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Asked: 6 years ago

Where is Halo 2 Mac?

Cant find halo 2/3 for mac!
(not version)

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The MAC version is not even made. Future plans to come on MAC are unknown.

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Probably because Microsoft holds publishing rights, and therefore wouldn't release it on a competitors (Apple) platform. Additionally as far as I know game sales on Macs are usually pretty crummy anyway, so creating a port isn't profitable enough for anyone aside from Blizzard (WoW) to bother anymore..

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As is stated, Mac is a competitor of Microsoft (mac is owned by apple) and a poor competitor at that. Microsoft owns Halo as an IP, which means they have the rights to it, so any release is unlikely. It was released on windows vista, however. The vista version includes the first version of forge (called map editor), and it also comes with achievements.

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