FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/10 | Printable Version

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                       Halo 2 FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox)
                           Written by ACTestaALT
                     Version 1.0 - Last Updated 2/9/10

Table of Contents
1. What's New?
2. Walkthrough
3. Credits
4. Legal Disclaimer
5. Contact Info

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                               1. What's New?

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V1.0 (2/9/10): Original version of guide.

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                              2. Walkthrough

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Tips and Advice
   1. A good starting weapon combination in the game is the Battle Rifle 
paired with the Plasma Pistol because you can take down an enemy at any 
range. The Battle Rifle can be zoomed by pressing the Right Joystick and 
shoots a damaging spray of bullets when fired. This weapon is much more 
effective than other automatics thanks in large part to its accuracy. If you 
lose the Battle Rifle, swap for the weapon with any marine who has it or pick 
it up at any reinforcement checkpoint.
   2. While the Plasma Pistol may seem useless at first, you can deal very 
good damage with an overcharged shot. To overcharge the Plasma Pistol, hold 
down the trigger to form a ball of energy with the gun. To attack this way, 
just let go of the trigger when the Plasma Pistol is fully overcharged. The 
shot locks onto enemies by itself and also breaks down shields.
   3. You can zoom with the Sniper Rifle by pressing down on the Right 
Joystick. While this weapon only holds four bullets, it can one shot almost 
any opponent in the game. Sniping is also fairly easy to pull off if you are 
at long range. Obviously, the Sniper Rifle is pretty useless at close range, 
so switch to an automatic for close corridor combat.
   4. The Shotgun is very effective in close quarter combat but useless if 
shot more than ten yards away. The weapon is especially useful against the 
flood later in the game because they're always jumping in your face. You need 
to reload every bullet separately, though.
   5. Reload your weapon whenever you can and do not start fights with half a 
clip of ammo. Swap with enemy Carbine and Plasma Pistols as often as you can 
so you can always fight effectively. It's much easier to reload out of combat 
than after an Elite rushes you.
   6. Take cover behind any objects or walls in the area. Usually I'll tell 
you a good cover position, but anything that you can duck against works great 
for cover. Also, doors make good cover as you can close them by walking 
   7. Melee (B) is your best assault when the enemy is at close range. 
Meleeing is extremely powerful and will knock down any shields on the enemy. 
You can one-shot smaller enemies with just one melee punch. Larger enemies 
can endure more than one melee hit, so it's best to run back out to range and 
fire at them.
   8. The Energy Sword is the best close combat weapon. When you're in melee 
range, the energy sword automatically locks and lunges at the enemy. This 
usually results in a one shot kill unless you're facing bosses or large 
enemies. With that in mind, whenever you see a yellow or red Elite with an 
Energy Sword, get to a safe distance from their lunges. Like other Covenant 
weapons, the Energy Sword can be depleted, so always pick up a new Energy 
Sword if you see one.

The Heretic
   1. Watch the game's opening cutscene. 

One Size Fits All
   1. In the armory, follow the soldier's orders and look at the lights with 
the Right Joystick to get acclimated with the camera. Afterwards, follow the 
soldier over to the next area and position yourself inside the next machine. 
Press X to start the test. The soldier gives a valuable bit of information: 
when your shields are down, hide behind cover and wait for them to recharge.
   2. Walk into the elevator and wait until the twosome finish talking before 
it ascends up to a floor with a tram. Inside the tram, enjoy the ride to the 
other side and walk outside for a cutscene.
   3. After the cutscene, run down the stairs to your left and pick up the 
guns on the crate. Walk through the doorway ahead of you into a hall. At the 
end of the hall, a door opens and you're now inside a large room. Jump down 
the railing right in front of you to reach a lower level.
   4. Now go left and take cover behind the crates.

Home Field Advantage
   1. A small firefight will start now against a few grunts and enemies. Just 
stay back and fire away; if your shield goes down, take cover behind the 
crates and wait for it to recharge.
   2. After the fight, make your way to the opposite side of the area to find 
an open doorway. In this hallway there are more grunts and enemies hiding 
behind the large crate. After defeating them, go right and head over to the 
stairs. Using the corner as cover, take out any enemies at the stairs before 
ascending a few levels.
   3. Go through the door at the top and take an immediate left in this room. 
After hopping down a level you will meet more marines pinned down in a 
   4. Stay behind the crate as you shoot them. Alternatively, you can use the 
turret on the upper level behind you also. Kill the enemy and the foolish 
grunts on the far side of the room. Now head north and take the door on the 
left to sneak up on a grunt.
   5. Run down this hall until you reach your first left corner. A grunt is 
right around here - stand back and engage at range. Continue down the 
hallway, killing the grunts along the way, and climb the near-identical 
staircase as before.
   6. At the top, take the right door to reach a large room with invading 
areas. Stay on this second platform and shoot at all the enemies from below; 
you have a great vantage point here because the enemies are focused on the 
marines at the opposite corner of the room.
   7. A few waves of enemies will come out of the invading ship on the far 
window. When you clear a wave, get a head start on the next by aiming your 
battle rifle right on the enemy's entrance. You should kill a few before they 
even get out of the gate.
   8. When the marines start to talk, take cover behind the crates in this 
room and wait for the invading enemies. After killing the grunts, follow the 
hall in the corner, picking up the ammo along the way, until you are reunited 
with some marines at a firefight.
   9. Assume a similar cover position to the marine and get to work clearing 
the room. Throw a frag around the shield at the pack of grunts and enemies. 
Also be sure to take out the enemies on the second floor of this room.
  10. Additional enemies will enter through the porthole after you have 
cleared the area. If the shields are giving you trouble, take them out with a 
plasma pistol shot.
  11. Note: Stay away from the enemy with the energy sword and swap your 
plasma pistol for the weapon after you down him from range.

Priority Shift
   1. After the explosion, your priorities in this level really do "shift." 
In the center part of this room you'll find stairs leading down to a door and 
the level below. More enemies should pop out at you once you reach the 
bottom. You can use the door as cover, moving backwards to automatically 
close it, as you take out the enemies and grunts in the room beyond.
   2. Down here, make your way to the door on the opposite side of the room. 
There are openings on the right with possible enemies if you didn't clear 
from the door enough.
   3. Kill the enemy in your sight right when you open the door with a swipe 
of your energy sword. Now follow the hall upwards and kill a second enemy. Up 
the stairs near the enemy two more enemies decide to come out and play, one 
of them wielding a deadly energy sword.
   4. Stay at range and defeat the enemies with the battle rifle (preferably 
head shots) before swapping the energy sword on the ground with your old one.
   5. Access a checkpoint at the dead marine upstairs. Jump on top of the 
shield near him to get to the upper level of this room. Use this high 
position as a vantage point to clear the room below before you enter through 
the northeast door.
   6. Through the adjourning multiple doors, follow the hall until you reach 
more grunts off in the distance. Grenades work well here, especially if you 
want to conserve ammo, because the grunts tend to bunch up in one place. Down 
the hall even further you'll encounter a renegade enemy with a needler, so 
stay your distance and headshot him with the battle rifle.
   7. At the four way intersection down the hall, two more grunts and a enemy 
will pop out of the different paths. Stand back behind the fallen debris and 
take out the enemy from far away. You can defeat any grunts with a simple 
melee bash.
   8. Go right at the intersection and kill the grunt inside this room.

Authorized Personnel Only
   1. On the other side of this room, the door opens and you'll see two 
enemies looking away from you. Stealth might just be your best bet here; walk 
up to the enemies and take them out with your energy sword.
   2. In this very large hanger, head in the opposite direction of the way 
you were when you entered the room and go through the door in the corner.
   3. The next area is fraught with flying creatures that can kill you if you 
stay out in the open. Immediately take the stairs to the right, kill the 
enemy halfway up, and stand on the platform between the two stairs as you 
kill all of the flying creatures in the room. If they start to overtake you, 
run down the stairs for cover.
   4. Once you've defeated all things airborne, fire at the enemies on the 
rising elevator before it reaches the top. They're sitting ducks while 
they're ascending up to your position.
   5. Hop down to the elevator and kill any remaining enemies. An enemy or 
two sometimes hides behind the crate at the far end; make your headshot with 
the battle rifle from range. Afterwards, press X at the green button for the 
elevator to descend down below.
   6. At the bottom, go through the door to the admittedly small room and 
wait for the dialogue for the far door to subsequently open. There are two 
flying enemies in this room, but they are tougher than before, like enemies 
that can fly with automatics to boot. Take cover behind the gray wall to your 
right and make your shots with the battle rifle.
   7. Follow the right path as it goes up and down and leads to a doorway. Go 
right at the doorway to meet another enemy; after defeating it, head through 
the doorway ahead to reach an elevator.

Return to Sender
   1. At the top of the elevator, run outside and immediately head left 
through the small opening to reach a dark but covered area. Walk to the end 
of the hall here and go through the left opening. Take cover at the crate 
right in front of you as you kill the enemies around here. If overrun, head 
back to the dark hall area for cover. If the enemies continue to pursue, you 
have an excellent opportunity to mow them down as they enter through the 
   2. Once the area is clear, run over the bomb with the strobing red light 
for another cutscene.
   3. When you have control again, run forward to the doorway with the 
blinking light. You'll encounter a grunt coming up the stairs here, and he 
should be an easy target. Down the stairs, zoom in on the opposite side of 
the room with your battle rifle to find another grunt ripe and ready.
   4. Run forward to the oversized crate in front of you and fire at all the 
enemies inside and outside of the complex from this position. Take the 
grunt's plasma pistol and fire an overcharged shot to take down the shields, 
because bullets aren't too effective against those things. 

They'll Regret That Too
   1. In the center of the right wall you'll find a very narrow alley. 
Continue following the path even when it becomes a full-blown road. Be weary 
of any snipers on the rooftops. Soon you'll reach a checkpoint at some 
debris. To the left of the debris is a dark entryway. Turn on your light and 
head into the darkness.
   2. At the end, you'll hear and see Covenant fire. That can only mean one 
thing; take cover behind the corner of wall on either side of the room and 
fire at the enemy and two grunts that come through here.
   3. Continue following the dark hall until you reach the outside and 
another checkpoint. Walk down to the beach now and get in the ghost.

A Day at the Beach
   1. Travel all the way down the beach on the ghost to another Covenant 
area. Kill the other Covenant in the ghosts before you slaughter the ground 
troops because the ghost can inflict much more damage. Ride through the 
opening on the opposite wall of the beach.
   2. Inside this little area you'll encounter four enemies that spray you 
with automatic fire. Go slow and take them out one at a time. Follow the path 
as it makes a u-turn back out to the beach. Follow the shore even more until 
you reach another checkpoint.
   3. In this area at the beach here, clear all the enemies with the 
automatic fire of the ghost. When you're done, ride the ghost on the highway 
a little to reach the next mission.

Speed Zone Ahead
   1. When you turn left through the opening at the end of the first highway, 
you'll now be on a similar one. Get out of the ghost and wait for the warthog 
to ride up to you. Get in the driver's seat and start your crazy ride through 
the underground highway. If there is debris on the ground, just drive on the 
upper level to the left of the highway to get around it.
   2. Soon you'll reach another seemingly dead end, but you can swing around 
the debris to get back on the highway. Once you do, two more ghosts will come 
into sight. Just drive and don't worry about them. You can't fire while 
driving, anyway.
   3. Drive to another dead end and switch highways back to the right one to 
get around it. Here, take the right upper level path and stay off the road. 
Drive as fast as you can and don't stop because there are Covenant tanks on 
the ground here.
   4. After three big tanks, get back on the highway because it's a clear 
road all the way passed two checkpoints. When you reach an open area where 
you can switch highways again, ride back over on the left side because there 
are enemies on the right. Head through the opening between the crate and 
drive down the highway for another cutscene. 

Ladies Like Superior Firepower
   1. Get in the driver's seat of the warthog parked to the right. Drive up 
to your fellow marines and let them get inside; they are your only hope at 
killing while you drive, unless you run into some grunts.
   2. Drive down the bridge of the highway now, ignoring any ghosts or tanks 
that might swarm at you. If you keep at a steady speed down the highway, 
dodging the objects on the right, you should reach the next four checkpoints 
unscathed. The trick here is to completely ignore enemy vehicles all the way 
to the tunnel at the end.
   3. Here, drive the warthog down the right tunnel to another checkpoint. 
Although there is a barrier on the road here, you can get around it by 
driving up the ramp to the right of it. Stay on this ramp as you zoom past 
all the enemies. Soon you'll reach an opening to your right; just drive on 
through all the way to the outside.

This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
   1. Outside here, you'll be subjected to heavy enemy fire unless you take 
cover in the warthog behind the large objects scattered about this area. You 
need to make your way to the far right corner to reach the next opening and 
   2. Drive to the next area with enemy fire. The big tank can kill you in 
one shot, but you shouldn't take damage if you move fast. See the archway 
door next to the tank? That's what you need to drive through to reach the 
next area.
   3. Go around the divide to return to the highway. You want to head in the 
right direction when you get on the highway and then make a left and a right 
at the first opportunity. Halfway down this street, get out of the warthog 
and run through the opening here.
   4. We ditched the warthog so you could take down any enemies on foot in 
this area, and also so you could see one of those Covenant tanks. Just strafe 
right up to it, dodging by jumping in the area, and press X while tapping B 
until you destroy the enemies inside the tank. Now ride it and kill the other 
tank. Wait for the ship in the sky to start descending before you fire at it. 
This should make the ship fly away.
   5. The door on the wall behind you will open once you clear the area with 
the tank. Don't kill the marine that greets you; he'll be of some help to 
you. Take the steps to the right and follow all the sets of stairs until you 
reach the top floor balcony.

Field Expedient
   1. The Giant Scarab is your new challenge. Go left from entering the 
outside balcony to find some stairs that reach to the highest level. When you 
reach the top, go left and make your way to the opening on the wall at the 
far end. Walk up next to the door and turn around to see the Scarab wreak 
havoc on the soldiers.
   2. The door behind you opens. Run up the stairs, go through the door, and 
ascend the stairs on the right to reach a bridge. Here, wait at the center of 
the bridge until the Scarab is right before it. Jump from the bridge onto the 
   3. There are a few enemies out here on top of the Scarab. Stay back and 
use long-range fire until this upper area is clear. Descend the stairs 
located in the center of the Scarab to reach another room full of enemies. 
Throwing a grenade into this room works wonders for the fight. Stay at the 
hall before the room and kill any enemies that run up to you. On the other 
side of the room are two tough enemies looking the other way; I like to stick 
my grenades on them to severely weaken them before I finish them off. 

A Whisper In the Storm
   1. From the get-go, run forward and jump down to reach the lower platform. 
Directly behind you is the next door you need to go through; wait for your 
fellow troop to finish talking before the door opens. Wait at the door. I 
suggest you swap your pistol for a better weapon with one of your comrades.
   2. Note: Heed what they say here - your camouflage goes away quickly. Use 
it whenever you enter new rooms to surprise the enemy.
   3. When the door opens, run up the ramp to the right and camouflage. Beat 
down the enemy here with melee; he won't see you coming at all. From this 
upper level, shoot at the grunts below on the other side. Or, even better, 
run down passed them while camouflaged to bypass them completely.
   4. When you reach the end of the road, drop down to another platform and 
turn around fully before you start walking again; the other way just leads to 
a drop-off. Follow the hall as it veers left to an elevator. Press the button 
to descend down.
   5. At the bottom, immediately turn left and hide behind the nook to the 
side of the elevator. Switch to a gun with a scope and start clearing the 
enemies in this area - there are a few snipers as well as enemies, and even 
some flying foes. You should always have the elements of surprise with your 
cloaking abilities.
   6. When the area is clear, press the button in the northeastern corner of 
the room. Take cover behind a pillar here and kill the enemies on the 
opposite side of the room that come through the doorway. Enemies will start 
to come through the other three doorways on the corners of the rooms, but 
you'll have some friends to help you out here.
   7. Switch to a sniper rifle now and clear all the enemies on the level of 
the hangar below you from up above. They'll have a hard time even finding you 
from up here. When the area is clear, jump down and head through the doorway 
opposite the ship to reach a hall and a checkpoint.
   8. Make your way down the hall, turning left, and hide behind the pillar. 
Right beyond this point you'll find a napping grunt that you can assassinate 
with a melee hit or stick with a grenade. The attention from killing the 
first will attract two more enemies to run up the hall, but you have a good 
position behind the pillar to kill them.
   9. Follow the hall to the door on the left but don't go through too far 
because a grunt appears from the right. Just zoom in with your carbine and 
fire away before retreating back into the last room to take cover. Along with 
the grunt, an enemy resides to the right and another enemy is up the ramp 
directly ahead of you when you enter.
  10. After clearing the enemies on this side of the room, ascend the ramp in 
front of the door and cloak to get a good look at the enemies in the rest of 
the room. Take cover, weaken the enemy with a plasma pistol overcharge, and 
then get the carbine out to finish it off.
  11. When you try to run up to the opening on the opposite corner of where 
you came into this room, more enemies will appear. Take cover behind one of 
the cubby holes in the western wall and wait to cloak and infiltrate. 
Assassinate the enemy and take down both of the grunts before you proceed 
through the door they entered from. Not far inside, you'll have another 
firefight with two enemies near a large pillar.
  12. Continue down the hall as you meet again with your allies. At the red 
door, go left and kill the enemy in the darkness in the hall. Further down 
the hall you'll encounter a raid of grunts, but they can easily be defeated 
with an automatic weapon.
  13. At the end of the hall you'll reach a large room with a ton of enemies 
to boot. Find cover behind a crate and start to work on the enemies with a 
plasma pistol shot followed by a carbine knockout. Once the area is clear, 
follow the near wall to the blue door and head through to reach another hall.
  14. If you're quiet here, you can sneak up on the group of two enemies and 
grunts and lob in a nice little grenade. If that doesn't work, take cover 
behind the perfectly located pillars down this hall and fire while constantly 
backing into cover. Go through the door to the left and run to the divide for 
a cutscene.

To the Hunt
   1. Ascend the ramp to the left and engage the enemies that come through 
the open door here. Follow the hall to the outside and get inside the banshee 
by pressing X. Fly over to the hangar inside the building on the far side, 
using the white icon on the screen as a guide.
   2. When you get there, clear the entire area while still in the banshee, 
including the turret on the other side. Some enemies may rush from the door, 
to stay in the banshee while landing to kill any more enemies that appear. 
When the area is clear, exit the banshee and run up to the door for a 

   1. Follow the hall to a door that opens up for you. Inside, there will be 
a few enemies with automatic weapons that you must defeat. Go through the 
blue door on the opposite side of the room and run down to the square opening 
in the middle. Switch to your energy sword and take out the parasite that 
might form on the ground around the room.
   2. Wait until after the Big Bad appears to be showered with parasites. 
Since we're with a whole team, though, you don't have much to worry about it. 
When the area is clear of the parasites, go through the hall in the upper 
left corner to reach a door.
   3. Go up to the door to open it, but stay in the hall because there are 
several powerful flying enemies in this room. Using the wall by the door as 
cover, take out everything in the sky before you enter the room.
   4. Follow your team into the center of this room and help them take out 
the nearby enemies. The platform lowers. As you go down, we have another 
checkpoint because a massive wave of enemies decides to appear out of nowhere 
and attack you.
   5. When you defeat them, the platform continues down further and you're 
invaded by enemies from everywhere before it finally reaches the bottom. 
Stand with your allies in between platforms and let them soak up the damage 
while you begin clearing the area.
   6. Once you reach the bottom, head through the blue door and go left down 
the hallway. About halfway down an enemy ambushes you out of nowhere, so be 
ready to swipe at him with the energy sword.
   7. At the end of the hall, throw grenades and otherwise clear the area 
below that has several enemies. Jump down now and get to work on the spawning 
parasites all around the room down here. Once you get a checkpoint, head 
through the door with the invading enemies on the opposite side of the room. 
You can use the pillar in the room as cover.
   8. Wait at the red door until you're reported that the storm is coming, 
then the door will turn blue and you can enter. In here, take out the foes at 
the far end of the room with the carbine. Run over to their position and head 
through the opening to the left.
   9. Running down the hall, kill the enemy that rushes at you and take out 
the slew of grunts Follow the path as it ascends and leads to another enemy. 
Keep walking along the path, killing enemies and assorted flying creatures, 
until you reach a blue door. Go inside and take the right door to reach a 
large room. Clear the entire room with the carbine from the door. Walk to the 
center for a cutscene.
  10. Now go up all the ramps in this room until you reach the very top. It's 
a few floors total and a few lone parasites. When you get to the top, press X 
at the console to start the elevator.

Hey, Watch This!
   1. Get to the periphery of the area and start circling around it. Switch 
to your energy sword and kill any enemies that jump out. When you reach a 
cable, slice it up with your energy sword. After all three are complete, 
return to the elevator in the center when the place really starts to blow.
   2. Now hop down all the floors and head through the open door. From here, 
run to the drop-off and just jump down. Turn around and go through the blue 
door to reach a new area. Kill the enemies in here as you follow the path to 
a door.
   3. After a cutscene, fly the banshee to the opposite hangar denoted with a 
white icon.

Dead or Alive...Actually, Just Dead
   1. Run forward through the door and turn right to reach another door. 
Follow the hallway inside to the opposite door and turn left at the 
intersection to reach another checkpoint. Follow the hall until you see a 
blue door on your right that you should enter.
   2. Follow the hallway way as it elevates higher and higher. You'll 
encounter a group of parasites and a lone grunt, but otherwise the journey is 
uneventful until you reach the top.
   3. In this new room, stay on the high platform and shoot at all the 
enemies below. If they lower your shields, run back to the last room and wait 
for them to recharge before going back in.
   4. Once this area is clear, from the elevated platform head to the 
opposite corner where you will find an opening. Head through and work your 
way up the ramps to a door for a cutscene.
   5. In this new room, it's time to take out the heretic leader's henchmen 
who are none other than elites on jetpacks. Find cover, switch to your 
carbine or plasma rifle, and get to work.
   6. When you've defeated them, the heretic leader appears, indicating that 
it's time for another firefight. Alternatively, you can jump up on the round 
silver ship in the room and take him out with the energy shield if you're 
quick enough after beating the elites.

   1. Follow the marines on the pathway, killing the lone grunt along the 
way, and work your way down the path. Stop at every ruin on the path and take 
out any enemies or grunts that you encounter on the way. Soon you'll 
encounter a few turrets as well, and then after the radio call phantoms 
arrive with more enemies.
   2. Immediately hijack the phantom and continue following the path, driving 
and shooting at all the enemies that you encounter. The noteworthy enemies 
are the other phantoms and the turrets.
   3. When you reach the big ruin with the multiple turrets, take them all 
out with either the phantom or sniper shots. Inside the ruin, extend the 
bridge by pressing X at the center console.
   4. With the bridge down, head back outside and hijack one of the invading 
phantoms. Kill the remaining phantom before crossing the bridge. Follow the 
cave along passed the waterfall, as the road becomes cobblestone. Once that 
happens, you're bound to encounter a phantom. Continue onwards until you 
reach back outside.

You Break It, You Buy It
   1. Get off the phantom and take out the infantry on the far side of this 
area. A rocket launcher would also work wonders here to destroy all the 
phantoms in the area. There are several turrets lined up against the wall and 
in the center between the rocks.
   2. Now that the area is clear, get back on a phantom and head through the 
opening on the other side. Follow the path as it weaves around, killing the 
enemies along the way, until Cortana announces the pelican is here.
   3. Clear all the enemies and continue until you see a Regret hologram. 
From here, shoot at the enemies on the upper level and take the slope 
leftwards to the hole. Enter here and continue following the path until you 
reach more ruins.
   4. Enter through the door and turn left then right to reach the next room. 
Here, kill the elites with energy swords inside. There are three total, and 
once you kill one take its energy sword to make killing the others easier. 
When the room is clear, walk over to the hologram for a cutscene.

   1. Go up the ramp either side to the open door. Through here you will find 
two soldiers to your left. Follow the path in this direction as you kill 
enemy after enemy until you reach the outside.
   2. Take cover behind anything. Switch to your sniper and kill all enemies 
in your sight, even the ones off in the distance at it will make your life 
easier latter.
   3. Continue by crossing the bridges until you reach a large area. You have 
another checkpoint here because you're about to face some difficult foes. 
Hide behind any object around here and wait for the two big machines to drop 
   4. The most efficient way to defeat these guys is to get a plasma grenade 
off near them (or, better yet, stick one on them) and then fire away with a 
damaging gun like the carbine or sniper.
   5. After defeating both, wait for the reinforcements to arrive on the 
ship. Cortana announces Covenant arrival on a gondola - this is your chance 
to snipe them out before they get here. Once you've cleared the gondola, 
press X at the glowing button at the front of it.

One-Way Ticket
   1. As the gondola rides down, kill the flying enemies that try to invade 
you. Soon another gondola will come up to you; clear all the enemies inside 
and the gondola will continue on downwards.
   2. Snipe all of the turret enemies on the upper levels as you approach the 
big temple. With them gone, focus on the hostiles below; if they have 
shields, switch to a Covenant weapon to take care of it.
   3. Move inside the temple through the doorway and follow the hall to a 
room with four enemies. Toss in a grenade and finish them off from there. Now 
enter the room and make your way to the other side to clear any more enemies.
   4. When the area is clear, a full car of Covenant ascends from the ground 
on an elevator. Just throw a grenade inside to take care of them. Enter the 
elevator now and wait as it moves down.
   5. When the elevator stops, follow the hallway through two doors. Don't 
take the dip down and kill all the enemies down in the center of the hall. 
Continue along and when the path slopes upward, go around and under the slope 
to kill any enemies hiding under there.
   6. With them gone, take the ramp and follow the halls until you reach a 
large room. You'll encounter some flying creatures and an enemy with an 
energy sword. Once you've cleared this room, head through the opening on the 
far wall.
   7. This new room has a ton of enemies along with two more of the same type 
you encountered outside. The same rules apply here: use a grenade to weaken 
them and seal the deal with some shooting.
   8. Once you've cleared the area, head to the left and go inside the hall 
to reach a door. Stay at the door while you snipe out the enemies in the 
water in the center of this next room. Walk down to the water that floods the 
corridor and wait for a cloaked enemy to run down the opposite ramp. After 
killing him, follow the hall to the elevator and press X to descend.
   9. Exit the elevator and bash the unsuspecting grunt with your weapon. Go 
right to the opening and walk down the hall. At the corner there are a few 
grunts and other enemies.
  10. Once you defeat them, walk outside and follow the dirt path to the 
ruins, killing any enemies in the area. On the other side of the ruins, you 
will find another gondola with a button to start it. Before you do, though, 
pick up the rocket launcher on the ground before the gondola.
  11. While on the gondola, defend yourself from the flying enemies with the 
battle rifle for the soft targets and the rocket launcher for the machine. 
Similar to last time, a gondola will come up to the side and stop your 
descent. Once you clear that gondola, you'll continue down to the temple.
  12. If you have a sniper handy, it helps to take out some of the enemies on 
the landing platform while you're still far enemies. Enemies of note: the 
turrets that are manned by soft enemies.

Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something?
   1. After jumping onto the platform, kill any remaining enemies beside the 
doorway and make your way inside. Go right and take the ramp up a level, then 
clear this room while making your way to the other side. There are several 
enemies here, so if you want to speed up the process a bit, just run over to 
the opposite side of the room to find Regret.
   2. Defeating the prophet is rather simple. Just make a big jump up to his 
hovering vehicle and press X in an attempt to hijack. While Master Chief is 
on him, melee him to death with the B button.
   3. If more elites come out, try to stay on the prophet if you can. He 
should be your only focus unless the room gets so cluttered that you die. 
When you start to get overtaken, run up the ramp to the bridge over this 
area. You can jump back onto Regret from this position and finish him off. 

Uncomfortable Silence
   1. Go northwest from the starting location to an opening door. Jump down 
the chute and drop down each way to the bottom. Here, make your way through 
this room to the other side, killing the grunts in here along the way. Fire 
at the blue symbol to make a path. Drop down again and clear this room before 
walking along to the other side.
   2. Follow the hallway as it leads to more chutes that open when you fire 
at them. You 'l each a very similar enemy here, and after yet another level 
you finally reach the power center. Fire at each of the lights on the pillars 
to continue.
   3. When all the pillars are touched up, press X at the console in the 
center for another checkpoint. You should be enduring some enemy fire from 
above, but luckily you got the platform to move down.

Buyer's Remorse
   1. When you've reached the bottom on the elevator, there will be a very 
large flying machine in the air that you must destroy. If you find yourself 
low on health, retreat to the lower floor of the elevator and recharge.
   2. After the flying machine is destroyed, go through the opening in the 
northwest corner of the room. Make your way over each of the divides to the 
very end where you will find another machine you must fire at on the light to 
reveal the hole that leads to a lower level.
   3. Down below, follow the hallway, killing the lone zombie, and drop down 
another level. Here, run down the room a little and possibly pick up the 
shotgun from the dead marine. It's a good choice for the battles ahead.
   4. Continue down this hall all the way to the very end, killing the hordes 
of enemies along the way. Or, you could just rush across and drop down. Here, 
go turn around and make your way to the opposite end. You'll find another 
place to drop down on the left here.
   5. Follow the room to the corner to the right, either killing enemies or 
stealthing past. Walk through the hall and kill the flying object as you 
reach another room. From here, head north to the opposite side and fire at 
the light to open the ground below. Do the same again for the next level, and 
now you'll have a large drop down to the bottom.
   6. Although there's a ton of baddies on this level that you can kill, all 
you really have to do is head to the opposite side of the room and go down 
another level. After another long drop, follow the dark tunnel to the 

100,000 Year's War
   1. Kill the two elites on the ground around here and start walking to the 
center. You'll encounter an elite with an energy sword, along with hordes of 
flood. Luckily, some of your allies have returned to help you.
   2. Clear the area and you'll hear a scream. From the center of the area, 
look to the left of the blue light to find where they are invading from and 
take them don with your rifle. As more and more creatures decide to invade, 
take them all out with a combination of attacks and use the tunnel to reach 
another area full of enemies.
   3. Again, your work is mainly killing all the enemies in this area near 
the blue light. Remember that you have stealth here so you can run up to any 
enemy while invisible and just one shot him with the energy sword.
   4. When you've successfully defended the area from several waves of 
enemies, we have another cutscene.

Objects in Mirror are Larger Than They Appear
   1. Get in the ghost and fire at the enemies from the door opening on the 
far side of this area. Once you've defeated them, drive through this opening 
and follow the path as it leads to a room.
   2. Head to the opposite side of your current location, dropping down a 
level, and drive through the door. Follow the path as it leads back outside.

Healthy Competition
   1. Even while outside and taking fire, stick to the path until you shoot 
through another door. From here you'll really be back outside again. Drive 
down the land passed all the tanks and ghosts to an opening on the opposite 
end of the area.
   2. Drive through the tunnel and get out of the ghost at the fire. Continue 
through the next tunnel to reach the inside of a very dark building.
   3. Aside from the usual crew of enemies, make your way to the tunnel on 
the other side of the room to go back outside. Now scale the rocks on the 
left and run through the tunnel entrance here.
   4. Make your way through the tunnel, using the energy sword to kill 
enemies along the way, until you reach the outside again. There should be a 
ghost on the ground - pick it up and continue the drive through these snowy 
plains. Just ignore any enemies until you reach the far wall in the next 
   5. Get out of the banshee and head through the door. Up all the ramps, 
follow the bridge pathway to another cutscene.

Shooting Gallery
   1. Jump down a level and stay on this elevator as it descends all the way 
down. As it works its way down, you'll undoubtedly encounter enemies along 
the way, but the flying brigades will have a much harder time getting to you 
when you are on the low level.
   2. When the platform reaches its destination (this will take at least a 
few minutes), walk out from the elevator and make your way to the other side 
of the area.

That Old, Familiar Feeling
   1. Head northeast to the center of this area until you see a small 
opening. Go through the opening for another cutscene. 

Inside Job
   1. Right from the start, Cortana yells "Brutes!" and you know that you're 
in for a real fight. Well, actually, if you just jump around every which way 
while firing an automatic weapon in the brute's location, it should fall 
rather easy
   2. After killing the brute, take the Brute Plasma Rifle as it's just 
awesome and dual wield it with another of the same. With all this firepower, 
make your way to the other side of the area to reach a large corridor with 
doors on all sides.
   3. On the center left door, some enemies will appear and cause some 
trouble. Take them out with your rifles, then walk back outside and kill any 
of the other enemies that appear in this room.
   4. Kill the captain at the checkpoint quickly with rapid fire and enter 
through the red door. Using the door and the last room as cover, clear all 
the enemies in this room before infiltrating the area.
   5. Once you've cleared the area, head to the side of the area with the 
hologram. When the door opens, enter the new room and take the door on the 
opposite side to reach another room. This room has a few easy enemies that 
you can defeat on the ground and some tougher foes in the level above. If you 
have any trouble, just take cover by retreating to the previous room.
   6. After the area is cleared, go towards the far left corner of the room 
to find a small hallway leading to another door. Inside this new area, kill 
the charging elite and any other enemies with a handy rifle and the door as 
   7. Once the area is all clear, go over to the left or right side of the 
platform and jump down to the area below. Before you do, though, take out any 
enemies down there from this great position. Head through the door behind you 
on the lower level. Continue down the hall, killing all enemies encountered 
along the way. There is ample cover in this area so just choose one of 
several options.
   8. At the first four-way intersection, take the north door to reach a 
rather large area with lots of enemies hiding behind the structures. Go 
through this area slowly so you don't get overran by enemies.
   9. Through the door on the other side at another four way intersection two 
small enemies will surprise. Take the north door to reach a large room. Here, 
descend down the ramp and stand on the circle in the middle to shoot down 
  10. Down here two brutes will greet you, but luckily they shouldn't have 
seen your entrance so you can sticky bomb them quiet easily. You need to 
clear this room now, and enemies are all about. I recommend sticking to the 
side because if you're in the center you'll get heavy fire from all 
  11. At the corners of the room you'll find machines that make you fly up a 
level. At the upper level again, go through the door that opens for you and 
the adjacent door to reach another room full of enemies. Staying at the 
doorway, kill all those tough enemies with shields before you enter in here.
  12. In the next large area, get back to your clearing of the area by 
staying on the upper platform and shooting at the enemy below. Just walk 
backwards if you endure heavy fire.
  13. Go through the door with the Cortana hologram next to it to find 
yourself at another firefight. Same rules apply here as before. Once the area 
is clear, walk inside to find all of the marines.
  14. With the marines, head back in the previous room and camp the enemies 
that come down from the purple portals. Now use them to go up two levels. At 
the top here, kill the flying elite in the center of the room and his brutish 
brethrens. With them out of the way, take the center portal on one-way ticket 
  15. You are back in a very familiar area with the four doors. While the 
enemies disperse from one of the doors, hide in the center building and take 
them out one at a time. Go through the door that they came from to reach one 
of those very large corridor hallways that is full of enemies. Grenades and 
rapid fire work wonders here.
  16. At the end of this room, take the door on the right and head through 
the door in front of you. A smaller corridor perhaps, but more of the same 
thing here: lots of enemies bunched up in a small place.
  17. After taking the next door on the left wall, in the four-door room opt 
for the left door with the blue lights. Make your way to the other side of 
this area to an opening door. Kill all the enemies from the doorway and the 
go back outside. From here, go right to the blue light and pick up any 
weapons you need.
  18. Walk down the path, killing the enemies along the way, and enter 
through the door at the end. Clear this room, and then take the door on the 
opposite side to reach the outside again. After crossing the chasm, kill any 
waves before the door before entering through. In this area, defeat the 
enemies, using anything you can for cover, and continue along the chasms and 
areas until you reach the door back inside.
  19. Immediately go left here and walk down the left door's hall to reach 
the outside again. Be weary of the flying enemies; if your shields go down, 
retreat back inside the building.
  20. Area clear, follow the catwalk to the opposite door. Follow all the 
doors and linear path to reach another chasm. Zoom across and continue this 
same pattern of building-chasm-building until you reach a very large room. At 
the far end there are two brutes; snipe them out, and then enter through the 
opposite door. Across more outside terrain and more enemies, you will again 
reach a door that leads inside.
  21. Clear this area and walk to the opposite corner to find an opening that 
leads to a hall. At the end of the hall you'll be at a room with a portal in 
the center. Kill the enemies on the upper level before even showing yourself 
inside here. Run through this area and through the opposite the door to reach 
another one of those really big halls with tons of enemies.
  22. After killing the flying stuff and the turrets, enter the door on the 
other side of the room to be greeted by some flood. Once you've taken those 
things out, inside the next room make an immediate right up the ramp to a 
higher platform. Assassinate any elites up here then use this position to 
clear the rest of the room.
  23. Entering the door in the corner of the room, don't go inside fully and 
take out all the enemies while using the sliding door as cover. Enter through 
the pair of doors now and run down the bridge outside. You'll reach a 
cutscene when you are at the door on the other side.

Oh, So That's How It Is
   1. Follow the path down the forest terrain. Sneak up on the first enemy 
you see on the trail; after killing him, you'll probably get the attention of 
the others. Just use the rocks as cover.
   2. Continue following the path until you reach a white door. Inside here, 
go left and follow the hall through the doors to the large cavernous room. 
Jump up on the platform to the right and just head north to a herd of enemies 
with shields. After taking them out with your carbine, enter the door they 
came through to get to another room.
   3. In this new room, take an immediate left to a small door with some of 
your allies. Through this door, follow the hall to another door that leads to 
a balcony. Jump down to the level below and clear the area.
   4. Take the small gray door on the wall here and continue this rather 
linear progression until the next mission. You can also stealth around 
everyone if you desire.

Step Aside, Let the Man Go Through
   1. Through this door you'll encounter a whole group of enemies, so either 
throw a grenade or get a splash weapon to cripple them on the first surprise 
shot. With them out of the way, go outside and immediately turn left.
   2. Follow the dirt walkway and kill all small enemies along the path. Soon 
you will reach a ghost. Now the going is eminently easier as you travel much 
faster. Follow the river to the next area.

Fight Club
   1. At the building, take out the snipers outside and then continue driving 
the ghost along until you meet two big tanks. Don't panic, though; you can 
easily dodge any of their attacks.
   2. Further along, get out of the ghost and kill the enemies in the area 
before the door opens for you. Inside here follow the hall to a room with 
more brutes. Head through all the adjacent rooms back outside.
   3. Go left from the door and keeping running until you reach a tunnel 
entrance. Kill all the enemies in the tunnel before you go through and back 
outside to reach a cutscene.

   1. Don't go too far up the ramp because an elite with an energy sword will 
rush at you. After downing him with the rifle, swap your secondary for the 
energy sword run all around this area, clearing all the enemies, until you 
can enter the door here.
   2. A boatload of flood enemies resides in this room, so you may have to 
run back outside if your shields go down. After clearing the room, take the 
door on the opposite side and stand on the purple portal. Going up!
   3. At the top, enter through the door directly in front of you to reach an 
area inhabited with those flying menaces. Take the two linear purple portals 
and mow down the elites that come through the door to your left on this 
   4. Enter through the door that the enemies came from to reach the next 

Please, Make Yourself at Home
   1. Follow the straightforward rooms, killing all the enemies and flood 
along the way, until you reach a room with two levels. Here, snipe out the 
enemies above before you proceed further.
   2. Continue to the opposite door to find yourself in a hallway. At the end 
of the hallway, go through the door and turn right. Here, follow the path to 
the next door.
   3. At the four-way door intersection, choose the north door ahead of you 
that's colored differently. You'll reach an elevator that will ascend to the 
next level.

   1. I recommend staying at the elevator in this large room and picking off 
the enemies. When everything's all clear, enter through the door to your 
right. After entering the opposite door, stand on the purple portal to go up 
yet again. 

Once More, With Feeling
   1. An armada of elites resides in this large room. Just stay on the 
platform you entered on and snipe away with your weapons at the enemies on 
the other side of the room. If anyone tries to rush you, melee them to death.
   2. In addition to elites, the parasite also makes an appearance here from 
the entryways on the sides.
   3. You can completely bypass this battle if you just run up to the white 
circle on the far side of the room.

Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof
   1. Take your allies vehicle (you need to be driving) until you reach a 
Covenant tank. Get out of this small vehicle and hijack that one to make your 
life a lot easier. With the big tank, fire at all the little ghosts as you 
make your way down the valley.
   2. At the Scarab, kill the tank that's firing at you from far away to 
eliminate the threat.
   3. Now go through the doors on the far wall to meet the familiar twosome 
beam enemies. Use the same strategy as always: stick them with a plasma 
grenade before downing them for good with your rifle.
   4. Run through all the halls and doors until you reach a room with a hefty 
upper level full of enemies. You'll have to retreat back to the door now and 
take them out one by one. Once they're toast, head up the ramp to the right 
and through the door to reach a cavernous room again. Follow the path to a 
tunnel and down the tunnel you'll find another door.
   5. Through this door, head through the small hallway to reach the outside 
again. When you reach the bridge, take cover behind the divides and fire at 
the enemies with shields. Use a Plasma Pistol overcharge to knock the shields 
down first.
   6. When the area is clear, enter the door on the opposite side and trudge 
through all of the hallways until you reach a room with two levels. Take the 
ramp in the center and go left around the center to find all the enemies on 
the other side.
   7. Note: When you try to go near the door, four or five brutes will enter, 
joining their comrades in the room. Wait until the room is clear before you 
trigger the brute event.
   8. Enter through the brute door and follow the halls to a room with a 
large machine Scarab.

Backseat Driver
   1. When a banshee lands here, press X to get inside. Fly over the beach 
near the Scarab and kill the three tanks on the ground with your banshee 
fire. You can easily dodge any attacks while in this ship.
   2. Ride through the valley to a temple. Kill the two tanks on the ground 
before it and also the two flying banshees.
   3. Wait for the Scarab. Blow down the temple's front door.

Delusions and Grandeur
   1. Park near the doorway and enter the room with more Elites. Take the 
door on the right to reach another room. After clearing the area, walk to the 
end for a cutscene.
   2. It's the final boss fight! And what an easy fight it is! Tartarus is 
invincible at the beginning of the fight; don't engage him at all. Just do 
some creative dodging until he starts to endure some heavy fire from your 
friend's turret. When this happens, he is no longer invincible and entirely 
susceptible to attack.
   3. I recommend you stay your distance in this fight with two Brute Plasma 
Rifles. When the shield's down because Tartarus is taking fire, this is your 
only chance to damage him so make it count. After a few rounds of dodging and 
firing when his shield is down, Tartarus will finally fall.
   4. Congratulations on completing Halo 2! 

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