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                             ..::,,::,,,,  ::::          ;;ii,,                
                       ::::::::,,::  ,,;;::::      ::,,;;ii;;..                
                 ::::::::,,::::,,::  ,,;;,,::  ,,;;ttii,,::                    
           ::::::,,,,  ,,,,..,,;;::  ,,ii,,  ,,;;,,::                          
     ::::::,,::::,,,,,,;;::  ;;;;    ....    ..                                
   ::,,  ::,,::,,;;::,,;;,,::;;::                                              
   ,,,,  ::,,::;;;;  ,,;;,,                                                    
   ;;,,  ,,;;::tt,,                                                            
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-------------------------------------------------------------FULL GUIDE        
                      *          An FAQ           *                            
                      -            by             -                            
                      *       Steve Taylor        *                            
                      -  Began: 27/September/05   -
                      * Posted: 07/September/05   *                           
                      - Finished: --/-----/--     -                           
                      * E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com *                            
Because there was no guide for Driv3r for the XBox release, I decided to expand
from the original FAQ which just went through the main game, to all sections of
it, to provide all the information that I can. Because the guide contains quite
a fair bit of information, the Table of Contents has been made bigger to       
account. It takes on the same format as my other smaller FAQs, except it now   
uses sub-sections. Be sure to look through for the section you need (E.G. You  
want to find out about the Timmies) and find the appropriate heading.          
To save time of scrolling through the whole FAQ, search strings are avaliable  
and are noted in the Table of Contents.                                        
                                 Table of Contents:                            
                               (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                               (C-N) Contact Me   (C-N)
                               (V-H) Version      (V-H)                        
                               (C-C) Controls     (C-C)                        
                               (S-T) Story        (S-T)                        
                               (C-H) Characters   (C-H)                        
                               (T-H) Tips/Hints   (T-H)                        
                                       1.a. On Foot                            
                                       1.b. Shooting                           
                                       1.c. Driving                            
                               (W-G) Weapon Guide (W-G)                      
                               (W-K) Walkthrough  (W-K)                        
                                    -2.a. Miami                                
                                      -2.b. Police HQ                          
                                      -2.c. Lead on Baccus                     
                                      -2.d. The Siege                          
                                      -2.e. The Rooftops                       
                                      -2.f. Impress Lomaz                      
                                      -2.g. Gator's Yacht                      
                                      -2.h. Trapped                            
                                      -2.i. Dodge Island                       
                                      -2.j. Retribution                        
                                    -3.a Nice                                  
                                      -3.b. Welcome to Nice                    
                                      -3.c. Smash and Run                      
                                      -3.d. 18 Wheeler                         
                                      -3.e. Hijack                             
                                      -3.f. Arms Deal                          
                                      -3.g. Booby Trap                         
                                      -3.h. Calita in Trouble                  
                                      -3.i. Rescue Dubois                      
                                      -3.j. Hunted                             
                                    -4.a Istanbul                              
                                      -4.b. Surveillance                       
                                      -4.c. Tanner's Escape                    
                                      -4.d. Another Lead                       
                                      -4.e. Alleyways                          
                                      -4.f. The Chase                          
                                      -4.g. Bomb Truck                         
                                      -4.h. Chase the Train                    
                               (C-C) Cheats/Codes  (C-C)                      
                               (M-P) Maps          (M-P)                      
                               (TAR) Take-A-Ride   (TAR)                    
                                     -5.a. Introducing                         
                                     -5.b. Timmy Hunt                          
                                          -5.b.1. Miami                        
                                          -5.b.2. Nice                       
                                          -5.b.3. Istanbul                   
                                     -5.c. Car Hunt                          
                                          -5.c.1. Miami                        
                                          -5.c.2. Nice                         
                                          -5.c.3. Istanbul                     
                                     -5.d. Points of Interest ***               
                               (D-G) Driving Games (D-G) **                    
                               (F-D) Film Director (F-D) ***                   
                               (X-L) XBox Live     (X-L)                       
                               (S-T) Soundtrack    (S-T)                       
                               (T-K) Thanks to...  (T-K)                       
                               (C-R) Copyrights    (C-R)                       
*This section needs to be re-vamped.
**This section needs to be completed.
***This section needs to be started.                                           
                        (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)                         
Driv3r is an action-packed driving adventure game that stays true to its roots,
incorporating the cinematic gameplay and gritty street crime of its            
predecessors with ground-breaking graphics and three mammoth, wide-open city   
environments: Miami, Florida; Nice, France; and Istanbul, Turkey.              
Featuring Hollywood-caliber production values and a gripping, narrative story  
line, Driv3r casts players once again as undercover cop Tanner who, alongside  
his partner Tobias, must infiltrate a global car theft ring, an assignment that
leads to tire-squealing chases and fierce on-foot firefights while tailing     
gangsters, chasing witnesses, stealing cars and unloading massive clips of ammo
to bring the criminals to justice.                                             
Perhaps the best way to look at Driver 3 is by calling it what it is: a        
videogame take on a Hollywood car chase. Driver has always been about great car
chases, superb physics and car crashes, and the third in the series is no      
different. Starring the series' quiet but rough unsung hero, Tanner, the       
undercover cop once again takes a clever carjacking network. Building on ideas 
implemented in Driver 2, players once again get the chance to steal an enormous
load of cars (in fact, all cars in the game are jackable), are able to drive   
more cars than before (including trucks and boats), and are once again able to 
step outside of their cars.                                                    
~Taken from Play.com and Ign.com respectivly.                                  

                            (C-N)  CONTACT  ME  (C-N)


Yes. It's official. I love the attention. Gimme your e-mails. Make my head 

To send me mail that I will read, please set it up with the following fields:

      E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com
Subject Line: Driv3r Guide

Now that you've got my interest, you must abide by the rules below, or else it
won't be read and instead, ignored. Please, if you want your voice to be heard,
follow the rules/guidelins.

                                     THE DO'S

- Inform me of errors that I've made. Either constant grammar or factual info. 
- Pass on strategies and solutions on how to solve parts of the game which I
  have not mentioned.
- Ask for help about things not mentioned in the guide.
- Write in words. Not internet short cuts.
- I like to read e-mails with proper formatting and grammar. Please do be sure
  to write your e-mail like so.
- And please, read through the guide before even thinking about contacting me.
  I've had many e-mails in the past about my other guides where they ask me 
  questions which were answered, or not answered in some cases, since some were
  about the demo guides I had wrote.

                                    THE DO NOT'S

- Send me chain letters or spam. That's one big no-no.
- Send attachments. In some cases, I do accept them, but usually for pictures
- Call me names/Insult me/Threaten me/yadda yadda yadda... 
- Use child like e-mails with crap colours. I don't want size 32 bright yellow
  font on top of a lime green background.
- Type in alterNaTiNg CaPs LiKe ThIs or just in ALL CAPS AND STUFF.
- No stupid 1337 speaking. If I see it, it's deleted in a flash.
- Ask irelevent questions which I answered in my guide. It irritates me to have
  that done.

See those rules? Well...they're more like guidelines anyway...but it doesn't
matter either way! OBEY THEM OR DIE!


                          (V-H)  VERSION HISTORY (V-H)

0.85 ~ October 7th 2005.

A quick update. Re-vamped and re-worded some sections.

0.8 ~ October 6th 2005.

After countless nights playing Driv3r and writing the guide, I decided that
enough was enough, and posting it up was the best thing to do and then re-edit
it as I had time. The guide is pretty much complete, surpassing all the other
guides already posted in size and content. But I won't stop there. Oh no. My 
guide is far from complete in my mind. 

Things I'm missing and need to do:

-Points of Interest in Take-A-Ride mode.
-Film Director tutorial.
-Finish the rest of the driving missions.
-A bunch of other stuff which'll come to me the more I play.

                           (C-C)     CONTROLS      (C-C)                       
Here's a brief over-look of the controls. The game throws you into it without  
any tutorials or driving schools, so it's up to you to understand how it works 
and how it plays.                                                              

Below is the control pad for you to see the layout of the control pad and the
actual game play controls below that.                                          
                         XBOX CONTROLLER BUTTON LAYOUT                         
                        ______                ______                           
                       /L.TRIG\              /R.TRIG\                          
                   /                                    \                      
                  /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y)     \                     
 Left Stick------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)   |                    
                 |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |                    
     (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |                    
 (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\------(Black)       
                |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|--------(White)    
     D-PAD------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Right Stick    
                /                                          \                   
                |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                |       /       Controller S       \       |                   
                |      /        made by Thuyker     \      |                   
                 \____/                              \____/                    
                              ON FOOT CONTROLS                                 
        Crouch/       ______                ______                             
          Roll ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Shoot/Fire    
                   /                            /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯ Action/Enter car  
                  /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/      v (Y) <---\-----Scroll Weapons  
  Move/Control---|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|--------Reload      
                 |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Jump               
                 |   O      _____                         |                    
                 /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\--Holster Weapon    
                |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---NOT USED.       
       Move-----|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <----Look |                   
                /                                          \                   
                |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                |       /                          \       |                   
                |      /                            \      |                   
                 \____/                              \____/                    
         Left Thumbstick | Walk/Run/Move                                       
 Clicked Left Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
        Right Thumbstick | Aim/Turn                                            
Clicked Right Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
            Left Trigger | Crouch/Roll (To roll, you must be moving first)     
           Right Trigger | Shoot                                               
                D-Pad Up | Walk Foward                                         
              D-Pad Down | Walk Backwards                                      
              D-Pad Left | Strafe Left                                         
             D-Pad Right | Strafe Right                                        
                A Button | Jump                                                
                B Button | Reload                                              
                X Button | Enter vehicle/Exit vehicle/Action                   
                Y Button | Scroll Through Weapons                              
                   Black | Holster/Draw weapon                                 
                   White | No Effect.                                          
                   Start | Pause/View Map                                      
                    Back | Switch to First Person Mode                         
                                DRIVING CONTROLS                               
         Brake/       ______                ______                             
       Reverse ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Accelerate/Gas
                   /                            /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯Enter/Exit vehicle
                  /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/      v (Y) <---\-------Fire Weapon   
  Left/Right ----|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|--------Burnout     
        Steering |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Handbrake          
                 |   O      _____                         |                    
                 /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\--Thrill Cam        
                |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---NO EFFECT       
      Drive-----|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|---Horn / Look     
                /                                          \  Behind/Left/Right
                |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                |       /                          \       |                   
                |      /                            \      |                   
                 \____/                              \____/                    
         Left Thumbstick | Left / Right Steering                               
 Clicked Left Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
        Right Thumbstick | Look Behind / Left / Right                          
Clicked Right Thumbstick | Horn                                                
            Left Trigger | Brake / Reverse                                     
           Right Trigger | Accelerate                                          
                D-Pad Up | Drive Forward                                       
              D-Pad Down | Drive Backwards                                     
              D-Pad Left | Steer Left                                          
             D-Pad Right | Steer Right                                         
                A Button | Handbrake                                           
                B Button | Burnout                                             
                X Button | Enter vehicle/Exit vehicle                          
                Y Button | Fire Weapon (During certain levels only)            
                   Black | Thrill Cam                                          
                   White | No Effect                                           
                   Start | Pause/View Map                                      
                    Back | Switch to Front Camera Mode                         
                          (S-T)    STORY   (S-T)                               
A gang of Miami car thieves attempts to ship forty of the world's most         
expensive cars to a mysterious international buyer. Taking their pick of cars  
in Miami and the South of France the gang keeps on the move and coordinates the
sale in Istanbul, a city straddling both Europe and Asia. But in the gang of   
car thieves, posing as a getaway driver, is Tanner, an obsessive and ruthless  
undercover cop, determined to stop the sale of the cars and then discover the  
identity of their buyer.                                                       
You play the role of Tanner as you work both for and against the gang of car   
thieves. You must use your skills in driving and firearms to infiltrate your   
way into the gang and then work out how to stop them in time.                  
There are forty stolen cars. They have a street value of $20 million. But there
is only one cop who counts.                                                    
Tanner's been undercover before, having joined the force after leaving his     
stock-car racing career behind. His assignment back in Driver was to infiltrate
the largest criminal organization with big plans. Tanner's driven cars for the 
bad guys just to get close to the heart of the organistion, by doing bank      
heists and transporting stolen cars left right and center. This assignment     
should be a piece of cake...                                                   
                          (C-H)    CHARACTERS   (C-H)                          
Tanner - Undercover cop a.k.a. "The Driver." Obsessive risk taker, with brutal 
methods, accustomed to highly dangerous undercover work. Frequent tendency to  
ignore and override authority.                                                 
Tobias Jones - Police detective, Tanner's partner. Cool, calm, and confident,  
accustomed to working with Tanner, admiring and repelled by his methods in     
equal measure. Jones is more restrained, but no les dedicated.                 
Jericho - Former lieutenant for Solomon Caine, a gangster with an empire       
stretching from Chicago to Vegas. Unpredictable and unflappable, his           
ruthlessness is matched only by Tanner, the man who's trying to stop him.      
Solomon Caine - Big time gangster. He is shot dead by Jericho, his trusted     
lieutenant, when he steps into an elevator with him.                           
Calita - Head of "South Beach," a notorious Miami-based car theft outfit. She  
is cold, efficient, and ambitious. They say she once killed her own crew member
in a hostage standoff -- no one has crossed her since.                         
Lomaz - A member of Calita's car jacking gang. He's hip and cool and can remain
calm under any pressure. He's been with Calita for a long time, and knows not  
to cross her and go against her word...                                        
The Gator - The Gator is Calita's contact down on Dodge Isalnd who she collects
cars from. He's a no good punk and would do anything to avoid the law...evening
turning evidence.                                                              
Dubois - French detective from Nice who co-operates with Tanner when he arrives
in France. Excellent law-officer and all around nice guy...                    
The Bagman - A Russian mobster. The Bagman acts as a buffer between clients and
his bosses. He was nicknamed "The Bagman." for his traditional approach for    
dealing with people he doesn't like....'sends 'em home in a body bag. Or       
several, depending on how well he liked you.                                   
*Calita, Jones, Tanner and Jericho's descriptions all come from the manual, the
others were written by me.                                                     
                       (T-H)   TIPS / HINTS   (T-H)                            
This section will go over some basic skills which'll be used frequently through
out the game's missions. The are as follows:                                   
1.a. On Foot                                                                   
1.b. Shooting                                                                  
1.c. Driving                                                                   
                                1.a -   On Foot                                
Tanner, sadly, runs and controls like a goddamn crab. He rarely walks in a     
straight line and so players may need a few helpful tips to prevent Tanner     
accidently strafing left into a gun fight.                                     
Rolling Crab.                                                                  
Rolling is a very important part of fighting. You can use it to surprise attack
your enemies or simply use it to move to the next lot of cover. It can save    
your life if low on health.                                                    
Jumping Crab.                                                                  
Tanner, sadly, jumps like a complete idiot. He can barely make it off the 
ground sometimes, so it's best to pull a car up over to a fence or wall and use
it as a step stone to climb up on and jump over the wall with. Tanner jumps    
more easily if he is running diagonaly into a wall. Try it and learn the basics
of control.                                                                    
Crouching Crab.                                                                
Make use of the crouch feature. It can save your life and your head from being 
blown off by an enemy with a machine gun or shotgun.                           
Hidden Crab.                                                                   
Using things such as walls, peek around the corner with the camera to check    
whether the coast is clear. Is it? If it is, good. If it's not, good. Either   
way you know what's coming, and you can prepare yourself for how to deal with  
Swimming Crab.                                                                 
Tanner sucks at swimming. It's a good thing he doesn't do it often. Jump into  
the pool at Tanner's house to learn the basics of moving in the water, and then
jump into the water from the diving board and sides of the pool. Got enough    
practise with that? Good. Now go into Tanners house and to the second floor.   
Arm yourself with a machine gun and run straight for the window, blasting it as
you run. When you're at the edge, jump, and land in the pool. This sort of     
thing can save your life as well in some situations (see: "Dodge Island        
Running Crab.                                                                  
A crab on the move is a crab that is safe....ish. If you're standing still you 
are more of a target and sitting duck. If you run, you can avoid all manner of 
gun fire. Your accuracy goes down incredibly and it takes a lot more time to   
down an enemy whilst moving. Practise on civillians before trying it with the  
cops who come after you.                                                       
                                   1.b - Shooting                              
Once again, practise with your guns. Start at your house and stand outside on  
the pool side. Then begin to practise on shooting the windows out and running  
and gunning. Then move out to the street and practise on live targets...       
Use the force, Luke.                                                           
Using brute force is effective. Bringing along a shotgun or a grenade launcher 
will make enemies think twice, but luckily, they won't get a chance to think   
a first time before being blown away. Easy stuff.                              
Duck, Cover and Roll.                                                          
There is always cover avaliable to you, and if not, just roll and avoid the
gunfire until you can get behind something. Using your cover, you can avoid 
being needlessly shot at. So always look for a place to hide behind before 
moving on.

A couple of times in the game, you'll come across a guard who's facing on the
wrong way or patrolling with his back to you. With a silenced pistol, drill a
bullet through his skull. Perfect shot and nobody knows you're there.

What do you think is better? Taking down a criminal from long-range, so he can
not hit you? Or close range where he can shoot you point-blank? Yeah. I thought
so. Long-range. 

Pick a nice weapon, such as the M16 and shoot the men from afar. It's a lot 
easier and healthier to do it like this.

Good Cop, Bad Man, Big Gun.

If you can't see a person that clearly, use your crosshairs as a guide. There
are two colours matching two classes; good guys and bad guys. 

For the civillians and law officers, the cross hairs will be turned blue.
If it be red you see, criminals be before thee. In other words, bad guys. And
a little tip, sometimes crosshairs will turn red when aiming at civillian cars,
this basically means the driver is armed with a weapon. 

If nobody is targetted, the crosshairs will remain blank and white.

Check your gun.

Is your gun suited for the amount of enemies you're facing? A silenced pistol
is no good for hordes of bad guys with full-automatics! No. Change your gun
depending on the situation and be sure to check your magazine and reload before
moving onto the next room.
Headshots are instant.

Put a guy out of his misery long before he has the chance to kill you. Don't
waste ammo on his body, go for a single shot to the head. He'll go down like
a sack of spuds. Easy.
                                  1.c - Driving
Be sure to have a quick practise on Take-A-Ride mode before doing any of these.
Just simply drive up and down the stretches of roads and do some turns and 
U-Turns. Then, when you're ready...move on to these little tips...
Off to a flying start...

If playing driving games have taught you anything, doing a burnout will cause
a massive boost in acceleration allowing you to speed of and save time and
aggrovation of "losing your target." Be careful when doing burnouts, as you
may lose control and spin into walls and end up losing your target before you
even begin the chase.

Off to a flying BACKWARDS start...

If you need to (and you will for some levels) quickly turn your car around 90,
180 or whatever degrees around, simply hit and hold the handbrake and spin the
car around the way you want to and release to accelerate. Be sure to practise
this method, or else you might spend some time slowly doing a 3-Point turn when
the suspect is halfway to Mexico.

Watch those turns...

How many times have you played that mission? How many times have you gotten to
the last portion of the chase? How many times have you felt the glee of
satisfaction as you reach the last seconds of chasing down a criminal...but
only to have it ripped from you by turning a corner and hitting a lamp post or

That's why learning how to make smooth turns into side roads is important in
Driv3r. Remember, they need to be precise, smooth turns but still keeping the
speed at max. There are a few types of turn to look out for. A sharp right
angled one, a normal one with plenty of room to swerve into, or a curve. 
Practise with using your breaks as you slide into both types. You'll eventually
learn how to use your breaks effectivly for future missions.

Keeping it up...the speed, that is.

Don't ever let go of the accelerator. You can ease up slightly on the pressure,
but no stopping or curb-crawling! If you do, it's a sure fire way of losing the
chase target and failing the level.

Remember, it's called Driver for a reason! No granny-isms here, please.

Michael Caine would be proud...

They didn't get the gold out of that city by sitting in the traffic jam hooting
their horns, complaining about bloody foreigners driving on the wrong side of
the road. No. They used the back streets, alleys, jumps and anything else to
shorten thee time and avoid the traffic jams and queues. Plus it may even help
you to cut off the car you're chasing!
Get the swines stuck.

This has plagued games for years, and to be honest, it's a good thing it has.
The art of swerving through traffic and heading for a little corner of a wall
or pole and then veering off around it at the last moment is common in most
driving games. The idea is to get the cop's car to bash cleanly into it and 
they can't back up or drive foward, allowing you to cleanly get away.

Change cars when in trouble.

Cops know who you are. And if you have a low wanted level, you can switch cars
and have it disappear. Cool, huh? Well, same applies for damage control. If 
your wheels are too damaged and smashed up, ditch it and quickly steal another
car. It isn't worth it in some instances since the gap between you and your 
target is so far you won't catch up anyway, but it can help sometimes if you're
fast enough.

Bike Control.
The game keeps you off of bikes for some reason until they throw you in with
a super-powerful one during "The Chase" in Istanbul. Using the Take-A-Ride mode
get some practise in with one, especially doing some hard stuff like launching
yourself off ramps and getting a perfect landing. If you can master jumping 
with a bike, driving one around a city will be a piece of cake.
Block the roads.

If you feel the cops are too close to you, try to buy some time by swerving 
your car across a narrow road and getting out and legging it for another
car. The mini-blockade will slow the cops down, buying you plenty of time to
jack another ride.

Lose that tail of yours.

Driving around and around a building and through the alleyways will cause the
cop car to lose control and crash. When he's stopped in an alleyway or down a
road, head off to your destination.

Hell, same happens with driving on the opposite side of the road, weaving in
and out of the oncoming traffic. It is harder to navigate since the cars can
either drive into you, or away from you, but just drive around them. The cars
tailing you should soon crash head-first into one of the passing cars...

Bang. Bang.

Tails can be hard to ditch, but blocking the road with your car and getting 
out can help lose the tail. After getting out, use a gun and shoot up the 
tailing car's driver.

                               (W-G) WEAPONS GUIDE (W-G)


                                9mm Auto High Powered

This is your standard issue and basic gun. It is your default weapon. It has a 
fast rate of fire and can hold a massive total of 17 rounds. And to go easy 
upon you, this gun never runs out of ammo and is infinite. Pretty handy, but it
will be unused as you find better weapons...

This weapon is avaliable to you right from the start, without any need to 
complete a mission. 

                                 9mm Auto Service Issue

This is the counter-part to your High Powered 9MM Pistol. Instead of the shiney
silver, this gun comes in black. The difference between this one and the 9MM is
that the power is much stronger. The downpoint is that due to the increase in
stopping-power, clip-capacity is decreased to a tiny 10 rounds.

This is given to you after you complete the first level, "Police HQ."

                                 9MM Auto Surpressed

This is an add-on for the Service Issue pistol. Tanner uses this 9MM with a 
silencer attached to sneakily make his way through criminal hideouts and into
highly-guarded compounds. It's also useful for eliminating baddies without
alerting those around him. 

This is awarded to Tanner after successfully completing the mission "Impress

                                 Heckler and Koch MP5

This is an increase on the firing power. This is a Sub-Machine Gun that can 
hold a clip size of 30 rounds. It has great accuracy and can fire over long
distances. It is hardly used though, especially in comparison to the more 
powerful guns in the game.

This is awarded to you after you have completed the mission "Dodge Island."

                                  12 Gauge Shotgun   

The shotgun is always shown to be a killing machine, capable of killing enemies
in a single blast. Driv3r is no exception to this rule. It's a strong weapon
which is most effective up close and personal. It has a total of 8 powerful
shells. Enemies will fall in just one of those shots. This is certainly the 
best weapon to take cars down with. A couple of blasts into the engine block 
and it'll go up in flames and smoke.

Tanner will recieve this after completing "Retribution."

                                       The Mini Uzi    

This is much stronger compared to the MP5 from earlier. It's fire-rate is much
more supreme than the MP5, but it's bigger brother is stronger. This Mini-Uzi
has the power to hold 32 rounds in it's magazine. It is excellent for running
and gunning. You sure can take down a whole group of baddies in ease...

Given to you in "Rooftops."
                                       The Large Uzi

This is the real Sub-Machine Gun of the game. It's strong. It's powerful. It's
fast. It's lethal. The gun holds a massive total of 60 rounds per magazine and
it can dispense all those bullets in a matter of seconds. You can mow down 
hordes of enemies and bust up cars real easy with this. A couple of rounds into
the grill of a car is enough to destroy it. Like with this guy's baby brother,
it's brilliant, but double in all properties.

This is awarded to Tanner in "Welcome to Nice."

                                      Assault Rifle  

Woah-baby. This is the strongest gun in the entire of the game. It has a 
massive clip capacity of 60 rounds and goes through them like a hobo and a 
trash-can. This has a really large range, capable of eliminating punks from
a massive distance, perfect for avoiding close confrontations.

Like with the other fast and powerful heavy weaponry, it is brilliant for 
removing cars from the streets. A couple of rounds to the grill will cause the
car to go up in seconds...

This is found and awarded to Tanner after successful completion of the mission
"18 Wheeler."

                                   Grenade Launcher

This is the real, beeauty of a weapon. You can have your pistols and whatnots
...but when you're given a weapon like this, or a rocket launcher, you know
which one's better. It is the destructive force to be reckoned with, taking 
down whole groups and rooms packed full of enemies. The drawback is a long
reload time, as each grenade is single shot and needs to be reloaded after each
us fired. This can blow cars to pieces in just one grenade.

This final weapon is presented to Tanner after he has completed the level,
"Calita in Trouble." 

Well, congratulations! You've now collected all of the weapons avaliable! Get
out their and cause some nasty damage in Take-A-Ride mode, or hell, raise the
roof in actual Undercover mode.           

                        (W-T)    WALK-THROUGH    (W-T)

Welcome to the actual walkthrough and guide for Reflection's wonderful game,
Driv3r. Below you will find the actual search strings so you can find the
exact mission you are having trouble with and then search for it. 

Good luck, avid driver, and God speed...

                                    -2.a. Miami
                                      -2.b. Police HQ
                                      -2.c. Lead on Baccus
                                      -2.d. The Siege
                                      -2.e. The Rooftops
                                      -2.f. Impress Lomaz
                                      -2.g. Gator's Yacht
                                      -2.h. Trapped
                                      -2.i. Dodge Island
                                      -2.j. Retribution

                                    -3.a Nice
                                      -3.b. Welcome to Nice
                                      -3.c. Smash and Run
                                      -3.d. 18 Wheeler
                                      -3.e. Hijack
                                      -3.f. Arms Deal
                                      -3.g. Booby Trap
                                      -3.h. Calita in Trouble
                                      -3.i. Rescue Dubois
                                      -3.j. Hunted
                                    -4.a Istanbul
                                      -4.b. Surveillance
                                      -4.c. Tanner's Escape
                                      -4.d. Another Lead
                                      -4.e. Alleyways
                                      -4.f. The Chase
                                      -4.g. Bomb Truck
                                      -4.h. Chase the Train

                                 2.a. Miami

            .88b  d88. d888888b  .d8b.  .88b  d88. d888888b 
             88'YbdP`88   `88'   d8' `8b 88'YbdP`88   `88'   
             88  88  88    88    88ooo88 88  88  88    88    
             88  88  88    88    88~~~88 88  88  88    88    
             88  88  88   .88.   88   88 88  88  88   .88.   
             YP  YP  YP Y888888P YP   YP YP  YP  YP Y888888P 
                                2.b. - Police HQ
Driv3r treats you with a nice, simple, easy level to get you started with the
driving basics. 

Tanner'll start off in his nice house in Miami, and your goal is to reach the 
Police HQ. No time limit. Easy.

Get into Tanner's trademark automobile and just drive to the green dot on your
radar. Going directly to the HQ will speed things up a bit, but taking your
time and exploring will get you to grips with the game play (And it'll help 
with the next level!)

When you arrive at the HQ, get out and walk in. The desk cop at the front desk
will tell you to visit the firing range/shooting gallery. Head to it.
This teaches you the basics of gun-firing. Your goal is to shoot all of the
perps (Indicated by the dark-red cardboard cut-outs) and avoid accidently 
blowing away an innocent civillian (The blue cardboard cut-outs). Once the 
range is cleared, an emergency call is put in, prompting you to get to your
car and race to the scene of a siege.
                          2.c. - Lead on Baccus
Many times have people failed this mission, all because of the first couple of
turns in the road. Sadly, this level is all about speed and keeping up with 
your fellow police officers. If you fall too far behind, you lose and fail the
mission. That's where the practise from Level 1 comes in handy...

As soon as you get control, head to the Panda and climb in. Be sure to put on
the sirens, just for effect. You need to keep your foot to the floor for this
whole level so be sureb n to watch the other cop cars' movements closly. Follow 
the cops that speed around the corners, breaking slightly as you navigate them
so you don't end up in the back of another vehicle. 

Your navigatior is the cop car in front, and thankfully the route to the target
area is pretty straight foward and direct, so follow him all the way to the 
siege to complete this level.


If you have trouble steering your way around the corner, try smashing through
the gates into a large carpack and follow it around. This route is a little
more forgiving than turning the normal corner and ramming into a truck or 
                                 2.d. - The Siege
The game is upping the pace slightly, including all three aspects you've just
gone through; shooting, driving and time-limits. 

First, draw your gun and run around the side of the building where you'll see a
small archway up in the distance. As you approach the and reach the little 
doorway, two enemies will come storming out it with guns raised, just lock on
and kill them both. Be sure to collect their ammo just in case your aim is
slighlty off. Before heading through to the yard, try to shoot the last two
remaining thugs, using the wall as cover. When they are both eliminated, a nice
cutscene will play.

The gist of the cutscene is Baccus making a run for it to his car and speeding
off. Don't worry about getting to your car, as Tanner would already of made it
there so you can get right to the chase. Follow Baccus' car out the gate he
burst through and follow him. 

The chase does not last for long, but be warned, it does include some sharp
corners and shortcuts through a few alleys.                    
I do advise using the above method as it gives you much needed shooting
practise, as well as some new driving skills. But for those who have some 
trouble with the level should try the below method:

Instead of going around the building and shooting your way into the yard, climb
into the cop car and drive up to the two large closed wodden gates which are 
surrounded by cops, and then smash through them inorder to trigger Baccus' 
cutscene early, but instead of bursting out through the gates, he'll just 
drive off through the back alley.

Another way of avoiding the shooting is to drive to the alley where Baccus
escapes down. This will cause him to jump a well-placed ramp over some 
Dumpsters in an attempt to lose you. Be sure to try this method out, it's good
practise for jumps in later, harder missions.

Oh, and be sure not to go really fast over the ramp, or else you'll flip over.
                                  2.e. - Rooftops
Like in Level 1, you begin the game at Tanner's house. Your location this time
is a Hotel on Long Beach. Be warned. Another mix to the gameplay has been 
added. This time the distance is further than before, it's nighttime and there
is cops about. 
Be warned.

Anyway, follow your mini-map around until you reach the Green marker which is
the back of the Hotel. Head into the red marker arrow then go up the fireescape
Push open the first floor's doors and run up the stairwell until you reach the
floor marked with a very large 2. Go through the door and kill the guy with his
back to you. Go right down the hallway and open the last door on the left for
a secret room. You'll need to deal with the two pistol weilding thugs first, 
then collect the Sub-Machine Gun which lies on the bed. Now fully armed with
some real weaponry, go back to the stairwell and climb the stairs to the top
most floor; the roof. 
Three men will be standing around talking, and if you walk out onto the roof,
they will see you and open fire. Just stand in the little room and take aim
from here, blasting them up with the SMG.

You'll need to progress across the rooftops by clearing out sections of it at
a time. They are behind cover and will jump out blazing to stop you, but they
are lousy shots and are easy targets. Be warned. A Uzi-totting thug stands 
watch over a small flight of stairs, so use cover and kill him.

Clear the last rooftop and collect all the health packages and ammo. Head into
the last door and into the elevator. 

The hotel garage is packed full of enemies, so be very careful. As you arrive,
you'll notice quite a few guys hanging around with their backs to you. Take 
this time to line up a headshot and kill one. Once you do, the whole place 
will be a shooting gallery.

Make use of the cars as cover and fire at them during breaks for reloads.

When the place is clear, go into the booth opposite the elevator and hit the
switch to open the garage door. Head to the car with the Red Marker over it
and get in.
Back up and head to the garage exit. As you hit the street, a car will try to
stop you from leaving. Either get out of the car and aim for the driver's
head, or just drive off and lose them. I find turning left after leaving the
garage and driving full-speed to the end of the road and doing a sharp U-Turn
at the last possible moment causes the enemy car to drop into the water. 

When you lose the enemy, just drive to the green-marker to complete the level.
                            2.f. - Impress Lomaz
Back in your house again. Leave through the sliding doors and out to the mini
pier set up. Climb into your boat. Handling on boats is really easy and you
should have no trouble, but you should still toy around with this nice speedy
number to get a feel of what is can do before crossing the harbour and to
your objectiver marker. 

When you are ready, cross the water and follow the river. Park up your boat
and climb out. Talk to Lomaz and he'll give you an order to destroy and wreck
Tico's Construction Yards. He'll tag along for the ride to make sure everything
goes well, so be careful not to blow up the car!
You're on a time limit here, so do it all quickly. Smash through the gates and
begin your rampage.                                

Simply drive through all of the things they tell you to do. Walls, windows, 
barrels, petrol tanks, buildings are all on the list to be taken out, so do as 
they please.

Once you have completely smashed the place to pieces, head back to Lomaz's
parking spot and switch cars for something a little more newer and less wrecked
(I wonder who did that...)
Anyway, switch to the yellow car and follow Lomaz's directions to a small bar
a short distance from your current location. When you are there, Lomaz gives 
you your objective; shoot the place to pieces. Easy.

Enter the Red River Bar and take care of the 5 thugs who'll swarm you before
going and destroying the place. When the 5 men are gone, go for all the things
you can see. Pinball machines, bottles, posters, pictures...ANYTHING. Best bet
is to shoot up all the bottles lined up on the bar and shelves for an easy rack
up of points. When you're done, the mission's over.
                             2.g. - Gator's Yacht
Yet another new element to the gameplay you must take on. Stealth, swimming,
C4...Some wonderful new stuff.

There are two locations that your map presents you with. The first is Gator's
yaucht, which is to the East of your starting positon. Whilst the other is in
the North, which is a couple of shacks out in the harbour. Climb into your
boat and head over to The Gator's ship first. 

You will need to appraoch the boat from the rear, go around the left side, 
round the front, and slowly dock up on the right hand side of the yacht. Park
your boat a short distance from the ladder and climb it. A couple of guards 
will be busy standing around looking out to sea to notice you, so head right 
and follow the deck along. In a small room at the end will be a switch for
the boat launch, so hit it so you can lower it down.

Using your newly found boat, head over to the other location; the Water Shacks.
Oh, and because you're using one of their boats, they won't shoot at you!
Once you are at the site, circle around the builing marked by the arrow to and
dock up to this shack. Walk up the stair case and into the door, not paying 
attention to the enemies, since they think you're on their side. Inside, you'll
see some more bad guys. Once again, ignore them and collect the C4 from the 
shelves. Head into the bedroom and collect the C4 from the chair and bed. 
Leave once you're done.

Now for the fun part. Sail back to the yacht and around to the back of it, onto
the landing platforn. Be warned, many baddies on this boat, all armed to the 

NOTE: You can climb the same ladder you did before hand and only face one bad
guy. Problem is though, he can shoot you long before you get off the ladder.

Kill all the baddies and head down the right hand side of the top-deck. Push
open the door here and into the next room, killing those who get in your
way. Plant the bomb on the drinks cabinet and head back out the way you came.

Go back to the front of the boat and up the stairs to the next deck. Push
open the door and be prepared for a fight. Kill them all and begin making your
way to the Bridge. Two men are holed up in the Bridge, so take them out and 
place the next bomb. An alarm will sound, but ignore it.
The final place you must place the C4 is the Engine Room. This is the door to
the left of the stairs you climbed just a moment ago after planting the Drinks
Cabinet bomb. Push open the door and begin making your way down. Shoot up the
whole place, killing the baddies which hide amongst the machinary. Plant the
bomb in the corner of the room to activate a 30 second timer. Plenty of time
to get off the yacht.

Either cleanly jump into the ocean and swim for your life, or jump into the
boat your parked up earlier to make a getaway. BOOM! The bombs goes off and
the crowd goes wild. Spectacular cutscene...
                            2.h. - Trapped
A nice trip to the shopping mall...or not, since it's sadly cut short by the
Boys in Blue. The only way out? Smashing through the whole of the Mall, of 

To stop the irritating grate of the sirens behind you, jump out and shoot the
cops to death. This'll stop him from ramming you. Anyway, the exit signs in 
this level are very useful, but it's easy to find your way through the maze
of shops. When you reach the large set of red doors, this is the exit. Bust
through it and out to the street. Two cop cars will decide to block off the 
exit, so either speed up and ram them out the way, or slow down and drive
around them.

See the Green-Marker on your map? That's where you're headed. Follow the roads
there and if you still have your police tail, just drive around and around the
parking lot until the cops either give up, or crash. If they do crash, jump out
and kill them both. When you lose them, drive back to the Green Marker.
Now for another fun bit. Dumping a car! Apparently, the car is too hot to be
used anymore, so dumping it in the ocean is the best bet. Follow the marker
to lead you to the appropriate ramp. Get some speed and hit it with everything
you've got, diving out at the last moment.
                           2.i. - Dodge Island
Dodge Island has a very nice and easy start to it, just to lull you into a 
false sense of security and then BAM! Hordes of gunfires, chases and big 

But yeah, enjoy the nice, simple ride down to Dodge Island in your Mustang. 
Once there, be sure to stop at the barriers and wait for them to be raised, one
too many times have I drove too fast to break in time and so I end up smashing
into them.

Little tip, don't drive into the guards by the barriers. Or shoot them for that
matter. If you do, the deal's offer and it's mission over.

Once past the barriers, drive to the Green Marker which'll lead you 
to the Gator's warehouse. Drive over to it and climb out.

Same deal with the barrier guards, kill the guy and it's mission over. But for
some reason, you can steal his car and wreck it and he doesn't seem to mind.

Head through the door to see a splendid looking car, and a rather nice 
cutscene which'll fill in what's going to happen next.

Your task was to retrieve the car, so do so! Get in it before the whole place
turns into a shooting range from all sides. Hit the gas and smash your way out
through the window. 

Running to the window on foot and jumping out treats you to a rather nice show
of Tanner jumping out into the water below.

It's one long maze full of shipping crates now! Be warned, if you were to slow
down at all and either get caught underneath or slam into the the falling cargo 
crate and you'll crash and burn. If you don't make it there in time, the crate
will block off your path, causing you to make your way out on foot. 
There is the option to sneak your way out of the dock area by using the water
as your path. To do so, make the jump from the window to the dock and get out.
Behind you is a small canal, with a nice little ledge running around. You can
either jump upon it or down into water and up the ladder. This'll bypass a 
whole heap of enemy thugs. 

After making your way all around to the other side of the crates, duck into
the small office building for a nice health pack. Collect it and back out again
into the docks.
Keep moving, blasting up all of the thugs which come your way (Or just mow them
down in your car if you're driving it) As progress further into the docks, a
car will block a path and its passengers get out to kill you, as well as some
more people up ahead.

A large black van will be parked off in the far distance, close the gap between
you and it and blast up the thugs behind it. Now get into the van and floor it!
The van's not really that fast, but it's strong and reliable. But if you don't
feel safe and prefer speed, keep with the goon's car from just a few moments 
ago. Swerve your way around the docks and incoming vans who try to blocks and 
all those maze-like crates until you reach the front entrance. They've locked
it down! Swerve through the fencing near the main gates and follow the docks
around, smashing through gates and jumping ramps. This path'll lead you right
around the blockade and to the bridge!

Some people who might have trouble with just navigating the way through the
on-slaught of cars and vans can simple dive in to the water. It'll be a long
swim to the nearest ladder, but no pesky cars, eh? But also, this way you can
cut the chase and avoid a whole load of trouble! Plus, if you jump into the
water on the last "stretch" (The part where cars begin to swerve and block
your path) you can swim across to the next island where you hideout is, that
is of course if you have enough health.

After swerving through the gates, floor it and cross the bridge fast, double
time! You'll see what I mean...

Anyway, drive over to the Marker on your map and push open the door to the
warehouse to complete the mission.                                             
                           2.j. - Retribution
Retribution time, baby. Gator set you up, tried to kill you and well, we just 
don't like him. Get your car keys! Get your guns! It's open-season on Gators! 
The game instantly throws you into the chase, so keep the Right Trigger pressed
throughout the cutscene. You'll notice you have Lomaz riding shotgun, he's not
going fire, you need to. Hit Y to open fire on Gator's car once closer enough, 
so keep the pedal to the metal and follow his ass close. You need to take out
the tires of the car following Gator, he'll spin madly out of control leaving
Gator defenseless. Tail him to his hideout.

You will know when you arrive because a cutscene will play. Tanner'll get out
of the car, as will Lomaz. Take out all of the guards position by the garage
entrance and take the remaining ones out as well. 

Hey! Guess what? Lomaz is armed and is your co-op buddy. Shame he randomly
wanders off and gets stuck sometimes...Anyway, begin progressing through the
garage and out the back to the platform. Three people will swarm you, so kill
them quick, and aim for the lone thug to the right of the platform. Kill him
and go through the doorway he was protecting. A single man with an SMG will be
in here, same goes for the room beyond this one. After progressing through both
rooms, push open the door to enter the store room, and the through the next one
to get back out on the waterway platform. As soon as you hit the platform, turn
left and run! Don't stop running and don't stop firing! It doesn't matter if 
both men don't go down, just hop into the boat and floor it after Gator!

Gator'll take refuge for Shackville, so follow him all the way over there. I 
usually end up driving my boat directly into his to provide some cover from the
thugs. Shoot them up and get to the shack. Go up the stairs and push open the
door, but don't go in! A shotgunner usually ends up taking everybody's life, so
creep in and blast him.

Another guy will try to ambush you by running down the hallway to the left, but
just kill him. There are a few rooms you can enter, but they are only for
health pickups only and are guarded. Head for the room on the far end and go
through the door. Gator is perfectly standing still for you to line up a head
shot. No where to run. Kill him. Mission Complete.

                                3.a. Nice

                  d8b   db d888888b  .o88b. d88888b 
                  888o  88   `88'   d8P  Y8 88'     
                  88V8o 88    88    8P      88ooooo 
                  88 V8o88    88    8b      88~~~~~ 
                  88  V888   .88.   Y8b  d8 88.     
                  VP   V8P Y888888P  `Y88P' Y88888P 

                           3.b. - Welcome to Nice
To ease you into this new setting, Driv3r will start you off at your new house
just like back in Miami. Like before as well, you'll recieve a call telling you
to head some place. This time it's Calita wanting you to meet her.

Head outside and climb into your nice little car. Take your time exploring the
local area where you are before driving over towards Calita's green marker. 
After you are in a close enough range of Calita, she'll give you a call asking
for you to get her the hell out of there! She's pinned down by the local thugs
who don't want you muscling in on their turf, so you need to get down to where
she is before her health bar runs out. When it does, bye bye Calita. Mission
When you arrive at the scene, you'll need to get out fast and begin firing back
at the thugs before they wipe your and Calita out. When you have killed 
everybody in sight, she'll set off and begin to make a move. Follow her
wherever she does. It's now a matter of killing each and every person you see
before they can return the favour. It may be a real problem for some people
to live up to this pace of gunfire, but keep at it and follow her, killing all
who get in your way. Your goal is to head to a very large courtyard-esque place
where Calita's getaway van is waiting. Clear the way to it and allow her to get
in before you've got to get in as well.

A nice new type of gameplay is now in session...Riding Shotgun! Calita's van
is not the greatest, and could be wrecked in seconds if shot at, so it's your
job to keep the attacking cars at bay. 
You need to shoot either the driver's through the windscreen or the engine
block to knock the cars out of commision. It'll be a long ride home, but keep
up the fire and hopefully you can cause blockades with the crashed cars. 
                           3.c. - Smash and Run

This is one of the hardest of missions in the game. It can take hours to
complete (it's tough, believe me) and can be HIGHLY frustrating.
Tanner starts off on his motorcycle and he needs to haul ass and ride as fast
as he can to the first car. It's a tough mission, but follow the marker around
to the parking garage and down to the underground section. Ditch the motorbike
and get over to the slick motor waiting for you. Climb in and out up the ramp
to the street again. This is the tough part. Start driving along the street at
a slow speed until the truck approaches from the rear. As it gets closer, raise
the speed. Hit the truck's ramp and into the back of it. Once it's locked in
place, hit the X Button to dive out of the trailer.
Damn. You need to find a car and fast. When you've got one, drive down the road
to the next marker. You need to head into a person's backyard, so look for the
gate leading into it. Once there, jump out and run around the garage looking 
for the side entrance. Go in and jump into the parked car, leaving through the
newly opened garage. Head back through the gate and nail that distance between
you and the car truck. Once again, hit the ramp and lock the car in place 
before hitting X to dive out.
You need another car, so jack one off a nearby driver and head for the next
car location. This time it is a used car dealership. You need to drive fast and
directly there, saving time on the straight route instead of the curves and
corners. Once you arrive in the large plaza where the car lot is situated, jump
out of your car and shoot out the windows to the place. Get your butt to that
car and get in! You'll need to floor it and chase after that truck who'll be
speeding his way to the mountains soon.

Just keep the gas pumping flatout to reach the truck. It may be close, but you
can get your newly found car into the back of the truck to complete one really
long and tedious level. Congrats.

                           3.d. - 18 Wheeler

This mission places another element to the game. This time in the form of 
stealth. The idea of this mission is to get to the docks and steal a truck and
a cargo container. Pick a route to get down to the docks, exploring the area if
you want to. On arriving, the game simply tells you to find a way into the 
compound. The gates are locked. So no dice there. You can drill the guard in 
the back of his head with the silenced pistol if you like, but instead, drop 
into the water and swim around a bit to discover an open little cave. Follow
it and it'll lead you to a little ladder. Climb it up. 

As soon as you hit the surface, run forward and behind the cargo crates. Pull
out your silence pistol and take aim for the heads of the enemies in the 

Take them down fast, before they get a chance to hit the alarm and bring down
the house with full wantedness from the boys in blue. After you have killed all
of them, head around to the cargo crane and climb the ladder up to the top. Ho
into the cab and hit X to begin the lifting. 
To operate it, you need to use the Directional Pad to move it left, right, back
and fowards, whilst the Right Trigger is used to hoist and drop the cargo 
containers back down.

The crane is moveable by the tracks and rails in the ground, forming a simple
"Move-There-Pick-It-Up-Move-Over-There-And-Back-Again" type puzzle. 

The solution to this puzzle goes:

-Pick up the top crate from the 4th rail.
-Move the crate to the 2nd rail and drop it down. 
-Move the crane over to the 4th rail again and pick up the blue container.
-Go to the first rail and push back on the D-Pad to position it over the bed of
the trailer. 
-Drop it down.

Now you just need to get down from the crane and hook up the cab and trailer.
Climb down the ladder and you'll see where you need to go next. Jump into the
cab and drive it out and around to the front of the trailer. Attaching it can
be tricky, but with practise you'll get it.

Head over to the main gates from earlier and smash through them to be on your
way to the docks.

Head up the little hill and to the main road for a brief intermission to allow
the cops to get onto your ass. 

I will leave the route on how to get their up to you, since it is a pretty 
linear route, but just keep your head up for the roadblocks that litter the
paths throughout the mountains and city. Smashing into their puny cars is the
best way to avoid them (Which isn't really avoiding them so much as destroying

The truck is a strong brute and will keep trucking no matter what. Just follow
the roads around to the docks and drop off the trailer.

Mission Complete.

                           3.e. - Hijack
Okay. It's a tailing mission with a bit of shooting and getaway driving now.
Hit the gas and follow the road and truck around, don't turn off right where
the truck goes, since you'll just end up ramming into another truck who blocks
the road. When you reach the open field, drive across the grass and up around
the house to avoid doing a massive circle which wastes time. Speed your way
around the crazy bends in the road and hit the dirt ramp to cut a few roads
out of the equation. Swerve off the last bend and you should just come out as
the Repo-Truck passes.

Simply tail it all the way around the city, avoiding his crazy driving skills
until he pulls into a large courtyard-esque area. Now you can drive your way
in there and kill the whole bunch. It's hard to do it this way, which is why I
prefer to ram the truck off the road before he arrives at the drop-off, since
as Calita explained...they don't know the driver. The best way to knock him off
the road is up the steep hill, just knock him into the lamppost and he won't be
going anywhere. Shoot him through the windscreen and steal the truck. Drive it
to the area where the marker indicates and into the yard. Get out of the truck
and into the nice new car waiting for you. Drive out the way you came and pick
a route home. The best route is the way you came, but you can go down the
little hill which leads off the courtyard,

Don't worry about the red enemy car marker, just keep driving and he'll vanish
like he appeared. Stop a little way back from the road block, and move in and 
shoot up one of the engine blocks to explode a path through it.Take the car 
all the way back to the base of operations to win the level. Yay! Congrats 
and all that.
                           3.f. - Arms Deal
Hit the gas and drive acorss the tarmac of the airport restricted zone and to
the road. Keeping your foot to the floor, head to the Mall where Zeego "should"
be waiting for you.

Park up and let Lomaz get out. Reverse up and head down the alleyway on the
left. Park your car so it blocks the alley off and begin to slowly walk down it
until the guys suddenly begin to make target practise out of you! Fire back and
run back out to your car. Get in and drive around the alleyway and crush the 
punks who shot at you. Pull up and get out, shooting at the remainding bunch. 
Then head for the Red Marked car and in. This is the explosive weapons crate 
pick-up; a homage to the original Driver game. Once you are in the truck you'll
notice a large damage meter flashing across the top of the screen. It's empty
for now, which is perfect, since if it gets too full the truck goes KABOOM! 
and you with it.

Oh, and to make things even more complicated for you, the truck's rigged to 
blow in a matter of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. No pressure, eh? Hit the gas and
race down the alleyway and out through the restaurant end. U-Turn and go down
the road to the marker. You need to head to your destionation and fast! 

Oh, and just one more thing. To make it *EVEN MORE* complicated, there's two
enemy cars who'll ram your car off the road. All those bumps cause the crate
to be damaged, and if it gets to damaged, boom! Oh, and don't swerve around
too much, the crate isn't secured and if it bashes too much around in the bed..

Remember, keep the pedal down, but with slight movement between the traffic to
lose any tails you might pick up.

                           3.g. - Booby Trap

Any Speed fans in the house? Yes. This is the excellent mission where it's
nothing but non-stop speeding action and grit determination.

Like in the film, it's above 50MPH the whole way or it's detonation time for 
you. Granted, you can have a brief slowdown, but if  that slowdown is so 
long that the little bar at the top fills up, you won't live to regret it.

The tip is to head straight for as long as you can, as curves will slow you
down. And remember, obsticles will slow you down aswell. If you crash, you no
matter how small it is, it can and just might prevent you from recovering.

You'll see which paths to take once you are driving, since instincts says to
go for the clear one. Evenntually, you'll need to drive off onto the beach
and keep the car steady whilst Lomaz makes the jump to a new set of wheels.
Keep driving straight throughout and stay at a constant speed to match the
truck beside you. When it's all about steady, let Lomaz jump to the opposite
truck and watch the cutscene. 

...It's not over yet, baby.
As soon as you get control again, hit the gas once more and speed up ramp to
get back to the street. Following the green marker, make your way around the
routes to the large cargo truck. It's time to return the bomb, eh? Drive full
speed up to the truck, and when it tells you to, bail out of the car and watch
as it smashes into the truck and detonates. BOOM! Remember, only jump when it
tells you too. You don't want to be caught in the blast now...
Mission Complete.
                           3.h. - Calita in Trouble
Calita's in trouble! (If you hadn't guessed) She's been kidnapped and held by
the local crime gang! 

Get over to the car and hit the gas! Get out to the street and pay heed to the
green marker on your map. See it? That's the truck you need to catch up with.

You need to keep your speed up all the way, only slowing up once you are right
behind the enemy truck. Like with Miami's Retribution, you need to go for the
tires of the car. If you get close enough and damage it enough, the mobsters
inside will want to lose you, so what do they do? Throw open the back doors and
begin shooting away at you. Just drop back slightly and align your crosshairs
for the new targets. If the truck stops, keep driving. If it doesn't stop, keep
driving AND shooting, once again for the tires. 
You're driving for the next marker; Calita's position. Keep going until you get
to where she's held and pull up sharpish. Take out the two guards waiting with
the cover of your car and then run up the stairs. Shoot the guy at the top and
grab the handy grenade launcher. You'll love using this baby. You can use the
grenade launcher as a way to eliminate the whole of the groups of thugs on the
ground, but you may hit Calita if it bounces too far or too close. If you don't
feel uncomfortable with the grenade launcher, use an ordinary gun. When all of
the generic thugs have been killed, Fabienne will be feeling defenseless and 
decide to make a break for her car. 
It's chasing time. As soon as you get control back of Tanner, get down those
stairs and grab the nearby car. 

It is possible to fire upon Fabienne's car with a weapon and kill her before
a chase can happen. A well-placed and timed grenade can end it in seconds, but
using the M16 Assault Rifle, it's accuracy, fire-rate and strength can blast
away the windscreen and blow her away.

Hit the gas and turn off left. You're in for a long ride of twists and turns as
she drives all over the city. If you keep on her tail the whole way, she'll 
realize she can't shake you, so she'll stop and shoot at you. Simply get down 
and shoot her down, or ram her car and crush her.
A tough mission. Congrats! It's over.

                           3.i. - Rescue Dubois
Damn. It's unavoidable...Tanner's going to expose him and ruin the cover. Well,
he does need to save a fellow police officer and friend, so it's all good.

Enjoy a nice little drive down to the restaurant and park up near the bollards
which block your path to the restaurant's front entrance. Pull out a weapon of
your choice and begin to shoot and kill all of the thugs who litter the front
to the restaurant. When you remove all of the 5 men, close the gap to the 
restaurant and get inside the door. Run-and-Gun your way to some cover and kill
off the guards in here.

Head out through the doorway on the left, killing all of the guards who decide 
to try to do the same to you. Continue this pattern and through the door and
into a room packed with three men. Shoot them all to finish the restuarant
part of the level.

Guess what? You need to chase down that car! Using the methods learnt in
previous levels (Retribution, Calita in Trouble) to easily take down this
car. Begin by getting int the car and giving chase. To elimante them, just
hold down the R-Trigger and the Y Button. Well, with a bit of turning the wheel
and aiming now and again. If you damage the car enough, it'll stop and its
passengers get out with killer guns. Shoot them or run 'em down.

I am unsure if it is scripted, but the car speeds up a hill, swerves under a
sign post but slams into a tree and the men get out.

When the two men are dead, the mission ends since Dubois is sound as a pound.

                           3.j. - Hunted
This is a tough one, alright. You've probably heard some stories about how
insanely hard the start is, but don't panic. It's all rather simple. 

You and Dubouis are in a boat, and you're headed for the boathouse. Simply 
boat your way down the river and to the little green marker. The boat will be
docked up and Tanner'll get out. Watch the FMV sequence and you'll discover
you've been tracked by Jericho and the others. Sadly, Dubois is shot in cold
blood, and after all that trouble we went to get him out as, eh? Anyw

As soon as you gain control of Tanner, turn around and get into the parked
forklift. Drive up to one of the crates and raise it up by pressing the B 
button. Now you need to slowly reverse up so the crate won't wobble and fall
off. You need to bridge the gap between the two walkways, so using the forklift
drive yourself in between the two walkways and set the crate in the centre of
both. Climb the ladder and fast, and by this time they should of cut their way
through the gate and be trying to gun you down. Carefully, but quickly, jump 
onto the crate and then bound over to the next walkway. Run down it, collect 
the gun and then down the ladder at the end. 

You have two choices, take one of the three boats and make your way to the 
nearest dock or steal a car from one of the thugs. If you take a boat, you can
find your way to the next point of docking easily, but those who take the car:

Push open the door and go guns blazing, shooting all visable targets. Kill as
much as you can before charging for a car and flooring it up the hill. Dodge 
the two cars as they try to block the exit and make your way to the top of the
hill where another blockage awaits. Either drive through it or around it.
Now it's a flatout race to the green marker, which is the top of a little hill
retreat, surrounding by plenty of sharp turn ands winding roads.

Congrats! You've completed a tough mission and left Nice! Time to head to 
Istanbul now!

                                4.a. Istanbul

         d888888b .d8888. d888888b  .d8b.  d8b   db d8888b. db    db db      
           `88'   88'  YP `~~88~~' d8' `8b 888o  88 88  `8D 88    88 88      
            88    `8bo.      88    88ooo88 88V8o 88 88oooY' 88    88 88      
            88      `Y8b.    88    88~~~88 88 V8o88 88~~~b. 88    88 88      
           .88.   db   8D    88    88   88 88  V888 88   8D 88b  d88 88booo. 
         Y888888P `8888Y'    YP    YP   YP VP   V8P Y8888P' ~Y8888P' Y88888P    


                            4.b. - Surveillance
This is one really long mission as it turns sour halfway through completely
unexpected. Surveillance starts off with you tailing Jericho as he makes his
way to the meeting point. You have a Proximity bar which tells you how close 
you are to him, and if he can see you. If the bar's empty, you'll know that he 
knows, because once he's spotted you, it's mission over. Same goes for if it is
full, as you'll lose him.

When you have control, turn right and keep a visual on him, minding your bar
as well. The best way to do this level is to keep the bar full a slight amount
to allow for some recovery time and a way to keep visual tabs on him. Once
Jericho has parked up at the building, reverse up and back up the road to see
a set of steps leading down into the basement of the building. Park up down 
these stairs.
They're bringing back the stealth aspect again now. You must sneak your way
through the building and up to where Jericho is. You are permitted to eliminate
the guards silently with your surpressed pistol to prevent them from coming
back and biting you in the backside. Make your way up the stairwells and 
putting bullets into the heads of the baddies. Once you reach the set of rooms
under construction, drop down the scaffolding ledges and watch the cutscene. 
You will be rumbled by a wandering guard, so roll behind the turned over table
and crouch down for some good old fashion shooting. Shoot the head of the man
at the door and then run over to there. A shotgunner stands on the balcony
opposite, so be warned. Shoot him through the window before you step out. Roll
over to the ledge and crouch down, jumping up and shooting the guards opposite.

Once they're dead, run up the stairs behind you and up to the next floor. Blast
the shotgunner before he does to you and keep ascending. Keep climbing and get
up to the rooftops. Don't make the mistake of bursting onto the roof, since two
men with Semis will begin to kill you. Just look before blindly walking out in

Begin making your way across the roof, moving behind cover and shooting the
baddies. When you reach the set of stairs, shoot the men below for going down
there. Repeat the process of finding cover and killing the enemies before 
moving on. Repeat. 
When you reach the stairs overlooking another building under construction, take
aim with the M16 and shoot the two baddies off in the distance. Slaughter your
way into the building and then down the stairs. Keep blasting and rolling to
cover and eliminate the enemies before moving onto the next room.

Shoot up the baddies and then down the stairs again. Creep over to the wall and
get ready to jump out and shoot up the three men. When they are down, aim for 
the street and take down the men shooting away at you. When they are all down,
make your way to the large open hole in the floor which runs against the wall
and drop down it and out of the building, 
As you land, a bunch of cars will turn up and get out, ready to gun you down.
Steal the pick-up truck and hit the gas, driving to the marker on your map. 
You can also shoot all of the bad guys in their cars and leave the truck, since
there is a nice little moped parked up across the street which is better to use
for the getaway.

The marker leads you to your hotel. Cars may follow you, but some nifty driving
can lose them, as can a few bullets to the head.
                          4.c. - Tanner's Escape
Woah! It's time for one rollercoaster of a ride now.  Remember "Welcome to 
Nice"? And the riding shotgun bit? Well you get to do it again now! And guess
what else? You have a grenade launcher! As soon as you can, pull out the 
launcher and begin to blast away with it at the waves of cop cars. Just keep
firining and firing, you've got plenty of ammo. Just keeping firing and watch
as they explode all over the house. If your grenade misseds and doesn't hit
and destroy the cop car, just hit Y and change weapons to the SMG/Uzi and shoot
through the windscreen. 

Just jeep repeating the process and it'll be clean sailing. Oh, and yoy may
notice that your health bar goes down a bit, that's because of armed roadblocks
you pass fire upon you. Don't worry. They won't have enough time to knock your
car out of commission. Once you have survived the onslaught of cops long 
enough, the truck will swerve to avopid a police road block and crash into the
ocean. Tanner'll swim for a nearby boat, so use it and drive around the island.

Police patrol boats line the waters, but they are slow and cumbersome and can't
keep up with you, so just make waves and splash 'em. Just keep to the top knots
with your finger presing down the trigger and make it to the small little beach
marked on your map away from any roads. When you reach a large dock area before
the beach, stop and moor up here. Head for the main road and jack a car.

Hiit the gas and race around the whole island heading for your hotel. It's best
to drive on the tram's rails as the cop cars will be swerving all over the 
place and usually jam themselves in, blocking off the route for the other cops

Once at the hotel, get inside. If you have a tail, get out and shoot them. 
Tanner, eh? Wonderful man. Mowing down wave after wave of innocent policeman
and he doesn't seem to care...What a meany.

                            4.d. - Another Lead
Watch the opening FMV which fills in some details and then get ready for a 
chase. You start off in the abandoned train yard, following a suspect car.
Just hit the gas and follow him out of the yard's exit, minding you don't 
swerve around on the dirt mounds and then out and down the many roads of 
Chase his car all the way down to the shopping mall where he flees to and chase
him inside. He will run all through the mall, trying to get away. You can't
kill him, so watch your fire. 

Shoot up the guard and then the two inside the building. Get inside and watch
yourself with the archways on the sides to the left and right for fear of 
ambushes. Keep progressing around the corners and shooting the bad guys who
present themselves.  There are plenty of health picks up for you, so make use
of them if you needs be. Keep killing those who block your path and head for
the marker on your map.

Once there, it's mission complete.

                            4.e. - Alleyways
This is an alternative mission for you which intertwines with the next one.
Also, a change of pace is in order, so instead of playing as Tanner, you'll be
his partner; Jones.

Run straight for the car in front of you and climb in. Hitting the gas as soon
as you do. Do a burnout and spin around 90 degrees right and stop the burnout.
Chase him up the hill and follow close on the Bagman's tail. He'll spin around
corners and alleys left-right and centre, so be sure to have gotten some 
practise in prior to this level.

Eventually, he'll lead you into a trap and block you in from both sides, with
his gang shooting up the tires of the cars. Dive out of the car and duck behind
it, using it as cover. Shoot up all visable targets before moving forward for 
the next bit of cover.
Once you have eliminated EVERYBODY, people who are way above you from inside
building included, head through to the newly opened door and in. Blast the man
who comes down the stairs and then shoot up the rest who come in afterwards.
Now just begin to make the climb up the stairs. With all of your practise on 
the previous missions of gunning your way through buildings, this should be a

I won't delve into the solution for doing this portion of the game, since it
is a linear sequence of events, so just hold onto that shotgun or Uzi of yours
and begin to slaughter your way into the building and out to the car parked up
on the other side. Once you have successfully navigated your way through the
building and down the stairs to where the car is, shoot the two people standing
around it and then steal it.

Smash through the gate and out to the street. You need to haul ass and reach
your hideout. It's a simple enough drive there, with the occasional stop to
just relieve the enemies falling you of their lives with a blast through the

                            4.f. - The Chase
This is the mission NOBODY likes. It's tedious and can last a very long time
if you don't know how to handle a bike correctly. And hell, even if you do, you
will be cursing yourself thanks to the wonders of the indestructable lamp posts
which dot the corners of the city. 
As Calita passes you in her car, hit reverse and bash into thecar behind. 
Burnout and spin around to get directly behind Calita and the road she took. 
Keep your foot down the whole way, focusing on catching Calita. For the start,
the level is extremely straight forward with a long stretch of road. Then she
will begin to take other routes and swerve around corners. Just keep up with 
her no matter what happens. Damn. That was sure tough, eh? When you reach the
drawbridge , you have two choices. Cut and run for the switch to lower the 
bridge, or steal a boat and cross the river to catch up with Calita.

Pick one now, and then get to the other side of the river. You need to head
for the motorcycle shop where Calita is pinching a bike and riding off. Steal
one yourself and get going!

Be warned, this is the hardest part of the level! You're on a charged up super
bike and if you are not careful, you'll lose control of it and crash. The 
really annoying, indestructable poles come into play here. If you even make a
tiny mistake, the game calls it mission failure. It is THAT unforgiving. I can
not help you with the route, but after you've played it a few times, the route
will have been burnt into your skull. Literally.

Just chase her until she goes through an archway, where she'll promptly fall
off her bike, allowing you to catch her.

Well done, Tanner! You've completed the hardest level in the game!
                            4.g. - Bomb Truck
To ease your pain and anger from the last mission, Atari and Reflections give
you a nice, fun and relieving mission involving shooting the hell out of a
slow moving petrol filled truck. It's really easy, even for the time limit 
you have of 2:38. You just need to follow the truck and unload all of the 
automatic weapons you've got into the back of it whilst avoiding the barrels
they throw out the back of it.

If you keep at a short distance from the truck, you can shoot away at the 
truck, and if they throw out a barell, it should be caught in the reign of
bullets and detonate it instantly, causing serious damage to the truck.

Or, if you want to avoid the falling barrels all together, just hit the gas
and ram into the back of the truck and keep the vehicles locked bumper to
bumper. The bumping going on will cause damage, and so will the automatic fire
from your guns. Because you're so close to the car, 

                           4.h. - Chase the Train
The final mission. The end. The finale. The part right before the credit rolls
and we pat ourselves on the back. But don't start that yet! We've still got
stuff to do!

Tanner'll arrive to late, and smash his way through the station to the platform
where the train just departed from.

During the cutscene, keep the finger on the accelerator in order to keep the
speed up for when you're in the driver's seat. Jump from the platform to the
tracks and keep on the left hand side, otherwise you'll be splattered by an
oncoming train. 

As you get closer to the train, one of Jericho's men will stand on the last
carriage's platform and begin to shoot away at you. Just keep the trigger 
pressed and drive around the left hand side of the train. You'll slowly begin
to overtake it, and then if you did it in time and in the correct speed, you
would of drove right in front of it before the little bridge. If you don't get
to the bridge before the train does, there'll be no room for you to drive along
side of it. Just keep on the rails at the fast speed and don't go up the dirt
mounds, or else you might just hit them at an angle and flip over, wrecking the

Keep driving and an objective to "Get to the bridge before the train" will
flash on screen. You're alread in front of it so just keep the gas pumoing
and you will reach the final bridge where the train will stop. Jericho will
get out and it's time to give chase to that sucker.
You'll spot Jericho running away. Don't waste ammo on him, he's Superman at
this point, and can't be killed, so forget about him and focus on his lackies.
Now, this is not like your normal fire fight, since it's got two sides. Them,
the baddies. And you, the cops. Don't shoot the good guys marked with the blue
crosshairs. (Remember the first level of the game...that'll help! ^_^) Begin
by making your way up the street and shooting the thugs who'll gladly kill you.
Take cover behind the littered cars that line the streets and collect the 
health packs as well when you see them. 

Keep yourself moving and clear the streets of the thugs, using cover whenever
it is avaliable. Hang a left onto the next street.

Okay. More thugs and large hordes of gunmen inbound! Once again, pick a nearby
car and get your butt behind it and fast! Begin to take out the thugs as they 
begin to advanced upon you and then once they are all down, begin your own
advancement up the street. 
Now, after a long tough battle through the streets, you'll stumble upon an
alleyway on your right. Go down it now.
Further down this alleyway, you will be confronted once again by swarms of
people. Get your gun ready, something strong and quick like an Uzi. 

Shoot away at them, taking cover behind the walls of the alley if needs be.
Continue down the alleyway and continue to blast up the other guys who protect
Jericho, who by now, should be visable to you. Take out his croonies from afar
and then begin ducking for cover and moving further down. You don't want to be
distracted, so be positive that you kill all his bodyguards. Just find yourself
some cover and begin a game of Duck and Shoot. Pop up, shoot, pop down. Simple.

Jericho is a tough nut to crack, but just keep up with the constant gun fire
and what do you know...the final boss...of the final level decides to croak it
and keel over...

...OR HAS HE?!?!?!!?

<_< Well, no, he hasn't, but I'll let you watch the ending and find out.


                           (C-C)  CHEATS/CODES  (C-C)

The following cheats to be activated in the Main Menu. Successive completion
of the codes will be indicated by a clicking sound. The cheat will then be 
unlocked in the Cheat Menu. These cheats are set to "Off" when first put in,
so you must change them to On/Off if you want to test/use them.

                             All Weapons:

Left Trigger, Left Trigger, X, Y, Y, Right Trigger, Right Trigger

                         Diplomatic Immunity:

X, Y, Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, Y


X, Y, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Right Trigger

                             Unlimited Ammo:

Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, Left Trigger, X, Y, Y

                           All Missions Unlocked:

X, X, Y, Y, Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger

                            All Vehicles Unlocked:

X, X, Y, Y, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger



                          (M-P)   MAPS   (M-P)

The below maps are for each of the cities in the game. They were originally 
just plain maps, but I edited them and placed the Timmy Markers and secret
car locations on each, as well as some other information on other parts of the
maps. For example, Gator's Yacht is not marked on the normal map, so I added
a marker for it.

Anyway, here are the links to the maps. They do not have markers indicating
Shackvilles or the Yacht, but hopefully I can re-do the maps over the next few
days and put them up.
                      The Miami Map:


                      The Nice Map:


                      The Istanbul Map:



                          (TAR)    TAKE-A-RIDE   (TAR)

                                     -5.a. Introducing                         
                                     -5.b. Timmy Hunt                          
                                          -5.b.1. Miami                        
                                          -5.b.2. Nice                       
                                          -5.b.3. Istanbul                   
                                     -5.c. Car Hunt                          
                                          -5.c.1. Miami                        
                                          -5.c.2. Nice                         
                                          -5.c.3. Istanbul                     
                                     -5.d. Points of Interest

                                  5.a. Introduction

Take-A-Ride mode has been with the Driver series since the beginning. This game
mode allows you to play through maps at your lesiure. Allowing you to explore
each and every cravis and orifice you can find. Hidden jumps and areas, new 
and secret cars...or maybe, just plain awesome locations to be.

Take-A-Ride mode is accessable by the main menu, and from there, into the next
menu. This menu allows you to select a city from the 3 (Miami, Nice and 
Istanbul), the car/vehicle you want to drive, the time of day, weather 
conditions and a starting position.

                                  5.b. Timmy Hunt

Timmy Vermicelli.
Tommy Vercetti. 

Notice a similarity? If not in name sake but appearance sake as well. The 
reason why is because it's an in-joke between Rockstar and Reflections. It's
a return jab at Rockstar for their reference to Driver in the GTA:III mission
"Two-Faced Tanner." 

Timmy's dressed up in one of Tommy's traditional, trademark and iconic Haiwaian
shirts. Oh, and don't think that just because he is wearing a couple of large 
orange floats on his arms (another jab, since in Vice City, Tommy can't swim) 
to help him swim that he is weak. He is armed to the teeth with a large assault
rifle and plenty of ammo to boot. He also takes quite a few shots with an M16, 
tonnes more than your average goon would. I counted that it takes exactly 30 
shots to kill him with a pistol, 20 with the Assault Rifle, and each one was 
point-blank to the head.
The Timmies are located all around the three cities, with 10 in each, totalling
30 in all you need to kill. They are only avaliable to kill in Take-A-Ride mode
and not in the actual story mode. And even if he was, would you bother when you
are too busy chasing some lowlife down? Nah...

This is unconfirmed, but there are posters of Timmy in the city where he is 
hiding. As I said, it is unconfirmed because I only found one poster, but I'm
sure there are others near him. To see the poster, go down to the docks where
Lomaz met you for the mission "Impress Lomaz" and look on the wall of the large
warehouse facing the water front. The poster will show a picture of Timmy and 
have the words "THE FLORIDA WADER" written upon it.
                            5.b.1 The Miami Timmies:
                         Timmy Vermicelli #1

This one is right under your nose, which is the perfect place to hide him. Get
out of the car and cross the street and around the backyard. Timmy'll be hiding
in the far corner. Take him down quickly.
                         Timmy Vermicelli #2

Directly after taking on the last Timmy, head back across the street and into
your house and out the back. If your boat has spawned by its jetty than good!
If not, dive into the water and head for the docks to the right and up a ladder
to the walkways. Follow the walkway along to the Marina Center and there should
be a boat in the water in front of the entrance. Steal it.

Now, remember Shackville? Those huts out on the water during "Gator's Yacht"?
Well head over there. Check your map and head for the large MIAMI sign. If you
keep heading in that direction, you'll lead yourself right there. From the
direction of your house, head to the NEAREST shack on the right. This is 
Timmy's new hideout. Dock up, walk in and up the stairs. Draw a weapon and 
inch closer into the room. You'll see that Timmy is in a boarded off part of
the shack, so sneak out some more and go for his head.

Congrats. Timmy #2 is down.

                          Timmy Vermicelli #3

From the shacks, get into your boat and head to Dodge Island's bridge and dock
yourself up somewhere along side it. Steal a car and cross the bridge over to
the Dodge Island.

Keep driving, and turn off right as soon as you can! It'll lead to a fenced off
area. Go down the right hand side of this area and around to where you'll see 
an open garage door. Head in there and be warned! I didn't think I got the
right place until I walked too far into his trap. Timmy's hiding on the 
scaffolding above the entrance with his trusted M16. Blast him.

                          Timmy Vermicelli #4

Get back to your car after killing number 3 and get back to the mainland. Turn
left after reach the mainland and then follow this straight road all the way to
the where it curves around (Check your map to see what I mean...)

Now, before you keep driving, once you hit the red strip going horizontly 
across your map, follow that line all the eay around until you see a set of 
garages and parking lots to your left. Once you do, park up and drop down there
and get over to the redbrick building.

Do you see an alley way? Head down there and note the garage door. Timmy is
standing on the far left of the garage waiting to ambush you. Dive in and kill

                          Timmy Vermicelli #5

You should be getting the hang of killing this bastard, so let's keep up the
good work!

Cocunut Grove is your next Timmy hideout. It's a southern west place, in the
small square which is made up of cross roads. Head there now. Circle around
the square and look for an alleyway to park up in (It's the South-East Square
in the big square)

You'll see some steps to your left, climb them to the roof top now.
Run around the balcony and you'll come to a large door marked "A1" in big bold
red letters. Walk over to the door and it should open automatically. When you
can see it move and about to open, turn around and head for the ramp behind
you, going down a slight way so your body is covered, but you can still see 
into the garage and shoot. Using the cover, open fire upon Timmy as he stands
there. You can also drive a car up this ramp, through the garage door and run
Timmy over, but you still need to get out and shoot him.
                          Timmy Vermicelli #6

Half of them are down now...5 more to go. 

Now, head over to the Tico's construction compound where you visited for the 
"Impress Lomaz" mission. From your current position, get to your car and back
up all the way to Timmy #5, looking out for the red strip to indicate you're
right path. Once you are at the scene, look for that parking lot. It'll be 
enclosed by some walls, but it'll have an entrance nearby for you. Drive in
there and follow the parking lots around until you emerge out overlooking the
water front. 

Turn right and follow the route along and over to the docks where you first met
Lomaz. Go out through the gates like you did in the mission and down the road
a bit. The first unfinished building on your right houses Timmy. He'll be on
the upper floor hiding. Circle around the back of it and draw your gun and 
shoot him from below.

                           Timmy Vermicelli #7

Okay. From your current point, get into your car and drive all the way fowards
and to the intersection's turn off. Follow it across the grass and cut across
the motel's parking lot to get on to the road. Follow the road all the
way down to the first exit on the left. Take this exit and follow it all the
way to the end where a large, grand hotel stands. 

If you notice, a little road goes off to the right and stops suddenly. Take
this road and you'll see a greenery path leading further into the woods. Go
down here and you will notice a large aqua-duct type tunnel that'll take you
to a large courtyard. Take the stairs all the way up to the top and into the
building where Tommy is hiding out.

                           Timmy Vermicelli #8

Now, get back to the rest of civillisation and follow the route back to the
main road. After hitting the exit for the main road, turn left and follow the
thick road around to see the massive stadium in Little Havana. Okay. You circle
the stadium, yet? Good. Because that was just a little sight seeing tour. Now,
head down the straight road and you will see some large barricades blocking off
a route going left. This is where you're head. Either get out the car or drive
around the blockage and follow the road. Follow it past the turn off left and 
about halfway down the street on the left will be some houses. See them? Timmy
is standing directly outside on. Go over and kill him.

                           Timmy Vermicelli #9

Now, remember the Stadium I made you drive around earlier? No, it wasn't just 
to see if you readers would do anything I told you to do, but instead, it gave
you the direction to where you're headed to next. Get there now and around the
back of it and into the southwest car park. A ramp will lead up into the stands
and around the whole stadium. Park your car up top and walk around to the end
shutter which has been lifted. Timmy's found some cover behind a turned over
coffee vending machine. Just shoot him up.

                           Timmy Vermicelli #10

And to finish off the Timmy Hunt for Miami, I thought a nice, easy ride is in
order. Head all the way over to the hotel where you visited for the "Rooftops"
mission. Now, get down the alley and up the fire escape. Push open the firedoor
and begin your climb up to the rooftop. Run all the way to the far end of the
hotel where you had to go in the mission and through the door to see the
elevator. As you approach, you'll be reminded of a Die Hard moment as the lift
just silently approaches before you hear the little ding of satisfaction. When
the doors slide open, Tommy'll greet you with a nice blast with his M16. Shoot
him dead.


Once at the armoury, collect all the weapons and once you leave, you'll realise
that Big Rigs mode has been activated. Guess what? These big rigs replaces the
cops. And guess who's behind the wheel? TIMMY IS BACK FOR REVENGE! His trucks
are strong like he is, taking ages of shooting and grenading to destroy. And if
you want to get rid of these effects, simply die or restart the level.

                           5.b.2 - The Nice Timmies:
                             Timmy Vermicelli #1

Okay. Remember the airport hideout where you and Calita stayed during the Nice
outing? Well, if you don't, start the Take-A-Ride on the first, default 
starting position. Hit the START menu, and look just to the right of you, to
the grey area. The place name will read "Aeroport De Nice - Cote 'Azur."

Drive down there nnow. As you get close to it, you'll notice a very large tower
looming over the airport. Drive over to this tower.

Do you see that large ladder? Yeah, you've guessed it. Climb it all the way to
the top. *gasp!* It's Timmy! Gazing out to sea. Probably wants to go back to
Miami and Florida. Sneak up behind him and kill him. Be warned, the tower top
is very small and there is nowhere to hide. Be warned.
                            Timmy Vermicelli #2

You will need a boat for this, so steal one, or restart. Anyway, place yourself
on the far west side of the entire city in a boat. Okay, if you choose to 
restart, you'll already ve in position to go up the river. If not, just circle
the coast until you see it.

Follow the river upstream. When the river curves around right (it's hard to 
miss), jump out of your boat and onto the little beachy-type bank.

Follow this little beach upstream again, but beward, as behind the first rock,
Timmy will be hiding. You can also keep going upstream in your boat, pass him,
get out and begin shooting him from this angle.

                            Timmy Vermicelli #3

Once again, start at the default starting position. Back up slightly once you
start and head down the road on your left. One more left at the end will take
you the area Timmy's in. Cut through to the yard via the fence entrance. Now,
further along this area will be a warehouse which has been all opened up.

The best option is to just shoot him from below as he just stands on the 
catwalk above, but if you feel it to be more easy to just get up close and
personal, then take the staircase at the front to the top. Burst through the
door and kill him. Suits me and you all the same.

                            Timmy Vermicelli #4

Now, start yourself off with a nice car and choose the center-most starting
point, second on the left. Now hit the gas and drive straight to the end of 
road, as far as it can take you. When you reach the odd, peculiar shape on the
map, you'll notice a church/mosque standing proudly in the centre. Drive around
it and find the entrance and park up. Now, if you run over to the right hand
side of the church, you'll see Timmy, just standing there.

Shoot the little critter!
                             Timmy Vermicelli #5  

Now, starting at the same position as for the last Timmy. Hit the gas and 
burnout around and take the first left which is VERY sudden. At the crossroads,
turn right and down to the coastal road. When you hit the T-Junction, turn off
left. Follow this road for a while. Now, one the left hand side of you, after
a long drive that is, will be a building with a large, ramp-like roof. You can
drive up it and take out Timmy from above, but it's easy to find him from the
ground. Simply pass the ramp and on the left will be a narrow alley way, where
a car would not fit. Some brown doors to the right of the alley hides the room
where Timmy is. Push open the one on the right to reveal him.

This was a tough one to find, since the doors looked like part of the 
background buildings.

                             Timmy Vermicelli #7
I might be sounding like a broken record right about now, but once again, do
the same starting position as above, and the same route to the coast road. Now
instead of driving and stopping, keep going, and soon, on a bend in the road, 
you'll see a lighthouse off in the distance. Drive your car up the small narrow
causeway and up to it. As you do drive along to it, you'll notice a figure 
standing up on the platform...Timmy. You can climb the ladder if you want to
get up there with him, but an easy method would be to simply get out of your 
car and gun him down with the rifle. He won't get a chance to shoot back if you
do it from the ground.

                              Timmy Vermicelli #8

For a change of pace, start yourself off at the East-Most starting position.
Hit the gas and turn right around, following the road around. Eventually, you
will pass a dirt-hill going up. Ignore that, and instead go through the sandy
tunnel underneath this hill. Follow it through and you'll find yourself up in
a dirt-bike's stunt track, complete will lots of ramps. Talking about ramps...
Timmy is hiding under one. Take a pick and kill him.

                              Timmy Vermicelli #9

Timmy decides that hiding on the mainland ain't no good, so he goes further
a shore. Hitch a lift (read: steal) a boat or start yourself off in one on
the East-Most starting point and head for the peculiar shaped peninsula which
sticks outs as the last piece of land. Anyway, boat your way around the 
peninsula until you see a natural cave, formed by the water. When you do, get 
in there and keep a look out for the rocky shore on the far left. Timmy stands
there. Just stay in your boat and shoot him.

                             Timmy Vermicelli #10

Remember that truckyard you had to visit for the Nice mission "18 Wheeler"? 
Well, if you haven't got that far or you've decided to collect all of the Timmy
and cars first, start at the far-east starting position.

Now, stick to the roads and drive down to the first little docks bit on the map
that you can see. Drive down the little hill, and then straight through the 
closed gates. See that building off in the distance? The warehouse-like one? To
the right of that is a little office, and to the right of that will be a large
cargo container. Timmy decides to hide here. Go over and kill him. Now.

Once at the armoury, collect all the weapons and once you leave, you'll realise
that Fugitive mode has been activated. Guess what that means? Means you're a
felon, and the whole city is out to get you...including the pedestrians! They
are seriously packing heat and there sure are a lot of them. Try to make a game
or mission out of this mode, if you can. And if you want to get rid of these 
effects, simply die or restart the level.

                         5.b.3 - The Istanbul Timmies:
                            Timmy Vermicelli #1

Timmy sure is getting about these days...Anyway, pick a vehicle and choose the
default starting position. Take the first left and then the first left again.
Follow the road until you see an abandoned building under demolition. Park up
in the yard out front and climb the stairs to the top floor and through the 
arch-way. Timmy awaits you on the other side.

You can also shoot a grenade, or just shoot through the hole in the floor from
the ground level. He'll come over if you just fired a normal round up there. 
Position yourself where you can see him, but he can't see you. Fill him full of
lead either way.               
                            Timmy Vermicelli #2

Choose the top-most starting point. Drive straight and make a left when you 
can. Drive all the way up the hill and turn right at the top. You should see
a large warehouse type building with some loud music pumping out. Park up 
around the front and through the door. Follow your ears and through the next
door and into the disco lounge. Timmy will be hiding in the DJ's booth, and
watches over the whole bar from his perch. Just get behind the bar, crouch,
and shoot.

                            Timmy Vermicelli #3

Pick the first default marker on the map, which is the south-east one. You 
don't need to drive far for this Timmy, so be thankful. Simply turn right, 
and then right again down the side road. Take this road all the way along to 
the coast, but turning right when you hit the end, coastal road. Follow this
along and then through to the train yard. Find the tracks and then look at
the fork. A track worker's tower will stand between them. Timmy's in here.

                            Timmy Vermicelli #4

Start yourself off at the same location as for #3. Now, take the right turn as
you did previously, but instead of turning off right, cut across the lanes and
down the by-road on the other side. Follow this long stretch of road and take 
the second right that you come to. Then, take the road right and follow this 
REALLY long road as long as it will take you straight. At the end of this road,
will be a long winding alley. Take this alley and ride it all the way through
to the other side. Now, at the T-Junction in the alley, turn right and circle
the building which stood infront of the T-Junction. Around the back will be 

                            Timmy Vermicelli #5

Chhoose the south-most-eastern starting position on your map. When you're in
the driver's seat, burnout U-Turrn around and take the right at the T-Junction
at the end, and then the first left which will jump up on your rather suddenly.
Follow the stretch of road along and only take a REAL Left. No alleyways. Only
when you come to turn off down another road. Take another left and park up out
front of the building with the dome ceiling and push open the door. Head down
the stairs to the wash-area of the Turkish bathhouse. In a little side room
on the left, Timmy hides. Launch and rebound a grenade in there.

                           Timmy Vermicelli #6

Make your own way to the red dot on your map. The dot indicates it's a hideout.
"Why go there?" you might ask. But that's the reason right there. You wouldn't
expect Timmy to be hiding in your hideout. Park up outside and push open the
front door. Head through the very large building and up to the topfloor. Run
around the corridors and into the last room on the left. In here are some 
weapons and med-kits. Go into the beaded-off area and look at the cabinet which
just leans up against the wall. Notice how the wall is slightly darker? Shoot
the cabinet a few times so it falls over and push open the door. Secret areas!
Timmy hides around the darkened corner. Shoot him, or rebound a grenade into

                          Timmy Vermicelli #7

Pick yourself a boat and choose the centre starting location. Spin yourself 
around left and head under the bridge. Cross the large vast of water and to the
next little bridge. When you're there, head to the right of it slightly and 
dock up. Climb the stairs and onto the lower bridge platform. In between the
support for the briddge lies Timmy.

                          Timmy Vermicelli #8

The south-east is a favourite for Timmy to hang out in. Hit the gas and drive
forward, taking the road left when you reach the second turn-off left. A very
tiny building will be on your left. Park up and push open the doors. Go down
the stairs to reveal a very large area, which I first thought was a cult church
until I saw the cafe tables and chairs.

Go under the stairs and you'll see the cafe's kiosk, with Timmy manning it. 
Crouch down a little bit in front of it and shoot his head.

                          Timmy Vermicelli #9

Choose the top-most starting point on the first island and a fast enough car.
It doesn't need to be fast, but it'll speed up the long journey. Take the road
to the end and turn left, then the second right onto the second bridge. Cross
the bridge and turn off left and around and in to the industrial docks.

Drive around to the water front and you will see a small little tower, 
overlooking the water front. It's rather small (like I've said) but it does
hide Timmy. Run up the stairs and push open the door. Launch a grenade in and
leg it down the stairs and watch as Timmy is plastered and thrown out of the
room by the massive explosion.

                          Timmy Vermicelli #10

Start yourself off in a boat at the top-most north eastern position. Simply
don't move. Just jump out of the boat and swim for the little steps up to the
docks. Follow the water front along and you will come to a one-storey building
with a flight of stairs going up to the roof of it. Timmy decides to hide in
plain sight. Waste him!

Once at the armoury, collect all the weapons and once you leave, you'll realise
that Mass mode has been activated. Guess what that means? Means you're a
deathmobile. You're car is invunerable to damage and can plow through cars like
...well, snow plows into snow. It's an incredible mode, but everytime you bump
into a object which is big, like a car, Tanner loses a bit of health. It's best
to have invincibility on for this mode. And if you want to get rid of these 
effects, simply die or restart the level.

                                  5.b. Secret Cars
Secret cars are what is says on the tin. They are simply cars that you would 
never see out on the roads or in plain sight. They are parked up somewhere safe
and secure. Luckily, they aren't that secure. There are 3 cars hidden per city,
whiich totals to nine all together. These cars are all varied, and aren't all
super-speed muscle cars, as Go-Karts and Fork-Lift trucks are also avaliable as
secret cars.

These cars are only avaliable to drive in Take-A-Ride mode, so no Undercover
driving then, same applies to Driving Games. Sadly, the cars can only be driven
in the city they were found in, so a car from Miami STAYS in Miami.

                                  5.b.1. Miami Cars

Welcome to Miami! In Tanner's very own city lies in wait 3 wonderful cars.
Each are different and unique. Can YOU find them all? Well...obviously you 
can't, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But I forgive you. Below are the 3 
secret cars and all the directions to discover their where-abouts. If you are
doing it purely by yourself, the cars you are looking for are:

-A Go-Kart 
-A Velocity Turbo 
-And a TT Cuatro Super Power
                                  The Go-Kart

The Go-Kart

Remember the mission called "Rooftops" back from earlier in the game? With
the hotel? Well, forget that. You need to head to a new hotel. This is is
located in the Coral Gables, and is the last building (well, the only one) on
the dead end road. You need to head over to there now. Are you there? Drive 
around to the front of it and be on the look out for a little tunnel that 
goes under the ground. (To be precise, it located in the greenland area down
the left side of the hotel grounds) It will be disguised by a bunch of bushes.
Are you in  the tunnel? Good. Now, if you haven't gone on the lookout for 
Timmies, you'll be faced by a strong, fully-armed Timmy (Notice a resemblence
to Tommy Vercetti from Vice City? An in-joke. Much like the undercover cop 
called Tanner in GTA III) Anyway, follow the tunnel until you come to a large
courtyard type area. Climb the stairs and into the building. Here, is Timmy.
Kill Timmy. You'll notice a message saying how many Timmies you have killed. 
Note down that you've killed him and where. You'll find out why in the next 
section. Back to finding that car. 

After Timmy is dead go over and hit the switch which'll unlock the Go-Kart 
track's gate. Go down the stairs again and through the newly open gate.
Follow the two tunnels around and then over to the Pit-Stop, you'll discover 
the Go-Kart waiting for you...

Give it a whirl around the course in the race before saving your profile.

                               The Velocity Turbo	
Once again, start at your house with the starting vehicle as a boat. Or you
can start closer to the car location by choosing the bottom-most starting
point in a boat, as well. Now, remember the Stuntman-crazy driving range (the
construction yard, basicallly) in "Impress Lomaz"? Head there. Follow the river
and dock up where you did in the mission. Get out and begin the search. There's
no need to head into Tico's Construction Yard itself, as this car is hidden 
along the water-front. Oh, and a Timmy is busy hiding away on one of the 
rooftops here, you can just kill him if you want, but be sure to make a note of

The car is hidden in between a red building, down the little alleyway facing
the water.
                    TT Cuatro Super Power(Ford GT-40)	
Start Tanner off at his house and get to the street. Now, hit the map and look
at the small, centre island nearby which is conneted by the bridges. (If you've
played the game, you'll realise it's one of the gang's hideouts) Drive over 
there now to the place marked off with a red circle. 

After getting a distance across the bridge, you'll notice a turnoff right. Tzke
this first right and follow the road along. You'll come to a fancy, secluded
neighbourhood. Just follow the road to the end where you'll see a garage. Get
out of your car and run towards the garage door. As you get close, the door 
will open up and reveal your lovely new car. 

Get in the car, get out the garage and stay the hell out the cop's way. 


Be sure to save your game and profile, otherwise your hunt will be for nothing,
and the cars won't be yours...

                              5.b.2. - Nice Cars
Welcome to Nice! In Tanner's quest and investigation to bring down notourious
car theives, he'll visit such locales as Nice. Like before, some guys wish to
keep their pride and joy hidden away down backalleys and in garages. This city
keeps 3 cars and vehicles waiting to be discovered and driven. Each are 
different and unique. 

Can YOU find them all? Well...obviously you can't, otherwise you wouldn't be 
here. But I forgive you. Below are the 3 secret cars and all the directions to
discover their where-abouts. If you are doing it purely by yourself, the cars 
you are looking for are:

-A Camper Van
-A Dolch Schub 
-And a Forklift truck.
                                    Camper Van
Choose the default starting location and a car of your choice. Now, drive down
the road and turn left, then right up the hill to Cagnes Sur Mer. Pick a path 
and drive it around to reach the top-most part of the hill. Now, as you do this
you will notice a little hill which takes you to a hill-top cafe. You'll know 
it when you see it, since it's decked out with tables and chairs and everything
else. Just park up and go over to the garage to the left of the cafe and open
it up. There is your magical hippy camper van! It's complete with flowerpower
and groovy paint job!

Steal it and go!
                                  Dolch Schlub
Now! Time for a nicer, speedier looking car! Choose the same starting location
(which is default) and a car of your choice.

Burnout around and drive down the road that's instantly on top of you. Hang a 
left at the end and follow this road around to link up with the interstate. 
Cut across the barriers and onto the opposite road. Follow this road along
until you come to the Nokia sign. Go down this road. Cut across the grass and
into the airport. 

Circle around the terminal and onto the main runway of the place. Drive down
the runway, past the red circle on your map and just keep driving. Now, 
eventually, you will come across the firestation and their vehicle sheds. Drive
over to the one on the far left and get out. This superfly monster of a baby is
sitting in there just aching to be driven up and down that long strip of 
Well, for a change of pace, choose the far most western starting point. Pick
a nice, fast yet reliable car since it's a long drive to where you're going to

Once you are loaded up, spin around with a burnout and follow this large road
as it curves around the landscape

Take the turnoff right as soon as you can and follow this road along. You'll
notice you'll pass by the docks and trailer park you had to visit during "18
Wheeler", but you're not headed down there. Instead, follow the roads around it
and to the the peninsula at the far end of the island. When you arrive at this
point, you'll see that the map marks no road for you to travel to the far end
of this piece of land. 

Simply follow the rather long drive way around the hill and up when you can to
reach a lonely house. Park up in the large garden somewhere and over to the 
garage in the far corner. Inside lies your rather peculiar and odd vehicle. Get
in and go!


Be sure to save your game and profile, otherwise your hunt will be for nothing,
and the cars won't be yours...

                              5.b.3. - Istanbul Cars

Welcome to Istanbul! In the third and final city had 3 wonderful hidden cars.
Each are different and unique. Can YOU find them all? Well...obviously you 
can't, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But I forgive you. Below are the 3 
secret cars and all the directions to discover their where-abouts. If you are
doing it purely by yourself, the cars you are looking for are:

-A Speedster
-A Racer GT 
-And a Roadster

                                 The Speedster
Pick a car and choose the default starting position (south-west) to begin the 
car hunt.

Turn right and then take the little by-road right down the hill and onto the
large straigh road which'll take you all the way to the coast. 

When you reach the coast, turn right and drive around the train yard area until
you find the entrance. Drive on through. Now circle the yard until you come to
the train sheds on the left side. In the third from the end shed will be a 
shipping crate horizontly placed. Behind it will be this wonderful classic car.
Steal it and go!

                                 The Racer GT
Choose the northen east starting position on the first island. Turn right and
then the second right. Cross the bridge and go around the industrial docks via
the front gate. Follow the path around to the waterfront and around right when
you see the ramp. Keep following this along, whilst looking to your left. In
one of the large red cargo shipping createss will hide a car. Park up when you
see it and get in there. Steal it and save.
                                 The Roadster


                           (D-G) DRIVING GAMES (D-G)


Driving games is effectivly the mini-game aspect to the game. These can be
played by going in to the "DRIVING GAMES" option on the Main Menu and from 
there are actual game selected from the sub-menus.

 -6.a Quick Chase
 -6.b Quick Getaway
 -6.c Trail Blazer
 -6.d Survival
 -6.e Checkpoint Race
 -6.f Gate Race
Here are all of the driving games and what to do in them. You will be timed in
all of them.
                          6.a. - Quick Chase
This game mode is exactly what it says on the tin. In this mode, all you really
need to do is to keep up with a perp's car and completely wreck it to win the
level. You are given the ability to shoot at them at as well to help speed up
the wrecking. Chases can last from around 10 seconds to a massive total of 5
minutes, and even longer in some cases.

                             MIAMI QUICK CHASE GAMES


Your target is Baccus, and he doesn't want to be caught. He'll speed off in his
nice ride. Cut across the grass and open fire upon him as soon as you get a 
shot. He'll either turn off now, or keep driving. If he keeps driving, you keep
on him and fire. Now, he'll go crazy and start cutting up the lanes but just
stay on him. He'll make like he's going to turn off a couple of times, just to
trick you, but he won't.

If you stayed on him long enough, you should be bumper-to-bumper, so ram him a
bit into some traffic. Soon, the ending is nigh, and he'll be turning left and
right all the time. Just keep firing and it'll be over.


It's Baccus again for 'ya. As soon as the timer hits 0, hit the gas and speed
and close the gap between you and him, firing when you get the shot. You might
hit a car as you come off the brick path, but once you avoid it, it's a 
straight stretch with little vehicles to get in the way. Just keep laying on
the fire thickly. He'll begin to make some turn-offs soon, but if you keep the
pedal down, you should be close enough to ram him. If you can, ram him into a
orifice down to buildings and shoot him up. If not, just keep shooting.

He'll be heading for the stadium, so just keep on him. It's not a hard one, but
on my first go, I did screw up slightly, but I still got him. (I got him down 
to a fraction of a health, 0.5 seconds to go and what happens? The game stops,
about to tell me I failed, but as that happens, my car rams into his as the 
game breaks for you. BAM! I won, with 0 seconds to go

                             NICE QUICK CHASE


Fabienne is now your target. Speed across the road and right up behind her. The
gap between you and her is pretty small, so keep the gas down and you can ram
her before long. Be sure to have layed on the fire as soon as you started.

She is a tough cookie to crack if she speeds away from you, so be sure to keep
on her from the start and take a tyre down. It works for all of these levels,
shooting out their tyres will bring them down to a snail's pace, allowing you
to bust them up.

I can't help you with directions, but remember, tyres...always the tyres.


Hit the gas as soon as you can and go straight. You won't see Fabienne as you
start because she's hiding out a side-road, but will burst out. She will be
going loopy in this one, going all over the little winding roads in the 
starting area. If you catch up with her, ram her so she gets all distorted
and won't know where to go. Just lay on the fire when you can, but it'll be
hard to get a lock on her when you're swerving everywhere, so you might wait
until it's a straight road.

Like before, it's a tough one to do, but if you can get a tyre down before she
turns off on her first road, you've got her.

If she doesn't take the swervy roads, she'll just keep going and onto a 
straight stretch. It's easier on this route, so if you have trouble, keep 
restarting until she heads off this way.

                            ISTANBUL QUICK CHASE

Number One

Burnout from the start and get after Jericho! The gap between you and him can
be closed pretty quick, allowing for some bumping going on. Shoot him as you
do begin, as the line of sight should be clear of any civillian cars.

I once ended the level in a matter of 15 seconds. Jericho might swerve into
a park area, but swerve back out onto the road. If you cut across the park and
ram into the side of Jericho as he winds the corner, he'll flip over and'll be
stuck there. Just wait and it'll be over in seconds.

Just nail him fast and take a tyre down, as his car is really bouncy and can 
make its way through tight alleys and roads quickly, leaving you behind eating
dust. It's a tough one, but it's easy if he flips over.

Number Two

The gap between you and him is peanuts. It's easy to get up behind him and ram
him. Hit the gas and get after him, firing the whole magazine onto his tail to
bring his health down. I can't help you too much on this sequence, since he is
in the fastest car out of all the quick chase cars. But if he crashes into a 
car, ram him, and he'll flip over. 


                          6.b. - Quick Getaway
This is just like Quick Chase but with the roles reverse, you're the suspect
and you have a single cop car behind you. It is a nice way to learn the basics
of getaways. The cop car is not armed and won't shoot at you, so it's all down
to your driving skills.

                                 MIAMI QUICK GETAWAY

Number One

This is an easy one. Hit the gas and smash straight into the construction yard
ahead. Take a left around the building being built and around to the large gas
tank thing in the distance. The gap between it and the wall is very tight, but
with slight breaking can be navigated. The cop car should get stuck, but if not
just burnout around onto the street and around the streets, turning whenever
you can. He'll get confused, allowing you to speed off and getaway.

Number Two

Burnout left and carefully, but quickly drive up the steps to the building and
spin around so you're ready to drive back down to the street. Once the car has
made its way to the top, hit the gas and land back on street. Burnout left and
smash through the fencing and around to the grasslands. Follow the path left,
and if the cop is still stuck on the steps, it's over! If not, just keep the 
gas pumping and follow the waterfront. Do a nifty swerve to the edge of the
water and back out again, hopefully causing the cop car to do the same and end
up in the ocean himself. Just keep doing this and it'll be over.

Number Three

Do a 520 degree donut and avoid the cop car. Race off and across the bridge to
the next little island. Whilst he is recouperating from the little dance he had
with you, keep going to the next bridge. To the right of it, you will see a 
little opening where a boat launches out from. Carefully drive down it and onto
the little platform above the water ramp. With any luck, he'll come bursting 
down here and fly into the water below, or just begin to swerve around trying
to get onto your platform, but'll fail and hit the water.


                          NICE QUICK GETAWAY

Number One

From the moment you can, burnout around and head the opposite direction. Soon,
you'll arrive in a rather large open square. You will also notice a large set
of steps going up. Drive up them and follow the building around. If the slow
cop made it up the stairs, just amuse him by driving around the building a
couple of times. If that didn't shake him, park up by the edge of the raised
platform and then when he comes to ram you, move, and he'll fall to the street
below. Now, just spin around and head in the opposite direction, leaping off
the platform and down a road of your choosing.


Number Two

You need to hit the gas fast and get into the opposite lane and into the 
oncoming traffic. Weave in and out of them and then, once you see a sign on the
left side of the road, burst through the hedge and narrowly avoid the army of
trees. Weave in and out of them, hopefully trapping the cop before driving 
straight forward. If you keep at the right speed, you should hit a mound and
you'll jump the wall and and land in a little square. Go right and around to
the exit to the place, up the hill and across the highway and down the other
side to a park area. The cop, who might of untangled himself from the maze of 
trees might just land in the square, but he won't have enough intelligence to
catch up with you.


Number Three

Okay. Hit the gas and cut across the cafe. Doing this allows you to circle
around the building a couple of times and then speeding off down the first
road you see from the original starting position.

Now, you need to head to the carpark. To do so from the road you just took...

-Take the first right.
-Take the first right again, cutting across the corner to buy time.
-Hit a left at the T-Junction and avoid the onslaught of cars down the narrow

Now you should enter the carpark section. Drive underneath it and swerve about
a bit before hitting the large ramp on the left. Jump the carpark and into
the park below, swerving around the pond and park up. The cop should have been
lost as you hit the carpark ramp, but if not, he'll just drive straight into
the pond.

                              ISTANBUL QUICK GETAWAY

Number One

Drive straight and then cut across the park when you are close enough to the 
large grandstand.  Circle around it a couple of times before cutting away down
the main-high street on the far left.

Stick to the far-right and onto the pavement. No matter what, stay on this 
pavement. Smash through all the objects and when you see a tram stop, drive up
the steps to it and off the other end. All this destruction and up and down
jumping will shake the cop off not before long.

Number Two

Take the first right and then another right. On the left hand side will be a 
small alleyway. Cut down it and race it to the other end. Turn off right and 
hit the gas, driving all the way flatout.

The cop, with any luck, should of gotten stuck on the entrance to the alley,
allowing you to make a really quick getaway. 

Number Three

This is the toughest one. All the others were dead easy compared to this level.
You're not in a sporty car. You're not in a Sedan. You're not on a bike.

...You're driving a flat-bed truck. A slow one at that.

From the start, turn the wheel right and squeeze that accelerator hard! You 
should just barely miss the wall, but don't stop there! Keep going round until
you face the exit again. Drive out of the exit and turn right and go all the
way until there are a bunch of steps on your right. Brake up and let the cop
car slam into your rear. Now reverse up sharpish and then begin to back up and
down these steps. The cop car will fly down them and you can then hit the gas
and swing back around the way you came and up the hill. If all went well, the
mission will be over.

                          6.c. - Trail Blazer
This is a simple mission. All you need to do is to knock down all of of thec
cones which line the streets. You are on a time limit for the mission, so it
is about spped. Each that you hit will grant you one extra second onto the 
limit. The game is forgiving if you don't miss too many of the cones, but 
because you need to knock down ALL of the cones, it'd be better to just restart
and retry, as it is not worth it to head back just for one a single one.

                           MIAMI TRAIL BLAZER
Number One

Hit the gas and drive between the two obsticles to hit your first cone. Cut
across the lane and hit the SELECT button to swap to First-Person mode, other
wise you won't see where you're going as you bounce along. Follow the cones
along and through the traffic lights, changing lanes and sides of the road as
you make your way along this road.

When you need to hit an alleyway, do so, and head down it. It's a straight
stretch down this alley and the others, so just enjoy this easy part. Soon,
the fun will come to and end, so slow down on the gas a tiny bit and turn right
and follow the cones. You will soon wind up on the beach. Be careful not to
slide about on the sand or else you'll lose grip and spin. Just keep straight
and then to the pool.

Hit the remaining cones and celebrate.
Number Two

Hit the gas and burst through the hedge fast and collect the first cone. 
Cut across the lane divider when you need to and be wary of the oncoming cars.
Then, cut back across and turn left into the next street.

Follow the cones right and keep the speed high! Turn down the alley when you
have to, avoiding the ramp and barrels which block off most of the alley. Go
down the next alley and do a nice burnout U-Turn through the gas station.

Follow the cones along and then turn right down the road. Follow the long line
of cones all the way to a very large looking grand hotel in the Coral Gables.
Swerve in and out, collecting the cones and then down the final grassy area to

                               NICE TRAIL BLAZER

Number One

Hit the first two cones and then be careful not to slide on the tiny dirt road
you need to cross. Smash up the cones as you drive along this nice straight 
road and then hang a left when you need to. Keep your steering straight and cut
across the large grassy area and then swing back around onto the roads again, 
but carefully, so not to swerve and spin madly out of control.

Now, this is where most people stumble and fall (no pun intended). You need to
drive on the pavement on the left, where a very large fall is just inches to
the left. Just be careful and use all of your driving skills to avoid flying 
off the edge. Follow the cones down the hill when they lead off that way.

Keep the speed up and follow the cones all the way down, where on the last one,
you'll get a great finale.
Number Two

Hit the gas and head straight down the very narrow and windy alleyway and then
burnot and turn right. The cones are becoming less frequent and more spaced out
than the last levels. Just keep a sense of direction about you.

Hit the cones, turn off right and cut across the shopping mall and then off 
left at the end. Follow the cones down and through a large open area and keep
following them along and then up back onto the roads. Turn left when you need 
to and then keep going until you come to your second right and then follow the
cones all the way around and around, up and down the hills.

When you reach the area with a market taking place, turn the wheel hard right
and swing yourself through it and collect all of the cones. Hang a left at the

Follow the cones around and then be careful when you need to jump into the 
aqua-duct type area below. Keep collecting and cones and then boom. It's over.
                            ISTANBUL TRAIL BLAZER
Number One

Hit the gas and drive out of the courtyard, braking and doing a slight burnout
U-Turn to swing around on to the road. Smash through the cones down this road
and then go off left when the cones do, and then another left. Then swing 
around right and onto the tracks of the trams.

Keep on these tracks before taking the route down the alley on your right. Take
the exit left out of the alley and cut across the corner to collect the cones.
Keep yourself in a straight line and you should then jump into a grassland area
where the next lot of cones are. Be sure to take great care navigating your way
through the park, as hitting a slope at a too fast-a-speed will sending you 
over on your back. Climb the stairs and follow the last remaining cones and 
then smash the last remaining bunch. Easy.
Number Two

Hit the gas and smash through the first cone and bench, following the trail 
along the courtyard. Be careful as you drive onto the road, as it suddenly and
sharply turns off right into a closed off area with a narrow gateway. Cut
through to here and into the park. Follow the path ways through and around the
statue before exploding back onto the streeting, taking a left as you do.

Stick to this nice and straight road, hitting the cones as you do, before 
turning off right, and then a sudden left. Follow the cones. The route will
take you down and up all manner of alleys and roads, before having you finnaly 
arrive on the tracks of the trams. Simply keep the speed up and hit the final
lot of the cones, whilst carefully dodging the trams.

                          6.d. - Survival
Survival is a tough, yet evidently the best driving game of the whole bunch. 
The idea of the game is built upon Getaway. Instead of the one car chasing
you, it grows and multiples, increasing in aggression annnd speed. You must
survive for as long as you can against the waves of cops. Don't just think it's
a chase, as the police are on foot and line the streets, armed. Their shooting,
the cops' ramming and your dodging and weaving skills all rack up the damage
                                  MIAMI SURVIVAL
I can't give you detailed directions on what to do, since that would be 
impossible. The game's AI for this isn't scripted, so you could get away down
an alley in one try, but on restart find it blocked off by a cop car coming up

                         THE GARAGE'S LOT

Hit the gas and turn off down the little opening in the wall and follow it to
the next street entrance. Instead of going on the street, follow the garage 
along and into the large area on the other side. Park up, since no cop can get
you here. Just watch as they smash into the wall in front of you, flipping cars
over left, right and centre.

                        THE GARAGE'S ROOF

Similar to above. Hold the accelerator down and race to the parking garage's
entrance and inside. Make your way to the roof of the parking lot and just
park up again, since no cop is smart enough to enter and go up the ramps. Easy.
                            THE JETTY

Burnout right and cut across the field. When you spot the fence, drive over to
it and level out so you run parallel down it to the water front. When you are
at the end, carefully launch yourself onto the small docking area. Be warned.
This is very narrow and you can topple very easily. Just begin to carefully 
drive along and around the corner and park at the end. No raging bull of a cop
can match your elegant driving, and so end up flying into the water. Wasn't
that easy?

                          THE BRIDGE YARD

This one is harder to get to because of the distance you need to travel, but 
hey! It's easy. Just hit the gas and onto the right hand side of the road,
sticking there throughout. Keep driving and stop just before you launch 
yourself over the bridge at the end, since there is a small alleyway leading
into a little yard, or the big entrance point which is just to the right of
the bridge.

                           THE OPEN SKIP

Find yourself...a skip. You'll see why once you find one. They are usually 
found down back alleys, but I can't give you directions to one, since they
would be hard to follow to the letter thanks to the cops on your rear. Just
find a back alley or something and then the skip. Drive up the little planks
of wood and just drop into it. No cars can get you. No policemen can shoot
you. Just let the time rack up.

The above were all simple solutions. And believe me, they are only a few of
thousands possible methods of completing or surviving the onslaught of cops.
Experiment. Find hiding places in Take-A-Ride mode and use them to your
advantage during this game mode.
                                  NICE SURVIVAL
                      HIDING DOWN THE ALLEY

Burrnout and spin right around and out of the parking lot, taking your first
right and then following this route around and then right down to the 
T-Junction at the end. Turn left at this junction, and then right. Then, down 
the alleyway on your left. Race through here and then across the little yard
and down the small alley between the building and the wall. Take the corner at
the end and park up.


                        HIGHWAY NOT-SO HIDEAWAY

Hit the gas and race up the little slope and take the road on the right and
down to the bottom of the hill and through the opening in the wall which forms
a driveway going down.

Circle the house and climb the little dirt hill up to the highway. Park your
current horizontaly so it blocks the entrance/exit to the highway. This way,
the cop cars who race up the hill will hit you and go flying. Also, the cop 
cars who race down the highway, for some reason, can't hit you. They just drive
into the barriers, reverse up and then do it again. Eventually, you might get
hit. If that happens, drop down the hill and donut on the grassy area to the

If you hit the gas and speed off slightly to your left, you'll bound over the
little slope and'll get closer to a small building by itself. Circle around to
the front of it to reveal it to be a car showroom. Smash through the glass and
race up the stairs on the left. Park on these steps and just watch the time
rack up. Tanner's car might slip sometimes, so just tap the accelerator a 
couple of times and then hit the handbrake. Just be careful not to keep the
accelerator pressed throughout, otherwise you'll wreck your car instantly.

                              PARKING LOT PLATFORM

This is a real easy one. Just burnout around right and up onto the street. But
don't follow the street. Instead, simply turn into the little plaform area to
the right and follow it around. Park up. You're safe here from cars, but cops
can shoot you still, but they need to get onto the platform you're on first, so
just run 'em down before they shoot.

The above were all simple solutions. And believe me, they are only a few of
thousands possible methods of completing or surviving the onslaught of cops.
Experiment. Find hiding places in Take-A-Ride mode and use them to your
advantage during this game mode.


                                ISTANBUL SURVIVAL

                              HIDE AND SEEK

Well, it's purely hiding here. Hit the gas and turn right just before you hit
the street and down the little pathway marked with a little arch. Race down to
the end and park up behind the bushes or by some buildings. This is a safe 
place to be, but if the cops on the other side of the fence lose a vehicle and
it goes up with a bang, it might just take yours with it.
                           COURTYARD HIDING

Hit the gas and veer off left, between the wall and lamp-post and then into the
park. Dodge the fountain in the centre and watch out for the dangerous and
indestructable flower beds which'll bounce you right back with a tonne of added
damage. Just race for the steps in the distance and up them, before heading for
the little archway at the end and up the other set of steps in the distance. 
This will land you in a very large courtyard where you can simply park up or
do donuts to pass the time.

                              SANDY YARD

Do a burnout U-Turn left and down the second path which leads through the park.
Take a left once you reach the road and then the second road in the fork which
is right on top of you. You should see a building under construction ahead, so
head there. Circle around the wooden fencing area and then in through the 
narrow gap. This'll take you to an isolated area where you can just sit and 
wait for a new record time.

The above were all simple solutions. And believe me, they are only a few of
thousands possible methods of completing or surviving the onslaught of cops.
Experiment. Find hiding places in Take-A-Ride mode and use them to your
advantage during this game mode.
                            6.e. - Checkpoint Race
Heh. No driving game would be complete without this type of race. It's a simple
race with a starting line and a finishing line, with little diversions to make
it tad bit more interesting. Pass through all of the checkpoints and follow 
make your own way there, just as long as you hit the checkpoints. After that,it
is all the way to the finishing point....

                             MIAMI CHECKPOINT RACE

Number One

Hit the gas and follow the monorail above. Smash through the fencing and across
the car park to save time and then swerve out onto the road, hitting the check
point marker. Cross the bridge and stay on the same stretch of road and take 
the first right when you approach the marker. Take the road left and then hit 
the next checkpoint.

Keep driving as you hit it and take the route right as soon as you see it. Ride
through it and don't slow down. Head for the next marker which is in the centre
of the set of four squares down in the south-east of Miami. Just race there for
now. When you reach the area, take the top-most route into the centre of the
set of squares and then off either to the left or the bottom route. Swing 
around and head for the final marker, cutting across the grassy route. Pass 
through it and win. 

Number Two

Burst out of the parking lot and swing yourself around and head for the marker
by following the road. Hit the marker and then keep going, crossing the roads
and off right. Race to the end and hit the marker. Turn off left when you can
and follow this stretch of road until you come to the second exit on your left,
take this and race the straight stretch until you reach the third marker. Pass
through it and take the first exit right after you pass the marker. Turn left
and then race to the next marker. Circle around the building's corner and hit
the gas hard and go full-throttle for the final marker down an alleyway.

Number Three

Cross the bridge and make the only way to the first marker. Cut through the
large car park to save a heap of time and then swerve out without breaking to 
hit the marker at the fastest speed. Don't slow down! It's a flatout run here.
You're now headed for the dockside mall area. Race down there, cutting across 
the grass and then around the docks, through the cafe's tables and chairs.

Hit the marker and then spin yourself around for the entrance point and then
out and through it, in direction for the third marker point. Cut across the 
grass and keep the trigger pressed, just carefully easing up on it to navigate
the rocks.

To save time, hit the ramp position in a yard to jump the alley and the parking
lot, but that can be a shot in a million, so you can just jump the alley and 
use the next jump in the parking lot to reach the street.

Hit the marker and race for the final one...

                                TO BE CONTINUED...

7.6 - Gate Race
This mode expands upon check-point racing and Trail-Blazer. Instead of racing
to a red arrow, you must drive to a "gate"; two cones set up which you must 
pass through. Like with Trail Blazing, each of the cones you pass through will
grant you another second on the clock. If you hit a cone, the gate is void, and
no extra time is given. Be warned...it's highly addictive...
                                TO BE CONTINUED...


                         (X-L)   XBOX LIVE   (X-L)


The Driv3r game for the XBox is given the Live treatment, with the abilites to
check up on your friends and enemies as you busily play away at Driv3r.

If you don't know what XBOX Live is, go to the link below and read up on the
site, or just read the description below:


Xbox Live is a subscription-based online gaming service for Microsoft's Xbox 
and Xbox 360 video game consoles. It went online on November 15, 2002 and 
allows players to play games with or against other Xbox Live players from 
around the world. 


Now, what can XBox Live and Driv3r actually do? Well, according to the manual
it says...

"With Driv3r and XBOX Live, you can upload and share your saved replays or
Download and view other gamers' Gameclips. Select "XBox Live" from the Main
Menu. You will be logged-in automatically or taken to a sign-in screen 
depending on your settings (Adjust your auto-sign in options in the XBox Dash-

A list showing currently avaliable Gameclips is avaliable after sign in. High
light a user in this list and Select "View Gameclip" (A Button) to download and
view that user's Gameclip. The list can be filtered to show most recently 
uploaded Gameclips, most uploads (Top Director) and friends by pressing left 
or right on the directional pad.

Select "Upload" (X Button) to view your list of currently saved Replays. Hight
light a saved replay and Press the (A Button) to upload the replay to the XBox
Live server. Only one replay per user (Per XBox Live account) can be stored.
Uploading a reply overwrites any previous Gameclip.

Pulling the (Left Trigger) with "Top Director" or "Recent Uploads" filter
selected will select your Gameclip, if you have a current saved GameClip. 
Pulling the (Left Trigger) again will return your selection to your previous
position list. 

Select "Friends" (Y Button) to manage your friends list and action messages.
Your friends list can be also be accessed from in-game menus. If you select
friends from an in-game menu without being signed in you will be presented
with the sign-in screen.

Select "Back"  (B Button) to return to the main menu. This keeps you signed
into XBox Live.

Sign out (White Button). If you wish to stop all XBox Live activity, return to
the XBox Live section and press the (White Button). Note: If auto-sign in is
enabled and you return to the XBox Live section, you will automatically
reconnected to XBox Live.

Pressing the (Black Button) in an in-game menu whilst connected to XBox Live
will allow your online prescence to be toggled. This is displayed at the top
left of the menu screen and can be set to appear either "Online" or "Offline."


                         (S-T)  SOUNDTRACK  (S-T)


Ear-crunching drums, blistering guitars, scorching vocals, ripped-up synths, a
busted-up drum machine and the most exciting underground bands around were 
thrown into a blender, and out shot DRIV3R - The Soundtrack.

Imagine trawling through radio stations late at night, so late it's starting tp
be early. You find a signal where you never noticed one before. You hear a DJ
talking, playing tunes, and talking, and it's like the unstoppable last will 
and testimony of a lost prophet spilling out into the world. If no one listens
he still talks all the same, pours out his experience and insight over long
dark years have given him. And for a time you listen, as he carries you on a
journey which, though his, is also yours and everybody's. Then the next night
you may try to find him again, and the station will be gone.

That was the voice of Iggy Pop.

Maurice. www.mauricesuckling.com

                            "C'mon and try"
                               by mellowdrone

Described as "multilayered sonic textures," mellowdrone started as Jonathan
Bates, a Mac and a Radio Shack keyboard. Born in Miami, Bates studied in Boston
and landed in L.A., joining up with Greg Griffith, Tony De Matteo and Scott
Ellis. Now they're a band about to explode with a self-produced EP and a full
length debut in 2004.


"C'mon and try" features in the opening Miami scene, taken from the EP "go get
'em tiger", released Spring 2004.
                               "Big Brat"
                               by Phantom Planet

Fredonia, the famous New York Amish community, had no idea what was going down
in that log cabin in the woods. Phantom Planet were holed up in there with
Producer Dave Fridmann. From that session comes "Big Brat."


"Big Brat" features in the "Face Facts" scene, taken from the album "Phantom 
Planet", released June 2004.

                            "Gimme Danger"
                           by Iggy And The Stooges

Track 2 of the "Raw Power" LP, the album that drop-kicked Punk Rock into 
existence. When the Punk ball lands in '76, three years later, the world 


"Gimme Danger" features in The Good Guys scene, taken from the album Raw Power,

                           "Bowels of the Beast"
                           by The Ravenonettes

So what's it all about, Ravenonettes? "It's about the ground whoosing 
transformative power of unbridled ekectricity." Their debut EP won Best Rock
Album in their native Denmark last year. 
Every track was in Bb minor, was under 3 minutes and used no more than 3 
chords. That's a bolt of lightening and it's just struck again in their new
album "Chain Gang Of Love."


"Bowels of the Beast" features in The Bagman scene, taken from the EP Whip It
On, 2002.

                               "Boy From The City"
                                  by SLO-MO

"The boy from the city is operating with an overload of information." He's got
wide-boy swagger, drawling from the sharp lyrics if a tragi-comic story; samba
beat, bongos and fuzz guitars. It's a sound oscilliating between the laid-back
stamping all over you.

SLO-MO on www.circuitrecords.net

"Boy From The City" features in the Escape scene, taken from the album SLO-MO,

                                  by Syntax

Listen, and there's a relentless surge, growing and pushing up, driving 
through; un avoidable and inescapable. Like the roots of a black plant rippling
through the concrete, on the palms of the black stalks the question clings to
the thick air: how can I escape the path that I'm on? Syntax in on their way.


"Destiny" features in the Destiny scene (as well as used in the demo/trailer)
from the album Meccano Mind, released Spring 2004.

                                 "Ripe for the Devil"
                                    by Okuniev

The devil is a fallen angel of god, banished from heaven for questioning. 
Okuniev are muscians and visual artists. They are from East London, which is
below Angel on the underground. They have questions too.
Can the blind not see them with their ears and can the deaf not hear them with
their eyes?


"Ripe for the Devil" features in the Istanbul scene, taken from their debut LP,
released Summer 2004.

                                     "Move Over"
                                   by Teddybears SHTML

The Teddybears STHTML started life as a thrash punk band on the Stockholm
underground. They came to realize they could cause more havoc and throw more
surprises in the studio, so that's what Patrik Arve, Klas Ahlund do now.


"Move Over" features in the menu screens. Teddybears SHTML have just finished
working on their new album Fresh!

                 "Evil Brother" "The 2nd Evolution" "Stand Off"
                                    by Narco

"Look out baby 'cause I'm using technology." No laws. No chords. Real people
and real machines. Ultra modern and no compromise. In your face and going 
through it. Like the man says, "what do you think?"


"Evil Brother," "The 2nd Evolution" and "Stand Off," feature in DRIV3R and are
taken from the album Control of the Stereo to be released Summer 2004.

                            "Black Thread"
                                by Los Halos

The truth is such a simplelie. If truth is finite and less than the space it 
hopes to fill, then lies fill with the vacuum. Since 1998 Los Halos have filled
the space with their truth.


"Black Thread" features in the Hostage scene, taken from the album Los Halos,

                                by Stateless

"I used to think it was a beautiful dream...to fly away like a bird. Birds get
shot down." There's the spinning and reaching in the keyboards, like a small
bird tied to a post trying to fly, straining to get away only going round and
round. But in the chorus you start to believe it's going to get free...


"Exit" features in the Face Facts and Drop Size #2 scenes, taken from their
debut album released late 2004.

                               "Zero PM"
                              by The BellRays

I had this dream where I was at a gig hearing explosions of sound from a band,
my mind crashing backwards trying to find ways to describe them, slamming into
dead ends. I was afraid to wake up, when I did I swear I smelled octane. Meet
the BellRays. The band beyond your dreams.

                            "Static in the Cities"
                           by The Hope of the States

Drive as fast as you like, for as far as you like and Hope of the States will
still be right where they were when you started; still inside you.

The solitude of the guitar, and the soraring aspiration of the strings. We
can't escape these strings. We can't escape these things. They are us.


"Static in the Cities" features in the Contacts scene, Hope of the States 
release their debut album Summer, 2004.


                         (T-K) THANKS TO... (T-K)


There are people who deserve credit, and they are as follows:

Thanks to:

-Atari/Reflections: For bringing a superb game to the scene. Woah and such.
-GameFAQs: Because they just belong on here.
-Some gaming site which had a competition for this game. I won it for free!
-Swiftshark's cheats from the code section at GameFAQs.
-Thuyker: For the Controller ASCII...again and again. <3
-Thursday. The final day of writing where I hammered everything in. I <3 you
-http://www.network-science.de/ascii/'s wonderful ASCII generator!
-John Paul the Second and Jesus.
-Yams, Spring Rubber, SoftReset, MetalGearREXDude, Hello2ucat, Falcor, Bass X,
iamtheprodigy, BannedAccount, KageShinobi, PSXer, RoarMonkey, Lollybomb,
Agonized Flyer, Tomba42, monker, derrate, Red Snake, DeathStalka2, GigaRaver, 
TwistedCrow, NeoChaosPerfect, RedLight, Spiderman23JII, autoIoad, Moth366, 
monster master, K1NGCAL and a whole bunch of RI'ers who are badass and stuff 
and also...just for being...well, people.


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