• ALL of the Vs. Screen Codes

    Enter these cheats at the Vs. Screen, before the match starts, then push the analog stick in any direction. The order of entry is Y button, B button, then X button. Press the corresponding button as many times as stated.

    2X Juice Replenish4-3-1
    Alley-Oop Ability7-2-5
    Alternate Gear1-2-3
    Baby Ballers4-2-3
    Back-In Ability1-2-2
    Better Free Throws3-1-7
    Big Head1-3-4
    Expanded Move Set5-1-2
    Fire Ability7-2-2
    Great Handles3-3-2
    Half House3-6-7
    Hotspot Ability6-2-7
    Kid Ballers4-3-3
    Legal Goal Tending7-5-6
    No Weather1-1-2
    Paper Ballers3-5-4
    Pass 2 Friend Ability5-3-6
    Perfect Free Throws3-2-7
    Play As Afro Man5-1-7
    Play As Agent5-5-7
    Play As BiznezMan-A5-3-7
    Play As BiznezMan-B5-2-7
    Play As Coach5-6-7
    Play As Secretary5-4-7
    Put Back Ability3-1-3
    R2R Mode0-0-8
    Random Moves3-0-0
    Show Shot Percentage0-1-2
    Speedy Players2-1-3
    Stunt Ability3-7-4
    Super Back-Ins2-3-5
    Super Block Ability1-2-4
    Super Push3-1-5
    Super Steals2-1-5
    Tournament Mode0-1-1 (Disables all cheats)
    Unlimited Juice7-6-3
    Young Ballers4-4-3

    Contributed By: brienj.


  • Phrase-ology Combinations

    Select Inside Stuff on the main menu, then select Phrase-ology. Enter these combinations of words with the A button then press Y to confirm the entry for various results.

    Allan Houston's Alternate GearKNICKER BOCKER PLEASE
    Allen Iverson's alternate gearKILLER CROSSOVER
    Allen Iverson's Recording StudioTHE ANSWER
    Alonzo Mourning's Alternate gearZO
    Amare Stoudamire's Alternate GearRISING SUN
    Antoine Walker's Alternate GearBALL HAWK
    Baron Davis' Alternate GearSTYLIN' & PROFILIN'
    Ben Wallace's Alternate GearRADIO CONTROLLED CARS
    Bill Russell's alternate outfitCELTICS DYNASTY
    Bill Walton's Alternate GearTOWERS OF POWER
    Carmelo Anthony's Alternate GearNEW TO THE GAME
    Chris Webber's Alternate Gear24 SECONDS
    Chris Webber's alternate outfit24 SECONDS
    Clyde Drexler's Alternate GearCLYDE THE GLIDE
    Clyde Drexler's alternate outfitCLYDE THE GLIDE
    Dajuan Wagner's Alternate GearNBA HANGTIME
    Darko Milicic's Alternate GearNBA FASTBREAK
    Darryl Dawkin's Alternate GearRIM WRECKER
    Dikembe Mutumno's Alternate GearIN THE PAINT
    Dominique Wilkin's Alternate GearDUNK FEST
    Eddie Jones's Alternate GearBALLER UPRISING
    Elton Brand's Alternate GearREBOUND
    George Gervin's Alternate GearTHE ICEMAN COMETH
    Isiah Thomas's Alternate GearTRUE BALLER
    Jalen Rose's alternate outfitBRING IT
    Jason Kidd's Alternate GearPASS THE ROCK
    Jason Terry's alternate outfitBALL ABOVE ALL
    Jason Williams alternate outfitGIVE AND GO
    Jerry Stackhouse's Alternate GearSTOP DROP AND ROLL
    John Stockton's Alternate GearCOURT VISION
    John Stockton's alternate outfitCOURT VISION
    Julius Erving's alternate gearONE ON ONE
    Julius Irving's Alternate GearONE ON ONE
    Karl Malone's Alternate GearSPECIAL DELIVERY
    Kenyon Martin's Alternate GearTO THE HOLE
    Kevin Garnett's alternate outfitBOSS HOSS
    Kevin McHale's Alternate GearHOLLA BACK
    Kobe Bryant's Alternate GearJAPANESE STEAK
    Kobe Bryant's Italian homeEURO CRIB
    Larry Bird's Alternate GearHOOSIER
    Latrell Spreewell's Alternate GearSPREE
    LeBron James's Alternate GearKING JAMES
    Magic Johnson's Alternate GearLAKER LEGENDS
    Manu Ginobili's Alternate GearMANU
    Manu Ginobili's Alternate GearMANU
    Michael Finley's Alternate GearSTUDENT OF THE GAME
    Mike Bibby's Alternate GearDREAMS & SCHEMES
    Moses Malone's Alternate GearLOST FREESTYLE FILES
    Nate "Tiny" Archibald 's Alternate GearNATE THE SKATE
    Nene's Alternate GearRAGS TO RICHES
    Oscar Robertson's alternate outfitAINT NO THING
    Pau Gasol's Alternate GearPOW POW POW
    Paul Pierce's Alternate GearCELTICS SUPREME
    Pistol Pete's Alternate GearPISTOL PETE
    Rashard Lewis's Alternate GearFAST FORWARD
    Rashard Lewis's Alternate GearFAST FORWARD
    Rasheed Wallace's alternate outfitBRING DOWN THE HOUSE
    Ray Allen's alternate outfitALL STAR
    Reggie Miller's alternate outfitFROM DOWNTOWN
    Richard Hamilton's Alternate GearRIP
    Robert Parish's Alternate GearTHE CHIEF
    Scottie Pippen's Alternate GearPLAYMAKER
    Scottie Pippen's YachtNICE YACHT
    Shaquille O'Neal's alternate outfitDIESEL RULES THE PAINT
    Shawn Marion's Alternate GearMAKE YOUR MARK
    Special Movie #1JUICE HOUSE
    Special Movie #2NBA SHOWTIME
    Special Movie #3NBA BALLERS RULES
    Special Movie #4HATCHET MAN
    Special Movie #5SLAM IT
    Special Shoe #1DUB DEUCE
    Special Shoe #2COLD STREAK
    Special Shoe #3LOST YA SHOES
    Stephon Marbury's alternate gearPLATINUM PLAYA
    Steve Francis' alternate outfitANKLE BREAKER
    Steve Francis's Alternate GearRISING STAR
    Steve Nash's alternate outfitHAIR CANADA
    Tim Duncan's Alternate GearMAKE IT TAKE IT
    Tony Parker's Alt. GearRUN AND SHOOT
    Tracy McGrady's Alternate GearLIVING LIKE A BALLER
    Unloack all players and alternate gearNBA BALLERS TRUE PLAYA
    Unlock Karl Malone's CribICE HOUSE
    Wally Szcerbiak's Alternate GearWORLD
    Walt Frazier's Alternate GearPENETRATE AND PERPETRATE
    Wes Unseld's Alternate GearOLD SCHOOL
    Willis Reed's Alternate GearHALL OF FAME
    Wilt Chaimberland's Alternate GearWILT THE STILT
    Yao Ming's alternate outfitCENTER OF ATTENTION
    Yao Mings Childhood Grade SchoolPREP SCHOOL
  • Use Alternate Gear

    Before the game starts(versus screen). Enter this combination. enter the buttons as said and then press any direction to confirm the code. NOTE: If you don't have that player's alternate outfit, the code will not work.

    Have player wear alternate outfitY, B, B, X, X, X, UP

    Contributed By: videogames.


  • Enhance stats with shoes

    Your baller gets enhanced stats if he is wearing certain shoes. It doesn't matter what else he is wearing.

    Impact Playa
    +5 Power, +10 Speed, +5 Stamina, +10 Ball Handling.

    Night Owl IV
    +5 Power, +10 Speed, +5 Stamina, +10 Ball Handling.

    See Ya
    +7 Short shot, +3 Medium range, +3 3pt shot, +7 Dunk.

    Shock + Struts
    +7 Short shot, +3 Medium range, +3 3pt shot, +7 Dunk.

    T's Rhino
    +5 Rebounding, +10 Block, +10 Steal, +5 Clutch.

    +3 Power, +5 short range, +5 rebounding, +3 Freethrows.

    +3 Power, +5 short range, +5 rebounding, +3 Freethrows.

    Contributed By: dmarteng.

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