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Mastering The Staff: 101

By: Deathshard

X-Box and PC

1.1 Table of Contents

1. Introduction
  1.1 Table of Contents
  1.2 Legal Junk
  1.3 Version History
  1.4 About the author
  1.5 About this guide

2. Basics
   2.1 Introduction to the Guide
   2.2 What is the Staff?
   2.3 Acrobatic Basics
   2.4 Basic Attacks
   2.5 Advanced Attacks
   2.6 Lightsaber Locking
3. Combat
    3.1 Applying the basics
    3.2 Combination Attacks
    3.3 How to fight with the Staff
    3.4 Force Powers
    3.5 Hilt
    3.6 Defense
    3.7 Attack Precision
    3.8 Use of Environment

4. Staff Versus Styles
    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 Staff Against Standard
    4.3 Staff Against Duel
    4.4 Staff Against Staff
    4.5 Force Exploitation

5. Conclusion
    5.1 Tips
    5.2 Wrap Up

1.2 Legal Junk

This is the legal junk to "Mastering The Staff: 101." Basically, don't 
plagurize.That's naughty. That's VERY naughty.Stealing crap from 
my FAQ without giving me any credit is pretty bad too. Don't do it. 
If you'd like something submitted, e-mail it to me and I will update 
it promptly. Otherwise, bugger off.

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Copyright © 2005 Deathshard. All Rights Reserved®

1.3 Version History

v 1.00 - Mastering The Saber 101

1.4 About the Author

I am a veteran of Jedi Academy. Those who have played with me 
will remember thisas my gamer tag.  I have been complimented by
 the greatest players many times as the best Staff wielder they have 
ever seen. Some, have even called me the best player. Those who 
know me know I don't have any rules in my games, they are always fun, 
and I am never a dark force user, or "Lightning Whore." I am strictly a 
Lightsaber combatant, and that's the way I like it. I'm not trying to brag 
here, I'm simply letting you know that you are learning this material
from the best in the field. You are in good hands with me, my young 
Padawan. And I take great pride in your training.

1.5 About This Guide

This guide is written with the basic assumption that you know how to 
play the game. By this I mean you know the basic controls, know 
what a Lightsaber is, and you know how to hold a controller.
 (Mouse and Keyboard for PC version.) 

This guide will teach you all you need to know about mastering the 
most underrated and insanely lethal weapon in Jedi Academy: The 
Staff. I will teach you how to handle this weapon effectively, and 
through practice you too will become ownage in its finest form.

2.1 Introduction - What Are The Requirements For This Course?

Welcome, prospective Jedi Knight to your orientation of "Mastering 
The Staff: 101." This course is intended to take an otherwise green 
Jedi Initiate and turn him into a Jedi Staff Master. You will learn to 
wield a very precise. fun and deadly weapon: The Staff. 
You will learn to use this weapon in several forms. 

First, you will learn the basics of the force. I will teach you the art of 
Jumping, Dodging, Pushing, Pulling and channeling the force to attack 
and defend at your full discretion. You will learn acrobatic moves esential 
for using the Staff in its most damaging form.

From there, I will teach you basics of handling the Staff. 
You will learn its attributes, how it compares to other
 weapons, and basic attacks to get you started in training.

Then, you will learn advanced tactics to help you demolish 
lesser opponents of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds and species. 

Pretty soon, with dedication and training you will earn the rank 
of Jedi Staff Master and you will punish foes with impunity.

The requirements for this course are simple.

- You own an X-Box with Live support, or a PC with internet support.
- You own a copy of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for either 
PC or the X-Box.
-You know how to read.
- You are Force Sensitive.

Alright, are you ready to get started? I hope you've crafted your
Staff, because you're soon going to come to love it. You will 
share a relationship with it like no other. You will never let from
 your side, you will learn to trust it, rely on it, and come to admire it. 
Eventually, you will want to sleep with it and marry it. (Ok, don't get 
THAT attached to your Staff.)

Ready? Let's get started....

2.2 What is the Staff? What makes it the best weapon?

That's a great question. Allow me to explain...

"The Lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. It's not as clumsy 
or random as a blaster. It is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." 

As stated by esteemed Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, the 
Lightsaber is more than
a weapon: It is a symbol. When a Jedi crafts his first Lightsaber 
he is automatically initiated into a life of dedication, 
ightiousness, virtue and peace. The Lightsaber is a 
constant reminder of the peace the Jedi is sworn to 
uphold, and the Lightsaber, along with the force, is 
going to be thetool to accomplish this.

The mystery of the Staff is unknown. It is believed to have 
existed well over Two-Thousand years before the time of 
the Galactic Empire, and its very rootsare traced back
 to the birth of the Sith. Many believe the Staff was a 
devestatingweapon based on intimidation. When a 
Sith lord would wield his Staff on the battle field, 
he was an icon knownto be feared: Many Jedi 
would feel threatened and frightened, and lose 
their connection with the force. This allowed the 
Sith to demolish opponents easily wielding this 
devestating weapon.

Others believed it was developed in the time where
 Jedi were fluent, and they would 
have to face multiple advesaries at one time. 
The extra blade allowed for swift, fluid 
movement and better defense against foes.

Whatever its origin, there's no doubt that a Staff 
wilder is an exceptional warrior; he 
is fierce, swift, deadly and has trained a lifetime to
 handle such a dangerous weapon. 
You too, will become this warrior.

The Staff, like its standard counterpart, is comprised
 of a beam of energy that is 
channeled through specialized focusing crystals found
 on Dantooine. Unlike the standard 
saber, the Staff utilizes two focusing crystals, allowing
 an extra beam from the opposite 
end. The hilt is slightly modified in length, making it
 possible for the Jedi to wield the 
weapon without the beam endangering

What is the Staff's role in Jedi Academy. you ask?

The Staff has several advantages and one disadvantage in Jedi academy. 

First and foremost, the Staff is the fastest weapon in the game. Speed is 
the greatest asset. A Staff wilder is capable of stringing together multiple 
combos on his opponent, work his way around an opponent, defend 
not only his front BUT his back, and attack in ALL directions by 
simply facing ONE direction. 

The Staff is also the best weapon for penetrating an enemy's defenses. The 
weapon can be used in defense as well, but it shines the most through 
aggressive force. The game has an auto block, so the most a player has to 
do is stand still and he will be able to deflect 90 percent of the attacks 
directed towards him. The Staff however, is able to tear through these 
defenses like butter. Through speed and maneuvers, the Staff can chain
 together attacks to catch a player off guard, and while he is defending 
one spot, in merely an instant, the opposite blade is attacking his
 open and vulnerable point.

Third, the Staff allows you to utilize all your acrobatic 
maneuvers to their fullest extent. When facing a Standard 
wielder, you will need to rely heavily on flipping and rolling. 
The staff allows you to simultaniously attack a player while 
evading his attack at the 
same time, which is basically defined as a counter attack. 
The staff is the best weapon 
for counter attacking. And, when you strictly play based on 
counter attacking, you can
walk away with full health WITHOUT having to heal. That is of course,
 if you use the weapon 

The Staff has selection to the biggest amount of offensive 
styles in the game. With the Staff 
alone, you have an assortment of fighting styles to play
 with. However, by switching off one end, 
you have a medium-stance standard saber at your 
diescretion, allowing you to not only throw the 
saber, but fight in a completely different way. Believe it 
or not, the medium stance, if used correctly, 
can break through Staff opponents easily. 

The Staff has INSTANT KILLS galore. You will find that 
many times when you are fighting opponents 
you will get one hit kills. That is because the Staff is the 
most precise weapon, and can slice an opponent's 
neck with ease.

The only disadvantage to a Staff is that it is not as strong
 as Duel Wielding (Which deals 2x the damage) 
or the Standard (Which is devestating at Heavy Stance.) 
However, just because it doesn't deal the same 
amount of damage doesn't mean it isn't stronger. As I said 
before, the Staff relies on speed. And speed in 
this case, is better than strength. By stringing together combos 
and attacking your opponent aggressively, 
you can lower his health nearly completely in only a matter of a 
few moments.

2.3 So, what are the basics?

In order to effectively use the Staff, you're going to need to learn
 the basic acrobatics, as I will outline, rate and describe its 
usefulness below.

Jump button
(Rating 4/5)

This is the most basic of moves, and one I find myself 
using quite often. By tapping the button, you will do a bunny 
hopping. From there, depending on how hard you press 
the jump button, and depending on what your Force Jump 
is set to, you will jump higher. This is useful when a 
Standard saber use is using a Heavy Stance. Considering 
he is slow, you will see his attack coming and you 
can jump clear right over it.

Hold Jump button while on the ground
(Rating 2/5)

This is a move you're going to need. When knocked on the 
ground you are left vulnerable to jump stabs, which are
 instant kills. By quickly holding the jump button, you will 
hop back to your feet. The reason I rate this so low is 
because as a Staff user, you are not supposed to be 
getting knocked to the ground. If you did, you are doing 
something wrong. Once you use the Staff effectively, 
you will find yourself knocked down less often.

Forward + Jump (HOLD) while on ground.
(Rating 4/5)

If however, you decide to be deceitful, you can use 
falling as an advantage. When knocked down and 
an opponent is in front of you, 
Jump Kicking up will knock him back, bring you to 
your feet, and leave him vulnerable to 
your attacks. I have performed many lethal strikes 
this way.

Direction + Jump and hold
(Rating 5/5)

This is probably my favorite move. While jumping is 
stationary, a flip occurs while you are running. With 
enough force, you
can traverse great distances and height in a matter 
of moments. The best thing about this is its counter 
attack potential. By attacking an opponent, 
and immediately flipping, you can land behind him 
before he knowsit and slice at his vulnerable point, 
dealing tons of damage. You 
can also flip to the side if you find yourself back 
into a corner, and you can bring yourself to tactical 
advantages. You're also goingto be using it when 
you have a Lightsaber thrown at you. I strongly 
recommend flipping A LOT.

Run + Force Speed + Jump 
(Rating 2/5)

Only useful on FFAs or Single Player. It just allows you to jump 
further. Necessary on the Taspir Landing glitch trick, which will 
allow you duel on the building and mountain.

Direction + Roll Button (Tap right thumbstick.)
Rating (5/5)

Use this A LOT. Not only can you deliver stabs which I will 
outline below, but you find this most effective when running
 low on health and you've really got to start concentrating 
on evasion. Rolling allows you to position yourself 
quickly behind an opponent, as well as avoid his 
attacks and saber throws.What I like to do is 
rush an opponent. As he is rushing me, I'll roll
to the side. This puts him behind me. Quickly,
 I'll spin my Staff (Will outline later) and get off 
a nice, clean attack on him. This will usually knock 
off around 20-30 points of health. When falling from a high 
ledge, roll before you hit the ground to soften the blow.

Rolling is also useful when you are on the ground, as you can avoid 
stabs this way. But, you shouldn't even be on the ground, remember?

Run to wall + Double Tap Jump (Hold, let go to backflip) + Force Jump 3
(Rating 3/5)

I just like this move because it's fun. However, it's also useful for 
catching your opponent off guard. If he is chasing you, run up the 
wall, then tap A to backflip. You will land behind him, and you 
can slice him up. Other than getting to a high ledge, no other use.

Forward + Jump while next to a wall + Force Jump 3
(Rating 1/5)

Other than being another fun move, I haven't found any use for this. 
I suppose it'll be helpful in fighting a standard user, but I've never 
had an opportunity where this was a necessity. The only thing
 I can see it being useful is for passing a mine or something.

Forward + Double Tap Jump (Hold) while jumping/falling to wall 
+ Force Jump 3
(Rating 5/5)

This is a really cool move. By jumping towards a wall, you grab 
onto it, hold yourself there, and jump in any direction. This is useful
 for getting up to a high ledge, for surprising an enemy, 
or when being throw off of a ledge. If being thrown off of a ledge, 
and near a wall, immediately GRAB the wall. Then, force jump 
back to a safe ledge. (Press Pull to gain more momentum as 
you are jumping)

As far as acrobatics go, this is all you're going to ever need. 
Jumping, Flipping and Rolling are the most essential moves 
when fighting with a Staff. 

2.4 Basic Staff Attacks

This is where I cover the basic attacks with the Staff. Some 
you have seen or heard of before, others you have not. I have 
discovered new attacks by myself and worked with them to perfect 
them. You will find some of these in the Advanced Section, covered 

This is just a basic description of the attacks. I will go in depth on 
how to use these when fighting later.

Forward/Backward + Primary Attack

This is the default attack. You can do this by just holding the attack 
button if you have to. You're going to be using this. Often, but not 
as often as...

Left/Right + Primary Attack

This is the main attack of the Staff. By using a horizontal slice, 
you can combine  1 Vertical, 2 Diagnal and a Horizontal slice
 for a four hit combo. More on combos later. You are going to 
be using this a lot. Use this to slice at an opponet's head and

You are going to be using this to defend as well.

Up/Down +  Left/Right + Primary Attack 
(Rating 5/5)

These are the most devestating of the basic attacks. By constantly 
running at your enemy, and facing forward, you can string off a Left
 Slash and a Right slash constantly, break his defenses and kill him 
in a few seconds. Use these when an enemy feels cornered and 
keeps backing off.

Necessary for a strong defense. Swats away thrown lightsabers.

Forward + Attack while enemy is on the ground.
(Rating 5/5)

Pretty self explanatory. When an enemy is on the ground, you will 
jump in the air and stab him. Usually one hit kills. 

Direction + Roll + Primary Attack
Rating (5/5)

This is a great, great attack. Highly lethal and most of the time, will 
deliver one hit kills. You'll find in the begining it will be hard to pull off
Rolling Stabs while your opponent is aware. 
However, once you have trapped him in the environment (As I will
 teach you,) 
you will find this quite useful. The best use of this, however, is when 
a Duel Wilder is using Twirl. Position yourself to his side and Roll 
Stab him. Not only will you avoid his twirl, but you will deal a huge
 amount of damage to him, and maybe even kill him. WARNING: 
Do not use this tactic on a "High Sensitivity" twirl. They are 
impenetratable to a Rolling Stab and they are instant death.
 Instead, throw your lightsaber or avoid altogether. High 
Sensitivity is a tactic used by cheap players who feel 
that increasing their sensitivity will make them better. 
This just makes them easier to kill as they are not directing 
attacks, and just spinning around. However, their twirl is deadly.

Alternate Attack + Direction of Enemy
(Rating 1/5)

Do NOT use these, under any circumstances. They leave 
you very vulnerable, are slow, and are only really useful 
with Jump Kicking. They knock an enemy on the ground,
 but because of the delay this puts you right in front of him.
 He will flip up, and knock you down. These are just bad 
attacks that should be avoided at all costs. Your Staff is 
the only weapon you will ever need.

Primary Attack + Back + Flip
(Rating 5/5)

Very useful with Standard and Duel wielders. You will slice 
the enemy in the head 
while you backflip to avoid damage. Use often.

2.5  Advanced Attacks

Remember, these are just descriptions of the attacks.
 I will teach you how to fight later. However, it's 
necessary to know the attacks and what they do. 

First and foremost, I do NOT recommend using the 
Attack Kata, The Twirl or the Butterfly at all. Only, and
 I loosely use the word "Only" in specific situations, will 
these attacks, known as "Specials" come in use. 
Specials leave you very vulnerable to attack and use up 
very valuable force points. Many people exploit specials, 
and this is their failing. When you learn how to chain and 
combine basic attacks effectively, you will not have a need to
 use specials. However, I'll give these attacks their due credit.

Crouch + Forward + Primary Attack
(Rating 2/5)

I rarely use this. You can only remain stationary and a 
Rolling Stab to your back will kill you instantly. 
You can also be force pushed off ledges.This uses nearly
 half of your force points. The only situation you should use 
this is if you have backed your opponent into a corner. When 
he is standing still, end a combo string off with a 
Twirl, and you will kill him instantly.

Forward/Left or Right + Primary Attack + jump
(Rating 3/5)

Another one that leaves you very vulnerable to a Lightsaber
 throw or being pushed off of a ledge. 
Although, Darth Maul made this look cool, and it is. I will
 admit however, that it is useful against a standard opponent 
or when evading an attacking. If you want to use it offensively,
 Butterfly forward, rather than to the side.
 While running at an oppononent, make sure you are looking 
at the top of your character's head 
(By moving the camera forward) then initiate this attack.
 Instead of butterflying to the side, you will tear 
right through him, and usually kill him instantly.

Primary Attack + Alternate Attack
(Rating 2/5)

This attack is very bad. Unless you have multiple opponents 
around you, never use this. 
This leaves you very vulnerable to a rolling stab, lightsaber throw, 
or being pushed off of a ledge. After the kata, choose 
your direction and you will roll, then you can end with a stab. If I 
ever did use this, it was a defensive tactic to get somebody 
off of me. 

Back + Primary Attack when enemy is behind you
Rating (5/5)

Very deadly. People will tell you to never put your back to an
 enemy. That's not the case with a Staff. 
In fact, you are probably most damaging to an enemy when he
 is behind you. Simply stab him for an 
instant kill, or you can slash behind you, spin around, and deliver 
a blow to the back of his head.

Strafe Left/Right + Camera Left/Right in opposite direction + Primary 
(Rating 5/5)

Very damaging. Use this to your fullest extent when stringing 
combos. Your character will spin
 his Staff over his head and turn in the direction of the opponent. 
Use this when somebody is behind you, to the side, 
or to surprise him. This breaks through defenses easily and works
 the best after a five hit combo. 

When you see your character spinning his Staff, 
try to aim for your opponent's neck, head or legs. Attacking in 
either of these places will prove to be 

This is also a great defensive tool. It will catch your opponent 
off guard.

Change Stance + Alternate Attack
(Rating 3/5)

The only offensive force power you should ever use. Use this 
when an enemy is in a twirl or a special. This hurts them,
not much, but it does.

Change Stance + Alternate Attack + Force Pull 
(Rating 5/5)

Don't let people fool you when they tell you they invented 
this. People will get pissed when you use this against
them, because they are pissedthey never thought of 
it, and they will claim ownership of it just to escape the 
embarassment of being killed by this easy move.

The truth is, a friend and I developed this and since then,
it has spread through Academy 
like wildfire. I try not to use force powers, but if it's a necessity 
use this and unless they are using Absorb, 
this will ALWAYS hit. You will pull an enemy into your
 thrown lightsaber and deal HUGE damage. Very good

Force Pull + Horizontal/Vertical Slice
(Rating 5/5)

Pull an enemy into your lightsaber slice. Very lethal, usually 
instant kills. Use this if an enemy is running from you, or 
if he is right in front of you.

Roll + Vertical Slice + Horizontal Slice
(Rating 5/5)

I call this "Rolling Sushi" because that's what it reminds me of..
Chopping up sushi. An enemy is completely vulnerable to this
attack. Simply roll to him, and instead of stabbing, 
Horizontal slice him, then string together some vertical 
slicing combos. He won't know what him him, and he will
die... He will die quickly.

If there's some I forgot or I'm still working on, I will add them in later. 
Try to learn how to do all of these moves, and practice. That's the 
only way you'll ever get better.

2.6 Saber Locking

Saber Locking is a random thing. It usually occurs when two
 players attack the same spot at the same time. From here, 
your saber will lock with the opponent. The object is sort of like 
arm wrestling. You will have to force your opponent's saber back
so you can slice 
him for sometimes instant, and always heavy damage.

The standard method is to constantly hit the primary attack 
button, and you will slice through your opponent's head. 
However, my method ensures you will win Saber Locks 
100% of the time.

Now, I can't put it in this guide because... Well, if it gets o
ut then it's going to be constantly exploited. It will ruin saber
 locking. E-mail me and I will tell you personally, if you already 
don't know. Some people do know of this already, though.

3.1 Now that I have the basics down, tell me how to apply them

It's one thing to know the moves, but it's a totally different thing to 
apply them. This section will tell you how to apply these attacks, 
on each and every style you will face. Basically, you're 
going to learn how to fight, and you will learn how to fight deadly.

3.2 What are combos?

Combos, otherwise known as chaining, are a combination of 
attacks in a fast, and swift amount of time. Instead of just 
slashing once, then slashing again, and then slashing again in 
the same way like many action games. Jedi Academy relies 
on combining your attacks. The Staff relies on this more than 

Combining your basic attacks is going to be your main damage 
dealer. When learning how to combo effectively, you won't need 
to ever use specials or force powers. Your Staff will be the strongest 
weapon in this game, and you're going to want it that way. I'll tell you
 how to peform some combos, and also some nice damage dealing 

Let's start with some basic combos I use myself...

Horizontal Swipe Left - Horizontal Swipe Right - 
Diagonal Slice Right - Diagnonal Slice Left

This is going to be your most basic of combos. This is
 done while an enemy is facing you. You are always going to
 be using this combo, and you are going to be using it in repitition. 
This combo not only has a bonus to defense, but it also tears 
through your opponent's. The trick with this is to always be 
facing your opponent. If he tries to circle around you, follow him, 
but follow him WHILE swinging the staff. By doing this, 
you will always have the advantage over your opponent.
Eventually, he will start to become 
overwhelmed at back off. 

Diagonal Swipe Left - Diagonal Swipe Right 

This may not seem like it, but this is a devestating attack. 
Only use this when directly facing either your opponent's front or back. 
This is to be donewhile running at him. Remember, 
make sure you are always facing him, and you are chasing him. 
With this combo, he will usually try to backpedal.
However, you are slicing through his defenses. This will kill them 
in a few moments if all strikes connect, and it only takes a few hits. 
Just constantly repeat this 

Horizontal Swipe Left - Staff Spin - Horizontal Swipe Right - 
Staff Spin

Ouch. This really hurts. Use this when your enemy is circling around you. 
You will find that this attack is very damaging to an opponent. The trick
 with this one is it's a defensive 
combo, but it's also an advantage for offense. By spinning your 
Staff, you ensure your enemy won't be hitting any opening spots, 
and by combining with the Swipes, 
your enemy will be in a world of hurt. Use this a lot. 

180 degree Staff Spin - Vertical Swipe - Horiztonal Swipe To Legs

This is when an enemy is behind you. By spinning completely 
around, you will catch your opponent off guard, slice him in the head,
 then catch him in his feet. This usually is an instant kill string. 
This is why you WANT enemy's behind you.

These are the basic combinations I use. The trick is to use 
them all in succession with each other. That is, use the same 
set of combos, but alternate their patterns. For example, if you 
open up with the first combo, try spinning your back to the enemy. 
Now, open up with the last combo I describe. Catch my drift?

The trick to combos is to finding what works the best for you. 
You're going to find that if you are always on your game,
 if you don't hesitate and you follow your opponent step to step, 
you are going to overwhelm him. A lot of players take a few slices, then 
back off. That's not the case with the Staff. You need to always be 
on top of him. Everybody says, "Man, you're real aggressive." 
That's the way it has to be.

The only way to fully understand combos is to experiment. 
Take the strings I have told you and play around with them. 
For instance, take a Diagonal Slice out of the first string and replace 
it with a Vertical. Now, take the last string and instead of a Vertical Swipe, 
why not another spin?

You're going to find that by studying your opponent's moves, 
and keeping up with him, you can unleash any string of combos you

People in this game have the basic misconception that "Spinning" 
in full circles around an opponent is going to kill him. That's not the 
case. The trick is to direct ALL of your attacks and string them together. 
Not only does this make your defense strong, but your
offense will be strong as well.

Never end a combination after the sequence is done. STRING them 
together. Make your combos unlimited until you or your enemy backs 
off. Always, ALWAYS be attacking your opponent when in melee range.
Mirror him. If he spins behind you, 
face him.

I recommend opening up a multiplayer game and experimenting 
on a stationary enemy.(For instance, on X-Box start a split screen 
and play by yourself) 
This is best to practice your combos on.

3.3 So, what's the best way to fight with a Staff?

The way you fight your opponent is going to differ 
depending on what weapon he is using. But, the 
basics apply to everything.


When in the midst of battle, never hesitate. Never 
end a combination after the sequence ends. Just
open up with a new combo. Eventually, you will 
overwhelm your enemy. The number one killer of 
warriors is hesitation. Never freeze, always be alert. 
Go with your instincts.


If you start running your opponent will get the assumption 
you are running low on health. Instead, always ADVANCE
 him. Your opponent will always start to run after a while. 
Then, he will get the impression he is doing no damage to 
you, and you will know you are hurting him. People tend to fight 
better when they know they are winning. 
Others, get too careless. The trick is don't be too careless. 
Give chase, but use common sense. 
If an opponent asks you how much health you have left, lie. 
Tell him you have 80. It doesn't matter if 
you have 20. It's all about playing with your opponent's mind. 
If he knows he is losing and you are overwhelming him, he will 
give up hope most of the time, and lower his guard.


Lightsaber defense is automatic, but to an extent. You 
actually have to physically match your beams to your 
opponent's to deflect his attacks. Watch him,
 know where he is striking, and never leave 
yourself open to his attacks. Remember, if you are being 
aggressive he will try to defend. Use this to your advantage. 

When defending, backpedal with the Diagonal Slash combo. 
You will deflect all his attacks. 
Once you see him vulnerable, advance again. Remember, 
always face your opponent. You have 
better defense this way.


Overwhelm your opponent by speed. Flip over him, roll 
behind him, run up walls. Anything you can do to get 
the jump on him. Most players can't keep up with a fast paced 
Staff wielder, and that's the way it should be be.


If you hear screms, and your health didn't drop, 
you know you've harmed your opponent. This is 
usually a good driving force to deliver more 
devestating attacks. You will find what works 
when you listen to your opponent. By knowing 
which attacks hit, you will know his weakness, 
and from there you can exploit it.

3.4 Ok, so what Force Powers should I bring with me?

This is a complete Staff wielding guide. Hence, I do 
not use the Dark Side. To fully demolish your opponents,
 you are only going to bring four powers with you, and 
they will be light side. I will put an additional fifth power
 on here in case you'd like to use it. It all depends on your 


You are going to need this. When an enemy is in a special, 
it's a great way to push him off of a ledge or to an 
environmental advantage that you can use. Also, you can 
push advancing enemies away from you.


You will need this for throwing your saber and pulling running
 enemies to you. I don't use it that often, only when necessary


This is a MUST HAVE. You will more than likely be facing 
Dark Side opponents who constantly exploit Lightning, 
Grip and Drain. Fortunately, your enemies are most vulnerable when 
using powers. Just turn on Absorb and this fully negates their offensive 
force powers, leaving their only method of attack strictly to saber,
in which in this case, they are not using. In other 
words: They are defensless. One or two combos to a
 Lightning user and he will more than likely die.


You really shouldn't need this, unless an enemy is draining you,
or you are drastically low on health. Hey, you might be the best 
but anything can happen. When I ever do use this I only 
use it once per battle. That's all I'll ever need. You can only use
this when you have at least 50 force points. So, be wary. 
Use health only when you reach below 40 hit points, 
you can still win with only 50 points.


In case you are facing a Light Side mind trick opponent. 
This will make them visible to you. 
You'll only need to use one bubble for this, that's all you're 
going to need. It also increases your blocking 


You can fill two bubbles of this. Useful for jumping, 
and if you want to be faster 
while fighting, then use it. However, your combo 
accuracy isn't as strong. 

If it's a no force powers game all the better for you. 
Your opponent's can't use force, 
and it makes them easier to kill. Your auto attack and 
defend isn't as good, but that won't matter as long as you 
follow what you've learned so far.

3.5 What hilt should I choose?

This doesn't matter. The hilt determining the length of the Staff 
is just a myth. I personally use a Purple Guardian because it
 looks "Cool." Other than that, it's just your personal 

3.6 What are some of the basics of Defending?

Defending is automatic, but to an extent. You're going to 
need to always be on guard. 
Always swing your saber when an opponent is attacking, 
and try to determine where he is striking.

Standing still gets you killed. It's always better to face your 
opponent, but when you 
are, BACKPEDAL and open up with a Diagonal Slash combo 
string. You will block all of his attacks.

If your opponent is behind you, spin your staff as you spin 
yourself around, then open 
up with some more attack combos.

Remember, the best defense is a massive offense, in which 
case, you have.

3.7 Where should I be striking?

There are four lethal areas: Head, Neck, Torso and Legs.

Clean neck and head slices are usually two to three hit kills, 
if not instant. You can 
get these off with either Vertical Slices for the head, or 
Horizontal Slices for the neck.

Chances are the torso will be the majority of your hits. 
Opponents take a while to kill 
with torso slices, but not torso stabs. Rolling Stabs into
 the torso will kill them quickly.

Legs are where you should be aiming all of your swings. 
the Staff is the best weapon for 
sweeping the legs, as after one blade slashes you follow up 
with the other. Legs are very hard to 
defend and more often than not you will kill your opponent in a
 few moments.

When you start to direct your attacks rather than just twirling 
your staff around like the 
Fat Star Wars Kid, you will notice a drastic change in your 
dueling record.

3.8 Using Your Environment

You're going to find this most effective with your Staff. 
When backing enemies into 
corners, or between rocks and other objects, you will 
have the advantage. For instance on the 
Imperial Control Room, I find leading enemies between 
the generators makes it easy 
to slice through them in only a few seconds.

Look around you. Get aquianted with your surroundings. 
When in doubt, push and pull 
opponent's between objects. If you are on a ledge, push 
your opponent to a lower one you 
can get a tactical advantage on him.

Never let yourself get back into a corner. You will be 
practically asking to be 
slaughtered. Instead, use the environment as your offense.

4.1 Using The Staff Against All Opponents

Your style of fighting is always going to differ depending 
on your opponent and style. 
I will first seperate this in the Staff against other forms, 
and then I will show you how to 
counter and face force exploiters.

First and foremost, always adapt your fighting style to your
 opponents. You're going 
to need to know who you are facing, and the strengths and 
weaknesses of all the weapons, 
in which I will describe.

4.2 Staff Against Standard

When you are facing a Standard user you know one thing: 
They will use Heavy Stance.Heavy Stance is very dangerous 
to a Staff wielder, as it can knock your Staff right out of your 
hand, leaving you vulnerable to attack. What's more, is it's 
very hard to defenda heavy strike. Instead, you're going 
to need to rely on your wits and your acrobatics to survive
this one.

Personally, I feel this is the easiest of the saber duels. 
You can destroy an inexperienced 
standard user in a few seconds, when you know your 

-The standard has three stances. Fast, Medium and 
Heavy. Fast is a short ranged attack, with 
quick and very low damaging blows. I honestly don't know 
who would ever use this. I haven't found 
it effective at all, only in defense. The medium stance
 is the most well 
rounded as best aspect of the Saber. It reaches further
 than the fast, and it's faster than Heavy. 
A medium saber versus a heavy saber will win no
contest. Heavy Stance is very slow, but very powerful.
 It will knock the staff from your hands and is what 
everyone will be using.

-Generally your opponent will stick with Heavy Style. T
his is better for you, as it is easy to avoid and to counter.

When facing a standard user and he is in heavy, 
switch your Staff to standard. Now, your
defense is better compared to the Heavy. 
Also, you will add an element of surprise.

When fighting the heavy user watch his attacks. 
When he is about to swing, either flip 
over him or roll out of the way. Don't try to block. 
Next step is to evade and attack at the same time. 
Take one or two slices onto your opponent, flip out of
 the way, then repeat the process. You will come off 
unscathed and always dealing damage. The key is to constantly 
rush and back off, rush and back off, rush, attack, back off.

Now, the trick here is surprise. When you see your enemy 
finish his swing quickly rush in. Slash him twice then pull
 out the Staff and open with a combo string. If timed correctly,
 this will kill him instantly.

Speed and evasion is what matters here. Your opponent 
has the power. YOU need toevade his power and counter attack. 
Always be alert, always roll and and always jump. Jump and attack, 
roll and attack, etc.. Don't carry out long combos. Keep your slashes 
to three to four hits, then back off. Your opponent will be too slow to 
strike you.

Also, try the pull throw technique. Considering he has only one 
saber, he is very vulnerableto this. Use it to your advantage.

If your enemy knocks your lightsaber out of your hand, try to 
lead him in front of it. By doing
 this, when you pull your lightsaber back to you, you'll slice him. 
This deals good damage as well.

Just remember to always avoid, and be a lot faster. 

4.3 Staff Against Duel

My favorite fight, as these are always fast paced. When 
facing your opponent know a few things:

-He deals 2x the damage. When you are hit, you will hurt.

-Do NOT stay behind him for too long. He will attempt a Back 
Slash, which is very deadly.

-Their lightsaber throws hurt. When they throw a saber at you
 either jump, roll or backpedal and diagonal slash.

-A lot of these people like to exploit twirl, this is the 
perfect opportunity to roll stab.

These guys fight fast, but not as fast as you. You
 should always be able to keep up with a 
duel wielder. His defense is slightly better than a
heavy standard user, but he is not as strong.

When fighting a Duel Wielder, remember to always 
face him. You can handle and direct your 
weapon with a lot more accuracy. The duel opponent's 
slashes are all based in particular patterns. 
Use this to your advantage. Match his attacks and 
counter with an unsuspected 
combo string.

The duel wielder will always spin around you. Mirror him, 
try to get him in the sides and a direct
assault if possible. Remember, when you are behind them 
they will deliver a back slash to you. 
This is very painful. And most of the time, you will die instantly. 

If your opponent is using High Sensitivity, then don't worry.
 It should be an easy fight. More than 
likely, he will spin in circles. This brings him off guard, leaving 
you the opportunity to strike him accordingly. 
If he goes into a Twirl, however, do your best to avoid it.

Watch his his front twirl. When this happens, roll behind him, 
and send a combo string to his legs.
 More often than not, this will kill him instantly. Rolling stabs also 
tend to work.

These battles should be pretty simple. If you keep the combo
 strings up, this fight shouldn't be a problem. Just remember 
to avoid his back slash and lightsaber 

4.4 Staff Against Staff

These will be the toughest fights you will find. What's hard about 
these fights are the fact it's hard
 to block a Staff with another Staff. The main reason is because of
 the comno strings. It's difficult to block 
both of his blades, considering they will be hitting two different
 points in rapid succession.

The biggest thing you need to watch out for here is the combos. 
You're going to find your enemy 
circling around you a lot, and dealing damage at the same time. 
What you are going to have to do is learn 
how to predict your opponent's moves ahead of time. 
You're probablygoing to be hit a lot, but more than
 likely your opponent is not a skilled Staff user, 
and you will use thisto your advantage.

Your enemy will probably exploit Butterfly to its fullest. 
More that likely, he is going to butterfly while directly
 in front of you. When this happens, back off and 
throw your Staff. You will hit him, and hewill think twice about 
doing that again. As I said, specials make you vulnerable, 
and this is a fine example.

The trick to winning this duel is to outclass your opponent. 
You both are using the same weapon, 
but you use it better than him, and hopefully for you he 
didn't read this guide. If you string together a series 
of Diagonal Slashes while facing him, he's going to have a
 hard time keeping up. Diagonal slashes are tough to 
avoid while wielding a Staff, and chances are he won't 
know what him him.

The legs are the most vital here. Move around your enemy,
 but don't carelessly swing. Target
 your attacks to his legs. Open up a Horizontal Slice 
combo on his legs. He will try to block at his legs,
 leaving you the perfect opportunity to spin your 
Staff to his neck.

One of the best things about fighting a Staff wielder 
is you know when he's going to throw his saber. 
The minute he switches to standard, back off. He's 
about to throw. If you time it just right, you can knock 
the saber out of the air. From there, hurl yours and this
 fight should be close to an end.

Just remember to always be on your guard, and 
be AGGRESSIVE. Try to outmatch your
 opponent and you will win with ease.

4.5 What if my enemy is exploiting force?

Whether you can use a Staff efficiently or not, 
your enemy is going to be using some 
degree of force powers. (If the match is set on force.)
 And more than likely, your enemy will be using Dark 
Side force powers. This is why you will be choosing Light Side.
 With Absorb, any force powers he uses will be utterly useless, 
and aid you in destroying him much faster.

Let's go through the different types.


When your enemy uses Lightning, hit Absorb. You may 
take some damage, but at his rate he is giving you force. 
Force enough to heal yourself anyhow. 
While in Lightning, his guard isdown. This is the perfect 
opportunity to rush in and slice him up, or toss 
your Staff. You can also tell when an enemy is about to use 
Lightning by his backpedaling. Just turn on absorb and go at him 
from there.

Many people like to open up fighting with Lightning as well. 
This will make you want to turn 
on Absorb at the start of the battle.


When you are gripped, immediately turn on Absorb. 
You will drop back to the ground, 
and your enemy has a small recovery delay. 
This leaves him vulnerable to attack. Use it to your 


This one is annoying. By the time you get Absorb on, 
some of your force has been drained and your enemy
 is healed. However, he shouldn't be getting much, so he will 
more than likely try to drain you again. However, since Absorb 
is on he will be getting no health, and you will have more force. 


This is why I recommended bringing Sense. Just turn
 that on and you will see him no problem. 
If you forgot it, however, it's ok. Stand still and 
SLOWLY move the camera. Watch your character's head, 
and he will face the direction of your enemy. This gives away
 his position and you can attack him for long.
 Also, mind trick doesn't last very long. If you want to run,
 feel free to, turn on Absorb, and go at him again.


The most annoying thing in the world. If you have a 
healing exploiter, and you aren't 
dealing much damage to him at once, he will never die. 
There are healers out there who heal everytime 
they get enough points, just to remain with full health. 
What's worse is when you have two healers, and the 
battle will never end.

My best advice is to disregard what I said about Force, 
switch to Dark Side and take Drain. 
Now, exploit drain on him. NOT to give yourself health, 
but to get rid of his force points. Without force 
points he can't heal. From there rush him with your 
combos, and after every string, drain again. The key
 is to always be draining him so he never has enough
 points to heal. With this method you should win the fight 
with ease.


Not a problem to you, he's just waisting force powers. 
This just means no pulling or pushing. Oh well, you don't
 need that anyway. Have fun slicing him up.

With these methods you should never have to complain 
about force powers. I find when an enemy 
uses force powers it is to your own advantage, thanks to
 Absorb. Enemies always die quicker when they 
rely on the force. Rememeber: the Staff is your best

5.1 Tips

- Practice often, it's the only way to get better. When 
you decide to take a break turn your game 
to a Bot Match. Let your bots fight each other. 
The bots in this game work the same way you do. Practice. 
The more your bots fight and gain experience, the better the 
AI will become. This allows you to practice your Staff on bots
 and ensure they are at a good enough level where you will 
actually gain something from fighting them.

-Never get too confident, because eventually you will make
 a mistake that will get you killed.

-Learn how to defend and defend well. Knowing how
 to match your opponent's attacks will 
drastically lower the rate at which you receive damage.

- Learn to use combos efficiently. Expand on the ones
 I have told you, and develop your own. 
The Staff works the best when strung together with a
 combination of attacks rather than a few.

-Adapt your fighting style to that of your opponent's. If
 he's using a heavy saber stance, 
use the standard medium stance on your Staff.

-Learn to roll and jump A LOT.

-Don't rely on, or use specials. They leave you vulnerable and
 will get you killed. You don't need them.

-Heal if you get too low, but don't exploit it. Nobody likes that.

-Play with etiquite. Be curteous. If somebody doesn't want
 to play a match with force powers, 
show them the honor. It's always more fun when you're
 playing a friendly game.

5.2 Wrapping Up

Well, you've done it. This is end of the basic guide. You
 are officially a Jedi Knight. 
This is the first version, and I will be constantly updating
 with new tips and strategies I have developed, and 
also for anything that slipped my mind I feel that you
 should know. 

With this knowledge, you know have a full concept of
 the Staff's strengths and weaknesses. 
You know what to do, how to do it, and most importantly 
how to kill... Quickly. Remember, only through
 practice will you ever achieve perfection. I don't expect 
you to 
immediately go out and be good with it now, but you have 
the basic understanding of how to improve upon 
what you already know.

Good luck, and I hope to see you in game, my young Knight.