Question from Arnold90518_2

Lightsaber on/off?

Is it possible to turn off/on your lightsaber? I've read somewhere that it is impossible to do so in the Xbox version. Confirm please.


SWG_Playa answered:

Yes, it is possible. Using one of the hotkey buttons (X, White, Black; or if you are on the 360: X, RB, LB), you can activate and deactivate the blade. To do this, select your lightsaber as normal, then pick a hotkey you want to use and hold it down for around 3 seconds. You should get a beeping noise to confirm it worked. Now you can activate and deactivate your blade by pressing this button. Note: the hotkey only works if there isn't a weapon/force select menu onscreen when you press it.
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YellowSockGuy answered:

Just tap LB. Easiest way.
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