Multiplayer FAQ by Strider32

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 12/30/04 | Printable Version

                             Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
                             Multiplayer Tips and Strategies

                             Date Created: October 19, 2004

Author: Strider32
Platform: Xbox
Version: 0.7

                   Update and Version History

  Oct. 19, 2004(v.0.1) - Just began.  Added the very beginning of the guide.
I also added the foreword, legal stuff, some of the basics, system link, and
the table of contents.

  Oct. 20, 2004(V.0.2)-Got a bit done tonight.  I completed the spy controls
started on the merc. controls, but more importantly I fixed a ton of spelling

  Oct. 21, 2004(V.0.5)-I did a lot this afternoon.  I finished up merc.
controls and finished quick use and the spy gadgets.  File size went
from 4.5kbs. to 11.1kbs.  I'm stopping for now as my typing fingers are
getting sore, but Iíll probably come back later on tonight and do some more.
Came back and did some more.  Skipped versions 0.3 and 0.4 as I got all the
info I wanted in them and more done today, which brings us up to v. 0.5.
Came back again and added section 3.  Also added a few gadgets that I
forgot about the first time around.  Fixed some spelling errors, and began
the Strategies section.  That's it for tonight. For real this time.

  Oct. 23, 2004(v.0.6)-Came back today after taking yesterday off.  Finished
up the strategies section and began on the maps.  Made a few changes.  Expect
a ton of stuff on Monday.

  Oct. 27, 2004(v.0.6)-I lied.  Didn't do anything on Monday, or Tuesday.
I made a few changes so far today.  Thanks to one of my friends who pointed
out several spelling errors and other stuff.  Began on the maps.

  Oct. 28, 2004(v.0.7)-Worked backwards today.  Did the last three sections
of the guide, which leaves only the maps to complete.  Those will probably
be the work of a week or so.

  Oct. 30, 2004(v.0.7)-Fixed one error.

  Nov. 30, 2004(v.0.7)-My computer has been down for about the last two
months.  Just got it back up and will and more soon.  Fixed a ton of errors

                   Table of Contents

    1.  Foreword
    2.  Legal Stuff
    3.  Brief Overview of the Multiplayer
    4.  System-Link
    5.  Controls
        5a.  Spy Controls
        5b.  Mercenary Controls
    6.  Quick Use
    6.  Gadgets
        7a.  Spy Gadgets
        7b.  Mercenary Gadgets
    8.  Security Systems
    9.  Strategies
        9a.  Spy Strategies
        9b.  Mercenary Strategies
    10. Maps
        10a. Museum
        10b. Warehouse
        10c. Vertigo Plaza
        10d. Schemorhorn
        10e. Mount Hospital
        10f. Krauser Lab
        10g. Cinema
        10h. Deftech Below
    11. Frequently Asked Questions
    12. Rules of Contact
    13. Who all Helped
                   1.  Foreword

  This guide is meant as an in-depth look at the multiplayer side of Splinter
Cell Pandora Tomorrow.  I will attempt to explain all the aspects of what is
in my opinion the best multiplayer game out there, pending Halo 2's release
of course.  I'll give you my best strategies, some useful tips, and I will
not give you any glitches.  I don't condone cheating, and in this game,
glitches could very well be considered cheating.  All that I say in this
guide can be used online or playing a system link game.

                   2.  Legal Stuff

  You can't recreate or take any part of this guide without first consulting
me.  If you want to, contact me and Iíll probably say it's fine so long as
you give me credit and tell me where you're putting it so that I can check
it out.  The only sites that have access to this as of right now are as
                   3.  Brief Overview of the Multiplayer

  Welcome to the wonderful world of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Pandora Tomorrow.  More importantly, welcome to the multiplayer world of
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.  This section is simply going to
give you an idea and general overview of this mode.  First off you choose your
sides, be it Mercenary or Spy.  The Mercenaries are armed with deadly assault
rifles, and other deadly gadgets.  The spies on the other hand arenít armed
with lethal weapons, except for their hands and their feet.  Yes, their feet.
Their are three modes.  Neutralization: Where the spies try to hack a series
of smallpox containing ND133's.  The amount of time that it takes to hack one
is normally around 20 seconds, but depends on the map and the         handi-
cap.  Extraction: In this mode the spy's try to steal a set number of ND's.
Once they steal the ND's, they have to get them back to their spawn point.
Sabotage:  The last mode is also my favorite.  The spies place a modem near
an ND.  Spy's can carry only one modem at a time and must get new one's from
ammo boxes.  The spies are free to leave the ND after they place the modem,
placed by pressing down on the d-pad.  They should probably stay and defend
the modem though.  The mercs. mandate throughout all of these modes is simple,
defend the ND's for a certain time limit, or kill the spies until they run out
of lives.  There is also a fourth unofficial game mode called deathwatch.  This
was invented by players online.  While probably not the developers intention, 
this is one the best game modes.  This is pretty easy to set up.  Simply
select the map that you want to play and go to session options.  From here
set the game time to infinite, and give both the spy and the merc. the max.
amount of lives.  Respawn time doesn't matter, so set it at what you want.
Now just play and try to kill each other.  Keep in mind that every time you
switch the map you will have to go back into session options and change back
the settings.

                   4.  System Link

  Well you might be wondering why I have system-link as a heading
and haven't included online-multiplayer as well.  The reason is this, it
can take a while to figure out how to get 4 people playing the game
at one time, when a single Xbox will only support one player.  For
those of you who don't know the fix is simple.  You need 4 Xbox's,
and thus 4 TVís, 4 Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow discs, 4 system
link cables, and a router.  Basically, you need to plug one end of
each of the system-link cable into each Xbox, and the other end in
the back of the router.  After you've done this you should have the option
of going onto the same server and playing with and against each other.
Also, you can use your Xbox-Live headsets when playing system-link.

                   5.  Controls

  Normally I wouldn't bother with the controls, as that what the manual is
there for, but you have to know the controls for this game.

         5a. Spy Controls

  There are quite a few controls for the spy to master.

start-pause game
d-pad left-Night Vision
d-pad right-Thermal Vision
d-pad up-Turns off your laser when your gun is out.
d-pad down-nothing
L3-quick menu (Choose what gadget you want by pressing the correct
key or moving the analog stick around.)
R3-Brings up your binoculars (I'll cover this more in the Gadgets Section)
A-Use, you can use anything that pops up in a little green box, just press A.
When behind a mercenary(merc.)press A to grab a hold of him.
Press A again to kill him, R to knock him out.  If you hold him for too long
he will suffocate and die.
X-Pull out your gun, hold to pull out your gun without the laser
Y-jump. You can't jump when your gun is drawn.  You will grab onto ledges and 
other objects when you jump up to them. Press Y to swing your legs up when on
a pole.
B-crouch, You can crouch when your gun is drawn.  When you're running or
crouching and walking hold down B to roll forward.
Black Button-Turn enhanced reality on/off. (more on enhanced reality later)
White Button-nothing
R-shoot when gun is drawn, quick use
L-Shoot selected gadget if applicable. Hold down to throw grenades farther.
Quick use.

         5b. Mercenary Controls

  Lots of merc controls too.

start-pause game
d-pad left-Motion Tracking
d-pad right-Electromagnetic Vision (EMV.)
d-pad up-Turns on your laser.
d-pad down-Turns on your torchlight. (The torchlight and laser will not work  
at the same time, one will cut off when you activate the other.)
L3-quick menu (Choose what gadget you want by pressing the correct
key or moving the analog stick around.)
R3-Brings up your sniper scope.  This has a 6x zoom.
A-Punch with the butt of your gun.  When running you can charge the spy.
This will do greater damage, but cause you to run slower for about 2 seconds.
X-Reloads.  Hold down to switch your gun between full-automatic mode, and
burst mode.
Black Button-Turn enhanced reality on/off. (more on enhanced reality later)
White Button-nothing
L-use secondary weapon.  Hold down to throw grenades farther.

                   6.  Quick Use

  This part will be quick, but is a very integral part of the the spies game.
Only spies have the quick use option, and only grenades can be placed under
it.  For example, you could select smoke grenades as your quick use for the
right trigger.  This means that so long as you have smoke grenades left,
when you pull R you will throw down a smoke grenade.  This works for the L
trigger also.  You only have two quick uses so put the grenades that you
use the most into your quick use area.  There are however some limitations
to quick use.  For starters, when you're crouched and can't stand up you
can't throw down a grenade.  When your just crouching then the spy will
stand up and throw down the grenade.  Also when you have your gun out you
can't use your quick use.  You have to switch to the grenade that you want
through the quick menu.

                   7.  Gadgets

  There is a wide variety of gadgets and equipment in the game, most of which
can be easily equipped and used.  Some are less useful than others and some of
them you'll recognize from the main game. 

         7a. Spy Gadgets

Smoke Grenade-The name is pretty much self explanatory.  You throw down this
grenade and a smoke cloud will appear.  These are much more useful than most
smoke grenades in most games are.  When thrown and a merc. is inside the cloud
he will move much slower.  He will start to cough and if he stays in the cloud
for too long he will drop unconscious.  As a spy you can use his slow speed to
get behind and grab him, and subsequently kill him.  Another fun feature of
the smoke grenade is that it will be quite hard for the merc. to see through
all of the smoke.  This grenade will not kill.

Flash Bang-This is another very useful grenade.  When a spy throws this
grenade down it will create a very bright light, that will only affect the
merc.  The merc. will have a hard time seeing anything.  If the merc. saw
you when you threw down the grenade, or while he is still being affected
by the light, he will start to see the spy on his visor as sort of an
aftershock.  This can confuse him and cause him to shoot at nothing.
This grenade will not kill.

Chaff Grenade-This grenade is not very useful compared to the smoke and
flash-bang.  When thrown the grenade will release a bunch of white tiny
paper looking objects.  These disrupt electrical equipment.  This is a good
way of sneaking by trip wires and other detection systems.  It will also
cause a bunch of static to form on the mercs. visor, and it will shut
down his motion tracking and EMV. if he is using either one of them
at the time.  This grenade will not kill.

Sticky Camera-This is a gadget that has been taken from the game and been
modified.  You still shoot it at a wall or any other surface upon which
it attaches itself to that surface.  The spy will have access to both night
thermal visions while "in" the camera.  Whatís new is that you can't make
noises to attract the others attention, but you can release a very powerful
smoke.  This smoke is much better than the smoke grenadeís smoke.  All the
smoke has to do is barely touch the merc. and he is out cold.

Spy Bullet-This is a gadget that is good for information.  When you shoot this
at a merc, and he probably won't know he's been shot, the merc. will appear on
your radar.(upper right hand corner)  This is especially useful when trying to
hack an ND133.(ND for short.)  Also, an added bonus is that when playing on
Xbox-Live you can shoot the enemy merc. with this, enabling you to hear what
the two mercs. are talking about.  Another feature is that if you shoot this
on a wall then whenever a merc. goes near the bullet he will show up on your
radar.  The "wall bullet" has a very short range, so it's better to shoot the

Alarm Snare-This can be a very useful device if you know how to use it.  When
shot on a tripwire, or other security system, it will make an alarm go off.
You might be asking your self now "Why is making an alarm go off good?"  Well,
now that you asked I guess Iíll tell you.  If playing with a partner, or even
by your self this can make the mercs. go to the wrong area, allowing you a
relatively free shot at an ND.  Try to shoot it as far away the from the ND.
that you plan to hack as possible.  Also, when you shoot this on any other
surface, it will make the sound of footsteps, and cause a mercs. sound
detectors to go off.

Thermal Vision-Thermals, as I call it, is the vision mode that will probably
prove most useful to you.  This will show any and all heat readings within
the spyís area of sight.  Basically you'll be able to see the merc. very
easily.  Another very beneficial feature of thermals is that you can see any
mines, spy traps, and other merc gadgetry very easily.  They will all show up
at a fair distance, though they are not going to stand out the way the merc.
does.  You'll need to have at least a marginal eye out for these merc.
devices.  Then again you should always be looking for the mercs. assorted
"Bag of Tricks."  The last feature of thermals is that they let you see
through many objects, including some walls, ceilings, and other objects.

Night Vision-Night vision is the spyís other vision mode.  These goggles
take any light in an area and magnify it, enabling you to see in the dark.
These are very useful in really dark places and sometimes for spotting a merc.
The latter is almost easily done with thermals though.

Tazer Gun-That's probably not the technical term,(it looks to me like a
modified P-90)but that what Iím going to call it.  this gun under no
circumstances will kill a merc.  The gun shoots like a real gun save for the
fact that it shoots what looks like a little blue ball.  When you shoot a
merc. with the gun he will go stiff and become covered in blue electricity
for a matter of about 2-3 seconds.  You can't jump on the merc, grab him and
kill him though.  The merc. can still partially see, so don't jump up in front
of him and expect him not to notice.  The gun can also fire the following
gadgets: Smoke, flash-bang, and chaff grenades, alarm snares, sticky cameras,
and spy bullets.  You have to bring up the quick menu to select which gadget
you wish to fire.  The gun is also equipped with a laser.  If you plan to play
the game a lot then you should learn to aim without it as it will help to keep
your position secret.  The laser dot that "touches" the merc, wall, or what-
ever is clearly visible, but the red laser line that leads to the gun isn't
visible.  Hold down X to take your gun out without the laser on.

         7b. Mercenary Gadgets

Frag Grenades-This is a very deadly grenade.  Unlike the spyís grenades, this
grenade will easily and effectively kill.  It is not suggested that you use
this grenade in close quarters as it can very easily kill you.  There is one
instance when you should consider using them in close quarters.  If you are
being attacked by a spy and believe that you have no chance of winning,
then you can throw a frag grenade at the ground.  It will not bounce far,
and as the spyís are essentially close quarters fighter's when it comes
to killing the merc.  they will probably be killed by the explosion.
The bad news is that you too will also more than likely be killed in the
explosion.  These grenades are very useful for stopping a spy from        
and ND.  If the spy is out of your reach then you should try to get a frag
over to where he is        .  This is also good for clearing out an area
where the spy is entrenched.

Tazer-This is a drastically much more powerful tazer than the one that the
spyís get.  It is very close quarters and will only hit something a few
meters in front of it.  If you do hit the spy then you are pretty much
guaranteed a kill.  The spy will look like the merc. does when he is tazed.
Unlike the merc, the spy will lose three-fourths of his health.  The spy
will also fall asleep.  Be careful, if you don't see So and So has killed
So and So, then you should shoot or taze him before he gets back up.

Spy Trap-This device works very much like the spy bullet.  The trap is a black
little box that will put out an invisible trip wire.  If the spy runs through
the trip wire then he will appear on the mercs. radar.  Like the spy bullet
the mercs. will be able to listen to whatever the spies are saying.  You
should try to put these in dark areas so that the spyís can't easily see them
unless of course they are using thermal vision.

Torchlight-This is a light that comes from the top of your helmet.  It will
help you to see the dark areas that you shine it at.  The radius of the light
is only as big as your crosshair-circle.  This means that you can't cover
every area of darkness at once.

Sound Arrows-These are often overlooked by many people, even though they can
easily be your best tool.  If a spy is in your relative area and he makes
noise an arrow will pop up on your crosshair-circle.  These will tell you
the direction that the sound came from and if the sound came from a level
above or below you.  Once you learn how to use these you can easily track
down and kill a spy that makes too much noise.

Mines-Never leave mines out of your equipment list.  They are easily one of
your most important assets.  Quite simply these are small devices that explode
when a spy either moves too fast beside it or goes through the trip wire.
In Proximity mode the mines will explode whenever a spy runs or moves too
fast near one.  A spy can sneak up and disable the mine if he moves slow
enough.  There is also a Laser Tripwire mode.  If a spy crossís the tripwire
the mine will explode.  Mines can be easily detected, but usually arenít until
it is too late.  You can see them clearly through thermals, and you can hear
and see the flashing red light.

Phosphorous Grenades-You will not find many people online who use this.
These grenades are non-lethal.  When they explode they "paint" a spy
green if he is within the blast radius.(about the size of a frag grenades
killing zone)  You can see where the spy has gone because green footprints
will show up on the floor and other surfaces.  Unfortunately, these grenades
can also work against you.  You can just as easily paint yourself green as you
can the spy.  This would of course let the spy see where you have gone.

Flares-Useless.  This does the exact same thing that the torchlight does,
only it lasts for about ten seconds.

Motion Tracking-This is the first of the mercs. two different vision modes.
This will turn your screen red, and makes it hard to see much, but if any-
thing moves within your field of view, it will be highlighted in a gray box.

Electromagnetic Vision-This can be very useful, and it takes a small degree
of luck for you to use them fully.  This mode works a little bit like thermals
in that it lets you see through walls and other thin objects.  The most
important feature by far is that if the spy is using either of his vision
modes he will stand out clearly.

Laser-This is a laser that is activated by pressing up on the d-pad.  This
can be useful at times and worthless at others.  If you shine this into an
area and the spy is where the laser hits, it will put a gray box around him.
This can be useful simply because the spy may not realize that you know they
are there.  Unfortunately when it comes to aiming it can be really hard to
tell where you're shooting.  Also, unlike the spy's gun you can see the
entire laser that comes out from the gun.

Assault Rifle-This is the mercs. main weapon.  You can set it to either full-
auto or burst.  I recommend full-auto simply because it can be hard to hit a
spy when firing in short burst's, and as you can get full ammo back for your
gun from the ammo boxes at any time you don't need to worry about running out
of ammo.  You can switch between the two modes by holding down the X button.  
Like the spies gun you can throw grenades from your gun using the L trigger.  

                   8.  Security Systems

  There are several types of security systems placed in nearly each
level.  They include cameras, motion detectors, and visible and invisible
tripwires.  Setting off any of these can be deadly for the spy or for the
merc.  When a spy sets off any of these, than an area may go into lockdown.
In lockdown mode metal doors will go over nearly all exits, and the merc.
will be alerted to the spyís general location.  I say general because
the merc. will only see the spot of the security device that detected the
spy.  If a spy is a good attacker then you can set lockdown off intentionally
so that you can get a chance at attacking the merc.  Cameras don't always
set off lockdown mode.  Sometimes they will and sometimes they won't.
Most motion detectors won't set off lockdown, but there are a few that will.
Tripwires, be it visible or not, will almost always set off lockdown.
The best way to avoid the security systems is to learn where they are.
Go into visit a map and just visit maps until you memorize them.  This is a
great advantage.  Thermals is also a great way of seeing security devices,
though it helps to know that there is something there.  In certain levels,
like the Museum, the tripwires will be randomly placed in each new game.
Even as a Merc, you need to know the levels so that you can get to
disturbances fast and easily.

                   9.  Strategies

  This section will cover strategies that vary from attacking to defending
to        .  Hopefully this will teach you some of my favorite strategies
and even more importantly things to help your own game.

         9a. Spy Strategies


  The spy's can be very very dangerous in tight quarters.  This is the spy's
greatest asset.  If you can get in close to a merc. then you have a much
better chance of killing him, in fact that's your only chance of killing him.
If you plan on outright attacking him then make sure you have plenty of
grenades on hand.  Use your smokes and flash-bangs to confuse him, then move
in and try to get behind him so that you can grab him in a choke hold.  The
other smart way to           erc. is to someway knock him out, then find a
large object that you can jump up on.  When the merc. starts to get up, jump
on his head.  You may have to do this several times before you kill him.
Remember when it says neutralized at the bottom of the screen, it doesn't
mean that you killed him.  If you killed him it will say killed.  The last way
that I know of is to jump on the mercs. head when he is crouched.  When the
merc. is crouched you can simply jump on his head without having to jump up
on something that is higher than the merc.  There is also a strike attack.
This will not kill or hurt the merc. other than to knock him unconscious
instantly.  Generally this will work the most when the merc. is crouched.
It is also not suggested that you attack a merc. straight on as it will
probably result in your death if you are not very skilled in attacking.


  The best way to defend against yourself as a spy is to simply avoid the
mercs.  If you don't attack the mercs. and manage to avoid any and all contact
with them you stand a much better chance of staying alive.  With that being
said, staying away from the mercs. and thus staying alive isn't that easy.
Try to keep your noise to a minimum by staying crouched most of the time.
Also, don't hibernate.  In other words don't stay in the same position for
too long, your playing against real people, not mindless drones and they will
more than likely notice you if you stay in one area constantly.  Also try not
to do the same thing every time and don't use the same entrance route all the
time as the players will probably be able to pin down where your coming
through and easily kill you.


  Thereís not much that you can do to protect yourself once you start        .
The mercs. will be alerted to your position and will no doubt come to kill
you.  One thing that you can do is to throw down a smoke grenade just before
you hack.  If the mercs. get there very fast then the smoke can slow them
down and possibly keep you alive.  The other thing that you can do is to have
your partner stay with you while you hack so that he can protect you from the
mercs.  Always keep away from         regular hacks that just open doors and
other items. 

         9b. Mercenary Strategies


  Opposite of the spy, the mercenaries greatest strength is keeping his
distance from the spy.  If a spy gets caught a fair distance away from the
merc. then it will be much easier to kill him.  Even if he throws down a smoke
grenade or other kind of grenade you can simply switch to one of your other
vision modes to track him as he tries to get away.  If you keep your distance
you have a much better chance of surviving the encounter.  If you are forced
into a close quarters fight you can still use your gun pretty effectively,
but the spy will be able to run around you and make it very difficult for you
to hit him.  Instead use your charge or hit him with the butt of your gun.
also try to get him with your tazer.  If you get him with the tazer, consider
him dead.


  There isn't much that you can do to defend yourself from the spy other
than to kill him.  When defending the ND's know where they are and the
quickest way to get to them and subsequently          .

                   10.  Maps

  This part of the guide is going to give you a look at the maps of Splinter
Cell Pandora Tomorrow.  I'll tell you the general overview, the best ND's to
hack, and some of my favorite tricks.    

         10a. Museum

    Spy Walkthrough

  There are three main areas of this map: Cafť, Monolith room, and Exhibition
room.  When you first move in you will have no choice but to go through the
Cafe.  From here you can go into the Monolith room or the Exhibition room.
Each area contains 2 ND's in most game modes, Iíll go over specific locations
later on.  This map is pretty big.  The spy will start on the outside of the map
from here he has three ways to get in the main areas.  The first way is right
in front of where you will spawn.  It comes in the form of a small ventilation
shaft.  If you choose this way you will be presented with several more options
as you continue down this path.  You will enter into a small ceiling room that
has three ways down onto the main floor.  The first will be directly to your
left.  You'll see a motion sensor and a hole in the floor that you can drop
down into.  If you choose this route then shoot the sensor and drop down onto
a pile of boxes.  There will be an ND to your left.  Switch on your thermals
and check for any invisible tripwires.  There are always invisible tripwires
in this level, but every time you play this map the location of the tripwires
will change at random.  If you want, proceed to hack the ND, though it is not
suggested that you hack this one.  Mercs. always seem to watch this ND and the
Cafe area in particular.  The second way to get inside the Cafe from the
ceiling room is to go straight ahead and then go left when you reach the wall
of the room.  There is another motion sensor and hole.  Go through here if you
want and you'll find two ways to go.  Go right to get to the room where the
first hole drops you down, or straight ahead to get to another part of the
Cafe area.  

                   11.  Frequently Asked Questions

  This is a series of questions that a lot of people wonder about.

 Q. Can you see the spies goggle lights when he is hiding?
 A. The only way that you will see the spies goggles is when the merc. shines
    his torchlight directly on the goggles.  You will then be able to see
    the goggles.

 Q. Can the spies gun kill?
 A. Nope.

 Q. Can you see through everything with thermals?
 A. No.  Certain items that are very thick you can't see through.

                   12.  Rules of Contact

  Okay there are a couple rules about e-mailing me, as that's the only info
that Iím going to give away.  

  Rule 1: Don't write me and tell me that Iím a bad writer and that I got
everything wrong and that you hate Splinter Cell.  I won't read it.

  Rule 2: If you do contact me then tell me what you want to talk about as far
as strategy guides that Iíve written go.  No offense, but I don't really enjoy
just talking to someone.

  If you really want to tell me that something is wrong, add something, or
something else then tell me my mistake and make suggestions nicely.

  My e-mail address is  Replace the 0 with the at symbol.

                   13.  Who All Helped

  There are a couple of people who contributed to this guide, and I would like
to thank them.

Karl Stefan-This is one of my friends who first started to use the annoying
trick of launching a frag just before he gets strangled.  He also pointed out
several errors that I made.

JPaterson-I modeled some of my guide after his.  And thanks for writing his own
useful guides.

BGRRO5-He pointed out several errors that I made.  This led to me copying the
guide into word so I could spell check it.  Fixed a ton of errors.