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¶ Otogi (JAP) Objective aid ¶
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| Otogi Guide                                                  version 1.2 |
| Last updated    : 29th August 2003                                 	   |
| Created by      : Valentino                                              |
| Email 	  : Maesir@yahoo.com	                                   |


a) introduction 
b) update info

a) Contols
b) Combos
c) Magic
d) Display
e) Around the Menus
f) Cleared Stages
g) Repair
h) Stats table

a) The Walkthrough 
b) Additional
c) Thanks

SECTION ONE==================================================================

a) Introdution--------------------------------------------------------------- 

   Welcome to the wonderfully confusing world of Otogi.YOu play Raiko, a
   very cool looking japanese warrior. I have no idea what goes on in this
   game and wouldn't mind being enlightened. The game plays like a pleasant
   cross between Dynasty Warriors 3 and Devil May Cry. The graphics are 
   quite simply gorgeous and the effects are stunning. 

   This is an faq and semi-walkthrough for those that have difficulty 
   deciphering everything in the game and working out objectives. It  
   isnít a list of everything in the game and not everything is explained.
   For instance there is not complete weapons or magics list (Though I
   appreciate it if someone did write one :) or indeed if I ever corralate
   enough data I may consider doing that myself.
   The game is now out in English. I don't plan on changing anything in this
   faq to be in line with Sega's excellent translation of the game. This faq
   was only meant to guide players who couldn't read the objecives because
   they were in Japanese. If you still find this useful, even with the 
   English version great, but don't send me stuff about the actual names,
   the story or item locations. This faq reached its end on the 30th of June.
   If you still have a query feel free to ask away.


Update (29/6/03)----------------------------------------------------------

      - Added in Level 8 Strategy from Vincent Ursem
      - Added news in the intro about imminent USA release of the game
      - Updated a few things, put in a few health orb locations etc.

Update (27/1/03)----------------------------------------------------------
      - Added in welcome and update section.
      - Added in Mr.Bogus' level techniques
      - Added in Vuong's useless camera information.
      - Updated the thanks section.

SECTION TWO==================================================================

a) Controls------------------------------------------------------------------
I always use set up B; and thatís the one Iíll be referring to through out
this walkthorugh. I use it because itís the most like Dynasty Warriors and
thatís what the fighting in this game seems based on.

A 	: Jump (Press to double jump)
B	: Magic (Hold to increase the power of the spell)
X 	: Primary attack (Normal Attack)
Y 	: Secondary attack (More powerful)
L  	: Boost
R  	: Target
L Stick : Reposition Camera (Not Available when in Target mode)
R Stick : Display enemy hit point bar.

(For the benefit of Vuong, who saw fit to email this treasure trove of info)
The Left stick moves your character.
The Right stick moves your camera.

The camera generally sticks behind you, and if you move it with the Right 
Stick, it slowly resets. To quickly reset the camera press in the Left
Stick. Locking on will center the camera on Raiko and keep the target
always in sight.

b) Combos--------------------------------------------------------------------
Very Dyansty Warriors style here, these go beween the X and Y buttons.
Basic weapon (sword) moves. Other weapons do different moves but the button
combos are the same.

X 	: Slash
X,X 	: Slash, Stab
X,X,X 	: Slash, Stab, Spin
X,X,X,X : Slash, Stab, Spin into Leaping attack
Y 	: Spin
X,Y 	: Slash, Spin
X,X,Y 	: Slash, Stab, Thrust
X,X,X,Y : Slash, Stab, Double Spin

X,B 	: Slash, Magic
X,X,B 	: Slash, Stab, Magic
X,X,X,B : Slash, Stab, Spin, Magic (This magic attack fires powered up)

X + L 	: Launching Assault

In the air Y: Downward slash (A very powerful attack with most of the sword 
type weapons. The staff type weapons execute a spinning move which is less

Also much like Devil May Cry (on the PS2) itís possible to hit the enemies
projectile attacks back at them, just slash out when the blast comes near 
you to bat it back at them!

c) Magic--------------------------------------------------------------------

Energy 	: Fires three dragons, that will either shoot out forward or if an 
	  enemy is targeted, fly towards them. If charged up releases a 
	  single powered up dragon.
Fire 	: Shoots out a fiery pheonix. Sets enemies on fire and does 
	  additional damage while on fire. Charged up attack fires a very 
	  powerful and large pheonix. 
Storm 	: Surrounds player in several bolts of lightning. Powered up attack
	  causes a powerful storm bolt to be realeased from the main 
Ice 	: Releases small butterflies that shoot out over an area in front. 
	  Powering this up incrases the power and number of butterflies.

To power up magic there seems to be varying curcumstances, wether or not it 
relies on tasks completed, levels gained its uncertain. The maximum seems 
to be level 3 but correct me if Iím wrong.

d) Display-------------------------------------------------------------------

Orbs represent energy. Circular bar represents spirtual energy which also 
acts as magic. The spiritual energy is always depleting and you need to kill 
enemies and collect their souls to recharge it. While the spiritual meter 
has strength left in it you will always be recharging your health orbs if 
they get damaged, when the spiritual meter runs out you will be continually 
losing health until your death or upon the collection of more spiritual 
energy. If an orb is shattered it will not regenerate and the only way to 
replace it is to pick up the symbols that look like flowers that appear
when you either kill enemies or smash them into objects. Note also that 
boosting while costing no energy, will need the spiritial meter to have some
strength left in it.

e) Around the menus----------------------------------------------------------

A and B are always yes and no respectivly. Sometimes there are other options
that are untranslated. In the shop when you select Ďweaponí or one of the
other sub-areas a menu appears. The choices are X : Buy Y: Sell B: Cancel. 
When in the shop A : will select the item for purchase and a requester will 
pop up. Y : will take you to an information page with an image of the chosen 
item.and B: returns to the shop front.

When  selecting to replay a cleared stage an requester will ask X: play
stage with the background in the mess you left it Y: play stage with 
everything back to working order and B: return.

f) Cleared Stages------------------------------------------------------------

Going back to redo stages is very useful. Not only is it great fun, but you 
also make money and occasionaly a little experience. A great place to try 
out new weapons on easy enemies and to build up cash to buy new weapons and 
magic. Breaking surrounding objects that release souls (they look like 
crosses) helps towards level completion. It is also possible to increase your
health orbs, though Iím not exactly certain how.

g) Repair--------------------------------------------------------------------
Repairing can be very important. Your tough weapons can become a bit crappy 
after a while so remember to repair them to make them powerful again.

h) Stats Table---------------------------------------------------------------
The number at the top is your level (The maximum level is 31, when reached it
simply says MAX)
Then is ????
Experience to next level
During play another bar appears here, I have no idea what it means.

SECTION THREE================================================================

A) Walkthrough---------------------------------------------------------------
      The walkthrough takes a farily basic approach, you get the stage no.
      the enemies (note these are what I call them, I have no idea what they
      are really called.) Then the objectives for the stage which comes with
      a free run-down of tips for the things I consider tricky or elusive. 
      After that is a section for what I like to call 'Alternative 
      Strategies', these are other ways of completing a level that other
      people have sent me. Credit is given directly after the info.

Stage One  :
Enemies    : Birdmen, Floating Symbol
Objectives : Kill all eight of the Birdmen
Additional : Kill the floating symbol to pick up your first heath orb up.

Stage Two  :
Enemies    : Birdmen, Wizard Birdmen, Giant Birdmen
Objectives : Kill the two Giant birdmen. Taking the back route to the house 
	     makes it easier to kill them without getting into a kerfuffle 
	     with the rest of the flock.

Stage Three:
Enemies    : Skull Plants, Corpse Wizard, Armoured Skulls
Objectives : Smash the mirrors that spawn the armoured skulls. Two are in 
	     small shrines and the third is in an alley behind some debris. 
	     If you canít find them look around the areas where the armoured
	     skulls attack.

Stage Four :
Enemies    : Corpse Wizard, Skull Plants, Lion sentry, Armoured skulls, 
	     Statue, Floating Symbol
Objectives : The statue in the middle of the stage will keep lauching 
	     fireballs at you so try and get to him as quick as possible
	     rather than getting bogged down in fighting the smaller guys. 	
	     Once there, boost at him from a double jump and concentrate on 
	     him rather that the Corpse Wizards flying around. Even though
	     he repels you, you are doing damage. Three or four hits should
	     see him dead. Oh by the way, perhaps I should clarify this,
             target is the statue on top of the pillar, the man sitting.

Stage Five :
Enemies    : Corpse Wizard, Armoured skull, Lion Sentry, Mobile Lion Sentry,
Objectives : Destory the soul containers. The Nemesis guy will run off after
	     a cut scene between you two. Smash the mirriors to stop the 
             skulls spawning.

Stage Six  :
Enemies    : Boss woman type thing, Flying replile type things.
Objectives : Make your way from the bridges to the arch way. (if the bridges 
	     are destroyed then boost from the highest point you can find to
 	     the archway) Killing the boss woman type thing should be easy 
             enough, just avoid her when she transforms into the mist form.

Stage Seven:
Enemies    : Blob, Giant Blob Squid, Flying reptile things.
Objectives : Main thing in this level is keep the ship afloat. The blobs will
 	     weigh it down so knock them off. A heavy weapon is often better
   	     and the Y attack is the best option to throw them off. When you
	     see the ghost ship jump on to it and hit the bell on the prow 
             ( the big one ) and then jump back on to your ship. The ship 
 	     will  crash through some wreckage and then you confront the 
	     Giant blob squid. Keep knocking off the blobs and attacking him
  	     as he tries to disbalance your ship. Kill him and the stage is 

	   : Alternative Strategy -------------------------------------------
             "Don't just knock the blobs off, they will come back and make
              the end of the level harder to beat since there will be a LOT 
              left to weight down the boat. Best thing to do is kill each and
              every one of them that lands on the boat. Use the strong slash,
              just don't knock them off.  I never hit the bell on the ghost 
              ship, so I guess its uneccesary to complete the level."

Stage Eight:
Enemies    : Flying reptile things
Objetives  : Crush all the pillars under the buildings with your Y attack.
 	     The flying reptile things are infinite so donít get too carried
	     away with killing them and be careful of their projectile attack
             ,as it can get annoying when they all do it.

           : Alternative Strategy -------------------------------------------
	     "First: Attack the pillars in the middle that are higher up, at 
              this point there arent many flying thingies so they wont bother
              you that much, if you do this at last this will becoming EXTREMELY
              irritating because you fall off every 10 seconds or so. After
              you've demolished the middle pillars destroy the rest in a 
              circular motion, that way you will be constantly moving and 
              you will get hit less."
              -Vincent Ursem-

Stage Nine :
Enemies    : Centipede Dragon
Objectives : Hurt the dragon. The only to do this seems to be to run around 
             and avoid the lightling and then when he charges you leap up 
             and attack his mouth. Beware his tail it does severe damage; 
             there is energy in the blocks the dragon destroys. Also be 
             careful of his increased attack rate as his energy depletes. 
             The first time you play this youíll probably be unable to beat 
             him, but he runs away after his energy is lowered anyway, all 
             you have to do is give him a few whacks and then survive. Once 
             youíre a little more powered up come back and kick his arse to 
             get a bonus accessory.

Stage Ten  :
Enemies    : Birdman Wizard, Giant Birdman, Birdmen Archers, Symbol Skulls
Objectives : Destroy the star obeject in the room of crystals. This one is 
	     pretty straight forward. Just beware of the Symbol Skulls, 
             thereís a lot more in there than it first appears. Iím not sure
             if you have to destory the crystals before you destroy the star,
             because I always do. But if doing it head on doesnít work, 
             destroy the crystals then the star. The star is like the statue
	     in level four, it will repel you as you attack, but never fear
	     you are hurting it.
Additional : Another of the life up floating symbols is up on the bridge.

Stage Eleven: 
Enemies    : Symbol Skulls, Tree Orbs.
Objectives : Head through the forest, through the tunnels and destroy the 
	     massive central structure, then defeat the leigons of tree 
	     orbs that fly at you. If you want to do this with ease I 
	     recommend the lightning magic, it will obliterate the tree orbs
	     in one hit and youíll need to, to kill them all. Near the middle
	     of the stage also there is an alternate path that leads to a few
             symbol skulls and a secret weapon, Twin Axes! You can also use 
	     the lightning magic to destory the first objective quickly, 
             just charge it up in the air and unleash a storm on it.

Stage Twelve :
Enemies    : Birdman, Birdman Wizard, Birdman Archer, Giant Birdman, 
             King Birdman.
Objectives : Make your way through the stage (careful not to get blown off) 
	     and get to the four bridges area shown in the cut scene. (Youíll
             have to climb through a log at one point, just look at the map 
	     if you lose yourself in the confusion of the storm). The boss is
             really easy to beat, so long as you have the fire magic armed. 
             Charge it up and fire at him from a distance and then run away 
	     and repeat. Another tactic you can use is to hit his projectile
             attack back at him. When he dies heíll give you the sword that 
             was in his chest. A great big heaving Siegfried style sword.

Stage Thirteen :
Enemies    : Behemoth, Flying Eye, Fireball.
Objectives : Although it looks like your objective is to get to/smash that 
 	     thing in the intro cut scene, it is in fact to kill all the 
	     behemoths. The only way to fight them is to slice their backs.
	     Leaping around using the downward slash is really useful when 
	     there are two of them. Also crush the statues to the side of 
             the furnace that keeps erupting with fire to claim a fire staff.
             Ití s powerful and sets your foes alight!

           : Alternative Strategy -------------------------------------------
             "Another way to beat the behemoths is to knock a fire pillar 
              onto them. That will burn them to death and you won't have to 
              risk getting behind them. You'll know the behemoth is burning 
              if you see flames on their body, so don't just think that 
              hitting a fire pillar will do it. You have to see them on fire
              to know they're gonna burn to death."

Stage Fourteen :
Enemies    : Behemoth, Flying Eye, Fireball, Tiny Ice Pterodactyl
Objectives : Reach the end of the map before your magic depletes! Your magic
             is going down fast so you had better run, blue fires around the
             stage act as checkpoints and refill your magic a bit. Be careful
             after the two Behemoth, theres a long stretch of Lava that may 
             need a bit of boosting to overcome. Alternativly, crush the 
	     rocks on the small islands to gain a foothold on the lava path.
             Also donít be afraid to crush any obstacles in your path, so 
             long as you do it quickly.

Stage Fifteen :
Enemies    : Ice Pterodactyl, Tiny Ice Pterodactyl
Objectives : Kill the Ice Pterodactyl. I advise arming a projectile magic 
	     like energy and slowly plugging away at him. Whenever you get 
             close, he runs away. Look in the surrounding corridors for
	     health symbols.

           : Alternative Strategy--------------------------------------------
             "A powered-up level 1 fire magic will kill the water dragon boss
              in one hit. Lock on to him and charge up while he sits there 
              when the level starts, or do the X, X, X, B combo for an 
              instant powered magic shot."

Stage Sixteen :
Enemies    : Nemesis
Objectives : Beat the Nemesis. This is a large area for two fighters, so use 
	     it to your advantage, run around, jump and attack him.

           : Alternative Strategy--------------------------------------------
             "Magic can also do the nemesis in.  The energy/dragon magic is 
              very effective on him, just be wary of your magic meter if you
              decide to take him out from long distance."

Stage Seventeen :
Enemies    : Axe Birdman, Corpse Wizard, Red Lion Sentry.
Objectives : Kill the Axe Birdman. This stage may look familiar, it is infact
             stage four in reverse. Head forward, leap up the left side of 
             the pit and make your way to the starting of stage four. There 
	     you'll find hte Axe birdman.

Stage Eighteen :
Enemies    : Dark Birdman Wizard, Behemoth, Flying Eye.
Objectives : Kill everything to dispell the darkness on the furnace and head
	     into it. This is where the game gets a little tricky. The Dark 
             Birdmen Wizards are right b'strds. Try and avoid their dark
 	     attack as it will put a curse on you which sucks your life very 
             quickly. Jumping like loony and casting lightning or energy 
             spells worked for me. This is a stage you may wish to take 

Stage Nineteen :
Enemies    : Axe Birdman, Symbol Skull, Giant Symbol Skull.
Objectives : Get to and kill the giant Symbol Skull. Avoid the dark 
             fissures and fight only if you have to, youíll need magic to 
             kill the Giant Symbol Skull and I advise level two Energy 
             magic which you should have by now. Be careful to avoid his beam
             attack, just leap over it and cast a powered up spell in the
	     mean time.

Stage Twenty :
Enemies    : Axe Birdman, Claymore Birdman, Cowardly Lion
Objectives : Kill that cowardly son of a bitch! The lion will keep on 
	     running after you hurt it a bit, so give chase, confront it 
             and kick its ass. Repeat to fade. The room where the 
	     Nememis originally broke out from now holds a couple of 
	     Claymore Birdmen and a groovy secret weapon.

Stage Twenty One :
Enemies : Claymore Birdman, Armoured Skulls, Flying Reptile Thing
Objectives : Walk with that glowy thing infront of you at the start and get 
	     to the arch way. If you run off without it you start to lose 
             magic quickly Ė which results in death. Level two energy will 
 	     instantly kill all of the lesser baddies here so use it to ease
             up your journey a little. Refrain from using Y attacks as that 
             will shatter the bridge.

Stage Twenty Two :
Enemies : Dark Birdman Wizard, Flying Eye, Floating Symbol
Objectives : Kill Everything. One of the Flying Eyes holds a staff weapon.
	     I advise energy magic, with it you can kill everything in the 
             stage. Watch out for the low gravity effect.

Stage Twenty Three :
Enemies    : Axe Birdmen
Objectives : Although this is the pillar stage again, the objective isnít to
             knock down the pillars. It is to kill all the Axe Birdmen, there
             is only about eight of them any who.

Stage Twenty Four :
Enemies    : Claw Wolf
Objectives : Kill the three Claw Wolves. You canít use your magic here and 
             itís always depleting. The wolves are invisible and keep 
             charging at you, hit them to make them visible and lockable and
             then wack them. After they have been untouched for a short 
             period of time they become invisible again and start charging 
             you again. Use the fire staff here as it will set them alight, 
             and they will burn even when invisible.

           : Alternative Strategy--------------------------------------------
             "The claw wolves are damaged severly by energy/dragon magic. You
              only can't use your magic if they hit you and your character 
              gets surrounded by the dark smoke. Once the smoke clears, you 
              can fire magic again.  Don't bother powering up magic either. 
              Just go nuts and fire it until they're all dead."
Additonal : Use mrbogus' tech to do the stage quickly and earn level 3 energy/
             dragon magic.

Stage Twenty Five :
Enemies    : Soul Energy, Hydra
Objectives : Unleash the Hydra by smashing the orbs on the wall and then 
             escape the Hydra by running awayÖquickly. The soul energy 
             will sap you of your magic while your trying to crush the orbs,
             use a wide range weapon like the twin swords or the staff and 
             hit the purple energy to kill it. You need at least a bit of 
             magic left to survive the run from the Hydra. Jump the obstacles
             and its various attacks. Warning, when the cut scene shows you 
             running you are not finished, theres a bit more to go yet. It is
	     possible to kill the hydra and you get a nifty swords too.

Stage Twenty Six :
Enemies    : Floating Symbol, Giant Floating Symbol
Objectives : Collect 5 red orbs to power up the archways. 2 of them are held
	     by the Giant Symbols and two of them are lying around high up on
             the rock face ledges and the final one is inside a barrel among
	     the loads of barrels in the valley area. Be careful of the 
             symbol spin attack, try and kill them as quick as possible. Be
             careful they are infinite.

Stage Twenty Seven :
Enemies    : Chained Demon
Objectives : Hit the six nails to crucify the demon. They need several hits, 
             once their done they turn red. His main attack is to flash fry 
             the entire area to destory the chains infront of him. When you 
             see the lightning, drop whatever your doing and flee beyond the 
             chains, unless you want a taste of instant death. His flash 
             attack only effects up to the area of the chains he wants to 
             fry, so use that to not stray too far from him. Once nailed the 
             mission is done.

Stage Twenty Eight :
Enemies    : Floating Symbol, Claw Wolf, Boss woman type thing from stage 
             six, Dark Claymore Birdman, King Birdman
Objectives : Complete the four tasks to seal the central chamber. Okay, this
             has got to be the hardest mission in the game. You can do the 
             tasks in any order. 
             1) Kill the boss woman type thing from stage six as quickly as 
                possible. I mean it, run over to her and cave her skull in 
                with combos and magic (or magic combos) else she starts 
                firing ice balls at you and she doesnít stop. Ideally this 
                should probably be your first stop as it can be really 
                annoying if you kill everyone else and then she kills you 
                because you took too long.
             2) In the area with the glass (which is found by either leaping
		backward from the start or the lower door under you in the
		main chamber), smash the floating symbols into the glass 
		with a Y attack to get to the three claw wolves. There are 
		about six panes of glass, the best tactic I found was to 
		stand infront of the glass, jump over the symbols when they 
		fly at you to do their spinning attack and then smash them 
		from behind into the glass. The wolves each drop a health 
		symbol, so you should be okay here. 
             3) Then go kill the King Birdman, who is opposite the wolves 
		room, hit his projectile attacks back at him and avoid his 
		spinning attack, leaping down on his head with a Y attack is
		quite effective, but then you have to run back up the stairs. 
	     4) The Dark Claymore Birdman should be easy, stay away from him 
		and fry him with magic. Else try swift attacks and running 
		to stop him getting any kind of a counter attack executed.
	     When all is done go into the center room and kill any floating 
	     symbols there to complete the stage.

           : Alternative Strategy--------------------------------------------
             "Again, I say keep the energy/dragon magic.  As it is very 
              necessary to kill the claw wolves quickly.  The only other 
              advice I have is for the harder 2nd round through the game that
              opens up after you beat the game once. This level becomes 
              incredibly hard. Beat the claw wolves first to get them out of
              the way and tackle the other bosses."

Stage Twenty Nine :
Enemies    : Master
Objectives : Kill the master chap three times. Use the energy magic to take 
	     care of him as quickly as possible (I advise using the X,X,X,B
             combo, the powered up magic will take care of him quickly) his
             ice balls and energy dragon attack will start to decay your 
             health and his phantom copies will do the ice balls attack in 
             unison. When the ground turns into symbols find a place where 
             you know solid ground will be, like where you can still see a 
             tree, and fight from there. If you use the X,X,X,B combo he 
             really wonít get the chance to do much, good thing too really
             becasue once youíre hit once youíre screwed.

Congrats youíve done it. Select yes to save the clear data and the option 2nd
play should have appeared; go at it again. According to mrbogus the game on
2nd play is pretty much at the same difficulty except for level 28! Enjoy!

b) Additional----------------------------------------------------------------

Thereís a lot I still donít know about this game, so if anyone has any 
information about stats, items, methods of upgrade, tactics etc. just drop me
an email with the subject heading as OTOGI, else I wont check it. My email 
address is Maesir@yahoo.com.
Increasing health orbs and levelling up magic is an area i'm a bit hazy on,
if anyone knows anything more on the subject - tell me! 
Also feel free to email me about any points of this faq that you may be 
unclear about, or if there are any bits you are stuck on that I haven't 
included in my faq. Just remember to head it OTOGI. It helps me to seperate
the important mail from the junk mail. 

c) Thanks!-------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to those wonderful fellaís at FROM SOFTWARE, Vuong for his discovery
of the Camera stick and for helpling me clarify the level 4 strategy and 
mrbogus for the X,X,X,B combo's strength and the wealth of Alternative