Multiplayer Saber Combat FAQ by Kaoii

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          [with help in other  online things]
                   Written By Kaoii

    x.) Version List
    I.) Introduction
    II.) Single Moves & Combos
           - iiA. Yellow
           - iiB. Blue
           - iiC. Red
    III.) Dual Moves & Combos
           - iiiA. Duals
           - iiiB. Single Blue
    IV.) Staff Moves & Combos
           - ivA. Staff
           - ivB. Single Yellow
    V.) Strategies/Tactics & Exploits
           - vA. Acrobatic Techniques
           - vB. Single
           - vC. Duals
           - vD. Staff
    VI.) Random Useful Info
           - viA. Common Terms
           - viB. Honor Philosophy
           - viC. Useful Websites
           - viD. My Key Configuration (for reference)
    VII.) Frequently Asked Questions
    VIII.) Closure, Contact Info & Honorable Mentions

  To help you find the appropriate section, you can
 use your browsers Search feature by holding the CTRL
 key and pressing F. Then, all you do is type in
 SEC[section number]. For example, notice how
 the single section is labeled II.). I'd put in SECII.

  x.) Version List [SECx]

  v2.2 - Extreme overhaul of the guide. It turns out
(4/28/06)there was a whole lot of stuff I missed
         and a lot of multiplayer info is now dated.
         I have gone in and completely revamped a lot
         of info and I have added or changed a lot of
         strategies. This guide is now the most
         comprehensive JKA saber combat FAQ online.

  v0.8 - I think I got mostly everything in this
(6/8/05) version, but if theres something I missed,
         I'll go back and correct it.. which is why
         the guide is labeled 0.8.

  I.) Introduction [SECI]

  Hi =P. This guide has been online for almost a whole
 year without updates. I finally came back to give it
 a read and I noticed that it was very dated and a lot
 of info was missing. I have gone through and made
 several changes to the guide and have added a lot
 of strategies. This is now the most comprehensive
 saber combat guide online.

  Here's a little bit about me so you know that your
 information source is trustworthy =P. I am
 ex-Top 10% in the BWN league, which I voluntarity
 stopped playing on. I am ex-Leader of two clans
 (including IW which had a match record of 61-1 at
 the time I left) and have managed a few professional
 tournaments in the three years I have played. I
 am currently one of the leaders of a growing clan
 called NSE, in which I am also the head instructor

  I have read other guides on sites such as GameFAQs
 and IGN that try to go over this topic, but I have
 found them to be lacking. They do not provide
 information on how to actually kill your opponent,
 just what moves to use. This guide is aimed for
 the beginner player who wants to be on spot in
 professional leagues, not to just impress friends!

  This guide is also aimed as a tool to help teachers
 ingame if they need help explaining a subject to
 a student learner.

  I will give you helpful hints (things you
 may not have found out otherwise) such as strategies,
 exploits, and such as well.

  Anyways, enjoy my guide.. and if your interested in
 talking to me, check the contact information at the
 bottom of this FAQ.. I answer all of the questions
 my readers give me if they meet and confront me

  - Kaoii

  II.) Single Saber [SECII]


  This is inarguably the most common saber used online.
 There is an unbelievable amount of players who will
 use only single and refuse to use anything else. I
 have no doubt whatsoever you will encounter many of
 them online.

 Let's go over the strengths and weaknesses of this 

  - Strong attacks.
  - Lunge as a special move in Blue.
  - You won't get complaints from whiners if they die.
  - Many exploits at your disposal including pokes,
    wiggles, and delay swings.

  - Most of the special attacks are useless.
  - Useless backstabs.
  - The only powerful swings you have are in Red,
    and those combos will take some time to master.
  - You cant have an endless combo chain, unlike duals
    and staff.

  Thats basically it. Now, lets move to stances.

 - iiA. Yellow [SECIIA]
  Single Yellow is the most basic stance in the entire
 game. Its the first stance you learn in Single Player,
 and has an overall balance between defense and

  - Balanced swings both defensively and offensively.
  - Has a combo that can counter inexperienced to
    moderately experienced staff users.
  - Jump backstabs (covered in strategies)

  - Your special move is useless.
  - Weak against duals.

  Now, lets go over the special moves:
  (When enemy is behind you, BACK + ATTACK)
  Basically you spin around with your lightsaber.
  This is effective and useful only if you know
  precisely what you are doing. I suggest only
  an experienced player try to master a jump
  backstab, which is covered in the strategies

  (When enemy is in front of you + FORWARD + 
  You jump up in the air and do some funky saber
  swing. Never do this. It may have been
  effective in singleplayer, but multiplayer's
  physics are completely different than
  singleplayer's. This almost never hits, and if it
  does hit, I'll admit it can do considerable damage
  (possibly even a headshot), but it leaves you
  open to attack for too long. An inexperienced
  player may not take advantage of this, but an
  experienced player will.

  Basically you do some funky move that is useless
  and should never be used. For one, katas are the
  easiest moves to counter in the entire game. For
  two, it uses fifty points of your force pool. It's
  not worth it.

  This is useless unless it is branched off of a
  combo, which is better discussed in the combos
  section of single red and in the
  strategies section.

  Ok, now for combos.

  Other Names: None
  To perform these combos, what you do is you move
  foward, left or right, in a diagonal motion, and then
  attack, then go the opposite diagonal way and do the
  same. These are good staff combos, however they are
  not that great on single yellow because they leave
  you more open for attack.

  Other Names: None
  No one really uses these combos, but they do work.
  You'll use them especially a lot with Duals and
  Staff. This is a good defensive combo. And
  remember, you can't spin while doing this combo
  or it won't work (plus you'll probably die.) It
  will take practice to master, and remember it will
  not be as effective as it staff and duals

  Other Names: Fan, Slice, Spam, Sweep
  These combos are only good in yellow for if your
  fighting a staff user and you dont want to risk
  using Red. You have to do this without spinning
  though, otherwise it wont work.

        MOVEMENT (Left -> Right, Right -> Left) AND

  All of these combos can be done both crouching
  and walking. To master the combos it is important
  you able to do them all three ways (running,
  crouching, and walking). You also need to be able
  to do them reversed (left instead of right) to
  attain mastery. Experiment with which
  movement pattern does the most damage against what.
  More info about this is covered in the strategies

 - iiB. Blue [SECIIB]
  Blue is the fastest style in the game. It is also
 the weakest, but there are some strategies that can
 make it useful. These are discussed in subsection D.

  - Fast swings.
  - Powerful lunge special move.
  - Can fight against single red and even staff
    (covered in the strategies section) if used

  - All of the swings are extremely weak.
  - Completely useless backstab.
  - Not something you'll use regularly.
  - Short range, dont expect to be pulling those
    attacks you would with red where it doesnt even
    look like the saber hits the opponent and it
    nearly kills them.

  Special moves:
  This is basically the most important thing you'll be
  using in Blue. It's fast, powerful, and can counter
  basically every special move in the entire game.
  So, if you see a dual or staff user who is using
  butterfly or twirl constantly, retaliate with lunge
  every time that person does it. However, remember,
  lunge does have two weaknesses. One, it uses some
  force power. Two, what you see in your crosshair is
  basically what you get. Once you start the special
  move, you can't move until its over. When you lunge,
  you leave both of your sides open as well as the
  back, and at the end of the move you leave the
  front open. If you know your opponent is experienced,
  then they know how to handle this weakness. Use it
  sparingly against experienced players.

  (When enemy is behind you, BACK + ATTACK)
  This is a wannabe Darth Maul backstab, only you're
  not using staff. This is only here in the guide so
  you actually know it exists, I personally never
  use this move because it almost never hits and
  leaves you open for a good five seconds to die.

  Even more useless and suicidal than the yellow kata.
  Also uses your half of your force pool, and you're
  standing still the whole time.

  This is useless unless it is branched off of a
  combo, which is better discussed in the combos
  section of single red and in the
  strategies section.

  Other Names: Fan, Slice, Spam, Sweep
  Same thing as the yellow counter. You strafe from
  left to right and attack (without spinning). However
  since the timing is different due to the difference
  in speeds, you'll have to practice doing this combo
  to stop yourself from spinning.

  Other Names: None
  The exact same thing as the yellow, staff, and
  duals counterpart. This move is EXTREMELY
  difficult to do without spinning on blue, in fact
  I don't even recommend it because it's so hard.

        MOVEMENT (Left -> Right, Right -> Left) AND

  Those are really the only two dual combos you need
  to know.

 - iiC. Red [SECIIC]
  Single Red is the most widely used Single Style.
  It does the most damage, and it's packed with
  exploits. In the previous version (0.8) of this
  guide, I chose not to reveal exploit technique
  (yes they require practice) because I only wanted
  to teach saber skills. Now that exploits are so
  widely used and are even recognized in professional
  leagues, I will put them here under the impression
  they will not be abused.

  - Very powerful attacks.
  - Endless amount of combos.

  - Very, very slow attacks.
  - Each attack leaves you open for a short time.
  - There is a steep learning curve.
  - All of the special moves are completely useless.

  Special Moves:
  Using this move is just a symbol that shouts "I'm
  a newbie." No professional player using Red ever
  uses this move, or ever even has a need. This move
  leaves you open to a ground assault (against a
  mid-level player) and it leaves you open to
  an air assault (against a pro-level player). If
  you use this move, you will die.

  (When enemy is behind you, BACK + ATTACK)
  Exact same as yellow backstab. It's good, but just
  not good to use on single. And seeing that you are
  on red, there is simply no need. You have more than
  enough power to kill your opponent without a

  For some odd reason, this is the Kata that most
  people like to use in Single. They think its the
  best and only kata in the game they should be using.
  In truth, this is the next to worst kata to be
  using in the entire game. It is very easy to
  counter, because you at the end of the kata you step
  foward and are wide open because on the forward
  slash, you quite literally but the saber down to
  your knees. Therefore, it is obvious that I
  suggest you do not try to perform this move =P

  This is useless unless it is branched off of a
  combo, which is better discussed in the combos
  section of single red (below) and in the
  strategies section.

  Due to the amount of combos that can be performed
  on Red, I simply can't post them all. In the previous
  version of the guide, I simply left you with an
  illustration. This time around, I'm teaching the
  three most basic Red combos that you will be using.

  Remember that all combos can be reversed.
  (Right -> Left, Left -> Right)
  Reversing a combo will change its effects. Right
  attacks tend to do more damage, left attacks tend
  to block/parry more.

  Basically, you can do one of three things. One, you
  can do one swing twice and do a swing that would be
  right next to it. I call this kind of combo a
  "diad" combo

  Each star represents a direction you can swing your
  lightsaber. If you still dont understand, the player
  is in the center of the circle (respresented with a
  + sign.) The sequence of the moves is numbered.

     * *
    * + *                           (2) - Do one here.
     * *  (1) - You can do two swings here and then...

  Two, you can do a "triad" combo, which goes down
  three points on the grid consecutively.

     * *  (1) - You can swing here..
    * + *              (2)  - To here causing a spin.      
     * *                  (3) - Then to here, causing
      *                         a double spin.

  Or three, you can do a "rotating" combo. This
  combo goes from one point, to the next, then back
  to the starting point, like this:

      *            (2) Then here..
     * *   (1) Start here..     (3) Then here again.
    * + *         
     * *   

  Notice I have labeled each type of combo as a
  "diad", "triad", or "rotating" combo. These are
  not official names (laff), they are names I am
  using for the purposes of this guide. If you are
  a person who teaches people lightsaber skills in
  JKA, feel free to use any names or content in this
  guide to help you.

  As promised, here are the three basic combos with
  alternate diad (or any other) inversions. These dont
  have fancy names like "diagonal counter". In-game 
  they are just called simply "combos". For the 
  purposes of this guide I will label them Combo A, 
  Combo B, and Combo C.

  These combos are listed in a special order. Combo
  A is the easiest, Combo C is the hardest.

  Triad Combo. Has An Effective Aerial Inversion.
  Has Two Effective Diad Inversions. Has a
  Reversed Cartwheel Inversion.

  Triad Inversion:

     * *   
    * + *                        (3) One slash here.
     * *   (1/2) Two slashes here..

  Diad Inversion One:

     * *   
    * + *         
     * *   (1/2) Two consecutive slashes here.

  Diad Inversion Two:

     * *   
    * + *                     (2) Followed by one here.
     * *   (1) One slash here..

  Aerial Inversion:
  There are no move changes in the aerial inversion
  of this combo. To perform this inversion, HOP
  (use NO FORCE in your jump) and the second you
  jump, start the combo. Continue it as and after
  you land.

  Reversed Cartwheel Inversion:
  This is a reversed combo, all of your right
  attacks will now be on your lefthand side.
  Any combo in the game can be reversed, as is
  noted several times in the guide!

                                  * *
  (2/3) Perform a cartwheel      * + * (3) Another
(1/2) Swing once or twice here    * *     cartwheel
                                   *      here if you

  If you are lost on how this works, you swing once
  or twice backwards diagonally to the left. Remember
  that Red combos only last for a max of three moves.
  If you do one backwards diagonal slash, you will be
  able to do two cartwheels. If you do two slashes,
  you can only do one cartwheel.

  You can refer to the special moves sections of any
  single stance for how to perform a cartwheel. If
  you will notice, when you branch the cartwheel
  (assuming you do it right) from the first (or
  second) slash, there will be a saber trail on the
  move. This means it is now an active attack instead
  of just an evasive move (like the normal cartwheel
  which doesnt have a trail)! If your saber hits
  someone while you cartwheel, it will seriously
  hurt them. Also, try wiggling your saber, that way
  you only have to get in the general vicinity of
  your opponent to hit them.

  This takes time to perfect, especially on the aim.
  It will come with practice. When this hits, it is
  usually a one-hit install kill (headshot).

  Tips For Combo A:
  This combo is most effective against duals and
  staff users, and is probably one of the most
  effective combos against those sabers. This is
  why I decided to put it in this guide.

  When doing this combo, especially midair, on the
  backwards diagonal slashes try to aim a little
  higher than you normally would. This will make
  the slashes more precise and will most likely
  disarm your opponent. It is smart to always do
  this in the aerial inversion.

  Also, there is a bug in the game you can exploit
  while performing this combo. If you will notice,
  when you switch arrow keys in the middle of your
  backwards diagonal slash to the right, your
  saber will kind of move as your body sways. This
  does a touch more damage.

  Triad Combo. Has Three Effective Diad Inversions.

  Triad Inversion:

     * *                           (3) One here.
    * + *   (1/2) Two slashes here..
     * *   

  Diad Inversion One:

     * *
    * + *   (1/2) Two slashes here.
     * *   

  Diad Inversion Two:

     * *           (2) One here.
    * + *   (1) One slash here..
     * *   

  Diad Inversion Three:

     * *       (1/2) Two slashes here.
    * + *   
     * *   

  Tips For Combo B:
  This is a very good combo against any saber. It has
  a good disarm rate and if you wiggle (discussed in
  strategies/exploits) during the strafe slashes,
  it could easily take a huge chunk out of your
  enemy's hit points.

  Triad Combo. Has Two Effective Triad Inversions.
  Has Five Effective Diad Inversions. Has Two
  Effective Aerial Inversions.

  Triad Inversion One:

       *        (2/3) Two here.         
      * *  (1) One here..
     * + *
      * *   

  Traid Inversion Two:
  (this combo goes from right side to left side)

                   *            (2) Another here..
(3) Lastly here.  * *   (1) One slash here..
                 * + *
                  * *   

  Diad Inversion One:

     * *   (1/2) Two slashes here.
    * + *   
     * *   

  Diad Inversion Two:

      *              (2) Another here.
     * *   (1) One here...
    * + * 
     * *   

  Diad Inversion Three:

      *    (1/2) Two here.           
     * *
    * + * 
     * *   

  Diad Inversion Four:

 (1/2) Two here =p    * *
                     * + *
                      * *   

  Diad Inversion Five:

         (2) And then here.  *            
  (1) One here..            * *
                           * + *   
                            * *   

  Aerial Inversion One (Triad):
  Hop (a nonforce jump) forward, preferably a
  double hop for speed while doing this combo.
  Feel free to use any diad variation you want
  on this combo if you feel it is needed.

      * (3)       
     * * (2)
    * + * (1) 
     * *   

  Aerial Inversion Two (Diad):
  Hop forward like you did on the first aerial
  inversion, preferably two or three hops for

      *    (1/2) Two here.           
     * *
    * + * 
     * *   

  Tips For Combo C:
  All of the inversions of this combo will take
  some time to master and even more time to apply
  correctly. However, it will be well worth the
  effort once you have applied the level C

  Those are all of the basic Red combo inversions.
  They will take time to learn and apply, but once
  you have mastered them all it will take your
  single skills to the next level.

  If you want to know how to further use and apply
  these combos (or anything else with the single
  saber) drop down to the stategies section (vB).

  III.) Dual Sabers [SECIII]


  Duals are probably the rarest saber used online.
 You will have trouble finding a professional dual
 user.. but I have seen them. That makes learning
 duals hard, you don't have anyone to look to. I've
 listed a lot of duals tactics in the strategies
 section, so give it a look if you are interested
 in dual saber mastery.

  Remember that while duals have nearly the exact
 same combos as staff, they are almost the total
 opposite. Whereas staff users depend mostly on
 the sheer offensive power of their attacks to
 cut through and annihalate their opponents, duals
 users depend mostly on the defensive capabilities
 of their weapon.

  An excellent way to look at it is instead of
 thinking of duals as "two lightsabers to cut down
 my foes!", think of your two sabers more as a shield
 that deals damage as a byproduct of the defense.

  If you block opponents attacks with duals, you will
 naturally deal them damage. You should focus on this
 more than just mindlessly charging them.

  Alright, let's talk about the most important aspects
 of duals: the strengths and weaknesses.

  - Very limited range on both stances.
  - Highest defensive power in the game.
  - Can switch to Single Blue and lunge!
  - Kata that can be spun to instantly kill.
  - Neverending combos.
  - Extremely powerful, yet vulnerable, backstab.

  - Suicidal if used offensively.
  - There aren't many skilled dualists online that
    you can look to and learn from. Most of them are
    held up in clans and refuse to teach anything to
  - The twirl is completely useless.
  - The butterfly is completely useless.

 - iiiA. Duals [SECIIIA]
  Well, this is basically just dual sabers. This is
 the most defensive style in the entire game.. and it
 can really scare a staff user. Single users will give
 you one heck of a time, though.

  - High rate of random one-hit kill headshots!
  - A kata that can be spun.
  - Extremely defensive.. if used correctly, not
    even a staff will get through those dual sabers.
  - Strong backstab.

  - Very limited range.
  - A little below average attack power.
  - Useless and suicidal butterfly and twirl.
  - May have difficulty with single users.
  - Few skilled dualists online.

  Special moves:
  I wouldn't get into a habit of using this move.
  Not only does it use a lot of your force pool, it
  also leaves you completely open to the back. A staff
  user and a single user would like nothing more than
  for you to use this special move, so trust me, avoid

  (When enemy is behind you, BACK + ATTACK)
  You get your sabers and do some funky jump in
  the air that I'm assuming is supposed to be
  effective. It's not. It misses about 90% of the
  time and uses a lot of force pool that you would
  probably want to use on jumping (if you havn't
  broken the habit of jumping and just started hopping

  This is possibly the cheapest move
  in the entire game if done with duals. Basically,
  you lift your sabers in the air, etc. However, since
  the developers seem to have forgotten about the game,
  you can also spin while doing it, causing your
  sabers to go everywhere and kill every single person
  that touches them. It's very cheap and it's very

  This is useless unless it is branched off of
  a combo. Any combo will work.

  Other Names: Slice, Spam, Sweep, Fan
  You strafe left to right and attack. If you spin,
  it wont work and will only get you killed.. so
  practice doing it without spinning. I'd also
  suggest that you crouch when doing it, to protect
  the area below your waist. This is a very defensive
  combo that I don't believe any swing can counter.

  Other Names: None
  To perform these combos, what you do is you move
  foward, left or right, in a diagonal motion, and then
  attack, then go the opposite diagonal way and do the
  same. These combos are good for starting spins.

  Other Terms: None
  These combos are one of the most important dual
  combos, and the source of most of your random
  headshots. Try jumping into them for an added
  boost towards your opponent's head area. Just
  remember not to spin, or it breaks the combo.

  For help on how to do a cartwheel, check the
  special moves section above. You will know this
  has worked if you see a trail following your
  saber once you cartwheel. Experiment with different
  moves to see what position it puts your saber at.
  You will want a position closest to the air (so
  when you flip, itll be aiming straight down towards
  your opponent). Also remember since you are on
  duals and your combos can go forever, you can
  cartwheel back and forth however many times you

        MOVEMENT (Left -> Right, Right -> Left) AND

 - iiiB. Single Blue (with small variations) [SECIIIB]
  There is no need to go into detail about this.
 If you want info on this stance check section iiB.

  The only differences between the Single version and
 the Duals version of this stance is that you cant 
 kata and you can't cartwheel. Also, your running
 forward attack is no longer a forward attack, your
 swing will go to the right. You can perform one
 combo with the Duals Single Blue stance that I will
 not hesitate to mention.

  Lunge and the second you start doing the move,
  change your saber style back to duals. This will
  make you lunge with two lightsabers, doing more

 If you want to further advance in dual saber
 mastery, drop down to the strategies section (vC).

  IV.) Staff Saber [SECIV]


  Well, here we are, the staff. It's the most
 controversial weapon in the entire game, which I
 can understand. There are some idiots who use the
 staff and just spam butterfly and call themselves
 skilled (which they aren't.) (at all.)
 (they're noobs.)

  Also, before starting this section, I would like to
 get something behind us. NOT EVERY STAFF USER IS A
 NOOB. So all of these words:

 Double-Ended Flashlight
 .. are meaningless. If you play on BWN, you'll
 hear them alot from the whiners who don't know how
 to take a loss. And yes, there is an existance of
 skill when using staff. It takes skill to use a
 staff (appropriately), and it takes skill to fight
 one. If you don't like it.. then you might as well
 uninstall JKA, because you'll have to deal with it.

  Now, for the Strengths and Weaknesses.

  - Almost unstoppable offensive power.
  - All of the attacks have a defensive aspect
    with them, so when you attack you are actually
    blocking some of your opponent's attacks.. and
    possibly pushing them back.
  - Neverending combos.
  - Effective aerial combos.
  - Has Single Yellow that you can use.

  - Special move that does absolutely nothing.
  - Greatly upsets the whiners.
  - Useless backstab and twirl.
  - It has a bad reputation.
  - Vulnerable to both skilled dual and single
  - Weak against staff users.

 - ivA. Staff [SECIVA]
  Very controversial, very powerful. A popular
 choice amongst noobs and pros everywhere. It is
 my personal saber of choice.

  - Unstoppable offensive power.
  - Endless combos.
  - Transitions for added offense (check exploits
    and strategies).

  - Useless kata, backstab, and twirl.
  - You'll have difficulty with experienced single
    and dual users. Dual users you may find will be
    near impossible to beat without special moves.
  - Horribly bad reputation. You may even get rejected
    from clans and teams if you're a staff user.

  Special moves:
  This is totally useless, and thats all I have to
  say. Don't use it.

  Now I've gone through every special move in this
  game. As you may have taken notice, well over half
  of them are just pointless to use. Well, if there
  is a level of beyond useless, this kata certainly
  meets it. This is quite possibly the stupidest move
  (that can hurt the enemy) in the game.

  The only purpose of this move is to look cool.
  It does zero damage.

  A very noob/newbie move. It does a lot of
  damage and is easy to spam because it doesn't
  use much force energy. Understand that an
  experienced player will be prepared to counter
  any butterfly you throw at them, and they will
  assume you will try to do it to them if you are
  using staff. The only reason you should ever
  use this move is to counter a special move that
  makes your opponent stationary, such as a twirl
  or a kata.

  Other Names: Fan, Sweep, Spam, Slice
  You strafe left to right and attack. If you spin,
  it wont work and will only get you killed.. so
  practice doing it without spinning. A lot of people
  will cry when you use this because they don't
  understand how to play against it. Just rub it in
  their faces by spamming it if they keep crying
  about it.

  Other Names: None
  When you do these combos, be sure you don't spin.
  It is good to branch this combo with the counter
  combo that way you have some mobility and offense
  at the same time.

  Other Names: Counter, Spam
  No one really uses these combos, but they do work.
  This is a good defensive combo. And
  remember, you can't spin while doing this combo
  or it won't work (plus you'll probably die.)

  Other Names: None
  Same for diagonal counters, no one really uses
  these combos. This is exactly why you should,
  because no one expects it. Basically, its like
  a strafe combo, but you hold down the right or left
  or any directional key besides forward and backward
  and make two attacks. On your second attack, you
  should jump and spin, and then make a combo that
  would go from that attack when you land.

  This may take practice.

        MOVEMENT (Left -> Right, Right -> Left) AND

 - ivB. Single Yellow (w/ small variations) [SECIVC]
  Same for the Dual version of Single Blue, you can't
 cartwheel and you can't kata.

  Another difference that you will put to use
 is the running forward attack. Instead of slashing
 forward like the single version, on staff it does
 a strafe left attack instead. This means, you can
 run forward and use a strafe left attack at the
 same time. Extra mobility! How to use this is
 covered in the strategies section (vD).

  V.) Strategies/Tactics & Exploits [SECV]

  NOTE: I highly recommend you go back and read
        over the previous sections before continuing.
        I may talk about things discussed earlier that
        you may not be familiar with.

  This is how this will work. I will go through each
 and every saber explaining what to use and when to
 use it to the best of my ability. I will first
 start with acrobatic techniques that will give you
 a very great edge over your opponents if you master

 - vA. Acrobatic Techniques
  Acrobatic skill is very important in duels. Being
 able to move around better than your opponent may
 give you a good enough edge that may mean the
 difference between a victory and a loss.

  This is the slowest kind of jump. You'll know
  you've done it right if you character rolls in
  the direction you are jumping. There is a way
  to use this jump to surprise your opponent in
  a duel:

      This one is a bit hard to master and even
      harder to learn without seeing someone doing it.
      I'll do my best to explain.

      Before starting, understand that your timing
      has to be absolutely perfect for this to work.
      If you let go of the jump button too soon,
      you will do a hop and not get the needed roll.
      If you let go of the jump button too late, you
      wont land where you aim and will soar too far
      above your opponent.

      Hit the strafe left/right key and the second you
      hit it, hit and hold the jump button down just
      long enough to get a side roll. Once the roll
      starts (not during the roll!), let go of the
      jump button and begin your combo mid-air.

      Why is this effective? Three reasons. One,
      the roll in the air makes a low to mid
      experienced player believe you are going to
      jump above them. Two, the roll mid air gives
      you a speed boost for the element of surprise.
      Three, starting the combo mid-air gives you
      a damage boost because it makes your saber
      drag from the head region to the mid or low
      region. The head region is the most vulnerable
      part of the body and one-hit kill headshots
      are a common thing.

  A hop is a jump that uses no force. These are
  the most important jumps in the game because
  if used consecutively, they make you jump faster
  and if you start a combo mid-air off of a hop
  it will do more damage if it hits when you land.
  You can also hop off of a cartwheel and off of a

  These are very useful jumps because they are
  faster than force jumps and they use less force.
  You can also do a delay swing off of them, which
  is discussed in the single strategies.

  You will run up a wall. This really isnt very
  useful in duels and a lot of people will take
  advantage of it by trying to kill you while you
  are doing the run. You can flip off of the wall
  by hitting the jump button twice.

  This will make you flip off of a wall. You can
  delay your swings by doing this so it isnt
  completely useless. Delayed swings are discussed
  in the single strategies.

  This isn't useful unless you are trying to do
  a delayed swing, which is covered in the single
  strategies section.

 - vB. Single Strategies & Exploits
  Single is probably the most overexploited saber
 in the entire game. I find it ironic that single
 users often call staff and dual users "spammers",
 when in fact singlests are the biggest exploit
 spammers around.

  A delay swing is quite simply, a swing that is
  delayed for a second. The delay can often fool your
  opponent or even extend your combo for it to last
  long enough to hit them. They are very very useful
  in any duel if you are a single user.

  There are many ways to perform a delay swing.
  The simplest of these is to do a force
  conservative jump and then forward attack right
  before you hit the ground. You will notice that
  your saber "hangs" before it hits. You can delay
  a swing in any direction and make combos off of
  delay swings.

  <- WIGGLE ->
  One of the most used single exploits. This also
  happens to work with staff and duals if you can
  implement it correctly. What happens is, you shake
  your saber to the left and right (wiggling it) and
  your saber will actually hit them several times
  (because it passes through them over and over).

  It is important that you set your mouse sensitivity
  very high.. even if you have no plan on using
  this exploit.

  You should ALWAYS be able to turn on a dime but
  move slow enough to be precise. Everyone's
  mouse is different, so everyone's setting will be
  different. To change your sensitivity setting,
  open up the console while you are in-game
  (by pressing SHIFT + ~) and type in /sens 0.00 .
  Change 0.00 to whatever number you want your
  sensitivity to be.

  For reference, my sensitivity setting is
  always set to 24.375. Yours may vary depending
  on your mouse.. but I can literally breathe on
  my mouse and my guy turns 360 degrees.

  <- POKE ->
  Information on this exploit will not be provided
  at this time. However, if you ask any player
  online I am sure they will assist you with how
  to perform this.   

  Ok, now for strategies.

  <- Basic Single Rules ->

  - Never kata nomatter what style you are on.
  - Only lunge when nececarry.
  - Do not taunt your opponent. This leaves you
    open to attack assuming your opponent is faster
    than you are.

  <- Single -Vs- Single ->

 Some basic things you need to remember here. Always
 be on your guard for their lunges, for their
 wiggles, and for their surprise counter attacks
 with yellow.

 If they lunge: Assuming you are in red, instantly
                switch to blue and counter them.
                If you are in yellow, use counters
                while crouching.

 Memorize the different single katas so you will
 know how to respond to each.

 If they Blue kata: Lunge them because they are
                    stationary for the duration of
                    the move.

 If they Yellow kata: Either use a counter with
                      either blue or yellow or
                      use forward attacks with
                      red that hit at the end of
                      their kata. A delay swing
                      may help with the forward red

 If they Red kata: Lunge them with Blue if you are
                   in Red at the time, or if you are
                   in Yellow, do crouching counters
                   with a lot of spin for extra
                   damage. Always remember to hit
                   on the end of the kata when they
                   are most vulnerable.

 If they try to
 kill you with blue: Switch to yellow and counter

 If they try to kill
 you with yellow: Red Diad Combos or Yellow counters
                  will usually work.

 If they try to kill
 you with red: Red combos are preferred, but you can
               RARELY use blue and yellow counters
               to surprise them.

 To counter their red combos, try playing defensive
 until the very end of their combo. This is when they
 are most vulnerable and have the hardest time
 moving. This is the best opportunity you have to
 attack them.

  <- Single -Vs- Duals ->

 This should be the easiest fight for single. Duals
 have an inferior range compared to you and have to
 rely on deflecting your attacks for random side
 damage. Keep in mind that almost none of your
 Red attacks can be deflected, however you can
 be attacked at the end of your combos when you
 are vulnerable.

 If they kata: If they spin it, keep away until the
               very end of the kata. At the very
               end of the kata, even if they are
               spinning it it wont matter because it
               cant hit you. Lunge them at this time.
               If they aren't spinning the kata,
               always assume they are playing stupid
               with you and will spin it the second
               you approach. Wait until the end
               moments of the kata and lunge them.

 If they twirl: Get behind them (be sure not to
                approach them from any other side
                or you risk your saber being deflected
                and you will recieve side-damage)
                and lunge them.

 If they butterfly: Don't try to counter this, just
                    simply move out of the way. If
                    they spam it use a forward red
                    attack right on them when they
                    approach. If it doesn't kill them,
                    it will seriously cripple them and
                    give them second thoughts about
                    their strategy.

 If they counter: Use random inversions of Red
                  Combo B (discussed in the
                  Single section earlier).

 If they aerial diagonal counter: Use aerial
                                  inversions of
                                  Red Combo C.

 If they lunge: Switch to blue and attack them
                from the sides or the back. If you
                are on yellow, use crouch counters
                with some spin.

  <- Single -Vs- Staff ->

 This shouldn't be very difficult if you know what
 you are doing. On the contrary, it will be difficult
 if you don't know what you are doing OR the staff
 user is one of those skilled few staff users who
 has creative talent to adapt to your technique. I
 know I do =p

 Always make sure you are using either red or
 yellow on staff. If you are bold and have enough
 practice, you can use crouching blue counters with
 a LOT of spin to kill a staff user assuming they
 dont know what they are doing, however experienced
 staff users wont hesitate to take advantage of
 the moment if you let down your guard.

 First I will answer what seems to be the holy
 grail of all questions in JKA combat.

 What to do if they butterfly: Always be prepared
                               for a butterfly. With
                               practice you will be
                               able to recognize the
                               signs that one is about
                               to come (a few steps
                               back, a backflip, etc).
                               All you do is a forward
                               attack. It will
                               completely glitch the
                               butterfly and
                               practically make your
                               opponent's saber inert.

 What to do if they twirl: Lunge them with blue or
                           do forward attacks with red.

 If they do the weird backflip: Just let them show
                                off. You only put
                                yourself at risk
                                trying to counter this.

 If they ground butterfly: Use forward attacks and
                           treat it like an air

 If they counter/fan: Use Red Combo B with random
                      ia/di/tri inversions.

 - vC. Duals Strategies & Exploits
  As mentioned earlier, this is the least used
 saber online. This makes it the hardest to learn
 how to use because there aren't many experienced
 duals users around. Let's go over the rules and basic
 exploits first. Some of these may have been
 mentioned earlier.

   A sustained cartwheel is a cartwheel that
 does damage. In the case of duals, it is an
 effective aerial combo because you can have an
 endless "cartwheel of uber death". To try it out,
 do a strafe left or right attack and cartwheel
 right after the attack in the fashion of a combo.
 You will notice a saber trail behind your cartwheel
 if you have done it correctly.

  This means your sabers are active and will do
 damage if they touch your enemies. Now to make
 a combo out of this, cartwheel in the opposite
 direction. Also remember you can cartwheel forward
 diagonally left and right for a speed boost and
 you can hop off of a cartwheel.

   When you lunge, the second the move starts quickly
 change your lightsaber style back to duals so that
 both of your sabers are up as you lunge. This will
 give you an extra damage boost and make you just
 a touch harder to hit when you are vulnerable.

 Always remember that if you spin a counter, it will
 make you move forward (because you are effectively
 moving diagonally with the spin). Try to use some
 spin, but to never lose sight of your opponent.
 If you turn your back to them or leave one of your
 sides open to them, you will be attacked and sustain

 And dont forget that you can branch your combos
 from Counter to Diagonal Forward Counters and back
 to Counter without spinning. This is extremely
 useful for outmanouvering your opponents.

  <- Basic Duals Rules ->

  - Do not kata.
  - Do not twirl.
  - Do not taunt your opponent. This leaves you
    open to attack assuming your opponent is faster
    than you are.
  - Crouch your combos when needed (covered in
    strategies on when its appropriate).
  - Do not butterfly. It almost always misses.
  - When you lunge, always do a double lunge (look
  - Do not use blue for anything besides lunges.
    I've seen newbies actually go against staffs
    with blue. You can guess the end result.

  <- Duals -Vs- Single ->

 This will probably be your hardest fight. The reason
 is because that Duals do not have a high range and
 single Red has a very high range.

 A single user will most likely not switch to
 yellow or blue in this fight, however they may try
 to lunge you because it will be harder to hit them
 at the end of their lunge because of your limited

 Do not use forward diagonal combos (the ones that
 go left and right and make you run diagonally).
 The reason being that this puts your lightsaber
 in the air for a split second leaving your front
 vulnerable. A single user will take advantage of

 When I refer to counters in the sense of duals,
 understand that you are more likely to get a
 headshot with your diagonal counters. Try both
 diagonal counters and normal counters to see
 whichever works best for you.

 If they use Red combos: Wait until the last second
                         of the combo when they are
                         vulnerable and use counter
                         combos, or lunge them to
                         hopefully disarm their

 If they counter with yellow: Use normal counters,
                              but be sure to crouch
                              while using them to
                              protect the area below
                              your waist.

 If they kata: With until the end of their kata to
               either use a counter combo or a
               double lunge.

 Try to avoid using backstabs, you always want to be
 facing your opponent. By not facing your opponent
 you will leave your backside vulnerable to attack.

 If they lunge: Use counters to attack them at their
                sides or their back.

 If they do a Death From Above: Use crouching diagonal
                                counters or a double

  <- Duals -Vs- Duals ->

 A lot of people tend to think that these fights
 are even more random than Staff VS Staff duels.
 However, if you know what to do and when to do it
 you can easily gain the upper hand.

 Always watch for "open points", or points of attack
 where they end their combo or spin their combo and
 make themselves vulnerable. They wont happen often
 so you will have to take advantage of them when they
 do happen.

 Also, because of the counters your opponent will
 throw at all of your moves, try to throw in some
 aerial diagonal counters. If one hits you are quite
 likely to get a headshot which will take a lot of
 trouble away from killing them hit by hit.

 And the most important thing, remember that with
 duals if you aren't crouching you are vulnerable
 below the waist to lower attacks. Most duals users
 do not realize this, therefore this is very easy
 to take advantage of. If they stand on all of their
 combos, crouch on all of yours. If they crouch on
 their combos, do a mix of standing and crouching
 on your combos (stand one slash, crouch the next).

 Remember to watch out for open points on your end.
 If your saber is throw off, immediately backflip
 out of the frey. This can easily save your life
 in a Duals VS Duals match.

 If they counter while standing: Crouch and use
                                 counters with a little
                                 spin for extra damage.
                                 You can also try
                                 aerial diagonal
                                 counters if you want
                                 to push your luck with
                                 a headshot.

 If they counter while crouching: Do a mix of
                                  crouched and standing
                                  (while walking)
                                  counters. Try
                                  crouching one attack
                                  of the combo and
                                  crouching the next.
                                  If you want to press
                                  your luck, try an

 If they use diagonal counters: Use a double lunge if
                                they are stationary
                                and just expect you
                                to run into their
                                attacks. Try an
                                aerial counter
                                (not a diagonal aerial)
                                if they are moving.

 If they use aerial counters: If they try it once,
                              they will most likely
                              try it again until it
                              hits. You should see a
                              pattern and be able to
                              tell where/when they
                              will try it next. When
                              they do, double lunge

 If they kata: Wait until the last moment of the kata
               so they wont have a chance to spin it
               and get an instant kill. At the
               last moment do a double lunge.

 If they butterfly: A double lunge will easily deal
                    with a butterfly.

 If they at any time switch to blue: Switch to duals
                                     and use random
                                     counter combos.
                                     Watch out though,
                                     they may be about
                                     to lunge/double
                                     lunge you.

 Always make sure your double lunges are instantaneous
 (the second you switch to Blue, you lunge). That
 way, you aren't predictable. Predictability will
 always be your biggest downfall on any saber. It
 is important to overcome it.

 - vB. Duals Strategies & Exploits
  As mentioned earlier, this is the least used
 saber online. This makes it the hardest to learn
 how to use because there aren't many experienced
 duals users around. Let's go over the basic
 exploits first. Some of these may have been
 mentioned earlier.

  <- Duals -Vs- Staff ->

 This will be your easiest fight. Why? As clearly
 stated earlier, duals is a defensive weapon that
 depends mostly upon deflection damage when an
 opponent tries to attack them. Staff is the most
 offensive saber.. so they have no choice but to
 attempt to attack you.

 If you know what you are doing, this fight can
 easily be won. You will have to change your
 style up a bit when fighting a staff, though.

 Always crouch your combos. If your opponent has
 read this guide or has recieved formal training from
 someone, they will know that crouch diagonal
 counters will decimate you if you are countering
 while standing.

 Never kata against a staff (never kata period),
 never butterfly (never butterfly period), and
 never twirl (never twirl period).

 If they use crouching diagonal counters: You can do
                                          one of two
                                          things. One,
                                          you can use
                                          a running
                                          attack. Or
                                          two, you can
                                          use a
                                          double lunge.

 If they use counters: Diagonal counters will
                       usually work well against any
                       counter a staff throws at
                       you. Normal counters work too.

 If they use butterflies: Double lunge them or just
                          avoid the butterfly.

 If they kata: Assume they will roll at you at the
               end of the kata to do a roll stab.
               Double lunge them when they do.

 Aerial attacks will work well against any
 staff user. However, because of the staff's high
 vulnerability, a staff user may just try to
 ground butterfly you for an instant kill.

 If you see the staff user backflip and then
 start to run towards you, be prepared for a
 1-hit kill exploit. Back off. Don't let them
 get too close to you right after a backflip. Let
 them do a few combos, and then return to fight them.

 - vD. Staff Strategies & Exploits
  This is the most offense-based saber that you
 can use. Your damage comes purely off of what combos
 and attacks you use, unlike duals which depends on
 side-damage. What you see is basically what you get.

 Lets go over the most basic exploits.

   The most underused and most important staff
 exploits are the transitions. The single yellow
 transition is the most important of the two
 types. Since no one really ever uses them, I will
 first explain what a transition actually is.

   A transition is a style branch from Yellow to Staff
 or Staff to Yellow that bugs your other opponent's
 saber causing it to become inert. A transition can
 easily throw off almost ANY COMBO OR ATTACK IN
 THE ENTIRE GAME and it can get attacks through to
 moves like kata and butterfly while they are being
 performed that other attacks normally would not do.

  With the use of transitions, it is possible to
 gain the upper hand against a Single user by
 actually throwing off their attacks. If its strong
 enough to throw off an attack from Single Red, you
 can imagine how much it hurts.

  Now, what you've been waiting for. How to actually
 perform a transition. It's a lot easier than some
 people tend to think. To do this kind of transition,
 first make you are in Yellow. When you are about
 to attack your opponent, start a combo like you
 normally would with staff, but right before it hits,
 change your saber style to Staff. It's that easy.

   Staff transitions are even more underused than
 Single Yellow transitions. They have a purpose
 though, otherwise I wouldn't have included them.

   A Staff transition is exactly the opposite of a
 Single Yellow transition. Instead starting your
 combos on yellow and switching to staff mid-attack,
 you start your combos on staff and switch to
 yellow mid-attack.

 Now that you have the two transitions down, I'll
 explain what makes them different. Single Yellow
 transitions have a high rate of deflecting staff
 and duals. Staff transitions have a better rate of
 deflecting Single Red attacks, even if they don't
 do as much damage.

   Because of the amount of abuse that the people
 who know this exploit do, I will not put it here.
 I no longer teach how to perform this expoit because
 it is abused to the point that the player only wants
 to use it and not actually learn how to play.

   Yes it is a one hit instant kill that comes with
 only one warning. For the purposes of this guide,
 I will teach you what that warning is and nothing

   You can tell someone is about to ground butterfly
 if they backflip and then run towards you. If they
 do this, wait for them to perform a few combos before
 attempting to approach them.

 To use staff effectively and efficiently, you need
 to first get down the basic rules, which are:

  <- Basic Staff Rules ->

  - Do not kata.
  - Do not twirl.
  - Do not taunt your opponent. This leaves you
    open to attack assuming your opponent is faster
    than you are.
  - Do not butterfly unless it is called for. I
    will tell you when it is called for.
  - The only thing you should be using yellow for
    is transitions, which I discussed above.
  - Transition often!!!!

  <- Staff -Vs- Single ->

 This will probably be the most challenging of the
 staff fights. Single users are quite prepared for
 anything you will throw at them, so you will have
 to find some way to gain the upper hand.

 If they use Red combos: Wait until the end of their
                         attacks when they are most
                         vulnerable, then use a
                         diagonal counter.

 If they use Yellow counters: Use crouching counters
                              with some spin.

 If they switch to blue: Chase them down and use
                         any counter you want.

 If they lunge: Get on their sides or behind them and
                use a diagonal counter.

 If they pull a Death From Above: Use a crouching
                                  diagonal counter.

 If they kata with Yellow or Blue: Butterfly them.

 If they kata with Red: Wait until the end of the
                        kata when they are
                        vulnerable and use diagonal

  <- Staff -Vs- Duals ->

 This may be a bit tough because you will have to
 rely on offensive damage to attack your opponent,
 and your opponent will rely on side-damage from
 your own attacks to kill you. If you know what
 you are doing though, this shouldn't be too tough
 for you to handle.

 First, take notice that if the duals user is
 NOT crouching on their combos, crouch on ALL of
 yours. The waist of a duals user is very vulnerable
 and very easy for a staff to attack because staff
 attacks aim down just a little bit.

 If the duals user is crouching, use a mix of
 standing and crouching combos (stand one slash,
 crouch the next).

 If all else fails, butterfly them (don't spam it!).
 Only use butterfly as a LAST RESORT.

 If they kata: Wait until the end of the kata and
               butterfly them.

 If they twirl: Butterfly them.

 If they roll stab: Get on one of their strafe sides
                    and use crouching diagonal

 If they switch to blue: Expect an incoming lunge or
                         double lunge. Try to stay on
                         one of their strafe sides and
                         attempt to get close enough
                         to attack. Just keep in mind
                         that a lunge will probably be
                         incoming in a few moments.

 If they counter: Read the few paragraphs above.

 If they butterfly: Don't try to counter this, just
                    move out of the way. If they spam
                    it, use a butterfly as a counter.

  <- Staff -Vs- Staff ->

 These fights are supposed to be "random" and
 "battles of the lucky", but if you know what you
 are doing, they aren't.

 Transition a lot. If you don't know what a transition
 is or how to perform them, read up on the staff
 exploits above.

 Transitions will easily throw off most, if not all,
 staff combos. This makes the fight a little bit
 less random, especially when none of their combos
 work! =P

 If they counter: Use transitions.

 If they diagonal counter: Use transitions that start
                           with a diagonal attack.

 If they butterfly: Use a butterfly, or even a
                    transitioned butterfly.

 If they twirl: Butterfly them.

 If they kata: Butterfly them.

 If they switch to yellow: They are either stupid or
                           are going to try to pull
                           some transitions on you!
                           We can't have that, now
                           can we? Use the same
                           transitions that they are,
                           but change styles right
                           after they do. You will
                           effectively be doing a

 If they backflip: Stand back because they are most
                   likely losing hope against you and
                   will try to ground butterfly. Give
                   it a few seconds after they
                   backflip, and then reapproach

  VI.) Random Useful Info [SECVI]

 - viA. Common Terms

  A lot of first time Jedi Knight players pick up this
 game, and they instantly start hearing stuff that
 they've never heard before in a First-Person Shooter.
 Some of it, in my opinion, is ridiculous, but
 nonetheless I'll put it here.

  This is only to help a new person understand some of
 what goes on online. I'll write the word, then the
 definition by it. I'm assuming you aren't a total
 newbie and know what stuff like "lol" etc means.

 lamer - Someone who kills you when you're chatting, or
         who kills you with your saber down (if your
         into that whole honor code nonsense)

 noobstick - A noob's name for a staff. They will only
 glowstick   say it if their crying because they lost
 lightstick  to you.
 Double-Ended Flashlight

 scrim - A Clan VS Clan match usually between 3 to 6
         people per clan.

 force pool - The amount of force energy you have.

 NSE - Some of the most dominant clans in JKA
 GOA   (in no particular order).

 - viB. Honor Philosophy

  The whole "honor code" is very dominant and
 active in JKA. Those who follow it treat it, accept
 it, tend to it, and follow it like a religion. I
 personally do not follow it.

  For this guide, I will put in the honor code compared
 to my own "honor code".

 1.) Do not attack other players with their chat
     bubbles up or their sabers down, even in duels.

 2.) If your opponent falls down, do not attack
     them. Wait for them to get up.

 3.) Always bow (by crouching) before a fight
     begins. This shows respect to your opponent.

 4.) Do not spam a move (such as butterfly) against
     your opponent. This is considered "unhonor-ly".

 5.) If you disarm your opponent's lightsaber,
     you must wait for them to pick it up before
     attacking them.

 6.) Do not taunt your opponent during a fight. This
     is also considered "unhonorly".

 7.) If you are using staff, do not kick your opponents
     to the ground. This is considered a move of
     cowardice against your opponent. If you
     accidently kick them to the ground, you must
     wait for them to first get up before resuming
     the fight.

 8.) Do not use wiggles, pokes, ground butterflies,
     delay swings, or any other exploits in the
     game. These are considered sins against God
     and are very unhonorly.

  Remarkably, 95% of every single person who plays
 online follows this "religion". I personally think
 it is all ridiculous and that it was established by
 the higher-tiered players as a means of control for
 the lower-tiered players. Yet to this day, if you
 go to almost any Free For All server, you are forced
 to follow this code, religiously.

  For me, I just want to play the game and have fun.
 I don't want to follow the "Way of the Warrior"
 crap. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of
 writing my own honor code. This is the code that
 I follow in-game:

 1.) Do not attack other players with their chat
     bubbles up or their sabers down. If their
     saber is down during a duel, they take their
     life into their own hands. The purpose of a duel
     is to kill each other, not stand around.

 2.) If your opponent falls down, you have knocked
     them down. If you are skilled enough to knock
     them down, you have every right to kill them.

 3.) Only bow before a fight if you feel it is

 4.) Do not spam a move (such as butterfly) against
     your opponent unless they are spamming it
     against you. If that happens, you have every
     right to counter-spam them.

 5.) If you disarm your opponent's lightsaber,
     procede to kill them. You are the one who
     knocked it out of their hand, it's their own
     fault they are stupid enough to get hit by
     the combos that did it.

 6.) Taunt your opponent during a fight if you
     feel it is nececarry. The developers didn't
     put it in the game for decoration.

 7.) If you are using a staff, feel free to kick
     your opponents to the ground. Once again, if
     they are stupid enough to get kicked down,
     they deserve to die.

 8.) Use wiggles, pokes, and other exploits at
     will. Everyone else does, why should you
     put yourself at a disadvantage?

  If everyone followed my code, the world would be
 a much better place.

 - viC. Useful Websites - Download the 1.01 patch (needed
                to play on most online servers)
                and download addons such as models,
                skins, and maps to add into your
                game. - Same thing as JK3Files, just
                  different content. - Has a lot of content, but
                  unfortunately they have a
                  horrible reputation. They literally
                  steal content from other sites
                  without the permission of the
                  website or the author of the
                  content and put it on their site.
                  That's just wrong. - One of the mirrors of this guide
                and the original single host of
                this guide.

 - viD. My Key Configuration (for reference)

  I do not use the WASD default configuration.
 Instead, I use the arrow keys which allows me to
 have the Jump, Walk, and Crouch buttons readily
 available for use.

  FORWARD: Up Arrow
  BACKWARDS: Back Arrow
  STRAFE LEFT: Left Arrow
  STRAFE RIGHT: Right Arrow
  JUMP: Enter
  WALK: Right Shift
  CROUCH: Right Control
  ATTACK: Left Click

  VII.) Frequently Asked Questions [SECVII]

 Q: Does the color of the lightsaber matter?

 A: No. The color of your lightsaber does not
    affect any factor at all besides appearance.

 Q: Does the hilt of the lightsaber matter?

 A: Reborn hilts (and other short hilts) will
    make your saber appear to be short. For
    practice purposes, I recommend not using the
    Reborn hilt. Other than that, no it does not

  VIII.) Closure, Contact Info & Mentions [SECVIII]

  I would like to take this time to make some
 honorable mentions. These are the people who have
 made a difference or stood out to me while I've
 played JKA, in no particular order. If I know you
 and you aren't on this list, then you probably
 didn't signifigantly stand out to me:

   - Ackbah
   - [IW] Undisputed
   - [IW] Xanthus
   - [IW] Tamriel (Profit$)
   - [NSA] Phantom
   - [Bondage] Malice
   - [Bondage] Jin
   - Celestia
   - [LRRP] Volta
   - [LRRP] RagDoll
   - Evil.Weevil
   - Stillborn
   - [NSE] TheDarkOne
   - [GZH] Larathydo
   - [GZH] Binnkin
   - [GZH] Yojimbo

  Well, thanks for having the patience to read my
 guide. Due to the amount of spam I recieved when I
 posted my last FAQs on the internet, I will refrain
 from posting my e-mail address here. Sorry, spammers.

  HOWEVER, if you would like to contact me, I am
 regularly in-game with my clan, NSE. You can
 regularly find me on the NSE server at this
 IP address:

  If you would like to talk to me over Xfire,
 my username is Kaoii. BE SURE TO PUT A REASON

  Good examples of reasons would be "i need
 help with a certain move" or "i have a question"
 or "i just want to play against you".

  Bad examples of reasons would be "OMG I PWN j00"

  Once again, thanks for reading my guide =)

 - End -