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Doom 3 Monster/Boss guide
v1.3 5/17/05
This guide is written by Lieutenant Splurge, and provides a detailed 
description of all of the monsters and bosses in the game, and the best way to
deal with them. This guide is not a walkthrough, as the majority of Doom 3 is
pretty straight-forward (unlike the original Doom/Doom2, which could get quite
maze-like). This is my first guide/FAQ, so give me a break if you don't think
it quite meets the standards of the other guides/FAQs on this site.

Doom 3 is a copyrighted product of id software, a company which I am in no way
affiliated with, nor do I claim to be affiliated with it.

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This guide may contain spoilers, although they will be purely unintentional.

NOTICE: To all of those who have been sending me tips and info..
 Unfortunately, due to a computer error, I was forced to reformat my computer,
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 Any such info will be marked with [?] after it, as so to show that I myself am
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History and Credit (where credit is due...)-
V1.0: Brand-spanking new.

V1.1: Made a correction to the Pinky's damage resistance, updated the 
    retaliation info in the FAQ section (Thanks to Riven Caulfield for the 
    Pinky info, and XERXES_II for the retaliation update).

V1.2: Tweaked the existing text in various places for better effect and detail
      Added second shotgun info to the weapon\monster guide to compensate for 
            medium to long range shots
      Added/changed a few sentences here and there (they just didn't look right
                  to me...)
      Made a few minor spelling corrections, etc.

V1.3: Added the crediting notice above, added another Q/A deely, adjusted some 
      info to the arch-vile section. Also reluctantly added the various info
      mentioned in said above notice.

A Brief Table of Contents...

Section 1: Monsters
   All the tactical information you could ever need.

Section 2: Bosses
   Not your every-day, run-of-the-mill demons...

Section 3: Weapon/Monster chart
   A.K.A; what works best on what.

Section 4: FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions
   ...and the answers to go with them.


Section 1: Monsters

A. Zombie
Damage Resistance: relatively low
Attack Damage: low

Zombies are what remains of the civilian population of Mars Base after the 
initial cataclysm during the beginning of the game. They are of course, the
standard stereotypical zombie, and all rules apply as such; they go down 
faster when you aim for their heads (watch out, however, as a few zombies are
headless already when you encounter them), move fairly slowly, and attack by
swiping at you. Some zombies are armed with wrenches or flashlights, and do 
more damage than usual, fat zombies can take more damage before going down, 
and flaming zombies are a little faster than normal, but for the most part,
zombies are hardly a threat. Zombies fall easy prey to any weapon more 
powerful than the pistol, although you may want to use your pistol to kill 
them simply to conserve ammo for your other weapons.
Zombie attacks become less frequent near the end of the game.

B. Zombie Marine
Damage Resistance: Medium-Low
Attack Damage: Low to Medium

Although they too are zombies, the marines are more dangerous than their 
civilian counterparts- they carry light to medium weaponry, move pretty fast,
and often use the surroundings to shield themselves. Zombie marines carry 
either a pistol, shotgun, or machine gun, and can be anticipated by a strange,
backwards mumbling of sorts. They still go down almost as easily as the unarmed
versions, although sometimes if you deal them enough damage, they'll expend 
their last bits of strength attempting to pump their ammo into you point-
blank. Occasionally marine zombies will carry riot shields. Just aim for their
heads and use any nearby debris as cover, and they'll go down no problem.
Zombie marines appear sporadically throughout the first two-thirds of the 

C. Imp
Damage Resistance: Medium-Low
Attack Damage: Medium-Low

Yes, they're back, and more annoying than ever. Imps now have the obnoxious
tendency of popping out from just about everywhere, as they can now scale 
walls and jump great distances. Other than that, they're still the same old 
imps from all the previous Dooms. They scratch, they chuck fireballs, they 
make julienne fries. Well, maybe not so much make fries. But it's still the 
same old strafe-'n-shoot method of dealing with these little buggers. Also, 
their fireballs now explode on contact, meaning that they can miss completely
and still inflict damage. The fireballs also travel in an overhead arc, which
means that low-hanging ceilings and wreckage can provide cover in some
situations. It also makes it so you can dodge fireballs thrown by an imp on 
a higher position than you by simply running towards the imp, and under the
fireball. Imps, if close enough, also have a nasty little lunge attack, so if
you see an imp crouched down to the ground, DODGE. Any explosive weaponry will
take imps out quickly, as will close-range shotgun blasts. Often you can take
out an imp with one shell by running up to it and blasting it right as it 
teleports in (any monster being teleported in, however, is signified by loud
whispering, glowing symbols on the ground, and the entire screen glowing red).
Imps show up throughout the entire game.

D. Maggot
Damage Resistance: Relatively low
Attack Damage: Low

Maggots are strange, two-headed monstrosities that only attack by slashing at
your legs. You can tell if a maggot is around by an odd, pig-like grunting, 
and the rapid ckicking of their talons against the floor. They move pretty
fast, but go down quickly, so if you see one coming, wait for it to come up 
right next to you, then drop it with a shotgun blast to the torso. It usually
only takes one shot. You can also shoot them at a distance with rapid-fire 
weapons, but they can be slightly hard to hit, and they get low to the ground
withing a certain distance of you, effectively ducking subsequent shots.
Annoying at times, but hardly dangerous.

E. Wraith
Damage Resistance: Medium-Low
Attack Damage: Medium-Low

Wraiths are aggressive demons with praying mantis-like claws that have the 
ability to teleport short distances. It's hard to anticipate one around, as 
the sound they make is incredibly similar to the other noises heard in the 
background, particularly of the automatic doors in the later levels. Wraiths 
approach you by teleporting to within distance, then run the rest of the way 
and slash at you with their 'scythes'. The best opportunity to kill one is to 
wait for it to teleport, then open fire at close range as it rematerializes. 
Although not powerful, they are fast, and can do some significant damage if not
dealt with quickly. 
Wraiths appear at various points throughout the game.

F. Trite
Damage Resistance: Very Low
Attack Damage: Low

Trites are spider-demons that resemble mutated human heads (anyone see the
movie 'The Thing'??? [?]) that almost always attack in clusters. They most 
commonly spawn from the holes you see in the walls, that are about half the 
height of the ones you can crawl through, but they have also been known to 
lower down from above on strands of webbing. Trites have a tendency of only 
coming out of their holes when you least expect it, so aim for any nearby 
crawlspaces if you happen to hear their distinctive hissing sound. Trites 
attack by biting you, and they're not afraid to jump at you if they're not 
close enough. Trites can only withstand about a bullet or two, so crank out the 
rapid-fire weaponry to deal with them (watch out, though, they have been known 
to dodge shots occasionally). Once you obtain the soulcube, trites can 
become a valuable resource for getting it charged quickly. And ALWAYS make sure 
they've stopped coming out of the walls before you let your guard down. They 
sometimes can come in as many as up to four separate waves.

G. Pinky
Damage Resistance: Medium-High
Attack Damage: Medium

Pinkies are the large pink half-robotic 'dog' demons you'll encounter early in 
the game. Formerly known simply as 'Demons' in the previous Doom games, Pinkies 
are not a monster you want to reckon with anymore. While they still retain the 
usual 'charge and bite' tactics, the sheer power with which they perform this 
is enough to knock you across the room. You can tell one is nearby by their 
monstrous roar; in which case, pull out the most powerful weapon at your 
disposal and RUN LIKE HELL!!! You'd better make damn sure you kill this thing 
at a distance, because close-range is suicide. You'd be surprised at how 
exceedingly difficult it can be to land a decent shot on something that happens
to be repeatedly hurling you into the air. Avoid getting cornered at all costs.
It takes two grenades to take one out, as well as about four-five seconds of 
sustained fire with any rapid-fire weapon. If you're good, you could also drop 
the thing with two-three close-range shotgun shots (three-four at medium 
range), as long as you keep moving. Plasma is surprisingly effective;
unfortunately, you won't have gotten it yet for the majority of Pinky 
encounters. Aim well, too, as it sometimes will strafe to avoid your shots. You
encounter the first one during a cutscene, after which it crashes it's way into 
the small room you happen to be trapped in. After that, you'll usually have 
some distance between yourself and any others that show up. Just thank God that
id softward had the decency of excluding the invisible version of the pinky 
(known as a 'Spectre' in previous games) from this game. 
Watch out for Pinkies until about halfway through the game, when they stop 
showing up.

H. Lost Soul
Damage Resistance: Low
Attack Damage: Medium-Low

Lost souls are the flaming, disembodied heads you'll see floating around the 
Enpro facility. Another returning creature from previous Dooms, the lost soul's
primary characteristic is the fact that it's extremely difficult to hit. What 
makes it so hard is the fact that they are small, and they fly. EVERYWHERE. 
Many times have I let my guard down after vaporizing a gaggle of lost souls, 
only to discover that I missed a soul or two hovering directly above me, or 
down around my ankles. The only real way to tell if you missed one is to wait 
for one to attack you, or to listen for their distinctive noise, which sounds 
like a woman shrieking. They can't take much damage however (so little you can
ACTUALLY take them down with your fists), so once you do spot one you can 
destroy it with relative ease. Their primary attack method is to fly straight 
at you at high speed, which it can do from any distance, either from across the 
entire room (they often show up in huge, open areas), or from two feet away 
from you. The best time to attack them is while they're charging at you, as 
they make no side-to-side movement and are therefore easier to hit. The weapon 
of choice would be any rapid fire weapon, or shotgun if you're daring. With the
shotgun you need to wait until the lost soul is right about to hit you, then 
open fire, but be aware of the possibility that the delay between shots may 
leave you open to another lost soul's attack. Just be glad that there are no 
more Pain Elementals to spit them at you anymore.
Lost souls appear sporadically throughout the game, starting at the Enpro 

I. Revenant
Damage Resistance: Medium
Attack Damage: Medium to High

Yes, it's back. The Revenant is back in Doom 3, complete with homing missiles. 
The revenant is precursored by it's unique, dinosaur-like squawk, in which case
you'd better head for cover. As stated above, the revenant, a tall, armor- 
wearing skeleton, comes sporting a pair of guided missile launchers, which it 
enjoys using from great distances. And although the missiles can be destroyed 
prematurely, they travel in a spiraling trajectory that makes them quite 
difficult to hit. And while a single missile only inflicts medium damage, the 
revenant makes it a point to always fire two at a time, effectively doubling 
the damage it inflicts. The chainsaw is a useful weapon against the revenant, 
but be wary, as the revenant knows (get this) KUNG FU. When close enough, a 
revenant will martial-arts your butt into the ground, jolting your aim somewhat 
as it does so. The best approach is to fire at it from a distance with the 
plasma rifle, which will not only damage the revenant itself, but destroy any 
missiles launched into your line of fire.
Revenants start showing up at the monorail skybridge.

J. Cacodemon
Damage Resistance: Medium
Attack Damage: Medium

Returning also to Doom are the cacodemons, famous for being large, slow-moving 
targets in the previous games. Not so anymore. The cacodemons in Doom 3 are 
still basically the same, but smaller, faster, and strangely enough less 
hideous-looking, basically floating mouths with many eyes. Instead of floating 
in straight paths, cacodemons float in a wavy path, making them slightly harder 
to hit. They still shoot blasts of lightning from their mouths, but the blasts 
have no splash damage (unlike imp fireballs), and can actually be blown up 
before they reach you. Like lost souls, cacodemons have a habit of hovering 
just outside your visual range, but unlike lost souls they are completely 
silent while they do so. More often than not, the cacodemons in the distance 
that you DO see are merely there to distract you from the ones above or behind 
you that you CAN'T see. Any projectile weapon other than the pistol is useful 
against them, but most useful is the chainsaw. While they do shoot electric 
blasts at you, their real motive is to float up to you and take a bite out of 
you. The best way to deal with a cacodemon is to hide just inside a doorway (or 
someplace where it's shots can't hit you), and wait for it to come looking for 
you. the second it floats in, the chainsaw makes EXTREMELY short work of it. 
The only thing that may cause unforseeable problems with this tactic is if 
they're floating around walkways with railings on them, as the railings disrupt
their flight path, and you may end up waiting longer than anticipated.

K. Berserker
Damage Resistance: Medium
Attack Damage: Medium to High

These are the ogrish demons you see packing chainsaws. TECHNICALLY they're 
supposed to be zombies (they're actually referred to as chainsaw-zombies, not 
berserkers), but I really don't see any similarities between them and other 
zombies, and they never appear around other zombies, so I consider them a 
separate class of demon altogether. I call them berserkers simply because they 
like to go berserk on you with their chainsaws (which by the way, is how you 
originally obtain the chainsaw in the first place), which given the chance can 
do a lot of damage. The primary method of defense against bersekers is simply 
to stay the hell away from them. A chainsaw isn't particularly useful against 
something that's nowhere near you. Although aggressive, berserkers occasionally 
tend to have a bit of a cowardly streak in them, and will sometimes run away 
and hide for a moment or two when you shoot them (particularly with anything 
rapid-fire). Although they can do major damage if you let them, berserkers can 
hardly be considered dangerous.

L. Commando
Damage Resistance: Medium
Attack Damage: Medium to High

These demons are first introduced in a cutscene, where Betruger transforms a 
hapless soldier into one. These have got to be the goofiest-looking demons in 
the game. they're big, gray, have a dangling 'tentacle' for one arm, and look 
like they're wearing safari helmets. Their main method of attack is to run at 
you full-speed and pummel you into submission, but they can also attack you 
from a medium distance away using their 'tentacle', which can easily be avoided 
by strafing to the right (all commandos have their tentacle on their right arm, 
on your left as they're facing you). A bit more resiliant than other enemies, 
commandos can sustain up to two explosive weapon blasts, and up to six seconds 
of sustained rapid-fire weaponry. You could also take them down with two-three 
point-blank shotgun blasts, but you will most likely take some damage in doing 
so. While not incredibly dangerous as is, a second variety of commando comes 
equipped with a chaingun, which can do an insane amount of damage. Most of the 
damage can be avoided by strafing back and forth (the chaingun was designed for 
power, not accuracy), and it's wielder I recommend be greeted with a couple of 
rockets upside the head. Commandos have a habit of 'patrolling' the area 
they're in, and can actually be snuck up behind without them noticing. You'll 
know if one spots you by a low-pitched "Kill!" or "Die!!" 
Commandos start assaulting you around the Delta labs.

M. Cherub
Damage Resistance: Medium-Low
Attack Damage: Medium-High

I HATE these things. They're like half housefly larva, half evil baby. Trust 
me, you can't possibly mistake the sound of an evil baby, accompanied by the 
buzzing of insect wings. Cherubs hop around- basically flying very short 
distances- and can hurl themselves at you unexpectedly from ANY distance. IF 
YOU SEE ONE, KILL IT!!!!!! Cherubs roam in packs, that happen to be somewhat 
spread out- while you may only see one cherub, I assure you there are a few 
more around a corner somewhere. While you're busy focusing on one of them, 
another one will take that opportunity to blindside you. These little bastards 
(and I mean that in both the literal AND figurative sense) can do a lot of 
damage to you, so the second you see one, pull out whatever weapon you've got 
and send it back to hell. I swear, those things really freak me out.
Cherubs like to hang around wherever there are Mancubi.

N. Tick
Damage Resistance: Low
Attack Damage: Medium-Low

These are basically the exact same as trites, only more resiliant. They're a 
little faster, can jump further, and take a little more damage, but they're 
pretty much the same, and should be dealt with accordingly. The only real 
noticeable differences are that ticks only come out of the walls (trites can 
lower themselves down on webbing), they come in MUCH bigger waves than trites, 
and sometimes they explode, either when shot or when they collide with you. 
Ticks can be distinguished by a high-pitched squeaking noise.
The only place I've seen ticks is when you get back to the Delta Complex from 
hell, but sometimes they slip one in with a wave of trites.

O. Mancubus
Damage Resistance: High
Attack Damage: Medium-High

Yet another reoccurring classic monster from Doom history, the Mancubus now 
shows up as a sub-boss in the Recycling Sector- That is to say, THREE mancubi 
show up as a sub-boss. And with good cause, too. ONE Mancubus is too much, and 
they pit you against three. Mancubi are the large, chubby white demons with 
tentacles protruding from their faces, and packing dual fireball-cannons. DO 
NOT; I repeat; DO NOT attempt to fight a Mancubus at close range, unless you 
happen to be extremely skilled at the game. At close range, a mancubus will 
instinctively perform a belly-bump that will launch you across the room, and 
then resume pummeling you with fireballs. During the first encounter, YOU'RE 
GIVEN COVER FOR A DAMN GOOD REASON- USE IT!!!! There is a slight delay between 
when a mancubus sees you and when it starts launching fireballs at you; use 
this delay to repeatedly strafe-blast the fat bastard and send it back from 
whence it came. Four-five rockets will kill one, And with chaingun/plasma rifle 
fully reloaded, unloading a CONSTANT STREAM OF AMMO until you ABSOLUTELY have 
to reload will usually kill it. Just keep in mind that it will be doing the 
same with it's fireballs. You can expect mancubi when you hear a sound like a 
giant 'bullfrog'. 
You'll encounter the three in the Recycling 2 Sector, and then a LOT more in 

P. Arch-Vile
Damage Resistance: Medium
Attack Damage: Medium to Very High

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
In Doom 2, the Arch-Vile had the unpleasant ability to resurrect dead demons 
and sick them against you. Ah, how I miss those days. No longer is the 
Arch-Vile's number of minions limited to the amount of corpses on the 
battlefield (especially since demons in Doom 3 don't LEAVE any corpses), as it 
now simply teleports in the demon of it's choice to assist it. Imps, maggots 
and wraiths are it's minions of choice during the first few encounters, but 
later on it will take to summoning revenants, mancubi, even hellknights. Which 
should on it's own give you more than enough incentive to kill it quickly. But 
wait, there's more! Not only that, but the Arch-Vile (which looks like a pale, 
spindly sort of demon, by the way), can also launch an EXTREMELY potent stream 
of flame at you, that travels along the ground, and is not affected by height 
(it climbs walls). It also has a very painful slashing attack up close, and 
it sometimes seems like it even has teleportation [it doesn't, for the record, 
but it has a tendency to pop back up in places you're not entirely sure how it 
got to...]. The best course of action is to ignore the minions (it will always
manage to pump out at least one...) and head straight for the summoner itself. 
Rockets, plasma and chain bullets are very effective against it, use the BFG if 
you've got it (especially later in the game, when it starts pumping out 
hellknights- LOTS of hellknights), or the soulcube if it's ready. But the best 
way I've found to deal with Arch-Viles is to know when it's coming, get right 
up next to where it's teleporting in, and start chainsawing immediately. 
Arch-Viles fall FAST to the chainsaw, especially since the first thing any 
arch-vile will do is immediately attempt to summon a minion, during which it 
has to hold a pose for a second or two (the bigger the minion, the longer it 
has to hold the pose) and is completely vulnerable while doing so. This also 
manages to kill it before it can summon any of the larger enemies, but it will 
always manage to squeeze in a last-second imp or maggot. (It may seem cheap to 
some people, but if you take a lot of damage from an arch-vile, or encounter a 
particularly difficult one, memorize your position and load from your most 
recent saved game, then unleash the chainsaw on it when it teleports in for the 
second encounter)
Arch-Viles make their prescence known from Delta Labs and up. 

Q. Hellknight
Damage Resistance: High
Attack Damage: High

Although technically the Knight of hell was far less powerful than the Baron of 
hell in the previous Doom games, I guess id had to pick a name and run with it 
for this rendition, and Hellknight seems more fitting than Hellbaron. The 
Hellknight, as it's name implies, runs rampant in hell, and in many places 
adjecent to said locale. For all intents and purposes, a hellknight is a 
HUUUUUUGE imp, with attack and defense many times more powerful. The number one 
course of action against a hellknight is to hit it with a fully charged BFG 
blast, but in hell you won't have that particular option at the start. It's 
large blue fireballs should be avoided at all costs (they have a MUCH larger 
blast radius than imp fireballs), as should it's heavy swipe attack. Luckily, 
unlike imps, it cannot scale walls or lunge at you, but should still be avoided 
just the same. If you don't have the BFG or Soulcube currently at your 
disposal, either the chaingun or the plasma rifle will get the job done, all 
the better if you manage to avoid getting mauled while using them. Only use the 
pistol or chainsaw if you have an intense desire to DIE, and only use the 
shotgun or machine gun if you have nothing better on you. In any case, aim 
high. Unless you're skilled at the game or else extremely lucky, you WILL take 
some damage against a hellknight. 
You'll encounter two immediately before you journey to hell. Once you go 
through the teleporter, watch your back. You can't POSSIBLY mistake a 
hellknight for anything else. Believe me, you'll know one when you see it.


Section 2: Bosses

A. Vagary
Damage Resistance: Medium-High
Attack Damage: Medium

A lesser reincarnation of the Spider Mastermind from the original Dooms, sans 
it's trademark super-chaingun. The first boss that you encounter, Vagary is 
basically a larger, more powerful trite. She has a lunge attack, with which she 
slashes you with her sharp claws, and she also has psychokinesis, which she 
uses to barrage you with spiky cocoons scattered all over the battlefield. In 
fact, those cocoons are a sure sign that a vagary is around (yes, there's more 
than one),so if you see them, be ready for battle. During the boss battle, 
unload the machine gun (or chaingun, if you found it and have ammo) into her, 
keep your distance and try your best to avoid her psychokinetic attacks 
(they're kind of hard to predict) and soon enough she'll be dead. When you 
encounter her later you'll have less difficulty, as you'll have more powerful 
weapons. Just hit her with the soulcube (use the trites that accompany her to 
charge it up if need be) or BFG, or Plasma rifle if you want to conserve ammo, 
and she's gone as fast as she arrived.
Vagary appears once as a boss in the Alpha Labs, and a few more appear in the 
Martian caverns.

B. Guardian
Damage Resistance: Medium-High
Attack Damage: Medium-High to High

The Guardian is the massive Dragon-like creature deep in the inner depths of 
hell. It attacks both with a wide spread of fireballs, and a vicious mauling 
attack if it gets close enough. Unfortunately, it's thick hide is COMPLETELY 
impervious to all weaponry, so a full frontal assault is totally out of the 
question. No, the key to destroying the Guardian it it's minions, the Seekers, 
which it releases to assist in tracking you during the battle. In fact, the 
soulcube itself makes it a point to tell you this during the battle, in case 
you don't figure it out. 
 The Seekers themselves (which look like smaller versions of the final boss in 
Half-Life, for those of you who played it) do not attack you at all, they 
simply float around, tracking you with their spotlights so the Guardian can 
find you. They have medium damage resistance, and float pretty quickly, so 
start taking them out with the chaingun or machinegun as soon as you see them 
(if you have good aim you can use the plasma gun or rocket launcher, but 
they're not recommended as their projectiles travel slower than bullets and 
have a greater potential to miss) while keeping your distance from the guardian
itself and dodging it's attacks. 
 Once you've killed them (I think there's about 5) the guardian will stop to 
generate more, and that's your cue to attack. While generating seekers, the 
Guardian will have a glowing energy ball above it, that you should immediately 
target with your most powerful weapons. Use rockets or BFG (if you have any 
ammo left), or plasma as a last resort. Should you run low on ammo, there is 
ammunition for various weaponry scattered about the battlefield, mostly 
concentrated around the four big rock-obstacle things. You will need to repeat
the process a few times before you win this battle- just avoid the Guardian, 
destroy the seekers, shoot the glowing sphere, rinse and repeat as necessary.

C. Sabaoth
Damage Resistance: High
Attack Damage: High to YOU'VE GOT TO BE F*****G JOKING.

Sabaoth, a.k.a. the Sarge-tank, will confront you at the end of the CPU 
complex. It's a large, mutated Sergeant Kelly, with a battletank as the lower 
half of his body. The battlefield is one large platform surrounded by a 
bottomless pit, and four large pillars in the corners that occasionally open up 
and radiate electricity that will hurt A LOT if you get too close. Sarge 
travels in a figure eight around this platform and tries to run you over, 
swatting at you with his cybernetic arm should you get too close. 
 Sounds pretty tough, right?? You haven't heard the worst part yet. HE'S 
And he makes it a point to let you know throughout the battle that he has it, 
by charging and firing it at you every five seconds. EVERY FIVE SECONDS. And 
keep in mind folks, this is INDEED a BFG. If you are caught in a blast, YOU 
WILL DIE. As is the true nature of the BFG. However, if you were a good little 
Doom 3 player and actually bothered to pick up and pay attention to the video 
disks lying around the base, you would have learned that the BFG can be 
defeated by destroying it's projectiles before they hit. 
 All in all, this leads to a very intense battle. You have to not only dodge 
Sabaoth himself, as well as keeping away from the electric pillars, you also 
have to shoot down the BFG blasts before they turn you into so much radioactive
pudding. Just keep moving, and watch for the doors along the sides of the arena
to open- they hold health and armor, which you WILL need, as even though you're
destroying the BFG shots before they explode, the sheer power from them 
irradiates the entire arena, causing you to gradually lose health until the 
projectile is destroyed. Just make sure to KEEP MOVING. You are allowed to also
DODGE the BFG shots, not just destroy them. Plasma is a good weapon choice 
here, as it not only inflicts decent damage on Sarge, but it takes out BFG 
shots as well. Rockets can be useful as well, as their splash damage can take 
out freshly fired BFG shots if timed right. And if you happen to have your 
soulcube fully charged, not only will it completely refill your health, it'll 
effectively HALVE his.[?] All in all, just lay a thick layer of rockets and/or 
plasma on Sarge, and he'll stop moving sooner or later. Then you can help 
yourself to his weapon. Believe me, you've EARNED it. 

Damage Resistance: Very High
Attack Damage: High to INSANELY High

FACE IT. You knew you were going to have to encounter one eventually. No 
self-respecting Doom sequel would be complete without the legendary Cyberdemon.
As a being capable of causing even veteran Doom players to spontaneously wet 
themselves upon hearing the monstrous sound of it spotting them, it is only 
fitting that this diabolical mass of machinery be the final boss you encounter 
in id's latest programming masterpiece. True to it's predecessors, this 
incarnation of the cyberdemon is LUDICROUSLY huge, and still retains it's 
horrifyingly massive rocket launcher, which it will fire at you intermittently 
for the duration of the battle. It also has a nasty habit of STEPPING on you if
you're close-by, which will kill you- almost. It will merely have to step on 
you a second time to finish the job. Try not to give it that opportunity. Also, 
in the exact center ot the arena is the hellhole, the very portal you have come 
to destroy. Imps, maggots, and wraiths will be climbing out of this hole to 
attack you, in an effort to assist their cybernetic comrade. 
That's right, boys and girls. Come on now, think about it. When you got the 
cube from the guardian, it happened to mention; "we are the key to defeating 
hell's mightiest warrior." One would think it was MAYBE talking about the giant
cyborg barreling down on your ass as we speak. 
 The hordes of monsters should be plenty to charge it up, and once it is, fire 
it in the general direction of ol' big C, then proceed to run like hell (no pun
intended) and repeat the process, being careful not to fall either into the 
hellhole itself, or off of the outer edge of the arena. If you need health, 
there's a little near where you came in, but not much.[?] All the health you 
really need will be provided from the cyberdemon itself, as you gradually ROB 
him of it. Eventually, the Cyber will topple, and you will have completed the 
game. Just sit back and watch the ending cinema, and wonder about how the hell 
you're going to get through the game on the next higher difficulty level...


Section 3: Weapon/Demon Chart
This chart indicates the effectiveness of each weapon on the various creatures 
you encounter. Bosses are not listed, as the best weapons to use on them are 
usually the most powerful ones you have.

  Lost Souls- excellent
  Normal Zombies- average
  Anything else- extremely poor

  Zombies(all but commandos)- above average
  Trites/Ticks- pretty good
  Imps/Wraiths- below average
  Lost Souls- very good
  Cherubs/Maggots- average
  Anything else- very poor

Shotgun: (close range)
  Normal Zombies- excellent
  All Other Zombies- very good
  Imps/Wraiths/Maggots- very good
  Lost Souls/Ticks/Trites- excellent
  Cacodemons/Cherubs- above average
  Revenants- average
  Pinkies- good 
  Mancubi/Arch-Viles/Hellknights- bad

Shotgun: (medium to long range)
  All zombies- decent
  Imps/Maggots/Wraiths- good
  Ticks/Trites- very good
  Cherubs/Pinkies/Lost Souls- average
  Revenants/Cacodemons- average
  Mancubi/Arch-viles- below average
  Hellknights- poor

Machine Gun:
  Zombies(all but Commandos)- very good
  Commandos- decent
  Imps/Maggots/Wraiths- pretty good
  Trites/Ticks- excellent
  Cherubs/Lost Souls- above average
  Pinkies/Cacodemons/Revenants/Arch-Viles- average
  Mancubi/Hellknights- below average

  All Zombies- very good
  Imps/Maggots/Wraiths/Cacodemons/Revenants-pretty good
  Lost Souls/Trites/Ticks/Cherubs- excellent
  Pinkies/Arch-Viles- decent
  Mancubi/Hellknights- average

  Revenants/Pinkies/Arch-Viles- above average
  Cacodemons- pretty good (if you can hit them.)
  Mancubi/Hellknights- average
  Anything else- excellent

Plasma Rifle:
  All Zombies/Imps/Maggots/Wraiths/Arch-Viles- above average
  Cacodemons/Pinkies/Revenants- very good
  Ticks/Trites/Lost Souls/Cherubs- pretty good
  Mancubi/Hellknights- average

Rocket Launcher:
  Commandos/Revenants/Arch-Viles- pretty good
  Mancubi/Cacodemons/Pinkies- above average
  Hellknights- average
  Anything else- excellent

  Normal Zombies/Cacodemons/Maggots/Arch-Viles- excellent
  Imps/Wraiths/Revenants/Marine Zombies/Commandos- pretty good
  Ticks/Trites/Lost Souls/Cherubs- above average
  Hellknights- average
  Pinkies/Mancubi- below average

BFG [Big F*****g Gun]:
  Like you really need an explanation. Simply point at whatever you want to 
die, and pull the trigger. Pinkies and larger will require the gun to be 
charged up for better efficiency (just remember not to charge too long...).

Soul Cube:
  Anything- Immediate and complete death (except for bosses). If you haven't 
already figured this out on your own, you're playing the wrong game.


Section 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I kill [insert monster here]???

A: Refer to the section of this guide on that particular monster. I made sure 
  not to omit any details, and to list what, in my opinion, is the best way to 
  kill any demon in the game.

Q: I don't like the way you recommended to kill [insert monster here]. My way  
  works much better.

A: That's not a question. But none-the-less, the methods I've listed are NOT   
  the definitive way to defeat any monster. As I stated above, all the  
  methods are based on my own personal opinion and expertise, which may or may 
  not match that of anyone else. Everyone has their own playing style, and may 
  find some methods easier than others. It's your game, play it however the
  heck you want.

Q: I was in a battle, and I saw two monsters beating the crap out of each
  other. What the heck was going on!?!?!?

A: Those familiar to the Doom series will recognize the Retaliation system.
  That is, if a demon is injured by a demon of another type, the injured one
  will completely ignore you, and instead retaliate against the demon who hurt
  it. Unlike in the previous games, however; in Doom 3, only high-level 
  monsters will retaliate, and only against lower-level monsters. So you'll 
  never see two imps duking it out, or a pinky attacking a hellknight, but you 
  will see revenants blowing imps and pinkies to smithereens, and you'll never 
  see anything more glorious than an arch-vile slaughtering it's own minions...
  So if you encounter a situation with one big enemy and a bunch of smaller 
  enemies, the best place to hide is behind the big enemy. And no, this won't 
  work with the Cyberdemon.

Q: What weapons work best against what monsters??

A: Refer back to the weapon/monster chart to help you figure it out. Keep in
  mind you don't HAVE to use the exact weapons listed if you prefer to use
  something else. All weapons will kill all non-boss monsters in the game, some
  just take more effort than others.

Q: You forgot this....

A: I very much doubt that. But if you sincerely believe that you have a detail
  or piece of information that I neglected to include somehow, feel free to
  let me know. My email is []. If it IS something relevant
  that I somehow missed, I'll by all means add it to this guide (if it's an 
  alternate strategy against a monster or boss I'll need to test it out for 
  confirmation first..).

Q: How do I get through [insert level here]??

A: Ask someone else. The actual levels are pretty straight-forward, so you
  really shouldn't need any assistance. I, for one, did not find it necessary
  to pay all that much attention to the actual levels themselves- I'm the
  type of player that tends to press the quicksave button a lot more than would
  seem necessary...

Q: What about BERSERK!?!?!?

A: What about it? It's not a monster, and it's not a weapon. You only encounter
  a total of three different enemies when you actually get ahold of the thing 
  during the game, so it's not really worth mentioning (although it is pretty
  cool to use).

Q: What's the cheat code for [insert cheat here]???

A: I don't know. While I am AWARE of the 'console' system in Doom3, and God
  mode and such, I don't quite know enough in that general area to be much
  help. Try checking one of the other guides.

Q: I have a glitch in my Doom 3 program. How do I fix it??

A: I have no idea. I make no claim to be any sort of computer technician, so
  you'd pretty much be asking the wrong guy.

Q: You type lots of big funny words. Are you some kind of English teacher or

A: No, not since the last time I checked. I have no idea why my typing 
  seems to have such proper vocabulary and such. I don't talk or act even
  REMOTELY the way I type. If you don't like it, nobody's FORCING you to read
  this guide.

Q: Why is the sky blue?

A: That's it, no more questions.

And please, I do not look kindly upon smart-ass questions or remarks.

I hope you found this guide to be helpful, or at least enjoyed it, given the 
amount of time and effort I put into it. If you have any problems, questions,
feedback, etc., drop me a line. My email address is listed up at the top of 
this guide. Thanks.

                         Copyright (c)  Lt. Splurge  2004