FAQ/Walkthrough by Tyrlan

Version: 0.9.7 | Updated: 06/25/02 | Printable Version

Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix FAQ/Walkthrough.
By Tye 'Tyrlan' Arnett
Version: 0.9.7
Latest revision: June 25, 2002
This document Copyright 2002 by Tye Arnett.

1.1) Introduction/Warning
2) Version History
3) SOF History
4) Setup
5) Weapons
I)	Single Player Campaign
6) Bugs
7) Links
II)	Multiplayer

1.1)	Introduction/Warning:
This FAQ is almost complete.  One of the great things about SOF2 is 
that there are multiple ways to do things in about one half of the 
level's in the game.  While I will be updating this FAQ with those 
routes in the future, it needs to be warned that some of the more 
creative solutions to the mission objectives will cause the game to not 
let you advance.  This is a bug that is being worked on by Raven right 
now, but until they are fixed you MIGHT have to reset the level you are 
on from the beginning.  This isn't as much trouble as you would think, 
but please make sure you are not stuck in one of these situations 
before e-mailing me/posting on the board about it. Please check back 
often for updates to this FAQ.  If you have any 
comments/questions/suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at 

WARNING: This game is NOT for kids... well most of them, and it NOT for 
those stupid adults that want to total sensor OTHER peoples children 
from anything they might find offensive.  There is a violence lock on 
this game, but if you can't handle it the way the creators intended I 
say don't bother.  This game includes realistic damage to the body, 
from real life weaponry.  People will get shot/killed/maimed/turned 
into red goo or even just a red vapor in the air.  IF you can not tell 
the different between real life violence and fake violence, don't 
bother playing this game.  This game is rated Mature for a reason.  Now 
ends my rant about stupid people.

2)	Version History:

Version 0.9.7: FINISHED walkthrough!  I also edited something on almost 
every mission to better help people understand what to do.  Added a few 
useful links, to the links section.  Also edited a few things in the 
multiplayer section to make them make more sense.  Next update will 
include a look at all the single player weapons (damage/range/etc), 
updates to the history section and multiplayer section.  

Version: 0.7.6: Added more to the walkthrough.  It now covers up to 
about 2/3 rd's the way through the Kamchatka mission.  I added a Links 
section, but there's nothing in it right now... I will add all those next 
update.  Hoping to have a big update by Monday morning.  

Version: 0.5.6: First update.  Walkthrough is finished through Mission 
4 and a few things from the first 2 missions where edited to be 
clearer.  Added: A bugs section after the walkthrough.  This has a list 
of mission specific bugs that you might encounter inside missions. 
Kelvin was cool enough to send me a breakdown of the Multiplayer 
weapons.  It has some good info in there. 

Version: 0.3.5: First official release of the FAQ.  Lots of sections 
are missing, this is because of the outcry for a walkthrough of the 
game (people are getting stuck a lot, so I've put them all on hold 
until it is done.  The Single player section is done through the second 
mission and start of the third. The multiplayer section has all the 
basic's put in.  

3)	SOF History
  I'm looking for anyone that wants to submit a brief history/summery 
of SOF1 for this section.  It's been too long since I played the first 

4) Setup:
  If you need help with this please see Ravens website/boards.  Or look 
in the multiplayer section although have it noted that some settings 
need/can be different in single player.  This section will be added in 
the future after the walkthrough is done.

5) Weapons:
Nothing like learning how to use weapons on the go.  
A few tips:
First: Moving will decrease your aim.
Second:  Your aim is modded depending on your difficulty settings.
Third: Remember the Extra Weapon effect buttons.
Forth:  If you want a silencer you HAVE to select it at the mission 
briefing.  You will not be able to pick one up during ANY of the 
missions.  As a general rule I always throw a silencer on my pistol.
Fifth: You can only carry up to a curtain amount of weaponry. This 
played into latter in the game where you have to choose between guns. 
Also the more you carry the louder you will be if walking while hurt.
Sixth:  Thermals pick up heat through objects/walls. (Not sure if this 
is a bug or not)

I)	Single player Campaign:

For the sake of time and my sanity I'm writing this walkthrough while 
playing the game on Amateur difficulty.  I've played through the game 
in both Gun For Hire and Consultant modes and the only difference I've 
noticed is in you aiming, the enemy's aiming/health/armor, and how much 
sound plays into the game.  On the harder difficulty's you will almost 
NEVER run around a level.  For single player you should have auto-run 
OFF by default on any difficulty and have a key setup that let's you 
quickly access any of the needed functions in the game.  Also I'm not 
going to include the location of EVERY bad guy in the game... they move 
and react to what's going on the in world, so just assume that when I 
say "move onto X place"  that there might be a badguy between you and 
that place.  I will note ambushes and curtain scripted events that will 
happen no matter what.  Also all directions/descriptions of where 
doors/switches are located in rooms are orientated to where you enter 
the room from.  IE  Right side of the room is the players right side 
from the entrance.

Location: Texas
This is pretty basic.  If you haven't played any FPS before you better 
load this up first.  This will give you the basics for the game.  This 
includes walking/jumping/swimming/weapons/HUD.  Also it gives you a 
nice and USEFUL bit of stealth training.

Mission 1 Prague:

Prague: Flashback:
Watch the nice cut scene telling you about your mission and how hard 
it's going to be.

Prague: Street: 

  You start off with the mission-briefing screen, here you can see your 
mission info, your objectives, your weapon info, and a world map with 
your current location on it.  Your starting weaponry is 6 Knifes, 
M1911A1 and Binoculars.  
  From outside the pub you will be facing towards another ally.  Behind 
you is a dead end with a armor and health pack.  Head forward through 
the ally until the end.  There are 2 guards here and another from 
around to the left that comes to help once you kill the first 2.  
Remember to aim for the head.  Collect the M3A1 submachine gun off the 
dead guards, and continue down the street.  Around the next corner is a 
long walk to where a guard will be shooting from behind a car.  
Shooting once or twice will set off a gas line, and thus a big 
explosion, behind the guard (this also triggers an alarm that will 
bring an extra 2-5 guards, kill them for their ammo).  Now proceed up 
the street past the guard tower.  Work your way through the creates to 
the next guard tower.  The third guard tower will have a guy in the 
top, kill him and anyone else you run into on the ground.  Watch out 
for 1 guard on top of the containers.  Also if you need it there is 2 
large health's and an armor stashed around the middle of the 
containers.  Now walk up past the third guard tower.  Looking to your 
left (behind the containers) there will be a door with a stairwell 
symbol on it, go to this door.  Watch out for the guard pushing down 
creates from above.  Now you get to pick your first lock!  Walk up to 
the door and you will see the pick lock icon appear.  Once this happens 
HOLD DOWN the use key and you will see a bar of the status of the 
lock/picking.  Once it is done the door opens and the surprised guard 
on the other side greet you.  I suggest ducking back outside and 
picking them off in the doorway.  Now head up the stairs and outside 
where you will jump from the catwalk onto the roof.  Walk all the way 
down to where you can jump down.  I suggest jumping down on the left 
side of the gate, killing the guards, then use the door to go through 
to the other side of the gate. Kill off all the guards and then make 
your way along the right side of the street.  Once you go past the 
entrance to the building, there will be some more guards and an 
exploadable barrel by the fence.  Shoot this and make your way towards 
the truck by the fire escape.  There's a Armor past the truck if you 
need it.  After this climb the fire escape ladder like john says then 
walk out onto the ledge in front of the hotel.  Once on the other side 
of the hotel a window will shatter.  You should take this time to lean 
around and shoot the guy on the inside.  Now continue to the other side 
of the hotel.  There will be 2 guards on the ground, so either shoot 
them or run on the ledge and jump onto the walkway with the open door.  
This will complete your secondary obj (Gain entry to the converted 
Hotel Prague) Work your way forward through the ceiling area with lots 
of box's and work your ways towards the far corner where there is a 
ladder leading down into the hotel.

Prague: Hotel Prague:

  There is 2 doors here, if you need armor go into the left door 
otherwise exit out the right door. 2 guards outside will have a 
conversation, you should wait until it's over and 1 of the guards 
leaves. Kill the guards and proceed down the hall. Take a left and go 
down the hall.  If you need more handgun ammo go in the doorway to the 
right and pick the lock on the next door.  After doing this, go back 
out into the hall and go in the first door on the left side.  Kill the 
guard with a shotgun and shoot the guard across the way (shooting 
through the window) Leave the room and walk down the hallway (watch out 
for grenades) until you see an opening to the left with stairs going 
down.  Take the stairwell and go until you hit a double door.  Opening 
this door will trigger a few guys coming out of hiding.  Do so and 
clear the room.  If you need health go up the stairs on the right side 
of the room and search the rooms up above.  If not continue past the 
tables and through the open doorway to the left.  Sweep out the next 
room of bad guys and search the side storage rooms for 2 health's, an 
armor, and ammo.  Proceed through the open doorway on the left side of 
the room into a room with a fireplace.  Once you have killed the 
enemy's in here proceed to the double doorway.
  You are now inside the kitchen.  Be careful as there is a ton of 
enemy's inside here ready to ambush you. Proceed through the kitchen 
exiting through the open double doors on the far side. Proceed up the 
large stairwell in the next room and follow the corridor at the top. 
The first door at the top of the stairwell is a storage closet with a 
guard in it. The next door on that wall is locked along with the double 
doors.  Go through the only remaining door. Proceed through the room 
towards the open door (Left side) of the far wall.  Inside here on the 
table is a large armor and health kit.  Proceed through room, past the 
tipped over beds and through the closed door. Proceed into the next 
room.  The first door on your right opens to a storage area that has a 
vent you can shoot through and kill the guys in the next room.  
Otherwise go through the other closed door at the end of the room.  
Head left and go through the room where a guard kick's over a table for 
cover. (Get the shotgun shells on the other table) Proceed into the 
large hallway that's shaped like an L.  Kill the 2 guards around the 
corner.  Now if you need armor or health at this point pick the lock on 
the middle door.  Otherwise pick the lock on the far right door (only 
other 1 you can pick) and enter to meet the Doctor.  After a quick 
conversation, head outside the room (before the doctor) and go to the 
far end where the doorway is now open. For this part it is important to 
stay ahead of the doctor (so that he doesn't get shot.  Also you need 
to stay out of his pathway, as this can sometimes cause him to stop.  
Now kill the 4 guards in the next room and open the doorway on the far 
side of the room.  Kill the 2 guards to the left and cover the 
stairwell while the doctor runs past you into the next room.  Now go 
into the room and either, watch the doctor block the doorway then jump 
out, or just jump out yourself.

Prague: Outside Hotel:

  Now for a different kind of level, this is what we like to call a 
rail-shooter level.  You are stuck on 1 location (usually a 
car/truck/chopper) and you have to cover it from enemy fire as the 
driver tries to escape.  Go up the ramp on the side of the truck and 
hit the USE key once you are behind the gun.  You will move into 
position behind the gun and your health will change to that of the 
trucks.  Also note that you have 4000 rounds in your gun.  While you 
don't have to reload it, once your out, you are dead.  Now you get to 
sit there and take out the guards that try to kill your truck.  While 
the doctor is starting the truck there are 4 spots that enemy's will 
come out of.  The balcony to the upper left, the ally-way to the left 
the freight door to the right and on top of the gate/walkway.  Kill all 
these and the doctor will get the truck started.  Once you move into 
the next area face your gun forward and kill the tanks to blow up the 
gate.  Now cover the truck while it moves out.

Prague:  Countryside:

  Another rail shooter level.  On this one you have other trucks that 
come after you.  Always shoot the guards on top first and then blow the 
engine up.  Firing enough at it will cause the hood to pop off, then 
the truck to explode.  Now this level is pretty simple, just follow the 
path on the truck and shoot anything that gets in your way.  Also to 
destroy the truck in front of you, just keep firing at them, they will 
blow up.  Once you are half way through the level a Helicopter will 
attack you.  Just keep firing at it, and it will go down.  After the 
helicopter you will have to trucks on another road to the trucks right, 
kill both of the passengers in each truck and then wait until the come 
down onto your road to destroy them (Saves ammo).  Now watch the front 
of your truck.  You will see a huge fuel tank and a guardhouse on the 
left with a truck blocking the road.  Now shoot both the tank and the 
barrels in front of the building to blow the truck out of the way.  
Watch out for the 2 trucks of men coming from the left hand side of the 
screen.  After the truck is gone, the doctor will floor it and half way 
through the tunnel you are free.

Prague:  Train Station:

  After that thrilling ride you have arrived at the train station.  
This is a stealth mission.  There is now an alarm right above your 
armor/health display.  If this goes off it's game over.  Follow the 
doctor until you reach a green door at the end of the station.  Proceed 
inside to get your passport from Nemec.  Head over to the case and hit 
your USE button to pick it up (this updates your objectives).  Now walk 
back outside to the front of the building.  Go back towards the truck 
until you see the ticket taker standing behind a window.  Hit you USE 
key on him and then proceed through the green door on the left that he 
unlocked.  Go through the next door and disable the guard.  (Disabling 
a guard: Whenever I say to disable a guard it's best done 1 of 2 ways.  
First off is a head shot with the silenced pistol.  Secondly is to walk 
up behind him and hit him with your pistol, alt fire, then lean down 
and slice his neck/head with your knife.  Some times you might want to 
carry them off a bit before killing them, so other guards don't see the 
corpse, so the second is the preferred method. Also if you just knock 
them out, they will wake up latter and sound the alarm.)  Now head to 
the left and pick the lock on the green door down there.  This lets the 
doctor into this area of the train station.  He will move onto the 
train and tell you that you need to get it moving now, or else you will 
get caught.  Walk outside to have your mission obj updated.  Now walk 
to the other side of the train station to where there is a double green 
doorway.  Open this and wait for the guard to leave before entering.  
Now sneak IE walk, up behind and disable/kill this guard too.  Now 
proceed up the stairway and through the door at the top.  Go through 
the next doorway, head to your left and follow the corridor until you 
come on some box's.  Use your knife to destroy these and then walk down 
the hall until you come to a break in the wall to your left.  Couch 
down and go through this.  Sneak along behind the fuel tank and 
disable/kill the guard.  Sneak around into the warehouse and 
disable/kill the guard that's looking at the board.  Now a lot of 
people have problems with this next section, so this would be a good 
place to SAVE.  Now open the double green doors and listen for the 
guard to be moving.  Once he is walk into the room and sneak up to the 
guard standing still, the other guard needs to have walked past him, 
but NOT be at the stairs yet.  Now just hit this guard with your 
pistol.  Then RUN up to the other guard (he will be near or at the 
stairs now) and hit him with your pistol.  Now knife both of them so 
they don't wake up latter.  Proceed up the stairs and at the green door 
at the top turn right and jump onto the ducting.  Follow this to the 
other balcony.  Turn left and jump onto the balcony, and now take this 
first green doorway into the next room.  Peek around the corner and you 
will see another guard who you need to kill/disable.  If you want you 
can walk around to the other side of the room, but it's not necessary.  
Now walk up to the window and couch to walk through it.  Turn towards 
your right and follow the venting to the end of the building.  If you 
peek around the corner you now see a guard shack and a pile of creates.  
Go down onto the creates and then work your way up the stairs to the 
guard shack.    Now release the breaks and you are done.  Sit back and 
watch the cut-scene.  

Texas:  The Shop Main Level:

  All you have to do here is meet with the director and learn your new 
assignment.  Now I'm not going to walk your through this level.  There 
are sign's pointing you towards the conference room you need to go to.  
There are a lot of other little scripted events that you can see by 
exploring around the shop though.  Some are amusing. 

Texas:  The Shop Level Two:

 Same deal as the deal as before, just walk around and then go to the 
conference room to continue along with the story.  After your briefing 
(You can skip with the USE key, but I would suggest you don't)  head to 
the helipad on the roof for your next mission.  If you want to take a 
look around the roof, you'll be back here latter.  

Mission 2 Colombia:

Colombia Mission Briefing:
  Again this tell you all you need to know about the mission at this 
point.  Continue onto the outfitting screen and press the recommended 
INV button.  The only thing you might want to change is the M60 for a 
M590 Shotgun.  But I just leave it the way it is.  Click Start mission 
to continue.

Colombia: Helicopter Insertion:

Listen to the briefing on the Helicopter and prepare to have fun.  

Colombia: Marine Base Camp:

  Walk up to the captain standing outside the tent.  He will brief you 
more before meeting the wrong end of a sniper rifle.  Now head into the 
tent and pick up some more ammo and any health/armor you need.  After 
that you should move to the other side of the camp (away from the 
helicopter and over the flipped over truck) and into the jungle.  Kill 
the 5 people waiting for you around the corners and proceed forward to 
exit.  (You will pick up a shotgun and an AK47)  

Colombia: Temple Ruins: 

  Walk forward and into the ruins.  To the right of the first doorway 
is a guard waiting (lean and kill him) and this will cause to other 
guards to come through right in front of you, for an easy ambush.  Now 
go forward and lean around the corner to take out another sniper 
standing there waiting to shoot you.  Get his rifle and then head back 
the way you came, but head around the left side of the ruins.  Proceed 
forward past more ruins and guards.  When you come to a place with 
creates far in the distance, it's time to pull out the sniper rifle and 
kill the guards there (this is also a good place to save because of the 
guard with a mounted gun).  When you start to see a bunker on the left 
hand side of the screen, try sniping the guard manning the mounted gun 
inside there before he sees you.  Now proceed forwards walking on a 
cliff side until you come to a 3 way intersection.  If you go left and 
back it will take you a the bunker with armor and some ammo.  If you 
don't need these keep going forwards.  Fight your way until you see 2 
buildings, where you will have to go to your left.  There is a sniper 
on the left side of this trail about one half the way down.  After 
killing him, climb up the ladder to his spot and sniper the 3 guards by 
the temple.   Proceed down to the temple.  If you go up the stairs 
there is 1 guard up here, if not go around to the left side (through 
the broken wall) and then head through the doorway to the right 
(killing the guards in there), there is a large armor and health in 
here, then proceed onward.  Work your way forward and exit.

Colombia:  Forward Camp:

  Proceed forward with caution, after working past the double wall (and 
the guards there) you will see a big rock in the distance.  Walk up to 
this and use it as cover from the helicopter as you disarm the trap 
that's next to the tree.  Work your way up to the cave and kill 
everyone inside.  Watch out for the helicopters gun fire when exiting 
the cave, head towards the sniper tower and defuse the bomb right next 
to the big rock.  Kill all the guards and proceed onwards.  Stay near 
the broken wall and snipe the person in the next guard tower, and the 
guys by the little hut.  Proceed forward and take out the 6 guys the 
helicopter drops on the other side of the bridge.  After that continue 
forwards until you see a tent.  Try to snipe as many guards as you can 
before going on.  Work your way around the tent and kill the guards 
inside.  There is more ammo, health and an armor inside the tent.  
Proceed onward past the double broken wall and up a small hill to a 
bunker (Obj updated)  Now go inside the bunker and climb the ladder to 
the top.  Turn to your right and hit USE on the panel that says fire.  
Watch as the Helicopter is destroyed by their own missile.  Then hit 
fire 2 more times on the panel.  After the third time run down the 
ladder and out/away from the building.  Watch as the missile destroys 
the bunker you where in and the building in front of it.  Go into the 
new hole in the building and activate the gate.  Walk through it to end 
the level.

Colombia: The Bridge:

  Walk forward and hang to the left.  Watch out for tripwires and 
guards.  In the bunker on top of the hill is a health pack and there is 
an armor/health pack inside the hut on the far side.  Proceed forward 
to meet up with Bravo Team.  Once the enemy on the side of the bridge 
is destroyed the team leader will talk to you.  Have fun watching the 
bridge go bye bye, and then follow the marines.  They do a good job 
showing you how to work as a team for when your in multiplayer ^_^  If 
you get too far ahead or behind the team leader he will kill you for 
disobeying orders.  Now follow Bravo team to show you where to go, and 
assist them as they need it.   Once you get past another 2 guard towers 
all you have to do is walk forward and exit the level.  If the Bravo 
team just stops moving, try going a little ahead of them then going 
back to get them going again.

Colombia: Rebel Encampment:

  Work your way into the rebel encampment.  The Bravo team will take 
out most of the bad guys, but you can help when you have clear shots.  
Remember not to run ahead of the team.  Once you get up to the middle 
of the village Petterson will tell you to go in and clear out the 
building.  He's talking about the one with the steps and a double 
porch.  Go in through the front door and clear out all the enemy's.  
The shotgun works great for these close battles.  After killing all the 
guards (7 or 8) walk over to the table and you will say something about 
the attack.  Then exit the building.  Head to the building across the 
way where Petterson will again tell you to clear it out.  Isn't he 
nice?  Sometime the bravo team will get stuck on their paths.  Try to 
tell where they are going and then stand in the opposite direction, 
this will force them to walk towards where they should be.   There is 
armor and health in here, once you get to the top of the building, exit 
through the door up there.  Next you have to search the warehouse.  
Kill the 4-5 guards in here and if you need it take the armor/health up 
top, otherwise exit the building.  You then need to pick the locks on 
the cell (there's explosives there) and then walk over to the gate and 
again use the USE key to plant explosives on it and get away while it 
blows up.  Then exit through the gate to beat the level.

Colombia:  River Landing Zone:

  Follow the Recon team to the extraction point.  The marines will kill 
most of the enemy's, but you might as well help them along.  Follow the 
team over the river and through the woods to get to the helicopter.  
Just in case you need to know you go along the river, through some 
ruins, loop up around behind the waterfall and to the coppers.  After 
you get to the helicopters, you have to man the M60 and take out the 
guards coming up the trail you just came up until you take off (about 1 

Colombia: Helicopter Evacuation:

  Whoo hoo another rail-shooter level!!!  This one is a lot harder.  
It's been asked a lot about on the boards, so I will try to explain 
each step of the way for this one.  Remember you only have around 5000 
rounds of ammo.  
  First off there is 3 building.  Nail all 7 barrels around the camp to 
create as much damage as you can and shoot the guys as they come out of 
the 3 buildings.  After about 1 min you wont' see anymore guys and you 
will continue on to the next camp.  Second camp: This is the most 
deadly one is the most deadly one on most difficulties.  The first 
building you approach has a gun emplacement on the upper level.  Either 
shoot out the gunner, or aim for the barrels beside the building to do 
the most damage, once you circle around behind the building, there are 
some more barrels that will take it out for good.  After taking out the 
main building, you will continue onwards.  Third Camp:  On the way to 
the third camp, on the right side is a tower, take out the barrels 
under it to keep going.  This isn't really a camp... it's a bridge, take 
out the barrels on it and the truck to totally destroy it and move on.  
Forth Camp: There is a helicopter on the ground, shoot at the building  
and the barrels will explode, then take out the boat (just keep firing 
at it) and your home free.

Colombia: Pureza:
Oct 29, 2002
  Walk straight forward to the truck and go up the stairs into it.  
Talk with Taylor and put on a suit.  Now you get to follow her around 
and learn more about the plot.  

Mission 3 Vergara's Mansion:

Vergara's Mansion Mission Briefing:
  Standard deal here as every other mission briefing.  Again the best 
gear for the job is the recommended gear, just make sure you have a 
silenced pistol and if you want you can take a sniper rifle instead of 
the shotgun, but the shotgun comes in very handy.

Vergara's Mansion: Grounds:
Oct 30, 2002
  This is another stealth mission.  Sneak around and find a way into 
the mansion.  The easiest/fastest way in is to go left from your 
starting place, run down the hedge line (watch out for the camera) go 
around the corner of the building.  Shoot the camera on the opposite 
building with your pistol and then walk up behind the guard and dispose 
of him.  Now move back until you can see the camera along the back side 
of the house.  Shoot it.  Now follow the hedge/concrete wall until you 
come to a gap on the right of you.  Look around the corner and while 
the guard start to walk away then sprint towards the wall under where 
the guard was.  You can climb up the lattice that is against the wall. 
(If you draw a line from where you are looking at the entrance of the 
pool to where the sniper is... move this line down to if you where 
looking level with the ground and this is where the lattice is)  Take 
out the guard and then hope over the railing.  Sneak over to the 
venting and pick the lock on it.  Crouch to enter it and then walk 
towards the other side of the small room to exit the level.  If you 
don't want to chance the run and shoot for your life with the sniper, 
you can also go past the gap in the wall and follow that same wall to 
your right until you come to a door right under the vent you would have 
crawled into. Dispatch the guard with a shotgun on the other side, and 
then jump onto the car to get to a ladder that will take you up into 
the room with the exit.  I prefer the roof manner, because it's easier 
to shoot a guard that's facing away from you then one after you open 
the door.

Vergara's Mansion: Main house:

  Now that you are inside the house, you have to find the study.  Note 
the darkness, if you want use your night vision.  Going straight 
forwards, there is an armor by the lantern (on the self), and health on 
the next 2 shelf's.  Keep going forward until you are forced to turn 
right.  Walk straight back towards the big window and jump down the 
hole in the floor (roof) that is there.  Now you are in a storage 
closet.  Looking towards the coats, the door to your right leads to a 
bathroom and a bedroom with health in it.  You do not need to go in 
here.  Head out the door on the left side of the room.  Now be careful 
going out the door.  There is a maid that wonders around this room the 
next and the hallway.  It's best to use sound to see where the maid is.  
When She comes down the hallway she will always head into the room on 
her left first.  So hide behind the weightlifting station, and shoot 
her in the back of the head AFTER he goes into the room but before the 
door shuts.  This sometimes takes a few tries.  If she sees you the 
alarm will sound and the number of guards will at least triple. (Not a 
good thing)  Now that the maid is dead, go to the doorway and lean 
around looking for the next guard.  If your lucky he will be standing, 
with his back turned, shoot him in the head and move on.  Go forwards 
across the top of the stairs and turn left into the first hallway.  Now 
go up to the open doorway on your left and lean/kill the guard 
patrolling in here.  After that, keep going forwards and then head 
right and down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, the door to 
your right is a closet with ammo and the door to your left is the one 
you want to go in.  As soon as you enter the room, head to your right 
and through the open hallway there.  At the end is a door that leads to 
the study.  This is a good time to change to the shotgun or a 
machinegun go forward's past the desk and pick the safe in the corner 
(USE key) this triggers a cut-scene.  Now you get to have fun!  2 guard 
will bust through the other door into the office.  Kill them and it's 
not time to forget about not triggering the alarm.  Proceed through the 
doorway the 2 guards came through, kill the guys in there and watch out 
for another 3 guards coming in the 2 doorways to the right.  Proceed 
forwards to the doorway by the bar, open it, get all the ammo/health 
you need and proceed down the stairs to exit

Vergara's Mansion: Wine Cellar:
  As you enter the main bad guy mentions a bunker... guess where you are 
going.  Stay to one side of the double door as you pick it, and then 
dispatch the 3 guards on the other side.  Proceed forwards and around 
the turn into the next room.  Look around this room, the double green 
doors is where you will end up latter.  Head behind the bar and open 
the storage room if you need ammo/health/armor.  If not, take the first 
door on the right (as you had entered the room) and proceed down the 
hallway.  Head left and through the double doors and into the boiler 
room.  Kill the 3 guys trying to ambush you here.  (Fun with exploding 
things)  And then go to the other side of the room to the stepladder.  
Go up the ladder, crouch into the vents and go forward then to the 
right.  This is a good place to use the night vision goggles.  Hang 
against the right hand wall and head past the grating.  There is a 
small light source in the distance.  Work your way forwards to the 
Vent.  You can listen to the people talking... and then break up their 
fun.  This is kind of a hard spot, because to break the vent alerts the 
guards.  You can do a few things.  1) break the vent and throw down a 
nade or 2, 2) break the vent and jump down shooting (shotgun preferred)  
Saving is an okay idea at this point.  Kill the 6 guards and go out 
through the open doorway.  Head down the hallway and clear out the next 
room.  Go through the room, and now your on the other side of the green 
doors!  Walk down the stairs and head left.  Through the doorway 
straight ahead is a shooting range and safe.  If you need armor or ammo 
go in here, kill the guard and pick the safe.  IF you go in the safe, 
watch out for the guards that will come up behind you.  Otherwise go 
through the other double doorway.  Head forward and down the stair into 
the wine cellar, where you get to kill more guards.  This is a square 
room with 2 wine racks down the center.  Against the right wall is a 
sniper that can hit you if your in the main doorway.  And another 
sniper is across the way on the opposite wall.  Clear out all guards 
and exit through the half-open doorway on the left wall.  Enter the 
next wine cellar, and head to the right.  Kill the sniper along the 
right-hand side and walk all the way until the end where you see a wind 
rack and a semicircle in front of it.  There is a switch behind a few 
box's to the left of the door.  More guys come in the way you came, so 
either wait and kill them or just go through the rack.  Once you hit 
the switch, stand inside the circle and you will be moved to the other 
side of the wine rack.  Watch out for the sniper on the other side.  
Head forward, grab the nades and health and go down the stairs to exit.

Vergara's Mansion: Bunker:

  Go down the stairs and through the doorway.  To your left behind the 
box's is some health and armor, to your right is the way you want to 
go.  Head through the next room and into the open doorway.  Head to 
your right and proceed forwards.  The guy taunts you some more and then 
flees, go through the doorway, head to the left and kill the sniper 
around the next turn.  Head back past the last doorway and around the 
hallway to the left.  A big explosion greets you so wait for the dust 
to clear and then head through the doorway on the left.  Kill the guard 
and open the door to the left, then head right through the next room.  
Go across the hallway, and clear out the next room.  The exit is on the 
right side of the far wall. Clear out the next hallway and then head 
through the door to the right (It's right next to the one you entered 
the hallway through) Your obj will be updated when you get near the 
door with a scanner.  Keep going past it until you loop around and see 
a pipe by a puddle of water on the ground.  Follow the pipe.  Now comes 
the part a LOT of people have problems with.  Recommended to save 
before this guy.  Basically, there is a ton of shelves in the way, and 
a fence, and a mounted machine gun protects him.  The easiest way I've 
found to kill him is this.  RUN straight through the room past the 
pillar and hide (crouch) against the concrete wall (usually will get 
hit by 1 bullet when doing this.  Now keep your back against the wall 
and look between the out struck wall and the shelf.  You will see a 
half brick half-concrete wall.  Pull out your nades and throw them so 
it hits the top of the bricks and bounces towards the bad guy.  You 
will need to throw 2 nades and then he will be fried by the power box 
in the corner.  Basically any way to damage the power box until it 
overloads is the way to kill him.  Now go to where he died, get the red 
key card and head back to that locked door with the scanner.  Don't 
forget to get the armor and health.  Now you get to watch another cool 
cut-scene... what's with people killing themselves in these games?

Mission 4: Seaward Star:

Seaward Star Missions Briefing:
  Again we have another mission briefing.  Taking the pre set equipment 
is best for this mission.  If you really want to play havoc you can 
have fun with the MM-1 auto grenade launcher. ^_^ The sniper rifle is 
also kind of useful on this level... but you are going to be sneaking 
around again so you don't need it, unless you plan on being seen/heard.

Seaward Star: Main Deck:

  Watch the cool boarding of the ship and then you get to have fun 
sniping guys in the heads again.  Listen to the people talk and then 
decide where you want to go.  Some people have found that you can break 
into the bridge without the key.  I'm going to walk you through the way 
with the key just to be safe.  Wait for the 1 guard to walk off and 
then shoot both of them, and take their uzi's.  Now enter the doorway 
on the left. (it has a radio and stairway symbol by it.  And go inside.  
Once you see the stairs head to the left and then down that corridor to 
the first right.  Go down the stairs here.  Head out the doorway to 
your left and hang a right down the hallway.  The first door on the 
left has a uzi in it, and the first door on the right has a man 
sleeping in it.  Open this door and kill him, take his uzi and grab the 
keycard on the desk.  Note the Doom game being played on the computer 
^_^.  Now head back up the stairs, go up the second set of stairs, and 
turn around at the top.  There is a doorway leading back outside which 
you want to go through here.  After getting back outside head left and 
up the stairs to the top of the ship.  See the doorway with the scanner 
on it?  USE your keycard on it and your obj will update.  Head inside 
the bridge now.  Walk past the radio room door and shoot the guy on the 
bridge in the head, and grab all the ammo in this room.  Now head back 
to the radio room door and pick it open.  Watch out for the guard in 
this room, sometimes he's patrolling and other times he is in the next 
room looking out the window.  Head down the stairs and go into the door 
on your right.  Hit the switch in this room and your obj will update.  
Now you have to go remove the container from on top of the bay doors.  
Head back out the doorway and go out the portal/door on your right.  
The crane is way far in the distance at the front of the ship.  The 
easiest way down is to jump over the railing, land on the shipping 
containers and then sneak forwards along the left side.  Shoot the 
guard down there once he stops and then jump down.  Go forwards until 
your standing over the cargo bay doors, and then head to the right hand 
side of the ship.  Sneak forwards, take out the 1 guard, and then goto 
the crane.  If you need armor, go in the little hole behind the crane.  
Otherwise active it.  Once you start the crane a few men will come back 
from the way you came (now the left side of you.  Go to your right and 
hide behind the box's there.  Jump up on top of the box's and you will 
be able to get to the other side (where the container you just lifted 
is.  Now sneak your way back to the radio room (2 new guards) and hit 
the switch to open the bay doors.  Watch out for the new guards on the 
way back to the Radio room.  Now take the same route you did the first 
time, going to the crane, and instead this time go to where the cargo 
bay doors and are jump down into it. Jump in the hole in the upper left 
corner of the packages to end the level.

Seaward Star: Interior:

  Notice something different?  No alarm!  Time to break out the bigger 
guns.  Proceed forwards on the walkway and through the doorway at the 
end of it.  Go forwards through the next section of the cargo bay and 
jump over the railing and down between the shipping containers.  Head 
forwards into the next compartment.  Now run all the way forwards, kill 
the guard on the overhead walkway (hard to see) and head left.  Jump 
down to where there is a small lifter and activate it (USE).  Now jump 
up the box's to the left of the lifter and you can now jump onto the 
newly raised box's so that you can jump onto the catwalk.  Go down the 
catwalk and head through the open door.  If you want shoot the guys 
through the glass, but I find it's easier to run inside with the 
shotgun.  After clearing this room, next through the far side.  Grab 
the health's if you need it and proceed through the door.  Kill the 5 
guards in this room and then head down the stairway.  Use the walkway 
at the bottom to go over the engine and then exit through the far 
doorway.  Go through this hallway and into the next engine room.  Kill 
the all guards and then exit through the doorway to your left, hang a 
left from here and go down a ladder into the bottom of the engine room.  
Head down the long corridor and turn the wheel at the end (Shuts off 
the flames) Now go all the way back to the ladder but head right 
instead.  You have to run past the steam, I usually stick to the far 
left and only take a little damage, but I heard you can crawl under it 
to take no damage.  Go down and through the next doorway to get your 
obj updated.  Now you get to destroy the ship instead... more things 
blowing up!  Work your way through the biohazard containers until you 
come to a ladder leading down.  Take it down and head to your right 
(only way you can go) Go through the first door there and down the 
ladder to set the first charge (USE key) Now go back up and head to 
your right.  Head in the door the guard just came out of and down the 
ladder by the blinking red light to set the second charge. (There are 2 
small health kits up here) You can crouch to get under the steam vent.  
Now go through the door on the opposite side of the room (past the 
equipment) and kill the guy hiding to the right.  There is a armor and 
ammo by him.  Then head down the corridor.  Head to the right and 
through the doorway.  Loop around and through the next 2 doors. In the 
room with the big generator is a large health kit and to the right 
after you exit that room is the ladder leading to the third charge.  
Once back up the ladder, head down the corridor and to the left to find 
the forth bomb site.  Now go back up the ladder, to the left around the 
box's (kill the 2 guards there) and go forwards until you go through a 
doorway and have to go up another ladder.  Open the doorway and prepare 
to fight among all the canisters.  Once you go out the door, hang a 
hard left and go back that way, kill the 4 guards, and hang to the 
right path.  When you see a, well lit, flat place of box's jump up on 
to of it and head right.  When you jump back down, if you turn to your 
right you should see another doorway.  Go in this and down the ladder 
in there.  Go right out the doorway around the corridor and then 
through the first doorway on the left.  Kill the 2 guards and then go 
down and plant the fifth explosive.  

Seaward Star: Atlantic Ocean:

  Cut-scene, with cool boom.

New York: The Armory:
November 3, 2002
The Armory Mission briefing:
  Standard stuff here.

Walk over to the buzzer on the door and ring twice. Watch the cut-scene 
and follow Sam.  Try not to get in the NPC's path... although it's funny 
hearing Sam yell "Go AWAY!!!"  

Mission 5: Hong Kong:
November 6, 2002
  This mission has been giving people on the boards a bunch of trouble.  
I'd recommend sticking with the base layout, although I like the 
flame/frag grenades better then the smoke ones.  One note about this 
mission: always be looking up along the building sides, because there 
is a ton of snipers around.

Hong Kong: Lower Docks:
November 6, 2002
 Exit your "creative" shipping method and turn around.  Kill the guard 
in this room and head through either of the doors and kill the 4 guards 
in that room also.  Once done, head up the stairs and kill the 2 guards 
in here.  Exit out the big doorway and clear the deck of the ship, 
including the guy that's on top of the room you just came out of, of 
guards.  Use the plank to get off the boat and head to your right.  If 
you fall in the water, there is a ladder leading back onto the dock in 
the far corner of the water.  Head through the open gate.  Head right 
when you get to the T intersection and then work your way forward along 
that street.  There is 2 small health kits by the building (near the 
mill truck), after that, go forwards into the ally-way.  Watch out for 
the guy shooting you through the window at the end of the ally. (after 
you take a left had turn) Then use the box's to jump into the window, 
pick up the large health and armor if you need it.  Head up the 
stairway and exit the level.

Hong Kong: Upper Docks:

  Obj is updated, and you want to head forwards into the building.  
Follow the hallway until the end and take the only open doorway there.  
Destroy the box and jump outside the window.  Go forwards and work your 
way around the containers.  When you see a forklift there will be about 
10 guys wait to ambush you.  Best to draw them to you and kill them 
off.  After they are dead head out into the street and go to your right 
(past some bags and a handcart) and in-between move containers. (Also 
you can walk up to the back of the truck right in front of you and then 
head right, between the concrete wall and the containers.  At the end 
of the wall take a right and head forwards towards the guardhouse. (Has 
unbreakable glass windows)  Get the armor/health/ammo inside the 
guardhouse and then head around to the other side of it.  Now walk up 
to the side of the forklift that is here and USE it.  Now jump on top 
of the box's on the other side of the forklift and over the wall to 
exit the level.  Remember to Jump/crouch.

Hong Kong: Streets:

  One Note: The 2 guys walking around here are non-hostels.  If they 
die it's game over... and they die fast (1 shot usually) Head to the 
right, to grab armor if you need it, if not head to the left.  When you 
turn around the corner, more bad guys will meet you so make sure the 
other 2 guys aren't in the line of fire.  Remember what I said about 
snipers?  Well here they are, and in numbers.  There's one on the 
second story on the left and another 2 in the next street.  Work your 
way around the corner and then head down the next street on the left.  
Go down the ramp into the building at the end of this street.  Go 
through past the cars and up the stairs, to open a green door.  Now go 
to your left and down the small ally.  Break through the boarded up 
windows and clear out this section of the building. (2 guys)  then head 
though the door on the left (of the first room you entered) and head up 
the stairs.  Clear out this and the next floor of bad guys and once you 
find a door leading out onto a balcony (on the third floor) it's a good 
idea to go out and kill the snipers on the other buildings.  Once out 
on the third floor balcony note the crashed cars... you need to get on 
the other side of them.  Go through other door on this big balcony and 
go through a U shaped room to come out on the other side of the "Here & 
Now" sign.  Jump out onto the top of the sign.  This is best done by, 
hitting jump and forwards at the same, time while on top of the 
railing.  Once on the sign go across it and on the second story of the 
next building.  Go inside and work your way up to the third story of 
this building.  I find the auto shotgun is best suited for clearing out 
these kinds of buildings.  Anyways once you get to the third story, 
Head out the door to your right and onto the next balcony.  There 
should be a large sign right in front of you.  You need to jump up on 
top of it and run towards the other side of it and hit jump at the end 
so you land on the next buildings balcony.  Walk around to the right 
side of the building (on the other side of the burning cars and snipe 
the sniper at the end of the street on the third story of the left 
building.  Then head down the ladder and onto the street.  Once another 
car crashes, kill the bad guys down both the alleyways and head down 
the right ally.  You will say "Gotta get over that fence", so it's time 
to jump/crouch and get over the fence. 

Hong Kong: Market:

  Head down the alleyway and out into the market.  Head to the right 
side of the market and down the next street.  Hang a left when you get 
to the end and watch out for the snipers along the left side building 
(Both second and third floors have them) After killing all the guys 
here, head down the street until you come to a doorway in the wall on 
the right side. (NOT the, turn of the street, go back if you hit this)  
Go through the doorway into the warehouse area and kill everyone in the 
outside courtyard.  If you need it, there is a armor if you follow the 
outside of the warehouse all the way around.  Otherwise head in through 
either of the 2 doors.  I'll leave how you want to clear out this 
building to you, but just after you kill all the guys on the bottom, go 
up the stairs in the middle and clear out the 4 guys up there.  Then 
hit the switch that opens the fence in the main part of the warehouse. 
(It's by the top of the stairwell.)  Use the elevator to exit

Hong Kong: Warehouse:

  Exit out of the elevator and go down this hallway, once it branches, 
if you need armor/ammo/health go to the left, if not go to the right 
and open the storage door (Metal/rolls up) by hitting the panel.  Work 
your way through this room and head to the right.  Continue through the 
hallway until you come to the next big storage area.  Head across the 
room and up onto the walkway overhead.  Had back towards the 
entranceway and through the door directly above where you entered the 
room.  Head through the room and across the walkway in the next room.  
Open the door and enter to view another cut-scene.  Walk up to the 
computer in the next room, hack it and get "rewarded", hehe.

Hong Kong: Prison:
Date: Unknown.
Missions Briefing Prison:
  You where knocked out after learning abound the remus virus, now you 
have to figure out what happened and escape.  

Continue on the level and then learn more about the plot through 
another cut-scene or 2.  Sit tight for a while until the prisoner next 
store knocks out the guard and lets you out of the cell.  Some people 
use this bad ass guy as a human shield as you move throughout the 
level.  Otherwise he will follow you and provide backup.  Go to the end 
of the cellblock and pick up your equipment from the table in the 
little alcove to the left.  Pick the lock on the green down by your 
toolkit and then get the armor and pick the lock on the weapons 
cabinet.  Head through the door that the guards came out of and proceed 
through the hallway and out the double green doors.  Work your way 
around to either the left or right, or go through the green doorway 
across the hall.  All of them lead to the same place, which is a cell 
door.  Pick the cell door and proceed through it to get armor/health, 
and then continue through the 2 sets of double green doors.  Now head 
to the left and Through the next room.  It has a small room to the 
right with a auto shotgun guy in it, and a set of double green doors 
that leads you to what looks like a driveway.  Go out into the 
courtyard and kill all hostel's in here. (There's a search light, just 
so you know if your at the right place.)  There are 2 bad guys in here.  
One with a SAW on the ground and Deviant 1 is up on a balcony to the 
left with a sniper rifle.  Kill both of them and the door under deviant 
1 will become pick-able.  Pick the door and go up the ladder to recover 
the computer virus from where you killed deviant 1.  This will end the 

Mission 6: New York: 

New York: The Armory:
November 10, 2002
  You are to meet up with Sam in the armory and deliver the computer 
disk.  Walk up to the armory just to have it explode in your face.  Now 
you have to search out the inside of the shop and rescue Sam.  Walk 
into the shop, jumping over the fire and head to the left of the main 
room.  Walk up the door that was blown off the bathroom and through the 
wall.  Go down the ladder and jump across the elevator to the other 
side of the shaft and go through the door there.  Walk up the I beam 
and talk to Sam.  Now you have to carry him outside.  Go through the 
new hole in the wall and down the ladder there.  Use the light on the 
pistol if you need to see.  Head left into the next room and then turn 
right and USE the value to shut off the steam.  Now go back to Sam pick 
him up and go back out the first door you came into this room.  Head to 
the left and through the doorway.  Now drop Sam and jump onto the pipe 
to remove the rubble.  Pick Sam back up and proceed through the hole.  
Go left and use the doorway as a walkway to go up and then run into the 
rubble to move it.  Walk over the rubble and proceed through the fence 
and to the left outside the armory.  Walk forwards past the fireman to 
the white gurney to end the level.

New York: Sam's Room:
November 11, 2002
  Having saved Sam you now have to go to the hospital and hope he 
recovers enough to tell you who the traitor is.  Walk forwards through 
the hall to the left and talk to the nurse to have her let you in.  Go 
through the door and into the elevator.  Head down the hall and keep 
going left at any turns you need to make a choice at.  This will bring 
you to Sam's room. (Has a guard in front of it)  Go inside and talk to 
Taylor.  Once the terrorist breaks into the room and you have control 
again, run past the curtain and pick up Taylor or the guard's gun to 
take out the bad guy.  Now grab his M4, and go back outside the room.  
Check the other rooms in this hallway for health and then go back down 
to where there was a ramp leading up.  Shoot the 2 guys through the 
windows to the right and proceed forwards to the double doors.  They 
will open and you need to dispatch all guys on the other side.  If you 
want the ammo from the other 2 guys you killed go through the doorway 
on the right otherwise jump through the large open window and head 
right through either of the doors.  Continue forwards through the 
hallway here.  Sweep out the next room, watch out for the 2 guys on the 
upper level to the left and then use the stairs to get you up to the 
top of the lights.  Jump across the lights onto the balcony and use the 
elevator to exit the level.

New York: Patient Services:

  Make sure you don't shoot the guards on your side.  Proceed through 
the door the guard opens for you and take the terrorists in the next 
hall through the window.  Head through the open doorway on the right 
side of the hall, sweep the room and go through the doorway on the 
other side of it.  Kill the 2 guys repelling down the side of the 
building and continue down the hallway.  Work your way around the wing 
of the hospital and when you come to a stairway leading down, don't 
take it, go past it and go through the closed brown door in the corner 
of the room.  Now head up the stairwell through the door and walk 
around the hole in the floor.  Now walk straight ahead and through the 
door on the other side of the room.  Sweep out the next room and the 
room to the right.  Work your way through the next hallway and when you 
path is blocked, jump out the breakable window and walk along the ledge 
to get to the other side of the barricade.  Remember that pistol 
whipping will completely break a window in, so don't waste your shots.  
Follow the hallway and take out the guard by the elevator.  Go forwards 
past another set of small barricades to reach the stairwell and head up 
to the next floor of the building.  If you go forwards to the end of 
the hall here, behind the big curtain there is a large health kit, if 
you don't need it take the first door on the right from the stairs.  
Head around following this corridor until there is a walkway to the 
left and a way to go forwards.  If you go forwards you can get some 
health, if not take the hallway to the left and work your way around 
this corridor.  Going through the window (hope onto the table) is a 
good way to get a drop on the guys around the corner.  Go through a 
small corridor with a brown door on the end that opens when you get to 
it, kill all the guys inside (4) and move into the room.  Proceed 
forwards to the next brown door and up the stairs on the other side.  
Move to the top of the stairs to exit the level.

New York: Hospital Roof:  

 Now watch the cut scene of the roof carefully.  See the big panel on 
the side of the helicopter?  This is where you need to shoot, HINT 
there's TWO of them.  First you have to take off the panel and THEN you 
have to shoot it again to take out the engine.  Once the first engine 
is destroyed the helicopter becomes unbalanced and moves a lot faster, 
plus fires more bullets.  I recommend that you take out both panels 
first and then take out the engines, it's just easier that way.  As for 
the roof, there are 4 sections to it.  The part you start in, the next 
part with a big greenhouse and a tank that you should SHOOT as SOON as 
you get on the level.  Also in the other building (not the green house) 
is a large armor and some health.  Shooting the tank will destroy the 
fence leading to the next part of the roof, kill the bad guys there and 
then destroy the transformers/poll to have it fall over into the next 
section of the roof.  In here is a few more health kits and 2 nice 
box's to hide between while you shoot at the helicopter.  Also a nice 
big gun is in here.  I'll leave it up to you how and when you want to 
take out the panels on the helicopter, but I like to run/gun through to 
the last section and then take it out with selective shots.  Destroying 
the helicopter will end the level.  

Texas: The Shop Level Two:
November 12, 2002
  More Plot scenes!  But first you get to have fun with a new toy... the 
OICW.  Head to the left and go to the firing range to get briefed on 
your new best friend... well sort of.  After the tutorial go back to the 
start of the level and follow the signs to the conference room for the 
next cut-scene.  

Mission 7: Kamchatka:

  Another mission briefing: Take the base load out as it's pretty much 
the best you can get or want.  I like to add a silencer to the pistol, 
just in case, and remember the OICW has a zoom/sniper so you don't need 
a sniper rifle.

Kamchatka: Perimeter:
November 18, 2002
  Another cool entrance by Mullin's before you start the level.  Walk 
forwards to the small hut and kill the guard inside of it, then kill 
the guard in front.  Now keep going forwards towards the road up ahead.  
Hang to the right and go up the hill there to reach the road.  Kill the 
4 guards up here and then walk to the end of the road where there is a 
break in the fence.  Go through this and proceed forwards.  Most of the 
guards in this next segment tend to be on the right side, with only 3 
on the left side.  The small house on the left side has 
health/armor/ammo and a mounted gun if you need it.  Follow the river 
bed, or the path on the right by all the guard towers (with no guards 
in them) until you come to the next fence.  Walk up to the weird 
looking place in the fence on the far right-hand side of it and you 
will get a pair of wire cutters symbol there.  Hit your USE key and cut 
a hole in the fence.  Jump through it and continue onwards to the main 
road.  Now go up to the building on the right side and clear it out.  
To enter the building, circle around behind it and do a running jump 
onto the overhang and then up onto the balcony.  Pick the door and go 
inside.  Go to the far right hand side of the room where there is a 
panel with a lever (and a window that looks out towards the gate) and 
pull it to open the gates.  Go back outside, you can use the front door 
if you want, and go through the gates.  Watch out for the guards that 
come out of the gate on the left when you exit the building.  Walk down 
into the tunnel and active the hand scanner on the left of the doorway 
to open the door and exit the level.

Kamchatka: Main Road:

  Walk forwards out of the tunnel, kill the guards at the entrance, 
under the bridge and the sniper up to the right by the light.  Proceed 
forwards under the bridge and up to the right.  Go past the 3 trucks 
and keep following the road up to the right.  The road will bank around 
to the left again and you will see the big guard structure from the 
start of the level up ahead, snipe all the guards and then proceed onto 
the structure.  Get the sniper rifle from where you had killed the 
other sniper in the start and then keep following walkway until you 
come to the end with a switch under a small shelter.  Flip the switch 
and jump down over the railing to the left of the shelter.  Looking 
down you will see a pipe with an open door, jump down to it and crawl 
inside.  Proceed through the pipe and head along the tunnel.  Kill the 
guards around the big right turn and then move along until you come to 
another pipe, which you will need to enter.  Moving forwards ends the 

Kamchatka: Train Depot:

  Proceed forwards along the valley.  At the middle of it is a bunch of 
guards and they will almost always see you before you see them, even 
with the threat detection.  So charging in is the best way I've found 
to kill them all... and luck.  Proceed forwards to the next guard 
building with a mounted machine gun in it.  Kill the guy aiming it and 
go inside to get a large armor and some health.  Then go back to the 
bridge, and climb up the ladder on the middle support strut.  Go to the 
left and go through the door there.  Clear out the room and go to the 
left and up the ladder at the end of the room.  Open the door and head 
outside again.  Kill the guards guarding the bridge, and pick up the 
armor that is lying around here.  Head right over the bride and have 
your OBJ updated.  Once across the bridge, head to the right of the 
building and walk along the cliff face until you come to a break in the 
fence, OBJ updated.  Go through the fence and head to your left, work 
your way along the brick wall until you find a broken section of it, 
Jump through this.  Kill the guy guarding the trains and if you need it 
go up the building straight ahead and get an armor/large health from 
the upper story.  If you don't need it, turn to your right and head 
down to the end of the train yard.  Go up inside the engine of the 
train, and release the break, this pushes the cars forwards.  Now leave 
the engine and go all the way forwards to the other end of the train 
yard.  Jump inside the open car, and turn around, look at the green 
box's and the hole in the ceiling.  Jump up there and then head towards 
the big vent shaft over the closed doors. (OBJ updated)  Moving 
forwards exits the level.

Kamchatka: Train Bridge:

  Kill the 2 guards and move onwards through the corridor they were 
guarding.  It's best to sit by these doors and kill the enemy's as they 
come to you.  After they are all dead head into the big room.  Inside 
the train, is a large armor, otherwise head to the left and follow the 
train tracks.  Head around to the left side of the train and through 
the doorway.  Work your way across the next bridge, and kill all the 
guys surrounding the buildings.  Go along the pathway to the left and 
up the stairs that are there.  Open the door to where the guy with the 
mounted machine gun was and go up there.  Now jump out the window and 
onto the roof.  Go to your left and into the open hatch on the roof.  
Turn to the left and go down the long passageway you see there.  On the 
right is a working vent, you will be coming back here latter.  Shoot 
the guys down below through the second vent on your left and then go to 
the end and drop down.  Open the gate and go into the room you just 
cleared.  Go into the chain cage and USE the switch to turn off the 
fans.  Now go out the double doors and back up the sniper tower and 
back onto the roof.  Go back inside the upper vent shaft you had 
crawled through and go back to that vent on the right side.  The fan 
will now be stopped.  Move forwards to exit the level

Kamchatka: Checkpoint:

  Your objective in this level is to shut down the security grid.  Grab 
the armor and health if you really need it and go out the door.  
Heading left or right will end up putting you in the same room, just 
depends on what side you want to be on.  I find it's best to go left 
and go all the way down the hallway to the truck, then go right outside 
the door and snipe all the guys in the next big room.  There's also an 
armor down here to the left.  Once you have killed the 4 guards and the 
2 inside the little building in the center, go to the far right corner 
of the room (past the train) and go through the double doors.  Go to 
the right and kill the 4 guards in the next room... now head down the 
stairs and into the room with all the cages.  Go to the far side and 
into the big cage.  Flip both the switches on the sides of the pen and 
then hit the switch in the middle.  This will overload the grid (OBJ 
updated).  Now go back out the way you came and notice the newly 
remodeled roof.  Jump up onto the collapsed roof and go up until you 
can jump over onto the roof of the shed in the middle.  Go across to 
the other side of this roof and jump onto the ducking and make your way 
forwards to the glowing red air vent.  Drop down at the end of the vent 
and kill the 2 scientist however you want.  Go forwards through the 
corridor until you come to the double doors at the end.  Head left out 
the doors and past the trucks/box's.  Go past the scientist trapped 
under the rubble and keep following the road with the trucks.  At the 
end of the hallway there is 2 health's and a large armor.  Go up the 
stairs and through the doorway at the top.  Go through this hallway and 
down the stairs on the other side.  Head to your right and through the 
double doors at the end of this road.  Go up over the rubble that's 
holding down the train. (Mullin's will say "Looks like that trains not 
going anywhere")  Kill the 3 guards and then go up between the engine 
and the back cars of the train and pull out the pin.  Now go up to the 
engine of the train and start it up to exit the level.

Kamchatka: Cave Complex:

  Now exit the train, kill the 4 guards and go around to the other side 
of the train, up the stairs and through the double doorway.  Kill the 2 
guards to the left and then go right and through another double 
doorway.  This brings you into a large open room.  I suggest sniping 
the 4-5 guards and the sniper from the doorway before going into the 
room.  Go up the stairs to the left of the sniper's tower and through 
the double doors there.  Go up the stairs inside the building, and 
around to the right up more stairs. (there's a lot of ammo/health/armor 
in here)  You will come to another double doorway to go through.  Kill 
the guards down below and then take the elevator down.  Go out and 
follow the passageway around to the right.  Go down another small 
stairway, and through the passageway to the left.  At the end turn 
right (OBJ updated) Move forwards to exit. 

Kamchatka: Main Generator:

  Go forwards, killing the guards, through this hallway until you come 
to a large door.  Open the door and fight your way into the next room.  
Go past all the computers and desks and through the open double doors 
on the other side of the room.  Head to the right and through the next 
set of double doors.  Fight your way down the stairs and to the right 
at the bottom.  Head down the stairs and watch out for the 2 guards on 
each side of the big room.  They can most likely shoot at you while you 
are in the middle of the stairway, but it's hard for you to shoot back.  
Running down each set of stairs is a good idea.  Once at the bottom of 
the big room head forwards through the fenced area and though the large 
walkway in the wall.  There is a big ladder to climb down here.  Go 
down and kill the guys in the generator room.  The ladder leading up to 
the upper level is to the right of the big ladder you came down, go up 
this now.  Go all the way around the outside of the generator and onto 
the top of the generator.  Flip the switch here and go back to the room 
that's a bit inside the wall of the upper level.  There is a switch 
here (you'll be looking at the generator when you flip it), flip it to 
end the level.

Kamchatka: Main Generator:

  Now all those places you killed guards to get down here, guess what?  
They have guards again!  Kill all the guards in the generator room and 
head back up the giant ladder.  Work your way back up all the 
stairwells until you come to a closed double doors, open these.  Watch 
the cool sequence on the left and then jump through the window there.  
Take the large health and then go down to where the fire is (avoiding 
it) and go through the little vent in the floor.  Go through the vent 
and kill the 2 guards on the other side.  Proceed forwards and open the 
double doors, killing the 2 guards on the other side.  Proceed through 
the hallway around to the left and up the ladder on the left side of 
the hall.  Kill the guards in the next room to the left and then go 
right at the top of the small stairs to open another double doorway.  
Go across the lab and through the door to the right of the windows 
(panel on the right side opens it).  Kill all the guards and head to 
the right as SOON as you go through the doorway, to update your OBJ and 
exit the level.  

Kamchatka:  Cave Complex:

  Go to the right and pick the double doors to be able to go down 
another long hallway with lots of guards.  Proceed forwards, kill the 
guards down the hall to the left, but keep going forwards instead of 
taking this hallway.  Go to the pulsing light and head to the right 
through another 2 doorways and up a ladder.  Go forwards until you hit 
a wall and head to the right.  Keep to the left and forwards until you 
can't go any further and then turn right and there will be another 
passageway.  Go through this and you are at the elevator.  USE the 
switch to open the hatch on the roof and climb up there.  Climb up the 
elevator cable on either side of the shaft (hold down run) and at the 
top jump onto the little platform to your side (side strafting onto it 
works well) Now you are back up top.  Kill the new guards down by the 
trucks and go back through the double doors and down the stairs inside 
the building.  Exit out the double doors to where the trucks are, and 
kill the guards, then go to the right where there is a switch.  Flip 
the switch and watch the crane fall.  Looking down you will now see a 
hole in a walkway.  Now go back up to the elevator cables, and go back 
down them to the very bottom.  Go out the elevator and forwards through 
the hallway until you see a big hole.  Jump over this hole to the left 
and proceed forwards. (OBJ updated) Go through the double doors and at 
the end of the hallway go right to end the level. (there is a dim red 
light to guild your way.)  

Kamchatka:  Research Facility:

  Go straight down the hallway and pick the door only if you need 
health, otherwise go to the left and follow that hallway.  Shoot the 
guards and head up the ramp.  Head to the right, and through the next 
lab.  Head out the door on the left-hand wall, and through the red 
passageway.  Pick the lock on the door at the end.  Now head up the 
stairs to the left, and follow the corridor until you come to a few big 
window panes at the end.  Break them and jump down into the room below.  
Jump through the blown out window and activate the switch inside the 
small room with the water.  Now once the water opens the doors, proceed 
through them.  Head up the stairs and around to the top of them.  Kill 
all the guards in the next room and then goto the hallway on the other 
side to exit the level.

Kamchatka: Labs 1,2,3:

  Okay, first off there is a small bug with the first part of this 
level.  When you get the new explosives, sometimes it doesn't register 
it and when you plant them it doesn't work.  IF after you plant some 
explosives a little box doesn't appear and beeping is sounding, you 
have to restart from start of the level.
  Now move on down the hallway and kill the guards around lab 1.  From 
the entrance of lab 1, walk straight forwards and hit USE on the shiny 
tube.  Go outside the lab, and head out the double doors to the left of 
the lab and then go right down the small stairs and through the next 
hallway.(OBJ updated)  Open the double doors and snipe all guards 
outside by the trucks.  Go up the stairs and activate the crane TWICE.  
This will bring the explosives on the second creates to you.  Now go 
back and blow up the lab, stand outside the lab while it blows.  No go 
through the hole in the wall that was created.  Head to the right and 
through the next doorway.  Head all the way forwards and then to the 
left, now work your way across the walkway and then down the stairs on 
the other side, go through the double doors and into the lab on the 
right.  Now once you plant the explosives, RUN back to the stairwell 
leading up to the second level.  Kill all the guards in the room to the 
right and go up to where they were.  Go through the broken window (it 
is bulged out beams are left) and shoot the vent shaft on the other 
side.  Go around and crawl into the shaft.  Go through the vent on the 
other side and drop down the hole in the end of the shaft.  Kill the 
guards, and guy in the lab coat and proceed forwards.  Kill the guards 
in lab 3 and then go in and blow the 3rd lab.  Run out to the room with 
3 double doors (right outside the lab) and stick by the side of the 
locked doors,  once the lab blows, the guards will open this door.  
Proceed through it and move forwards to exit the level

Kamchatka: Lab 4:

  Go through the doorways, grab the armor/health if you need it and go 
through the next doorway.  Kill the 3 guards and head through the 
double doors on the other side of the room, this will loop you around 
back into the room by a switch.  Throwing the switch will open the 
other set of double doors in this room.  Go back and through those 
double doors.  Go through the protective suits room and throw the 
switch to open the next door, go through and open another door to get 
into the next hallway.  Go through the double doors at the end to enter 
lab 4.(OBJ updated)  Kill all the guards and then go through the double 
doorway on the other side of the room to reach the stairs leading down 
into the lab.  Go across the chamber, and through the double doors 
here, flip the switch on the panel to open up a part of the chamber.  
Flip the switch's on either side of the chamber to reach the place to 
plant your explosives.  Plant the bomb and then run back to the 
stairwell.  Go to the top of the stairs, kill the guards and then jump 
onto the moving piston to get up into the broken ceiling.  As you move 
forwards through the vents, listen to the guard and the doctor talking.  
You have to crawl a few times to get through the vents.  Once you get 
to the part with a bunch of red lights and a big vent blocking the way 
at the end, you will fall down through the ceiling.  Kill the 3 guards 
and NOT the doctor.  Talk to the doctor and then follow him out of the 
labs.  Once he explains about the doors, do down the stairs and to the 
cage on the left, pick the door and go inside to restore power to the 
tram.  Go back up the stairs to the doctor, and use the switch to open 
the tram once it gets there.  Now this is the fun part.  Basically you 
are stuck on the tram and there's a bunch of guards it goes by, and you 
have to shoot them before they get you.  Once you get to the end you 
are put into a cut-scene of you escaping the base.  

Mission 8: Switzerland:

  Only thing I recommend changing from the basic layout is a USAS-12 
instead of the hand pumped shotgun.  You get a few more shots and it's 
a quicker reload.

Switzerland: Security Station:
November 21, 2002
  Once you arrive at the airport, talk to the chief of police and then 
proceed into the airport.  Now for this mission you have to watch out 
not to shoot Civilians.  Head through the double doors, to the right, 
and then through the hallway on the right.  Go up the escalator and 
kill all the terrorists in the bathrooms to the left.  There is a large 
health in the women's bathroom.  Then go back out and proceed past the 
magazine racks and around the corner to the left.  Proceed forwards 
through the next 2 hallways until you come to another escalator.  Go up 
it and go forwards until there is another escalator leading down.  The 
guy will tell you there's 2 guards down there.  If you need health go 
on the other side of the magazine racks before going down the 
escalator.  Go through the fence doorway and around to the right.  Go 
down the long hallway, watch out for the shot-gunner coming out of the 
far room, and then head around to the right and down another long 
hallway.  Go around to the left and then forwards past the check-in 
desks and up another escalator.  This time there's a health kit in the 
men's room to the right, otherwise keep going forwards down this 
hallway to exit.

Switzerland: Airport Terminal:

  Kill the 2 guards at the top of the escalator and then go up and kill 
the other 3 guards.  Go around to the right and through the corridor 
there.  It loops back around to the left and then to the right again 
where there is a ton of guards and either a walkway or a escalator to 
reach the bottom.  I recommend the walkway.  There is a large health by 
the 6 baggage claim.  If you don't need it, go through the hallway by 
the bottom of the ramp/walkway that you came down on.  Work around 
through this hallway and up to the metal detectors.  Go past the metal 
detectors, don't set them off, and then around to the right and up 
through the wall with tiles and a door on each side.  Go through the 
doorway and around to the left in the next hallway.  No go to the end 
and through the open doorway to exit the level.

Switzerland: Airport Hangar:

  Go through the hallway, kill the guards to the left and then go 
through the doorway and down the stairs.  Now jump on the moving belt 
in the bottom of this room and duck to get into the next room.  I find 
it's best to stand at the edge of the belt and then snipe the 4 guards 
in the room below, before jumping down.  Go up the big stairway, to the 
door up there and pick the lock.  Proceed through the hallway to the 
left and then up the ladder in the room with a lot of explodable 
barrels.  Shoot the double barrels that will blow a hole in the floor.  
Jump down and kill the 2 guards that come in before picking the lock 
and crouching through the next hallway above the belt.  Watch out for 
the ambush from below and then drop down through the hole in the 
grating.  Work your way around to the left and through the open door at 
the end of the hallway.  The big building right in front of you is the 
hanger (obj updated).  Now kill the guards to the right and head that 
way.  Go straight through the crates/containers, and remember to use 
the explosives to your advantage.  Once you see another building and a 
fence in front of you, to the left is the hanger entrance, kill all the 
guards and enter the hanger.  Sniping most of the guards in here works 
best.  Now head to the LEFT engine on the plane and up the stairs that 
are placed there.  Jump up onto the wing and then go to the main body 
of the plane.  Look towards the tail and you will see a little platform 
back there.  Do a running jump onto the platform and pick it to enter 
the plane... ending the level.

Switzerland: Airplane:

  Go up the ladder in front of you and head forwards and to the left.  
If you need health/armor, go to the front of the plane, otherwise head 
up the stairs.  Okay now break out your best friend, IE your auto 
shotgun, and have some fun in closed spaces.  Head to the right and 
then through the door to the right.  Now forwards and to the right, 
then head left towards the back of the plane.  There is a red keycard 
on the table in the far back room.  Now hit your USE key to pick up the 
keycard, and go back towards the front of the plane.  Use the keycard 
on the red pad and head up the stairs to talk to Nachrade.  Head to the 
cockpit and radio the shop.  Throw the red switch to the right in the 
cockpit and go back down into the belly of the plane.  From the stairs 
leading down, head 180 degrees and go to the front of the plane.  There 
is a bunch of cables leading down (the armor/health is back there), go 
to the left side and go around and through the open door.  Cut the 
wires on the big box in here and then go to the far back of the plane.  
Grab the parachute and then jump off the back of the plane to exit the 

Mission 10: The Shop:

  Well this is it, get your final mission briefing and we are off.  
Grabbing the recommended equipment is good.  

Texas: The Shop Main Level
November 22, 2002

  Remember the layout of the shop before?  Good now head back into the 
shop.  Head through the first set of doors to the right, and then 
through the next set.  Head to the right and through the gun scanner, 
then through the next doorway.  Head to the left first and to till you 
can rescue a shop employee.  Then head back to the first intersection 
and head right instead of left.  Head down the hallway to the place 
where the bathrooms are on the left and the hole in the ceiling is on 
the right.  If you need health go in the women's bathroom, otherwise 
use the file cabinet and jump up through the hole in the roof.  Now 
crouch down to go through the vents.  You will have to crawl through 
the latter part of the vents once you reach a little ways into it.  
When you reach the overhead walkway (still crawling) go left at the 
first turn, then right and proceed forwards until you are across the 
room.  At the end of the vent, snipe the guards down below before 
dropping down.  Facing away from the door with the scanner, head to the 
right.  If you need it there is a large health inside the first door to 
the left, otherwise keep going down the hallway and use the elevator to 
exit the level.  

Texas:  The Shop Level Two:

  Go to the right a little bit and watch the nice explosion.  Then head 
back the other way towards the weapons research and dev section.  Go 
through the door with a scanner and follow the hallway to the right.  
Head forwards to the research section.  I recommend on stalking up on 
weapons.  Go to the left and head to the armory/firing range.  The door 
on the left is the firing range and the door on the right is the 
armory.  Clear out the armory and pick up a ton of ammo/health/armor.  
Then head back down the hallway and onto section 2-C.  If you want head 
through the hand scanner door and kill some more bad guys, otherwise 
just keep going down the hallway and use the elevator to exit the 

Texas:  The Shop Laboratory:

  Exit the elevator and head to the right.  Go through the door with 
the hand panel and head to the left through the double wooden doors and 
then through the lab and out the door on the other side.  Go left, away 
from the water, and through another hand scanner doorway.  Follow this 
hallway and turn left at the first intersection.  Head down this new 
hallway and into the first door on the left.  Follow the lab until you 
see another hand scanner type door, and go through the single door at 
the end of the lab to get to it.  Head left through the lab and at the 
end look to the left to see who the traitor is!  After a short cut-
scene, turn around and head out the hand scanner door behind you.  Head 
to the left and then take a left at the next intersection.  The 
elevator at the end now works, so exit the level.

Texas:  The Shop Roof:

  Now it's time to have the final confrontation, the big show down, the 
grand... why the hell does HE get a big machine of death and your stuck 
on foot!!!  Oh well I know by now you all have favorite weps and 
strategies, so I'm just going to give a few tips.  First thing you 
should do on this level is run out the doorway, go right, jump over the 
railing, run to the right and to you right will be a doorway.  You 
should pick this now before the helicopter gets a chance to come around 
to where you are.  This place is good for hiding, and it has 2 armors, 
health and ammo, just in case.  Now as for taking out the traitor, 
first steps are just like the hospital roof.  Shoot off the panels 
covering the wiring on both engines, and then shoot out both engines.  
There is a difference in this one though, because once you shoot out 
one of the engines he will not only use machine guns, but rocket 
launchers!  Once both engines are taken out you will see the cockpit 
pop off.  Now 1 really good shot to the head of the pilot will take 
this bird down for good.  With the sniper rifle it only takes 1 clip of 
5 shots to take this guy down.  Also using the pillars or the venting 
on the upper level for cover from the machine gun fire is the best.  
I've noticed that sometimes you won't see the cockpit fly off until 
you've done more damage to the helicopter.  You can also shoot off the 
mini missile racks, the side missiles and the landing gear of the 
helicopter.  Good luck and enjoy the ending once you have beaten the 

Texas: Cemetery:

  Follow up... pretty amusing and truthful.  Good job everyone.  Also 
take you Raven games for a great experience.  

Game Time completion:
First Run: About 18 hours on consultant.
Second Run: About 15 hours on Gun for Hire.
Third run: About 35-40 hours on amateur, while writing walkthrough.
Forth Run: Very fast.


6) Bugs:
  I will list whatever bugs I find or have reported to me inside here 
as a quick reference for anyone running into what they think is a bug 
in the game.
1)	In the flashback missions once you rescue the doctor he might be 
shot and killed but not have the end of mission/death animation 
happen.  He will just stand still.  This also happens when you shoot 
him after opening the door but NOT activating the cut-scene.  Some 
people have reported being able to still finish the level by 
clearing out all bad guys.  Solution:  Don't let him get hit.  If 
clearing out the level doesn't work going back to your closest save 
is the only other option.
2)	In the Colombia missions, once you get to the bravo squad, sometimes 
the squad will just stop and wait there for no reason, even after 
the bad guys are killed.  This is a known bug in the NPC AI.  
Sometimes the commander will loose track of where you are, and thus 
stops the squad so that you can catch up.  This happens mainly when 
he reaches a checkpoint and can't see you, due to a 
building/tree/wall.  Solution: Stay near the commander at all times.  
Also if they do stop, walk forwards and backwards from the squads 
position a bit.  This will sometimes trigger the AI.  Other then 
that you can wait around until he notices you, or restart from your 
closest save.
3)	Pointing the Tactical light at NPC's (Colombia mission is most 
frequent) will cause them to think you are targeting them and they 
will start shooting you.
4)	Also as for the AI there is a little bug in their line of sight.  In 
the Colombia missions if you are crawling through undergrowth (You 
can't see them), the AI can still see you.  Also sometimes they will 
shoot at your right before you walk around a corner.  Annoying, but 
useful for using up their clips. Thx Kerwin Tsang.
5)	Final Boss can still fire missiles after you've blown off all 4 
missile racks. ^_^;;


6)	Links:

If you want your Soldier of Fortune 2 website listed here, send me an 

www.gamefaqs.com/  Permission to host this FAQ 
www.ravengames.com  Permission to host this FAQ
http://www.cheatcc.com Permission to host this FAQ
http://DLH.Net Permission to host this FAQ
www.gamesover.com Permission to host this FAQ


II:     Multiplayer 
1) Intro
2)	Getting started/Settings
3)	Server Settings.
4)	Weapons
5)	Gameplay Modes
A)	Deathmatch
B)	Team Deathmatch
C)	Elimination
E)	Infiltration
6)	Maps
7)	Tips/Strategies

1) Multiplayer Intro:

  First off I want to say that SOF2's multiplayer mode is one of the 
best most addicting ones of any FPS.  I have played them all and 
there's just something really special about this.  In this section I am 
going to try and give you an overview on SOF2's different multiplayer 
weapons, modes, and maps.  Firstly this guild assumes you've played a 
lot if not all of the single player campaign before going online.  This 
is recommended because of a few basic things.  Firstly, online play has 
a more limited selection of weapons then the full game.  But you will 
be more used to using, and knowing where to shoot people if you have 
completed the single player campaign first.  Secondly you will be more 
used to the controls and flow of the gameplay.  Third is that people 
will talk about the single player game on the servers, and you don't 
want it spoiled for you.  I'll be adding more reasons, as I think of 
them in the future, but those are the main ones.

2)	Getting started/Settings:

  First off to start multiplayer mode you have to use the shortcut on 
your desktop or start menu for "Soldier of Fortune 2 Multiplayer" This 
will bring up the main menu screen.  You should be looking at the 
options menu at this point.  The row of icons at the top is your list 
of different options config screens.

A) Options Screen:

1) Player Setup (Dog Tags):
     Name:  Used for whatever name you want to be shown in the 
scoreboard. (Put clan tags in here also)
     Identity:  Choose what model you want to be seen by other players 
in game.
2) Controls setup (4 keys):
     There are 7 buttons on the left side of the screen, use each of 
these to goto different control setting pages.  The bottom one resets 
it to the games default.  
     Key's to note: Fire mode, Drop weapon, Thermals/NV, Radio message, 
Vote yes/no, chat, team chat.  These are all-important keys that I've 
seen people overlooking in multiplayer games.
3) Display Setup (Monitor):
     I'll leave this up to you to decide, it really depends on what 
kind of machine you run the game on and what type of internet 
connection.  Remember to click APPLY before leaving this screen.
4) Sound Setup (Speaker with noise):
     Firstly: Turn OFF the music.  You don't need it and it doesn't 
help you in Multiplayer modes.  The other 2 settings are up to you, but 
I keep sound Frequency at 22 khz.
5) Misc. Setup (Check box's):
     Most of these are personal pref's on how you want the game to 
look.  Note:  Radar Type of Friends + Map is the best mode for it.
6) Scalability Options (Scale):
     Again these are personal settings depending on computer.  I 
recommend Low shadow quality, Dead bodies set to stay (This really 
helps in INF/team games), and the rest are up to you.
7) Network Settings (Comp's hooked together):
     MOST IMPORTANT:  Set the RATE setting to whatever your modem/BB 
is.  The default is 56.6k.  Also if you have a firewall in here is 
where you set the game to go through it.
8) CD Key (CD with a key on it):
     This is where you enter your cd key from the inside of your box.  
You have to enter it again even if you entered it when you started up 
single player mode.

  Now along the bottom is 5 buttons in this order: Join Server, Host 
Server, Options, Violence Lock, and Exit.  To jump into an Internet 
game all you have to do is click on Join server.  The most important 
Part in here is the source you are getting your servers from.  Default 
is "Local".  Click on this once to change it to Internet, then click 
the "Get New List" button.  The server list will be updated and you 
ready to double click 1 of them to play.  TIP:  It is best to click on 
the Ping tab to make sure your connecting to a fast server, for best 
gameplay.  Also note that you can change the type of games you are 
looking for (DM/TDM/INF etc) and to show the server if it's full or 
empty.  All settings are saved when you move out of the menu so the 
next time you come back to it you do not have to change the settings 

3)	Server Settings:

  When creating a server there are a few important settings to 
remember.  First off is score and time limits.  Secondly is friendly 
fire, this is better left off on most internet servers because of the 
mass team killing that will ensue from accidents/TK'ers.  The most 
important setting is the "Dedicated" one.  This setting does not let 
you play while running a server, but it allows people connecting to the 
server to have the best experience possible.    Lastly remember to name 
your server and keep the max number of players to a limit that is good 
for what kind of connection you are serving the game on.

4)	Weapons:

  Inside each of the map sections, there will be mention of spots where 
curtain weapons will be more useful then others.  The weapons in INF, 
CTF, ELIM modes are based selected in the team-outfitting screen. 
Kelvin "Kilo Tanga" Tay has been nice enough to submit a weapons 
breakdown to me.  It is listed next.

SOF II Multiplayer Weapons Guide

By Kelvin "Kilo Tanga" Tay



  Primary (65 dmg/per slash)= A slashing attack, not affected by armor
  Secondary (80 dmg/per throw)* = A throw, not affected by armor

    Tips: Slash and hack AFK's! if you're out of any indirect weapons 
(anything that doesn't need a line of sight to kill with) and there's 
an enemy behind cover, try to throw a knife over their cover and you 
might just hit/kill them.
* A great thing to do with the knife is to throw it up into the air 
(like in a 35 degree angle) while you're running and try to catch all 
of them


  Primary (50 dmg/per shot)= A single shot, damage gets absorbed by 
armor. Secondary (70 dmg/per whip, weird how a pistol whip does more 
damage than a bullet) Pistol whip = not affected by armor.

    Tips: Although this gun does more damage than the SOCOM, I would 
rather use the SOCOM any day because of the larger clip size.

*US SOCOM* (does slightly less damage than the Colt)
  Primary (40 dmg/per shot)= A single shot, damage gets absorbed by 
armor Secondary (70 dmg/per whip)= Pistol whip, not affected by armor

   Tips: This is my favorite handgun because not only does it do good 
amount of damage, its large clip makes it easier to kill with.

*Pump-action shotgun*

  Primary (22 dmg/per pellet, 8 pellets) = Shotgun buckshot, armor 
absorbs lots of damage.
  Secondary (70 dmg/per whip) = Shotgun whip, not affected by armor

    Tips: One of the better secondary weapons in my opinion due to its 
ability to get a one shot kill at close range and power.

*USAS 12*

  Primary (15 dmg/per pellet, 8 pellets) = Shotgun buckshot, armor 
absorbs lots of damage
  Secondary = nil
      Tips: The USAS 12 is an inhuman close quarters killing machine 
because not only does it do a decent amount of damage per shot, it's 
fully automatic so only a few rounds are needed to kill. Because of 
this, many servers have disabled this weapon as it seems that the USAS 
12 is too overpowering at times.


  Primary (40 dmg/per shot) = Fires, damage gets absorbed by armor
  Secondary = nil

     Tips: The Micro-Uzi without doubt is probably the best spray and 
pray gun in the whole game. Unfortunately, the gun has little affect at 
longer ranges because of its recoil.


  Primary (50 dmg/per shot)= Fires, damage gets absorbed by armor
  Secondary = nil

    Tips: Although this gun doesn't stand a chance against the more 
damaging assault rifles or the spray and pray Micro-Uzi the M3A1 makes 
a good secondary gun for any sniper.


  Primary (35 dmg/per shot)= Fires the gun (what else do I say?), 
damage gets absorbed by armor
  Secondary (101 dmg/per shot, radius = 200)= Fires the grenade 
launcher, if it's a direct hit, it's a one shot killer.

    Tips: Nicknamed the "n00b cannon" the M4/M203 is probably the best 
all round weapon in the game. The M4 is great in close quarters as well 
deadly when circle strafing an enemy. The M203 grenade launcher packs a 
deadly punch as it can take out more than one opponent and it can be 
used to kill opponents around corners from the grenade's splash damage. 
This gun may be banned on some servers mainly because the M203 is 
unfairly considered an "n00b cannon" due to its effectiveness (usually 
hated by AK 74 users)
  Tyrlan's Notes: I love using this weapon.  While I change to the auto 
shotgun for curtain maps and the AK 74 for others the added grenade 
launcher on here is just wonderful.  This, like all weapons, is a 
weapon of skill.  I was being called a newbie and such on a server for 
a while, while using this weapon until taking down 7 players with 1 
clip and a nade.  Then switching to an AK74 I picked up to finish off 
the other 2 people. (Won the map ^_^)  Anyways, basically you should be 
good with all weapons and use what you feel best with.


  Primary (45 dmg/per shot) = Fires the gun, damage gets absorbed by 
  Secondary (75 dmg/per stab) = Bayonet stab, not affected by armor

    Tips: The AK 74 is probably the most accurate, when fired in 
bursts, of the two assault rifles but it lacks the accuracy of the M4 
on the run or the M203's splash damage.


  Primary (55 dmg/per shot) = Fires the gun, damage gets absorbed by 
  Secondary = nil

    Tips: Although few use the M60 for its true use, cover fire, the 
M60 is a great gun because you can fire 3 times as much rounds before 
reloading compared to an assault rifle. This gives the user the 
advantage by killing the enemy if the enemy is caught reloading. Also 
the long reload times of the M60 are deadly in a close quarter battle.

*MSG90A1 AKA: Sniper Rifle*

  Primary (120 dmg/per shot) = Fires the rifle, headshots kill no 
matter what.
  Secondary = Toggles sniper scope, up to 20x

    Tips: Always toggle the scope before firing as the sniper rifle is 
very inaccurate without the scope (although in emergencies it never 
hurts to try to "rail" someone without the scope). Always, and I mean 
ALWAYS aim for the head with the sniper rifle as enemy's with AK 74's 
or M4's will pick you off before you usually get another shot.

*Fire grenades*
  Good for making a blockade while doing as much damage as a frag 
*Smoke grenades*
  Great for making escapes with the objective and also to confuse 
*Flash bang*
  Great for surprising the enemy's, but watch out for hitting teammates 
*Frag grenades*
  Hold down for 1.5/2 seconds and then throw so the enemy has no time 
to run away from the blast

  Use it whenever you can as it WILL save your arse.
  Use it in dark maps with the sniper rifle as no other vision 
enhancing gadgets can be used along with the sniper rifle.

  Use it in dark maps with lots of bush (doesn't work with sniper 
Beware: watch your fire on friendly fire servers because it's hard to 
determine friend on foe from anything but point blank range with the 
goggles on.  Tyrlan: after a little practice and use of the map this 
doesn't become a problem.

*Backpacks* (CTF only, in the tents)
  Replenishes all health, armor and ammo, dropped weapons don't come 
back when you run over a backpack.

Weapon Combo

I normally recommend the:

M4/M203, Pump shotgun, Fire grenades, US SOCOM, Knife, Armor

This is because on most Inf maps, it's going to be close quarters so 
the shotgun and the M4/M203 are your best bets.

I normally recommend the:

USAS 12, Micro-Uzi, Frag grenades, US SOCOM, Knife, Armor

This is because the goal in Elim is to take out as many enemies as 
possible each round. Since the USAS 12 and the Micro-Uzi is probably 
the easiest to kill with (at close range) I usually use the 
aforementioned combo for Elim.

Weapon Damage analysis

After looking at all the weapon damage ratings, I'm shocked. 
Apparently, the M3A1 does more damage than both of the assault rifles 
which is, in my opinion surprising because I usually thought assault 
rifles in general do more damage than submachine guns. The M4 actually 
does LESS damage than M3A1, US SOCOM, M1191A1 and the Micro-Uzi, the 
.45 round in the M3A1, SOCOM and M1191A1 might be argued against but 
the Micro-Uzi?!? The knife slash, throw, pistol whip, shotgun whip AND 
bayonet stab on the AK 74 does MORE damage than all of the guns except 
the sniper rifle. Maybe this is for balance, but it really ruins the 
realism... Although some damage values might me "unfair" or "strange" 
in reality, the game runs quite smoothly and is balanced.  Also, the 
thrown knife seems to be able to "stick"/cut into to anything in the 
whole game! Even through stone and the helicopter in Inf! Weird!


4.1) Team Outfitting:

This is used during the INF, CTF, and ELIM gamemodes.  It let's you 
choose what equipment you are going to be using until 1 of a few things 
happens.  1) You die. 2) You beat the mission 3) you pick up someone 
else's gun after killing them (You have to drop your own gun to do 
this) listed below are the choices that you can make from this screen.  
Please refer to the weapon section for further details on the guns.

1) Primary Weapon:  Ak74+Knife, M4 Assault w/grenade launcher, USAS12 
Shotgun, MSG90A1 Sniper, M60 Machinegun.
2) Secondary Weapons:   M590 Shotgun, MicroUzi, M3A1 Sub-machinegun.
3) Pistol:  M1911A1, US SOCOM
4) Grenade: ANM14 Incendiary, SMOHG92 Frag, M84 Flash, M15 Smoke, 
5) Accessory: Armor, NV goggles, Thermal Goggles.

5)	Gameplay Modes:

All gameplay modes allow for random maps to be used.  This is one of 
the better features, although sometimes annoying in INF, of SOF2 

A)	Deathmatch:

     This is your standard deathmatch type gameplay.  Everyone on the 
server spawns with 6 knifes and a SOCOM pistol.  You can carry as many 
weapons as you can find, and the weapons depend on the lvl you are 
playing.  See the Maps section for where weapons are in the maps.
Playable Maps:  Colombian Jungle, Finca Housewarming, Hong Kong Hotel, 
Hospital Roof, Kamchatka Labs, Jersey Winter Wonderland, Prague 
Streets, Raven Office, The Shop Under Siege.

B)	Team Deathmatch:
     No real explanation is need for this.  It is the same gamemode as 
Deathmatch, but you have teams.  IE you can only kill the other team.  
Note:  Your teammates show up on the radar and have a X above their 
heads in your team color.
Playable Maps:  Colombian Jungle, Finca Housewarming, Hong Kong Hotel, 
Hospital Roof, Kamchatka Labs, Jersey Winter Wonderland, Prague 
Streets, Raven Office, The Shop Under Siege.

C)	Elimination:

  This is the first of the team based modes.  Basically the players are 
divided into to groups that are places on opposite sides of the map 
from each other.  They have to seek out and destroy the other team.  
Once you are fragged (Eliminated) you have to wait until one full team 
is dead, OR the time runs out.
Playable Maps:  Colombian Jungle, Hong Kong Hotel, Hospital Roof, 
Kamchatka Labs, Prague Streets, Raven Office, The Shop Under Siege.

D)	Capture the Flag:

  Do I really need to explain this to anyone out there?  Well anyway, I 
haven't played this mode at all in SOF2, but here is the basic's.  
Again you have 2 teams, each one has a base with a flag in it.  You 
have to play both offense and defense in this game to win.  The goal is 
to get into the enemy's base, get their flag and get back to your 
base(Your flag stand with flag on it).  If you die while carrying the 
flag it is dropped in the place where you died.  It will be returned to 
the enemy base after 30 seconds if left on the ground. Simple enough? 
Playable Maps: Colombian Jungle, Jersey Winter Wonderland

E)	Infiltration:

  This is by far my favorite game mode.  You have 2 teams again, but 
this time one is attacking(Blue) and the other is defending(Red).  The 
objective for the Blue team is to get into the reds base, steal the 
case (Don't ask what's in it... we'll just say it's important) and get it 
back to their Chopper for a quiet escape.  Simple enough?  Well this is 
where the Red team comes in.  It is their job to protect the case and 
make blue have a very bad day.  There is always a mission briefing that 
explains the details of the mission at the start of every map.  Now 
because of the nature of combat, the defending teams usually get a 
slight advantage on the maps.  Some maps it is dead even, and others 
give blue an advantage.  A small thing to note is that during Inf games 
the RMG can be a bad, bad thing.  As sometimes the case will spawn 
closer to blue then red, or ever with the blue team between the red 
team and the case.  This as you will sometimes see makes for very hard 

Maps:  Colombian Jungle, Finca Housewarming, Hong Kong, Hotel, Raven 
Office, The Shop Under Siege.

6)	Maps:

  I've put this section on hold for a bit while I work on the single 
player walkthrough.  The best thing you can do right now is to start 
your own server and walk around the maps.  Look for spots that have 
good hiding places and different ways into and out of key spots in the 
maps.  One of the good things about SOF2 multiplayer maps is the 
abundance of ways into and out of places.

7)	Tips/Strategies:

    Right now this section is on hold while I work on the single player 
part of this FAQ.  Also it takes a while to work out good all around 
strategies for these maps since there are so many different ones.  
Right now I'll give you one of the best pointers you'll ever hear.  
Watch other people.  Watch how they walk/run around the levels, watch 
how/where they shoot, watch were they spend time and WHAT equipment 
they are using for different places in the level's.  You'll die a lot 
in the start (even the FPS vets) but spend that time in spectator mode 
wisely.  One of the best things to do is to watch the person with the 
highest score or the person that just killed you.  Take note on how 
much you hurt them before you died, and try to change your behavior to 
benefit yourself and your team.

I've got a lot more rough outlines on tips/strategies, but I don't want 
to release them yet until they are a little more polished. I'll take 
any and all submissions for this section.  Just e-mail me at 

This document Copyright 2002 by Tye Arnett. If you want to 
Post/print/host/submit/whatever else you would do with a walkthrough 
other then just read it.  You must e-mail, call, or write me for 
permission to host or reprint this in any form.  If you have paid money 
for this, you have been ripped off and should report it to both the 
police and me.

SOF2 and all it's trademarks, characters, and code are the property of 
Raven Software.