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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do i use the hammer that the brute boss at the end has? Answered 5
Level Help status answers
First mission? Open 2
how do I get past sacred icon? Open 2
Is Halo 2 harder? Answered 8
Scheme? Open 2
Plot Help status answers
Why did the ending happen the way it did? Answered 4
Why is Master Chief part robot? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
are there any achievements at all in Halo 2? Answered 1
Can do you play multi player (any type) without playing single player first? Open 2
Can I get other multiplayer characters besides spartan or convenant elite? Answered 4
Can I get the extra maps with the Xbox 360 version? Open 2
Can i still play on live? Answered 2
Cave in sacred icon? Answered 3
Do you still play Halo 2 on XBL? Answered 1
Firefight on Halo 2? Answered 1
Glitch on Delta Halo? Answered 1
Gravemind? Open 1
Halo 2 do have english subtitle or CC? Answered 1
Halo 2 rumor for xbox 360? Answered 1
Halo Reach Beta amor unlock for playing Halo 2 on April 14? Open 1
How can i change the language on halo 2? Where are all the skulls? Open 3
How can i use my regular xbox live if a have a Sprint Wireless modem? Open 2
How can you get AI in split screen mode? Answered 6
How do i do the crouch jump??? Answered 3
How do you join a game on xbox live? Answered 1
How do you use Dothalo to mod halo2? (URGENT!) Open 1
How do you use the little plasma machineguns on yhe wraiths? Answered 1
How to get the extra levels on halo 2? Answered 4
How to play as a Grunt? Open 2
How to play as a Hunter? Answered 2
i cant seem to find the IWHBYD skull? Open 2
Is dothalo on xbox and how to use it? Open 1
Is Halo 2 available to play on the xbox 360? Open 3
Is it better on PC or a console? and are there any glitches playing on an Xbox 360? Answered 2
Lowering weapon? Open 1
No-hud machinima? Open 1
OMG ZOMBiE?! Open 2
Please, anyone, answer this question...? Answered 2
Random Banshee apearing? Open 6
Unlock fuel rod cannon? Answered 2
What can I do with live silver? Answered 1
What does the skull in cairo station do? Answered 2
What is wrong with live? Answered 1
What the heck? Answered 3
When is the movie gonna come out? Answered 28
Where is REX? Answered 2

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