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When is the movie gonna come out?

They said they made a movie and it was SUPPOSEDE to come out in '07 or '08 its flippen '09, guess what....NO MOVIE!! I'm getting inpatent (I'm in a hurry) , I saw a little part of it on you tube, its ok. Does anyone know any info on it? Is it even going to come out?!? Please respond.

hawkeye_jmr asked for clarification:

Where did you here about the movie because it's probably fake.

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J_Bug_P answered:

I was reading something about it on the intornet. I don't know if its true but it said that its a low budget film so they only film when moneys avalible(like i said i don't know if it's true but I HOPE IT IS!!!).
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SpankAlchemist answered:

I remember reading on about a month ago that the movie is in product but is not being film because their was a financial problem or conflict between 20th Century Fox (Fox is the rumored film maker, though nobody knows for sure who it was) and Microsoft. Microsoft still has plans for the movie though production is likely not to start until 2010 and won't be out 'til 2012. Also, the movie will not be low budget, or at least nothing as bad as Death Note.
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ScifiNutter answered:

There've been rumors about a LOT of video game movies that are "coming out soon" for a LONG time. I still remember when someone was going on about a Mechwarrior movie some good years ago. Chances are, there probably won't be one.

Anyways, if there IS going to be one, they're going to have to spend at least eight years on it just to get it to the quality that all the fans are going to expect. At least, if they don't want to have an angry mob outside their houses, that is.
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hamtarofan67 answered:

i here that it might come out this year OR 2012. but i dont know. they say they started after Halo 2 came out but its been going slow because of low budget, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Halo 3: OSDT coming out, and Microrsoft developing more games.
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adremelick answered:

Are you sure you didn't see the Halo wars game trailer or one of the two halo three game trailers? Who said there would be a movie? The halo wars trailer is snowy and has several spartans at the end. One of the halo three trailers has the spartan walking through rubble and sees the ring activate with Cortana popping up ever so often. The other Halo three trailer has two kids talkind in a grass field then it turns to the desert and the spartan uses a bubble shield grenade and runs to the bad guys. If you would like to discuss e-mail is
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cr1985 answered:

Last time I heard anything they were going to make it, but they stopped development because someone thought the budget was way too large or something like that. I'm sure they'll try again; look how long it took to get a Watchmen film. Although that one was because of production rights issues...
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evilsquirrle answered:

It's in development hell, so it will probably be released at the same time as the Metroid movie (Never)
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wheredhalogo answered:

Theres supposed to be a movie in the next 2 years or so because if you saw that halo video from the marketplace for in real life than thats the hint that theyre coming out with a movie.
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hevymetlman answered:

Its probably fake and if its not, then they probably had to quit for a while because of the economy. But the idea of a halo movie? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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qnaqna321 answered:

It WILL be a long time because of 2 reasons. 1: Microsoft has to pick a time in the storyline of Halo (Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars) and film it in a movie-like manner. 2: The Economy is BAD right now.
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darkdragon30544 answered:

They canceled the movie last year. They decided to make a Halo T.V. show instead.
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xXBangomangoXx answered:

You probably saw an ad type of thing for halo 3
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CappinHoff answered:

No one knows for sure since Peter Jackson backed out. However Steven Spielberg is in negotiations to be the producer. So if this happens the movie should be on a good schedule to be out in 2011 or 2012 hopefully.
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decrosis answered:

Its commng out 2010 if not 2012 and you can see wat they see in there helmets and its got everything on the game except for the flood i think
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lordgamingtonV answered:

It hurts me to say it, but Universal and fox couldn't agree on something and mutually cancled Halo, the movie.
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hevymetlman answered:

WOW there r so many answers for this one. Couldnt we just type it up on google or something? actually look it up, for gosh sakes!!!
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littleking12 answered:

i also saw the video you saw and actually i found out that it was just a little movie clip thing to indorce halo 3.
they also have one for O.D.S.T
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i_like_poop answered:

Uhh....if you go to this website it should take you to halopedia and if you type in halo movie i think it would give you some info bout it.....i think it would and my friend says that its based on halo 1 and im not sure bout it.....
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HALOMAN1212 answered:

Look on Youtube oh by the way 2010 thats all i know its real also on Ign.
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HALOMAN1212 answered:

I think its all the games like halo1 halo2 halo3 but thats it i know for a fact my bro checked 25 websites all said it was real go to ign youtube wikia and google and monster...
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HALOMAN1212 answered:

Go to the movies watch a move sometimes their is the trailer say ''the movie comes out in theathers in 2010''

its real alright
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HALOMAN1212 answered:

No flood too i say the flood
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derekz1234 answered:

If you go to, you will see that there are already plans for a live-action Halo movie, but it does not focus on the Master Chief because it would be hard to have a whole movie revolve around a character with no face. There have already been shorts of the movie, and they have even created a working warthog. The film has been delayed since 2001, and there is no sure release date. They even have a picture of one part of the script for it.
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blaze179 answered:

I've seen the same video on youtube and at the end of the video it said coming spring 2012
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flameout3145 answered:

There is a movie its called Halo legends.
It comes out in 8 Episodes
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alex882 answered:

OK yes there is a halo movie that will come out that is live action but its unknown. Second there is already a halo anime called halo legends.
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the_best_fisher answered:

Yes ther is a movie but it will never come out because funding was cut and i can back it up because i have seen video of the first scene and have seen multiple trailers for it and i doubt that any one would go throught the trouble of making trailers and things just to fool some one.
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MaKoNes10 answered:

You can download the halo movie from xboxlive. It costs, but is well worth it.
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