Tanner simply says: "You need a driver
and I need a team." The captive groans as Bad Hand points and then shoots him in
the head. Tanner watches on unfazed as Calita and Lomaz stare him down. Calita
then indicates towards the dead guy and says to Tanner: "If you're not good
enough, you're gonna wish you were him." She then holds out her hand and Tanner
gives her the keys to the V8. Calita then orders Lomaz to: "Make the
arrangements." Then they walk away.

| Mission Title: IMPRESS LOMAZ               |
| Mission Type: Destruction Derby + Shooting |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.3                  |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: 9mm (Silencer)      |

Go out into your backyard and down to the little dock by the ocean. Press R1
next to your cigarette boat and now pull up your in-game map. Once you have
visualized your destination proceed to cruise across the bay and then exit by
the blip and head up the small steps to meet with Lomaz.

Next hop in the car that Lomaz has waiting and then go smash up Tico's yard. You
have a 1 minute and 30 second time limit during this portion of the mission.
There are 13 obstacles that you need to destroy and each successive one will
show up as a red blip on your radar. Pay no attention to the goons that are
shooting at you but rather on finding the perfect line to go from obstacle to
obstacle in order to complete the job before time expires. It may take you a few
tries to get your navigational skills in order but one small tip is to let off
the gas just prior to jumping through the concrete huts because the roof will
stop you dead in your tracks.

In order the points of destruction are:

1: Stack of barrels as you enter the yard.
2: Up the short ramp through the barrels in the building.
3: 90 degree right turn and through concrete hut. (Let off gas)
4: Over sand ramp and through thug in front of wooden hut ahead.
5: Right through next wooden building.
6: Through barrels in concrete hut.
7: Into the big propane tank. (Do a 180 into it)
8: Smash through barrels under freeway.
9: Through the little wooden hut. Then veer left.
10: Through fence and then through wooden frame. (Right)
11: Through concrete hut. (Let off gas)
12: Hard left and over the low wooden ramp. Through barrels ahead.
13: Left and align yourself with the big wooden ramp facing the building. Make
    sure you don't overshoot the roof. Land on the roof.

Once you jump the final ramp onto the roof a small cutscene will kick in. Now
drive back to where you first parked your boat and Lomaz will introduce you to
part 3 of this mission. Get into the other car and smash through the gate ahead
and then head left along the grassy path alongside the freeway. When you get
onto the main road jusy look at your in-game map for your destination and then
head over to the blip.

When you get to the bar, exit your ride and make sure you have your Uzi
equipped. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to destroy the place and complete the
mission. (If you fail you can restart from where you entered this second car)

Enter the bar and head through the hallway to the main room. Once you enter
shoot and run straight ahead towards the poolroom past the bar. Kill the thug in
there and then take out the bartender. There will be two more thugs coming out
from behind the bar that you need to kill as well. Use the poolroom for cover if
you need to.

Once they are all dead start shooting up the place like mad. You will notice a
meter on screen that needs to be filled to capacity before time runs out. Shoot
the bottles behind and on the bar. Shoot the jukebox and gaming machines as well
as any other furnishings that you can find. Just fire at anything and everything
and you should complete this requirement with time to spare. Once you have
completed the objective a small cutscene kicks in.

Tanner walks out of the bar as Lomaz says: "Good. You work for us now. Time to
take on the Gator."

| Mission Title: GATOR'S YACHT             |
| Mission Type: Boating, Shootouts, Escape |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5                |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None              |

Tanner and Jones are looking at covert pictures of Gator and his Yacht on
Tanner's big projection screen at home. Tanner narrates: "This is Gator. Calita
uses him for anything she needs on the islands. But he screwed her on the last
deal. This super yacht is his. She wants me to put a hole in it...even things up
before she thinks of using him again." The camera then pans out to show both
jones and Tanner as Jones asks: "She uses him for repo work?" Tanner replies:
"She has to, they're gonna ship 20-30 cars to Europe. You need a lot of manpower
to bring that number in." Jones adds: "But we don't know who wants them?" To
this Tanner responds: "We've gotta let them go to find out." Jones then goes:
"So Calita put the deal together?" Tanner answers: "No. It's way too big for
South Beach. They don't have those kinds of contacts. They're working for
someone who does. (Fade to Black)

Soloman Caine and Jericho are seen walking along a corridor towards an elevator.
Jones then narrates: "Soloman Caine. The gangster most other gangsters would
like to whack. Never goes anywhere without this man...Jericho. Caine's
Lieutenant and personal bodyguard. Ambitious, calculating and most of all,
fiercely loyal...until now." As the step into the elevator and turn around,
Jericho pulls out a gun and shoots Caine in the back of the head without
warning. Jericho then exits the elevator alone.

Head out to your Cigarette boat in the backyard and then pull up your in-game
map. Look for the blip by the "MIAMI" letters in the water and head there. Stop
short a safe distance away and use your guns to snipe the goons protecting the
exterior of the stilt house. Don't get too close or they will return fire and in
no time you'll be forced to swim as your boat will be wrecked. Once you have
killed them head around to the other side and again, from a safe distance, pick
off the remaining thugs. Now park your boat by the stilt house and head on up to
the door. Draw your most powerful weapon and then sidestep into the hut and kill
the initial thug in there. Another runs from behind the corner and you can
quickly dispose of him before he knows what hit him. Continue through this stilt
house very slowly and kill the thugs in both interior rooms and use the health
packs if you need them. The best strategy employed is to open the doors,
immediately retreat and then manipulate the camera to see where exactly the
thugs are inside. Then line up your reticule, side step and blast them. Collect
the three C4 charges inside and then go back to your boat and look at your in
game map for the second blip.

Head to Gator's Yacht and again, stay at the extreme end of your aiming range to
take out the thugs guarding the back of the ship. Just keep nudging closer and
closer until you can target them and kill them. Once you feel the coast is
clear, dock the boat at the end and board the ship. (NOTE: You must be able to
get in your boat to escape quickly so try to do a good parking job)

Slowly head up the first steps and be prepared to kill thugs on either side. My
advice is to follow along the outer perimeter of the boat and kill whoever you
find along the way. At the front you'll find a door that is openable. Go in and
kill whomever you encounter inside. Use the old, open, retreat, line up and
blast technique to minimize your own damage and keep on the lookout for health
packs. Once you've killed your foes, place the C4 where indicated and retreat
back out onto the deck. Continue around until you've made it back to the rear of
the boat again and then head down the stairway that leads to the engine room.

As with the previous room, eliminate all enemies, plant C4 #2 and use health
packs as needed. Now retreat back up onto the deck and head up the stairs to the
higher level. Enter the lounge and kill all the goons. Make your way through the
cabins by killing everyone in sight and then set the final charge. Once the
final charge is set you need to make it back to your boat as quickly as possible
to escape the explosion so it may be wise to do a trial run before setting it.
Once you have set it, high tail it to your boat and speed off as the cutscene
kicks in.

Gator's Yacht blows up in dramatic fashion.


| Mission Title: TRAPPED        |
| Mission Type: Evasive Driving |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.7     |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None   |

As you begin with a cop smashing you in your tail, head straight and then turn
hard left at the far end. Follow the green exit signs as you navigate your way
out of the mall. Don't worry too much about the shooting cops as the damage will
be minimal but avoid smashing into too many obstacles as this mission is far
from over. In the final hallway when you see daylight, slow down when you are
almost at the end to avoid two cop cars that attempt to block you. Navigate
between them and head left once outside. (They will not pursue)

Now quickly look at your in-game map and plan your route to the final
destination. You must lose the cops in order to drop off your partners in crime
so practice losing your tails as you go. Try to avoid head on collisions as they
stop you completely and cause plenty damage. (You cannot wreck your vehicle) If
you see a cop blip ahead of you going in the same direction, slowly follow him
along while remaining out of sight. Often times you can go a long distance
before another blip appears on your radar. Heading on and off of the Freeways
also seems to work well. Once you get near your destination the cops will
usually show up again. You must lose them in order to complete this segment so
drive around and do what you must in order to survive. It can become quite
frustrating but after a few tries the game will usually let you get away. Once
you park under the red arrow a small cutscene kicks in.

Everyone exits the car and Calita tells Tanner to ditch the car in the ocean so
that the cops can't get any evidence.

Pull up your in-game map and make your pick. Head towards the ocean and fly into
it. You do not need to exit the vehicle in order to complete the job.


| Mission Title: DODGE ISLAND    |
| Mission Type: Escape, Shooting |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5      |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: MP      |

Pull up your in-game map and then exit the motel parking lot. Head over to Dodge
Island. Make sure there are no cops in pursuit when you arrive or you'll need to
lose them first. Park by the red arrow and walk up the steps.

Tanner walks into the warehouse with briefcase in hand. Gator is sitting behind
his desk. Tanner says to him: "I'm here for collection." Gator says: "I got ears
at the docks saying Lomaz is moving hardware and you're leaving." Tanner hands
over the briefcase and Gator proceeds to open it. There is some sudden movement
in and around the warehouse that prompts Gator to ask: "Did you come alone?"
Tanner pulls out his piece and points it at him while answering: "I brought one
of these." Gator gets flustered at the sight of the gun and goes: "No, no, I
just mean...Look, Calita and me are cool right? It's back to the way it was
yeah?" Tanner simply replies: "If I came here to kill you, you'd be dead. Keys?"
Gator replies: "On the dash."

As soon as you gain control, enter the Ferrari and gun it for the little ramp
facing the window. A cinematic shows you busing through and as soon as you land,
stop and exit the vehicle. You will notice a container ahead being lowered to
block your path. Draw your weapon and slowly make your way towards the
container. A goon will pop out from the right side just before the container.
Take him out. Now simply take your time as you navigate through these container
stacks and manipulate the camera angles to see who is around each corner. Take
everyone down and you'll eventually come to a little opening where a trailer
with steps is located. Kill the thug at the top of the steps as well as the one
hiding next to the metal pole below. Enter the trailer and then head into the
lower room. Kill whoever is in here and then take out the goons outside behind
the blue dumpster. Continue taking your time as you gun down goons who appear at
corners and you'll eventually see several cars speeding in up ahead.

Run up to the car as it screeches to a halt and blast those thugs. Now get in
the car and make a dash for it. Navigate around the containers ahead by faking
out the enemy cars to avoid head on collisions. Continue along (on foot if need
be) until you come to the main gate, which is guarded by some more goons. Kill
them and raise the gate to freedom. Now commandeer a vehicle and gun it so that
you can jump the raising drawbridge up ahead. Now pull up your in-game map and
look for the best route to your destination. Kill the remaining goons that
followed you there and then step into the red arrow to complete the mission.

Go through the mission as normal until just before you get clear of the
containers and the goons in the cars and vans show up. On your left, just as you
exit the containers, there should be 1 guy and a car. Kill the guy and take his
car. Take off and avoid the cars which try to block your exit. Further along the
wharf, a semi-trailer will block the way. Stop the car and get out, up ahead on
the right there should be a big Yacht moored at the pier. Jump over the edge of
the pier and swim for it. The bad guys will take some shots at you while you're
in the water, but keep swimming around behind the yacht and they won't be able
to hit you anymore. Then, just swim up to the beach and run across the
highway to the warehouse to end the mission.
Credit: Brett Dix


| Mission Title: RETRIBUTION              |
| Mission Type: Chase, Shooting           |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5               |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: 12 Gauge Shotgun |

Calita is making a phone call to Gator while Tanner, Lomaz and Bad Hand look on.
They are in Calita's warehouse. Intermittent shots of Gator on the other end are
flashed. Calita says to him: "You know who this is. Gator replies: "Yeah, I know
who this is. Your driver came to collect the car...everything ok?" Calita
replies: "Forget the cars." Gator says with a surprised tone: "What do you mean
forget the cars?" Calita simply responds: "You're no good to me now Gator,
you're a dead man." As she hangs up we see Gator realizing his fate. Lomaz and
Tanner prepare to go after Gator.

When you begin you will be chasing Gator's car with Lomaz riding shotgun. You
can shoot at gator's car but my recommendation is to simply keep up with him as
it is pretty much impossible to wreck his vehicle en route to the destination.
Shooting is fun but often times it will take your attention off the road for a
split second too long and next thing you know, Bam! When you finally pull into
the destination a brief cutscene will kick in showing your arrival.

Start shooting all the thugs outside the warehouse here and make sure you
protect Lomaz who is with you. Once they are dead proceed into the warehouse and
waste the thug inside. Now get ready to shoot three more goons who run in from
the far side. Back up if you need to. Once they are dead go out the rear and
immediately fire to your right to finish the thug at the end. Enter the door by
him and blast the thug inside before grabbing the Health Packs. Now proceed
through the doors until you are outside again and quickly kill two more thugs as
Gator is seen speeding off in a Cigarette boat. Hop into the other Cigarette
boat and pursue him.

You can try shooting at him while driving the boat but it takes divine
intervention to accomplish a head shot from here. Keep chasing him until you
arrive at the stilt houses again and then as with "Gator's Yacht" mission, take
the thugs out from far off with a long range weapon. Once you have cleared them
all out (All sides) dock your boat and proceed up the steps to the door. Kill
the first thug on your left immediately. Take your time here and manipulate the
camera around after opening doors to line up your reticule and kill everyone in
here. Grab health Packs as necessary. When you open the door leading outside in
the back, quickly shoot who you can and you'll notice he Gator below. My
strategy at this point was to retrace my steps all the way to the first door
from where I entered the stilt house and then shot him from outside. This
minimizes last minute health depletion from Gator's gun.


NOTE: Cutscene depictions are discontinued from this point forth. Why? Because
I'm no longer interested in depicting them and my VCR is having difficulties
recording. Sorry.

ooooo      ooo ooooo   .oooooo.   oooooooooooo
`888b.     `8' `888'  d8P'  `Y8b  `888'     `8
 8 `88b.    8   888  888           888
 8   `88b.  8   888  888           888oooo8
 8     `88b.8   888  888           888    "
 8       `888   888  `88b    ooo   888       o
o8o        `8  o888o  `Y8bood8P'  o888ooooood8

| Mission Title: WELCOME TO NICE   |
| Mission Type: Shooting           |
| Degree of Difficulty: 2.4        |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: Large Uzi |

As soon as you gain control, head out the front door and down the steps to your
crappy looking car and enter it. Pull up your in-game map and then high tail it
over to the destination. Midway there Calita calls you again and tells you that
she is being ambushed. From that point on you will see her health displayed
onscreen. Hurry over to her and get out by the concrete barricade to get inside
the promenade on foot. Shoot her assailants as soon as you see them and run up
to meet her. There is a Health Pack right behind her.

Calita will then lead the way so you need to provide her cover as she runs
towards through the streets toward the getaway van. Stay with her and kill
whoever comes out to shoot. When cars come towards you, aim for the driver and
then take both out as the get out of the car. Aiming for headshots is quicker
but obviously more difficult. Once you have gotten to the van Calita will hop in
and you'll go in back.

At this point you get to blast cars out of the back as the van speeds along
through the twisted Nice streets. Aim for the tires if you can and also focus
your gunfire right between the headlights to blow the engines as quickly as
possible. Alternately, you can also aim for the driver's head to instantly kill
him but it is a lucky shot at best and more often than not, he'll be ramming the
van instead. Keep an eye on the onscreen damage meter because once it is filled,
the van will be wrecked and the mission failed. After destroying roughly 10
enemy cars you should safely reach your destination and the mission will be


| Mission Title: SMASH AND RUN         |
| Mission Type: Timed car retrieval    |
| Degree of Difficulty:                |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: Dagger Type-T |

You will need to collect three Dagger Type-T cars and safely park them in a
moving trailer before the trailer reaches its destination. There will be a
counter onscreen that shows you how many miles/Kilometers the truck is from the
destination. Start out going straight and then turn left onto the highway and
gun it until you get to the blip on your in-game map. Drive down into the garage
and hop in the car. The truck should be just passing you as you exit the garage
in your first ride. Drive it into the back of the trailer and then exit the
vehicle. TIP: Try driving in when the truck is going straight in order to
maximize your success rate.

Now quickly jack another car or preferable a bike and then pull up the in game
map to see where the next blip is. Once you arrive in the little park with the
garage, go around to the opposite side to find the little door to gain entry to
the second car. Once inside, press the switch to open the garage door and then
drive out. Now quickly look at the in-game map again to see where the truck is
and then gun it over there and drive it in the back as well and exit.

Steal yet another car or bike and again look at your in game map for the final
blip and hightail it over there. The final car is in the car dealership
showroom, which is accessible from the cobble-stoned courtyard out front. Blast
your way through the glass window and jack the ride and now look where the truck
is. As long as there is still more than a half a mile to go, you should make it.
Speed over to the truck and park the final ride in the trailer.


| Mission Title: 18 WHEELER            |
| Mission Type: Shootout/Getaway       |
| Degree of Difficulty: 2.5            |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: Assault Rifle |
For the first portion of this mission simply pull up your in game map to view
the destination and then drive over there. Once you arrive at the docks you will
need to find a way in. Exit your vehicle and snipe as many guards as you can
through the chain linked fence. Once you have done that you can enter the
compound through a variety of ways. My preferred method is to swim around the
northeast side and into the underground tunnel that leads to a ladder. Climb up
the ladder and now take out all of the remaining thugs in the compound.
Manipulate the camera around corners and doorways to line up your next victim
and then strafe and blast. Once you have eradicated the threat, head on over to
the large crane and climb up the ladder to the control booth up top. The
container you need to get is the blue one at the rightmost stack. Remove the
others to get to it and then attach it to the trailer.

Now climb back down and go grab the semi parked in the building nearby and
simply reverse it up to the trailer to hitch it. Now plow through the gates and
pull up your in game map to plan your route.

There will be cops and roadblocks along the way but you can plow right through
them if necessary. Just don't smash into trees and lamp posts because they will
stop you. Also make wider turns than usual and let off the gas early enough so
you can make turns as effortlessly as possible. When you finally get to the
docks you will need to either do a u-turn or preferably just go a bit further
and turn around. Drive down into the docks and the mission is complete.


| Mission Title: HIJACK         |
| Mission Type: Shooting/Escape |
| Degree of Difficulty: 2.5     |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None   |
Chase the transport truck and keep an eye out for a little ramp on your right.
Jump it to avoid being blocked by the goons up ahead and now stay with the van
and drive him into a light pole. Get out, shoot the driver and then hop in the
Transport Van. Now pull up your in game map and plan your route to Calita's

Once you get halfway up the driveway, leave the van and go the rest on foot.
Draw your assault rifle and start picking off the goons one by one. You can also
shoot the water tower up top. (DO NOT BLOW UP THE CAR IN THERE) Once everyone is
dead, go back and drive the Transport Van up into the compound and then go
around to the rear right corner and press the switch, which will open the rear
of the van. Now drive the car inside and press the switch again and you can now
peacefully drive the Transport van to the blip on your in game map.

Alternately you can also try driving just the car but you will be chased by bad
guys and will risk wrecking the vehicle.


| Mission Title: ARMS DEAL               |
| Mission Type: Shootout/Careful Driving |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.4              |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None            |
When you start simply pull up your in game map to see where the mall is and then
drive over there. Once you arrive a brief cutscene kicks in.

Once you regain control simply speed up ahead and then turn hard left into the
grass as the thugs from the alley on your left start shooting. Exit your vehicle
and slowly approach them while picking them off from as far as possible with the
assault rifle. (Alternately you can go through the mall)

Slowly make your way towards the pickup at the far end of the alley while
killing all gunmen (around 8 or so) and back up if you need to to minimize the
bullets you eat. Once the coast is clear, hop into the pickup and quickly pull
up your in game map to plan your route to the final destination.

Keep a keen eye on the "Arms Crate" meter onscreen because if it gets filled you
will die and fail the mission. Several cars will be after you on the road. You
can try to lose them by reckless driving or simplify matters by simply exiting
the pickup and shooting them down. (Move away from the truck to minimize damage
from incoming fire) Continue on to your destination by repeating the stop and
shoot process and then simply park the truck in the red arrow to complete the


| Mission Title: BOOBY TRAP      |
| Mission Type: Survival driving |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.4      |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None    |
When you begin quickly pull up your in game map and strategize your route to the
beach. The best route is along the coast. The catch to this portion of the
mission is that your ride is rigged with explosives and if you drop below 50 mph
for too long, Boom! Drive as fast as you can without driving unnecessarily risky
until you get to the beach. Drop down onto the sand with the car and you'll see
the target truck up ahead.

Get right next to the truck and Lomaz will prepare himself to jump into the back
of it. When you are lined up properly, press the action button and he will jump.

Now quickly pause and look at your in game map again. Your best bet is to go up
that main road heading north before hanging a right to get to the destination.
Get off the beach (Remember the 50 mph requirements) and drive to the
destination. When you are almost there you'll have to turn into the warehouses
on the right and then immediately veer right towards the red arrow over the big
container. Gun it and then bail from your car when the onscreen message prompts
you too and watch the fireworks.


| Mission Title: CALITA IN TROUBLE        |
| Mission Type: Driving/Shooting          |
| Degree of Difficulty: 4.0               |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: Grenade Launcher |
Burn out and do a 180 so you can exit the area and then hang a left once you are
out and start driving east full speed. Pull up your in game map and you'll see
the blip driving east a few streets north of you. Get up behind that blip and
you'll see it is a truck with a red arrow over it. Start shooting but beware
once the doors open so that you are not too close or your car will be wrecked in
no time. Keep shooting the truck until it is disabled (Aim for the tires) and
then look at your in game map again to see the destination blip. Head over there
and when you enter the alley, shoot the two gunmen who are stationed there while
driving in. You can plow one down while shooting the other but be careful
because you can die here easily and health is of the essence.

Once they are dead, exit the car and head up the steps and then shoot the thugs
in the courtyard below. Keep an eye on Calita's health bar too, this will tell
you how reckless you need to be. Once you have killed them all and survived to
tell the tale the next portion begins.

You can do two things after the cutscene. 1) Chase Fabienne until she gives up
and then shoot her. Or 2) Simply run down towards the street with your assault
rifle drawn and fire at her driver side window as she speeds past. If you are
lucky you will kill her, if not, restart from the cutscene.

My preference was to kill her via method 2 because it was a little easier
although a little cheap. Chasing her is a pain but also a fulfilling challenge.


| Mission Title: RESCUE DUBOIS |
| Mission Type: Shootout/Chase |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.4    |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None  |
Pull up your in game map and then head over to the destination. Exit your car by
the barricade and kill the thugs out there. Back up if you need to so that you
can safely pick them off. Now enter the restaurant really cautiously as it is
filled with enemies. Use camera manipulation to look around corners and kill
everyone as you make your way through towards the back door.

As soon as you gain control again, hop in the car and give chase. The only way
to complete this mission is to shoot Dubois' abductor's vehicle until the damage
meter is maxed. They take you for a wild ride around town so keep focused on the
driving and shoot only when you know you've got clear shots. Once the car is
destroyed the mission is complete.


| Mission Title: HUNTED         |
| Mission Type: Escape/Shootout |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5     |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None   |
When you begin in your cigarette boat, pull up the in game map and then head to
the blip on the coast. When you arrive you'll notice it is an old boat warehouse
with the red arrow over it. Go dock inside to trigger the cutscene.

As soon as you start out again, hop into the forklift and reverse so that you
can line up with the big box on the floor. Forget about the buzzsaw noise behind
you, you've got enough time. Pick up the box by pressing circle and then reverse
and position the forklift in such a way that you will be able to jump from the
ledge above onto the box and then onto the other ledge. Now exit the forklift
and climb the ladder. By now the goons shot be coming in and starting to fire at
you. Jump over onto the box and again onto the continuing ledge. Go to the end
and pick up the gun in the corner. Now crouch and take out the gunmen.

Go down the ladder here, grab the health pack and then look out the opening
facing the ocean and kill the gunman on the boat outside. Now pick up the
shotgun near the door and quickly kill the goon who enters the door. Kill
whoever is outside and as soon as you can, jack a car and pull up your in game

Enemy cars will attack you but just go towards the destination blip and drive up
as far as you can. Get out to shoot the enemy cars if you must but keep trying
to jack other cars to continue on to the end. Once you get up as far as you can,
continue on foot. There will be no more pursuing vehicles from this point forth.
At the top make sure you kill every gunman before proceeding to the red arrow
where Vauban is standing. Note: you can use the perimeter wall for cover and
still shoot the goons up top. Take your time because health is crucial up here.

Once you get down the 2nd ladder, grab the health pack but then instead of going
outside, kill the goons in the boats outside and then quickly jump into one of
the parked cigarette boats to your left, and back out. Now head east towards the
airport and pull up your in game map. Zoom in so you can see the second 'R' in
Aeroport and then drive your boat towards it. Just north of that 'R' (on the
shore) you'll find a railing with a ramp leading up to the runway. Hop out of
your boat and up the ramp. Now simply run across the runway towards your
safehouse, pick up health if necessary and then head out to the road and steal a
car. Quickly head west and you'll notice 2 goons still circling around on this
main road when you exit the airport, if you time it right and stay out of the
way you can manage to avoid the goons all together. Make your way towards the
mountain in peace, watching where the goons are headed and stay out of their
way. Once on the mountain, eliminate the multiple roadblocks on your way up, and
make your way to the top, watching your health as you mentioned. Once at the
top, kill the last goon and make your way to the red arrow, mission complete.
(Credit: Aisk)


NOTE: Istanbul will now be available in Take-A-Ride mode

ooOoOOo .oOOOo.  oOoOOoOOo    Oo    o.     O o.oOOOo.  O       o o
   O    o     o      o       o  O   Oo     o  o     o  o       O O
   o    O.           o      O    o  O O    O  O     O  O       o o
   O     `OOoo.      O     oOooOoOo O  o   o  oOooOO.  o       o o
   o          `O     o     o      O O   o  O  o     `O o       O O
   O           o     O     O      o o    O O  O      o O       O O
   O    O.    .O     O     o      O o     Oo  o     .O `o     Oo o     .
ooOOoOo  `oooO'      o'    O.     O O     `o  `OooOO'   `OoooO'O OOoOooO

| Mission Title: SURVEILLANCE    |
| Mission Type: Stealth/Shootout |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5      |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None    |
When you first begin simply tail Jericho while remaining a safe distance behind.
Keep an eye on your proximity meter onscreen and slow down or speed up
accordingly. At one point he we come to a halt for a bit and you need to stay
back. If need be, reverse a bit to keep clear. Once Jericho arrives at his
destination a brief cutscene ensues.

Once you regain control, back up to the far end of the building and you'll see a
small stairway heading to a back entrance. Exit the car and draw your Silencer
9mm weapon. You must be stealthy in this mission or you will fail. The Silencer
gun is the only acceptable weapon to use successfully here. Enter the door and
pop the guard ahead with a headshot. Now head up the stairwell on your left and
also pop the guard up top in the head. (Note: For some reason this guard may
still spot you so restart until he dies from a well timed headshot).

The onscreen prompt now tells you to "Find the Meeting". Kill the thug ahead
with another well placed silenced round and then jump down the platforms into
the office below. As you are doing this, switch to a more powerful weapon. Walk
up to the red arrow in the room and the cutscene takes over.

As soon as the action starts, start shooting the enemy thugs as they appear and
make your way out of the warehouse by taking the stairs to the roof. Take your
time as you round the corners to manipulate the camera angles so that you can
eliminate the thugs with minimal risk. When you get to the upper door, be
prepared to blast the thug who comes through shooting.

Now look through the doorway by careful camera manipulation and pick off the
enemy goons on the roof. Grab the Health Pack and then go onto the roof and take
your sweet time killing everyone. Go to the stairway at the far end and pop the
enemies below and then duck behind the propane tanks a you eliminate the next
set of enemies. Next, proceed down the next set of steps and again pick off
whoever you can from a distance. Manipulate the camera and check out the enemy
positions. All that's left to do now is make your way down the construction site
as you blast all the remaining enemies on your way. Use the railings to kill any
enemies on the street as well as this is where you will eventually end up.

Once you reach ground level two cars pull up with enemy gunmen, Use whatever
cover you can find and kill them before hopping into the pickup truck and making
a dash for your hotel.

Gang cars will give chase along the way but if you stay the course you should
have no problems whatsoever. If need be, exit your vehicle and shoot them to
smithereens. Once you arrive and have no pursuers after you anymore, walk up to
the red arrow and the mission is done.


| Mission Title: TANNER ESCAPES |
| Mission Type: Shooting/Escape |
| Degree of Difficulty: 2.8     |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None   |

This is one of the best missions in the game. On a scale of 1-10 I'll give it a
9 for fun. The premise is simple, use your Grenade Launcher with unlimited ammo
to blast any and all cop cars that are after you. The trick to being successful
is to fire as soon as you hit corners and whenever you first see the cop appear
onscreen. Later on one or two coppers will get right up on you so just switch to
the automatic Uzi and focus your firepower right into the engine and windshield.
Then quickly switch back to your trusty Grenade Launcher and continue blasting
these fools skyward. Once you get to the coast a cutscene will briefly take

Now swim to the boat and press "R1". Now head west along the coast and when you
are ready, head back on land and jack a car. Look for your hotel safe house on
your in game map and then hightail it over there while surviving the cops. Try
to lose them along the way or get ready to fight them like mad once you arrive.
I recommend parking behind the hotel and then coming out with Grenade Launcher
and machine guns blazing. As soon as they have lost you, enter the red arrow to
complete the mission.


| Mission Title: ANOTHER LEAD |
| Mission Type: Tail/Shootout |
| Degree of Difficulty: 4.0   |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None |

When you begin, hang a U-turn and follow the car to his destination. Turn left
early enough to exit the grassy train yard because it sure is slippery. Keep up
with him and when you reach the bazaar a small cutscene takes over.

Once gameplay resumes, kill the thug who runs out of the bazaar and then enter
it. There are about 20 gunmen inside so take your time and always check both
ways before proceeding along the main path inside. There are numerous Health
Packs strewn about as well. Remember to back up while you shoot to minimize the
risk of taking fire. Another tip here is to reload your weapon before the next
set of thugs appear. There's nothing more frustrating than eating lead while
Tanner reloads on his own in plain view. Once you have killed everyone go to the
arms dealer and the cutscene takes over.


| Mission Title: ALLEYWAY             |
| Mission Type: Chase/Shootout/Escape |
| Degree of Difficulty: 4.0           |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None         |

This is the only mission in the game where you get to play as Tobias Jones. As
soon as the action starts, run and enter the vehicle and burn out towards the
right to chase the bagman. You'll see him making a hard left out onto the street
and you just need to follow suit. Chase him as fast as you possibly can while
avoiding traffic and light posts along the way. Once you get into the small
restricting alley you will be blockaded by a big truck. Quickly exit the vehicle
and take the enemies out here. Secure the entire alley as you make your way down
it and take your time to pick the enemies off from afar. Use whatever cover you
need along the way and then enter the red arrowed building for the next portion
of the mission.

Once inside quickly kill the gunman who appears on the balcony ahead as well as
the one running up from the left. Grab the Health Pack behind the left wall if
you need it and then proceed up the stairs to the doorway up top. Couch and
shoot whoever you can across the open courtyard from the safety of where you are
and manipulate the camera around to see who else is out there. Also shoot the
big hanging pipe to send it crashing to the floor below. Once the coast is clear
go right and shoot the gunman who comes out through the door. (NOTE: A Health
Pack is on the far left side of the balcony if you need it)

Enter the doorway and go up the steps and then kill the gunman who comes through
the door. Manipulate the camera around the doorway to see your next victim's
position and blast him too. Grab another Health Pack from the safe in the corner
and then open the door nearby and head down the stairs. Again manipulate the
camera around the corner to spot the gunmen and then kill them without mercy.
Head down another flight of steps to the ground floor and kill the gunman who
appears from behind the doorway.

Kill the last few gunmen down here and then hop into the car and smash your way
out the exit onto the main road. Now quickly pull up your in game map and plan
your route and lose any and all enemy chasers along the way. When you get to the
gym without anymore pursuers simply walk into the red arrow and the mission is


| Mission Title: THE CHASE    |
| Mission Type: Chase         |
| Degree of Difficulty: 5     |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None |

This is clearly the hardest and most frustrating mission in the entire game. The
key to success during the first portion is simply making it without crashing
along the way or driving too slow. The crappy car you get also doesn't help the
situation much.

As soon as you begin either burn out and momentarily tap the e-brake to do the
180 without hitting the wall or back up while turning right until you smash into
the parked car behind you and then peel out.

Now chase Calita and get used to the slippery handling of this car. You should
be able to take the first bend at full speed by turning early and counter
steering through without smashing into that perfectly placed lamppost on your
left. As you come to the intersection ahead it can get tricky. There are several
traffic patterns that the game can throw at you but ideally if you are flawless
and fast to the intersection you can beat them all. You can also try squeezing
in between the wall on your left and the lamppost on the corner to maximize your
chances of avoiding a wreck with another car.

Once you are on the straightaway just keep after her but don't hit her. She is
indestructible and you will go careening into something. Calita turns sharply
right at the first opportunity and you should also by turning early and thereby
sailing around the corner. Follow her by again turning early into the alley on
the left up ahead and remember to counter steer to minimize your risk of
crashing. (If you ever crash you might as well restart) Follow her and power
slide around the tree on your right and quickly turn right and keep after her.

Next she turns hard into an alley on her left and again you need to power slide
early and counter steer to keep your speed up. Now chase her down the short
straightaway but then slow down briefly to take the 90-degree right turn without
sliding into the lamppost on your right. This is a major obstacle to completing
the chase. If you fall behind here there is no way you can catch up.

Provided you made that turn, drive full speed after her and again slow down
briefly just before power sliding left onto the paved road again. There is
another lamppost on the right that will stop you if you slide to quickly.

Now that you are on a paved road again you need to simply keep up with Calita.
Avoid crashing at the intersection up ahead and then slow down a little as you
make the hard right turn by the coast. Watch out for the car that is there and
don't slide out into the lamppost on the left. (Calita usually slows down in
this corner so you can take the corner safely without risking the mission on it.
Continue following her and weave around traffic and avoid the lampposts on
either side. (Let off the gas in corners if you need to)

You will see a park on your left that Calita may cut through, stay on the road
and make the left bend and quickly cut through the opening on your left and back
onto the main road without crashing. Let off the gas briefly if you need to. Now
simply keep up (She can be quite a bit ahead and you still won't lose her) and
avoid crashing into the lampposts on the final curvy section and then turn left
onto the bridge without smashing into that lamppost right there and gun it. A
cutscene will kick in.

The drawbridge is seen raising as Calita just manages to fly over. She lands
hard on the other side causing her car to catch on fire and then crashes into
several cars at the far end. She exits her car and runs.

The onscreen prompt tells you to "Find another way across" as you gain control
again. You need to make it to the next cutscene to avoid having to restart from
the very beginning so quickly run right and go down the steps near the booth and
hop in the old crappy boat below. Pull up the in game map and then head over to
the blip while avoiding the boats in the water. Park the boat and jump onto the
ramp so that you can run back on land and then run around to the front (street
side) portion of the building with the red arrow over it. A cutscene will kick

Calita peels out on a motorcycle.

If you fail you can restart from here. Phew! Quickly pursue Calita on your own
motorcycle and get used to the handling. Hitting curbs while leaning forward
will minimize the risk of flying up into the air. Turn left onto the street
behind her and then hard right at the intersection while avoiding traffic. At
the far end of this street you'll need to veer hard left onto another street and
just keep gunning for her. A short while later she will slow down to duck into a
park via a narrow archway. If you are fast enough you can smack right into her
at this point to complete the mission.

Otherwise slow down and follow her into this hilly park. Keep up and avoid
wrecking and failing and just keep on her until A) you manage to knock her off
the bike or B) she makes it to the destination at which point you'll need to
kill several more gunmen at her hideout before capturing her. My advice is to do
everything possible to knock her off by the park's entrance to complete the


| Mission Title: BOMB THE TRUCK   |
| Mission Type: Chase and Destroy |
| Degree of Difficulty: 3.5       |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None     |

Peel out in pursuit of the truck as soon as you can and shoot at it to destroy
it. The damage meter onscreen must be filled to complete the mission but the
risk here is the amount of bombs that come tumbling out of the back. If you take
too many direct or even indirect blasts you will end up failing so shoot from a
safe distance and use the following trick.

Get right up behind the truck and fire like there's no tomorrow. All of the
bombs will safely pass by overhead and you can destroy the truck with time to
spare. You can also shoot the bombs while they are airborne to safely blow them
up on your way to the back. Once the truck is destroyed the mission is over.


| Mission Title: CHASE THE TRAIN |
| Mission Type: Pursuit/Shootout |
| Degree of Difficulty: 4.5      |
| Cars/Weapons Unlocked: None    |

You start out on the station platform so gun it and veer slightly right at the
end to easily make the drop down to the train tracks below. Give it all you've
got and avoid the oncoming train on the right at all costs. (Unless you want to
see a wonderful crash)

Jericho will be shooting at you from the back of the train but don't worry about
him for now. Instead start to overtake the train on the left side at the bend
and drive as precisely as possible so as to not crash. You will see some
buildings coming up on your left, slow down slightly to not crash into the wall
and keep gunning it so that you can get in front of the train before the bridge
up ahead. If you don't you will crash full speed into the wall and be forced to

Once safely in front of the train simply keep going as fast as you can while
avoiding the obstacles along the way and when you get to the train yard a
cutscene will take over. (NOTE: You can try to get onto the main road on the
left towards the beginning of the mission as well but you will also have to get
back onto the tracks to complete the mission. Another way to get onto the road
is to jump over the little mound outside of the tunnel on your right over the
train although you need some luck to land on your wheels on the street below.)

As soon as you gain control take out the three gunmen just up ahead and then
hang back. See that zinc fence on your right? As long as you don't pass the end
of it you will not trigger Jones and Vauban's advancement meaning you can take
out several gunmen without risking damage to yourself or them. The hardest part
of this section is keeping these two knuckleheads alive long enough for you to
get to Jericho.

Pull out your assault rifle and snipe who you can. Also target your reticule way
up the road along the buildings on the left to kill two more gunmen ahead. Now
shoot out the zinc fence on your right and go all the way to your right without
passing the trigger line and snipe some more. Next return to the starting point
by the train caboose and then go back to the trigger line to see a few more
gunmen magically appear. Snipe them out as well and then proceed.

Now that Jones and Vauban start gunning as well and their health meters are
displayed you need to take action quickly. Run and mow down enemies as they
appear and try to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Make your way up the
street and then take out all of the bad guys up at the intersection ahead. Now
turn right and kill all of the enemies that come swarming up from this road.
Remember to pull back or crouch/roll as necessary to minimize your chances of
dying and keep Jones and Vauban safe.

Once they are dead you will see the final alley. Kill the remaining thugs from
safely outside and you should see the red arrow at the far end. The best thing
to do is simply shoot Jericho from way out here because he won't even fire back.
You need to unload so much ammo into him that you'll probably end up with only
your unlimited ammo peashooter in the end. If he moves completely out of
targeting range then go in and retreat once he starts firing and repeat the
process. After a long session of shooting he will finally drop. Now simply walk
up to the red arrow above him and the final cutscene will kick in.


                       >-=IX.TIMMY VERMICELLI LOCATIONS=-<

Q: Who/What is a Timmy Vermicelli?
A: Timmy Vermicelli is Reflection's return jab to Rockstar(Publisher of the GTA
   series) for poking fun at Tanner during a mission in GTAIII. In short it is a
   look-alike of GTA:Vice City's Tommy Vercetti who is wearing little orange
   flotation wings cause he can't swim. :)

Q: Where can I find him?
A: Well, there are 10 Timmy's hidden in each of the three cities and you can go
   search for them to your heart's content in Take-A-Ride mode. Beware though
   because they  are heavily armed and require quite a few bullets to kill. They
   start shooting at you on sight.

Q: So what's the point of all this? Is there some sort of reward for finding
   them all?
A: After killing 10 in each city a prompt will tell you to "Go to the Armory".
   From that point forward a blue dot will show the Armory's location on your in
   game map. Each Armory will then unlock a secret upon entering it. See
   Cheats/Glitches Section for more detailed info on the rewards.

Q: Any Tips or strategies that I can employ while hunting them down?
A: Shoot them from afar so as to avoid the close range gun battle. You can also
   fire a Grenade towards him to kill him instantly. Additionally you can lure
   him into water at which point he becomes a sitting duck or simply drive over
   him a few times with your vehicle. The last option is risky though.

Here are the locations for each Timmy:

|1. MIAMI |

1. Exit your stylish apartment via the front door and walk towards the street.
   See the house right across from you? Walk around it into the backyard and
   find him there.
2. Take a boat and pull up your in game map. See where it says "MIAMI" in the
   ocean? There is a wooden stilt house right where the dot is on the last "i"
   of Miami. Timmy is holed up inside.
3. looking at your in game map Timmy is located on the southern most island
   accessible by bridge. Once on the island look for him inside a boathouse
   called "Dirty Dicks". It is located in the Southwest region of Dodge island.
4. Timmy is located in an open garage in the southwest area of downtown Miami.
   Right by the river that runs east to west..
5. See the southernmost square block area in Coconut Grove? Timmy is in a garage
   marked "A1" which is located one story up from the street. Look for the
   concrete colored building that has a white railing up top.
6. Found in Tico's construction site standing atop a half built house. Drive
   around the construction buildings and he'll start shooting at you when you
   get near him.
7. In the gate switch room that unlocks the Go-kart track. (See Secret Cars
   Section for details)
8. In the northern brownish area of your in game map (Mid Miami) you can find
   him south of the running track near a house. There is a road under
   construction there as well.
9. In the west most area on your in game map (Little Havana) you will find the
   stadium. Find a way in and go up to the second floor overlooking the stadium.
   Now walk all the way to your left and you'll find him in the last corner by
   some vending machines.
10. Go back to the Gold Coast Hotel where the mission "Rooftops" took place.
    Once you get up onto the roofs you will find him in the elevator that led
    you down into the garage.

Now follow the onscreen prompt to the newly activated blue dot on your in game
map to collect your rewards.

|2. NICE |

1. Head south from the west most starting point and keep a lookout for an open
   warehouse on your left. You need to get in through an opened gate. Timmy is
   inside on the catwalk.
2. Take a boat and head up the river on the west most side. Shortly after the
   bend up top you'll spot him hanging out on the beach to your left.
3. See the huge airport tower? There is a ladder that lets you climb all the up
   and Timmy will be waiting for you.
4. If you drive east along the coast you will eventually see a set of buildings
   on your left with a ramp that heads up onto the rooftops. Drive along the
   rooftops until you crash down inside one of the buildings and face your next
5. In the northeast most area of the dark green portion of your in game map
   you'll find a church. Timmy is somewhere on the grounds.
6. Look for the brown area on your in game map. (West of the purple zone) and
   you'll come across Mount Boron facing the ocean. Go all the way up to the top
   and Timmy will be found by the gazebo.
7. Just below mount boron is the lighthouse overlooking the bay. Climb the
   ladder to the top and Timmy is all yours.
8. Start from the northeastern starting point and turn around. Look for the
   sharp incline on your right and drive up and into the stunt track. Timmy is
   waiting for you.
9. Take a boat along the coast to the big cave in the eastern area of the map.
   Inside Timmy is waiting on the shores.
10. Remember where you had to pick up the 18 wheeler? Timmy is in that same
    compound holed up in a big wooden crate.

Now follow the onscreen prompt to the newly activated blue dot on your in game
map to collect your rewards.


1. On your in game map go to the green colored section of the lower island and
   find Timmy upstairs in a construction building. The building is located in
   the northwest section of the long diagonal looking street that runs nothe to
2. In the north east corner of the brownish colored section (Upper Island) you
   will find a nightclub. Go in and make your way upstairs into the office to
   find him.
3. Follow the train tracks in the southwest area of the lower island to find
   Timmy inside one of those old wooden looking signal houses. The train tracks
   appear as a red line on your map.
4. In the dark green colored section of your in game map (Lower island) Timmy
   can be found by some houses at the end of a grassy alley. See diagram

   ---|--|-|--| *<--- Timmy

5. In the blueish colored area of the lower island Timmy can be found downstairs
   in the trukish Bath Houses. It is located in the southwest quadrant of the
   blueish area along that long bending road heading east to west.
6. Timmy is hiding on the third floor of the safe house gym. You should notice
   your safe house markings on your in game map. This safe house is in the gray
   area of the lower island and once you get into your kitchen on the third
   floor, shoot the cabinets to reveal the secret passage way that leads to him.
7. Look on your in game map at the bridge on the right side that connects both
   islands. Timmy is below it just off from the lower island.
8. Timmy is deep underground in an old cistern that can be entered through a
   small storefront from Yerebata Street. Look for the door in the southeast
   area of the dark green colored area of the lower island.
9. Just west of the left most bridge that connects both islands you'll find the
   docks. (upper island) Timmy is hiding in a little white raised hut that looks
   similar to a lifeguard hut.
10. On the upper island on the east coast where the light blue section of
    coastline begins (Southern portion) are some more docks. Timmy can be found
    atop a rooftop overlooking the yard. Look for the crane nearby.

Now follow the onscreen prompt to the newly activated blue dot on your in game
map to collect your rewards.

                           >-=X.SECRET CAR LOCATIONS=-<
There are three secret cars hidden in each of the three cities. Once you have
found one in Take-A-Ride mode make sure to save your profile so that it will be
permanently selectable from that time forward. There are also a few cars that
become unlocked as you progress through UNDERCOVER mode but the Walkthrough
describes which car is unlocked when.

                             | MIAMI |
TT CUATRO: Probably the nicest car in the game, this Ford GT40 look-alike is
           hidden in a garage at the end of the road on Star Island. On the
           bridge you will see a little island with just one little road going
           in. The garage is part of a luxury estate. (See Diagram 1A)

                      /               \
   1A                /Garage-> ###     \
                    |          ###      |  <- Star Island
                     \          \\     /
                      \         ||    /
                       \        || <-/----- Street
                        \       ||  /
=========BRIDGE=================  ==============

VELOCITY TURBO: This Roadster reminds me of the Cobra complete with the small
                roll bars over each headrest. It can be found parked between two
                warehouses in Tico's Construction Yard facing the river.

GO-KART: Go to Coral Gables and at the huge Biltmore hotel head right along a
         path in the bushes and you'll discover a tunnel that leads to a fenced
         off area. Exit your vehicle and head up the stairs and along the
         catwalk until you come to a room with a Timmy in it. Once you have
         killed him, activate the yellow flashing switch and then proceed
         through the next door and go down the stairs. Now head through the
         newly unlocked tunnel and you'll come out by the Go-Kart track. Head
         left to the Pit Stop area and you'll see it parked right there in the
         lane as shown in Diagram 1B. Note: If it is not there, restart.

   1B                |                            |
                     |          PIT STOP          |
                     |                            |
                /               * <-- Go-Kart        \
               /      ---------------------------     \
              /     /  #######Rubber Tires####### \    \
     --------       -------------------------------     ---------------
                         >>>>>>TRACK >>>>>                          |
                                              Start/Finish Line --> |

                                   | NICE |

CAMPER VAN: This VW van is parked at the summit of Chateau Grimaldi in a garage.
            The best way to describe Chateau Grimaldi is to look on your in-game
            map for the circular roads on the left side. The roads look almost
            like the rings in a tree when you chop it down. Go to the very top
            and you can't miss it. It is yellowish with hippy drawings all over

DOLCH SCHUB: This impressive looking car resembles a Plymouth Prowler with
             oversized front fenders. It is hidden along the runway at the
             airport inside the Fire Department Garage. There are three doors
             and this ride is in the left most one. The fire Department is
             further along the runway than the rest of the buildings. See
             Diagram 1C.

        1C                     Red Fire Dept Garage
         N                    |  *   |      |      |
         |                    |  ^   |      |      |
       W-O-E                  | Car  |      |      |
         |                     ----------------------
   <---- Airport Tower                                                   /
                                <<<<<< RUNWAY >>>>>                    /

FORK LIFT: The Fork lift is parked in the right garage of the Chapel de St.
           Hospice. You want to be in the backyard portion up the hill. On your
           in-game map it is on the right most (East) tip of Nice where it
           points out to sea.


RACER GT: This old fashioned classic hardtop is hidden in the old Industrial
          Parked in the triple garage door. (Located on the upper island in the
          "Beyoglu West" area)

ROADSTER (BUGATTI): This silver cart racer is found at the docks inside a red
                    container facing the Kamsa building. On your in game map the
                    docks are just left of the left most bridge (Top island) in
                    the yellow shaded area.

SPEEDSTER: This classic looking convertible is hidden in the main Train
           Warehouse shed behind a container. On your in game map the Train yard
           is in the lowest left hand region.

                           >-=XI.PLACES OF INTEREST=-<
Here is a listing of the various places/buildings you can enter and or explore
in Take-A-Ride mode. Many of them are also used at one point or another while in
Undercover mode. There are probably a few more here and there but the majority
can be found here.

|1. MIAMI |
1. Football Stadium: Found in the northeast area of Little Havana, you can enter
                     it and check it out.
2. Red River Bar: Lomaz will lead you here during an early mission but it is
                  located Along the northern street heading out of little
                  Havana. Just before you cross over into the brownish colored
                  area on your in game map.
3. Water Treatment Facility: On your way to unlocking the Go-Kart track. (See
                             Secret Cars Section for details)
4. Go-Kart Track: See Secret Cars Section for exact details. You can race
                  against another go-kart driver at times. Sadly there is no
                  reward for winning though. :(
5. Running Track: Just south of the central freeway system in the brown/orange
                  looking area of the in game map.
6. Tico's Construction Yard: Lomaz will meet you here during an early mission.
                             Follow the river and you'll find it with ease.
7. Gator's Boathouse: Found along the shore just south of Downtown. You'll
                      eventually chase Gator here during "Retribution".
8. The Maze: Found near the east coast in Coconut Grove. Look for a massive
             looking old estate and head for the back.
9. Dinner Key Park: Just south of the maze it has a building in it with a black
                    pyramid-like roof.
10. Mortain Mall: In the southern area of Coconut Grove, this huge building has
                  a big "M" on it and can be fully explored within.
11. The Monorail: Easily spotted as you drive around downtown Miami. There are
                  several station platforms that you can go up to and then walk
                  around on the tracks. You can also take a small vehicle up
                  there as well. Sadly you cannot enter the monorail car to
                  cruise around.
12. Liberty Airlines Arena: Located in between the bottom two bridges on the
                            mainland. You can only enter the underground parking
13. Calita's Safehouse: Found on Watson island. (The larger of the two little
                        islands found along the center bridge. You can enter a
                        big garage type room there.
14. Flagler Memorial monument: look for the tiny little island between Watson
                     and Star island. A quiet but pristine little island.
15. Baseball Field: Located in West downtown area. On your in game map it is in
                    that small dark purple patch just east of the orange colored
16. Bayside Marketplace: Found just south of the lowest bridge on your in game
                         map. Look for that little L shaped marina there. No
                         interior secrets can be found here but you can explore
                         the sights nonetheless.
17. Gator's Warehouse: Located on Dodge island. There are numerous containers
                       and a few small enterable locations in this huge site.
18. Stiltsville: Located in the ocean where the letters "Miami" are marked on
                 your in game map. There are several little enterable houses out
19. Gold Coast Hotel: You'll be directed here during an early mission and can
                      really explore this huge property. There are several
                      floors and rooftops to explore but sadly the underground
                      parking lot is only available during the Undercover
20. Golf Course: Located in North Miami Beach on the western portion of the
                 island. Not much to do here but find a few jumps here and
21. Police Department: You'll find it during your very first Undercover mission.
                       There are several rooms including a firing range inside
                       as well as an underground parking garage with a jackable
                       cop car.
22. Miami Beach: One of the best jumps can be found on the sand here. You can
                 really get some nice air. There are also quite a few little
                 lifeguard towers dotted along the way.
23. Tanner's Apartment: A really nice and decked out pad complete with swimming
                        pool and a Cigarette boat out back. The interior also
                        has Health Packs lying around.
24. Gator's Yacht: Just off the coast from fisher island which is located just
                   south of Miami Beach, you can board the vessel and check out
                   the numerous interior locations.

|2. NICE |
1. Chateau Grimaldi: If you look at your in game map you'll notice a section in
                     the northwest corner that is completely filled with
                     circular roads. Head up to the top to explore this little
                     town and look for a small garage at the very top that is
2. Boatyard: In the southwest most area by the water you'll find the boatyard
             which includes an interior location as well. During the final
             mission in Nice you'll be forced to find a way out of here. You can
             also enter it by boat from the ocean.
3. Airport: Looking at your in game map you can't miss the big runway in the
            south western area along the coast. You can climb to the very top of
            the tower for an amazing view and there are also numerous ramps as
            well as a firehouse's garage that is openable. There is also a
            safehouse in here with Health Packs waiting for you.
4. L'Arenas Parc Phoenix: A greenhouse that is found inside of a Pyramid along
                          the main road just north of the airport's runway.
5. The Shopping Mall: Head east along the southernmost main road and you'll find
                      this building right before the green section begins. You
                      can explore the interior stores and navigate your way
                      around inside.
6. Car Dealership: Located in the light green area of your in game map, the car
                   dealership has some interesting posters inside as well as a
                   picture of some guy found on the desk. The car is only found
                   during the mission though. It is a square gray building with
                   a big empty courtyard out front.
7. Restaurant: One block up from the southernmost road in the light green area,
               the restaurant can be entered by smashing through the front
               window or via the garage out back. There is several interior
               rooms inside.
8. Safehouse #1: located just east of that long straight road that leads north
                 in the light green section of your in game map. It is a nice
                 mansion complete with several rooms inside.
9.Ramp Building: Found along the southernmost road at the eastern end of the
                 light green area on your in game map. The building has a ramp
                 going up either side and there is a collapsible roof at one
                 point, which will allow you and your car to land inside. Exit
                 via the door.
10. Vielle Ville Park: Perched atop a hillside overlooking the coast just east
                       of the light green area, you can walk around and check
                       out the scene up there.
11. Lighthouse: Looking out over the coastline in brownish area on the in game
                map you can climb up the ladder to the top but cannot enter
12. Customs Yard: Just east of the lighthouse you can't miss it. You can check
                  out what is around inside and you'll also get to visit this
                  spot during a mission here.
13. Fort Alban: Up that long jaggedy road in the brownish colored section, you
                can only enter it once you have killed all ten Timmies.
14. Citadelle: In the eastern area of the brownish colored section you can find
               this 16th century castle type structure overlooking the coast.
               You can explore this area for what it's worth. There are some
               great ramps here too.
15. Safehouse #2: Located in the northeast section and highlighted on your in
                  game map. The electric fence can be closed to thwart police
                  and keep them in or out.
16. Secret Cave: Located in the southeastern portion of the map and accessible
                 only by boat. Who's in there?
17. Trailer Compound: You'll go here during a mission as well but it can be
                      found southeastern most portion of the map. There is an
                      underground tunnel that also leads in from the sea. Sadly
                      the crane only works during the mission.
18. Chapel de Hospice: In the same area as #17 although even more south, you can
                       go in the backyard to find an openable garage with a
                       secret hidden inside.

1. Tanner's Hotel: In the southwest corner of the light green shaded area of
                   your in game map, the hotel safehouse is clearly indicated as
                   well. There are several areas inside to explore. There are a
                   few Health Packs lying around here as well.
2. Istanbul University: Found in the purple area of the lower island, you can
                        check out the grounds only in this massive school.
3. The Armory: In the southwestern most region of Istanbul you will find a small
               crappy looking building with a skull on the door. This interior
               can only be accessed once all 10 Timmies have met their fate.
4. Castle Ruins: In the same area as #3 although slightly north, the castle can
                 be walked around and through. No hidden interiors are in here
5. Train Yard: Also in the southwestern most part of Istanbul you can see it at
               the end of the red line on your in game map. There are a few
               buildings to walk around in and also a secret car behind one of
               the containers.
6. Galata Bridge: This is the east most bridge on the in game map. You can
                  venture below it to check things out and play with the
                  drawbridge mechanism in the middle.
7. Underground Cistern: There is a deep underground old cistern that can be
                        entered through a small storefront from Yerebata Street.
                        Look for the door in the southeast area of the dark
                        green colored area of the lower island.
8. The Gym: This safehouse will be highlighted on your in game map in the
            eastern portion of the lower island. There are three floors to
            explore and once you find the apartment inside, shoot the cabinets
            in the kitchen for an extra secret passage way.
9. Topkapi Palace: Located in the northeastern region of the lower island, this
                   massive palace has multiple courtyards and buildings to check
                   out. There are no hidden interior locations though.
10. Turkish Bath House: Located in the southwest quadrant of the
                        blueish area along that long bending road heading east
                        to west you'll find this building. There are several
                        rooms to explore as you make your way down and an
                        unexpected patron awaits below.
11. Blue Mosque: Also found in the bluish area of the lower island (Central) you
                 can explore the grounds as well as a part of one building. Not
                 too much to see though.
12. The Docks: Found in the southwestern region of the upper island along the
               south coast. You can explore quite a few places inside and also
               find something hidden inside a container.
13. Galata Warehouse: Located almost in the middle of the green area of the
                      upper island, you'll see a large tower as a landmark.
                      There are two entrances into the warehouse and you can
                      really explore the interior here. Go onto the roof and
                      carefully navigate your way around. There is also an old
                      parking lot nearby that can also be examined.
14. The Industrial Park: Located in the center where the green colored area
                         meets the brownish colored area on the upper island.
                         (It is in the brown area) You can check out the crappy
                         place and also find a secret inside one of the garage
15. Sopa Inca: This is the only nightclub in Istanbul apparently and can be
               found in the northern region of the brownish colored area on the
               upper island. There is a sign out front and a satellite dish on
               the roof. Once inside you can survey the scene and then go check
               out the office upstairs to see who the manager is. The dance
               floor is really cool.
16. Inonu Stadium: This is Istanbul's soccer stadium and can be found at the
                   northeast point of the upper island. Walk up to any of the
                   yellow gates and they will open up for you to enter. There
                   isn't much to do sadly but at least you've seen it.
17. Warehouse: Found in the southeastern region of the dark green colored
               section of the upper island. It is just inland from the docks
               there. You'll eventually visit this interior during a mission but
               you can come check out the multiple levels inside at your
               convenience as well.
18. Docks: Located along the coast in the southeastern portion of the dark green
           colored area of the upper island. There are a few structures you can
           check out but other than that there isn't too much to see here.
19. The Tram: you can hop on board and take the tram for something new and fresh
              to do. Look in the northeastern area of the dark green colored
              area of the lower map to find the cobblestone path the tram takes.
20. Grand Bazaar: located in the southwestern portion of the dark green colored
                  area on the lower island. You can walk through the many halls
                  of the mall and check things out. You'll come here again
                  during a mission.

NOTE: There are a few more places like mosque's and palace gardens that you can
      visit but these listings include all major locations you can visit.

Here is a listing of every available cheat code for the NTSC Version of the
Game. For Gameshark and Codebreaker codes please refer to the appropriate

                        / BUTTON CODES \
| All Weapons           |  R1, L2, Square, Circle, R1, R2, L2     |
| Immunity              |  Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, R2, Square |
| Invincibility         |  Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2     |
| Unlimited ammo        |  R1, R2, R1, R2, Square, Circle, Square |
| All Cars Unlocked     |  L1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Circle |
| All Missions Unlocked |  L1, L1, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Circle |

NOTE: Enter these button codes at the main menu and then go to Options>Cheats to
      toggle them on or off. Bear in mind that some codes do not work in
      Undercover Mode.

                          / UNLOCKABLE EXTRAS \
| 18-Wheeler Anarchy Mode (Miami Only) | Kill all 10 Timmy Vermicelli's in |
|                                      | Miami and then go to the Armory   |
|                                      | which will be shown as a blue dot |
|                                      | on your in game map. Once inside  |
|                                      | the mode will be activated.       |
| Fugitive mode (Nice Only)            | Kill all 10 Timmy Vermicelli's in |
|                                      | Nice and then go to the Armory    |
|                                      | which will be shown as a blue dot |
|                                      | on your in game map. Once inside  |
|                                      | the mode will be activated.       |
| Infinite Mass Mode (Istanbul Only)   | Kill all 10 Timmy Vermicelli's in |
|                                      | Istanbul and then go to the Armory|
|                                      | which will be shown as a blue dot |
|                                      | on your in game map. Once inside  |
|                                      | the mode will be activated.       |


So far the most popular discovered glitch is the Superjump Glitch. It was
discovered by a Gamefaqs user named nks and can be executed as follows:

Step 1: Turn on the Invincibility Cheat
Step 2: Take-A-Ride in Nice with the Semi
Step 3: Head to the airport
Step 4: Find the underground parking lot
Step 5: Drive just to the right of the entrance and fall into the underworld via
        a hollow spot.
Step 6: Drive off the patch of grass and fly!

NOTE: There are several other spots where this can happen but the above
      mentioned one is really easy to trigger.

This will take a while but it falls into this category so if you are really
bored and have some time to kill, enjoy. Credit goes to Austin Cooper for
discovering this glitch.

Step 1: Take-A-Ride with a boat in Nice (Invincibility enabled)
Step: 2: Head as far east as you possible can along the shore until you
         automatically turn around.
Step 3: Jump out and swim east through the barrier and keep swimming diagonally
        against the coast line until you go through an invisible opening and
        keep swimming through the land as you head north and then west. You will
        have to swim all the way back towards the river on the map where the
        secret mountain is. It may take hours and there is nothing to do there.

An easier way to achieve the same result thanks to Amaru is to:

Step 1: Take-A-ride with a large boat heading up the river. (Invincibility
Step 2: look for the blue container on the right side and line up your boat so
        that it is parallel to it.
Step 3: Jump out of the front of your boat making sure you land on land.
Step 4: Head around the building with the staircase.
Step 5: Walk through the bushes and head up the mountain.

This really amazing glitch was discovered by xtsubarublazin and explained in
detail by Hack0r. Here are the steps required to get there.

Step 1: Take-A-Ride in Miami with a van (Invincibility enabled + Grenade
Step 2: Look at your in game map for the mainlands most northeastern point. See

           |------ Where you want to be.
___________*__________________  -> Goes to San Marino and Di-Lido Islands
   |        |       |
   |        |       |
___|________|_______|_________  -> Goes to Watson and Star Island

Step 3: Back the van into the alley where the big blue dumpster is. The rear of
        the van should be facing the street and it should be flush against the
        wall. See diagram.

<- Street
____________________________________ <-Wall
        |______|   [_>
          |         |
        Dumpster   Van

Step 4: Exit the van and shoot out the front tires. Now jump up onto the hood of
        the van and walk up the roof so that you are looking down towards the
        dumpster. This may take a little practice as the jump onto the van can
        be tricky.
Step 5: Now aim the Grenade Launcher into the rear of the dumpster so that the
        reticule is pointed on the rear interior wall. See diagram.

            | <-Wall
|          ||
|   (+)    ||    (+)=Reticule
|          || <- Interior of Dumpster as viewed from atop the van.

Step 6: Fire Grenade Launcher and the blast should send you flying over the
        invisible wall. Now walk west and towards but not onto the green
        colored area of the map. Walk around it.
Step 7: Keep walking until you find the "Little Havana" letters on your in game
        map and you will be warped to the Ghost Town.

Thanks to CJAYC for GameFAQS. Without you all of this never happened.
Thanks to Neoseeker for a great place to host my work.
Thank you to Reflections Interactive for continuing the Driver series.
Thank you to Atari for publishing this game.
Thank you to Prima for some of the Character Bio's, Location Names as well as
some of the Weapon/Item information.

People that deserve special mention:

> Yergin: For inspiring me to get started with FAQ writing in the first place
          back in the early days of Driver 2. It's a pity we didn't get to work
          together on this project mate.
> nks: For discovering the Nice Superjump glitch.
> Austin Cooper: For discovering the secret mountain glitch.
> Amaru: For discovering an easier way to get onto the secret mountain.
> xtsubarublazin: For discovering the Ghost Town.
> Hack0r: For explaining the steps to getting to the Ghost town.
> Brett Dix: For an alternate strategy when escaping Dodge Island.
> Aisk: For an alternate strategy during "Hunted".

Parting Quote:

    "Being undercover is only dangerous when you try to get out." -Tanner

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