Question from shnauzer8

PELICAN how to drive without MODS PLEASE?

I really want to know?

prometheus3141 asked for clarification:

I dont think there is a way to drive a pelican without a mod, but there is a way to ride in it when your not supposed to. On the level Metropolis, there is a pelican that comes after you beat the three wraiths. After it drops the three people, you can press and hold the button X. you should now be a passenger of the elican. When the pelican takes off, your curser spins wildly. The pelican soon crashes in the middle of nowhere and you along with a few other marines float in... actullay, I dont know what your in. Anyway, the pelican will be spining and you could go next to it (if you dont die) and it says "hold X to flip banshee" and you can flip it. Try this glitch!


F1rsTxLas7 answered:

You can't drive a Pelican without Mods.
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botboy50 answered:

You can't fly a pelican at all.
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XxGatorFinxX answered:

You cant. Sorry.
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halodude106 answered:

You can get Halo Custom Edition

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