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 ####       #      ####    ####    #####      #####             _______
### ##     ###     #  ##  ### ##  ### ###    #######          _/  __   \
###       #   #    ####   ###    ###   ###  ## ### ##        /  _/  \_  \
### ##   #######   ##     ### ##  ### ###   ##  #  ##       /__/     /  /
 ####   ###   ###  ##      ####    #####    ##     ##              _/ _/
========================VS============================            /  /
      KKKKKKKKK   YYYYY      YYY  OOO      OOO                  _/ _/
      KKKKKK      YYYYYY     YYY  OOO    OOO                   /  /      
      KKKK        YYY YYY    YYY  OOO  OOO                   _/ _/       
         KKKK     YYY  YYY   YYY  OOOOO                    _/  /        
           KKKKK  YYY   YYY  YYY  OOO  OOO                /    \________
          KKKKKK  YYY    YYY YYY  OOO    OOO              \____________/

Cheap Edition... er.. Easy Operation               
For Xbox / Xbox Live!

(My first real ASCII art!)

XBOX LIVE! F.A.Q. v. 1.1 March 10, 2003

Written by SW4EtErNiTy / Kellen Bloomer / ME!
E-mail me at:
Gamertag: SW4Eternity
AIM: AgentSW4
My homepage:

This FAQ is specifically designed to answer questions/give strategies 
exclusively pertaining to online play on Xbox Live! (And yes, I will have that 
exclamation point after every time I mention Xbox Live!) This will not contain 
move lists, and regular complete FAQ things.

Check for the latest version at




      -Getting Xbox Live!
      -Hooking up Xbox Live!
      -Connecting to Xbox live!

      -Quick Match
      -Create Game

      -EO Users
      -Verbal Abuse
      -Blatant Cheating

      -Common characters
      -Specific Tactics
      -Cheap Tactics

      -Letter Rating
      -Number Ranking



1.0	First draft. March 8, 2003

1.01	Small corrections, a few more F.A.Q's March 10, 2003

1.1 March 11, 2003 Rather large update, with a Glossary added, a few more FAQ's 
    addressed, some specific strategies started as promised, and the Verbal Abuse
    and Blatant Cheating sections added. Also I redrew that crappy ASCII '2'.



I, Kellen Bloomer (SW4Eternity), wrote this FAQ, not you, and please do not 
claim to do so.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO is a registered copyright of Capcom 1987-2003.

SNK characters are now respectfully owned by Playmore.

Do not do anything with this FAQ you would not do with, any other FAQ. 

I don't want to type you that horrendously long name anymore, so CvS2 shall 
furthermore represent the game.

(c) SW4EtErNiTy March 8, 2003


Released early February 2003 in the US, CvS2 represents the first true online 
fighting game console game to play and play well. (Although not the first 
online fighting game period, not quite sure what that honor goes to)
People around the world rejoiced and logged on, only to have their massive egos 
crushed by the truly good (and cheap) players out there. It's a Ryu eat Ryu 
world out there, and it takes time to survive. Are you ready? (Heh, I've always 
wanted to type that)


Sadly, arcades are dying out, real competition is becoming scarce, and no one 
wants to play the computer all day.

Xbox Live! allows you to play people from around the country, and even from 
around the world. You can't tell me you are not curious about how you would 
fare against the legendary Japanese players ^_^

You can also use the headset to talk smack, use your custom colors/Grooves, and 
play on a low latency network all day from the safety of your own home, how can 
you not be excited?


===Getting Xbox Live!===

First before anything, you need electricity, an Xbox, a DSL/Cable Internet 
connection, a TV, a controller, some cables, a credit card/debit card, and 
finally an Xbox 
Live! starter kit.

You can find a starter kit at your local store in which you would usually find 
videogames, or one of the millions of Internet sites that sell videogames. It 
costs $50,
the same as any game.

It includes:

Xbox Live! Disc

 -Live! Software
 -MotoGP online demo
 -Whacked! online demo
 -A year's service of Xbox Live!

And the Headset of course.

And, yes you NEED a credit card or debit card, although nothing will be charged 
to it for at 
least the first year of the service.

In case you are wondering if there are enough games for it to warrant the 


Unreal Championship 
NFL Fever 2003 
Ghost Recon 
NFL 2K3 
Capcom vs. SNK 2

DOWNLOADABLE NOW (or very soon):

ToeJam & Earl 3: All Funked Up 
Splinter Cell
MX Superfly 


Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans 
Midtown Madness 3 
Rayman Arena 
Armada 2 
NCAA College Basketball 2K3 
Rainbow Six: Ravens Shield 
Phantasy Star Online 
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 
Star Wars Galaxies 
Amped 2 
Halo 2 
Rallisport Challenge Xbox Live 
Project Gotham Racing 2
True Fantasy Live Online
Star Wars: Galaxies
Brute Force
Star Wars: Clone Wars

350,000 people are waiting!

===Hooking up Xbox Live!===


===Connecting to Xbox Live!===

Load up your game (CvS2 in this case) and choose the network mode, choose your 
Gamertag, enter your 4-button password and confirm. You are connected and ready 
to play!


When you first log on to the Xbox Live! network using CvS2 you will see the 
following options:
      -Quick Match
            Start a Quick Match.

            Find a match suited to your needs.

      -Create Match
            Create your own game

            See if you have any friends on, and what their ranking is.

            See the names of the people you have played during this session. 
            Useful for adding friends.
		View the current Rankings
       -Online Status
		Change your online status to off / back on
       -Sign out
		Sign out of Xbox Live!

===Quick Match===

This option finds the quickest math using the default search options, and if 
one is not located you will be given the option to create your own game using 
the same options.

The default options are:
      - RULE: Console
      - MATCH CATEGORY: Domestic
      - VOICE CHAT: On


This is probably where you will start your games. This is allows you to search 
all the current games using various criteria.

The different search options available:

            This means EO and AC is available,
            as well as color edits, and EX grooves.

            This means only EO is available,
            as well as color edits, and EX grooves.

            This means only AC is available, and
            color edits, and EX grooves are not.

      Unfortunately you cannot have EX grooves
      and/or color edits on, and outlaws EO.

            Search for only people who have created a domestic
            (within your Xbox's country) match.

            Search for only people who have created a worldwide match.
            You can play people from Japan, France, England, Germany
            and more here.

            Talk to your opponent!

            Ignore your opponent!

When you search the list of games will come up, and it will give you the 
following information:

            The person's Gamertag.

            The person's letter rank.

            The rule you searched for (Console/EO/Arcade)

            The language they are using 
                  ENG - English
                  JPN - Japanese
                  FRA - French
                  DEU - Germany
                  ESN - Spain

            If this has a speaker Icon they
            have their headset plugged in. If not, they don't.

            The speed of the connection to you,
            it will either be Good, Bad, or Worst. Avoid Worst,
            but I find Bad to play just fine.

If no one has created a game under your criteria you will be greeted with the 
following message:

"No one meets your conditions at this time.
You can either change the conditions or wait for a while"

Although it doesn't say this, you can also create your own game.

===Create Game===

You can host your own game using your own conditions.
The available conditions are the same as above except:
      -Any Players
            Let anyone join your match.

            Let only the people on your friends list join your match.		


If you have a friend who gets this game, or meet someone online you want to 
play again one day, make the a friend.

If you have already played them in your current online session, just go to 
PLAYERS, then press A, then make a friend request.

If you have not played them, you will need to go to the Xbox dashboard, go to 
the Live! section and then manually type in their Gamertag.


Under this menu you can see the top ranking people in the following categories:

      -Friends (Your friends)

Once you select a ranking press Y to see your ranking or X to see the top 
rankings. They are sorted by points (more info on that below)

The weekly ratings are reset on every Sunday, and the month's on the first of 
every month.


Before we start, I have found that making verbal contact with a person, and 
chatting up a nice conversation will actually help against all of these (except 
lag which it hurts). So try keeping your microphone on, and having a decent 
conversation while you kick their ass! ^_^

===EO Users===

Easy Operation.

Originally intended to help the users of the Gamecube's version to play with 
non-fighting game friendly pad, they decided to keep it in the Xbox Live! 
version. Basically it allows you to do specials and supers using the right 
stick only, while you d regular moves with the triggers. Unfortunately people 
abuse this. Big time.

Charge characters like Blanka, Guile, M. Bison, E. Honda, and so on, suddenly 
became a lot easier to use (and more difficult to beat), since it cancels out 
any charging time needed for them

The BEST way to avoid this is to use the Arcade setting, thus outlawing EO (and 
custom colors and grooves as well) The problem is if you like to show off your 
cool colors, and use your special grooves, your stuck in the mix with EO users.

They do have the following disadvantages though (keep these in mind)

-  They are not able to poke easily, and combo in to
   effective specials/supers. Therefore play defensively
   and wait for openings.

-  Most EO users use it because they don't know how to really
   play the game, and thus do not know many of the tricks veterans know.

-  They have to use the stick for moving as well, so it is harder for
   them to get precise movements.

Also EO does another annoying thing: Auto block. No longer can you trop someone 
if they are standing, and the only time you can hit them, without throwing, is 
to catch them off guard.

Just remember when you choose console mode, you are agreeing to put up with EO 


This is my personal peeve, those who quite right before they know they are 
going to lose or right as they lose. Also known as dropper/pullers.

When you see the following message:
"The Connection Is No Longer Available"
You probably have been dropped.

Why do people do this?
Because you both get a loss, instead of you getting a win. Yes, that is right, 
they STILL get a loss, they are ONLY hurting you.

Please keep in mind though:
      - Sometimes the connection IS lost, and it is no one's fault
      - Some people do not know it hurts you, and they are simply tying to get 
        to another game quicker
      - Some think it keeps them from getting a loss. (It doesn't)
      - Sometimes the lag is unbearable and they quit.
      - People will be people -_-

What can I do about this?
Not much. The only thing I can say is people are a lot more likely to drop on 
you if you are using EO and/or cheap tactics. Also, try to stick to games with 
little lags, as they are much more likely to drop on someone whose latency is 
terrible. Otherwise, There is not much you can do about droppers. Although I 
would have to say higher-ranking people, and people in Arcade mode are less 
likely to drop (still happens way too frequently though)

Just remember, they dropped on you because you owned them ^_^

Also, you can leave them bad feedback by going to Players, then going to 
feedback, then selecting the one you think they deserve. Although I am not sure 
what this will accomplish.

Some people try to start lists of all the people that drop on them, or start 
threads on the boards, but ultimately the list will be too hard to maintain, and 
just plain uninformative.


This is an easy one, and to me causes much less grief then the upper two 

a) It isn't caused by someone being a jerk.
b) It can be avoided.
c) It hurts both sides.

To avoid lag try playing only games that have a 'good' connection speed. If 
there aren't many or any, next go for 'bad'. The name 'bad' is a bit misleading 
because I find 90% of these to be just as playable as 'good' if not more so 
sometimes. Just try to stick away from 'worst'.

If it starts lagging mid game, just ask the person you are playing if you can 
leave, they will usually agree (unless they are about to win). Don't just leave 
without notice though, because then you are another dropper.

Some people ARE using dial up though, and this will kill the speed of the game. 
Although Xbox Live is supposed to be broadband only, some people have a shared 
connection running off a computer.

--Improving Lag--

What you can personally do to improve your connection:

1. Plug the Xbox directly to the modem instead of through a router. 

2. If you can't do that, then at least turn off the other computers on the 
network, or any bandwidth intensive program such as KaZaA or other network 

3. Play at off peak hours.

4. If it gets real bad, try disconnecting and reconnecting.

===Verbal Abuse==

A little smack-talking is certainly acceptable. Obsessive cursing, and racist
remarks are not tolerable. No one likes to listen to that all day.

Simply remove your headset, it's not all that much of a problem to solve,
although you still run into to it more often than you should.

===Blatant Cheating===

Not huge problem yet, but definitely the most serious one. You will notice that 
when you attack a person they will lose no life, and they will have an infinite 
super bar.

Most likely it seems to have been a recent beta-test of Pro Action Replay, which 
is a Gameshark device that let's you cheat, unfortunately. There isn't much you 
can do, except avoid the person. Microsoft is well aware of the problem, and it 
shouldn't exist for too long. Note: I was told it is only a problem with UK 
players (or people playing against them) as that is the only place the Pro 
Action Replay beta is available)

It wouldn't hurt to leave bad feedback for the person either.


===Common 'cheap' characters===

Competition being as fierce as it is, some people have no choice but to either 
use cheap characters and tactics, or to lose. And no one wants to lose. 

Be prepared to see these characters a lot (and to hate them):
      -M. Bison
      -E. Honda
      -All Shoto Characters (Ken, Ryu, Akuma, and so on, but Ken especially)

The common cheap characters will make up 90% of the EO users' teams, as they 
have moves that are absolutely abuse-able. Especially when it comes to Blanka.
The worst part is the little bit of lag makes retaliating against moves like 
Blanka's ball makes it MUCH more difficult.

The best way to beat these guys is to play WITH them, to learn their strengths 
and weaknesses. Hopefully soon I'll include a short section on each character 
and how to beat them.

As for the other common characters, they are often used because they are good 
or easy to use and still effective.

Personally, I have seen a lot of Hibiki, Terry, Rock, and Kim lately. That may 
just be my luck though.

==Specific Tactics===

Here are some specific tactics against the commonly used characters:


Easily, the most hated character online right now, his Blanka ball just wreaks 
havoc, and he has some insane priority.

Best anti characters:


--M. Bison-

Best anti characters:


--E. Honda--

Best anti characters:


--Shoto Character--

Best anti characters:



Best anti characters:



Best anti characters:



Best anti characters:



Best anti characters: Kyo, 


===Cheap Tactics===

These are tactics you are almost sure to run into. Many people consider them 
'cheap' others don't. Either way you will need to learn to recognize them and 
learn to defeat them.

      This is when you or your opponent sits in a corner, and just ducks,
      and blocks, thus making it hard for hits to connect. To combat this,
      toss them (F+HP or F+HK) or use a move that can get through it,
      like Kyo or Ken's move where they jump in the air and kick down.

      Roll and Toss. This is where your opponent keeps using the roll move,
      and then tosses you. Avoid this by tossing them during the roll,
      or jumping away.

Abusive Projectiles:
      You know, when you keep hearing HADOUKEN, HADOUKEN, and HADOUKEN over
      and over again. Best way is to roll around them to get closer, or
      run + jump to them. If you do not have run or roll it may be tough.
      And as fun as it may be to combat that with your own, it is not
      very effective in the long run.

Obsessive Rolling:
      They keep rolling around you, and hitting you over and over.
      You can't hit someone while they are rolling, but you can toss him
      or her! Also moves like Zangief's spinning pile driver will work still.


===Letter Rating===

As you may have noticed, you start at letter R, and then your letter goes 
reverse alphabetically until you hit A, then S, then SS. (which is why you 
start at R and not Z)
What you may not have realized is how and when it changes. 

Here are the letters broken up:

R - 0-19 matches
Q - 20-49 matches
P - 50-99 matches
O - 100-149 matches
N - 150-199 matches
M - 200-249 matches
L - 250-299 matches
K - 300-349 matches
J - 350-399 matches
I - 400-449 matches
H - 450-499 matches
G - 500-599 matches
F - 600-699 matches
E - 700-799 matches
D - 800-899 matches
C - 900-999 matches
B - 1000+ matches
A - 1000+ matches with at least 50% wins
S - 1000+ matches with at least 60% wins
SS - 1000+ matches with at least 70% wins

When you achieve a A, S or SS ranking your letters start blinking. Cool!

===Number Ranking===

The points you have actually determine your total ranking overall, as how you 
place against everyone else, and nothing else.

Supposedly this is how the point system works:
If you beat anyone with the same letter rank, or lower you get 3 points added 
to your total.
If you beat anyone a higher letter rank you get 3 points + 2 for every letter 
they are higher
You are Rank F and beat a rank R player, you get 3 points
You are Rank F and beat a rank F player, you still get 3 points.
You are Rank F and beat a Rank E player, you get 5 points.
You are Rank F and beat a Rank D player, you get 7 points.
You are Rank F and beat a Rank SS player, you get 17 points. (Good Job ^_^)
So theoretically you are Rank R and you beat a Rank SS you can get 41 points. 
Wonder if that has ever happened...?

Also you may have noticed that you can have a higher score for the week and/or 
month than total. This is why:

"Your grade is still determined the same (if you had 50 matches on the week, 
be grade P in the weekly rankings), and points are still rewarded by comparing 
grades, but the strange thing is that it compares your monthly/weekly grade to 
opponent's total grade. Example... 
You're grade H in the total rankings, M in the monthly, and an N in the weekly. 
you beat someone that was grade L on the match-up screen (which shows total 
rankings) then you'd only get 3 points in the total rankings (because your H is 
higher), but you'd gain 5 and 7 points in the monthly and weekly rankings 
respectively, because your grades in those are below L."

Thank you Yeblos for that information.

And no points are awarded to the loser. Sorry.

The top 15 ranking people as of March 10, 2003

1. BloodyKAZ
2. joji
3. joker type D
5. PePetan
6. gmx SISIMAI sP
9. sasitasi
10. ex kuma
11. cobalt60
12. AyuRing
13. Dream Theater
14. niyarome
15. ShadySOS

And sadly, out of all those only one, Dream Theater, is not Japanese. (He is 


I don't think this determines much at all, although if someone sees you have 
500 games and 2 wins, they may assume you drop a lot, and you may get a lot of 
declined/cancelled requests.

Simple enough, you play a game, you get 1 added to that. You win a game; you 
get 1 added to that, and 1 added since you played a game.
If someone disconnects from you, you DO NOT get a win, even if they pull after 
you beat them. You both receive a played game though.


Q: I keep seeing my opponent choose and EX1 or EX2 groove, and I don't have 
   these, what's up?
A: You can earn these by opening up the custom groove option. The Custom Groove 
   option appears once a normal Boss has been defeated (normal Akuma or Rugal). 
   Normal Bosses appear by doing 2 of 4 of the following tasks. 

      Achieve over 1000 GPS by the end of the game. 
      Achieve four or more special KOs. 
      Middle Boss has appeared. 
      Achieve two or more LV3 super combo KOs. 

      **Note** 2 of 4 must be accomplished to unlock Custom Grooves

Q: I was in the training stage, and I think my opponent was INVISIBLE! What the 
A: They used a custom color to make their character the same color as the 
   background. Cheap, I know, but personally it made no difference to me.

Q: Some people I fight have two more characters (S. Akuma and U. Rugal) where 
   did they come from?
A: Get these by earning them in the normal game. If you play with a Capcom 
   groove you will get Ultimate Rugal, and if you play with a SNK groove you 
   will get Shin Akuma. 

      Achieve over 1500 GPS by the end of the game. 
      Defeat the Middle Boss 
      Achieve at least one Finest Knock Out 

      **Note** 2 of 3 must be accomplished to unlock them

Q: My opponent's voice sounds like a robot! Am I fighting a real robot, like on 
   MIT developed or something?
A: Well, maybe, but most likely they are just using a voice mask.

Q: Do many people talk on this game?
A: Not as much as MechAssault or MotoGP at all. Some people find it to mess
   with their concentration during this game. Also keep in mind, many people
   CAN'T talk because they are using an arcade stick, or a converter to play
   with a different controller.

Q: I have 50 matches and 0 wins. This game sucks, I can't beat ANYONE.
A: Practice. Practice. Practice. Read some strategy FAQs. Play against lower
   ranked people like yourself. Learn to roll.

Q: What are some good forums to find people on?
A: Well, either the GameFAQs forums or the forums are great.

Q: I heard if you never lose a game and have 1000+ games you get a SSS.
A: 0_o I tell you what, I will personally give you a waffle if you do this.

Q: My opponent selected Kyo and then Ryu, but when the match started Ryu 
   was first, how was this accomplished?
A: The opponent switched the order during the sequence before the match started.
   You can do this too. Press B to make your second character go first, or Y to
   make your last character go first (or A to make your first person go. first).
   Also if you have three people, after you have done that, you can press the
   corresponding button again to make them go second. So if you wanted to
   reverse the entire order press Y then B.

Q: If I quit the game at the character select screen, am I considering
A: No, although it is annoying for the player, neither of you should receive a

Q: How do I invite a friend to play this game?
A: Make sure they first under your friends list, then highlight their name,
   press A, and press A on the invite option. Note: This may interrupt a
   math they are playing, so don't do it too often.

Q: I was playing someone recently, and when I attacked them it did no
   damage, adn on top of that, they had an infinite super bar! How
   did they do this.

A: Most likely it seems to have been a recent beta-test of Pro Action Replay,
   which is a Game shark device that let's you cheat, unfortunately. There isn't
   much you can do, except avoid the person. Microsoft is well aware of the
   problem, adn it shouldn't exist for too long. Note: I was told it is only a
   problem with UK players (or people playing against them) as that is the only
   place the Pro Action Replay beta is available)

Q: Who the heck is this Dream Theater guy?

A: He is the highest ranked US player currently, although I don't know him 
personally or anything. Supposedly he is very good, has an arcade stick, and a 
lot of NES games. I don't know why I know that but I do. He sometimes posts on 
the GameFAQs boards as DreamTR, and sometimes he posts on 


Many people have requested this, as there are some terms that may not be known 
to the casual fighting gamer. These may pop up online, on boards, from a friends 
mouth, or somewhere else, but either way it's useful to know these terms.

Cross-Up - 

Priority - This means when two attacks hit at the same time, which one will 
           cause damage and which one won't connect. The higher priority the 
           better. Example: if you do a light kick (LK) and the opponent does a 
           level 3 super, his will out prioritize yours.

RAT  -  Roll And Toss. Often considered very cheap by many players, it is simply 
        when you use the roll maneuver (LP + LK on certain grooves) and toss the 
        opponent, continuously.

Rush-down - When a player is all offense, and is trying to corner you and pound 
            you into oblivion with many different combos, aggressive supers, and 
            lots of general motion. Very common with characters like Kyo who 
            have little or no ranged attacks, and must rely solely on their 
            strong offense.

Turtling - When you or your opponent continuously crouches and block, allowing 
           almost no damage to happen. This usually happens in a corner.


Well-hidden, huh?

Thank you everyone who read this, as this was my first FAQ ever!

Thank you all of those people who are going to soon send me numerous 
corrections at!

Thank you CJayC for this site, and for LUE!

Thank you Capcom for still believing in 2d fighters!

Thank you Euler for the wonderful equation e^(pi*i) + 1 = 0
Also curse Euler for that horrid equation e^(pi*I) + 1 = 0

Thank you everyone in the CvS2 board, for answering my questions:
Dan Fury - for the FAQ suggestions
Yeblos - For explaining the rating system
Evil H - For some corrections
Cyberrico - for helpful hints on reducing lag

End of FAQ!

Copyright 2003 Kellen Bloomer