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Asked: 6 years ago

Why does the game keep telling me error reading disc after cairo station?

I returned and bought halo 2 three times, and still the same problem occurs. It always occurs after i beat cairo station. In other words, cairo station is the only level i can play. Outskirts doesnt work. why?

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It has to be the x-box, heres what you do. Buy memory cards from an electronic store, save all your memory and bring the x-box to gamestop. Ask for a re ferbish. Saddly this is almost 200 bucks so only do it if your a die hard fan

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Very weird.

Only thing I can think of is all the disks you're using have part of it scratched to the silvery layer. It's possible, but I don't think very likely, that if you're using a 360 you may need to update your software. I'd had a similar problem with my 360 but a change of disks and an update seemed to fix that.

You could go to a Gamestop and find a refurbished one from them (approximately 60 dollars) but, like all the old ones, there's a good chance it'll break down within a year or two.

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Go maybe to PlaynTrade video game store and trade ur halo 2 for a new one

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Go to game stop they will know what to do.

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Uhh....they are right cause my one is like that a bit and i cant play levels i want to play and it not fair...i know what its like...too so the others are right.... :)

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Well i can think of 2 reasons one is ther is something rong with the game reader or the game is scrached

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