• Extras

    These codes must be entered at the Main Menu (after Press Start)

    X = X Button
    L = Left on Dpad
    R = Right on Dpad
    B = Black Button
    W = White Button

    Free Play: Complete map instantly by pressing WHITE then ending turn.XLRRRLBWX
    Free Play: Extra Ammo.XLLWWBWLRBWRLX
    Free Play: Extra Endurance.XWWLLWBRLWBLRX
    Free Play: Opens El Alamien map (Doug's Map)XWRRRBRRRRX
    Free Play: Opens Kemco map (Robert's Map)XWRRRBRRRLX
    Free Play: Press Right Tumbstick at "Army Status" to get $5k added.XBBBLWRWBWX
    Free Play: Reload Unit by clicking Right Thumbstick on unit's name in Unit ListXLLRRLRWBLX
    Mission Mode: Complete Mission Instantly by pressing WHITE then ending turn.XLLLBBBRWX
    Mission Mode: Extra Ammo.XBWLRBWRLX
    Mission Mode: Extra Endurance.XWBRLWBLRX
    Mission Mode: Make all units visible on the map when starting new mission.XLRLRBBWWX
    Opens all Free Play maps.XWWWBBBLRLX
    Opens all Recon units.XBBWWRLWBX
    Unlocks all unitsXBBBLLLWRWX
    View the creditsXBLBLBLWRWX

    Contributed By: jvgfanatic.

  • Jump to any Mission

    Use the code below in order to jump to any mission.

    Opens Mission SelectionXLRRRBRWRLRX then hold White and choose "New Game"

    Contributed By: jvgfanatic.


  • Unlock units using passcodes

    From the main menu choose Secret Pass Code and enter the following codes. The corresponding unit will be unlocked and available for play.

    AH-1S Cobra (D7)746C-3BBA-E396-9AFD
    AH-1S Cobra(WT)3D9A-D404-70E9-0162
    AH-1W Super Cobra81FE-5327-CAD7-6500
    Cyber NinjaC554-D619-C0C7-33A9
    Type 60 SPRR(WT)F4A3-6507-A7E5-E9CD
    Type 61 MBT(WT)0993-4841-852E-14F9
    Type 74 MBT(D7)5285-2318-09F4-1DDC
    Type 74 MBT(WT)6289-0549-0DF1-A797
    Type 87 SPAAG(WT)8399-71B4-500A-500A
    Type 90 MBT(D7)B50A-6C45-CB7B-F94E
    Type 90 MBT(WT)A124-2DC3-D9A6-D4F9

    Contributed By: jvgfanatic.


  • Unlockable Maps

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aim for PowerComplete Mission 21
    Arctic RescueComplete Mission 17
    Attack From the DeepComplete Mission 6
    Black GoldComplete Mission 14
    Boa StrikeComplete Mission 18
    Border DisputeComplete Mission 10
    Capturing FacilitiesComplete Mission 2
    Crescent BridgeComplete Mission 3
    Crimson RevoltComplete Mission 19
    Day of RevolutionComplete Mission 25
    EntrenchedComplete Mission 24
    Forest StrongholdComplete Mission 7
    Golden CitadelComplete Mission 22
    Hot and ColdComplete Mission 9
    Hotsands OffensiveComplete Mission 11
    Lost WorldComplete Mission 13
    Merchant DefenseComplete Mission 4
    Scarlet BreakoutComplete Mission 20
    Sea MonsterComplete Mission 12
    Search For HopeComplete Mission 16
    Snow ShellComplete Mission 15
    Southern Reef ForcesComplete Mission 5
    The BeachheadComplete Mission 23
    Training ExerciseComplete Mission 1
    Vermillion KeysComplete Mission 8

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

  • Unlockable Units

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    APC Type 92Complete Mission 2
    Assault Ship AlbionComplete Mission 22
    Assault Ship FoudreComplete Mission 9
    Assault Ship LHD-1 WaspComplete Mission 18
    Assault Ship LunComplete Mission 19
    Assault Ship OosumiComplete Mission 5
    Assault Ship YutingComplete Mission 23
    ASW Heli WuZhi-9AComplete Mission 23
    ASW Helicopter Lynx Mk.8Complete Mission 6
    Attack AC-130U SpookyComplete Mission 24
    Attack FB-22Complete Mission 10
    Attack Heli Ka-52 AlligatorComplete Mission 17
    Attack Heli OH-58D Kiowa WarriorComplete Mission 18
    Attack Helicopter 500MD LahatutComplete Mission 11
    Attack Helicopter AS 532L Horizon CougarComplete Mission 12
    Attack Helicopter OH-1Complete Mission 5
    Attack Helicopter VBH BO-105MComplete Mission 15
    DestroyerComplete Mission 20
    Destroyer DD-21 ZumwaltComplete Mission 8
    Fighter Jian-10Complete Mission 23
    Interceptor F35BComplete Mission 4
    MBT Leopard 2A6Complete Mission 3
    MBT Merkava Mk. 4Complete Mission 11
    Multi-role F-35AComplete Mission 10
    Recon VehicleComplete Mission 16
    Recon Vehicle, Armored VehicleComplete Mission 13
    SPH AU-F2Complete Mission 9
    Sub. SSN-774 VirginiaComplete Mission 8
    Super ASW Heli LynxComplete Mission 6
    Tank DestroyerComplete Mission 21
    Tank DestroyerComplete Mission 25
    Tank Destroyer 2S25 Sprut-SDComplete Mission 14
    Type 69 MBTComplete Mission 2
    Type 99 Amphibious TankComplete Mission 7
    VTOL F-35C, AmericaComplete Mission 20
    VTOL F-35C, United KingdomComplete Mission 20

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

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