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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
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Version 1.1

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Table of Contents
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1.  Introduction
2.  Overview
3.  Gameplay hints and tips
4.  Mission 1 - U.S Embassy to Dili, East Timor
5.  Mission 2 - Saulnier Cryogenics Lab, Paris, France
6.  Mission 3 - Hesperia Railways, Paris to Nice, France
7.  Mission 4 - Guela District Street Market, Jerusalem, Israil
8.  Mission 5 - Refinery, Kundang, Indonesia
9.  Mission 6 - Komodo Shipyard, Komodo, Indonesia
10.  Mission 7 - Television Free Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
11.  Mission 8 - LAX International Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA

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1.  Introduction
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I have written this FAQ based on my own knowledge and understanding 
of the game and from what I have read from other users (Guybrush 
Threepwood and AzaleaStarre I give credit to).  They have given me 
some very good information from their guides and I hope this guide is 
useful for others.  If this FAQ is mentioned in other guides I wish 
to be credited and I will of course be checking.  If you wish to 
contact me, my E-mail address is fenderbass86@yahoo.co.uk; irrelevant 
junk will be deleted straight away.  This may not be reproduced under 
any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be 
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site 
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.
(Thanks Game Faq's for letting me use this notice in my guide)

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2.  Overview
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There is no way to beat this game with 100% stealth, you are always 
gonna have to take someone out.  This FAQ is all about beating 
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow with as much stealth and as little 
violence necessary (as that is the whole point of the game).  You can 
often read guides on SC:PT where you are told to knock out or kill 
guards and enemies that aren't necessary.  This guide will provide 
you with a much stealthier way of completing each mission.  To make 
the game a bit more fun, I have added a stats system for each level.  
It is much better if you sneak past a guard unnoticed rather than 
putting a bullet to his head:

Sneaking past a guard unnoticed - primary objective
Self distraction (jumping, whistling) 	     
Throwing an object (can, bottle)           
Destroying lights
Knocking out enemies with projectiles/gadgets
Knocking out enemies by grabbing and elbowing
Killing - last resort

My best stats so far
= = = = = = = = = = =

Mission		   |sneak|dist|obj|light|gadget|ko|kill|no.bullets|
Dili, Timor	   |  7  |  0 | 0 |  2  |   0  |2 |  0 |     2
Paris, France	   |  13 |  2 | 0 |  2  |   1  |2 |  0 |     2
Nice, France	   |  5  |  1 | 0 |  1  |   0  |0 |  0 |     1
Jerusalem, Israel  |  25 |  3 | 0 |  1  |   1  |6 |  2 |     2
Kundang, Indonesia |  20 |  5 | 0 |  3  |   1  |0 |  1 |     6
Komodo, Indonesia  |  14 |  3 | 0 |  2  |   1  |3 |  4 |     4
Jakarta, Indonesia |  9  |  3 | 1 |  9  |   2  |5 |  6 |     13
Los Angeles, USA   |  14 |  1 | 0 |  10 |   0  |3 | 10 |     20

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3.  Gameplay Hints and tips
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

1.  Crouching - Crouching maybe a bit slower than standing up 
straight and running but it is certainly safer.  Crouching also keeps 
you hidden better as you are lower down and below eye level.  It 
makes you walk softer so you can get away with sneaking right past a 
guard as he can't see or hear you.  I would say crouch through at 
least 95% of the game, there are the odd occasions where you must run 
as fast as you can or to make a long jump.

2.  Laser aiming - This is a very useful thing to have in your hands.  
Unlike the original game, you can now shoot out lights with just 1 
shot of the pistol, whereas the original took maybe 3 or 4 shots as 
it was so inaccurate.  The laser sight is much more accurate than 
without it but beware, guards can see the red dot on walls or other 
solid surfaces and can trace it back to you, making you the target.

3.  Silence - Both the pistol and the SC 20K rifle have silencers on 
them for very obvious reasons, it keeps you undetected.  If a guard 
is close by when you shoot, he can hear the muffled sound but may not 
necessarily find you.  If you shoot from dark places the enemy can 
sometimes see the muffled flash.  Always think about your actions 
before you act upon them.

4.  Hiding bodies - This will be a big part of your completion to a 
mission.  If a body is found, the alarm is raised and can sometimes 
cause the mission to end.  Make sure when you're moving bodies, your 
stealth meter is at 0-1 and blinking, this indicates that the body is 
hidden for now.  Guards can always walk past and spot their friends 
on the ground, so make sure they're tucked away in a corner or a 
closet.  If a guard finds a body that isn't dead, he will wake him up 
and the alarm will be raised, so make sure your hidden because 
they're coming for you.

5.  FO - Fibre optic.  This is a very useful item and you should use 
it to your advantage.  There is nothing worse than opening a door 
that you haven't checked and the entrance is full of guards!  

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4.  Walkthrough - Mission 1 - U.S Embassy to Dili, East Timor
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Part 1
= = = 
Okay, we start off with some simple instructions.  Move forward and 
jump up to the walkway, move towards the light and turn right, you 
should see a ladder, head up to it.  Once at the top your going to 
have to zipline your way down, jump up and grab  
the line, at the bottom, turn right and there is a pole above your 
head, jump up to grab it and make your way across, bring your legs up 
to get over the tall fence.  Whilst hanging, you may as well practise 
up-side down shooting, don't actually shoot anything but just 
practise your aiming, it could prove valuable later on.  At the end, 
let go of the pole and make your way round to the door.  Inside the 
room is another door, you have to lock pick it, here is the locks 
combination (up, down).  Make your way up the pole and you should see 
a grate in the floor, lift it up and fall down it.  Go through the 
doorway, down the stairs and under the walkway further up the path.  
Go up the stairs and follow the walkway round and pick up the 5.72 
ammo for your pistol.  You are about to come across your first enemy 
now.  Put your back to the nearby fence and go across it, peak at the 
end of it and there he is!  Now for the moves, S.W.A.T turn to the 
other side and shoot out the light on the cabin.  This will bring the 
guard to the now broken light, sneak past him and wait for his back 
to turn before carrying on.  Go forward and underneath the walkway, 
do not attempt to go around it, use your thermal goggles.  See those 
blinking spots on the ground?  They're land mines.  Follow the 
walkway round and jump onto the box, run and jump as far as you can 
because there are more landmines.  If you jumped far enough head 
towards the narrow opening on the right.  Some great moves here, when 
the message appears at the bottom of your screen, press the jump 
button twice, this will put you into a half-split jump position. From 
here, press the jump button again and Sam will jump up further (make 
sure your back is against the opposite wall to the opening at the 
top).  Turn left and head into the doorway and then the next one, 
there is light shining through one wall, head to the doorway and go 
down the pole.  There is a river here and a wall on the opposite side 
ablaze with fire.  Take the river route and head under the bridge, 
make sure the guard walking up and down near the wall doesn't see 
you.  Get out of the river when you can see the guard on the right 
sitting down on a box.  Sneak slowly towards him and gunfire will cut 
in but that's not at you, so don't worry, grab the guard and 
interrogate him in a dark corner, preferably against the fence.  Once 
he's finished talking knock him out and make sure his body is in a 
dark enough spot, check your stealth meter for a blinking motion.  
Once he's knocked out, a guard from the nearby cabin comes out to 
investigate why the guard you just knocked out isn't there anymore.   

Don't bother knocking him out, he goes back into the cabin after a 
short while.  If you see the canister that's on fire, head towards it 
because there is a pole next to it, or you can use the narrow alley 
behind the canister to half-split jump jump to the other side.  
Either way is good, now for part 2.

Part 2
= = = 
Move to the ladder on the left and then the one from there.  Around 
the corner is a guard at a window looking through binoculars, so stay 
low and he won't see you.  There is also broken glass on the floor 
from there so I advise putting your back to the wall and move beneath 
the guard.  When you reach the corner Lambert will interrupt and tell 
to stop, Sadono is in the next room, you should see him with his red 
cap, there is also another guard with binoculars at the window and 
three hostages in the same room, Sadono shoots the nearest one to 
you, there is no way to save him but the hostages are not your 
responsibility.  Get to the doorway and S.W.A.T turn to the other 
side of the doorway so Sadano and the guard don't see you.  Carry on 
going forward and you'll come to what looks like a dead end, the 
floor has broken but there is a pipe to climb onto, use it to go up 
to the roof.  Shimmy across to the window ledge and drop down 
quietly, open the window and inside is Douglass Shetland, your long-
time friend being punched around.  Grab the attacker or just elbow 
him in the back of the head and hide his body next to the window.  
You have to knock this guard out otherwise Douglass won't talk.  Now 
talk to Douglass and head to the door opposite the window you jumped 
through.  There is a guard on the balcony but he won't cause too much 
of a problem as is back is turned but he does look around every now  

and again so time your move.  Head down the hallway on your left and 
go down the stairs.  Down here is 1 moving guard and 2 guards sitting 
on the ground, once the moving guard is over the other side of the 
room, follow him through the smoke and go towards the pillars at the 
end.  There is a light on the wall that you must take out in order to 
get by unseen.  Go to the opening at the far end and there are a set 
of double doors here leading out to the courtyard.  Here is a fun 
part!  There are two searchlights that can't be destroyed and a guard 
standing on the balcony at the far end wearing night vision goggles.  
Shadows won't help you here so stay in the light and he won't see 
you.  Once you're at the gates under the balcony he's standing on, go 
through the door on your right and follow the stairs up.  The guard 
is standing on the balcony with his back to you and there's a door on 
the left, go through it.  Inside is Ingrid Karlthson, talk to her and 
go back down the stairs and through the other door at the bottom.  
Another courtyard with 2 more spotlights and 2 moving guards.  Head 
to the ladder and once the 1st guard is heading to the other side, go 
up the ladder, switch off the spotlight and quickly fall down and do 
a silent landing.  By now that 1st guard should have turned around 
and you can sneak past him quite easily.  Put your back to the 
walkway on the left side and move down to the other end of the 
courtyard.  Now the 2nd guard takes quite a long walk here so 
switching the 2nd spotlight off is easier than the 1st.  Stay in the 
shadows and head to the ladder, once the guards back is turned go up 
the ladder and turn the 2nd spotlight off.  Fall down quietly and to 
the left is another walkway, go up it and follow it round and you 
should see a rubber dingy.  Go onto it, mission complete.  Now you've 
gotten used to the fell of the game and a number of moves, it's going 
to get a bit trickier from now on!  Good luck.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
5.  Walkthrough - Mission 2 - Saulnier cryogenics lab, Paris, France
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Part 1
= = =
From the start there is a ladder right in front of you, go down it 
and wait at the end of the passage.  There is alone guard patrolling 
so wait for him to go up the stairs and past the train before 
carrying on.  Follow the guard but go inside the train and wait in a 
dark spot, there are some barrels and a pipe above them, use the pipe 
to cross the barrels and continue down the train.  There are two 
mercenaries down here so drop down from the train and wait for them 
to leave, then continue from where they were standing.  There is a 
broken wall covered with fire and a valve on the ceiling, shoot the 
valve with one well placed pistol shot, use the laser aim for better 
accuracy.  Now the fire is out move to the door and use the fibre 
optic, there is a guard on the side so wait for him to pass to the  

other side before moving in.  Go around the first set of shelves and 
at the end of it there is a gap that is big enough for you to go 
through, now there is a gap to jump up to just like before.  Wait for 
the guard to be at the first door before you use the computer, he may 
see you but it doesn't matter because he won't find you if you jump 
back up to the gap.  Now wait for him to be at that first door again 
and go through the second door.  Wait in the middle isle for a bit 
and when you have the chance get to the other door.  As there is a 
light above the next door, wait until both guards from the last room 
aren't looking then pick the lock on theis next door (down, right, 
down).  Heal inside this locker room if you need to but at this point 
you shouldn't have to as you haven't been involved with a fire fight 
or started any alarms (hopefully).  Crouch at full speed through this 
next door and stick to the left side and wait at the far wall for 
three mercenaries to pass.  When every one of their backs is turned, 
go to where they came from.  This may take some time now, through 
this next set of doors are two more mercenaries and they will destroy 
the security terminal if you don't stop them quickly enough.  There 
is no way round this other than to knock them out.  So, once inside 
stay close to the left wall and stand up so they can see you through 
the glass, then crouch when they fire shots at you.  Here goes, shoot 
a smoke grenade at the feet of the first mercenary as he comes 
running through the doorway, then with a bit of luck, his mate will 
go through the doorway and be knocked out by the same cloud of smoke, 
2 birds with 1 stone!  Hide their bodies in a dark corner and destroy 
the two ceiling lights down the corridor to the right, you'll find 
out why. Now access the security terminal in the computer room.  
Crouch at full speed down the now dark corridor and wait near the 
door, after the mercenaries go around the corner get inside the 
boiler room and disarm the bomb.  
Go out the door and round the corner is the door to the next part.

Part 2
= = =
Go up the stairs but then slow down near the top, there is a motion 
detector on the wall, go slowly and you'll be fine.  Head up the next 
set of stairs and go through the door, wait for the mercenaries to go 
and then pick the lock on the nearest door (down, left, right, up).  
Get inside and go through the door on the left but beware, the room 
is filled with security cameras, just time your movements and use the 
computer on the right.  Time your movements again and get out the 
same door, you should now have the code the opposite door (2457).  
Once inside there is a table right in front of you with two air ring 
foil rounds and a projection lamp, hit the switch to the lamp and 
hide in the corner near the door, the guard will come in to 
investigate so go out through the door he came in but slow down as 
there is another motion detector.  Go through the door on the right 
and now the fun begins!  Up the stairs there is a security camera and 
wall mine, so, your gonna need enough speed whilst crouched to get 
past the camera unseen but you can't go too fast or the wall mine 
will detonate.  If you want, you can take the wall mine off; just 
make sure the light is on green when you do though.  Head up the next 
flight of stairs and use your optic cable on the door, inside is a 
large, room, two guards and one computer.  Wait until both their 
backs are turned before moving in.  One guard will walk out the room 
to your right and the other will check on a dead body, now's your 
chance to use the computer to get a code.  Once you've used it, get 
back to the door and wait for the first guard to pass you before 
going down the hallway to the right.  At the end is a keypad locked 
door (7562).  Once inside, go through the doorway and straight ahead 
is a automated turret, don't worry, it's not facing you.  Switch it 
off and at the end is a guard with his back to you and a door on the 
left, this door is locked (right, up, left, right).  Now go through 
it.  Now fall down and grab onto the side of the walkway, avoiding 
the smoke that shoots out and try not to go to fast, there are two 
guards at the end of the walkway and they'll here you if you go to 
fast.  Once you reach the corner of the walkway, go round and the 
guards will hear you for some reason, they can't see you so just 
carry on going but not too fast and once you're at the end, go 
through the doorway and into the door on your left.  There is a 
bookcase in this room you can use to get up the shafts; a cut scene 
will follow as you do this.  When it's over go left and fall down, 
pick up the 5.56 ammo for your SC 20K if you need to and talk to 
Francoise Coldeboeuf.  Once you've finished talking to him, the 
mercenaries will set explosives outside, find a safe corner to hide 
in, there's no real way to save Francois Coldebouef so when the 
explosives have done the damage, get back up in the shafts and go 
left and drop down, straight ahead is Coen, mission complete.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
6.  Walkthrough - Mission 3 - Hesperia Railways, Paris to Nice, 
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Immediately from the start the train will be moving, so stick to the 
middle of the carriage or you'll fall off.  You can either drop down 
the grate on the carriage or you can drop down in-between carriages.  
Once in the next carriage, there is a member of the railway staff so 
if he spot's you he'll set of an alarm and the mission will be over.  
There is a luggage holder in the middle of the carriage so when he's 
not looking, hide in the centre of it.  Now, he does the same route 
over and over again, he looks towards you, he walks to the left and 
then turns around and looks towards you and then he goes to the 
coffee machine.  As soon as he goes to the coffee machine, move out 
of the gap to the left and open the grate in the floor, you should 
have enough time to get underneath the train before he turns around.  
Once you're underneath the train, move up to the grate in the next 
carriage.  Once in this mini control room, there is a switch in here 
to unlock the side doors, could prove useful if you are seen.  Then 
shoot the light on the ceiling and use your optic cable on the door.  
Listen to the terrorist's conversation and wait for them to sit down, 
then go through the door and turn the light switch off.  Now make 
your way through the carriage but immediately turn right and hide 
behind a set of chairs.  A passenger comes to investigate the lights 
so once he's out of your way, sneak down the carriage staying in the 
dark  and hide behind the last set of chairs.  The lights should now 
be on and the passenger will sit back down.  Now everyone's got their 
back to you, go through the corridor and through the automatic door 
and then through the next one and use your fibre optic at the next 
door.  A member of the railway staff will come and talk to one of the 
passengers so wait for him to leave before opening the door.  You 
won't be able to just walk past this passenger, you need to S.W.A.T 
turn and carry on down the corridor until you come to the second 
closed door on your right.  Inside is Norman Soth, the thermal vision 
proves it as he's got a wooden leg!  Talk to him and when you are 
interrupted, hide in a dark place, the hack the computer and trail 
Soth.  Don't stay too close to him or you'll be spotted.  Once your 
in the same carriage as Soth, laser mic the phone call and once he's 
finished hide in the bar on the right.  Once Soth and his guard have 
left, make your way down the carriage where the lone guard is and go 
through the door at the end.  Now get up and run through the next 
carriage and once you reach the middle there should be a ladder on 
your right, climb up it, open the grate and move towards the rope 
Coen has dropped you, try not to get hit by enemy bullets.  Your 
gonna have to jump for the rope.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
7.  Walkthrough - Mission 4 - Guela District Street Market, 
Jerusalem, Israil
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Part 1
= = =
Talk to Coen if you want, make your way up the stairs up ahead and 
wait for the police man to turn around before moving on. Go down the 
alleyway but stick to the right or the light will make you an easy 
target.  Wait just before the boxes and for the  
two policemen to walk away from each other, follow the second 
policeman and wait at the big narrow window on the right.  Once he 
passes it, go down the stairs and go left.  There is another 
policeman waiting underneath a swinging light but he'll turn around 
and move on so follow him and stay on the left hand side and go past 
the rabbi's and wait at the corner.  Now the policeman will go back 
to the swinging light and the two rabbis' will sit down.  Stick to 
the left side of the wall and quickly move past the light and on the 
right is a pole.  Climb up it and you'll automatically grab onto a 
zip line, when you get to the end, grab onto the ledge and drop down 
quietly.  Wait for the policeman to tell the civilian to go away and 
when the policeman turns around, jump down and stick to the right 
side of the wall.   When you reach the stalls there is a set of 
stairs, go down and there will be two thieves and your contact.  
Whilst crouched at full speed, elbow the nearest thief then elbow the 
second one.  Now talk to Saul Berkovitz.  Pick up the SC 20K and the 
sticky shocker and air ring foil.  Talk to Berkovitz again and he 
will lead to a quiet place to practise shooting.  Follow him whilst 
remaining hidden, once he has brought you to the place turn back 
round and down the alley there is now another policeman standing in 
your way with his back to you.  You can actually get by him without 
distracting or knocking him out, go to the right side of him and then 
stick to the left wall to remain hidden.  Watch out for the other 
policeman and turn right out of this alley.  Go down the stairs and 
turn left, wait against the wall on the left because a female 
civilian is about to walk past.  When she's gone turn left and go up 
the pole, watch out though, there are two policemen on duty.  Make 
your way across the ledge and drop down to the window below, get 
inside but there is a civilian at the balcony from the building 
across so make sure he doesn't spot you.   When the policemen leave 
and the civilian turns around, jump out of the window opposite where 
the civilian was standing.  Follow the policemen down the market 
staying to the left.  Once you can see the third policeman on the 
right, go left and there should be a policeman standing at a gate 
with his back to you, behind him is a pipe, climb that to get onto 
the roof and as you go past the blue stained glass windows the church 
bell will sound.  You should see your contact standing opposite you 
on the ground (the bell let's you know that your on time).  Zipline 
across and then rappel down the wall.

Part 2
= = =
Dahlia is standing at the fence where the gap is.  Talk to her and 
she'll let you out.  Follow her staying in the shadows at all costs, 
when your near the two rabbi's, you can either carry on moving at 
full speed crouched or you can shoot the lamp and get past them 
unnoticed.  Either way, keep following Dahlia and stop when she 
speaks to the officer.  When they walk away from you get down the 
alley on the right and half-split jump.  When she's finished talking 
she'll walk underneath you, drop down and keep following her.  There 
are two policemen in the market area but as long as you stick to the 
shadows you'll be fine.  Talk to Dahlia and she'll keep moving, stay 
left and go between the wall and the fence of the market stools.  Go 
down the stairs and there will be a series of columns.  You'll need 
to S.W.A.T turn from each one.  Follow Dahlia past the large windows 
on the left and land quietly next to the stairs before the policeman 
looks.  When he turns away follow him through the market and wait for 
him to turn back round.  Continue through the market and sneak past 
the second policeman, when you go round the corner, Dahlia will be 
stopped by a policeman.  Don't worry; this won't spoil your mission 
because she beats him up!  Hide his body in the corner you just came 
from and meet up with Dahlia.  Talk to her and follow the guard 
through the tunnel, sneak past him if necessary, wait at the end 
because another policeman roams this alleyway.  Wait for him to leave 
and climb the pole at the end.  Once you're inside the room, sneak 
slowly through the next room, there are two rabbi's watching 
television but don't worry about them.  Climb out onto the window 
ledge and climb up the pipe on the right, crouch at full speed at the 
top and slow down near the end.  Rappel down the wall and wait in a 
dark corner and follow Dahlia.  A police officer will stop her and 
let her through the gate, as he is walking back, whistle.  He will 
come and investigate the noise so don't be near him when he does. As 
he continues down the alley, go through the gate and there will be 
two doorways on your right.  Dahlia is in the left one, go in the 
right doorway and pick up all the ammo and projectiles you can find, 
then go and speak to Dahlia.  Get in the elevator and when Lambert 
tells you to kill her, do it.  Use the laser aim at her head.  If you 
don't kill her, you'll make it incredibly tough for yourself at the 

Part 3
= = =
Equip the SC 20K and make the sticky shocker your secondary weapon.  
As the lift reaches the bottom, shoot the first terrorist in the 
head, shock the next terrorist and shock the third one as he comes 
running after you (I have actually managed to kill the first guy and 
shock the second and the third guy doesn't realise, I just snuck buy 
him).  Make your way down the stairway wait in the far corner where 
the next two terrorists come from.  Sneak up on the one as he stands 
there and knock him out.  Wait for the other one to turn his back 
before moving on.  There is another terrorist walking in a particular 
route so get in the water below as it is darker.  Get to the opposite 
corner and you should see a bright room, that's your objective.  
Stand in the archway and wait for a terrorist near the bright room to 
go through the archway near you and knock him out.  There is another 
terrorist on the other side but he won't bother you too much.  When 
he's not looking, get inside that bright room and steal the ND133.  
Now it's time to get out, face the bright room where you just picked 
up the ND133 and turn left.  Follow the walkway round; try not to 
bump into the terrorist roaming this walkway.  Once in the archway 
turn right and grab the terrorist standing still.  Take him to a dark 
place and knock him out.  Hide on the left side and whistle, now move 
forward and stay on the left the terrorist by the elevator will come 
to investigate the noise, then he'll turn around, go past the 
elevator and go further down the walkway leaving the elevator free to 
use.  Up you go.  Once at the top immediately crouch at full speed 
into the shadows outside, otherwise the policeman will see you.  
Sneak past him and get under the scaffolding and go past the dustbin 
and under the sheet.  Now, if you killed Dahlia this part won't be so 
tough, but if you didn't, good luck because I can't help.  Anyway, 
three policemen are all facing a certain way, if you shoot the bigger 
lamp in the corner, they'll go investigate.  Go around the fire and 
under the scaffolding.  Opposite from where you're standing is your 
extraction point, stick to walls and make your way round.  Note: as 
you go round the fire the policemen will see you but are too far away 
to determine if it's you or a shadow.  This should not affect your 
chances of extraction.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
8.  Walkthrough - Mission 5 - Refinery, Kundang, Indonesia
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Part 1
= = =
Go forward and talk to your old friend Douglass Shetland (he's the 
one you rescued from the first mission).  Zip line or rappel down to 
the shrubs and ferns and put your back against the fence.  A guard 
will come out from the tent to the right, wait for him to turn his 
back and go to the tent on the left, stay in the shadow.  Once he 
sits down, go around the tent and stop, another guard is near the 
car.  Let him turn around the go to the hut in front of the car and 
pick up the air ring foil round and sticky shocker, now quickly get 
to the right side of the car.  When the patrolling guard walks past 
you walk past the sheets of metal and stop when you reach the barbed 
wire.  There are two more guards further on about to become one.  
Listen to their conversation about trip wires and watch the drunken 
guard blow himself up.  The other guard will rush to help him, when 
he turns around follow him but stick to the shadows and use thermal 
vision to spot the other trip wires.  Always keep to the sides.   

You'll eventually come across another guard; use the same strategy to 
get past him and the trip wires.  You'll eventually come to another 
car outside a large warehouse.  Inside is Sadono's plane.  You can go 
straight through even though there are two guards but as it is so 
dark, they won't see you.  Start making your way up the ladder when 
they start talking and turn the lights off, straight ahead is the 
light panel.  Go past the ladder to where the broken ledge is and 
above you is a frame you can use to climb to the other side of the 
warehouse.  Jump up to grab it and climb down the pole at the end, 
place the bomb on the side of the plane where the hatch is open.  
Behind you is a door to get out.  Go through the half open gate and 
wait on the right side just before the little cabin.  When the guard 
on the outside walks past you, the guard on the inside should have 
his back to you.  Shoot the light inside the cabin and hide against 
the cabin.  The guard from the inside will walk past you, so get 
inside and hit the switch to raise the barbed wire post.  When both 
guards aren't looking, go down the new path and hide in the shelter 
on the left because there is another guard and a dog.  The dog won't 
pick up your scent if you hide under the shelter.  Once they've 
passed you, keep moving forward and go around the tents and into the 
long grass.  There is a tripwire here so be careful.  Now, use the 
rifle and snipe guard in the tower, now snipe the explosive barrels 
near the car, the two ground guards will go investigate.  Run to the 
tower and climb the ladder and zip line over the fence.  This must be 
done quickly, those ground guards won't have their backs turned 

Part 2
= = =
From the start go forward until you see three guards and Sadono.  
Sadano will walk away escorted by a guard, don't worry, he'll stop 
and wait for you.  When they're gone, step up on the little platform 
to your left.  Wait for the nearest guard to go right, when he does, 
drop down and hide under the walkway besides the platform you're 
standing on.  When he comes back wait for him to go right again, then 
quickly go under the walkway opposite from your position.  Follow it 
round and Sadono will be in front of you with he's guard.  Follow him 
through the hut and go outside, go left down the narrow alley and 
half-split jump jump up to the window.  Climb in and go down the 
stairs.  Turn right and go through the left door, Sadono and his 
guard are in front of you, when they have moved on go through the 
door on the left and pick the 5.72 pistol ammo.  Go back out the door 
and go forward to the hut Sadono went through.  Follow him and stop 
at the doorway.  Stick to right hand side of the wall and when the 
guard leaves, climb the pole opposite the doorway you were just 
standing in.  Slowly make your way towards the boxes and when you can 
see the car, Sadono will begin his entrance code.  Shoot a sticky 
camera at the car, record the code and pick up the sticky camera on 
the box to your right.  Jump down and work your way round the outside 
avoiding the two guards.  The entrance you need to get to is the one 
behind the guard standing still.  You can just sneak past him and 
head down the ladder.

Part 3
= = =
Go straight ahead and avoid the guard, stick to the right side of him 
and jump onto the balcony and shimmy across.  Then drop quietly.  Go 
past the stairs and through the door, go up the next set of stairs 
and turn the lights out.  Avoid the scientists and the two guards and 
head for the next door.  Shoot the light in the top corner of the 
room and go through the doorway on the right.  Shoot the light above 
the pilot and go talk to him, the door is code locked (0623).  Go 
through and go up the ladder, pick up the 5.56 ammo for your rifle 
and follow the two guards.  Wait in a dark place before picking up 
the flares near the barrels and then go up the pipe.  Follow the 
walkway round and go down the grate in the roof.  Pick up the flare 
on the box and jump up to grab the pipe.  Now, very slowly go past 
the guard at the door, he shouldn't hear you.  Get to the end and 
drop down.  Stick to the outside wall and get past the guard working 
out.  Go through the door and when you see the opening, wait for the 
guard in front of you to turn around.  There is also a guard to the 
right but he won't see you.  Stick to the left and go past the tree 
and fence.  When the patrolling guard isn't looking, go through the 
cabin door.  There is a turret out here but it won't cause you 
trouble if you stayed to the left.  Once inside the cabin, pick up 
the 5.56 ammo for your SC 20K and heal if you need to, go through the 
next door.  This may be tricky; there is a patrolling guard and two 
spot lights.  When the guard isn't looking go around the barrels on 
the left.  There is a narrow gap between a box and some barrels.  
Stand up and put your back against the box.  When the guard and spot 
light are not looking at you, go to the door at the end.  There is a 
patrolling guard along here so stay against the wall next to the door 
and he shouldn't spot you.  The door is keypad locked (1492), get 
inside and put your back to the wall, listen in on Sadono's "Pandora 
Tomorrow" phone call.  S.W.A.T turn when he makes the next call.  
Repeat this until he's finished.  Sadono will leave the room so shoot 
the camera and watch the patrolling guard outside to be out of sight 
then quickly use the computer and get back to your dark place.  Go 
around the corner and hit the switch on the wall or you'll be 
electrocuted if you go further.  Now continue down the hallway and go 
out the doorway on your right and then through the door at the bottom 
of the stairs.  Guards will come rushing and tell you to "freeze".  
Shetland's snipers will help out now, so when the first shot is 
fired, crouch at full speed down the end of the garden.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
9.  Walkthrough - Mission 6 - Komodo Shipyard, Komodo, Indonesia
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =          

Part 1
= = =
From the start, make your way to the car straight ahead.  Avoid the 
lone guard and the auto sniper, the red laser is the auto sniper.  
Stay behind the car and time your movements as there is a turret 
under the auto sniper tower.  Climb onto the platform that the turret 
is standing on and go down the pathway.  Careful, there is a trip 
wire here so use the thermal vision and disarm it or simply jump over 
it.  Climb onto the next platform and carry on going forward.  Drop 
down and there are two guards here and one auto sniper.  One guard 
stays in the centre surrounded by a fence, the other is patrolling.  
Shoot the light on the fence to your right and sneak past the 
patrolling guard.  Keep to the right and you should see a gap between 
the fence and the tall hut.  Half-split jump jump to the ledge and 
climb up.  Drop down and go through the doorway.  Go right and there 
is a cabin in front of you.  Stay between the opening and the two 
guards at the table and go round the corner of the cabin, keep going 
and stick to the outside of the wall.  You can't go across the next 
cabin as it is too well light, plus the guard dog will pick up your 
scent, so stay on the outside of the hut and make your way round the 
fence to the narrow opening.  Half-split jump jump to the opening at 
the top and climb in.  There is a guard at the bottom watching 
television, he won't bother you.  Drop all the way down and you'll 
hear shooting, crouch under the gap in the wall and stay behind the 
boxes.  A guard is practise shooting on bottles so if you stand up 
he'll be practising on you instead.  Once he's finished he'll leave 
and sit at a table.  Make your way round the boxes and S.W.A.T turn 
to the wall or the turret will shoot you.  Go round the fence and 
stay behind the cabin.  The guard sitting down has he's back to you 
and the turret is in front of the doorway.  So, time your move.  
Don't go too fast or the guard will hear you.  Once inside, there are 
a series of lasers to pass so switch to thermal vision and make your 
way through.  Go down the ladder at the end, use the lift and go 
down.  Down the hallway, go down the first left and stop in the 
shadows.  A guard is sitting at the computer and another one will 
come through the doors.  Wait for them to pass, go in the doors and 
in the control room is the technician.  Grab him and interrogate him.  
Knock him out and hide his body in a dark corner.  When the 
patrolling guard leaves the room, go back to the doors you came in 
from but don't go through yet.  When the patrolling guard goes around 
the corner, turn the lights off in the control room, go through the 
door and shoot the ceiling light.  Now put your back against the 
right wall and move up.  The patrolling guard should walk straight 
past you.  Continue right and go through the door at the end.

Part 2
= = =
Go up the stairs, out the door and avoid the patrolling guard.  
Follow the walkway round until you come to the cable car.  Booby trap 
time!  Tilt the odds in your favour by hitting the switch for the 
cable car and then grabbing onto the zip line underneath the platform 
you're standing on.  Zip line all the way down then grab onto the 
next one slightly beneath you.  When you reach the next platform, 
there is another guard patrolling, when you have the chance, get 
inside the submarine to your left.  Go down the ladder and through 
the archway, then down the next ladder.  Wait at the corner and when 
the guard turns around; hide in the dug out to the right.  When the 
guard passes again, come out from your hiding place and go right past 
the steam.  Go through the door and now slow right down, there is a 
guard asleep in here so walk softly.  Go down the next ladder and 
S.W.A.T turn to the right.  Switch the light off and crouch under the 
table to the right, the guard will investigate so just go through the 
door and wait beside the next one.  A colonel is about to make an 
entrance.  When he stands in the corner, grab him and force him to 
use the retinal scanner.  Knock him out and hide his body to the left 
of the door.  Get inside and wait for the two guards to stop talking.  
One will stay in the room with his back to you and the other turn 
left out the door, don't worry he won't find the unconscious colonel.  
Sneak past the guard and use the computer in the small room.  Get out 
through the door you came in from and turn right, this door is now 
open so climb the ladder to exit the submarine.  A bridge will lower 
to your left, go across it and as the guard comes up the stairs, stun 
him with air ring foils or a sticky shocker.  Pick up the frag and 
smoke grenades and the ammo and go down the stairs.  When you hear 
shooting, go back up the stairs, turn left and use your SC 20K to 
snipe the barrels the guards are next to.  There are four guards, 
blow up two barrels, job done.  Go back down the stairs and go along 
the walkway the dead guards are on.  Go down the ladder at the end.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
10.  Walkthrough - Mission 7 - Television Free Indonesia, Jakarta, 
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Part 1
= = =
Talk to Coen if you want and climb down the ladder.  Go across the 
roof and rappel down the wall, stay against the wall on the right 
until the guard near the door moves.  Once he's gone, follow him and 
wait in the shadows.  Wait for them to leave and shoot the light on 
the right.  Make your way down the alley and stop on the right.  
There is a guard here so wait for him to move, shoot the swinging 
light and continue down the alley.  Hint: you can use a bottle and 
throw it at the light to conserve ammo.  Shoot the large light on the 
right and go up both ladders on the left.  Climb on the roof and go 
right, zipline across and go through the doorway.  The floor here is 
broken so climb down the pole in the centre of the room, then go 
through the door where the van is outside.  Stay behind the two bins 
just outside the doorway.  This is one of the trickiest parts of the 
mission as lightening makes you visible even in the dark.  One guard 
goes further down the pathway than the other, so when the nearest 
guard has his back to you quickly make your way to the phone box on 
the left.  If you keep your back against it the lightening won't make 
you visible.  When both guards have their backs to you make your way 
to the next station on the left.  There is a smoke grenade in hear.  
As the second guard walks past make your way to the end of the 
pathway and climb over the fence.  If you did this quick enough, 
neither guard will see you.  Make your way to the guard on the right, 
past the green house.  Knock him out and take him to a dark place 
opposite the gate you climbed over.  Now, snipe the single light on 
the van and go back to where you knocked the guard out.  Make your 
way to the van and go around the right hand side of it.  Make sure 
you time your movements well through all of this; you don't want to 
be moving openly in the shadows when lightening strikes.  Go down the 
sewer ladder in front of the van.  Go through the passageway on the 
right and stop at the first opening on the left.  There is a guard 
that roams along this sewer so when he's not around, shoot the light 
on the ceiling and then shoot the camera in the opening to the left.  
Go through and wait in a dark place as there is a guard in here as 
well.  When he's not looking go up the ladder further down the sewer.  
You'll be behind a large satellite dish now so wait.  There is a 
spotlight and mines on the ground.  When the spotlight is moving away 
from you, crouch at full speed to the right of the dish and to the 
other satellite.  Use the thermal goggles to avoid the mines.  You 
should just about make it to the other dish.  Now the spotlight is 
behind you, make your way to the next dish.  Wait here, there is 
another spotlight that shines on the fence that you need to climb 
over.  When it's gone, climb over and go through the door on the 
right.  Once inside, pick up the flare near the guard and go out the 
next door.  Stick to the left wall and sneak past the guard near the 
car.  Climb on to the ledge and half split jump jump up to the next 
ledge and climb up.  Shoot the half broken glass and rappel down, 
stay behind the nearest pillar and when the guard comes near you, 
sneak past him and get in one of the elevators.

Part 2
= = =
Wait at the wall on the right, when the guard has gone shoot the 
second light on the left wall so the turret shoots at it.  Go past 
the turret and shoot the small floor light and wait in the room 
behind the turret.  When the guard walks back past the door, go out 
and shoot the lights on the left wall.  Go through the door straight 
ahead and wait on the right.  Wait for the next guard to pass and go 
in the nearest room.  Knock out the guard sitting down and when the 
guard outside has his back turned, go left and through the next door.  
Turn the light out and talk to Ingrid Karlthson.  Just follow here 
back to where you came out of the elevator and she will use the 
retinal scanner.  This is very tricky now.  When you go through the
doors, Karlthson will tell you to go left, instead shoot a smoke
grenade down the right alley where the two guards are and you should
knock out both of them.  Two more guards will come to investigate,
snipe them both in the head.  Go left and shock the guard with night
vision goggles before he sets of an alarm.  Go past the elevators and
wait at the corner.  A radio will jump in but don't worry, shoot the
light on the left wall and when the camera isn't facing you move
underneath it.  Make sure the guard around the corner isn't there
when you carry on.  Move around the counter and stay inside it until
the moving guard goes left.  Then go back out and hide in the corner.
When he leaves, climb the pipe and go through the vent.  Now you're
In the TV studio.  Shoot all Sadono's guards and when you get the
chance, grab Sadono and interrogate him.  Use the retinal scanner
under the vent you came through and take him up the walkway.  Use
him on the next retinal scanner and give him to Ingrid Karlthson.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  
11.  Walkthrough Mission 8 - LAX International Airport, Los Angeles,
California, USA                        
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Part 1
= = =
Climb over the fence ahead and stick to the left wall once over it.
Wait for the big truck labelled "Stand Express" to arrive and climb
in the back when it comes to a halt.  Once the driver and security
guard are finished talking, the truck will start moving.  Get outside
the truck and wait by the people carrier to the left, when the
security guard and his dog are a fair way off, snipe the white
shirted guard in the control room, he is one of Soth's mercenaries.
Head through the door past that room.  Wait at the next door for the
cleaner to move on and go inside, switch off the light to the right
and head through the door further up.  Stand on the sink and get
inside the vent.  Go out the first exit on the left and drop down
and wait.  When the mercenary comes your way shoot him in the head,
make sure he is in the dark before you do so.  Pick up the air ring
foil round by the cardboard boxes and go through the next station.
Turn right and stay between the loading docks and the cardboard boxes.
Wait for the mercenary to come your way and grab him when he has his
back to you, drag him into darkness, knock him out and shoot him in
the head.  Head back to the opening you just came from and make your
way around to the guy sitting in the chair.  Pick up the diversion
camera by the boxes and when nobody is watching, grab the guy
sitting down and drag him into darkness.  Knock him out and shoot
him in the head.  Carry on going round and jump over both of the next
loading docks, when you get to the light, stick to the left and climb
onto the trunk, then onto the shelves.  When the patrolling security
guard is further down the walkway, snipe the guy in the white shirt
when he is directly opposite.  Make your way down the walkway timing
your movements with guard and the worker below.  Now go through the
door on the right.  Go down the stairs and go onto the right luggage
carrier and shoot the light above.  As soon as you step on it there
is a pole on the right, climb up it and it will lead to the grating
above.  Continue down the grating and drop down.  Go onto the left
carrier and shoot the light in the room, continue on and collect the
smoke grenade and 5.56 ammo for your rifle.  Go through the door and
head up the stairs.

Part 2
= = =
Go through the door and head left, S.W.A.T turn past the posts.
Once at the very end, wait for the mercenary to tap in the keypad
code at the door near you and shoot him in the head.  Hide his body
if need be.  Tap in the code (5325), go down the stairs and shoot
the light at the bottom right of those stairs and then the one to
the left of the camera.  Go through the door and follow the walking
mercenary, grab him and interrogate him.  Drag him into darkness and
knock him out, now shoot him in the head.  Well done! if you've got
this far without setting off the alarm, there's only a little more
to go.  The guy talking on the phone will fall asleep at his desk so
just go through the door ahead, don't worry about sticking to
shadows.  Put your back to the right wall and go behind the big
screen, once at the end wait for everyone to leave and go behind the
guy sipping coffee.  Go through the doors the employees just went
through and go down the right side of the escalator.  Spot Soth with
thermal goggles and binoculars, now, shoot all of the 6 ceiling
lights in the near room and go in the lift.  You'll suddenly come to
a halt so climb out of the lift and head up manually.  Head to the
middle lift but don't go inside, pick up the 5.72 for your pistol
ammo and drop down the vent gap.  Climb up the ladder to the right
and above you can see Soth and two guards.  This is tricky; you must
kill Soth and his two guards and get up there to seize the final pox
box.  This is not easy.  I'll let you figure out the way up.  Once
you do reach it, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You have just completed Splinter
Cell Pandora Tomorrow in a very stealthy way.

Copyright 2004 Gary Knights