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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I start the bloodmoon quest?

I cant find the start of the bloodmoon quest. where is the start of the quest?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I was talking to the guards for a half hour and no ano said anything about booze?

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From: Zazusha 5 years ago

to start the Bloodmoon Main quest, Go to Solsthiem by way of Boat from Khuul, talk to any one within the walls of Fort Frostmoth. They will tell you to Speak with Captain Carius, which his quarters are on the Third floor of the General Quarters building(southern Stair Well). He'll talk to you about morale at the fort being low. Find yourself some 'booze'(Brandy, Flin, Shin, Matze, etc), and talk to a guard with it in your inventory, and give him it to drink, and you'll be questing. (You can get some booze from the book shelves in the room right next to Carius.)

Note, you don't need to be in the Imperial Legion to do the quests, nor will you need your Imperial Armor to talk to the guards if you are in the legion.

Hope i helped.

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Go to Khuul. There is a dude with a boat there who can take you to Solstheim. Talk to the soldiers in the fort, and they might mention something about booze. Find the head of the fort there and he should start giving you missions.

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