• Additional Playermodels for Psi-Ops

    Move your cursor down to Extra Content and press the R Trigger.
    These Playermodels are then available when you start a new game or an Extra Mission.

    Crispy Soldier454566
    Edgar Barret497878
    Edgar Barret (Training 1)196001
    Edgar Barret (Training 2)196002
    Edgar Barret (Training 3)196003
    Edgar Barret (Training 4)196004
    Edgar Barret (Training 5)196005
    Edgar Barret (Training 6)196006
    Jov Leonov468987
    Kimiko Jones978798
    Marlena Kessler489788
    Marlena Kessler (Bikini)135454
    Marlena Kessler (Leather)136876
    Marlena Kessler (Saranae)65496873
    Nick Scryer (Stealth)456498
    Nick Scryer (Training)564689
    Nick Scryer (Urban)484646
    Nick Scryer (Wasteland)975466
    Sara Blake135488
    Sara Blake (Psi)468799
    Sara Blake (Suicide)231644
    The General (Clown)431644
    The General (Default)459797
    UN Soldier365498
    Wei Lu231324
    Wei Lu (Dragon)978789
    Wei Lu (Tranquility)654654

    Contributed By: Ize.

  • Extra Missions for Psi-Ops

    Move your cursor down to Extra Content and press the R Trigger.
    These missions are then available under Extra Content

    Aura Pool659785
    Bottomless Pit154897
    Bouncy, Bouncy568789
    Floor of Death05120926
    Panic Room76635766
    Psi Pool565485
    Tip the Idol428584
    TK Alley090702
    Up and Over020615

    Contributed By: Ize.

  • Extra Play Modes for Psi-Ops

    Move your selection down to Extra Content and press the R Trigger
    These new modes are available from the Extra Content Menu.
    Survival from the Extra Missions Menu.

    Arcade Mode05051979
    Cooperative Play Mode07041979
    Dark Mode465486

    Contributed By: Ize.

  • Misc. Passwords

    At the main menu screen highlight "Extra Content" and press R. This will bring up a Password Entry screen.

    Activate Skinselection6016
    Bullet Resistant548975
    No Head Cheat987978
    Super Psi456456
    Unlimited Ammo978945
    Unlock all Psi Powers537893
    Unlock Barret Training196006

    Contributed By: Heboy007, Ize, and Similac.


  • Always Full Mind Drain

    To do the full pop mind drain to an aware enemy, use TK to slam them into an object. The second they start to get back up, begin mind drain. The game will register it as unaware and will give you the full drain amount and the head pop.

    Contributed By: Nekogami.


  • Extra Missions: Gnome Locations

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aura Pool: The gnome in level 8It's behind a boulder just before you enter the alien gateway (long green & black catwalk before the elevator to the final battle).
    Bottomless Pit: First gnome in level 4After destroying the four "chompers" in the room with the dock worker cutscene, the gnome is inside a secret passage connecting the pair on the right.
    Bouncy, Bouncy: Second gnome in Level 2It's in a niche between the two static filled jumbotrons at the very end of the level. Walk up the broken floor that forms a slant and TK the gnome.
    Floor of Death: First gnome in level 5Destroy a vent at the marble atrium in the hall leading to the illusion chamber control room. Enter the shaft and turn right twice to find the gnome.
    Gasoline: First gnome in level 6After the fusion reactor is deactivated, walk through the door and climb down the ladder to find the gnome in the pool.
    Gearshift: First gnome in Level 3It's on the roof of the shipyard entrance near the guard post where you obtain MC. Stack up boxes to reach the rooftop, turn around, and TK the gnome.
    GnomotronCollect all thirteen main mission gnomes (and save your game each time).
    Panic Room: Second gnome in Level 3Inside the shipyard there's a hidden area enclosed by the large shipping crates. Face the office, it's to the left of guard tower with the crane lift.
    Psi Pool: Second gnome in level 6Destroy the triple turrets to the right of the entrance to Marlena's chamber. The gnome is in the back left corner of the adjacent computer room.
    Stoplights: The gnome in level 7Kill the snipers at the spawn then make a staircase of boxes. The gnome is on the facade's third story left (search with the sniper scope then TK it).
    Survival: Second gnome in level 5Start walking forward when the graveyard battle begins. You'll see the gnome behind a tree in the far corner (near a medical kit).
    Tip the Idol: The gnome in Level 1Hop over the fence in the hallway just before the turret/elevator and TK the gnome to you (it can be seen through a floor vent).
    TK Alley: First gnome in Level 2TK surf into the second story of the cryo lab once the countdown begins. The gnome is behind the wall where Leonov stood.
    Up & Over: Second gnome in level 4In the conveyor belt room, there is a pair of ladders in the far right corner. Hop off the conveyor belt to scale the fence. The ladder leads to it.

    Contributed By: Yars Revenge.

  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Barrett:Finish the game on elite
    Burnt Soldier:Finish the game on normal
    Dockworker:Finish the game on easy
    Dragon Wei Lu:Finish the game on hard
    General (clown):Collect all six orbs in the General Boss Battle
    General:Finish the game on elite
    Jov:Finish the game on elite
    Komiko:Finish the game on normal
    Labcoat:Finish the game on easy
    Marlena "Pyro" (leather):Finish the game on elite
    Marlena "Pyro":Finish the game on elite
    MP1:Finish the game on easy
    MP2:Finish the game on normal
    MP3:Finish the game on hard
    Sara (psi):Finish the game on hard
    Sara (suicide):Finish the game on hard
    Sara:Finish the game on normal
    Stealth Nick:Finish the game on elite
    Tonya:Finish the game on hard
    Training Nick:Finish the game on easy
    UN Soldier:Finish the game on easy
    Unlockable: All PowersComplete the game to unlock all powers.
    Unlockable: Arcade ModeComplete the game.
    Urban Nick:Finish the game on normal
    Wasteland Nick:Finish the game on hard
    Wei Lu:Finish the game on normal

    Contributed By: Avison.

Easter Eggs

  • suicide shot

    When you are mind controling a guard click and hold both joysticks and after a moment he will kneel and blow his own head off! CAUTION!!! This will take almost a full bar of psi. Everything but the pistol will decapitate him.

    Contributed By: zombiecyborg.


  • Pick off your pick up!

    In the bonus level TK Alley, which is in fact.. bowling, you may notice a brief message that you've picked up a sniper rifle. Surprise, you can snipe the pins! You only get five shots each game, but depending on your mad lane skillz you may find the extra precision useful for a high score. Zoom in and go for the "head shot" over the top of the ball, then just pitch the ball to continue. The rifle will even cut through both rows of pins to let you snipe a whole strike!

    Contributed By: Vaejas.

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