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January 30, 2004
Verison 0.97
Author: Michael Heath

Version 0.97 - Jan 30, 2004 - Updated FAQ, added a few new items, just about
      100% Final.

Version 0.85 - Sept 25, 2003 - Updated FAQ, new items, added credit to those
      whom helped, thanks a lot guys, I received so many great emails that
      really contributed.

Version 0.73 - Sept 17, 2003 - First version of FAQ input all of the
      information available will update as more items are unlocked, version
      number represents percentage of crib unlocked. Blanked columns mean
      the item is unknown.


Big Play Milestones:

MILESTONE                 |Crib Item                |Bonus Item
30 yd TD run              |Team Street Sign         |Ooga Booga Soundtrack
40 yd TD run              |Sleek End Table          |Panzer Dragoon Orta Poster
60 yd TD run              |Team Player Poster C     |NFL2K1 Intro Movie
99 yd TD run              |D.McAllister Bobblehead  |Team Star Logo
30 yd TD pass             |Team Banner B            |ESPN NFL Football Poster
40 yd TD pass             |Team Pennant A           |Skies of Arcadia Poster
60 yd TD pass             |Team Helmet Mug          |Team Croc Logo
99 yd TD pass             |Team Player Standee C    |The Danger Soundtrack
40 yd field goal          |Team Photo A             |NFL2K2 Poster
45 yd field goal          |Eastern Couch            |Jet Set Radio Poster
50 yd field goal          |Team Bar Stools          |Team Ninja Logo
55 yd field goal          |Team Player Poster B     |Free Agent: Jacky Bryant
60 yd punt/kick return    |Stuffed Couch            |NFL2K1 Poster
70 yd punt/kick return    |Team Player Painting     |Team Mercury Logo
80 yd punt/kick return    |Modern Wall Clock        |Beach Spikers Poster
99 yd punt/kick return    |Team Game Ball D         |Crazy Kick Game Cheat

Single Game Milestones:

MILESTONE                 |Crib Item                |Bonus Item
49 pts/game               |Newmark Bar Stools       |NFL2K3 Poster
63 pts/game               |Contemporary Couch       |Team Gorilla Logo
77 pts/game               |T.Owens Bobblehead       |Power Pocket Game Cheat
84 pts/game               |B.Favre Bobblehead       |Super Bowl 2004 Stadium
200 rush yds/game         |Team Parking Sign A      |Hip Hop Soundtrack#2
275 rush yds/game         |R.Williams Bobblehead    |Phantasy Star Poster
350 rush yds/game         |Team Player Standee D    |ESPN Commercial 2
400 rush yds/game         |C.Dillon Bobblehead      |Sega Games Soundtrack#3
375 pass yds/game         |Team Mini Helmet         |Hip Hop Soundtrack#1
450 pass yds/game         |Team End Table           |NFL2K Intro Movie
500 pass yds/game         |Sleek Couch              |Team Aztec Logo
600 pass yds/game         |C.Pennington Bobblehead  |Rock Soundtrack#2
10 tackles/game           |80s Wall Clock           |ESPN Soundtrack
20 tackles/game           |J.Kearse Bobblehead      |Team Wolf Logo
30 tackles/game           |Team Glass A             |Berman's Swamis Team
40 tackles/game           |W.Sapp Bobblehead        |Free Agent: Jeffery McWild
3 sacks/game              |Classic Credenza         |Electronic Soundtrack#1
5 sacks/game              |Newmark End Table        |Gungrave Poster
7 sacks/game              |Team Rug A               |Team Boar Logo
9 sacks/game              |B.Urlacher Bobblehead    |Crusher Game Cheat
3 interceptions/game      |L.Tomlinson Bobblehead   |Floigan Brothers Sndtrck
5 interceptions/game      |Stuffed Recliner         |Ooga Booga Poster
6 interceptions/game      |Country Coffee Table     |Electronic Soundtrack#2
7 interceptions/game      |P.Manning Bobblehead     |Free Agent: Kage Maru

Career Milestones:

MILESTONE                 |Crib Item                |Bonus Item
25 career wins            |Classic End Table        |Crib Bar Lights
50 career wins            |M.Faulk Bobblehead       |ESPN Commercial 6
100 career wins           |Team Helmet Lamp         |ESPN Commercial 1
150 career wins           |                         |
2000 career rush yds      |C.Portis Bobblehead      |ESPN Commercial 8
4500 career rush yds      |Team Glass B             |House of Dead 3 Poster
7500 career rush yds      |Team Rug B               |Team Rocket Logo
15000 career rush yds     |E.Smith Bobblehead       |Stick Um Game Cheat
4000 career pass yds      |More Rugs                |ESPN Commercial 7
8500 career pass yds      |Team Lighted Bar Sign    |Gun Valkyrie Poster
15000 career pass yds     |D.Bledsoe Bobblehead     |Free Agent: Crazy Axel
20000 career pass yds     |M.Vick Bobblehead        |NFL2K Series Soundtrack
25 career sacks           |D.Carr Bobblehead        |ESPN Commercial 9
100 career sacks          |Eastern Recliner         |ESPN Commercial 5
200 career sacks          |Team Wall Clock          |Team Spider Logo
500 career sacks          |                         |
25 career interceptions   |Sleek Bar Stools	    |ESPN Commercial 10
50 career interceptions   |Team Mug                 |Da Juice Game Cheat
100 career interceptions  |Team Player Poster A     |Free Agent: Ryo Hazuki
250 career interceptions  |M.Brunell Bobblehead     |The Swami Speaks Movie

Primetime Milestones:

MILESTONE                 |Crib Item                |Bonus Item
Returned Fumble for TD    |T.Brady Bobblehead       |ESPN Comercial 4
Returned                  |                         |
      interception for TD |Team Game Ball B         |NFL2K3 Intro Movie
TD Pass to 6              |                         |
      different players   |T.Brown Bobblehead       |Mini Mode Cheat
Forced 7 Turnovers        |Ray Lewis Bobblehead     |Free Agent:Lawrence Taylor
Intercept 2 passes        |                         |
      with 1 player       |Contemporary End Table   |Behind the Scenes w/ Sapp
Pass&Rush 250/100         |                         |       
      yards with 1 player |D.McNabb Bobblehead      |Super Bowl 2008 Stadium
Rush&Rcv 150              |                         |
      yd each 1 player    |T.Couch Bobblehead       |Free Agent: Beat (JSRF)
650 yards total offense   |Contemporary Coffee Table|ESPN Stadium
6 Rush TDs with 1 player  |P.Holmes Bobblehead      |Free Agent: Walter Payton
Shutout Opposing Team     |Team Photo B             |Super Bowl 2005 Stadium
Commited No Turnovers     |Team Game Ball C         |1st Person Football Movie
Beat CPU by 56 points     |Team Recliner            |Super Bowl 2006 Stadium
Allow 0/less yd offense   |J.Peppers Bobblehead     |Free Agent: Ronnie Lott
No passes dropped         |                         |
      by receivers        |Team Photo C             |Free Agent: Michael Irvin
Quaterback Never Sacked   |Team Player Standee      |Free Agent: Taka Arashi
Complete 100% passes      |Sleek Recliner           |Super Bowl 2007 Stadium
Won the Superbowl         |Team Photo D             |Air Hockey Mini Game

Timelock Milestones:

MILESTONE                 |Crib Item                |Bonus Item
1 hour                    |Team Game Ball A         |Team Pterodactyl Logo
3 hours                   |Classic Bar Stools       |Kickin or Stickin Cheat
5 hours                   |Team Full Sized Helmet   |Rez Poster
10 hours                  |Team Interstate Sign     |Create Team Jet Logo
15 hours                  |R.Moss Bobblehead        |Crazy Taxi 3 Poster
25 hours                  |Sleek Coffee Table       |Visual Concepts Stadium
50 hours                  |Plasma TV                |Sega GT 2002 Poster
75 hours                  |Team Pennant B           |NFL2K2 Intro Movie
100 hours                 |Team Banner A            |Free Agent: Axel Stone
150 hours                 |                         |

Menu Milestones:

MILESTONE                 |Crib Item                |Bonus Item
Viewed Game               |                         |
      Features Movie      |Big Screen Home Theater  |Team Devil Logo
Viewed ESPN Video         |                         |
      Games Movie         |Sleek Home Theater       |ESPN Commercial 3
Complete all Tutorials    |Sleek Credenza           |Trivia Machine Mini-Game
Entered the               |                         |
      Reference Guide     |Country Console Table    |Toe Jame & Earl 3 Poster
Entered Scrimage Mode     |Team Parking Sign B      |Team Hamer Logo
Entered Situation Mode    |Sleek Console Table      |Virtua Fighter 4 Poster
Entered Franchise Mode    |Team Framed Jersey A     |Team Rhino Logo
Created a Player          |L.Glover Bobblehead      |Big Head Mode Game Cheat
Created a Team            |Team Framed Jersey B     |Team Snake Logo
Created a Playbook        |Contemporary Recliner    |Soccer Slam Poster
Played a First            |                         |
      Person Game         |C.Bailey Bobblehead      |Paper Football Mini Game
Won a Tournament          |Team Player Standee A    |Soundtrack Outtakes#2
Win a Pro Difficulty Game |Classic Coffee Table     |NFL2K Poster
Win an All Pro            |                         |
      Difficulty Game     |J.Bettis Bobblehead      |Soundtrack Outtakes#3
Win a Legend              |                         |
      Difficulty Game     |S.Alexander Bobblehead   |Super Bowl Future Stadium

Credits: ME (of course)
         Paul -McNabb

Email me at with any contributions and also note in the
   if you want credit and how you want to be credited.

Copyright 2003 Michael Heath

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