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        C H A M P I O N S H I P    M A N A G E R   2 0 0 2 / 2 0 0 3 
           B E I N G   T H E   B E S T   M A N A G E R   G U I D E

                            BY LUKE O MAC (c) 2003

                                FINAL VERSION

First Updated - 30th March 2003
Last Updated - 29th April 2003
First Completed Version Date - 29th April 2003
Final Completed Version Date - 25th May 2003
Version Number - FINAL
Author - Luke O'Mac
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Copyright 2003 Luke O'Mac


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Hello again all you Championship Manager crazy fans. Yes, it's me Luke O'Mac, 
back with a new 'Winning Your Matches' Strategy Guide. Basically, this guide 
will explain how to be the best manager on CM, or how to keep a winning streak 
going or to improve your management by winning games.

I hope that you all again enjoy this FAQ. This is of course my second 
Championship Manager FAQ for and it is my last for CM 02/03/ Roll 
on CM 4!

If I have made any mistakes at all for this FAQ please email me and tell me. I
will mention you on this FAQ that you corrected me. Thanks. But please don't 
email me if you are going to ask about if there are any cheats, or what ever! 
You are able to email me questions about CM, but please, no more submissions for 
the FAQ! This is the FINAL update, that's it.

Thanks again.

Oh, and in case you want to know, here are my facts from my best Championsip 
Manager game I have saved: 

Team: Man Utd
Season: 04/05
Current Date: 1st November 2004
League: Premiership
League Position: 2nd, Leeds are clear by 9 points with 2 games in hand
Euro Cup Position: 2nd Round, 1st in group. My group is Real Madrid, Lazio and 
Borussia Dortmund ^gulp^ !
Cups won: Premiership (Twice), League Cup (Twice), FA Cup, European Cup, 
Intercontinental Cup, Charity Shield (Twice)
Addiction Rating: Mildly Addicted
My Team:
GK - Barthez
DL - Stewart/Winter
DR - Reizeger
DC - Davids
DC - Laursen
DM - Veron
ML - Nedved
MR - Beckham
AM - Djorkaeff/Raul
FC - Raul/Catanha
FC - Van Nistelrooy

I'll update this on every update ok?

FINAL Version (May 25th 2003) - Rounded off the FAQ for a grandstand finish. All 
sections completed, and I'm off to wait for Championship Manager 4 for Xbox!

Version 1.0 (April 29th 2003) - The first completed update! Woo hoo! Completed 
the `Hidden Attributes' Section and everything is done for now! I'll keep doing 
new stuff though don't worry! Oh, and check out the brand new `Players 
Indicators' section down there! Woo hoo!

Version 0.9 (Aril 13th 2003) - A nice big update! Started the unfinished 'Board' 
section, and added a few more sites, tips and hidden attributes. 

Version 0.6 (March 30th 2003) - The FAQ's main structure is pretty much done, 
but the FAQ isn't! Plus, this version was done on the WrestleMania day!

Table Of Contents
   (Legal Info first)
I. The Text-Based Match Engine
   a. How It Helps You
   b. Hidden Player Attributes
   c. Ratings and Performances
II. Your Players
   a. Disciplines
   b. Using Your Coaches And Physios
   c. Player Indicators
III. The Press
   a. Praise
   b. Criticism
IV. The Board Of Directors
   a. Board Expectations
   b. Ultimatums
V. Quick Tips
VII. Credits

I am determined to add way more sections, so watch out for about 4 more sections 
soon in the next few updates.

Here THAT stuff. Hell, I need it, so I shouldn't complain. I must make sure I
put all this crap here, so here we are.

This FAQ was created by Luke McCarthy-Reed (c) 2003. Any use of this FAQ on any
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Reed. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
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These are the current sites that are able to host this FAQ: - My WICKED site 

Please email me first if you wish to use this FAQ on your site, My email 
address is at the top of this FAQ. Thank you.

I. How The Text-Based Match Engine

In case you haven't noticed already, the matches on Championship Manager games 
are always a text-based engine that describes to you the action. Well, you may 
think that this just explains to you what is happening during the match. And 
yes, it does. But it does help you in ways you really didn't think of...

a. How It Helps You

Now, the text that appears on the screen can get pretty hard to see when you 
choose the 'Very Fast' match speed option. So, if you want to get the best out 
of how it can help you, make sure that the speed is set to 'Very Slow' or 
'Slow'. The text can help you in certain ways. For example, when you make a 
substitution or change your tactics, a number will appear next to the players 
name on the list. This is their RATING, and changes throughout a match, so keep 
watch. A good idea is to keep watching the players ratings to see how he is 
performing for you, and then decide if you want to sell him or not. 

Another thing is that when you click on a players name, a load of numbers
appear. These numbers are their attributes, and show how good they are. I'm not
sure if they change during the game, I think they do, but I'm not sure. Anyway,
these aren't the only attributes in the game for the players. The text in the
matches will sometimes say something about a player (i.e. His performance, his
corners, etc). When the text says this, it is telling you about his HIDDEN
ATTRIBUTES. This sub-section will explain all about the hidden attributes.

b. Hidden Attributes 

These hidden attributes not only pop up during the matches, but also pop up
during normal play on the screens where you see the news, squads, etc. This 
guide will explain the hidden attributes and how they are shown up in the game:

This is the key:

NAME OF H. ATTRIBUTE - *********
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? - Blah blah blah
IT APPEARS WITH... - Blah blah Blah

Get the idea? Thought you would, lmao! Here are all the hidden attributes, 
separated into Non-Match situations, and Match Situations:

*Note* To see if players are happy or unhappy and see how they feel, check out 
the 'Transfer' section on their name. 

Note: Heres a list of the amount I've put on on each update: 

Update 1.0 - Completed the list!

Update 0.9 - Added 4 more attributes! 

PS. REMEMBER - To get to see the hidden attributes easier during matches, change 
the match speed setting to very slow or slow. Thanks.  

*Name of hidden attribute* : Adaptability
*What does this mean?* : How good, or badly a player settles into a new country 
or culture after coming from a different country or team.
*It appears with* : All players playing outside of their own nation
*Where will you see it?* : Players who start complaining about settling in, get 
unhappy and start moaning to the press.
*In matches or not?* : No. Look on the transfer section under their name.
*Name* : Corner Takers
*What does this mean?* : How good a player is at taking corners
*It appears with...* : Players who are instructed to take corners on your 'Team            
Instructions' list.
*Where will you see it?* : Watch the match commentary to see the success the 
corner takers have when getting balls to their own players.
*In matches or not* : Yep. The text in the matches 
*Name* : Consistency 
*What does this mean?* : How long a player can keep up a good run of form.
*It appears with...* : Any regular first team player
*Where will you see it?* : Just look at the past rating of players in past 
matches on the information screen.
*In matches or not?* Well, yeah, but no!
*Name* : Versatility
*What does this mean?* : How good a normal player can adjust from a familiar 
position to an unfamiliar position. Say, for example, how good a player at back 
can adjust to playing in midfield.
*It appears with...* : Anyone who you play out of position.
*Where will you see it?* : How a player responds to you with a new position.
*In matches or not* : Yeah, but if he complains, he'll tell you to your face.
*Name* : Dirtiness 
*What does this mean?* : How much a player keeps getting in tackles that are 
pretty controversial and this will give him a dirty style of play. 
*It appears with...* : Players that will tackle a lot, i.e. defenders, and badly 
placed players. This will cause major suspensions, so what out. 
*Where will you see it?* : When players start getting cards, bans and even when 
you hear the crowd boo a player during the match.
*In matches or not* : Matches and in normal gameplay. But mainly matches. 
*Name* : Disliked Clubs 
*What does this mean?* : When a player starts to lose the emotion out of playing 
for his club and doesn't like who he's playing for. 
*It appears with...* : Players who are being kept in reserves and are told they 
are main players, players that are getting fined a lot, players that are against 
their 'unreasonable' contract, or if a club has treated a player bad in the 
past, he will probably always dislike them. 
*Where will you see it?* : In the news, when players talk to the press.
*In matches or not* : Nope. During normal gameplay, in the news.
*Name* : Disliked Staff 
*What does this mean?* : When players are hateful to a member of staff, maybe 
even you sometimes, at your club. 
*It appears with...* : Players that have had requests ignored, players that have 
been dropped from the squad, or players that are, well, just against a member of 
staff for any old reason! 
*Where will you see it?* : When you get complaints from players.
*In matches or not* : Not really, but you may in training, or whatever. 
*Name* : Favourite Club 
*What does this mean?* : Players may have an ounce of affection for a team that 
they formerly played for, or maybe because they used to support them! 
*It appears with...* : A player who has enjoyed a successful period at a good 
club. He may, or even will one day return to that club. 
*Where will you see it?* : When a player is transferred to a club they used to 
play for, and when they build up the team to the press.
*In matches or not* : Yes, and no really. Mainly in the transfers and news.
*Name* : Favourite Staff
*What does this mean?* : A player will sometimes be a good friend of his boss 
and will find his a true person in his career. He may follow the manager around 
from club to club.
*It appears with.* : Players following managers from Club-To-Club
*Where you will see it* : A manager of a club goes to a new club and a player 
from the managers old club follows him.
*In matches or not* : No, not really. The News section is the main look-out.
*Name* : Free Kicks
*What does this mean?* : How good a player/s are at taking free kicks.
*It appears with.* : Players assigned to taking free kicks in your Tactics.
*Where you will see it* : When your coaches report training sessions, or when a 
player scores from a free kick in a game.
*In matches or not* : Yes, but sometimes a coach might tell you.
*Name* : Important Matches
*What does this mean?* : How well your team acts when a big match, i.e. a cup 
final, playoff final, etc, how well they handle the pressure in these difficult 
*It appears with.* :Your first team.
*Where you will see it* : When players perform under par in big matches, you can 
tell they aren't able to handle the pressure. Check for previous history as well 
to see how a player performed in previous big matches.
*In matches or not* : Yes.
*Name* : Injury Proneness
*What does this mean?* : If a player get injured frequently, he is injury prone. 
This may cause a factor in your team due to loss of what may be a good player.
*It appears with.* : Players getting injured frequently.
*Where you will see it* : If players get stupid injuries in training, or a dumb 
injury in a match.
*In matches or not* : Yes and no.
*Name* : Loyalty
*What does this mean?* : How your players will react when another team 
approaches them, if they are loyal they will stay.
*It appears with.* : Players who are wanted by other teams.
*Where you will see it* : If you place a player on the transfer list, se if he 
rejects all the offers that you accept.
*In matches or not* : No.
*Name* : One on Ones 
*What does this mean?* : How good a player is when facing a situation where it 
is just him and the goalkeeper. Strikers face this when they break away and they 
are through with only the keeper to beat, while keepers feel tense during this 
when the player breaks forward towards them. This situation will create huge 
pressure on the striker to score, and the keeper to save it. 
*It appears with.* : Strikers and Goalkeepers. A Goalie with a good record of 
saving one on ones will be a massive help to your team, while so will a striker, 
but he will be help for scoring goals. 
*Where you will see it* : When match commentary tells you a player has broken 
away and he's one on one.
*In matches or not* : Yes, of course! 
*Name* :Penalties 
*What does this mean?* : How good a player is at taking penalties. 
*It appears with.* : The player/s you have chosen on your tactics. Players who 
frequently score penalties will be a good help during hard times.
*Where you will see it* : In a penalty shootout, or when you are awarded a 
penalty during as match.
*In matches or not* : Yes.
*Name* : Pressure 
*What does this mean?* : How good a player can handle things like the media 
criticising him, or how good he can cope with big matches.
*It appears with.* : Players that may become unsettled and complain about the 
media or about your next match or what not.
*Where you will see it* : When the media start attacking some of your players, 
or when you have a big match coming up.
*In matches or not* : Media - No, Big Matches - yes
*Name* : Professionalism 
*What does this mean?* : How professional a player is towards the game.
*It appears with.* : Captains, and players that have played for a long time.
*Where you will see it* : When players like your captain play their best in big 
matches, or when players never complain of attack you or the media.
*In matches or not* : Yes, and No
*Name* : Sportsmanship
*What does this mean?* : How good the players attitude towards the game and his 
fellow competitors is. 
*It appears with.* : Senior Players, or players who frequently get cards and 
bans. A lot of bans means not very good sportsmanship.
*Where you will see it* : When referees start pulling out the cards, or when 
brawls may start with one of your players.
*In matches or not* : Yes
*Name* : Temperament
*What does this mean?* : Like Sportsmanship, this is used to see how a player, 
or players would react to a clash on the field. Bad fouls are also included too.
*It appears with.* : Players that start fights
*Where you will see it* : When your opponents start putting in bad tackles and 
start fights, if your players react, their temperament is low.
*In matches or not* : Yes, but it can happen when a player might attack a 
reporter or something to do with the media.
*Name* : Throw Ins
*What does this mean?* : How good a player is at taking Throw Ins.
*It appears with.* : Players that frequently dispatch good throw ins, and may 
even set up a goal
*Where you will see it* : A good throw in taker would get the ball to a player 
on your team accurately
*In matches or not* : Oh hell Yeah 
*Name* : Vision
*What does this mean?* : How skilled a player is a spotting good opportunities 
to take advantage from. Another form of this attribute is how good a player is 
at noticing players out of position, or even if a goalie is off his line to have 
a crack at goal. 
*It appears with.* : Goal scorers that score from 20, 30 maybe even 40 yards 
out. Also, when a player sets up a fantastic goal, his vision may be good.
*Where you will see it* : Most likely when goals are scored.
*In matches or not* : Yep. Sure. 

Well, that's the WHOLE list, hope it helps you!

c. Ratings and Performances
The match ratings that the game gives your player can, or will change the 
performance of your main team. Of course, your selection of players is up to you 
or your staff personally, but these ratings can easily change the goals scored, 
let in, how many cards there were, etc. Now, in matches, the rating can be found 
on either the 'Tactics' screen, when you click on the Teams name in a match, or 
on the 'Player Ratings' section on the bottom of the screen in a match. These 
are the ratings and how good there are:

1 - 3 - If your players have a value this low, then you seriously need to            
consider dropping him from the squad. Discipline the player/s  for a dismal            
performance if they reach such outrageous lows.
4 - Substitute this player from the match. He's obviously having a poor game/s.

5 - An OK rating, but not average. Work out what is bothering him, or bring him 
off for a new player.

6 - An average performance.

7 - Good so far, but could play better.

8 - Great game. A high standard of performance.

9 - A hot player. Keep him in this position for many games and he may, or even 
will keep up such great performances.

10 - He's playing a blinder! Top performance and deserves to be an indispensable 
member of your squad! 

A good tip is that if a player gets a 10 rating then his price should be 
increased about o500,000, or even o1,000,000! It works for me! 
II. Your Players

Aaah, the creme de la creme of the football games, the players themselves. 
Remember, don't treat your team nastily unless they deserve it, or they are a 
bunch of a-holes and you hate them! Anyway... 
a. Disciplines 

Now, disciplines can be served in multiple ways. The main way, and most commonly 
used apparently, is the 'sending off in previous match' discipline. Now, 
disciplining you players is good really, and no, I'm not crazy! So why is it 
good? Well, it's simple really. You see, disciplining your players will prevent 
the press, and even the board from thinking you are a soft weasel with your 
players. Well, if a player plays bad, or disputes you in public, then it's time 
to start getting' crazy! Here are the lists of disciplines, what they mean, and 
when to use them. Enjoy! 

*Discipline* - No Reason 
*What it means* - Discipline a player for no apparent reason! 
*When you should use it* - Well, never, but use it anyway if you don't like a     
*Recommended Fine* - Be really nasty and fine him 2 weeks for no reason! 
*Discipline* - Unprofessional Behaviour 
*What it means* - Fine a player for doing non- football related stuff, i.e. 
commercials, or dissing you in the public. 
*When you should use it* - When a players is complaining about you in the press, 
or is doing adverts, or whatever... 
*Recommended Fine* - For dissing you? 1 week. For doing non-football stuff - 
It's up to you. I don't really care about that though. 
*Discipline* - Dismissal in prior Match 
*What it means* - Getting sent off in the previous match 
*When you should use it* - Only if a player has been sent off. Not if a player 
has a yellow card.  
*Recommended Fine* - Warning for 1 match ban. 1 week fine for 3 match ban. 2 
weeks fine for 5 match ban.  
*Discipline* - Violent Behaviour 
*What it means* - Getting in a brawl in a match 
*When you should use it* - Duuh, when there is violent behaviour concerning 
player/s. In a match or in public. 
*Recommended Fine* - A week would be nice, don't you think? 
*Discipline* - Poor Performance 
*What it means* - Discipline a player for having a terrible match 
*When you should use it* - Only use this when a player gets 4 or less. Have a 
laugh if you want and discipline a 10 rated player! 
*Recommended Fine* - A warning is harsh enough, in my opinion. 
See, disciplines are good after all!

(If you don't know how to discipline players, follow this:

1. Press Ctrl + F
2. Type in 'Q2' 
3. Make sure it searches 'down', and press the 'Enter' key twice. The sub-
section will now appear.
4. This sub-section will explain how to discipline players, OK?

b. Using Coaches and Physios

Now, you may be thinking that the Physios and coaches in this game are just to 
add to your staff, and to make your team seem more impressive. But, no, you are 
wrong. Your coaches and Physios can be very important when it comes to your 
team. For example, if you have two players, let's say Laurent Blanc and John 
O'Shea at Manchester United, say you couldn't decide who to play in the centre. 
So what should you do? Ok, you compare players, but nothing much evolves from 
that. So, what should you do?

Here's your solution, why not ask your coaches and Physios to see what they 
think of the players, and their fitness!! Yep, the coaches and Physios both tell 
you about a player/s and how they think are playing at your club. Physios will 
tell you of any injury worries, and recommend if they think a player should be 
sent to rehabilitation for 3 - 6 months, or maybe even more! This shows that the 
coaches and Physios can be a factor in your main team, or whatever.

(In case you don't know how to find out about a player and his fitness, then 
please do this now:

1. Press Ctrl + F
2. Type in 'Q1' 
3. Make sure it searches 'down', and press the 'Enter' key twice. The sub-
section will now appear.
4. This sub-section will explain how to find out about this technique with 
coaches and physios.

c. Player Indicators
Occasionally, you may see a little logo by some of your players names on the 
Squad list. Now these indicators can mean pretty much anything, but I have the 
list here to tell you what they mean, so you shall not be confused on what they 
mean! Check 'em out! :

Inj - (Red) - Injured - Your player is injured, and is unavailable for 
selection. You must leave him out of your squad.

Inj - (Orange) - Injured - Your player is slightly injured, but is available for 
selection I HIGHLY RECOMMEND not using as player with this logo until his injury 
has healed. Play him and he'll get injured instantly.

Sus - Suspended - This player is unavailable to play because of a ban. You must 
leave off the team and bench until the indicator has gone.

Wnt - Wanted - This player is a hot target for other teams. Click on the WNT 
indicator to find out which teams want your player.

Bid - Bid - A team has put in a bid for this player.

Yel - Yellow Card - This player is one yellow card away from suspension, so 
watch out, m'kay?

Ret - Retiring - This player is retiring at the end of the current season.

Int - International Duty - This player is away on international duty playing for 
his country. You will get messages on the news informing you of his progress 
with his international side.

Fgn - Foreign - This is nothing wrong, but some cup games have rules that state 
that only a maximum of 5 Foreign players that aren't from Europe can play in the 
squad for the next game. Just choose a maximum of 5 players with the indicator 
next to their name.

Ine - Ineligible - This player is not allowed to play in the next match.

Wpm - Work Permit - This player is currently not allowed to play due to an 
invalid Work Permit.

Tir - Tired - This player is tired. You need to rest him.

Cup - Cup Tied - You aren't allowed to play this player due to the fact he has 
played for another team in the same cup.

Loa - Loan Listed - This player has been placed on the Loan List.

Lst - Transfer Listed - This player has been Transfer Listed.

Unh - Unhappy - This player is unhappy for some reason. Click on the UNH 
indicator to find out why he is unhappy.

Ctr - Contract Expired - This players contract has expired and other clubs are 
now free to talk to him to sign him for free.

There ya go, everyone. Hope they help you succeed as a good manager!

III. The Press

Now, as you know, the press and paparazzi will dispute your teams, your players 
and your tactics. You have really got to learn how to live with all this, 
because they will claim anything on Championship Manager games. The main thing 
that the press will do to you is criticise or praise you and your team, or your 
transfers, etc. This section will outline how to handle these situations, and 
what may pop up during your reign as manager. 
a. Praise
As all normal people should now, praise is a good thing. It is, isn't it? Well, 
to tell you the truth, yes and no. Why, I hear you asking? Well, it's simple.

When a player, team, tactics, whatever, when one of these is praised by a famous 
person, or the press, then surely you must think "Yes, I always agree with them, 
they are always right". Well, it's up to you entirely, but if you keep praising 
your players when you now they aren't the best player in the team, then everyone 
will start criticising you for being too soft. That is the downside of praising 
players. I'm not saying DON'T praise your players when this situation pops up, 
what I'm saying is that don't go on praising your players forever, or you'll 
ruin your reputation. 
b. Criticism
There is a difference now, between the Praising and the Criticising. Now, when 
you or your team is criticised, then a decision like the 'Praise' option will 
obviously appear. But the difference between these two situations is that 
criticism is much more likely to affect your career. Here's why...

Often after a buy of a new player, the press will usually be against his 
performances for your team. Now, this usually happens with a player that has 
disappointed since joining your club. But it has happened to my top scorer that 
was a newly acquainted player. So it happens randomly. The decision is more or 
less usually 'Defend Player' or 'Criticise Player'. Again, this decision is up 
to you. If you defend a bad player, then your board of directors will be on your 
back, having a go at you! But defend a good player and usually, the board will 
be reasonably pleased with your decision, and so will the fans. All these 
decisions are up to you though, so remember that.

IV. The Board
Now, in case you don't know what the board is, they are the main guys at your 
club that own and run the finances and stuff, the board of directors. Now, the 
best thing is to stay on these guys best side because if they don't like you, 
then KA-ZAAM! You aren't a manager no more! So here, I will explain what the 
board of directors expect from you, how to stay on their good side, and some 
info about ultimatums. Enjoy! 
a. Board Expectations
 At the beginning of a season, the first thing you are told by the board is what 
they expect you to achieve now that you are manager of their club. The 
expectations can vary from many things, like avoid relegation, or get a place in 
Europe. This list shall tell you the expectations, how to do them, and what type 
of teams will get this expectation: 

*Please note the British Leagues (Premier League, D1, D2, D3) are being used as 
examples here, so no confusion is built up!*
Expectation: Serious Championship Challenge 
How to Achieve this: Make sure your team gets your league trophy, or at least a 
trophy. If you don't...
What type of teams will get this?: Teams that are strong and always win leagues 
and cups, i.e. Man Utd, Arsenal, etc 
Expectation: Expect European Qualification 
How to Achieve this: Get in to a European Cup, the Champions League or UEFA Cup 
are the targets. To do this, finish in the top 4 in the Premiership, or win 
either the FA Cup or League Cup. 
What types of team will want this?: High-Placing Teams, i.e. Leeds, Chelsea, etc 
Expectation: Expect Promotion 
How To Achieve This: Finish top, or second, of a lower league, i.e. Division 1, 
Division 2, etc or qualify through the playoffs 
What types of teams...: Team like Leicester, Cardiff, etc, teams who always push 
for promotion. 
Expectation: Expect Play-Offs 
How To Achieve This: Finish either 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th in D1, D2, etc to 
qualify for the playoffs. The winner of the playoffs will be promoted to the 
higher division, along with the qualifiers from 1st and 2nd. 
What Type of teams...: High Placers, maybe Cardiff again, Wolves, etc 
Expectation: Respectable League Position 
How To Achieve This: Finish in the top half of the table. 
What Type Of Teams...: Swansea City, you know, mid-tablers. Everton maybe too.  
Expectation: Stay Clear of Relegation 
How To Achieve this: Stay out of the bottom 3 in the premiership and the bottom 
4 in the rest of the leagues. 
What Type Of Teams...: Low placers. Southampton, West Ham, etc... 
Expectation: Battle Bravely against Relegation 
How To Achieve This: You probably have a mediocre team, so you must try as much 
as possible to not lose vital games, and stay out of the relegation zone. 
What Type Of Teams...: Swansea City is a good example. Teams that find it hard 
to survive and win. Like a weak team from D1 that are doing bad in the 
Expectation: Improve Club Squad 
How To Achieve This: You need to try and get a good team from your team that is 
probably a weak, under-experienced team. Try some cheap signings. 
What Type Of Teams...: Not sure, maybe if you are managing a poor team. 
b. Ultimatums
What is an ultimatum? Well, listen to my story (!) As you may know, you can ask 
your board of directors for certain things on Championship Manager. For example, 
the choices are:

# Expand Stadium
# Build up Youth Academy/Training Facilities
# More time to build up squad
# Request more transfer funds
# Request more wages funds

Now, with these choices, you can ask your board for one of these. You should 
then get a response from the board of directors. Now, there are 2 different 
scenarios here - they'll either agree to your request or disagree. Now, here's 
where the ultimatums get involved. With an ultimatum, you simple say that the 
board of directors MUST do what you say, or you will threaten to resign. If you 
DO select the ultimatum option, if it is a good idea to do this, then the fans 
will play along with you and support your decision. Then again, they may also go 
against you. From then on, it's up to the board if you should keep your job, or 
if they'll let you off and agree to your proposal.

V. Quick Tips
In this section, I'll tell you some of my small tips that you should follow 
during Champ Manager. Also, I'll be accepting tips from anyone, so email me or 
post your tip on the message boards.

*Email tips to me at*
Here some training tips from Jim12 that REALLY works well! Thanks mate! 

I thought i should give you a few training tips 

If one of your players can play in multiple positions move him around in a 
friendly and see where he plays best. 
From Jim12 

Here's a tip about the England Team, courtesy of James2:

"ive just started managing england and wondered if anyone had any players i 
haven't got on my list. 
i chose these cos they are getting regualar first team football. quality players 
like robinson aint getting a game so it seems pointless picking them. 

formation- 4-1-3-2 
gk- james, seaman, martyn. 
lb- bridge, Ash cole, barry 
cb- ferdinand, campbell, terry, southgate, woodgate 
rb- G.Neville, mills 
dm- gerrard, butt, jenas 
lm- J Cole, harley (anyone know any good english left footers?) 
cm- scholes, dyer 
rm- beckham, bowyer 
f- owen, jeffers 
f- smith, rooney
Thanks James2, and everyone, go and check out his Championship Manager 2002/2003 
FAQ lso on this site!!

This is a good little tip about winning games easy, very easy, heh heh...

If you have to play a hard team in your league and you desperately need a win, 
then just follow these steps:

1. Go on Add Manager
2. Add a new manager, and manage your opponents
3. Now mess up their tactics in the match and you should be onto a sure fire win 
for sure!
4. After the match, just quit as manager of that team you beat.

This may be an old cheat, but it's still effective.

More tips soon! 
VI. Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I find out about my coaches telling me how my players are performing?
A. Follow these steps:
* Go on your squad
* Choose the player you want to check out
* Go on the button on the right hand side, and clicking it win bring up a sub-
menu of choices
* Choose ' Coach Report' or 'Physio Report'
* Now simply choose you Coach/es or Physio/s you want to ask, and he'll tell you 
in the news!


Q. How do I discipline my players?
A. Follow these steps:
* Go on your squad
* Choose the player you want to discipline
* Go on the button on the right hand side, and clicking it win bring up a sub-
menu of choices
* Choose 'Discipline Player'
* Now chose his punishment, and await his verdict in the news.

VII. Credits
Eidos and SI Games- for creating Championship Manager

Microsoft - for creating the Xbox beast

CJayC - for accepting this FAQ - for being such a superb site with loads of info about all games

Gamefaqs Message Boards - for giving me the great players.

Thanks to these people for giving out some tips on the message board or emailing 
me the handy tips:

Chris Holloway

Thanks to anybody hosting this site who has permission

Thanks to everyone who has visited my site and made it such a hit!

Finally, thanks to you of course for reading this FAQ. Thanks.

Well, that's it. I've enjoyed working with y'all to produce 2 mighty fine FAQS 
for Championship Manager 2002/2003. Goodbye, Au Revoir, Sayanara, um.Au Revoir, 
Da Bo Chi, and last but not least, Goodbye!

Big up to Austria, lmao at the song in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003
(c) Luke McCarthy-Reed 2003