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The Most Hyped Game Everbbears8/10
Ladies like armor plating.bluberry9/10
Halo 2 gives a whole new meaning to killing aliens...and playing as onebover_878/10
Bungie uses lots of hype and little else in order to create a bestselling Xbox gamebrutusmuktuk7/10
Halo, everybody!clarkisdark10/10
Not only is this game a good game, this game is the best first person shooter since the original Halo.Connor429/10
Halo 2 gives the gamers what they want and improves on its predecessorCubular9/10
Why I Got Xbox LiveDandyQuackShot9/10
Earth will never be the same?Dark1159/10
Halo 2- good game, but far from perfectDarkv17/10
Got that armor in my size?Destination9/10
Gaming will never be the same again!Element5010/10
An above-average game without XBox Live, but a superb game with it.Evil Dave9/10
FPS combat has evolved even furtherEvil Insane9/10
BOOM!!! Headshot!!Fossil8/10
Halo 2. I doubt you've heard of it.gamelord1210/10
Halo 2 comes to us to answer our greatest question: Whatever happend to Killzone?grasu8/10
The definitive Halo experiencehorror_spooky10/10
Aliens trying to rip you to shreds have never looked so good.idiotman710/10
Worth the Wait... times 50... million... zillionitalianman1510/10
Halo 2 knocks off any Xbox game away from the top.Jetski109/10
The cat's pajamas ain't got nothin on thisKobold Warrior10/10
This game is simply not fun at all.Link1654/10
Game of the Year? Nah, Game of the GenerationMech Master10/10
Halo 2 : THE Prime Example of Overhypemetalgearsolidfan165/10
Halo Be Thy Namemidwinter10/10
Ignore the praise, ignore the abuse.MSuskie9/10
A console FPS worthy of this long reviewMuck0 Man10/10
A Worthy SuccessorNahtanoj9/10
Great yet awkward middle chapternickthegun8/10
The Only True "Halo Killer"ocissordei9/10
The game we've all been waiting for...phazer10/10
It turns out that Bungie destroyed Halo, not the Master Chief.Poopleson6/10
A mix of average single player and mangled multiplayer makes me a disappointed gamer indeed.RavenOfProphecy7/10
XBL is highly recommendedRhask8/10
Gripping, enthralling, yet slightly flawed...RockDemon38/10
Excuse me please, where's the game I thought I bought ?RokDhotnez8/10
With A Little Marketing, This Game Could Be A HitRottenwood8/10
It's so good, it gets an 9 out of 10.SacredTears_3339/10
Halo 2 greatest game ever made? A=Hell YEAH!!!Samzac10/10
A stellar sequel, Halo 2 is gaming greatness.ShadowGuardian910/10
Who is it that has awakened me from my 4-month slumber? Ahh its Halo 2, and itís about timeÖshneepshnop8/10
Inevitable disappointmentSkankinPickle7/10
An impressive game that is an improvement over its predecessor.The Vic Viper9/10
"Itís not a new plan. But we know itíll work."TheRedneck147/10
One of the Best Games of the Year!Tiebones9/10
A huge letdown on the singleplayer, but awesome multiplayerTomdogg8/10
To those who said this day would never come...Vegechan9/10
Halo 2 points the console FPS in a promising and exciting directionVman20018/10
On top or Mediocre?Weisess_Fleisch6/10
Worth the hype? Not so much...wolverinefan8/10
Halo 2: Combat Redefined.Xboxlover29/10
An Adequate Multiplayer, A Mediocre Campaign.Yoh_of_Izumo7/10
Say Halo 2 my Lil Friend!ZeonAce00799/10
Master Chief has touched down. His mission? Sell millions of copies in hours.ZFS9/10
If it ain't broken don't fix it!Zylo the wolf9/10

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A great game, but with different priorites than Halo had.AceWombat049/10
Great game with only a few flaws...AlphaOmegaman9/10
Halo 2 is your godAlucard51710/10
Take one part Awesomeness, one part hype and divide expectations and you get Halo 2.BigT9/10
Halo, how could you have failed me?blackenedhaiku4/10
Amazing; Halo 2 does lives up to most of the hype. But is it the perfect FPS?Brad Da Man8/10
A Fine Addition to a Fine SeriesCaptain Jim9/10
"There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?"Carnival Nights9/10
Did I already mention this game was overhyped?Century08/10
Great game, but not as good as the first.Chubidubi9/10
HALO2, good but not perfect(especially multiplayer)cranium9/10
The best FPS Xbox has to offerdantedevil410/10
Great overall, but somewhat lacking...EasternDragon7/10
The King of the Xbox FPS returnsfergdude3310/10
More of the same, and then a bit less... SINGLE PLAYER REVIEWFifth Beatle6/10
Well Worth the WaitFrZnChAoS9/10
Prepare to give it all away....GDFScarFace10/10
And I thought Guilty Spark was misleading.General Raynor7/10
This is the best FPS that you'll ever see on this generation of consoles.Gotenks12159/10
The best game ever.. x2!Helljumper L9910/10
It's good, sure, but you're missing out if you don't have Xbox Live...honestgamer9/10
This is called "living up to the hype."Katon10/10
Best Xbox game of the yearkiriyama210/10
Gretest, shooter, everkts12310/10
Amazing... mostlyLord Alchemy9/10
Amazing sequel that lives up to the hype. Might wanna get XBL though.Master Chief 117 2310/10
Could anything be any better?maul0009/10
This game defines 'unbelievable'...Msterchief10/10
My honest Halo 2 reviewMulas9/10
A must haveOrporg9/10
Halo 2 Game of The Year??Paolosantos9/10
Amazing, But A Disappointing SequalQbsean108/10
An excellent sequel to an excellent game.Rare Trick9/10
Get the other Holiday Blockbusters firstrockfresh1267/10
A Lot of Hype makes Halo 2 become an upgraded Halo rather than a whole new gameSonic49/10
A great game with few flaws.SpiralSage8/10
You say goodbye. I say Halo.Spirit of the3rdkey7/10
What the hell happend??TheEvilZombie16/10
The best in the trilogytherater139/10
An overrated disappointment.Wewt Wewt6/10
Arguably the Best Console FPS Ever...x Asad x10/10
Xbox will never be the same...xboarthefighterx9/10
We Have Only Just BegunXenogears Id10/10
Perhaps the greatest game for understanding crucial "Improvement" mistakes.Zell987/10
All the hype and so much moreZerox1210/10

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