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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
Multiplayer & Storyline FAQ
Version 1.1
Copyright (c) 2003 Yeo Kian Bung

Dedicated to all Jedi who, like me, have put all their pride and dignity at
stake in Jedi Academy duels. May The Force Be With Y'all, Dudes!

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Name: Yeo Kian Bung
Net Alias: Grim Shadow
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By the way, for all of you who add me to your MSN list, please tell me that you
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Wohoo! First update complete. Added the Force section, hopefully it helps you
all in your sabering! Now I'm completely addicted to Ragnarok Online, and I'm
also having my exams this week, so I guess there won't be any more updates to
this FAQ unless something really really cool comes up. But we'll see. Clouded
the future is...

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-[ Contents ]-

Section 01 - Intrduction
     01.01 - Version History
     01.02 - FAQ Usage Guide
     01.03 - Game Review
Section 02 - Unlearn What You Have Learnt
     02.01 - Jedi Name
     02.02 - Jedi Code of Honour
     02.03 - Residual Self Image
     02.04 - Your Weapon?
Section 03 - The Jedi Holocron
     03.01 - Jedi Battle Meditation
     03.02 - Basic Combat Training
     03.03 - Use The Force
     03.04 - Advanced Combat Techniques
     03.05 - Mind Over Matter
Section 04 - The Databank
     04.01 - Character Bios
     04.02 - Locations
     04.03 - Technology
     04.04 - The Force
Section 05 - Closing Words
     05.01 - Credits
     05.02 - Contributors

-[ Section 01 | Introduction ]-

Ahh... Star Wars. The epic trilogy decades ago came back to take the world once
again. Unfortunately, this time round, even with nice computer animation and
much bigger budget, Episode 1 and 2 are still not as entertaining as the good
old classics.

Fortunately, Lucas Arts got the message. They thought of making a game based on
the old Star Wars universe... And so Jedi Outcast came... And it totally dive
bombed. The missions were sadistically hard, and worst of all, we did not start
the game with a lightsaber, an immediate turn-off for most players including
myself. Luckily the multiplayer mode survived the horrible fate, and many
players spent countless hours whacking each other with a non-existent laser

Lucas Arts could sense the disturbance in The Force, and commited themselves to
brining balance to The Force once again. They could feel the players' anger and
frustrations scarring The Force, and thus they made Jedi Academy. This time, it
was an instant classic. Everything a Star Wars fan wanted and more was there,
from character and lightsaber customisation, to a not as sadistically difficult
gameplay experience and less stupid jumping puzzles. Best of all, you start
with a lightsaber!!! ^_^

So to whoever is reading this and hasn't got the game yet, go get it now! Go go
go... Stop reading and come back after you get it! It doesn't matter if you
buy it with your money or swipe it off the store shelves... or Jedi Mind Trick
the shopkeeper into giving it to you for free. :P

-[ 01.01 | Version History ]-

18 October 2003 - Version 1.1
Added Force section. Added to Kyle Katarn's background.

23 September 2003 - Version 1
Started making the FAQ.

-[ 01.02 | FAQ Usage Guide ]-

This FAQ is specially made for those with the intention of learning, not those
with the intention of *copying*. Not in the plagarism sense I might add.

What I meant was that this FAQ emphasises gameplay strategy and tactics, and
ways to improve your current skill, with a storyline tidbit every now and then.
I do not intend to make a walkthrough, nor will I ever feel inspired or
compelled to make one. There are so many great walkthroughs out there, just do
a search on the web (or go to GameFAQs) and you'll see what I mean.

I made this strategy guide to specially help those who are getting their butts
kicked by the so called 1337 people, so they could Force-whoop their asses in

So please. I humbly request that you do not email me about walkthroughs and
stuff like that. Write walkthroughs I never will.

As for the rest of you who are planning to unlearn what you have learnt...

May The Force Be With You... I hope.

-[ 01.03 | Game Review ]-

GRAPHICS - 8 / 10
The graphics of this game is not going to win any awards for ultra-realism or
anything like that, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's environment graphics
are clean and nicely textured, without any blocky or low-resolution chunks on
the walls and stuff. The characters are nicely textured and animated, producing
beautiful and realistic movements, though there are some really rare cases
where some things get messed up, like the wall run, where the character gets
caught on the wall and the saber staff sometimes going through the character's
body without hurting him/her. The new force push/pull ripple effect is really
nice, adding a 'cool' feeling to it. The rest are practically the same as Jedi
Outcast, so there isn't really much to hope for. All in all, the graphics team
did a really good job, though they could have done much better.

SOUND - 7 / 10
Ah, the sound of lightsabers humming and clashing and deflecting blaster bolts.
This is more than enough to make any Star Wars fan drool. The sound effects of
this game is nicely done, from the humming and zapping of the lightsabers to
the beeping and explosion of the thermal detonators, though I must admit, the
explosions weren't loud enough for my personal liking. This would have easily
netted it an 8, if it wasn't for one very bad thing: Repetition. Sure, the
voice acting might be nice and all, but it is just plain annoying to hear the
enemies say the same things over and over again.

CONTROL - 8 / 10
The controls are fluid and responsive, and the force powers can each be
assigned its own hotkey, thus minimising time taken to use force powers in
some tight situations. Unfortunately, the default key mapping is plain stupid.
Who uses the function keys (F1 to F12) when there are so many keys around the
WSAD that are left unmapped? This is just plain annoying since most people have
to remap the keys to more accessible places in LAN centres.

GAMEPLAY - 9 / 10
Lucas Arts listened to its fans and did a wise thing: They made the lightsaber
available in the very first level of the game, which negates the frustrations
that players of Jedi Outcast had to endure. The level design is superb, varying
from exotic locations like Hoth and Yavin 4 to Coruscant and Tatooine. The game
itself is challenging, but not sadistically difficult as in Jedi Outcast. There
are still some minor frustrations in some hopping puzzles, but with lightsaber
wielding mayhem taking most of the game time, this game is definitely fun to
play for novices and veterans alike.

STORY - 6 / 10
Nothing spectacular, just the plain old vanilla "bad guy threatens galaxy, stop
bad guy and save the galaxy" routine. Still, the storyline is solid and easy to
follow, plus it also features some familiar faces like Luke, Chewbacca, Boba
Fett and a few others.

This is where the game really shines. Featuring 6 multiplayer modes and quite a
lot of maps to go with them, this game ensures hours and hours of lightsaber
wielding fun and gives you a chance to relive the Attack of The Clones Jedi vs.
blaster wielding troops scene. The all new Power Duel mode will also probably
inspire lots of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul scenarios. Unfortunately,
this game lacks the skins and models of some other notable Jedi like Yoda,
Obi Wan, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and lots of others. I guess Lucas Arts was a
bit lazy and decided to leave this to the modding community.

OVERALL - 8 / 10
Jedi Academy is an excellent game that is worth buying for all gamers alike and
is a definite must buy for all Star Wars fans. Featuring great graphics and
sound, this game is certainly better than its predecessor Jedi Outcast. While
the story might be a little unoriginal and boring, the excellent gameplay more
than makes up for this insignificant flaw. The game is worth buying for the
multiplayer mode itself, considering you have broadband at least.

- It's Star Wars
- Lightsaber in first mission
- Character customisation
- Lightsaber customisation

- No Yoda skin in multiplayer!!?
- Annoying default key map
- A little repetitive towards the end
- Too short

-[ Section 02 | Unlearn What You Have Learnt ]-

This is basically the 'Getting Started' section, but as readers of my previous
Enter the Matrix FAQ should know, I am fond of making up new names for old
boring titles. Thus the name of this section.

- Databank Tidbit -
"Unlearn what you have learnt" was said by Yoda to Luke Skywalker in Episode 5
to remind him that The Force is boundless and that he should 'unlearn' the ways
he saw things work and 'learn' that nothing is impossible.
- End of Tidbit -

-[ 02.01 | Jedi Name ]-

First things first. Before you embark upon your quest for ultimate fragging,
you should get yourself a name. When I say name, I don't mean stupid, childish
names like: |^@m_G0nn4_K|cK_Ur_@$$ or 1337_J3d1 or stuff like that.

Get yourself a proper name that blends into the Star Wars universe or at least
something Jedi-ish. Here's a few tips on how:

~ 01 | Based on a Character ~

Find a Star Wars character you really like. Then mold your Jedi name onto his
or hers. For example, I have made my name 'Master Yeoda' based on (duh) Yoda
himself. Try to find some name that has some similarity to yours and mix them
into a unique name, or if you're more fond of humour, try making funny names
based on Star Wars characters, like 'Fluke Skywalker' and stuff like that.

~ 02 | Reversal ~

Reverse your name. Sometimes reversed names really sound Jedi-ish if you're
really lucky. For example, 'John Connor' should become 'Ronnoc N'hoj'. Not bad,

~ 03 | Semi-Reversal ~

Something like reversal, except you only reverse the letters in the individual
words. The words still stay in their original order. For example, 'Elaine
Marley' should sound like 'Eniale Yelram'.

- Databank Tidbit -
Elaine Marley is the wife of Guybrush Threepwood in the Monkey Island series.
What has this got to do with Star Wars, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Just
thought you might be interested.
- End of Tidbit -

~ 04 | From Scratch ~

This is the brain busting one. Think of a *TOTALLY* original name for your
character. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. I have no comments on this one. I just
use 'Grim Shadow' for my _original_ name.

There you have it. I must warn you though, try not to use names of famous Jedi
like Luke or Yoda. At least try to deform them a little. Make sure your name
has a personalised touch to it, and don't keep changing it every few hours. And
most importantly, no 1337. The occasional [A|R] or _{X}_ clan name is okay for
most people, but try not to go overboard.

-[ 02.02 | Jedi Code of Honour ]-

Here's the original code of the Jedi:

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.
A Jedi does not act for personal power or wealth but seeks knowledge and
enlightenment. A true Jedi never acts from hatred, anger, fear or aggression
but instead acts when calm and at peace with the Force.
(Exerpted from 'A Guide to the Star Wars Universe' by Bill Slavicsek)

Here's my code of the Jedi to more reflect on our multiplay situation:

There is no cowardice; there is stealth.
There is no cheating; there is exploitation.
There is no luck; there is skill.
There is no server restriction; there is the Force.
A Jedi does not meddle in others' duels but seeks the opportunity to snipe or
bomb them from afar. A Jedi never plays with hatred, anger, fear or aggression
but instead remains calm and unfazed throughout the match to frustrate and
anger an opponent to blind their judgement. A true Jedi does not pick on one
new to the game, but rather, takes advantage of the situation when a more
skilled opponent targets the newcomer.

Whoa. Such a long and confusing code of honour. Allow me to elaborate:

~ 1. There is no cowardice; there is stealth. ~
Running is not cowardly. Ignore the taunts of those lesser humans as you turn
tail and run away when outsabered or outgunned. The game is about survival, not
pitting yourself against unfavourable odds. When the tables turn in favour,
turn with it. When the odds are against you, retreat to a favorable condition.
Similarly, I urge you to resist the temptation of taunting an opponent when he
or she runs away. If it really bothers you, then activate Force Speed and give

~ 2. There is no cheating; there is exploitation. ~
Do *NOT* cheat. Never cheat in a game. It just totally spoils it. When I say
cheat, I mean hacking tools and stuff like that. Even so, most people call
exploiting another's weakness or disadvantage in a situation as cheating. I say
it is not so. If it is something you can do in a game without changing anything
with a third party program, it is considered fair, no matter how badly it
cripples an opponent. Examples are like using Force Lightning and things like
that. If you don't like people throwing lightning at you, use Absorb.

~ 3. There is no luck; there is skill. ~
Never taunt an opponent of making a fluke when he frags you, in case he or she
makes you eat your words. Similarly, prove that you're not lucky, but rather
skillful to other players when they accuse you of making a fluke. Practice any
and every opportunity you get, and do not slack off. Learn from your mistakes,
and learn to exploit other people's mistakes.

~ 4. There is no server restriction; there is the Force. ~
If you're hosting a game, *NEVER* disable Force powers. Most players claim that
using Force powers are cheating, but the truth is, it is not. The Force is an
essential gameplay element in Jedi Academy that augments your abilities and
creates a more engaging multiplayer experience.

~ 5. Never meddle in others' duels but exploit the situation. ~
When you see two or more people randomly smacking each other with lightsabers,
do not charge into the fray. That's suicide. Instead, pull back to a safe
distance and chuck bombs and other assortments of goodies at them. Chances are,
those people are probably too busy whacking each other with laser swords to
notice that idiot throwing that thermal detonator until it is too late. In
times like these you have to throw honour into the wind. You're here to frag
others, not to be fragged by others.

~ 6. Remain calm and unfazed no matter how badly you're taunted. ~
Chances are when you get fragged, you'll get taunted. (especially when you have
rivals) Here's a tip, ignore them. You might not realise it, but you actually
annoy them more by not giving them acknowledgement and thus make them angry,
blowing their concentration. Likewise, do not taunt when you frag someone. You
will just lose concentration and the game.

~ 7. Bully not the newcomers, but use them to your advantage. ~
The newcomers are there for a reason: to be fragged. There's no changing that.
But why not gain an extra frag or two while in the process of slaying the poor
sap? Follow the newcomer around and take advantage when a situation as in code
number five pops up. Chances are, the whole server is probably hunting for the
poor guy. Remember, take out the more skilled players, then take out our poor
little newcomer.

Remember this code and commit it to heart. But remember, rules are there to be
broken, thus you should not hesitate to break the code when the situation calls
for it. No rule can justify the instinct for survival.

-[ 02.03 | Residual Self Image ]-

Now that you've gotten yourself a proper name and read the Jedi Multiplayer
Code of Honour, it's time to decide on what you'll look like in the virtual

As always, find something that matches your name and style of play. You could
either use one of the preconstructed models or customise it. Just try not to
use the more famous skins like Luke and Kyle and Desann. I'm sick of seeing
Luke fighting Luuke and Luuke 2 all the time. If possible, stick to a certain
skin. I'll help you build your identity throughout the gaming world. (Oh no!
It's that crazy lighsaber-wielding Wookie again!)

- Databank Tidbit -
Luuke Skywalker was a clone of the legendary Luke Skywalker, created from the
cells taken from the hand Luke lost in his lightsaber duel with Darth Vader.
The Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth (which was also a clone) ordered the creation of
Luuke from the Emperor's prized souvenir: sample B-2332-54 (Luke's hand). The
clone wields Luke's lightsaber which was lost along with his hand. Using that
lightsaber, Luuke nearly destroyed the real Skywalker during their duel on
Wayland. Luke Skywalker was saved by Mara Jade, which killed the clone during
the fray.
- End of Tidbit -

-[ 02.04 | Your Weapon? ]-

What was really meant by the title was 'Your Saber Type'. As you start your
game, you should bring along a lightsaber with you. There are three major types
of sabers, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses: The classical
single Lightsaber, the strong and stable Saber Staff, and the fast and agile
Dual Lightsabers.

~ Single Lightsaber ~
All right, lets face it. Probably nobody uses the single lightsaber. Why, you
might ask? Well (duh), it's so obvious. Why settle with one lightsaber when you
can wield two? True, but at least it has three stances, so you can switch the
speed and strength of your stance to exploit your opponent's. This is for the
truly brave, suicidal or really classic-minded people.

~ Saber Staff ~
My personal favourite. Backed with Force Speed, the slow wielder suddenly
becomes extremely fast and agile. Plus, you get an ability no other sabers get,
the kick. Very useful for knocking those people down and stabbing them to
death. For the people who like knocking people down and giving them a stab. ^_^

~ Dual Lightsabers ~
Very cool stance. You get two lightsabers like Anakin in Episode 2, and you're
extremely fast and agile. It's not strong enough for my liking though, so I
didn't really like it that much. This is for those who emphasise speed and
agility in their fights rather than strength.

Choose your weapon wisely, for it'll decide the outcome of your duels. As I
have said so many times already, try to stick to a particular type of saber
that matches your style of play and forge your identity.

-[ Section 03 | The Jedi Holocron ]-

The Jedi Holocron is a repository of Jedi knowledge and teaching, these
legendary artifacts are palm-sized glowing cubes of crystal that combined
primitive holographic technology with the Force to provide and interactive
learning device that could only be activated by a Jedi.

Similarly, this section teaches you of various techniques and strategies to
vastly improve your performance when playing in Jedi Academy multiplayer.

- Databank Tidbit -
As always, the Jedi Holocron has an evil counterpart: The Sith Holocron or
more commonly known as the Dark Holocron, which contains the history and
teachings of the Sith Dark Lords. Similar to the Jedi Holocron, the Sith
Holocron may only be accessed by the appropriate persons: a Dark Lord of the
- End of Tidbit -

-[ 03.01 | Jedi Battle Meditation ]-

Jedi Battle meditation is a powerful Jedi technique, used to influence the
outcome of a battle by visualizing the desired result.

To do so, one must only act when calm and at peace with the Force, and expel
all forms of anger and hate from his or her heart.

It has been proven that a human being can act more efficiently when under calm
and unworried circumstances, when he or she is able to think and reason with
uncanny speed and precision, rather than when the person is angry or frustrated
with his or her judgement blinded and becomes rather hesitant or hasty, making
him or her act without analyzing the situation properly.

So next time you play, try to choose a time when you feel relaxed. As you sit
down and start the game, allow the introduction video to run. Take this time to
close your eyes and take long and relaxed deep breaths. Visualize the battle
that will soon unfold in front of your eyes and see yourself effortlessly
striking down your opponents. This does not mean you worry about the battle to
come, you merely think about it and visualise your desired outcome.

When you play, you must always stay calm and be at peace with the Force. Do not
be influenced by outside sources, especially when you are playing in a LAN
centre. If you are struck down or taunted, do not respond with angry words or
violent actions, for this will blow your concentration. Instead, congratulate
and praise your opponent for a job well done. Such action is more likely to
provoke anger and frustration in an opponent than angry words, thereby
disrupting his or her concentration in the game.

-[ 03.02 | Basic Combat Training ]-

Alright, let's go back to the basics. I'm sure you know how the wield a
lightsaber, right? (well, duh) Unfortunately, there's much more to Jedi Academy
than just a bunch of humming laser swords. There is also the other weapons
which form most of the galaxy's arsenal: Guns and Bombs. So to survive a real
free for all massacre, you must master all the weapons in the game. But beofore
you touch any weapons, young padawan, allow me to teach you various movement

~ Movement Training ~

Before you even hope to battle, you must learn to enter and exit the combat
zone at will. It is useless to be undefeatable in combat if everyone snatches
your kills, nor is it useful if you end up in the middle of the crossfire of
a heated firefight, with laser bolts coming from all sides.

Unlike other FPS matches, bunny hopping is virtually useless in this game.
First of all, if you're trying to move faster with bunny hopping, Force Speed
is a much better tool. Second and worst thing of all, if you're happily bunny
hopping near a dangerous hole or chasm, you're bound to be Force Pushed to
your death.

But, this is not to say that jumping is useless. Force jumping is probably one
of the most useful moves in the entire game. First of all (and duh), this move
can be used to reach normally unreachable places. The thing is, most people
underestimate the height which one can reach using Force Jump. Then, if you're
running away from a powerful foe, and you get blocked by another group of
people duelling in a narrow corridor, you can Wall Run. This takes a little
practice, of course, but it works exceptionally well in most cases. Plus, it
looks really cool when done right.

Rolling is useful, but overrated. It can be used to dodge sabers and stuff like
that, but the problem is, after you roll, you *SLOW DOWN*. This is a bad thing,
especially if you're being chased by multiple assailants. On the other hand,
the 'Side-Flip Off Wall' is seriously underrated by most players. Did you know
that I use this most of the time in combat? Guess what, you can not only do
this move onto walls, but also other players! Plus, in most cases, you also
knock them down in the process. (yay)

~ Padawan Combat Techniques ~

If you're getting your arse kicked in Jedi Knight multiplayer, chances are, you
haven't fully developed your saber skills yet. The thing is, if you can't use
the lightsaber skillfully yet, don't. Never humiliate yourself in front of many
people. That's what the bots are for.

Instead, stick to the big guns and bombs. Look for people duking it out against
each other and blast away. Those poor saps are probably too busy with each
other to notice that idiot shooting at them. Throw in a few thermal detonators,
and you've got yourself a free kill or two.

A word of advice: *DON'T* use this technique too much. It's very annoying and
you could get kicked out of a server for that. But what the heck. Those people
are probably sore losers anyway, right?

~ Lightsaber Training ~

Load up a solo game, put the game mode to duel. Now, with only your lightsaber
and the Force, attempt to defeat your opponent fair and square. That's right,
no throwing people to death, no Force Lightning. I found the Yavin arena to fit
this purpose. It's just a pit with no pillars, death-holes or escape. Perfect.
If you're at home, the aim is to train, not to win. At first, controlling the
lightsaber might be awkward at first, but once you get used to it, you'll start
to feel the rythm.

Here's a tip: keep moving. Dance around your opponent, but try to keep your eye
on him or her. As long as you keep moving, they'll have a hard time hitting you
, unless he or she is able to anticipate your movements like I have partially

~ Sniper Training ~

Load up a free for all game. (at home, with bots) With help from Force Sense,
if you really need it, attempt to snipe as many enemies as you can with the
disruptor rifle. I found the Tatooine map particularly useful, with the sniper
nest included. (it's there above the ship outside, Force Jump up)

The rule of thumb in sniping is to aim to where your target is going instead of
where he or she is at the moment. Try to aim 1 or 2 steps in front of your
target. Unfortunately, I cannot give much advice in this field, since I rather
specialise in saber and Force use. I have seen though, in more advanced stages
of sniping, one could run around with the scope on all the time with the shot
charged up, ready to fire. You could attempt it if you want, but this is for
really, really advanced people. One last note: always try to charge up all the
way before shooting.

~ Automatic Weapon Training ~

This includes the Blaster Rifle and Heavy Repeater. Load up a free for all,
preferably in the Taspir map, where the Heavy Repeater is at the middle of the
landing pad. (or whatever you call it)

Here's one thing you should really know: fire in pulses. Contrary to its
classification, automatic weapons are most effective when fired in pulses of
three to five shots. Give it half a second to cool down, and repeat. One very
important thing, though. *Never* use guns when in a one on one situation with
a lightsaber wielder. Most likely, your intended victim will block 99.99% of
the shots and turn the tables completely and kill you with your own shots.

~ Heavy Artillery Training ~

Load up a free for all with bots (yet again). Try the Vjun Sentinel map, it has
plenty of heavy guns like DEMP2, Merr-Sonn (rocket launcher), and the Heavy
Repeater (in alternate fire mode).

Rule of thumb: Stay at least 4 to 5 lightsaber lenghts away from your intended
target (sorry, this is the best form of measurement I could find). Unless of
course, you intend to get caught in the blast zone. These weapons are best used
when people are too caught up with fighting each other to notice you blasting
their arses off.

~ Explosive Training ~

All explosives, save the Thermal Detonator requires some degree of patience and
cunning to use. The thermal detonator can be used in basically the same way as
the heavy artillery weapons. The other explosives are more likely to be used as
traps rather than in the heat of combat, though with sufficient training and
skill, it is highly possible and very probable.

Once again, a free for all is the best way to train with this. The Tatooine map
is probably best for this exercise, with narrow corridors and rather sneaky
'trap spots'. Here's one thing to try with the trip mine: try to plant it about
head height with the laser beam trigger (primary fire). Lure an opponent near
the trap, and then roll under the laser beams. The poor guy is probably too
focused on catching you and slicing your head off to notice those blue beams of
death that just cut through his neck. (ow)

You could also try chucking these bombs around the dance floor when people are
busy 'dancing' with their opponents to notice little packets of death scattered
all over the floor. Note: Try not to step on the bombs yourself. It's very
unhealthy and extremely embarrasing.

-[ 03.03 | Use The Force ]-

"The Force is my greatest ally, and a powerful ally it is."
- Master Yoda

How true. The Force, when used in the right situations, are devestating to an
opponent (or opponents). Imagine the situation: You see a powerful guy bunny
hopping towards you, and a great big chasm of death is right behind him. Hmm.
What do you do? Well duh. Give him a light push and he'll be sent flying to his
grisly demise. Best of all, you get credit for it.

What about this: You're fighting a guy with skills about equal to yours, and
you're both down to your last bits of health. What happens next? Well, it
depends on wether you or your opponent has faster reactions and taps the Force
Lightning key. The poor sap (hopefully it wasn't you) gets fried.

As I have described above, when the Force is used at key moments like these, it
is utterly devestating and seemingly omnipotent. But don't go too far, though.
If you're standing near a ledge of a cliff, and you Force Grip someone, you're
obviously asking for a little push. Similarly, don't bother using Jedi Mind
Trick on people who are not aware of your position anyway.

- Databank Tidbit -
To watch the power of the Force in action, watch Episode 5 (Empire Strikes Back
). There, Yoda demonstrates the power of the Force by lifting an X-Wing out of
a swamp marsh in Dagobah.
- End of Tidbit -

-[ 03.04 | Advanced Combat Techniques ]-

Located herein are really advanced techniques for those who feel they have the
skill to pull off. Some of these techniques are so difficult, even I haven't
mastered them yet, but I have witten them down for your viewing pleasure.

Once you get the hang of the game, you would soon 'feel' the game and its
players when you play. It will be little at first, with rather awkward moves
and not so reflexive moves. Then as you start to feel it more and more, your
senses will be more 'in-tune' with the Force, and you start acting instictively
without any hesitation.

~ Death Pit Offering ~

Best used in Vjun, though I belive it can be used in any 'death pits'. I
recommended the Vjun FFA (free for all) map because of its little hole in the
middle. What you do is simple. Face the small hole with the big hole on your
left or right. To do this you have to stand near the edge of the pit. Run up to
the little hole and let your character drop to his/her apparent death. *BUT*,
as your character touches the interior walls of the small hole, hold Jump. This
will execute the wall grab move and propel your character upwards back to

This move is quite challenging, and even I make a fluke with this move every
now and then, making my character's apparent death real.

~ Anticipation ~

As you mature in skill, you will start to be able to anticipate your opponent's
movements and position. What you do is, when you start getting the hang of the
game, you no longer have to face your opponent as you duel. In fact, I usually
face *away* from my opponents 60% of the time. As you probably know, your
character will swing the lightsaber in the direction you make him move if you
hold the Primary Fire button, regardless of where you're facing. Use this fact
to your advantage.

I usually start off by charging my opponent's side, instead of the usual direct
charge. As I close in on my opponent, I make my character swing to the other
side where I'm apparently charging, making a clean cut across my opponent. Then
since I've swung past my opponent and is probably standing somewhere behind
him/her, I'll just swing back toward's his/her direction. Guess what? Sabers
can't block backs. :P

~ Know Thy Enemy ~

If you play in a LAN centre, chances are you're playing against more or less
the same people. Learn their techniques, their style and most important of all,
their weaknesses. Know some guy who just can't help fumbling when looking for
the Force Push button? Take note of that and reserve the Force Grip + Force
Push technique on him/her. How about this guy who swears by his lightsaber and
vows never to use another weapon? He's obviously unskilled in other forms of
combat (like gunplay). Run away and take him out from afar. Make him fumble for
his blaster while you fry him with your disruptor. Easy as that.

These are a very few to start you off (coz I ain't got time to add more for the

-[ 03.05 | Mind Over Matter ]-

As with most other multiplayer games, Jedi Academy is more of a battle of wits
than a battle of brawn. You have to lie, cheat and decieve your opponents in
every lowdown way to mislead them and gain the upper hand. You also play with
your opponents' minds, provoking fear and anger into their hearts, leading them
to the dark side and disrupting their concentration. Most of all, you have to
visualise your opponents movements and position.

As I have emphasised in many previous chapters, you must remain calm and must
never be provoked to anger, lest you lose your concentration and your ability
to win. The logic is, the angrier you are, the more frustrated you'll be. As
your frustration grows, so does your haste and clumsiness, making you lose more
and more. This leads to more anger and frustration. The cycle never ends. Thus,
you have to learn to break free from these mortal chains of emotion and clear
your heart of all feelings.

Visualisation is also a very important skill, or rather talent. Some people are
better than others in their 'third eye', being able to see even when most other
people are clouded. No, I'm not talking about Force Sense here. Sure, it is
useful. But when you're ready, you won't need it. I have partly been able to
'see' people even after they use Jedi Mind Trick on me. The trick is, you learn
to know people's thoughts after a while of playing, and can quite accurately
anticipate and counter their actions. The thing is, some people are without
brains, thus it is more difficult to read their minds. (Like this stupid ugly
guy I know that keeps bothering me to play Counterstrike with him)

Look out for boastful and naive individuals when in the playing field. These
weak minds are the most easily corrupted. Most of them are just plain lousy and
unskilled and have just played the single player for half and hour or so, and
gets the impression that human players are like those dumb reborn and cultists.
Endlessly pick on them and defeat them (assuming that they really are lousy),
shattering their confidence and bruising their ego. Once the deed is done, they
will have no self respect for themselves and their performance will drop from
near nothing to totally nothing, leaving them as hollow vessels of their former
selves, and free kills for the veterans.

Most important of all, *NEVER* show off. Most people will ward off show offs as
unskilled fools. Instead, claim to be weaker than you really are, then amaze
them with your skill as you effortlessly strike them down. This will, instead
of making them look at you with hatred and annoyance, make them look at you
with admiration of your skill and 'humility'. :P

-[ Section 04 | The Databank ]-

This section focuses on the explaination of the background story of Star Wars
and anything related to it. After the mind wrecking session writing the section
above (section 3), this will be what Kyle calls a 'Blue Milk Run'. Heh.

-[ 04.01 | Character Bios ]-

The character biographies located herein are those of the legendary characters,
like Luke and Kyle, located in the game itself. I do not intend to include the
biographies of Jaden Korr or Rosh Penin, mainly because there is nothing out of
the ordinary about them, and they are just nobodies. :P

~ Luke Skywalker ~

Seen at: Most of the time during Academy briefings.

Ah, the legend himself. Luke started off in a moisture farm, where Obi-Wan
Kenobi had hidden Luke from Vader after birth. He was raised by Owen and Beru
Lars and became a T-16 skyhopper pilot with his good friends such as Biggs
Darklighter. He wanted to enter the Imperial Academy with Biggs, but Owen kept
asking him to stay "for just one more season".

When he was eighteen, his whole life made a flip when two droids, R2-D2 and
C-3PO arrived bearing a message from Princess Leia for Obi-Wan Kenobi. As Luke
brought the droids to Old Ben (Obi-Wan), he learned about the Force from Ben.
This was too much for Luke, and he was ready to abandon the old man and the
princess, until he returned home to find his aunt and uncle slaughtered by
Imperial stormtroopers. He vowed to become a Jedi Knight then.

With the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee, Luke, Obi-Wan, and the two
droids escaped from Tatooine and rescued Princess Leia from the Death Star.
Luke also ended the Battle of Yavin when he used the Force to guide his proton
torpedo, which struck a critical point of the Death Star and destroyed it.

Over the next three years, Luke became a prominent member of the Rebel Alliance
as the achieved the rank of commander and took charge of the X-Wing Rogue
Squadron. He also helped stave off and Imperial attack on Hoth long enough for
the base personnel to escape, using his ingenious plan of using the Snowspeeder
harpoons against the AT-AT's legs.

He then followed a vision of the late Obi-Wan Kenobi to the swamp planet
Dagobah, where he found the great old Master Yoda, who taught him much about
the Force. But his training was cut short as he sped off to help Leia and Han
at the Cloud City of Bespin. There, he lost his hand, his lightsaber and his
innocence, when Vader revealed that he was Luke's father. Luke barely survived
this ordeal, saved by Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian.

After that, he was fitted with a prosthetic hand, like his father in Episode 2.
He went to Tatooine to rescue Han Solo, who was frozen in carbonite and sold to
Jabba the Hutt by the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett. Luke was forced to
destroy Jabba and his entire crime operation. He then returned to Dagobah to
complete his training, only to find a dying Yoda, who told him that Vader's
words are true. He was also told that Leia was his twin sister by Obi-Wan's
spirit form.

Luke survived the Battle of Endor, at the same time freeing his father from the
corruption of the Dark Side, who sacrificed his own life to save Luke's. Both
Vader and the Emperor died aboard the second Death Star.

Luke Skywalker played a major role in forging the New Republic and the Rebel
Alliance. Luke also convinced Mara Jade to join the New Republic and allow him
to help her learn to use her Force abilities.

Luke delved into the deepest and darkest secrets of the Dark Side as the
reborn Emperor's protégé. In the end, Luke was forced to duel the cloned
Emperor, filled with the undying evil of the ancient Palpatine. With the help
of Leia, Luke destroyed the clone.

Luke then founded the Jedi academy in the Great Temple of the Massassi on Yavin
4 to train those he found strong in the Force. This led to a confrontation with
the spirit of an ancient Dark Lord of the Sith, Exar Kun, who killed one
trainee and corrupted another before he was defeated by the combined powers of
Luke's students. Luke had dedicated himself toe the ideals of the New Republic
and the rebirth of the Jedi Knights.

After Luke married Mara Jade, they planned to slowly turn the Jedi academy into
a pre-Jedi school, from which students would graduate to train in personal one
on one relationships with more experienced Jedi.

Six years later, Luke considered reestablishin the Jedi Council to help him
collect the scattering Jedi Knights and coordinate their activities. He is one
of the few Jedi with two apprentices - he has continued instructing Jacen and
Anakin Solo in the ways of the Force.

~ Kyle Katarn ~

Seen at: Jedi Academy and some missions

Kyle Katarn was the character players controlled in the previous instalments of
Jedi Knight. As far as I know, he used to be a Rebel Alliance agent who
infiltrated the top secret Imperial installation on Danuta and acquired the
technical plans for the Empire's first Death Star battle station, which were
beamed to Princess Leia Organa's consular ship, the Tantive IV. In the
aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, Katarn discovered that the Empire was arming
new Dark Troopers, and he destroyed the mining facility supplying the phrik

Some time after that, he joined the ranks of the Jedi Knights. Then, for some
reason, he left them after some 'Valley of the Jedi' incident. (help needed!
thanks all) Later he rejoined the ranks of the Jedi Knights and emerged as a
Jedi Master, and assisted Luke in training Jedi in the Jedi Academy at Yavin 4.

He is also the Jedi master of Jaden Korr (your character) and Rosh Penin (an
extremely annoying guy).

^ Unedited Contribution by Dougie Something ^

I'n Kyle's first game Star Wars Dark Forces Kyle is unsure about being a Rebel
because he was a officer in the Empire. When he was in the Imperial Academy the
Empire told Kyle that his father was killed in a Rebel raid. Kyle filled with
hate joind the Imperial ranks. When a Rebel agent named Jan Ores was captured
by the Empire Jan told Kyle that his father was really killed by the Empire on
a raid. Kyle did the first mission of Dark Forces and then joind the Rebels. He
found out about the Dark Troopers in about the middle of the game but you see
their power in level two. Near the end of Dark Forces Jan Kyle's new pilot left
Kyle becuse Kyle told her to Kyle took a pod from the second last level to get
to the Arc Hammer. Kyle killed the maker of the Dark Troopers and then the
Empire diched the idea. In Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight Kyle meets with Jan again.
In level 4 Kyle gets his light saber and starts his path of the was of the jedi
or Sith. Jan some how gets captured and after you beat a sith named Maw your
side is final. If you took the side of the Jedi you don't kill Jan but Jerec
( the last boss) Force Pushes you on to a ship and uses Force Destruction and
makes the ship you were pushed on fall. If you went to the Dark Side Kyle kills
Jan refuses to join Jerec because Kyle wants the power of the Vally of the Jedi
for him self and same as on the Light Side he pushes you and makes the ship
fall. At the end if you went to the Light Side Kyle makes a statue of his
father and Jan is with Kyle looking at the work. If you went to the Dark Side
Kyle becomes a Dark Emperor. Kyle leves his Forces because he has seen both
sides of the Force.

^ End of Contribution ^

~ Chewbacca ~

Seen at: Mos Eisley cantina level

Chewbacca was a loyal, powerful, two-meter-tall Wookiee which served as first
mate and copilot of the Millennium Falcon. He was born more that two hundred
years before the Galactic Cilvil War on the tree-covered planet Kashyyyk, and
had become a slave, smuggler, pilot and a top-knotch mechanic over the course
of his life. Chewbacca, like all Wookiees, was covered in shaggy fur and
communicated in a series of grunts, growls and terrifying roars. He was
extremely strong, even for a Wookiee, thus his weapons of choice were his bare
fists and his bowcaster, which required massive strength to operate. Though he
was fomidable when angered, his terrifying roars sometimes masked his own fear
of the unknown.

Chewie, as his friends referrend to him, left Kashyyyk when he was about fifty
standard years. About 140 years later, he was captured by slavers and sold to
the Empire. The hard-laor camp where Chewbacca was enslaved would have been the
death of him, if not the actions of the then-young Han Solo. Solo, an Imperial
officer at that time, sacrificed his millitary career to free the Wookiee, and
Chewbacca immediately decided he owed the Corellian a life debt.

Chewbacca followed Solo areound for a long time before the Corellian decided to
accept his Wookiee shadow, which became his protector and best friend. Solo
taught Chewbacca how to fly a ship and use gunner weapons. Together, the pair
embarked on a smuggling career that became extremely profitable after Solo won
the Millennium Falcon in a game of sabacc.

Chewbacca and Solo had helped rescue a princess (Leia), blown up an Imperial
battle station and were declared heroes by the Rebal Alliance. Chewbacca had
added Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to his honor family, and after Han
married Leia, Chewbacca helped raise and protect their three children.

Twenty years after their first meeting, Chewbacca brought a new student to Luke
Skywalker's Jedi academy - his nineteen year old nephew, Lowbacca.

Chewbacca met his demise twenty one years after the Battle of Endor, where he
died saving Anakin Solo. As a moon spiraled down toward the planet Sernpidal,
caught in the inexorable pull of a Yuuzhan Vong living weapon, Chewbacca tossed
Anakin Solo into the hovering Millennium Falcon. The ship, packed full of
refugees from the doomed planet, was forced to blast away as the moon crashed
into the surface of the world - before Han Solo could find a way to get his
friend onto the ship.

~ Wedge Antilles ~

Wedge is one of the true aces of the Rebellion and the New Republic. Born and
raised in Gus Treta, a Corellian spaceport, he was orphaned as a teenager when
his parents were killed by pirates. He bought a stock light freighter when he
was sixteen in the hope of starting a legitimate shipping business. But it was
not long before he was smuggling weapons for the Rebellion, and when the call
went out for pilots, he took the controls of an Alliance X-Wing.

Antillies met Luke Skywalker at the Rebel base on Yavin 4 just before the
arrival of the Death Star battle station. They were both assigned to Red
Squadron, but during the fight Wedge's ship was damaged and he had to withdraw.

He soon became an integral member of the renamed Rogue Squadron and flew a
snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth, where they fended off an attack by the
Imperials long enough for the Rebels to evacuate their base. Wedge eventually
became commander of the squadron, and worked closely with Lando Calrissian and
Admiral Ackbar to plan the attack on the second Death Star.

During the Battle of Endor, Wedge's X-Wing followed Calrissian who was at the
controls of the Millennium Falcon into the superstructure of the Death Star.
The two ships both fired missiles and torpedoes at the reactor core, starting
the series of explosions that destroyed the battle station.

As the New Republic began to establish itself, Wedge and his Rogue Squadron
played an integral part. Wedge soon assumed the rank of general, though he also
retained command of the Rogue Squadron. He demonstrated brilliant millitary
tactics at the second Battle of Coruscant, and he continues to display heroic
service to the Alliance and the Republic.

His life hasn't been without tragedy, however. He has lost members of the Rogue
Squadron, family, friends, and even his true love, the scientist Qwi Xux, who
lost nearly all of the memories due to the actions of a dark Jedi.

~ Boba Fett ~

The exploits of this infamous bounty hunter are known throughout the galaxy.
He is actually a clone of Jango Fett, who was also a bounty hunter at his time.
Jango Fett allowed himself to become the source of the clone army in Attack of
The Clones in one condition, that he would have a clone which grew at a normal
human rate, which is the now adult Boba Fett. Boba Fett's past is shrouded in
mystery, though some reports indicate that he was born Jaster Mereel, who
became a young journeyman protector, or law enforcement officer, on the planet
Concord Dawn.

When he supposedly killed a corrupt protector, he was tried, stripped of his
possessions, and exiled. Later, after the Clone Wars, the man who came to be
known as Boba Fett worked as a mercenary, a soldier, a personal guard, an
assassin, and a bounty hunter - the best role he was known for.

Fett wears Mandalorian battle armor, the same used by his 'father', Jango Fett,
and a group of fearsome warriors whose exploits date back to ancient times.
Some claim these warriors battled the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars, but
many of the records from that period are incomplete at best.

Fett's armor is a weapon-covered space suit with armaments that include wrist
lasers, a jet pack, rocket darts, a fiber-cord grappling device, and a
miniature flame projector. (As seen in the game itself if you get too close to
him) His helmet features a macrobinocular viewplate, motion and sound sensors,
infrared targeting, an internal comlink to his ship, and a broadband antenna
for intercepting and decoding transmissions. All in all, his armor is so packed
with gadgets that it would put Inspector Gadget himself to shame. He wears
braided Wookiee scalps over his right shoulder.

The bounty hunter works for whoever can pay his exorbitant rates, including
Jabba the Hutt and the Empire. He was on retainer to Jabba for a good portion
of his career, as well as to the other Hutts, and he often claimed some of the
largest bounties ever offered in the galaxy.

During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Fett accepted the same commission
from both Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader, agreeing to hunt down and capture Han
Solo after the smuggler escaped from the Hoth system. He succeeded in tracking
the smuggler to Bespin's Cloud City. There, Solo was encased in carbonite by
Vader, and then Fett transported the frozen smuggler to Jabba's headquarters on
Tatooine. During the resulting rescue carried out by Luke, Fett was lost in the
Great Pit of Carkoon.

Boba Fett ecaped from the pit and was discovered by another bounty hunter who
had come searching for Jabba the Hutt's remains. Six years later, Fett emerged
on Nar Shaddaa, and was once again on Han Solo's trail. Fett claimed that he
survived the Sarlacc because it found him to be 'somewhat indigestible'. :P

- Notice -
These were the few characters I could think of for the moment. If you see any
character you deem relevant to this section, do not hesitate to send them in.
I'll be waiting...
- End of Notice -

-[ 04.02 - Locations ]-

Here are a few of the more famous locations where you get to visit throughout
the course of the game. If you notice any location you deem relevant to this
section, please do not hesitate to contact me.

~ Jedi Academy, Yavin 4 ~

Yavin 4 is actually a moon orbiting the gas giant Yavin, and is the site of an
ancient temples and ruins of the Massassi species. A jungle moon teeming with
animal and plant life, it once served as the primary base for the Rebel
Alliance. Underground tunnels connect almost all of the ruined complexes and
lead to the Lost City of the Jedi. More than 4000 years before the Galactic
Civil War and the Sith magician Naga Sadow fled to Yavin 4 with his followers.
He created the Massassi warrior species, who were later enslaved by the dark
Jedi Exar Kun and force to construct many of the temples. Seven years after the
Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker turned the Great Temple into his Jedi Academy.

~ Tatooine ~

Tatooine is a harsh planet in the Outer Rim, and the childhood home of Luke
Skywalker. The planet is extremely dry and hot, scorched by the twin suns of
the Tatooine system, Tatoo 1 and Tatoo 2. The surface of Tatooine is littered
with ancient starship wrecks, most half-buried by the fierce sandstorms that
rage across the planet. Jawas and Tusken Raiders are native to Tatooine, and
many life-forms live in the deserts, including bathas, dewbacks, womp rats,
krayt dragons, rantos and the terrible Sarlacc. Moisture farm colonists have
settled parts of the planets, though they struggle with both the Tusken Raiders
and the elements to survive.

Points of interest include the Dune Sea, the Jundland Wastes, Anchorhead,
Motesta, Tosche Station, Bestine, Beggar's Canyon and the Mos Eisley spaceport.
The spaceport attracts all sorts of scum and villany, from smugglers to pirates
to underworld types of all descriptions. Crimelord Jabba the Hutt controlled
this vast criminal empire from the Tatooine deserts until Princess Leia Organa
killed him.

~ Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine ~

A popular spot in the spaceport city Mos Eisley, located on the desert planet
Tatooine. It is sometimes called Chalmun's cantina after its Wookiee owner.
Everyone and everything is welcome in the cantina except for droids. For many
years, a grouchy man named Wuher served drinks at the cantina, and Figrin D'an
and the Modal Nodes entertained patrons with their famous brand of jizz-wailing

~ Corellia ~

Located in the Corellian sector and the system, this planet and four other
habitable worlds orbit the star Corell. All were among the first members of the
Old Republic. The system is known for its fast ships, skilled traders, and
pirates who regularly raid the local space lanes.

Corellia is referred to as the Elder Brother of the Five Brothers, the
inhabited worlds of the system. It is a beautiful planet, covered in farms and
small towns situated between the rolling hills and fields. The capital city,
Coronet, boasts plenty of open space due to its small buildings and trading
stalls that are separated by parks and plazas. The three native species are
humans, Selonians and Drall.

The Selonians live beneath the planet's surface, in a vast network of tunnels
that date back to before the Republic. A planetary repulsor was discovered in
this acient complex. It apparently moved the world into its current orbit from
an unknown location.

~ Bast Castle, Vjun ~

Bast Castle was Darth Vader's stronghold and private retreat. This remote and
heavily defended structurewas later used by Dark-side executor Sedriss and the
Emperor's elite force of the Dark Jedi as a headquarters.

~ Hoth ~

Hoth is the sixth planet in a star system of the same name. This frozen world
of wind, snow and ice was the location of the primary Rebel Alliance base three
years after the Battle of Yavin. While the daytime temperatures across the
planet are tolerable for humans wearing proper clothing, the night bring such
cold that to travel or even leave protected shelters is tantamount to suicide.
Hoth's native life forms include the tauntaun and the wampa ice creature. The
Empire discovered the secret Echo Base, and the planet became the battlefield
of a terrible engagement known as the Battle of Hoth. After Darth Vader's
forces defeated the Rebels here, an Imperial garrison and detention centre were
placed on the planet. Eight years after the Battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker and
Callista attempted to rescue an expedition of wampa hunters. The ice creatures
destroyed everyone in the expedition, and Skywalker and Callista barely

~ Korriban ~

Korriban was the long-hidden repository for the mummified remains of Sith
Lords. The remains were stored within great temples in the Valley of the Dark
Lords. The temples were designed to focus and amplify the abundant dark-side
energy of the area and were guarded by human skeletons activated through a
combination of machinery and Sith magic.

-[ 04.03 | Technology ]-

This section is different from the others. It will start off by highlighting
the various weapons in the game, then move on to other significant and notable
technology seen in the game.

~ Lightsaber ~

The lightsaber is a powerful yet elegant weapon of the Jedi Knights for
thousands of years. These laser swords project blades of pure energy capable of
cutting through most materials, except for the blade of another lightsaber. By
tradition, most lightsabers are built by their users as a part of their
training, to test their sensitivity in the Force. The crystals inside the
lightsaber must be perfectly aligned, or the lightsaber might explode when
activated, thus superhuman sense acquired through tapping into the Force is
essential for the construction of a lightsaber.

The lightsaber is seemingly simple in design, and has a handle of about twenty-
four to thirty centimeters long. Inside, power cells and multifaceted Adegan
crystals (jewels) produce a narrow beam of meter-long light that emerges from
a concave disk atop the handle. When activated, the lightsaber hums with power.

Considered archaic when compared to blasters and other modern weapons,
lightsabers are notheless impressive and powerful personal weapons that require
extensive training to use effectively.

A saber with a single jewel has a fixed amplitude and blade length. Those with
multiple jewels - usually no more that three - allow the user to alter the
amplitude and change the length of the light blade or blades. This is
accomplished by rotating an exterior control that varies the distance between
the jewels. The emitted beam is arced back from its positively charged
continuous energy lens to a negatively charged high-energy flux aperture set in
the disk atop the handle. The power amplitude determines the point at which the
beam arcs back, thus setting the blade's length.

~ Blasters ~

Both the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and the E-11 Blaster Rifle are common
weapons that fire coherent packets of intense light energy called bolts. A
blaster's level of intensity can be adjusted to fire stun or killing bolts.
When a blaster discharges an energy bolt, a smell similar to ozone fills the

The DL-44 can fire either a single weak shot, or charge up the intensity of the
bolt. The E-11 has both single shot or rapid fire mode.

~ DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle ~

The DXR-6 disruptor rifle fires a visible blast of energy power enough to
disintergrate matter to a molacular level. The blast can shatter objects in a
painful, inhumane manner. Thus, it is illegal in most sectors of the galaxy. It
is usually used in scattered Imperial Remnant factions and bounty hunters.

~ Bowcaster ~

The bowcaster in tradition is a handcrafted Wookiee weapon that fires energy
quarrels, and requires tremendous physical strength to fire. Most manufactured
bowcasters are self-cocking to enable weaker humanoids to use them.

~ Thermal Detonator ~

The thermal detonator is a powerful explosive in the form of a small, metal
ball, and is activaed when pressure is removed from the trigger. Princess Leia
Organa, disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, threatened Jabba the Hutt's
court with a thermal detonator to demonstrate Boushh's nerve and impress the

~ Bacta ~

Bacta is a chemical compound that will treat and heal all but the most serious
wounds. Bacta is applied in a solution of clear synthetic fluid that mimics the
body's own vital liquids. The gelatinous, translucent red bacta is added to the
clear fluid, where it interacts to form a bacterial medium. This bacterial
medium adheres to traumatized flesh, and promotes regeneration and tissue
growth to rapidly heal wounds without causing scarring.

Emperor Palpatine saw bacta as a source of power and control. He limited bacta
production to two corporations, Zaltin and Xucphra. The healing medium then
fell under the control of a cartel on Thyferra. Later, a war was fought to
control the healing substance.

~ Z-95 Headhunter ~

The Z-95 is a compact, twin-engine atmospheric fighter craft that can be
modified for space travel. A single pilot controls the fighter. These outdated
ships were still in service on backwater worlds during the time of the Galactic
Civil War, which is a testament to their durability and construction. The
Incom Corporation used the Z-95 as the basis for the X-Wing starfighter.

Jaden Korr used the Z-95 Headhunter in most of his solo missions, not to be
mistaken for an X-Wing. (thanks to PeiHong for pointing this out)

~ X-Wing Starfighter ~

This starfighter played a significant role in the first major Alliance victory,
of the Galactic Civil War, the Battle of Yavin, and is the starfighter that
stole the limelight in the first three Star Wars movies. The X-Wing was
developed and manufactured by Incom Corporation, which was nationalized by the
Empire. An Alliance commando team helped Incom's senior design staff defect
with plans and prototypes of the X-Wing.

Named for its double-layered wings that split open for atmospheric flight and
during attack runs, this small, single pilot starfighter measures 12.5 meters
from nose to engine block. With powerful sublight ion engines, a targeting
computer, defensive shields, four wingtip laser cannons, and a pair of proton
torpedo launchers, the X-Wing is fast, highly maneuverable, and extremely well
armed. These starfighters are also equipped with hyperdrives for lightspeed

A recessed socket, situated on the outer hull behind the cockpit, was designed
as an interfact for an R2 astromech droid. An R2 unit assists the pilot by
monitoring onboard systems, performing routine and emergency maintenance, and
even flies the craft when circumstances warrant. Astromechs also augments the
craft's computer capabilities, aiding with astrogation and holding preset
hyperspace jump coordinates.

-[ 04.04 | The Force ]-

The Force is a natural yet mystical presence throughout the galaxy. It is an
energy field generated by all living things, sometimes attributed to
microscopic organisms known as midi-chlorians. It surrounds and penetrates
everything, binding the galaxy together. Like most forms of energy, the Force
can be manipulated. Knowledge of these manipulation techniques gives the Jedi
Knights their powers.

The Force has two sides - light and dark. The light side bestows great
knowledge, peace and serenity, while the dark side is filled with anger, fear,
and aggression. BOth sides of the Force are part of the natural order; one side
life affirming, the other life destroying.

Through the Force, a Jedi Knight might see far-off places, perform amazing
feats, and accomplish what would otherwise be considered impossible. A Jedi's
strength flows from the Force, but a true Jedi uses it for knowledge and
defense, never to attack. Or in our case, it is used to a Jedi's advantage to
acquire more frags. It is a powerful ally, regardless of how it is used.

Only Force-sensitive living beings can master Jedi skills, whom only can be
'seen' by other Force-sensitive beings. There are three major Force skills:
control, sense and alter. The control skill allows a Jedi to control his or her
own inner Force. With this skill a Jedi learns to master the functions of his
or her own body. The sense skill helps a Jedi sense the Force in things beyond
and outside himself or herself. With it, a Jedi learns to feel the bonds that
connect all things. The alter skill allows a Jedi to change the distribution
and nature of the Force in order to create illusions, move objects and change

Since this is a multiplayer FAQ, I will only focus on stating the multiplayer
force abilities, since the multiplayer and single player force abilities are
somewhat different.


~ Force Jump ~

Tapping the powers of the Force, its user can leap over an amazing distance
with a single bound. Force Jump can be seen in action when Luke jumps out of
the carbonite chamber in Empire Strikes Back or when Obi-Wan leaps up to the
platform where Qui-Gon and Darth Maul are duelling in Episode 1.

Level 1: The user can jump twice his/her normal jump height.
Level 2: The user can jump up to four times his/her normal jump height.
Level 3: The user can jump up to eight times his/her normal jump height.

This is absolutely an essential skill in my opinion. Force Jump is extremely
useful for weaving in and out of combat effectively, and it also looks cool if
used in the right situation. You definitely must max this out.

~ Force Speed ~

With the aid of the Force, its user can push his/her body metabolism to its
limit, achieving superhuman speed and reflexes. This is seen in Episode 1,
where Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon speeds away from the 'droid-with-round-forcefield-
thing'. (help please? thanks)

Level 1: The user moves 25% faster than normal for 10 seconds.
Level 2: The user moves 50% faster than normal for 15 seconds.
Level 3: The user moves 75% faster than normal for 20 seconds.

Yet another must-have skill in my personal opinion. Though not as fast as the
single player mode Force Speed, (hmph. Imagine moving 400% faster than normal)
this skill is still extremely useful, both for attacking and retreating. This
ability really shines in the Capture the Flag mode, where the flag-hunter can
just literally speed all the way in and out of the enemy base, with a little
luck and of course, lots of skill. Each use takes up 50 Force points, so use it
wisely. You only get two shots in CTF: one to get in, one to bust out. :)

~ Force Push ~

With concentration, the user emenate ripples in the Force to push away hostile
objects, and counter the dreaded Force Grip. Force Push can be seen in Episode
1 when Darth Maul pushes Obi-Wan down during the final battle.

Level 1: The user can only push a single focused target.
Level 2: The user may push multiple enemies in a limited forward arc.
Level 3: The user can push multiple enemies into solid objects and damage them.

Not a bad skill to have, if there's nothing else better to use. Try to at least
put one point in Force Push so that you can counter those nasty dark siders
(like me) who constantly use Force Grip and stuff like that. Personally, I just
max this out, since there are no other skills I like that much. A must-have if
you're playing on a rocket-crazy map.

~ Force Pull ~

Manipulating the Force, the user gains the ability to pull things towards him/
herself. Force Pull can be seen in The Empire Strikes back, where Luke is hung
upside down in a wampa ice cave. He pulled his saber and struck the wampa in
the nick of time to save himself.

Level 1: The user can only pull a single focused target.
Level 2: The user may pull multiple enemies in a limited forward arc.
Level 3: The user can knock down multiple enemies with a single pull.

Or so the description says. Force Pull is not all that useful if you compare it
with other skills. There are virtually no uses for it except for pulling people
towards you, and chances are, they probably have Force Push, which negates pull
almost completely. If you have something better to take, drop this skill.

~ Force Seeing (Force Sense) ~

Channeling the Force through him/her, the user can see visions beyond time and
space. This skill can be seen used by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, or a lot
of other scenes where people sense 'a disturbance in the Force'.

Level 1: The user can see auras of nearby enemies for a short duration.
Level 2: The user can see auras of enemies through walls for a longer duration.
Level 3: The user can see auras of all enemies and dodge sniper shots over a
         long period of time.

Personally, I just put one point in this skill to negate those annoying Mind
Trickers. It isn't really necessary to see enemies through walls since you
can't really do anything else to them anyway. Cool as dodging sniper shots may
be, it just isn't necessary. I've yet to see a person accurately hit a Jedi
using Force Speed. Final verdict: put only one point in here. 'Nuff said.


~ Force Protect ~

Using the Force to create a near-inpenetrable shield around him/her, the user
uses his/her Force pool to absorb physical damage. You can see Kyle Katarn use
this ability in one level in the single player missions. Other than that, I've
no idea whatsoever where to see it in action.

Level 1: 50% of the damage blocked, absorbing 100% of the damage from the Force
         pool. Maximum damage that can be blocked is 100.
Level 2: 75% of the damage blocked, absorbing 50% of the damage from the Force
         pool. Maximum damage that can be blocked is 200.
Level 3: 87.5% of the damage blocked, absorbing 25% of the damage from the
         Force pool. Maximum damage that can be blocked is 400.

Not a bad ability to go for if you're a lightsider. Unfortunately, it isn't as
powerful as the single player mode protect, and it saps your Force pool, which
might leave you without Force energy at the worse moments of battle. Otherwise,
it's a great ability.

~ Force Absorb ~

The user saps Force energy from the Force powers directed at him/her and turns
it into usable Force energy in his/her Force pool. I have no idea where else
you can see it except for multiplayer situations.

Level 1: 33% of the blocked Force energy absorbed.
Level 2: 66% of the blocked Force energy absorbed.
Level 3: 100% of the blocked Force energy absorbed.

Not a very useful skill, in my opinion. First of all, not everyone uses Force
abilities to damage others. Then there's also the fact that it doesn't really
have that much potential for creativity, unlike abilities like Grip. My comment
is use it when you're sure your opponents are using really evil things like
lightning, then he/she will really be pissed. Otherwise, drop it.

~ Force Heal ~

With the aid of the Force, the user quickens his/her body healing rate at an
amazing rate, closing flesh wounds without leaving scars. Each heal uses 50
Force points from the Force pool.

Level 1: Instantly heals 5 hit points when used.
Level 2: Instantly heals 10 hit points when used.
Level 3: Instantly heals 25 hit points when used.

The most essential ability in single player mode is the most useless ability in
multiplayer. I can find better uses for 50 Force points than to gain a measly
25 hit points. A single lightsaber blow takes up to 50+ hit points, so what the
heck. Definitely pass this.

~ Jedi Mind Trick ~

Manipulating his/her victim's mind, the user can influence the victim to act
and think beyond his/her free will. This is seen in A New Hope, where Ben uses
the Mind Trick on a stormtrooper.

Level 1: The user becomes invisible to a single enemy for 5 seconds.
Level 2: The user becomes invisible to all enemies in a limited forward arc for
         10 seconds.
Level 3: The user becomes invisible to all enemies in a moderate distance for
         15 seconds.

One of the best lightside skills in my opinion. You should definitely pop at
least 2 skill points into this. 15 seconds is more than enough to kill 3 to 4
unsuspecting enemies if you're good enough. Try to target those who do not have
the habit of using Force Sense once he/she sees you disappear.

~ Team Heal ~

The user can quicken the healing rate of those around him/her, healing 50 hit
points to one ally, 33 hit points to 2 allies, and 25 hit points to 3 allies.

Level 1: The user can heal allies at a short distance.
Level 2: The user can heal allies at a moderate distance.
Level 3: The user can heal allies at a long distance.

Just get one level. The extra distance is not worth the skill points used. Also
don't bother unless you're playing real team games (with real *TEAMWORK*) like
Capture the Flag.


~ Force Grip ~

Manipulating the Force, the user can constrict the inner organs of his/her
victim, literally choking the victim to death. This can be seen in one of the
classic movies where Darth Vader chokes a ship admiral/captain/whatever.

Level 1: The user can hold an enemy still for 5 seconds but deals no damage,
         and must stand in a stationary position.
Level 2: The user can lift the enemy and do choke damage while holding him/her,
         but must remain stationary while using this skill.
Level 3: The user can move about freely while holding the enemy, and may smash
         the enemy into walls to do damage in addition to the choke damage.

Do or die. Either you get level 3, or forget it. The other two lower levels are
too weak to bother. The skill is still very good in level 3 though, and I
recommend using this especially against newbies. (Dump them into pits of death)

~ Force Drain ~

The user drains his/her victim of Force energy to restore his/her own life
essence in a cruel and painful (or at least it's supposed to be) manner.

Level 1: The user shoots a single bolt that instantly drains 10 Force points
         from a single target and heals 10 hit points.
Level 2: The user shoots and unaimed continuous bolt in front of him/her,
         draining 15 Force points per second and healing the same amount.
Level 3: The user shoots a fan in a large forward arc that drains 20 Force
         points per second from enemies and healing the same amount.

Not bad once you reach level 2. This is far better than Force Heal, since your
enemy will also have to pay for your life gain. What's more, it doesn't take up
that much Force energy anyway. Recommended if you're a life-gain freak.

~ Force Lightning ~

The most destructive form of Force attack known, Force Lightning is a symbol of
pure evil, causing immense pain on its victim and slowly killing him/her. This
can be seen when Emperor Palpatine used it on Luke Skywalker in Return of the

Level 1: The user shoots a single bolt of lightning at a single target.
Level 2: The user can maintain a continuous attack in a small forward arc.
Level 3: The user can shoot a fan of lightning in a large forward arc.

Muahahaha! This skill is the ultimate in offensive Force attacks. Level 3 is
highly recommended as it can drain people of their hit points faster than you
can imagine. A must-have for every darksider.

~ Sith Rage ~

Consumed by his/her own anger, the user attacks with an unstoppable rage for a
limited amount of time before tiring out. The user can fire 33% faster, move
100% faster (better than Force Speed!!), decrease his/her damage taken by 50%
and cannot die should he/she experience lethal damage. Due to the user's
uncontrolled behaviour, he/she must recover from the rage for 10 seconds after
a while of raging, firing 50% slower and moving at 75% of his/her normal speed.

Level 1: The user rages for 10 seconds.
Level 2: The user rages for 20 seconds.
Level 3: The user rages for 30 seconds.

Wow. This ability isn't that bad, as long as you take down your enemy before
your rage wears off. The extra movement speed is Force Speed on steroids, so
you should consider this if you're a darksider. There is also this life drain
on yourself while using rage, so watch it.

~ Team Energize ~

The user can imbue his/her allies with Force Energy, giving 50 Force points to
one ally, 33 Force energy to two allies, and 25 Force energy to three or more

Level 1: The user can energize allies at a short distance.
Level 2: The user can energize allies at a moderate distance.
Level 3: The user can energize allies at a long distance.

This is almost identical to Team Heal, except this gives Force points instead
of health. Useful in team situations, otherwise drop it. Also, you only need
level one to do your job, spend your points somewhere else as the extra
distance doesn't really do much.

-[ Section 05 | Closing Words ]-

Yesh. Finally I updated this FAQ. And during exam week too... You should be
grateful that I sacrifice a few extra marks in my Commercial Studies for your
well-being in saber combat. Heh.

-[ 05.01 | Credits ]-

A big big thanks to:

- Mom & Dad for getting me my competent gaming rig.
- George Lucas for starting the Star Wars phenomenon.
- Lucas Arts for continuing his legacy.
- All you great supporters out there, I love you guys/gals.
- All my friends, competent and incompetent alike.
- Pei Hong, who lent me the giant book of Star Wars and tipped me on a lot of
  Star Wars info.
- Myself, for making this FAQ. The Force is with you, kianbung. Yeah, I know.
- Oh yeah, and you for reading this FAQ. Grateful I am... Heheheh.

-[ 05.02 | Contributors ]-

Thanks to all contributors:

- Dougie Something, for Kyle Katarn's background.

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