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               *  Capcom Vs. SNK 2                     *
               *     ___   __                          *
               *    /|==|//==/   ____   _   _          *
               *    ||==|/==/  /|==__| /|\/|=|         *
               *    ||==|\==\  ||==__| ||=\|=|         *
               *    ||__| \__\ ||____| ||_|\_|         *
               *    |/_/ \/_ / |/____/ |/_//_/         *
               *                                       *
               * For Coin-op, DC, PS2, Xbox, and GC    *

                           C O N T E N T S

      1. Introduction                 7. Using the D-pad     
      2. Legend                          7a. Using the Joystick
      3. Brief Biography              8. Vitality Gauge Stats  
         3a. Ken's Son                   8a. Attack Stats
      4. Moves                        9. Ken's Quotes   
         4a. Special Moves               9a. Translations
         4b. Super Moves              10. Color Edits For Ken   
         4c. Cross-ups 
      5. Useful Combos                11. End Note
         5a. Advanced Combos          12. Contact Info
      6. Strategy                          
         6a. Recommended Grooves                       
         6b. Beating the 2 Bosses                       
         6c. Defeating Your Nemesis                              
1. Introduction

*Old intro*
     I decided to write a FAQ on Ken Masters for CvS2 because I'm good
with him and he's my long standing favorite. You will find this FAQ
useful for Ken in every aspect. This guide should prove helpful
whether your a beginner looking for some useful tips, or a master
seeking to polish your style. I've included every nook and cranny
possible for Ken. I encourage any help you feel you can provide. I
obviously don't have all his combos in my head, so send them in.
Anyway Ken afficionados, enjoy the FAQ!

*Newer Intro*
   I went and bought everything I needed to play this game online about 
1-2 months ago. It all cost about $270 (refurbrished Xbox by the way).
I just got in the 500s using my trusty Ken, and Nakoruru. I would high-
ly reccomend buying this, even if you're not that good at it. I already
improved my game by so much it's unbelievable. So now, this FAQ is 
officially being written, and influenced by true competitors. If you
want more up to date ramblings and tactics for not just Ken, check 
out the Xbox forum for this game. You can gain some good knowledge

     I made some interesting changes just this night, I will continue 
to make more in the future. Hope you find anything new, to be helpful,
and changes, to be more usefull. 
      You will now see special sections with *Note: . . .* for the 
Xbox Live and CvS2 EO changes and information. This stuff is mostly
just relevant to CvS2 on LIVE. There are also more goodies thanks to 
LIVE. I had the opportunity to fight DreamTheatre (the highest ranked
American/English-speaking player on LIVE). Guess what? He used Ken
at one point. So I learned quite a bit for such a short time. I will 
continue to test my skills and have the best fights (not to mention
defeats) with this extremely good player. He is the best CvS2 player,
I have ever fought. And I have fought quite a few other, Top 100s.

2. Legend

    Here are the abbrevitions I use in this FAQ. The layout below
explains the joystick, and what abbreviations correspond with the
eight differant directions. Every move and combo described in this FAQ
is done so assuming your character is on the left side of the screen.
Forward is always towards your opponents side of the screen, back is
the opposite.

Joystick directions:

 UB  U  UF
   \ | /
   / | \
 DB  D  DF

Joystick movements:

    QCF= Quarter Circle Forwards. (Starting from "D" move the joystick
         90 degrees towards your opponent)

    QCB= Quarter Circle Backwards. (Starting from "D" move the
         90 degrees away from your opponent)

    HCF= Half Circle Forwards. (Starting from "B" move the joystick
         180 degrees towards your opponent making a U shape)

    HCB= Half Circle Backwards. (Starting from "F" move the joystick
         180 degrees away from your opponent making a U shape)

 Buttons: P= Any Punch button  K= Any Kick button _= hold ~= release
    LP= Light Punch    LK= Light Kick
    MP= Medium Punch   MK= Medium Kick
    HP= Hard Punch     HK= Hard Kick

3. Brief Biography

Name: Ken Masters
 First appearance: Fighting Streets(Japan)/Street Fighter(USA)
 Place of Birth: USA!
 Date of Birth: 2-14-1965
  Height: 5'10"
  Weight: 169 lbs
 3-size: Bust=  44"
         Waist= 32"
         Hips=  33"
 Blood Type: B
 Fighting Style: Shotokan Karate
*Hit Points(Ratio 2): 14400
 Fighting Style: Shotokan Karate
 Sensei: Gouken (Deceased)
 Favorite fighting partner: Ryu
 Rival: Ryu
 Nemesis: Akuma/Gouki (For killing his Sensei with the ShunGokuSatsu

*See section: 7. Vitality Gauge Stats, for
more data on Hit Points.

Other Pertinent Data:

   Ken and Ryu trained together in Shotokan for an extended period of
time under the guidance of Gouken. Ken has developed his style through
official tournaments. He is the Grand Champion of the Pan American
tournament. He's also very competitive with Ryu (although he doesn't
usually show it). Ken is very versatile, but has concentrated on
mastering the Shouryuu Ken (Dragon Punch) attack.
   Ken married Eliza (a hot blonde women) shortly after defeating Mike
Bison (Known as Vega, in Japan). He loves her a lot. (Would'nt it be
cool if, as kind of a joke, you could pick Eliza and play as her!? I
mean, you see her in virtually every Street Fighter Game, so why not
finally play as her! Okay, I know, she doesn't fight. But still...) 

Ken has a Son named Mel. Not much is known of Mel, though he's
predicted to become a strong fighter like his Dad. (Perhaps we can
look forward to Mel in future games, keep your fingers crossed!) 

Ken's prestige is Sean, a Brazilian guy trained by Ken.

 Ken's Standard Gi: (The differant colors you can select for him)

 LP(Square)  = Standard Red Gi with Black belt.
 MP(Triangle)= Bright Blue Gi
 LK(X)       = White Gi
 MK(Circle)  = Yellow Gi
 FP(R2)      = Purple Gi
 FK(R1)      = Green Gi

Bonus Color # 1 = LP+MP+HP (Default buttons)

Bonus Color # 2 = LK+MK+HK (Default buttons)

       Those are for the arcade version. For PS2 and DreamCast, press
the buttons that are the corresponding default. I.E. LP= Square etc.
Your button setup will not change the fact that Square on PS2 always
picks the standard color. 

3a. Ken's Son

Info on Mel: (Quoted from MegaMan X

         "Actually, I think that the first mention of Ken's son Mel
was either in X-Men vs. Street Fighter or the original Street Fighter
3, whichever came out first. In XvSF, Ken's ending has him and Mel
playing what looks to be a Sega Saturn (with the 4meg RAM cart in it,
I guess). Ken asks how Mel beat him at the game, and he says by
watching him. Then Eliza tells the two it's time for dinner. I don't
recall his SF3 ending, but in SF3 Second Impact - Giant Attack, Ken
and Mel are training, and Mel socks his dad one right in the balls.
It's pretty assumable that Mel's considerably older than he was in
XvSF, since Ken had his ponytail from Street Fighter Zero (Alpha) in
XvSF. So, who knows...maybe the fans will get to see Ken's lil' boy in
a future game. Why not, we got a second helping of Geese's son Rock in
CvS2 (the first being in Mark of the Wolves), and it seems Rock was
trained by Terry instead of Geese... "

    The above info on Mel was sent to me by e-mail. Thanks X! It
appears we have much to expect from Mel in the future (speculation).
I have however, confirmed Mel's appearance in Ken's ending in XvSF 
of course.

Afterall, anyone with the guts to hit Ken Masters in the balls is 
destined for greatness. Who will train him? Will he have his Dad train 
him? Or will he seek Ryu for knowledge? Someone else maybe? Whatever 
the case, his repeated appearances (3 up to CvS2) in Endings are 
certainly ominous of his coming.

4. Moves

            Notice: This section does not explain single button moves.

Command Moves:

Fumikomi Mae Geri                  F+MK
Shiden Kakato Otoshi               F+HK


Seoi Nage                          B/F+HP
Jigoku-Guruma                      B/F+HK
Jigoku-Fuusha           (air only) B/F+HP

4a. Special Moves

    Note: All special moves and Super moves can be done by ~releasing~
          the "P" or "K" button, as well as pressing it.
                    _ =hold
          Also, you can always knock off one direction from the 
          command. For example, QCF can actually be D,DF. It's good 
          practice to do the full motion however. 

Hadouken                           QCF + P        (Fireball)
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku       (air) QCB + K        (Hurricane Kick)
shouryuken                         F,QCF + P      (Dragon Punch)
Zenpou-Tenshin                     QCB + P        (Forward Roll)
Nata Otoshi Geri (_K for AXE K)    HCF + WK       (Outside Crescent K)
Kamabarai Geri   (_K for AXE K)    HCF + MK       (Inside Roundhouse)
Oosoto Mawashi Geri (_K for AXE K) HCF + HK       (Outside Roundhouse)
 - Inazuma Kakato Wari             B + MK         (Axe to 2nd Kick)
Ryusenkyaku                        B,QCB + K      (tackle-kick)

   (The names to the right of the Command Sequence are EXPLANATIONS
for the not-so-SF-literate people.)

4b. Super Moves   

     Note: All special moves and Super moves can be done by
           the "P" or "K" button, as well as pressing it.

Shouryureppa		   QCF,QCF + P                 (Double/Triple Dragon

Shinryuken                 QCF,QCF + K [Hit K rapidly] (Vertical
Dragon Punch)

Shippu Jinraikyaku         QCB,QCB + K (Lv3/MAX only)  (Super Rising
Hurricane Kick)

5. Useful Combos

     This section includes the most basic combos. They're the ones I
most commonly use. They aren't to difficult but they get the job done.
For more advanced and higher scoring combos, refer to the next section
(5a. Advanced Combos). Combos with an "*" by them are the most useful.
In this section and this one only, I'll explain the exact button
sequence (SEQ) in addition to the explanation. Anything in parenthesis
() is optional. I won't include optional things in the sequence (SEQ).
Most jump-in K(ick)s can be substituted with an Air Senpuu Kyaku.

                    "_"= press and hold "~"= release. eg. _P,QCF,~P
                                C= C-Groove
>*(jump in P/K)M.Trip, Senpuu Kyaku. SEQ: D+_MK,DB,B=~MK

>Same as above, but with LK

>*(Jump-in P/K)M.Trip, Kamabarai Geri. SEQ: B,DB+_MK,D,DF,F+~MK

>*(Jump-in P/K)M.Trip, Oosoto Mawashi Geri. SEQ: B,DB+_MK,D,DF,F+HK

>Jump in P, Shouryuken   SEQ: After jump-in F+_P,QCF+~P

>(Jump in P/K) P, Shouryuken   SEQ: F+_P,QCF+~P

>*(Jump-in P/K) Lower Punch, Hadouken. SEQ: D+_P,DF,F+~P

>C(Jump in MP), L2.Shouryu Reppa, Cancel into H.Shouryuken (For more
damage) SEQ: QCF, D, DF,   _F+MP, After the first 3 or 4 hits ~F,

>C(Jump in MP), L2.Shouryu Reppa, End with H.Senpuu Kyaku SEQ: QCF,
QCF+MP, Wait until right after last hit then press QCB+HK

4th Useful Combo Submitted by Michael Chang

5a. Advanced Combos

     These are most of the combos. Not all of them are difficult. For
this section I urge you to email all your combos. I can't possibly
know every combo myself. So e-mail me at, if
you have any combos for Ken whether large or small ones. This section
is the one that needs the most feedback! Please contribute! You will
be granted full credit for the combos you submit.  They are pretty
much in miscellaneous order.

                   TSK= Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

C O M B O S:


1.(jump in P/K)M.Trip, M.TSK

2.Same as above, but with LK

3.Jump in HP, H.Shouryuken

4.(Jump in P/K) HP, H.Shouryuken

5.(Jump-in P/K) Lower Punch, Hadouken

6.(Jump-in P/K)Standing HP, H.Shouryuken

7.(Jump-in P/K)Standing HP, H.Hadouken

8.(Jump-in P/K)Crouching HP, H.Shouryuken

9.(Jump-in P/K)Crouching HP, H.Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

10.(Jump-in P/K)Crouching HP, H.Hadouken

11. Crouching MK, Hadouken

12. LP, LK, LK, TSK (11. & "The WiLL" at Gamefaqs)

13. (Jump-in P/K)M.Trip, Kamabarai Geri

14. (Jump-in P/K)M.Trip, Oosoto Mawashi Geri (

      You can start all sorts of combos w/LPs and LKs. Go to training
to find out more combos. You can also cancel L2.Shouryu reppas with
any special move or L1.Super. If you find real good ones bring'em to


C= C-groove only 
A= A-Groove only, CC= activate Custom Combo Gauge
P= P-Groove CvS2 EO only, these combos don't apply to non-EO versions

                    Things in "()" are optional

                TSK= Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

1. C(Jump in MP), L2.Shouryu Reppa, Cancel into H.Shouryuken (For more

2. C(Jump in MP), L2.Shouryu Reppa, End with H.TSK

3. Corner only,C(Jump-in MP)L2.Shouryu Reppa, (slighlty after) Air
H.TSK,  L1.Shinryuken

4. (Jump-in HP/HK), Standing HP, L3.Shouryureppa

5. C(Jump-in MP)L2.Shouryu Reppa, Cancel Hit-6 w/L.Zenpou Tenshin,

6. Corner only,C(Jump-in LK to L.Air-TSK, Standing MP,
Hadouken)L2.Shouryu Reppa, Cancel Hit-6 w/L.Zenpou Tenshin,
L.Shouryuken, L1. Shinryuken (This Combo requires timing).

---------------------My Favorite (My own discovery)------------------
7. Corner only,C(Jump-in HK), (Standing MP), (Crouching MP/MK),
L2.Shouryureppa, slightly belated Air H.TSK,  L1.Shinryuken

7a. (slightly more simple but almost just as good) Corner only, C,
(jump in HK), L2.Shouryureppa, L(H).Air-TSK, L1.Shinryuken

8. (Jump-in HP/HK), Crouching LK, Sweep, L3.Shinryuken.

9. Jump-in LK, air L.TSK, Stand HP, Shipuu Jinraikyaku

9a. Jump-in LK, air L.TSK, L.trip, Shipuu Jinraikyaku

10. Jump-in LK, air L.TSK, Crouch LK, Sweep, L2.ShouryuReppa,

11. Jump-in LK, Air L.TSK, Stand HP, L3.Shouryu Reppa

12. (Jump-in K/P), H.Trip, Shippuu Jinraikyaku.

13. (Jump-in HP), D+MK, level 2 Shinryuken, juggling
   level 1 Shinryuken.

14. Corner only, C(Jump-in P/K), Standing MP, M.Hadouken, L2.Shouryu
Reppa, wait half-second then H.TSK, L1.Shinryuken

15. C(Jump-in P/K), Standing MP, M.Hadouken, L2.ShouRyuReppa, H.TSK

16. C(Jump-in P/K), Standing MP, M.Hadouken, L2.ShouRyuReppa-Cancel
last part into H.Shouryuken.

17. C, Jump-in MK, Crouching MK, L2.ShouRyuReppa, Cancel last hit to
LP.Zenpu-Tenshin, LP.Shouryuken, L1.ShinRyuKen.

18. -A-, Opponent is in corner and does a move besides jumping or
rolling, activate Custom, Crouching HP, Hadouken, Crouching HP,
LP.Shouryuken, ShinRyuKen. 

19. Corner only, C (Jump in P/K), Crouching HK, L2.ShouRyuReppa,
LK.TSK (or other TSK if timed right), L1.ShinRyuKen

20. Corner only, C (Jump in HP), Standing HP (or MP), L2. ShouRyuReppa,
L.Shouryuken, L1.Shinryuken.

21. -A-, CC, Start with HKx3-5, F+HK until near-empty gauge(max amt), 
crouching HK, Shinryuken.

22. P (CvS2eo),Cancel any grounded special into a level 3. This works 
easiest with Shouryureppa. This just makes it easier to land the few
and far between Level 3s you will usually get in P-Groove. 

22a. Corner, Lp.SHouryuken, land, quickly, Shinryuken.

22b. Hadouken, Shouryureppa (about a F+HK distance away)

22c. Same as above, only SenpuuJinRaiKyaku

23., lvl1 (or 2) Shinryuken

24. x2, lvl3 shinryuken

Combo 9a, submitted by J.A.L. (3-26-2002)
Combos 17, 18, and 19 contributed by "The WiLL" at Gamefaqs(2-18-2002)
Combo 20, submitted by Michael Chang (6-13-2002)
Combo 21, updated with help from "the guest" and "Prince Radinov" of 

 Once again, practice in training to learn more combos. Your
best bet is to utilize the ability to cancel Level2-Supers with any
special move.  You should be able to come up with some interesting
       Another pointer, I wouldn't excpect to know all these combos by
heart. Just keep a couple regular ones and a couple Supers in mind
that you feel most comfortable with. Try them all, and see which ones
are easier for you.

4c. Cross-ups
To get a good understanding of cross-ups, I would once again refer here:

Search on "cross-ups" there (about 3 times down) and you'll see what I mean.

Basically, you can apply the cross-up to any of the above mentioned combos
(making my job easier), so here is what he can cross-up: J.MK

6. Strategy

Abbreviations: c. = Crouching I.E. d+lk would be a
Also, I might use "TSK" for "Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku" sometimes.

     Ok, part 1 of the strategy section for Ken must be completely re-
done. The one I put in earlier was pulled out of my ass. It was an 
insult to my knowledge of Ken, and a compliment to my laziness.

So I bring to you, the all new, first paragraph or so for using Ken
effectively. By your very own, Kendrick C. *Now complete, and 
with bonus battle-damage!*

OK, for starters, his Ryusenkyaku rocks. If your into diving into a 
match with a move (instead of hanging back, and seeing what they do)
DO THIS ONE! It'll counter a jump, and a crouch block, as well as a
Hadouken. It even counters Kyo's similar move. It has good recovery,
and you can break through a defense by going low, and switching to
this move. I like to do the MK version of it during battle. Why? 
Well, if you doing c.lks or c.mks this is the move to do if they 
just sit in block them all. Sure, they can counter it pretty easy
with a shouryuken. But not very consistantly. However, those other
guys who have seen this move coming from a mile away, there is more
to do. Which I will explain.

Don't give up on Ryusenkyaku just yet. Just don't be so predictable
with it. Start using it tactifully. If they block it, you could try
rolling right afterwards to get in an easy throw. Or you should try
a LP.Shouryuken, to counter that H.trip you saw coming.

Stopping a rushdown:

OK, you just got knocked down, you tried that fall recover, and 
just couldn't pull it off. No? You mean you didn't even try to re-
cover, that's ok, me neither. But you're down there on the ground
and you're just dreading what this guy is gonna do. He's running 
at you, last time you tried to jab when you got up, he somehow 
beat you to it, and low jabbed and kicked you to death, then 
added a super at the end! 

The solution is actually quite simple, LP.Shouryuken as you rise.
If they fake you and roll, it's ok, because you did the LP version
and your recovery is enought to get back on your feet in time
before he comes out of his roll. Or you may actually hit him out
of the last part of his roll! Which in my opinion is better than
countering a real rushdown. Also, you can throw somene more easily
if they don't time the rushdown right.

Also, for someone who rolls in a rushdown, chances are, they like 
to roll quite a bit. Polish up your anti-rolling skills. The # 1
method of doing this, is to actually throw them before they come 
out of the roll. Other ways include c.lp's, and again, a shouryuken
will nail them in that split second on vulnerability they have 
coming out of a roll.

Ok, if the guy has a level 3 ready, be more cautious. In this case
you might just want to block the rushdown. It would be safest, and
hopefully, you want to get them to whiff the level 3 somehow.

Also be on the look out for people who stop suddenly, and get into
position to throw you. If you see a throw coming, the best thing to 
do is throw them, or try to. You'll either beat them to it, or 
"Tech" it, and you'll both go into a collision animation showing
you tried to throw eachother.

Hope this helps. Don't accidently do his Shouryureppa instead. 
Not as much priority on that one.

Applying some pressure:

The fun stuff. Everyone has their own way of doing it. Me, I mix
it up between a few light punchs, into some hadoukens in close, 
as well, as my trusty crouch attacks into Ryusenkyakus. Probably
the safest move to do directly after his easy to reverse Tatsu-
makisenpuukyaku, is lp.Shouryuken. Just don't give your opponent
a break. Don't let him get any time to think. His level 1 supers
have excellent recovery too. It's not a bad idea to Shinryuken
even if they block. The level 1 ShinRyuKen applies good guard damage,
and after the guard, you can quickly roll, and avoid most any 
reversal, except the smarter one, which would be a throw. In which 
case, you may want to just jab right after this move. Or possibly
lp.SHouryuken. Once they block it, you're relatively safe, but it
takes some guess work too. Or of course, do the motion to throw them
in which case you'll tech it, and cease to be thrown.

His Air TSK has very good air priority. If you encounter someone 
in the air, do this, the collision will most likely have given you 
the upper hand.

You think Haohmaru has a pressure game? Think again. Haohmaru's 
pressure is basically lots of crouching lks and then a quick 
qcb+p anti-crouch attack. You can simply counter this with just about 
any thing. And you can even roll. Heck, you can tap roll while he is you (block, then let go neutral on the block, and tap roll)
and as soon as he lets up, you roll through his anti-crouch move.
Just thought I'd add this little piece of info. All Hoahmaru's other 
tactics that I've witnessed and used, are easier to handle then the
above. So I won't go into them. I personally use Haohmaru a bit my-
self. I will do his lil' lk.x3 to qcb+lp once or twice, but there's
more to him than that obviously.

Rushdown Pressure (run):

The most common time to do this, is when you're opponent is rising.
It's most certainly not limited to this specific time though. A good
rushdown for starters would go something like this: x2-3, 
LK.TSK, from here, you can do a lk.Ryusenkyaku (best if everything
was blocked up to this point) or a lp, to lp.Shouryuken. A properly
distanced F+HK will snuff out many attacks. It has great priority.
If you ever play me, you'd notice me using this Normal a lot.

Another rusdown (having super ready, preferably level 3) is a simple
c.lp,,c.lp into shouryureppa. The first 3 attacks are base to 
quickly decide whether or not you should try the super. If the 
initial attack connects, you should proceed to do the motion for the
Advanced Ken Strategy by Dream Theater:

With Ken, poking patterns like Forward (joystick) and Roundhouse 
Kick are good for getting close, and attempting to Guard Break. I 
always press neutral RH Kick if I think someone is going to jump 
away. A lot of my cross ups involve Starting with Forward Kick, 
then one of many scenarios happen. 

low short, jab, short super
low short, stand jab miss, throw
low short, stand jab miss RH kick throw to corner
stand fierce, shoryuken
stand fierce, hadoken
stand fierce, overhead kick
low short x 3, fb with Short kick

jab, short, jab hurricane kick with short always causes lockdown, 
and will get you closer to your opponent to do a proper combo 
(low forward into super) or jab short jab super.

in the arcade, I can roll cancel that fball with short kick. It 
is still good to use it as a poking pattern during gameplay 
randomly because it knocks down if it hits, and is very unexpected.

-Quoted from DreamTR at the Xbox CvS2 EO Message Board at

He uses the old-school terms for moves, so for those of you that 
aren't familiar with them, refer to this legend:

LP = Jab, MP = Strong, HP = Fierce
LK = Short, MK = Forward, HK = Roundhouse (dubbed RH)

On Reversals:

Also called punishment. This is when you block a move, and in some
cases, you can punish them for not connecting the move. Basically,
a true reversal is 100% unavoidable. SO all the moves listed would
be blocked, and you will proceed to punish them.

Blanka's Ball attack (B,F+P). A simple F+HK with Ken will do the
trick on this one! Not everyone can reverse this move as easily, 
if at all, so it's very nice.

H/M.Shouryuken. No, don't just shouryuken them right after you block
this in close. Jump and air throw them! (F/B+HK)

Bison's Psycho Crusher (both special and Super). Another F+HK.
In the corner, you can get more creative.  

That's it for right now. Those are just some main ones that give 
people hell. If I get some complaints regarding how to punish differ-
ant moves (which I encourage), then I will gladly post what can be 
done, or not done about it. 

Some moves can't be reversed, like Cammy's Spiral arrow for example.
Her recovery time is so good on that move, it's practically non-exist-
tant. If you think you reversed that move, chances are it was because
Cammy goofed up, and just held forward or something along those lines. 

Connecting the Big Combos:

Let's take Ken's level 2 cancel, that goes like this: Corner only,
Level 2 Shouryureppa, H.Air-TSK, Level 1 Shinryuken. There are 
three good ways of doing this. The first way is to back your 
opponent in the corner, and hope you get an opening then use the 
invincibility frames to your advantage. The second way includes 
getting in some c.lks then doing it from there (kind of hard). The
3rd and most effective way I've found is this:

You back yourself into the corner, when your opponent is close 
enough, roll (best if you roll through an attack, so as to not be
thrown), and during the last part of the roll, begin the motion to 
do a level 2 shouryureppa, you'll catch them from behind, or some-
thing like that. This is the best I've found to do this combo, and 
I've saved replays (among many other replays that have to do with 
this FAQ in some way) of me doing this on Live. I hope to someday
be able to put this Videos on the Net. It would provide demon-
strations for strategy.

Or like mentioned above, do c.lp,, c.lp into Shouryureppa. 
It'll give you time to decide if you'll be able to connect the 
super or not.

Ken's A-Groove combos. Generally speaking, if you caught them at a
'Bad time' and they're blocking. Try putting a F+MK in there, if
it breaks through a crouch-block, feel free to do something like
F+HK a few times, and do your stuff.
6a. Recommended Grooves: 

     First off, for groove information, I would highly reccomend you
read Jchen's Guide to the grooves found at: 

I think that's the Number 1 referance for grooves, and is only out of
date for CvS2 EO mainly on P-Groove special move canceling. Which 
only exists on the CvS2 EO on Xbox and GameCube.
   For starters, I reccomend sticking with the standard grooves. The
reason for that is, you'll stand a better chance in the arcade if you
get accustomed to the standard gameplay. In addition to that, you 
won't be giving yourself false hope with all the extra stuff you can do. 
 Also, I don't know about you, but I feel better about victories if I 
did them without custom grooves. It's almost as if using custom grooves 
is like cheating. But it isn't cheating, it's just not the 
tandard way that's all. Anyway, here are the two grooves I use, and 
reccomend for Ken Users:

It suits anyone who plans on using Ken's combo-capabilities to their 
fullest. C-Gauge grows it's power the fastest, allowing you to have
more back-up when you need it. Air-blocking is quite the life-saver
at times as well. 
-You also get the (mostly invincible) Roll, which helps you conquer 
characters like Sagat like never before! It's almost TOO good. 
I just remember how much trouble I used to have against Sagat in 
Street Fighter Alpha 2. Sagat is still a formidable opponent, and has
great priority. But he is forced to not depend on Tiger Shots quite 
as much, since every groove has a defense against projectiles.

-It also has Counter Attack, which isn't good for damage, but more a
way of telling your opponent's string of attacks "Shut the F*** up!"

For anyone planning on mastering Ken, this groove is the place to 

A great Groove. What it lacks? Air-Blocking (so what, right?), Level 2
canceling (now that's a shot to the heart), oh and of course, no level
What it keeps? (from c-groove), Roll, Back dash, super jump.

What it gains? Running (very useful, it can be canceled into anything
too!), fast level 3 gainer, a power-up mode in which you gain more 
attack power, and small jump.
Good groove to learn. It's now (after LIVE) a favourite groove of mine. 
The Counter attack is good for A-groovers, who want to deal you some 
guard damage. 

When you power-up, you deal %20 percent more damage! This is 
extremely usefull. I love it because you can deal more overall damage
and it's especially usefull when you don't think you'll land that 
super. And of course, if you have another red dot handy while in
power-up, you can nail them with a level 3 super when you see a good

Here are some brief descriptions of the other grooves:

I am yet to master this groove. It's VERY damaging when used rigt. 
You can start by doing tons of F+HKs with Ken when you activ-
ate the custom combo, and doing one of his level 1 supers when 
down to the last bit. I've seen many people do this with Ken. You
have roll, and dash as well. 

Lots of discussion I can recall on this groove. The most notable part
of it is the Parry. Parry can be done in the air, on the ground, and for 
lower attacks. It's a tough groove to master, but when you do, 
your defense is very good. However, there's only level threes here. And
the Level 3s take some time to charge up. *note, EO version has special
move cancels. I am yet to fool around with this much, but it's some-
thing deffinitely worth looking into, making this groove just that 
much better.* Probably the best groove in the hands of a true master.
With tactical recovery + parry, you'll stand the best chance of not
dying from Guard damage when you get up. I.E. you have minimal HP, so
someone knocks you down, and activates a super like Joe's Double 
Cyclone as you get up, hoping to kill you from your blocking. With P-
Groove, you would delay your wake-up time by holding 2 punch buttons,
then when you get up, immediatly tap forward (get this timing down),
now a "Parry-pause" takes place, and you can try your best to parry 
the remainder of ther super. This "pause" is what makes it easier to 
parry a series of attacks. So get the parry-timing down with this 
"Parry-pause" and you'll be off to a good start.

Another interesting groove. You charge up your gauge manually, and when
your health is way down in the red, you have infinite level 1s at your
disposal. You manually charge up your super-gauge in this groove. Also, 
you get a boost in offense and defense when you're charged up. I like 
messing around with this groove, but I've never been able to figure out
how I can use it very effectively. Nonetheless, this groove is most 
certainly not to be overlooked. 

A more advanced groove. A true master can fill his gauge using 
primarily Just Defense (works kind of like Parry). It also recovers 
health when you do that. However, doing so is very hard. 
It's good for beginners because it charges up as you get hit. So in a 
way, it comes to you in time of need. 
However, without roll, and other such functions, you better get 
good at Just Defense. I personally love using this groove. I think
it's very effective when used properly. 

I reccomend Custom grooves for strictly 2-player fun. You can set up 
a classic style game in which there are NO gauges, no dash etc. 

I have used a few custom grooves, just for fun really. Here they are:

Custom Grooves:
1. C-Gauge, Air-Blocking, Dodge, Run, Safe Fall, all Sub-Systems (Esp.
Move Cancels!).
2. N-Gauge, Air-Blocking, Dodge, Run, Safe Fall, all Sub-Systems.
    If you expect to really get hit alot use this Custom Groove:
3. K-Gauge, Air-Blocking, Dodge, Run, Safe Fall, all Sub-Systems.

4. Ultimate Cheese: K, Air-Block, Run, Cancel any Move, Chain combo,
Roll!! This works out to an even 4000, and is infamous on Live.

Change dodge to Roll if you plan on fighting God Rugal or if you like 
roll better of course.

The reason I recomend Dodge, is because I've done good combos with it.
When you dodge, quickly follow up by pressing QCF+MP, he'll
automatically punch and buffer it into a hadouken, which you can
follow up with a L2.Shouryureppa, to a H.Senpuu TSK, then a
L1.Shinryuken in the corner. It takes away considerable damage. Also,
although you're more vulnerable with his special roll, he DOES already
have a roll, and you'd be suprised how good the dodge function suits

      One cool thing about enabling chain combos, is you can always
double trip, by using M.Trip then H.Trip! Also, Ken's Axe Kick becomes
a good combo opener. (Who would've thought that?)

Side note: Sometimes I wish I didn't tell you guys about the Custom-
cheapness you can do, because I bet a lot of the people doing the 
very things I explain in here, got it from the FAQ. I.E. Axe Kick 
being a big combo opener!! Oh well.

    Don't have enough points for those? Get Infinite Custom Groove by
beating Survival Mode. 
Can't beat survival mode? Beat boss Challenge mode by having a new 
challenger come in every time you're about to die to get the "Extra 
Option". Now with all the extra options you can beat Survival Mode!

*Note: These custom grooves are cheap for playing on LIVE with in my
opinion. I would reccomend playing Arcade mode to avoid EO mode, 
and these. E.G. just messing around I came up with a 5-hit combo
with Haohmaru that applies close to 1300 damage! The little combo
is enough to nearly kill an equal ratio'd Zangief w/K-Gauge.*

On another note, I do bring out the Custom-Cheese if my opponent 
picks it first. I know how to bring it too. So don't think you'll get
an easy win if you pick EX. Chances are, I might pick my EX that has
nothing on it. Just so I can make you look bad.

6b. Beating the 2 Bosses

    God Rugal: Roll to dodge his special moves and throw him, or
combo. God rugal is a ruthless cheesestick. Don't try to keep your
distance as that is exactly what he wants you to do. Instead, do the
above and realize that rolling and throwing him is what you should
count on doing. Minimize Hadoukens. Immediately jump out of the way
when he starts that evil grab'n'sock move.

    Shin Akuma: He loves his Gouhadoukens. So TSK over the ground
ones. When fighting him, take advantage of all his fireballs. Watch
out, you'll find he's very good at combos and can over power almost
all your moves with his Shouryuken. Jab him or jump over his
Shungokusatsu (Raging Demon). As opposed to Street Fighter Alpha 2, I
personally think that Akuma's Shungokusatsu is much easier to avoid 
in CvS2. Another thing, when Akuma has one or more level 3s in stock, 
my advice to you is: Don't roll.

6c. Defeating Your Nemesis 

I will start off by listing MY personal Nemesis:

Q: Why is/was she your Nemesis?

A: She forces me to block WAY to much, my matches with her came WAY
to close, and beating her requires a completely differant strategy
than ANYONE else. She's always the hardest one for me to beat in 
Survival Mode! 

Q: How did you beat her?

A: Well, I decided to play on the defensive for a change. I actually
sat back and crouch blocked (remembering to upper block for jump 
attacks) until she did her anti-projectile slide attack. In other
words, I depended a lot on reversals, in which you block, then 
immediately attack after the block. My main reversal was a Hard
Shouryuken. I didn't roll that much since she usually grabbed me 
out of the role. I had to act fast too, as her attacks generally 
come without notice. Since the shouryuken over-powers her slide-
attack, that's a good move to do and it's safest to use 

Update on Anti-Nakoruru Startegy:

She has horrible Anti-Air. Her Pheonix Fire is the best anti-Air she
has, and she can't even do that if the bird is moving about. So
a j.LP will snuff out lots of her things. So as a side note, lots of 
jump-ins and air attacks will help against her.

*Note: Nakoruru is now one of my best Characters to use on Live. 
She's seen me through many tough fights, alongside Ken of course. 
But that's BEST, not favourite. She's comes in at a very close 
2nd to Ken as far as favourites go. I won't go into how to use Nakoruru 
here, but I will say that she is not to be used like a 
normal poker or comboer, she is what I like to call a Tactical Mistress. 
Trust me COMBO Nak might do well against another Nak, 
but not anyone else. I tend to combine the mini-combos of hers
with my mind-games.*

7. Using the D-pad
     Getting Blisters? Read on...

     I'm not attempting to recommend the D-pad over the Joystick, or
say that one is better then the other. I'm just  a hand to
those of us who always do better with our little controllers at home,
then those  intimidating joy-sticks at the local Arcade. If your good
with the joystick, stick with it. Don't even read this section as it
may corrupt  your arcade abilities! As for the others, read on.

Personal method:
    I always put the bottom part of my shirt on my thumb, when using
the D-pad. This way, I can avoid blistering up my thumb, and I do
moves faster. It may sound strange, but I can move my thumb around
real easy if I do this. It's like making an extra layer of slick skin.
Anyway, I thougt I might suggest it for those of you who have problems
using the D-pad. This also allows for extended game play. You get less
sore and your hands remain comfortable.

The D-pad in my opinion, should be a temporary thing. If you really
enjoy fighting games, like I do, then you should migrate your skills to...

7a. Using the Joystick

    Previously, I preferred the D-Pad. However, now I use the joystick
and I hate playing fighting games without it. This due in part to the fact
that I made my own joystick at home. You can view that at: --- Explaining how to build one 
would take up a new faw entirely, so I recommend you email me if you
need some advice.

   Some advantages to look forward to include: Easy Double Half-
circle movements, which are close to impossible for some people on
the d-pad. Fast button tapping, and the ability to press 3-punch and
3-kick buttons all at once easily. (without resorting to the shortcuts).
Also, you should be able to do Zangief's Special-throws without 
buffering into them with enough practice. 

    For Ken users, the Joystick is very good. All his Special and
Super moves use circular-type motions. Sometimes it's better (and
easier for some) to do a double Quarter Circle Forwards for his
Shouryuken. However, you'll pull off a Shouryureppa instead if you
have Level 1s in stock, thats about the only disadvantage to the
invention of Super Moves.

    For those of you who get tired when using the joystick and get
sore muscles, just ease up a bit. You don't have to push to hard, nice
and easy  going with the joystick allows for extended gameplay,
precise commands, and longlevity for the controller. There is no need
in putting your full strength into your moves. That's always a sign of 
the joystick-newbie. 

8. Vitality Gauge Stats

     Yes, differant Characters have differant amounts of Hit Points.
You'll find that the big'n'slow guys have the most and that Shin
Akuma/Gouki has the least. Below are the Vitality Gauge Hit Points for
everyone in Ratio 2 form. The differant Ratio only affects the Hit
Points that character has, and slighlty affects the characters attack
power. Contrary to some guides, the character's Ratio does in fact
increase Attack Power! (Ratio 4 having the highest Attack Power.)  The
list goes from Greatest to least.

Ratio 2 Hit points:

 15,600: Chang, Raiden, Zangief
 15,200: Geese, Rugal
 14,800: Blanka, Dan, E.Honda, M.Bison, Sagat, Todo, Yamazaki
*14,400: Eagle, Guile, Joe, *KEN MASTERS, Kim, Kyo, Rock, Ryo, Ryu,
         Terry, Vega
 14,000: Chun Li, Dhalsim, Haohmaru, Hibiki, Iori, Maki, Rolento
         Athena, Benimaru, Balrog,
 13,600: Cammy, King, Kyosuke, Mai, Nakoruru, Sakura, Vice, Yuri
 13,200: Yun, Morrigan
 12,800: Akuma
 10,600: Evil Ryu, R.B. Iori
  9,200: Ult. Rugal
  6,500: Shin Akuma

      It can be helpful to be aware of these as it comes in handy for
various reasons. The main reason I posted it, is so you know how Ken
compares to others when just considering hit points.
    By the way I give my thanks to JChen for his Systems/Combo Guide.
Without it I wouldn't have been able to show these Hit Points.

8a. Attack Stats

    This part shows the different Hit Points each attack takes
away(Ratio 2). Provided, you hit the opponent with every possible part of
the move (I.E. H.TSK 5 hits).

Kick Throw:                  = 2,310
Air Kick Throw:              = 2,100
Shoulder Throw:              = 1,785


H.Hadouken                   = 945
H.Kamabarai Geri             = 1,365
H.Nata Otoshi Geri           = 1,260
H.Oosoto Mawashi Geri        = 1,470
 - L.Inazuma Kakato Wari     = 2,310
H.Ryusenkyaku                = 1,575
H.shouryuken                  = 2,205
H.Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku     = 1,785


L3.Shinryuken (17hit)        = 6,300
L3.Shouryureppa              = 5,880
Shippu Jinraikyaku           = 6,615

9. Ken's Quotes (SPOILERS lie in this section, be warned.)

Ken Master's Winning Quotes:

"Ha! You can't compete with me!"
"Ha! You had better go back to your basic training rookie!"
"How was that? Did you feel the power of my Shinryuken?"

"Humph! I wish you were here Eliza..."
"Maybe next time you should think about watching my hands!!"

"Your moves are weak and your style is a joke. What were you

Before Final:

"The Pan American Champion is ready for this fight!"

SPOILER Ending: (After defeating Ult.Rugal or S.Akuma in Arcade Mode)

As was expected, Ken Masters has won the tournament.
His son, Mel cheers, "Congratulations, Daddy!"
Ken responds, "Thank you son. You and Eliza inspire me!"

9a. Translations

Start of Match Quotes:

"Kakatte kina!"                  = "Come to fight!"
"Ore no deban da ze!"            = "It's my turn!"

During Match:

"HaDouKen!"                      = "Waving/Surge Fist!"
"Ikuze! ShouRyuuReppa!"          = "Let's go! Rising Dragon
"Kurae! ShinRyuuKen!"            = "Eat this! Dragon God Fist!"
"Moratta!"                       = "Got ya!"
"Moratta! Shippuu JinRai Kyaku!" = "Got ya! Gale Thunderclap Kick!"
"Saseru ka!"                     = "You won't do it!"
"ShouRyuuKen!"                   = "Rising Dragon Fist!"
"TatsumakiSenpuuKyaku!"          = "Tornado Whirlwind Kick!"


"Doushita doushita?!"            = "What's wrong?!"
"Enryosunda yo!"                 = "Don't restrain yourself!"

Winning Poses:

"Ore no kachi da na!"            = "Victory is mine!"
"Yatte ze!"                      = "I did it!"
"Yay!"                           = "Yay!"

Special Match Intros:

>Ken vs. Ryu

 Ken and Ryu hit eachother's fists.
 Ryu says "Ore no kobushi wo tamesu ka?" = "Do you want to test my
fist?", Ken replies "C'mon!"

>Ken vs. Terry

Ken picks up Terry's cap then says "Sora yo!" = "Here!"

Thanks to the Vocal Collection FAQ written by Kibagami
( ) for your Translations Guide.

10. Color Edits For Ken

     Here are some color Edits I've made for Ken. They are all
original work. If you have some good Color Edits for KEN, send them in
with a brief description. I'll look over them myself to see if they
qualify. If they are good enough, you will find them here in the FAQ
with full credit given to your name (or least your e-mail address).
Yes, I am aware of tons of color edits for Ken. I only post good ones.
And I don't mooch off of other site's Edits.

*Note* With Live, you can now show off your color edits (if your're
willing to face EO-ism and Ex-grooves possibly). I assure you, with
these Color Edits, you'll have the hottest looking Ken on the block.
These are all smooth, and are grade-A material (esp. next to those 
ugly I'm-gonna-let-my-two-year-old-do-this color edits you see

With Live, I make new ones on a regular basis. So, too many now =)
If you ever 'see' one you like, then let me know, I can e-mail it 
to you. 

Navy Blue Gi, tanned skin, blonde (not yellow) hair: [Kendrick]
31-31-31, 24-15-10, 21-15-10, 17-07-02, 13-03-00, 06-00-00, 31-26-13,
28-20-03, 23-16-00, 04-04-08, 03-03-03, 02-02-02, 01-01-01, 01-01-01,

African American Ken w/orange gi!:[Kendrick]
22-11-04, 21-10-03, 17-08-02, 11-05-02, 06-02-02, 03-02-02, 05-02-02,
02-02-02, 02-02-02, 31-18-02, 31-14-02, 30-10-02, 22-10-02, 14-08-02,

Vampire Ken (Dark red gi, black hair, pale skin): [Kendrick]
30-30-29, 31-31-30, 25-25-22, 21-21-16, 14-14-08, 09-09-03, 00-00-00,
00-00-00, 00-00-00, 20-00-00, 11-00-00, 06-00-00, 05-00-00, 02-00-00,

ElvinKen (Earthly colored Gi, blonde hair): [Kendrick]
28-28-28, 31-25-17, 30-21-14, 28-17-11, 21-12-08, 15-06-00, 31-26-16,
26-20-06, 21-15-00, 20-18-05, 15-16-05, 18-14-03, 14-11-03, 14-09-09,

PsYkoKen (Inspired by "Street Fighter II The Animated Movie")
18-13-29, 28-19-28, 28-13-28, 23-08-25, 13-00-16, 07-00-11, 25-02-07,
14-00-07, 14-01-07, 18-00-00, 13-00-00, 08-00-00, 04-00-00, 01-00-00,

Hulk'en (1st Decent color edit of mine): [Kendrick]
24-31-00, 28-30-20, 24-30-10, 20-26-06, 16-22-00, 12-20-00, 08-14-00
04-10-00, 04-06-00, 30-12-00, 28-08-00, 20-08-00, 12-06-00, 20-08-00,

11. End note

     I hope you found this FAQ useful in some way. I tried to narrow 
down the length as much as possible, by listing the Color Edits 
horizontally, and arranging the C O N T E N T S in to two columns. 
Also, I hope you found it helpful that you're able to copy words from 
the contents and paste them into Find (Ctrl+F) to get to the corres-
ponding section. 
I've spent a lot of time developing the FAQ. Originally, I decided to 
make it because there were no KEN Faqs for CvS2. 
I would go ahead and make a Final version of the FAQ, but I still want
to leave the door open for more combos, and at least a few color
edits. The only reason there are no color edits made by anyone else
on this FAQ is because no one has sent any in. So if you have one,
take the time to tell me what it is, I'll check it over, then post it.
By the way, I've considered writing a Terry FAQ. But there are already 
two of them, so it would be unlikely that it would be posted. So I 
guess I'll submit my information and combos to the Authors of those 

My thanks go to:

CJayC for posting my FAQ and making this sort of thing possible.
Capcom for putting out these wonderful fighting games.
SNK for their great games and characters in Capcom vs SNK 2.
All contributers and people I thanked in the section you helped me on.
My thanks go to J.A.L., The Will, and Michael Chang for their combos
they sent. 
Everyone and anyone who ever E-mailed me regarding this FAQ. Thanks
for your time.
All my fans who email me everyday, telling me how cool I am (C'mon, 
it's just a FAQ!). ;-)
All the other great FAQ writers who spend countless hours writing
And YOU for reading this FAQ (or glancing at this section of the it).

XBL-type thanks:

All the above thanks again, that help has not been forgotton.

Everyone that is still on my Friend list on XBL. And even some who 
aren't, but just stopped playing on Live.

DreamTheater, IoriMasher, The Gadgy, Chowster (aka Nok(s)), 
Prince Radinov, Legendary Gokou, AiRiC, Hackem, Zojitsu, Zeon Gato,
Count Brass, Raven Zero, Platinum Ninja, Red Rock Candy & Lucky
Moogle and many many more., for welcoming new challengers such as myself, and pro-
viding great competition, as well as insightful info on playing the 

If you're wondering why I missed you, then consider yourself thanked.

To all the people who drop on me every time I come on CvS2 Live!! 
Thanks for the laughs, and the aggrevation I've had to overcome.
Just know that I mark each and every one of you, so you'll most 
likely never have the pleasure of playing me again. I would con-
sider naming all of them, but I don't really care. And it would
make the FAQ twice as long.

12. Contact Info
The BuZZ: I NEED A-groove combos submitted! Very important!
You all have 'em! That's why they're custom! I am currently mastering 
N-groove, and A-groove is a bit too much for me at the moment. So 
I encourage anyone, XBL or not to help me with this. I'm no a-groover.
This is a deadly groove though! 

When sending e-mails concerning this FAQ include one of the following
words in the Subject:

Nemesis         (Who is your Nemesis and why, how did you beat Him/her?)
Combos          (Be as descriptive as possible with these)
Color Edits     (Include description)
Errors          (Explain location of ERROR as well as what it is)
Recommendations (Obviously, tell me WHAT you recommend)
FAQ Post        (To contact me about posting the FAQ at your site)
Misc.           (General stuff)
Taytatay Sh*t   (Hey dude, Ken's cool! Shouryu Reppa for life Man!)
Mel             (Just what info do you have on Ken's son? I'm
The BuZZ        (Read above.) 
-My E-mail address is
Those are pretty much all the subjects I'll answer to. I may make
exceptions though. 

     One other thing to remember, I will never INFECT the move lists 
with in-depth descriptions of each move. I think that's the one worst
thing you could do for a FAQ. Sadly, It's becoming standard to do that 
now, especially for Character FAQs. However, I feel it's a waste of 
space, I like to cut out things like that when I print a FAQ. So 
rather than telling you about Ken's eyebrow position in frame # 2 of
Ken's Zenpou-Tenshin, I'm going to let you look at the move yourself, 
and let YOU decide whether or not his eyebrow goes up or down from 
frame # 1 to # 2.  

You may have noticed I changed my email. This is because the older one
was just so infected with spam, it was unbearable. So I made one just 
for this FAQ, so while see how it goes. I do have a real e-mail for my
internet service providor. But I will not disclose it for the very reason
I made a new email for this FAQ.

Find me on XBOX LIVE

Gamertag: Shin00bi

Lang: Eng (But I can sort of introduce myself in Japanese!. . .)

Best way to play me, is to find me on GameFaqs, and arrange a time.

Version No. 4 05-26-2005 
Version No. 3 07-27-2003
Version No. 2 05-31-2003
Version No. 1 05-20-2003
Version No. 0 03-22-2003
KenCvS2 Copyright 2002 Kendrick C.