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Conker Live and Reloaded

Table of contents
1. Storyline
2. Controls
3. Characters
4. Walkthrough
5. Credits

1. Story Line

One player:

Conker goal is toget back to his house after a night of 
drinking with some of his friends. This proves to be more challenging
than it first appears and he has to help many people to
reach his goal


The goal is to choose your side either a teddi or squirrel and eliminate 
the other side before they wipe you out in the war in the present and future.

2. Controls

One player:

A = Jump (with R to do a high jump)
B = Equip wepons / Use context sensitive
R = Use weapon (with left thumbstick to crawl around)
L =  Head cam (Use right thumb stick to look around)
Left Thumbstick = Run / Walk/ or tiptoe (Depends on amount of pressure)
Start = pause menu
Right Thumbstick = rotate camera (Click in to zoom)


A = Reload weapons / Activate terminal / Confirm menu selection
B = Toggle standing/crouching/prone positioin (Depends on class) / 
    Cancel menu selection
X = Select character's special ability
Y = Change Weapon/item
R = Fire /use / deploy current weapon/item
L = Change mode of current weapon
Left Tumbstick = Move around / Click to jump
Back = XBOX live sign in
Start = Pause menu
Right Tumbstick = Rotate camera / click for head cam
Black = Vote to remove player
White = Toggle radio mode

3. Characters

One player: 

Conker = The main character, a drunk, chocolate loving squirrel with a 
         girlfriend who he really likes.

Berri = Conker's girlfriend, and is very loyal to him, and will do anything 
        to protect him, but she has quite a temper

Panther King = Ruler of all of the lands, but nobody ever sees him, so nobody 
               believes he exists

Mob Boss = Works for the Panther king, but will do anything to get what 
	   he wants.

Professor = Works for the Panther King, but he has an agenda of his own 
            that will rid him of the Panther King

Teddi's = Evil teddi bears who want to destroy all of the squirrels and
          conquer the world


Sneeker = Cloak and Dagger hunter killer, uses cloak and disgueses to 
          confuse the enemies, watch out for them

Sniper = They shoot everyone from a distance, but if the get into close combat, 
         they are in trouble

Demolisher = This guy is a tank, he can take a lot of damage, and deal 
             a lot to, try to take this guy out from a distance

Grunt =  The main army men, with machine guns, these guys can plague the best 
         players if they swarm together as one group

Sky Jockey = These guys are terrible on the ground, but get them into one of 
             thier ships and they are nearly unstoppable

Thermophile = The flame throwers that deal massive damage to everybody, but 
              are slow moving

4. Walkthrough


The cinamatic starts with Conker as a king sitting on his big trone, and it 
zooms out to show all of his many people around his throne. He tells you about 
how he became king in one day, and he calls yesterday a Bad Fur Day.

It then goes to Berri working out and a phone ringer which is Conker telling 
her that he will be out drinking with some friends drinking for fun. It then 
goes a little while into the future where Conker is drunk and finally decides 
to go home. He leaces the bar and then promptly pukes on a monk and walks away

Conker then comes to a sign and cant read it because he is too drunk and while 
he is focusing on it a few bees steal a hive and fly above him.

It then goes to a castle with the current king on the throne the Panther King, 
who gets a glass of milk and puts it on his table, which only has three legs, 
and the milk falls to the ground and breaks.

It is now the next morning and Conker has just woken up in a huge hangover, and 
this is where the player gets to start playing.


Walk strait forward as possible because of Conker and go through the gate to the
sleeping Scarecrow. This will start a cinamatic where the scarecrow tells 
you his name is Birdy and he wants you to walk around him. When you get to 
control him, walk behind him onto the big B in the ground. Anouthere cinamatic 
will tell you that the buttons are called context sensitive, and you are 
supposed to press B on them when there is a light over you that goes "ting".
When you get control back go ahead and press B. Conker will pull out a beer, 
and Birdy will grab it n a cinamatic. Birdy will then point you to anouther B 
in the ground or says you can press it again. If you press B agian without 
moving, you will pull out some helium and Birdy will take it and use it. So 
nothing else happens with this B, so walk around Birdy and go to the one he 
pointed to. When you press B on this pad, you pull out some drugs that help get 
rid of your hangover.

Now conker is now longer drunk, turn around to face the water with an island 
in it that is at the edge of the water fall. Swim out to it, then jump onto 
it. Walk to the edge and jump onto the huge branch hanging over the hole, 
when in midair, you have to press and hold A down to do the tail spin to get 
you further. Follow the rock path over the bridge and past the door, until 
you get to anouther gap. Jump this gap and then follow the next path till 
the next gap. Jump the gap and walk strait until you get to the lever, then 
jump up and pull the lever down. This opens the door you passed a little while 
back, so backtrack to the door and go inside.

You will find a key inside the room, chase it around for a while, then conker 
will stop and pick up a weapon. Then three creature will jump out of the ground,
and one of the eats the key. You must use your newley aquired frying pan to kill
all of them to get the key.Once they are all dead, go hit the key and put it in 
the door.

Make a lefrt and follow the path and jump the gap. Follow this path to the gap
and jump it. On this area, make a right on the bridge and walk up to the
gragoyle. When you get close enought a short cinamatic happens, just wait for 
it to be over. When you regain control, walk just close enough to hit him with 
your frying pan. Watch this cinamatic as the gargoyle dies, and wait to regain 
control. walk forward and jump on the rock that just fell. While on top of the 
rock,look to the right and jump on that platform. Go to the big B and press B.
Walk throught the hole that has been opened.


Walk down the path, and then make a right at the sign. Walk up to the bee 
flying around and talk to her. Go back the way and keep going past the sign 
as far as you can, killing anybody you run into. When you get to the top of 
the hill, grab the beehive and run down the path, because if you go off of 
it, the bees will sting you and probably kill you. Run all the way back to the 
queen bee you talked to and watch the bees get blown away.Make a left across the
bridge and go to the giant B in the ground. Use the slingshot to shoot all of 
the beetles, youo have to shoot them once to to make them come at you, and then 
again to kill them. Once all are dead, a door should open at the top of the 
hill. Walk up the hill to the door and go in.

Barn Boys

Walk strait forward, and then kill the guy infront of you. Make a right and 
go up to the mouse and boxes. Go back down, and keep going strait and dodge 
the jumping boxes. Walk up to the stationary box to talk to him, and he will
open the gate to the cheese. Grab one cheese, take it to the mouse, and then 
repeat the process till you have given the mouse three cheeses. Jump onto 
the boxes, onto some pipes, and then onto the roof. Run along the roof and hit
the switch. Grab the money that is also on the roof. Drop down oppisite side of 
which you came up to go into the door you just opened.

When you enter the barn, you need to walk over to the pitchfork which is 
leaning against the wall. Once you do talk to him stand in front of one of 
the jumping haybales, when he comes to stab you jump up so he hits the haybales
instead. Do this until all of the haybales are dead. Once the Pitchfork hangs 
itself, go across from the door that you came in and pull the switch.

When you exit the barn, ignore what the bee asks, you can do it later. What you 
want to do now is jump on that hollow box that is jumping in a circle. Then you 
jump in the rafter door you opened inside the barn.

Carefully cross the rafters pressing B when a bat gets close. Go all the way 
down the rafters until you get right infront of the pitchfork. Aim at the 
rope that is hanging the pitchfork, and after a few shots, you will get a 
cinamatic of you chopping the pitchforks rope down. You have two ways to get
down, the first way is to walk off the edge, the second way is to go all the 
way around and back through the door you first came in through. You will 
however be damaged for falling off the rafters.

Boss Fight 1 (Terminator Hay Bail)
This Boss fight consists of 2 parts, the first part, all you have to do is ride
 the pitchfork behind the big jumping bale of hay, and stab it in the butt 
(using B to stab) three times. In the second part of this battle, where the 
boss is now completly metal, what you have to do is stand infront of one of the
three tall metal tubes, put yourself right against it. The boss will then fire
its missiles at you and try to kill you that way. Dodge the missles, so they 
hit the pipe. When the pipe is busted, still stand against the pipe, the boss 
will hop over to you and get shocked by the water. Run with the pitchfork up 
to the boss when it is spinning. Jump up and hit the big red button. Do this
three times, and the first boss fight is over.

Now that water is rising swim strait forward to the pipe you are facing. Go 
behind this pipe and climb up the ladder that is there. When you get to the 
top of the ladder, go to the B and start throwing knives at all of the wires
that you can see. There are four wirs that you can hit, but you need to only
hit three of them. When the water reaches where you are jump off and swim for
the next ladder which is sitting in the water now. When you get to the top, 
jump onto the platform with the big B and start throwing knives again. You 
need to hit 2 if you hit four on the lower platform, and three if you only hit
three on the lower platform. When the water is completly up to where you are 
swim straight across and leave this area.

Jump onto the monk's stone right infront of you. He will then throw you into 
the air. Land in to loft area and grab the cash. Then go out the window.

Climb up all of the ladders in front of you, and watch out for enemies. Jump 
out with the Chocolate and then when you get to the last one press B. Climb 
out of the big bucket and follow the rim until you get to a ladder that takes
you down. Work your way down the roof and go to the big sunflower Now you have
to collect 5 groups of tickle bees. Go to the area with the big jumping wooden
box and grab these bees and take them to the sunflower. When these get to the 
sunflower, keep folowing the path and kill the bad guys to get to you next 
group of tickle bees. On the roof of the barn are the third group of bees. 
Bees number four are inside the gated area where you got the cheese. Bees 
number 5 you need to jump into the water right infront of the sunflower. 
Follow it to the gate you opened by jumping into the big bucket. Grab the cash
and bees that are here and go to the sunflower. Bounce on the sunflowers 
breasts and get up to the cash. Then leave this area.

Windy Part 2

Make a right and go into the area that lookes like poop. Go strait forward 
and into the cabin.

Go to the trap door beside the bug and press B. Folow along the path and kill
the bad guys, and use the ropes to travel around until you reach the only hole
that you can get into.

Bats Tower

Jump into the river and follow it. Keep going until you get into the large area
where the big dog shark is circling. Go into to the small area that is in the 
floor of the pool.

Get out of the water and talk to the yellow cog. Take the elevator that gets 
lowered and climb up. Go all the way to the forth platform and grab the switch.
Then continue up to the very top of the castle. Go all the way around and 
collect the money, and work your way safely down to the ground. Go and smack
the cog on the ground and take it to the yellow cog. Then go into the water 
and swim down to the grate that got opened and grab the remaning two cogs, 
but you must first kill the bad guys. Now run on the big circle on the middle
of the floor until you get the cinamatic. Then leave this area.

Now swim up the river and find the main cat fish. Now swim back to the big Dog
shark, and then go into the safe.

Stand on the B and shoot the symbols in the rotating wheel in the following 
order, up, down, right,left. Jump into the pit and press B on the platform 
and dive into the water.

Swim all the way down the tunnel and go into one of the green tubes. Get some
air in the next room, then dive again. This time go into the blue tube. Go get
air agian, and then grab the switch. Swim through the green tube, then through
one of the yellow tubes. Then swim all the way up the tunnel and go through the 

Walk forward and kill the bad guy. When you can drink the beer behind you with
B. Then when you get close to the flammable guys, press B to pee on them.
R makes you shoot a stronger blast. and you can walk around while doing it. 
Hit the flame guys enough and it will put them out. If you run out of pee on 
two of the walls there is medicine that makes you feel better. Keep repeating
the process as many times as it takes to get a cinamatic.

Boss Fight 2: Giant Boiler
Go to one of the four corners of the room. adnd wait for the boiler to get 
near. When he jumps towards you and starts shooting flames out, jump up and 
pull the switch. While he is stunned run up and smack his brass balls. Do 
this in every corner of the room and you win.

Take one of the balls and put it in the circular depression in the floor.
Take the other one and roll it down the door that just got opened. Go 
through the hole in the wall.

Walk forward, grab the money, then walk out of the safe.

Now it is a race to get back to the dock you started on. Get there as fast
as you can. Then jump on the dead dog shark's back and get the cash that 
is up there. Then leave this area.

Windy part 3

Follow the river and make your way back to the poo area. Get back to the 
cabin and grab the ball of poo. Take the path that is on the oppisite side 
of the cabin where you get the poo ball. Now go back down and take the 
middle path. Before you roll the ball of poo into the big hole, jump on top 
of it and onto the top of the mountain to get cash. Push it 
into the hole and walk all the way down and into the door that has been 
busted open.


Walk around the area smacking the sweet corn and throwing them into the 
center area. When all the sweet corn are in the center, a boss fight starts.

Boss Fight 3: Sloprano
You need to dodge Sloprano's poo bombs for a while until he starts singing. 
That is when you go to the B button and throw toilet paper into his mouth. 
You can also hit the poo bombs with toilet paper, but I think it is easier 
to just dodge them. Repeat this process on all three pads and then go to the 
area where the glass got broken from Sloprano's singing. Pull the lever and 
you have won the boss fight.

Jump into the whole where Sloprano was, except got to the lowest platform and
go through the door.

Jump into the water and time your swimming so you do not get cut up by a fans.
Then go through the door and dodge these 2 fans, the second fan you will have to
dodge the blades a little bit before you can get to the ladder. Walk up to the
weasels and enter the next area.

Uga Buga

Go to the oppisite side of you are on, on every floor, dodging the raptors of 
course, until you get to the top. At the top, grab the cash and jump on the 
head of the statue, hit B a few times so that you hit it through the floor 
and can drop down with it.

Jump back onto the statue and hit it one more time. Then find the only rock 
person who does not get up when you get near him and push him through the 
gate you just opened and down the slope. Follow the rock you just pushed and 
go into the giant room. Take a right and go through the door to the right side
of the dino statue.

Follow the path until you get to the big egg. Use the monk, by jumping on his 
tablet, to get on top of the egg, and then press B to hatch it. Lead the baby 
dino down the rest of the path to the door. He will deal with the cavemen, 
but stay close to him

Kill the bad guys and take the baby dino to the front of the dinosaur statue. 
While the baby takes out the cavemen, hit the up arrow that is on the wall. 
When all of the cavemen are dead, lead the baby dino onto the platform, wait 
for Conker to tell the dino to wait there, pull out your sling shot and hit 
the down arrow. Ues the Monks tablet to launch onto the top of the dinosaur 
statue to grab some money, and put pepper in both nostrils of the statue. 
When these are done, go into the dinosaurs mouth.

Walk through the mouth dodging the swinging balls, and get to the other side, 
it doesn't matter what side you take.

Watch the cinamatic, turn right around and go back through the mouth to the 
other side.

Take the cave men that are now under your control up to the big rock 
creatures. Smack the rock creatures once and then let the cavemen do the rest. 
When all of the rock creatures are dead, talk to the one gaurding the door to 
get inside.

Find the only rock creature that is rolled up in a ball
(he is near the giant keg) and roll him up to the entrance and put him on the 
button. Now go back to the keg and get drunk. Being filled up, go to the 
closest rock creature and piss on him. He will roll up into a ball. Keep 
peeing on him until he rolls down the hole you just opened up. If you run out 
of pee, the platform in the middle has the medicine to make you feel better. 
When you push him down the hole, you have to drain your system and get the 
medicine. After that, you can go into the hole and push the rock creature onto 
the button. Now push one rock dude into one of the holes. When this is done,
Berri will run away. Go up into the middle hole and walk past the cage. Look 
for the small rock platform is. When on this platform fly over to the money 
and then exit the way you came in.

OK in this section you cannot get hit. You have to run strait forward and run
down the slope. You can take either left or right as long as you enter the 
giant head. 
While inside the path dodge the swinging balls, and take the left path. 
Follow this to the exit. Then keep running forward until Conker drops the bomb.

Jump on the platforms that are floating to get to the other side. Kill the 
enemies and move throught the exit.

Run to the bridge and kill the enemy. When it is dead, run through the tunnel
to reach the flying skateboard. Go through the coarse killing the three 
cavemen. On the third cavemen the path changes, so look out. This is one of 
the most enjoyable parts in the game so have fun. When all three are dead, 
there is a ramp that you must jump off of(there is some money where you are 
jumping to) so you can get to the next area.

Walk over to the giant door where 2 cavemen are waiting. When you regain 
control, run to the very center of the circle and press B. This will hypmotyze 
the raptor.The next part is to kill everyone in sight. If you get knocked off 
of the raptor, run back to the center and hypmotyze him again, and run to get 
on him when his head starts swining.

Boss Fight 4: Giant Caveman
To injure this boss first you must bite him in the balls. It will show a 
cinamatic of him giving a suprised look when you do. When he is fixing his 
lioncloth, run behind him and press B to bite him in the butt. Do this 2 more 
times to beat this boss. WARNING: Watch out for the big bone, and him sending 
shockwaves from slamming his butt against the ground.

Go through the door that the cavemen jumped out of. Go out of the door of the 
area you are put on by the big cavewoman. Follow the path to the right until 
you reach the money, killing any badguys along the way. Keep following the 
path until it goes to nothing and jump off. You will land in the pool before 
the spinning fans, just exit through the only door you can and fall down
the hole in the next area.

Windy Part 4

Go back to the queen bee to find out what is going on. Go into the hive and 
follow the path until you find the hive. You will jump into it and have mini 
guns that you can use. Use the radar to find out where the bees are. When 
all bees are dead, the queen bee will tell you to take the hive now. Run the 
hive back to the queen bee to get 400 dollars.

Cross the bridge and make a left. Go up this mountain while dodging the worms 
that will pop out of the ground and grab you. When you get to the top, talk to 
the barrol. You must ride the barrel to the bottom of the hill, which is 
pretty easy. Once you do that, enter the hole that the barrel has just made 
to enter spooky.


Go strait, killing any bad guys, and swim up to Greg the Grimm Reaper. Follow 
the path way until you are at the big door. When you are there, look in the 
water and find the big demon head in the water. Jump down to it and swim 
through. Jump and grab the swith that is in here and go back to Greg. He will 
give you your first gun, a shotgun (hold down the right trigger to get a 
laser pointer). Now go through the open door.

Follow the path and kill the zombies with head shots. Keep following the path 
all the way up to the house, but watch out for worms too.

Press B to fly when a bat, and R to fire poop. Hit the villagers with poop 
and land on them when they are stunned. Then take them back to the grinder. 
Repeat this process multipull times to finish this chore.

Now you have to collect three keys. The first key is right near you, through 
the hole and across the banisters. First though, you must kill all zombies 
that are between you and the door. Follow the path way down that does not 
require and radical jumps or tail spins, because you cannot do that while 
holding the key. When the path is cleared of zombies and bats, take the key 
to to the door. The second key is in the courtyard. Same deal, clear all 
enemies first then get the key. For the third key, kill all the zombies in 
the main hall, then go up the stairs and enter the grinder area, on the second
story of this area, you will find the ladder you just lowered, climb up it and 
jump and pull on the lever. Take the key and go through the newley opened door 
and take the key to the front door.

Now talk to the barrel that is in the entry hall and ride him all the way back 
down and to Greg. Then still follow the path into the water. Make a right and 
go up the hill of water with the water and exit spooky.

Hangover Part 2

Just climb back up to the top and exit through the bridge like you did last 

Windy Part 5

Follow the path to the behive, except jump over the barbed wire to the now 
open door.

It's War

Go strait forward and push the box that is on the rails to the left so that 
it is directly infront of the ramp. Then drop down onto the beach on the right 
and pull the lever to get power.
Now go up the ramp that you pushed the box in front of, and hit the B button 
at the toilet door. You will have to push this creature to the ramp and push 
him down. Now you have take him to the right and to the left. The left is 
full of boxes you have to dodge, and the right is full of mines you have to 
dodge (follow the concrete path to avoid the mines). You can choose the 
direction because you have to both directions anyways. When he gets to the 
plane on either side and sits down, go to the island in the center and shoot 
his TNT. When he is dead, go back to the bathroom to get anouther. When the 
plane is gone, go down to the boat to go onto the next area.

When you get control run up the beach and hide behind the big metal tank 
stopper. Make your way to each of these on your way up the beach until you 
reach the end. Move when the machine guns reload. When you get your machine 
gun, be prepared to waste teddi bears. They start out all around you, and you 
have to kill everyone of them. When they are all dead, shoot the lock on the 
door, and shoot the teddis that come out of the door.

In this room go around and kill all of the tedis. When the door opens, crawl 
underneath the lasers, and make your way down the corridors. Make sure you do 
not get caught by teddi ambushes, and don't hit the lasers. The elevator will 
lead you to anouther corrider full of lasers, teddis, and flamethrowers. The 
next room is full of doctor teddis. You must kill all of them to move on. 
After they are all dead, pull one of the switches. No matter which one you 
pull first the squirrel gets fried. Pull the second one to leave this room. 
In the next room go to the door you did not enter in, then jump into the big 
gattling gun and start wasting everybody. It will take a while, but eventually 
no tedis will come. At this point you can exit at the door that started the 
gattling gun.

Now that you are outside, kill all of the tedis in the firing squad. Walk 
down the canyon dodging bombs. When a mine pops up, run behind rodent for 
protection. Go to the giant B in the water and start shooting the orange 
locks, and then the giant lock, you will also have to shoot some tedis, 
because they drop from the sky and try to disrupt you. After the giant lock 
falls run to the door killing any tedis who get in your way.

Jump into the tank and blow up the door that has the radio active sign in 
front of it. Inside here run along the path dodging the radioactive acid 
until you pull the switch. Pull it then run like hell back to the exit. Jump 
into the tank and drive it to the newly opened door.
With the tanks gun,you have to blow up the 4 yellow and black striped legs of 
the giant turret. When you get to a raised bridge, you have to jump to the 
other side and lower it and go across in the tank. When the turret is down 
cross to where it was and go down the hole.

Go to the little girl who is in the center of the island and talk to her. 
Then go to the three B buttons along the map and blow up the submarines. When 
all of the submarines are blown up, go back to the girl in the center

Boss Fight 5: Giant Teddi
When the fight starts, run to the tank that is sitting there. Then you need 
to blow off the two machine guns. When they are both gone, shoot the little 
girl. When the giant teddi bends over to pick her up, shoot him in the back. 
Next blow off the two lazer guns, shoot the girl, then hit the back. Next 
blow off the two rocket launchers, shoot the girl, then hit the back. This 
boss fight is now over.

Now you have 5 min. to get out of there. Haul ass through the corridor dodging 
lasers and teddis. When you get to the big room you first entered in, kill all 
of the tedis and leave. You now need to get down the beach. You need to kill 
all of the teddi bears with rocket launchers in order to get down to the 
boats. When you reach them, you end up at the beginning of the chapter 
entrance. Leave through the door.


Go back to where the queen bee was and cross the bridge. Go up the left 
mountain to the now destroyed windmill. Go inside and go into the hole. This 
is where you enter the matrix.

Here you need to use the B buttons by the poles to go into slow motion. That 
is the only way to kill the weasels. When all the weasels are dead, you move 
up to the next set of poles. You do this four times.

You will then enter a vault full of money, and you need to grab a few. The 
computer will take care of the rest. You will then see a long cutscene, and 
all you have to do is run forward and pull down the lever. When the suit 
appears jump into it. Go out and fight the alien.

Boss Fight 6: Alien
The first time, just get close and start smacking it. When it finnally 
falls down, run behind it and grab its tail. Swing the alien around until 
it is not grabbing the floor anymore and throw him out of the airlock. Then 
you need to do this 2 more times, except you have to block with L to stun 
him so that you can grab him and throw him out.

Congratulations you have beaten the game.
5. Credits
The Game Conker's Live And Reloaded is a Microsoft(R) and Rareware product. 
This guide was made by  madknight 64 2006. DO NOT COPY this guide . Do not 
use on any website. I would like to thank my friend who allowed me to borrow 
this game so I could make a guide for the game. If you wish to use this guide 
on any website please contact me at madmaner@yahoo.com first