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Mafia (Playstation 2)
Full Walkthrough
Written by qwertyuiopasd.
Copyright (c) 2004.

// INDEX //



Below is the list of all missions covered in the walkthrough. The code
next to it (ZXV--) is what you can use if you want to get to that part
of the guide quickly. Just go to edit, find, and type that in.

8. SARAH (ZXV08)
12. OMERTA (ZXV12)


This FAQ is for the Playstation 2 version of Mafia. I cover every
level/mission in the walkthrough, and I try to leave out all the
details about the plot (that is what playing the game is for) and you
probably won't find too many spoilers in this guide. If you have any
questions, comments, tips, or suggestions, you can e-mail me at
schistmail@comcast.net. I might not respond to your e-mails, but if you
send in tips for the guide I will give you full credit if I choose to
accept it.

The only website permitted to use this FAQ right now is
www.gamefaqs.com. Please contact me if you find this on any other
website. If you wish to use this guide on your site, contact me first.
I won't send it to just any site, I would like some form of
compensation in order for you to use the guide on your site.


These are general questions. More specific questions are probably
covered in the walkthrough.

Q: I killed everyone in the mission, but now I have no idea what to do.
A: Look for doors, objects, or characters that you need to interact
with. Just standing near them won't interact with them, you need to go
up to the person/object and hit the X button.

Q: How do I get to Yellow Pete's Gun shop?
A: You can't get to it during Free Ride, unlike the PC version. You can
only get there in a few missions.

Q: Where can I buy guns?
A: You can't.

Q: I really need health, but I am not on a mission.
A: Try Lucas Bertone's Autoshop. He has health on the wall in there.

Q: Are there any cheat codes for this game?
A: Not that I am aware of.

Q: I found a spelling/grammar error in your FAQ.
A: I don't care. Please don't send me anything correcting any
spelling/grammar mistakes I might have made. The important thing is
that I get the message across.



X - Action
Circle - Roll
Square - Reload
Triangle - Enter cars / pick locks
R1 - Fire
R2 - Lock to next enemy
R3 - Center view
L1 - Jump/Climb
L2 - Lock to next enemy
L3 - Crouch

D-Pad up - Next weapon
D-Pad down - Previous weapon
D-Pad left - Drop weapon
D-Pad right - Holster weapon

X - Accelerate
Circle - Handbrake
Square - Brake
Triangle - Exit Car
R1 - Fire
R2 - Look right
L1 - Speed limiter
L2 - Look left
L3 - Horn
R3 - Change vehicle camera

Select - Map
Start - Pause Menu


There are several things you can do to warrant a ticket/arrest/getting

If you run a red light and a cop is around, he will want to stop you
for a ticket.
If you crash into a car or person and a cop is nearby, he will either
ticket or arrest you, depending on the situation.
If you go above 60 MPH in a vehicle and a cop sees you, he will ticket
or arrest you.
If you are seen carrying a gun, that will immediately warrant an
If you hit, punch, or shoot at a police officer you will be fired upon.


The police icons at the top of the screen represent what will happen to

A ticket icon means that you have committed a minor traffic violation
and the cop will fine you, and then let you be on your way.
The police are out to arrest you for committing more serious offenses.
The police will shoot you on sight.
This means the police have alerted all units and they are searching for
you. It will be full red, but as you hide longer it will fade away.
Same with the other three.

You can lose the cops using several methods. If you aren't wanted, you
can just speed away from the cops and change cars, or just hide in a
quiet area. You can also just kill the cops that are after you and your
wanted level will go away. Once a cop runs to a phone booth, he will
alert all units and you will be wanted. When you are wanted, you can
get rid of this by hiding until the wanted bar runs out.


Mission One

You are introduced to the controls you will be using for driving:
Accelerate - X
Brake - Square
Steer - left analog
Horn - L3
Hand brake - Circle
Enter/Exit vehicle - triangle

You start in a taxi, so you pretty much can't speed away from your
tail. To lose them, it is best to get really close to oncoming traffic
and then quickly swerve around them and back. This will cause the
people following you to crash into the car. Stay close to poles and
stuff for the enemies to hit. Once they crash, speed away. Make a lot
of turns to lose them. Try to keep at least two different roads between
you and your pursuers, then speed away.

When you are far enough away, you will be told to take the gangsters to
the Salieri Bar. This is all the way on the other side of town. Press
select to get out your map. The Salieri Bar is marked with a blue X.
Since you don't know your way around town, it is best to look at the
map frequently and plot out the route that you will take to get places.
It doesn't matter which route you take.

This mission is timed, however. The clock in the top right corner
highlights in red how much time you have left. When the clock runs out,
you fail the mission. Once you get near the bar, a cut scene will play,
and you will have completed your first mission.

Mission Two

You have to drive five people to their destinations. Just press select
to see where they want to go on the map, then plan the best route to
get there. Don't let the clock run out of time, though. This mission is
easy enough. It is just to get you used to driving. I suggest reading
my section on breaking the law, so you don't get cops on you. Once you
drive the fifth person to the lot, Tom will go for a coffee break...

Mission Three

Run, and keep running. These men have guns, so don't even think to stop
to fight them. Run to the green arrow pointing to the alley, then go
down there. From The direction the arrow was pointing, go down the
alley and make a left at the end, then go down that alley. Take cover
behind the dumpsters as you run so it is harder to get shot. Once you
reach the street, make a left and head towards the intersection. On the
right end of that, you will see another green arrow. Go to it and make
a right down that alley, then a left and up the stairs. Go where the
next green arrow points. Follow that alley until you get to the
opening. You want to go down the stairs in front of you and to the
right a little. Once you get to the street, make a left to see the next
arrow. Go down there and follow that alley. Once you get to the road
again, look left, and your final arrow will be pointing to the Salieri
Bar. Run like hell to that bar, then a cut scene will play.

Mission Four

Drive to Morello's Bar in New Ark. When driving during missions, try
not to break the law. It will only make the mission harder. Stay on the
speed limit. Once you get to the bar, don't pull up right in front.
Park in the alley, and park the car so it is facing the road and ready
to get the hell outta there. Equip your bat and go around back. Press X
to open the chain door. You should see a guy standing up front. Sneak
up behind him, HOLD R1 down to build up your swing, then crack his head
wide open. Walk slowly so he doesn't hear you. Once that is done, take
his gun, but don't shoot it. Now, let's get to work on the cars.
Doesn't matter which one you hit first, but whack it with the bat until
the damage meter is full, then move on to the next car. You can throw
the molotovs on the other cars to destroy them. Sometimes, once you are
done, the guys will come out of the bar. If they do, don't bother
fighting them. Just run back to the car and drive to back to Salieri's.

Mission Five
Time to some collections. First, go talk to Vincenzo. You will do this
a lot throughout the game. To get there, go back through the door
behind the bar, then out the door on the right. Go to the building on
the other side of the open fence and up the stairs. Open the first
door, the go to the door on your left. Walk to Vincenzo's desk and hit
X. He'll give you a six-shot revolver. Hit X to pick it up. Don't have
it equipped. Next, go back to the yard and talk to Ralph. He is the one
in blue overalls working on a car. Hit X to talk to him. He'll teach
you how to steal a Bolt B. Get in the car and let Sam and Paul get in,
then drive out the exit near the stairs to Vincenzo's.

The first two locations are easy. Drive there, park the car, and wait
in it while Paul gets the money. The third location requires you to
drive out of town.

After the cut scene, you have to save Sam. All the doors are locked, so
go around back. Climb up on the ledge with the boxes and stuff, then
climb up those boxes and onto the second floor deck. You climb using
L1. Open the door and look to your right. Open the door at the end of
the hall and shoot the guy on the crapper quickly and get his Colt
1911. Equip it, and take cover behind the open door. Wait a few moments
for guys to come up the stairs. If they do, cap them. If they don't,
carefully go down the stairs. At the midpoint of the stairs, sidestep
right and shoot the guys in that hallway. Duck back when you have to
reload. Try to line up your crosshairs with them before you sidestep
out. Press L3 to get down. Once those guys are dead, get their guns if
you can. Take cover behind the walls and peek out to shoot the three
guys in there. There are two by the bar, one has a tommy gun. There is
another one on the other end, which I suggest you take out first. Peek
out and only fire a few shots, then duck back. Line up the crosshairs
with the enemy while behind the wall, so all you have to do is step out
and fire. Aim for the head. Once they are dead, get the tommy gun, and
go get Sam. Kill the guy in there. Once the guy takes your money and
gets in the car, go after him in your car. While driving, hold R1 to
shoot him. It will only take a few shots to blow up the car. After
that, mission complete.

// FAIRPLAY (ZXV06) //
Mission Six

Once Salieri is done talking to you, go talk to Ralph. He will explain
the plan to you, then teach you how to steal a Schubert Six. Get in the
Schubert and drive to the racetracks. Be fast though, every minute
counts. You will have to go out of town for this one, so just follow
the road you see leading off the map. You won't have a map back there,
but just follow this road and you should get to the booth. Stop when
you get there. Get out and talk to Bobby. Get back in your car and he
will lift the gate for you. Let him get in the car, then drive as fast
as you can to the garage further down the road through the tunnel. Stop
in front of the garage with the green arrow pointing to it and Bobby
will open it up for you. As soon as he stops talking, get in and take
off back down the road you came from.

Once you get back to town, the fastest route to Bertone's is by taking
the West Marshal Bridge, then the Giuliano Bridge. Plan out the best
way to get to those bridges on the map before you try it. Don't worry
about speeding; the car goes way too fast for the cops to even chase
you. I rarely encounter the cops on this mission, though. The main
things you have to worry about are the damage and time limit. If the
damage meter fills up, you will fail. If you run out of time, you will
fail. So be fast. Watch out for turns, slow down so you won't crash.
Watch out for poles and stuff you can hit. If it looks like you can't
avoid a crash, slow down as much as possible before you actually crash.
Watch out for jackass drivers that turn without warning and slam into

You'll meet Lucas Bertone when you get there. He'll work on the car for
a bit and give it back. Now you have to return it to the garage back at
the race track. He slowed it down a bit, but you can still manage with
time left over. Just take the same route you took before, except
backwards  (Giuliano Bridge, then West Marshal.) After you drop the car
off, return to Salieri's.

// RACE DAY (ZXV07) //
Mission Seven

After talking to Frank on the phone, get a car and quickly drive to the
race track. You should know where it is from the previous mission.
Hurry up though, because you are on a time limit.

Now, if you suck at racing and just want to get this mission over with,
select Very Easy for the difficulty and turn damage off. That is
obviously the easiest way to beat this. Watch out for turns - they are
what will screw you up the most. When a turn is coming, apply both the
brake and the handbrake and ease off on the speed to do a safe turn
without spinning out. If you are going fast enough, you can just let go
of the gas and tap it as you do a sharp turn, and that should handle
nicely. If you do get in a situation where you crash or spin out, hit
R1 and you will be put back on the track, with a delay. Avoid patches
of dirt and grass.

The other racers are on the map as colored dots, so you will know how
far away from them you are. If they are trying to pass you, ram them,
but only if you are sure you won't lose control of your car. Also try
to block them from passing with your car. If they are ahead of you, hit
the back of their car on an angle so they spin out.

You just have to complete 3 laps and come in first place the final lap
to win.

After that, you have to go and visit Lucas Bertone, the guy who
sabotaged the car in the previous mission. Drive to his place.


Here is how things work with Bertone: After certain missions, you have
the option of stopping at Lucas Bertone's before you go back to
Salieri's Bar. If you do, he'll have some quick work for you to do,
then to reward you once you do it, he'll teach you how to steal a nice
car and then tell you where you can find it so you can steal it. You
steal it, then bring it back to your garage to unlock it for free ride.

This time, Lucas teaches you how to steal a Lassiter. Drive to the
Municipal building on the map. The car shouldn't be too hard to spot.
When you go to pick the lock, make sure no cops are around. Normal
people are okay, but just watch out for cops as you are stealing it.
Once you got it, go back to Salieri's.

// SARAH (ZXV08) //
Mission Eight

Keep walking and talking with Sarah down the street. Once she gets down
the alley, the three guys will come out. Equip your brass knuckles. Go
after the guy with the bat first and keep punching him until he is
down. Take his bat and whack the other two. Hold R1 down to build up
force. Sarah ran off, so after you take care of the first set of guys,
run down the alley and find Sarah. More guys will be there, so fight
them with the bat. Once that is done, go talk to Sarah. Walk her back
to her house and you're done.

Mission Nine

First go see Vincenzo. He'll give you a bat and a Colt 1911. Get in a
car and drive to Chinatown   to go talk to Biff. Biff is the guy with
the green arrow pointing at him. Paul will talk to him and you'll find
out that you have to go to the Old Service Station by the bridge. Drive
there. Once you get there, get out your bat. No guns. Walk to the first
guy and whack that sucka. When fighting with bats, it is best to hold
R1 down and build up force. You can take someone down with one good hit
that way. Head down the alley and get the next three guys. Be careful
not to hit Paulie. More might come around the corner, so watch out. Go
down the alley. The guy further down will thank you for doing this. Go
up the stairs, down the deck, and then land below. Get out your colt
1911 and shoot the guy to your right. More will jump over the wall.
Shoot them. There will also be a few to the left. Take cover behind the
building in the middle and sidestep out when you are ready to shoot.
Once the first set of guys are dead, get their guns and head down the
next alley. Watch out, there is a guy camping there ready to blast you.
Take out two guys further down and run to the end of the alley. There
will be a cut scene.

Right after the cut scene ends, run to your car and let Paulie get in,
then chase after the car. Don't lose them. Keep shooting and ramming
the car. Once it has enough damage, a cut scene will play. Mission

// THE WHORE (ZXV10) //
Mission Ten

Part 1: The Hotel

Drive to the Corleone Hotel. The fastest route would be to take the
West and East Marshal Bridges. Once you are in the hotel, don't get
your guns out until you are ready. Unfortunately, there is no easy way
to do this one. When you get in, make a left up the short steps and
follow the halls to the back dining area. The manager is the guy in the
white suit sitting at a table. Walk up the steps, get real close to
him, then pull out your gun and kill him. Quickly kill the guard in the
room, and get ready for more to enter. If the manager ran off, he will
run to the Director's office. Don't worry if he does, you can just kill
him when you go up there. Take cover and blast anyone that enters the
room. Watch out for the guy that comes with a sawn-off shotgun. Once
they are all dead, go back to the lobby and go behind the
receptionist's desk and in that room. Grab the key off the shelf, and
take the health from the medical box if you need it. Take the stairs
and go to the third floor. At the end of the back hall, check the
doors. One of the doors will lead to a cut scene and when you are done,
you will get rid of your 'kill the whore' objective. Next, go to the
top floor. The manager's office will have DIRECTOR written on the door.
When you open it, watch out for the guy inside.

Once he is dead, grab the documents on the desk by hitting X. Tom will
plant the bomb. Run out of the office and another movie will play.

Part 2: The Rooftops

Right as you start, run and jump up on the ledge between the two
buildings, and run like hell up the stairs. When you get to the top,
make a right and follow that path to the blue door. Open it, and take
the health kit on the wall, you probably need it. Quickly run up the
stairs and climb the ledge to your left, then the ledge above that.
Once on the roof, run to the right end and jump over the roof onto the
other roof. Try to land on the ledge to minimize health damage. Run to
the far end of that roof and jump on the raised platform below it, then
work your way down quickly. Ignore the cops chasing you. Jump onto the
platform on the next roof with the smokestacks sticking out, then work
your way down that. When you get to the stair-type thing, take cover
there, watch out for the cop with the Springfield. Get out a pistol and
pick him off first. Crouch down, and stand up only when you are ready
to shoot a cop. Pick them off one by one from a distance on the stairs
before moving. When you think it is clear, move down the steps, but
have your sawn-off ready to blast any cop that could have been hiding.
Carefully make your way to the ramp-like thing at the end of this roof.
Once you get up there, watch out for the cop on the brown wooden
platform. Don't climb over until you shot him. Slowly make your way to
the wooden steps once he is dead, and check for any remaining cops. Get
the sniper's Springfield rifle. Always take cover by hitting L3, and
pop up when you are ready to fire. Once it seems clear, go to the
stairs, and run around the edge to go up the stairs. When you get to
the ladder, there will be a movie sequence and then you will be done
with part two.

Part 3: The Church

Make your way down the stairs, but be sure to get the health from the
box at the top of the stairs. When you get to the bottom, there will be
another movie. Equip your shotgun before this movie. What was that damn
priest doing back there anyway? Well, now you have to kill every guy in
the church, except the ones without guns. Here is the basic layout of
the church:

|                       o       |
|  D  ________     ________  D  |
|     ________     ________     |
|  D  ________     ________  D  |                 |--------------|
| o   ________     ____o___ o   |                 |   LEGEND     |
|  D  ___o____     ________  D  |                 | o - enemy    |
|o                              |                 | D - pillar   |
|                            o  |                 | <> - door    |
|            |-------|          |                 | ___ - seats  |
|            |-------|          |                 | /// - wall   |
|                       o      <>                 |______________|
|                              <>
|       |/////////////|         |
|             H                 |
|                               |

Right as the movie ends, blast the guy right in front of you, and run
out into the church and to your left, behind the wall(marked H on the
map.) From here you can see everyone from a 3rd person view and kill
almost everyone with good cover. Use a pistol, and pick out which
target you want to kill. Quickly peek out, shoot him, then duck back.
It will be hard to see the guys in the pews, so look for the muzzle
flash before you go running out. If you are lucky, some might run right
to where you are hiding and you can put some buckshot in their chest.
Watch out for the bastard with the tommy gun at the back of the church.
If you aren't a good shot, you will have to move up to get this guy.
Use your Springfield rifle on him if you got it. Make sure you kill
everyone on the right and left. When it is quiet, slowly move around
that wall and make sure there isn't a guy waiting for you there. Once
the first round of guys are dead, another round will come in packing
shotguns. Wait at the same hiding spot with your sawn-off and blast the
first guy to come through. Get his gun, and shoot everyone else that
rushes up. Use your rifle or pistol on the guys that hang back, using
the same peeking out strategy as before. Once everyone is dead, a movie
will play.

Part 4: The Cops

Man do I hate running from the cops. You'll have a wanted level and the
cops will be giving you and your car hell all the way back to
Salieri's. Run to the hearse up front and drive to the East Marshal
Bridge as fast as you can. If you're lucky, the cops won't see you. If
they do, just keep driving as fast as you can. If they have completely
wrecked your car, get out and gun them down, but try to keep driving.
Speed through central island and get to the West Marshal Bridge. If the
cops are near you, hold R1 to shoot out your window. You might get
lucky and blow the car up if you have a shotgun. Whenever they get
close, about to ram you, just stick your gun out the window and blast
them. Once you get back to Salieri's, your mission will be done.

Mission Eleven

Get the car from Ralph and get going. Drive to the warehouse at the
edge of town. Once all the movies end, run down the path and run all
the way to the end of the farm area. Have your shotgun ready. Go to the
truck and a movie will run. After that, run right into the barn behind
you and hide to the side of the door. Two or three guys will run in
after you; kill them all. There should be three guys in all, so if only
two came in, expect one outside. Run to the right of the huge barn and
stay close to the walls. Hide behind the door sticking out, and peek
out to shoot the guy up in the upstairs window. Some more will come
down the stairs - shoot them as they run around the door you are using
for cover. Run further down the road, back to the truck, and watch out
for two guys that will come out of the small house to your left. Hide
behind the house and shoot them both as they run around to get you. Go
further down the road, and the same thing from the house on the right.
Keep your distance and you can pick the two guys that come out off with
your .45 before they get close. Make sure both guys are dead before you
run back to the truck.

When you get back, talk to the guys by hitting X. Now you and Paul have
to go to back to the barn with the 2nd floor to get a crowbar. It will
be swarming with guys, so be careful. There will be a guy behind the
stairs as you go up - watch out for him. There is a medical box on the
first floor right before you go up the stairs. Paulie will get the
crowbar and pry open the barn door. Right as it opens, run in and blast
the guys behind the truck. Run up fast and get them with the shotgun.
As you go up the first stairs, a guy will be hiding on the second floor
behind them. Note the health box at the top of the steps. Go up the
second set of steps and you'll find  Sam by the window.

Paul will go to get the truck, but more of Morello's men will pull up.
Run back down and help Paul with the guys that pulled up. Once everyone
is dead, you will get Sam in the truck and drive to the doctor's. You
have to wait in the back of the truck with a tommy gun and shoot the
cars that try to ram you off the road. Aim for the grill of the car and
you will blow it up in a few shots. There will be three cars that will
come. Reload after every car you blow up. The last car gets so close
that you can shoot the driver out.

You can now go back to Salieri's, or stop at Bertone's.

Lucas Bertone

Lucas wants you to go to Hoboken and warn his friend that the cops are
coming. You have two minutes to do this, so drive fast. If you know
where you are going, you can get there going the speed limit. Run to
his door and hit X to knock. Once that is done, drive back to

Bertone will show you how to steal an Ulver Airstream, and tell you
where to find one. Go to Oakwood and steal it. There will be no
resistance this time. When you are done, go back to Salieri's.

// OMERTA (ZXV12) //
Mission Twelve

Have you ever seen shotgun shells this beautiful in a loading screen?

First, go visit Vincenzo. He'll give you a Colt 1911, which seems to be
his solution to everything, and a sawn-off shotgun. Take the goods and
go talk to Ralph. He'll hook you up with a Schubert Extra-6. Take it
and drive to Biff in Chinatown. Get out and talk to him. He will tell
you to visit Tony on Central Island down by the gallery. Go and talk to
Tony. He will tell you to visit Joe under the Giuliano Bridge. Go there
(it is behind Bertone's) and talk to him. He has a green arrow over his
head. Joe will feed you bullcrap at first, so just keep hitting X and
keep talking to him. You can keep screwing around with him, but at any
time in the conversation, just punch him a few times until he cowers in
a ball, then he'll tell you everything you need to know. You can also
pop him in the leg with your .45, but be careful that you don't kill
him. Once he tells you what you want to hear, go drive to the spot on
the map opposite the tennis courts in Oakwood. Once you get there, a
movie will run.

Now you have to follow Frank's car (marked X on the map) until he gets
to the airport. Don't worry about bumping into them or getting too
close. Just don't lose them.

Once at the airport, quickly move out of the way before you are run
over by the car that's leaving. Run inside with your sawn-off and blast
the guy in the corner with the tommy gun first. Get it quickly, then
gun down the other three guys, using the poles for cover. Once they are
all dead, Frank will run out the door. Run out and shoot as many of the
guards running with him as you can, but don't run after them. Be
careful and don't shoot Frank (he is the one in black.) Go back in the
lobby area and collect the weapons and health on the wall if you need

Now, run outside and go towards the closest empty hangar. Go around to
the right and to the far end of the hangar - don't go in the hangar
yet. Go to the edge of the wall and peek around. Wait for a guy to
stand on the other end, then crouch down, step out, and pick him off
with your 1911. Get out a good close range gun and hide, because a few
more guys might run to your position. After a few seconds, if nobody
comes, go back around to the front of the hangar and stay to the side
before entering. On the right side, there will be a guy with a tommy
gun hiding behind some crates. When you are ready, run in and blow him
to hell. If he isn't there, carefully move behind the boxes and search
through the whole hangar. There should be about two or three guys in
there. Always use the 3rd person camera to peek around a ledge before
you actually run out. Once the hangar is clear, collect all the ammo
then go back to the entrance of the hangar (closest to the airport
parking lot) and go to the left side of the short wall (closest to the
blimp.) Get your tommy gun out and look for the tall red tower. Line up
your crosshairs, then peek out and fire a few shots at it. There is a
sniper in the tower with a Springfield that will tear you to pieces in
a few shots. Sometimes when you kill him, he will fall off the tower
and you will know for sure that he is dead. Other times, you won't see
him fall. Just be pretty sure he is dead before moving out into the

If his rifle landed outside the fenced in area, get it. You probably
won't need it though. Now, once everyone in and around the hangar is
dead, run to the last building with the blue garage doors further down
the airport. Scale the wall until you get to the end. There are two
guys with tommy guns (tan coats) guarding Frank (black coat). I say
this so you know which ones to shoot. Kill the two guys, or at least
draw their attention to you then hide behind the wall and shoot them
when they come. Once they are dead, go talk to Frank.

Now you have to find Frank's wife and daughter. They are very close by
- in that white building next to all the garages. There will be two
guards outside the building, so use the peek-and-cover method to gun
them down with your Thompson. Once they are dead, go into the building
and hit X to talk to Frank's family (the woman and the girl standing
near the phone.) There is also a health box back there. Once you are
done talking to them, go see Frank. Take him to his family.

Now he wants you to go find the plane tickets. They are on the
desk/counter of the building you first entered and killed the four guys
in. Grab the tickets by hitting X. There are some cops outside in the
front lot you might want to kill now. You can do it later, but they
might spread out. Frank and his family will be waiting on the other
side of the white building. Give them the tickets.

Once the movie ends, there will be cops headed your way. Kill them and
quickly run back to the parking lot at the airport entrance. There will
be a few more heavily-armed cops at the lot, and a lot more if you
didn't kill them earlier. After they are dead, take any car and drive
to the bank in Downtown. Make sure you don't have any weapons out or
else the cops will be after you. Once you get the documents, you can
either go back to Salieri's, or stop at Bertone's.


Lucas wants you to go fight some guy at a bar in Hoboken. Take the
health on his wall before you leave if you need it. Drive to Hoboken,
and remember, fists only. When you get there, make sure there aren't
any cops around before you approach Stan. Once you do, just keep
circling him and rapidly pressing R1. If he is pummeling you, press L3
and punch. Once he has had enough, go back to Lucas. Lucas will teach
you how to steal a Thor 810. Drive to Oak Hill and you'll see the car.
Don't start picking it yet, there are guards there. Your best bet is to
shoot them. You should still have some heavy equipment from the
airport. If you stand near the car long enough they will come after
you. Watch out for cops. Once you get the car, drive back to Salieri's.

Mission Thirteen

Stop at Vincenzo's for a baseball bat and a colt .45, then get a car.
You need to drive to Hoboken and pick up Salvatore. Drive to the house
in Oak Hill and park near the fence door with the green arrow. Get out
and hit X to tell Salvatore to pick the lock on the fence door. Once
inside, tell Salvatore to wait right where you are standing, but a bit
behind the bushes. Then quickly run to the left near the green arrow
and crouch down behind the bushes. A guy will walk by, and head towards
Salvatore. Hit him in the back with the bat before he sees Salvatore.
Get his shotgun and run to where the green arrow is. Don't fire any
shots. The arrow is pointing to a fuse box that controls the yard
lights. Hit X a few times to shut them off, then go back and hide
behind the bushes, where you were before. A guy will go to the box to
investigate. While he is standing there, whack him in the back with
your bat. After he is dead, go back to Salvatore. Tell him to follow
you, and run towards the house through the center path, keeping low
whenever you see guards. When you are at the pool area, take the bush
path around the left of the outside of the pool. Make sure the path is
clear, then run around the left side of the house (if you are facing
it) and get to the side door. Tell Salvatore to unlock the door, then
go inside. Take the stairs to the second floor. Run across the hall
with the large stairs to the door on the other side. Then, make a left
down that hall and you will be in the Prosecutor's office. The safe is
in the corner by the window. Press X by it and a movie will run.

Once the movie ends, get out your shotgun and quickly grab the
documents. Run to the side stairs where you came in. There might be a
guy in the main staircase room, if so, blast him. Get to the side door
where you came in. Two guys will be running in, so gun them down with
the shotgun. Run like hell through the yard with Salvatore, back to the
side fence door, which you came in. Watch out for guys in the yard.
Once you and Salvatore are by the door, hit X.

Your car might be gone, if so, carjack someone and drive Salvatore back
to his place. After that, drive back to Salieri's.

// A GREAT DEAL! (ZXV14) //
Mission Fourteen

You'll start out at the parking garage right away. Finally, someone
drives for you. Run in the parking garage and take the stairs to your
right up to the top floor. Walk over to everyone in the left corner of
the top level.

After the cut scene, rush up to the guys while using the pillars and
cars for cover. Use L3 to crouch, and pick them off with your tommy
gun. If you shoot the grill of a car enough, it will explode and take a
few guys with it. The same thing can happen to you, so watch out. After
the first wave of guys are killed, another car will pull up. Kill them
and move to the next level down (you can't go straight to the bottom
because Sam and Paul won't follow you.) On the next level you can shoot
the barrels to make them explode, and maybe take out a guy or two in
that caged area. There will be a third guy on the other end with a
shotgun. Again, use the pillars for cover. Watch out for Sam and Paul
too, the mission fails if they die. Move to the next level after
everyone is dead, and hang out near the ramp wall and pick the guys off
from there. There should be about five or six of them.

Move down to the next level, where there shouldn't be any guys. Now on
the ground level, there are a lot of guys. Paul and Sam will run out
and fight them, and they will die if you don't go out and help. There
is a health box on the toll booth, but you might get shot if you make a
run for it. It shouldn't be a problem taking out the guys on the ground
level. If you have trouble, try going down the stairs from the second
level and hitting them from behind. Once everyone is dead, grab the
health if you need it, then run back up to the top level and get in the
truck. Wait for Paul to get in then drive it out of the garage. Note
the damage meter.

Once you get out to the street, you will have some people chasing after
you. Drive to Salieri's Warehouse, and try to lose them at the same
time. If you didn't lose them by the time you got close to the
warehouse, just get out and shoot them with your tommy gun. In fact, it
is much easier just to get out and gun them down then to try to avoid
them in a car. Once they are gone, drive to the warehouse.

Mission Fifteen

Get in the Don's car, and drive to the restaurant in New Ark. Once you
get there, a movie will run. As you are eating with the Don, some men
pull up front packing tommy guns. They will blow the hell out of the
restraint. When you start, immediately run back through the back door
and out the door on the right (note the health box near the door.) Get
out your .45 and run towards the narrow alley. Crouch down and shoot
the guy waiting there. Take his Thompson and run to the next corner at
the street. Peek out and fire a few shots at the guys there, then run
back a bit and crouch. When they come around, gun 'em all down. Now, go
back to the back exit of the restaurant, and make sure there aren't any
guys there. If there are, kill them. Go in the building to the left of
the restaurant exit if you are facing the door. Slowly walk down that
hallway, and slowly peek out the entrance and shoot the guy outside if
he is there. If he isn't, slowly walk up the first set of steps and
kill the guy up there. Go up to the next set of steps and kill that
guy. That should be everyone. If a cinematic sequence doesn't come up,
keep looking for more guys. You have to kill everyone. Once that
happens, the Don wants you to take him to Carlo's to kill him.

Drive to Carlo's apartment, and follow the Don upstairs. He'll tell you
to kick the door in, so get your best gun ready, and hit X to kick it
in. Carlo will run out the window so go after him. If you don't want to
hear begging, shoot his wife. Go down the stairs and carefully look
around the buildings for him. He has a pistol, so watch out. When you
kill him, three more guys with knives and bats will come, so just keep
your distance and shoot them. Once they all die, there will be another
movie then you gotta drive back to Salieri's.

Mission Sixteen

Drive to the docks where the boat is. There will be a lot of people
there. If you talk to the guy standing on the pier, he won't let you
through. So go back to the building behind all the people, and you
should see a green arrow pointing inside. Go inside, through the door
on the left, and change into a sailor's outfit. Go back to the guy on
the pier and he'll let you in.

You start off at the lower deck of the steamboat. There are several
bathrooms on the boat, but the one with the revolver stashed in it is
on the upper deck next to some stairs towards the back of the boat.
Figures, someone took a mad dump on the floor, so it is locked. The
sign tells you to see the skipper for the key. While you are on that
deck, you might as well grab the bucket in the back corner by the
rails. Once you do that, go to the lower deck and look for the skipper.
He is the guy in the horizontally striped shirts. When you talk to him
the first time, he will tell you not to bother him. Talk to him right
after that again and he will give you the keys, but he tells you to
clean the bathroom while you are there. So go back to the bathroom, and
press X. Tommy will clean the bathroom while you just see the door. You
don't have to clean it, but it is a lot easier if you do. Once that is
done, crouch down and press X near the cabinet with the curtains over
it and you will pick up the revolver. Keep it hidden. Go find the
skipper on the lower deck and give him back the keys.

//NOTE// If you didn't clean the bathroom, or you wait to long to give
the skipper the keys back, just avoid him. If he finds you, he will
start shouting "MURDERER!" and the guards will shoot you. //NOTE//

After that, just walk around the boat and enjoy the view for a few
minutes. You have to wait before the Counsel is ready to come out. Once
he does, there will be a short cinematic, and then you will be on the
upper deck watching him talk. Walk right up to him, quickly pull out
your gun, and shoot him. He will just cower there until you shoot him.
All the guards will be after you, so don't bother blending in. Run like
hell down the stairs to the lower deck, and blast any guards that get
in your way (good luck, since you only have six rounds.) Once you are
on the lower deck, just find that small boat that should be in the
front right area if you are facing the way the boat is heading. After
that, you're done.

Mission Seventeen

Part 1

Stop at Vincenzo's and get your Colt 1911. Follow Paul and talk to
Ralph. He'll get you situated with a Guardian. Get in the car, let Paul
get in, then drive to the Italian Garden Restaurant on Central Island.
Park the car near the phone booth and park it in a position that is
ready to get the hell out of there. Walk to the phone booth and hit X.
After the cut scene, run like hell back to your car and take off. You
don't have enough firepower to lose the tail, but if you just keep
getting them to crash, and having Paulie shoot them, they should be
wasted in no time. Once they are, drive back to Salieri's.

Part 2

Grab the bomb off Vincenzo's table and get a car. Drive to Morello's
house in Oakwood. The car will be there, but one of Morello's guards is
outside having a smoke. You can wait until he finishes, or cruise
around the block, but don't plant the bomb until he goes inside. Once
he does, THEN you plant the bomb under the car. Once it is planted, run
back to your car and get in.

Part 3

Drive to the restaurant in Downtown. A movie sequence will play. What
do you expect from a .45 caliber machine gun? After that, just speed
away from your tail, and once they are behind, do a few turns to lose
them. They aren't that hard to lose. Don't bother shooting at them.
Once you've lost them, drive back to the Salieri Bar.

Part 4

After watching the professionals at their best, chase after Sergio
Morello. Don't bother ramming his car or shooting at it, you won't kill
him. Just follow him. He will drive to the railroad station, so just
don't lose him along the way.

After you are there and pinned down, a guy will run to the booth to the
right of your car. Gun him down with your .45 but don't get up yet.
There will be a guy to your left in the bushes. Line up your
crosshairs, then quickly peek up and shoot him, then get back down.
There is a third guy with a shotgun behind the truck in front of you.
Kill him too. Once all three are dead, get their weapons. Now, you can
go around killing everyone, but there is a much easier method to
beating this mission. Get in either your car or the truck - the truck
is good as a shield but the car is more maneuverable. I recommend the

Get in the car and quickly drive it to the end of the railroads at the
other end of the yard, near the two tankers with green arrows pointing
to them. You can shoot or run over people along the way if you want to
make your escape easier. Park in front of the lever right in front of
the train cars. That is the only lever you need to switch. Use the cars
for cover as you hit the switch - there are snipers all over the
towers. Next, drive the car next to the train (off the tracks) and hit
X by the train. There is a green arrow pointing to it. This will set
the train car loose. Follow it in your car until it slams into the
garage door, then get out and walk to the garage door quickly. A cut
scene will play, and a save point. Be careful in the car, because the
snipers can still shoot through the windows.

|        |                                    |
|        |                                    |
|        |                                    |
|      H |                                    |                  |-----
|--    --|                                    |                  |   L
E G E N D   |
|                 X                           |                  |
|                                             |                  | 1-4
- your pos. |
|                                             |                  | o -
enemy       |
|                                             |                  | ///
- boxes     |
|                                             |                  | X -
Morello     |
|                                             |                  | H -
Health      |
|                 |////////|   |/////////|    |
|                 |////////|   |/////////|    |
|                 4                           |
|    |///////|            |////////|3         |
|    |/o/////|            |////////| o        |
|                 |/////|         o           |
|                 |/////|       |///////|     |
|               o               |///////|2    |
|                                             |
|------         --------      ----------------|

Tom will blow a hole through those garage doors. I've numbered your
positions on the map above. Have your shotgun ready (point 1), then go
inside. Immediately run to the right and take cover behind the huge box
there (point 2). Blast the two guys to your right away with the
shotgun, then a third will come from the left. Kill him. There should
be a guy standing on a box, so get out your .45 and put some in him.
Once he drops, check the area further back for one more guard (point
3). Once he is dead, it will just be you and Sergio (X) . Just remember
the snipers outside, who will still be firing at you. You can hide
behind a box and see Sergio (point 4) , so just get out your Colt 1911
for distance, and shoot him. He is just like everyone else, and a few
good shots will kill him. When he drops, you'll get a message saying to
go back to Salieri's. There is some health in the back room behind
Morello if you need it. Also, take his tommy gun. You never know...

Run like hell back to your car, avoiding the snipers, then speed to the
front gate, shooting and running over anyone in your way. Don't waste
time, get the hell away from the snipers ASAP. Once you are out of the
gates, you will be done the main mission.


Before you go to Bertone's, get a nice fast 4-door car. It will help
you out later on. Lucas wants you to drive to Chinatown to pick up a
guy who has been shot, and bring him to the doctor in Oakwood. Once you
get there, two guys will get in the car and you'll have to drive them
back as fast as possible to Oakwood. If you have a 2-door car, they
will tell you to get one with four, so it is better to do it before the
mission so you don't have to worry about cops or getting run over.

Once you drop him off and drive back, Bertone will tell you about a car
at a parking lot in Central Island. When you go to this car, there will
be a guy walking around in a white shirt with suspenders. The second he
sees you try to break into that car, he'll pull a six shooter on you.
My solution: a couple .45s to the chest. You should still have a lot of
guns from when you killed Sergio. Shoot him, and any cops that just saw
you waste him, and you got yourself a car. Take it back to Salieri's.

Mission Eighteen

Follow Paul to Vincenzo's. He'll give Paul and Sam tommy guns, and all
you get is a sawn-off shotgun. After that, get in a 4-door car and
drive to the theater on Central Island. Once you get there, Morello
will be leaving. Speed after him. Ram his car and stay close so Paul
and Sam can fire their Thompson's at the car. You probably won't get
any real action until you chase Morello's car out to the countryside.
As long as you keep up with Morello's car and keep ramming into it, it
is real easy to kill him before he even gets to the airport. Try to
push him off the road as much as possible.

If he gets to the airport, your car will break down. Get out and run to
the airport. You'll have to run around back by the hangars, and have
your sawn-off ready to blast two guards waiting. Morello will get in a
plane, and Paulie will pull up and give you his Thompson when you get
in the car. Keep firing on the plane and don't stop. Hit it in the
center and fill up the damage bar. When the damage bar is full, keep
shooting. As long as the damage bar is full as the plane flies away, a
cut scene will play where the plane gets shot down.

After all that, you can visit Lucas Bertone or go back to Salieri's.


Take the health on Bertone's wall before you talk to him. He needs you
to get a car to the lighthouse and push it into the ocean. Right as you
get in the car you will be wanted, and the cops will be after you the
second they see you. Sometimes you'll get lucky and they won't see you,
other times they will. You should have a tommy gun if you chased
Morello to the airport, and that should help when fighting off the cops
on your way to the lighthouse. Screw the speed limit, it doesn't really
matter when the cops are already after you. When you get to the cliffs
by the lighthouse, park it near the edge, then walk behind the car and
run foreword to push it into the water. After that, get the car parked
at the top of the road and drive back to Lucas.

Now, drive to Roy's Grill. The owner of the car has a gun, and he'll
come out the second you try to steal the car. Shoot him before he can
do anything, and shoot any cops that saw you shoot him. After you get
the car, drive back to Salieri's.

Mission Nineteen

Stop at Vincenzo's and he will give you a sniper rifle with a
telescopic scope, and a Colt 1911. Next, go see Ralph and he'll hook
you up with a Wright Coupe. Take it and drive to the prison on Central
Island. Once you get there, go around the side. The guy standing by the
construction hole will tell you not to go down there. Kill him (why not
practice with your sniper rifle?)

Now this sounds like an easy mission, but unfortunately this prison is
filled with bums packing guns. Get out your colt .45 and climb down the
hole by hitting X. Walk to the other end of the tunnel and climb up
that ladder. Now is a good time to shoot those dogs on the other side
of the fence. You can't open the fence door, so go around the prison
towards the main road to find a small door. Open it and go inside. Open
the barred door inside the prison and head up the stairs. Kill the two
guys by the stairs, then use the wall by the stairs for cover to shoot
the guys by the fire. Gather their weapons and go through the next
barred door. Walk to the hallway with the wooden walls with light
shining through, and up the stairs. Have your best gun ready, and go
through the two white doors. When you kick the second one in, a guy
will get knocked down. Quickly shoot him and get his shotgun. Peek out
from that door and shoot the other two guys in the room. As you go to
the open door at the end of the room, a guy will come out of one of the
cells behind you with a bat. Turn around and kill him. Two more should
be coming from the open doorway, so hide and shoot them when they come
out. When you get to the room with the hole in the wall, there is
health on the wall next to it if you need it. Continue down the hall.
There will be a guy at the end of the hall in a chained-fence area.
Once he is dead, go further out and up the stairs. Watch out though,
there is a guy with a pistol waiting for you. Once he is dead, go to
the top of the stairs. Open the door, but be careful that you don't
walk out too far. Get out your rifle and focus in on the island in
front of you by hitting R1 once. Use L3 to crouch and steady your aim.
Your target has a green arrow above him. Always aim lower, like his
chest area. If you miss, you won't get a second shot. The scope will
sway, so the best thing to do is just stay still and fire when the
scope sways over your target.

Once he dies, go back down the stairs all the way to the bottom. The
dogs should be dead if you shot them before, but if not, hide in the
doorway and pick them off. After that, shoot off the lock on the door
by the exit (white doors), and drop ALL of your guns. If you want to
keep your guns, you are going to have to kill a lot of cops. To drop
your guns, select each weapon then hit left on the D-Pad for each one.
After that, go through the door.

There will be a detective outside and he will search you for weapons.
Hopefully you dropped them, or you will have to kill all the cops
there. Don't run away either without getting checked, they will open
fire on you if you do. Once you are checked, get a car and drive back
to Salieri's, or Bertone's.


Bertone will want you to go pick up one of his friends and bring him
back before the cops get there. It shouldn't be a problem if you hurry.
You don't even have to speed as long as you have a good car. Once you
bring the guy back to Bertone, he'll tell you about a car in Oakwood.
Drive to Oakwood, just walk up to the car, and steal it quickly. Don't
worry about the guys looking at the car, just cops. Once you steal it,
speed away before the guards come after you.

Mission Twenty

First, drive Paul and Sam to the meeting place on the map. Once you are
there, drive to the port and wait for the truck to leave. Follow it,
then ram it off the road or block it. Once it stops moving, fire a shot
at the driver, then when he gets out, kill him and get in the truck.
Drive the truck back to the ports.

Once you are in the ports, take the truck straight down until you see a
warehouse with a bunch of closed garages and one open garage. Back your
truck up to the platform there by the open garage and get out. From
here you have two options to get the cigars:


Talk to the guy standing by the cigars, and he'll tell you to move some
boxes to dispatch. Go to the boxes and talk to the guys standing near
them and ask them to help. Carry the box by hitting X, and drop it on
the wood in the dispatch warehouse by hitting X. When you are done, go
talk to the cigar guy again. When you tell him there is a problem he
needs to check, he'll go off for a while, so you can load the boxes
onto the truck, but quickly.


This one is a bit harder, but will help if you can't load the cigars on
fast enough. Before you even look at the cigars, walk around back of
the houses and kill the patrolling guard behind his back with a
baseball bat. Quickly hide your weapon, and then go down by the trees
and kill that guard with a bat silently. Then, go talk to the guy
guarding the cigars and he'll go take a piss. While he is peeing on the
tree, kill him with the bat. No guards can see you. You don't have to
kill the two guards, but it makes it a lot easier. Now that he is dead,
you can take your time loading those cigars onto the truck.

Either way, you should have the truck backed up to the garage, and then
just carry the boxes one at a time and drop them on the truck by
hitting X. When you have all the boxes, get in the truck and get the
hell out of there. Drive back to the meeting place, and meet Sam and
Paul. Paul will get in the truck and you have to take it to Salieri's
warehouse. I didn't have any trouble driving back, but there might be
someone trying to get you. If they do, just pull over and shoot them.
Once you get to the warehouse, mission complete.

Mission Twenty-one

The first part, when you are talking to Paul, shouldn't give you any
problems. Just don't be a moron and punch a guard or something. After
you are done talking with Paul in the bank, you have to get some guns
and a car.

You'll probably need to jack a car since you took the train to the
bank. Go to the gunshop on the map. It has a sign that says 'TWISTERS'
out front. Pull into the parking lot and use the side door that has a
green arrow pointing to it. Knock on the door and follow the guy to the
basement to talk to Yellow Pete. He will give you a Colt .45 and a S&W
revolver (woo-freakin-hoo.) Next, go to Lucas Bertone's, if you want a
nice car.

Bertone will give you a package to take to Big Dick under the East
Marshal Bridge. Don't worry about being followed, it is inevitable.
Once you get there and talk to Dick, get out your .45, take cover, and
shoot the guys that followed you. After they are dead, gather their
weapons. One guy had a sawn-off, and that will help in the robbery.
Drive back to Bertone, then go to the location in Oakwood and follow
the guy's car until he parks it. Once he walks out of sight, steal the
car and head to Paulie's Flat in Little Italy. Once you get there, hit
L3 a few times to beep the horn, then wait for Paulie to get in. Then,
drive to the bank. Park the car facing out towards the main road, then
walk to the front door and hit X.

Walk inside the bank and take your guns out. The alarm will sound -
don't worry about it. Go to the back door and kick it open. Blast the
guard that was behind it with your sawn-off if you have it. Run behind
the counter by the typewriter and grab the keys off the shelf. Then,
run upstairs. When you get upstairs, there will be a guard there, waste
him. Make a left down the hall then go in the first door on your left.
Open the cabinet on the right side of the room and grab the safe keys.
Now, run to the basement. Open the door right in front of you and
follow the halls to the safe. There will be two guards there, but they
shouldn't be too hard to kill. Stay low and shoot them when they go to
reload. When you get to the safe, a cut scene will play.

After that, run back up to Paulie and leave the bank. Turn the car
around and take the main road down towards the hideout until you see
railroad tracks. Follow them down the alleyways, but don't go too fast
as you fly over the ledges or else you will lose control of your car.
Once you get out on the road again, just make a left, then take that
road straight to the building and drive inside. Hide in the garage and
wait for your wanted meter to die out. If the cops see you, you will
have to kill all the cops that come in order to lose them. Stay inside
the garage thing, using the doors for cover. Use your shotgun to blow
up the cop cars. After you lost your wanted level, you will be done.

Mission Twenty-Two

First off, you MUST go to Yellow Pete. I know it says you 'can', but
you are screwed if you don't get guns for this mission. Drive to Pete's
if you want, but the train station is right down the road from Paulie's
place. I find it more convenient for this one. Get the Thompson and
Colt 1911 from Pete, then if you want, go to Bertone's. If not, just
skip the next paragraph.

You don't need a nice car for this mission, and the only real purpose
for going to Bertone is to unlock the car for free ride. So, if you
want to, go to Bertone's, and then after talking to him, drive to The
Corleone Hotel. That's the one from "The Whore." Once the woman leaves,
it is best to follow her on foot. It is much easier to by walking than
driving. Keep your distance, but don't stay too far away. Once you see
where she went, drive back to Bertone's. He will tell you about a car
at a used car dealership, so go there. Shoot the dogs through the fence
before you go in, however.

Drive to the Art Gallery on Central Island. After the movie,
immediately get out your tommy gun and take cover behind a pillar.
Crouch down and sidestep out, and only fire when you can just see the
edge of the enemy. Put five shots into each of the two guys, then watch
the stairs. Shoot the guys that come. Sometimes there is one, and the
other one stays in the room behind it. Other times they both come out.
Don't run out in the open until they are dead, and the guy on the
opposite staircase is dead. Gather everyone's weapons once you kill
them. Remember, taking cover and peeking out is crucial for this. After
they are dead, go up the stairs to the right of the entrance and
through the first two art rooms. When you loop around and head the
opposite direction in the next set of rooms, the first room is clear,
but the next room has two guys with shotguns in it. Take cover behind
the doorway then pick them off when you have clean shots. Take your
time with everything on this one. After you get through that room, take
cover to the right of the balcony. A guy with a tommy gun will come out
on the other balcony across from yours. Pick him off from where you
are, then move down the hall. Don't go down the stairs, just stay to
the side of the wall. Sidestep out and shoot the guards when you are
ready. More will come. Once you think it is clear, slowly move down the
stairs and check around every corner before you go. Gather ammo, then
when you are ready, head up the large staircase.

After the cut scene ends, quickly run up the steps to your right, then
make another right and quickly gun down the guy with the shotgun there.
Run quickly to the end other side of the balcony, where the stairs that
go up higher are. Hide behind a pillar here and wait for the guards to
come after you. When you see them running your way, peek out and kill
them. Once you are sure they are dead, move back down the balcony area
to the room with the large arch entrances. There is a health box on the
wall back by the area with the short stairs leading up on both sides,
but only take it if you REALLY need it. When you go to the next room,
there should be one or two guys with pistols. You can see where they
are using the third person view before you actually engage them. Don't
just rush everything. Once they are dead, look for a set of tall wooden
doors. Open it, and quickly kill the guys in front of you. Use the
table/couch thing for cover. The next two rooms should be empty, so run
through them.

Make a right into the next room. There is a guy hiding behind the
couches. Take him out, then another guy will come with a pistol. After
they are dead, move on to the next room with paintings. That room is
empty, but the room after that has guards in it that will see you. Take
cover behind the couches or walls and sidestep out to shoot them. There
will also be a guard in the second blue room of this area. Go to the
third room, and that should be clear. The doors should now be open
leading to the area you were earlier. You are gaining on Sam. Now go up
the short stairs to your left, and take the health. Watch out for a
camping guard up there at the top of the stairs (he is there
sometimes.) Once you get to the yellow statue room, run down the halls
until a cut scene runs. Don't worry about guards.

After the cut scene, slowly move around the wall and use the third
person view to spot Sam on the other side of the balcony. Slowly peek
out and unload your tommy gun on him, but don't stay out in the open
long enough to get clipped. When he starts firing back, take cover.
When you shoot him enough, he will run away. Now run further down the
hall, then make a left and down that one.  Have your tommy gun
reloaded. There is health at the top of the stairs if you want to go
back and get it. Now, once you are getting close to the end of the next
hall, Sam will pop out. Immediately crouch and light him up with your
Thompson. It only takes a few good hits. After that, enjoy the ending
movie. Congratulations, you beat the game!

// V. CREDITS //

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